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Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:48 pm

With my... Ninja Info Cards.

[I R A M A S H A]

Kabuto Iramasha [APPROVED, ANGEL, 1-2] Clan_Symbols


Name: Kabuto Iramasha
Age: 4,309
Gender: Male

In his normal state, Kabuto's eyes are a solid black, lacking pupils or an iris, just all the way black. This is due to his power; his glasses are what truly allow him to see. They are large glasses,, 2 inches in diameter, resting easily on his face, with small hang-on pieces towards the middle of his nose. His nose protrudes just a small amount off of his face. His eyes are always bright and open, ready for battle or too react, confident in their goal. His eyebrows are thin above his eyes, having a similar slope to them. He has a round, boyish face, always wearing a confident smile. His hair is held in one of two styles, depending on whether he is in Battle or Official mode of dress.

Battle: In his battle sate, he wears a dull purple over suit with a high color, with a white undershirt that has sleeves that go through the sleeveless over suit. Over his stomach and lower waist, he has a dull brown sash, wound tightly around himself. Below that, he wears pants of the same dull purple color of his over suit, going down to just above his ankles. He wears firm brown sandals on his feet, with a red string holding them together. He has two small pouches on either side of his body, one round in shape, and one completely straight, being the place where he stores his Info Cards. In this state, he keeps his hair tied in a circle on the back, making it stick outwards. He also wears a band around his head, with a metal plate on it bearing the Iramasha Clan's symbol. On his hands are purple gloves with a metal plate on the back, extending halfway down his arm. They are skin tight, and able to easily be maneuvered around.

Official: In this mode of dress, he loses the band around his hair, also losing the head band, allowing his hair to fall out around his head. He ditches the rest of his outfit as well, wearing a baggy cloak on his upper body, and a flowing garment around his legs, held by a rope. The entire set is dull black in color, with the the rope being yellow. Over this he wears a bright purple cloak, similar to a captain's uniform, but without markings other than a large Iramasha Clan symbol on the back.


Hold on. Don't give up hope yet. Maybe I can help you kids out a little...



He is quite confident, going through with pride in whatever he does. He knows what he has to do, and goes along with it positively, not in a prideful way.

He is quite fatherly; outright refusing to do battle with children, or with beings that he perceives as children. He is completely against any kind of harming children, or something that would put a child into harms way. This is due to his own son and daughter's deaths, deciding that he wanted to help any other children he can to have a good, healthy life. He is also very good with kids because of htis.

He is caring for his subordinates and those around him, even his opponents. If they begin coughing up blood or like they are unable to continue the fight, he will stop, as long as they are an honorable opponent. As such, he treats all people with a good amount of respect, being the kind of person who if he were your boss would call you to make sure you were alright if you got sick.

He is very friendly, smiling even at strangers. He doesn't like to feel threatening, and believes people just communicate better when they are relaxed. He is fun to be around as well because of this as well.

However... these positive traits, while mostly natural, are a bit forced, due to his past, trying to shut it away and just appreciate life as it is in the present. If one were to press his buttons or talk about his past, harming children, or are just blatant monstrosities, he becomes hostile, forcing himself to begin snapping.

He is very watchful, being like a hawk in that regard. He sees everything that goes on around him, how people could react to different information, and seeing the relations of the people around himself from daily reactions.

He is EXTREMELY observant. To a fault. Even if he perhaps doesn't want the information, he will still ponder it, fully examining things in a second and reacting to them equally as fast, seeing all that goes on around himself, his brain taking in all the information at once and reacting to it at high speeds, one of his greatest assets.

Whenever he is about to access his true power, he makes certain that none of his subordinates are around to watch, or children, due to its effects. He simply feels that it is completely independent, and will only allow someone to fight along side himself if he truly and completely trusts that person with his life. He is careful as well, never trying to risk his own or his comrade's lives.

In battle, his eyes will only ever leave his opponents to take in other details about their environment and how to use it to his advantage. His entire being is meant to be able to keep complete focus on many things at once, allowing him to be extremely serious and focused on his goal when he needs to be.

Hope for the Next Generation
He truly hopes for the next generations, the children, like Inuyasha and Alice. He wants to do everything he can to see them succeed, and grow to have truly great lives. In the end, that is his true wish.



Uncertain Parents
He entered the world, blackness all around himself, crying as he looked around. Tears poured down his face... as he realized... everything around him...was dead. The battle field around the newly born Angel was wrought with death; not a single living soul on either side. His mother had died, finished off from birthing him, dying on the battlefield with her Iramasha brethren. He remained there, for hours, crying, naked, the blood all around himself, having surrounded himself instinctively with chaos energy, protecting himself and keeping him alive.

It didn't take long for the other Iramasha to find him. They found him alone, sole survivor of the deadly battle, all the other Iramasha involved dead. The identity of his mother and father they were uncertain of; he himself hasn't any idea. They were quite surprised to find he was an angel; they thought with all that blood around him and flames of chaos energy, they were certain he was a demon. However, after they successfully got him back to the island, they soon found what he truly was, most definitely not a curse.

As a child, he had a large amount of energy, although he had no idea what to do with it. He was properly trained during his childhood, excelling in the areas of speed and energy. He soon became known for these areas; outstripping many of the other Angel Iramasha children in doing so. However, it was bittersweet, as he had no parents to watch over him and congratulate him on his progress, leaving him a little bit of a loner. However, he remained positive, despite all other things, as he knew the story of what his parents had done to make sure he came into this world. He knew that that was the greatest gift of all they could have given him, and he treasured it.

However, what he really excelled in were the areas of the mind. He was able to finish puzzles at an alarming rate, seeing the answers almost instantly. He had few friends; he could remember every last thing they had ever done to him, and due to his immaturity, refused to forgive them for that. As he grew, he began to understand that this was improper, and began to improve, having to work hard to try to make his fellow iramasha try to understand he wasn't like he had been before. So, while his mind was very advanced, his own maturity only began catching up slowly.

The Cards
At a young age, only 40, he realized what his own Seishin Buki was. He had been trying a human card game, playing with another iramasha with the pack he had just bought from a merchant in the area, learning their rules. He easily beat the other iramasha, and challenged more and more of the iramasha around him, finding that none of them could beat him. His eyes widened, as one day, while sitting next to a river, he found a card the likes of which he had never seen before, completely blank.

He watched as his name appeared on the card, followed by his gender, his age, opening his eyes wider and wider as everything he knew about himself appeared on the card. His eyes began shaking a bit as it wrote down what he remembered from that battlefield, how he had felt, how scared he had been. He began shaking, but opened his eyes wider as another card formed in his other hand, cards shooting out of his body, draining his energy.

They kept shooting out, covering all around him in a field of card, accidently slashing open his hand as he tried to hold one. He yelped, watching his blood flowed out, his vision blurring from losing his energy and his bloodloss, simply falling forwards, his eyes going up into his head...

Soon, he began to understand what these cards were, and began making more cards, filling his rooms with them, a large den of information. Soon, the Iramasha Angel Branch took notice of this and his ability, and attempted to recruit him. So, he decided to join them, having learned about his little tools and his Angel Form. This allowed him to quickly join the ranks, doing extremely well in his battles. He was an extremely effective soldier, completing all his missions with ease, gathering new information, gaining the name "The Spy" as a result. However, he didn't exactly like the name himself, and wanted nothing to do with it.

However, there was nothing to stop him others from calling him it, and he soon gained quite a reputation. He began taking more solo missions, more and more often, wandering farther and farther out by himself. He had begun retreating into himself, so many years having passed now he had lost track, not bothering to even read his own card anymore. He left paths of his cards of his experiences, his room now completely filled with the small white squares. However... one day, he nearly met his end. In the Karakura Forest, he met with a strange demon, one that he had never seen anything like before. He entered a rage-like state during the battle, nearly exploding from the amount of pure energy, sending out a huge flare for miles as he took down the demon, shredding it into pieces with his cards and Little Tools.

However... he fell down after this, landing on the ground, his glasses shattering on his face. He felt himself losing blood, his amount of energy nearly zero due to his unexpected release. He closed his eyes, wondering if this is what his parents had felt like, ready to accept death...

The Link
He awoke with a start, appearing in a strange white bed. A woman wearing a nurse's outfit gave a yelp as he did so, running out of the room. A few moments later, a man walked into the room, Kabuto's eyes widening as he felt a card forming on his chin and falling on his bedsheets. On it simply read "NAME: SHADIN YUUDESHI, DANGER LEVEL: 20" He attempted getting out of the bed to pay his respects, simply falling out of the bed. The nurse ran back into the room, helping him to get back into his bed as he and Shadin talked.

He learned that Shadin had felt the power flare, sending someone to get the Angel Iramasha. Kabuto nodded as he learned of that. He frowned a little bit, but was still glad that he was alive. He explained his own situation to Shadin. He watched as Shadin took an interest in his card, picking it up expertly between his fingers, not being cut, as it didn't have a sharp edge. Kabuto gulped as he watched him reading the card, his eyes staring at the Spy, asking him what it was.

Kabuto explained what it was; and what his ability was, being the "Angel of Information". Shadin had a wicked look in his eye, having already received a report verifying the iramasha's story and ability. He had an experiment he wanted to try. He explained it to Kabuto, and he listened closely, agreeing to try to attach his mind up to viewing allowed parts of the network with his own energy. Soon, Kabuto got out of the hospital, allowing himself to put his abilities into the field. This is where he obtained his connection to the Yuudeshi Network, being able to even put up his own gathered information to help the Network.

The Cards do not lie
Kabuto returned to the iramasha, becoming close to another member who was very similar to himself, fast, strong, and bright. They fell in love, and she became pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. However... during a mission, 7 months into her pregnancy, while Kabuto had been out on a mission, despite him telling her not to go, she went anyway. While she was out, she was ambushed, taken down, her entire team destroyed.

He appeared at the scene as soon as he could, his eyes wide open as he saw her charred corpse, like his own mother. He snapped, holding his head in his hands, a tail of cards swirling around his back, shooting up, feeling the lock on his mind come off as he felt himself become calm, falling into himself, his Golden Angel fully unlocking from the tragedy and pain, his mind finally clear enough to accept it.

He remained alone for many days, wondering for five long years by himself, killing any demons, hollow, or other enemies he came across, completely lost in himself. He finally, finally, was able to let the memory go, returning to the island, at long last, a completely different person than The Spy that had left...

After he returned back to the Iramasha, he began getting closer to the other Iramasha, finally becoming aware of the different things going around him. He kept at improving himself, getting recognized by the elder council themselves, becoming the Angel Leader Assistant.

Due to this, he began to get to know another Leader Assistant as well, by the name of Koichi Iramasha. They became good friends; one of the only people that Kabuto ever truly knew as his friend. So, he took a personal interest when he learned that his children were about to be born. He asked Koichi if there was anything he could do to help. Koichi wasn't sure, but Kabuto eventually got around to asking him if he could watch over them while Koichi was busy. After all, he himself didn't have much of anything to do other than his cards, and he wanted to help Koichi's kids out. Koichi had blinked, surprised, but accepted. And that's how it came to pass that Kabuto became the children's babysitter.

Present Day
Now, in the present day, he is content with being able to help the Iramasha, treating Koichi's children like the ones he himself never had the chance to have, doing his very best to be a positive influence to them all...


Seishin Buki Name: Jōhō Kādo

Seishin Buki Appearance: They are simply blank cards, 3 inches in length, 2 inches in width. He can create them near effortlessly from his energy, the fronts and back both totally blank. However, each of them can end up having completely different appearances. He constantly has a deck in the back pouch of his clothes.

Seishin Buki Abilities: The cards have two effects. The first being their cutting properties. Each edge of the card itself is extremely sharp, trying to finely slice anything it comes into contact with other than Kabuto Himself, due to his slash field.

Their other effect is why they are called Info Cards. He can take any of the extensive information he gets through his senses and the information from the Yuudeshi Network to fill the cards with information, doing so in the following format. When one looks at the cards, they can fill it with energy, scrolling up and down through the information, which is projected into the users mind through their energy, allowing them to be read at an extremely fast pace. This allows Kabuto to share information quickly and easily, as well as gather his own data, wherever he may be. The cards can be on any living being, or non living, as long as it is animate and has collectible data, it can be in card form.

They can even store more than personal information, on things like events, locations, or even organizations, in varying views for each situation. The back of the cards are orange, with a white circle in the center, with the kanji for the person's race or "Location, Event, Organization, Etc." on the back in the circle. They have a green border as well on the back. They can even create a small holographic picture of the person or location or event, powered by Kabuto's chaos energy.

Person Info Card Format:

Name:(Shows any aliases that the particular being projected has given to Kabuto or the Network.)
Suspected Age:(Shows the suspected age of the person based on Kabuto's observations or the Network's information.)
Suspected Gender: (Shows the suspected gender of the person based on Kabuto's observations or the Network's information.)
Danger Rating: (A general take of power; goes from 1-2o, 2o being the strongest.)
Known Abilities: (Shows any information on abilities that Kabuto himself or that the Network has on the person/being.)
Known History: (Shows other information known about the person, random facts and their known past, as well as Kabuto's information.)



Slice Field: Kabuto has a field around his body made of chaos energy, making it so that anything that are as thin or up to 3 times thinner than his cards touches his body, it simply is reflected instead of slicing the skin. This means that anything thicker than the cards can easily attack him still, but things up to 3 times thinner than his cards won't cut him unless the field is overpowered with energy where he is being slashed. This is another passive effect that he developed to handle his cards.

Information Energy: His mind, while not having any actual cybernetic equipment in it, has the rare ability of being able to access radio waves such as the ones used by the Yuudeshi Network and translate them, or even search databases with them. He is able to find information from the network or even some other sources that allow him access to gather the info he needs instantly. However, he cannot find out things that may be blocked from, or that aren't on the database or if he observe the information himself.

Eyes of the Seeker: His eyes go along with his mind, being like a much advanced version of cybernetic ones. They can tell the reaitsu of an opponent in a similar range, as well as being able to pinprick the minute details that a person and an enviroment give off. They have the unique effect of being able to take a very large amount of this all in at once, helping him in seeing what goes on around him and to react better to situations. For example, after seeing an opponent use a particular slash attack that nearly chopped off his arm, he would memorize all the things that they had to do to execute that slash, as well as what he would have to do himself to dodge around the slash with ease and fire his own attack at the attacker. He can also use these minute details in his Info Cards, sending the data to the cards with his mind.

Extremely Observant: Kabuto's obvious strength is his level of observation. It is what allows his great reaction time to attacks made by his opponents, helping him survive. He will use all five senses in battle, using anything, even licking certain things like a funny smelling wall to see if there is any other information he can get from it.

Master Level Speed: He is extremely fast by nature, having always trained to make it so that he could move fast enough to actually carry out his rapid reactions. As such, he is able to move easily as a shinigami can in flash step, using chaos energy in the process of doing so, or actually chaos warping himself. He is able to create a decent amount of afterimages with his speed as well, further helping him confuse an enemy and gathering more data depending on how they react.

Potent Chaos Energy: He has a fairly large amount of chaos energy; as he is towards the younger generations of the Iramasha. He can store a large amount of inner chaos energy, of course, but is also adept at using outer chaos energy as well. Of course, he would prefer to use inner, if given the choice, but he can use outer if he must.

Intelligence: Kabuto, despite any appearances, is extremely intelligent, being able to process all this information, has a very high level of mental fortitude. He is a brilliant strategist from being able to see all things at once, a good mediator from his Idellic memory and his caring nature, and sharp and clever as a whip as well. For example, It's usually best to NOT give him time to think, as the short break could very well be all it takes for him to formulate 20 different plans to use against you, eliminating 18 of them from obvious failure( based on his information on you), leaving him with a good plan as well as a back up.

Languages: Kabuto knows several languages, almost all of the simple human ones, some demon tongues, and most Angel languages. This is due to the fact that anytime he hears what something in a language means or even words he doesn't know, he automatically references it through his sources and then remembering it with his fantastic memory. This also includes lip reading and American Sign Language, allowing him to tell what someone is saying just by watching their lips.

Little Tools And Pouches: When in his sealed state, as well as the other forms, he can draw out from the small round pouch four types of sharp objects. Each is formed from a very small amount of energy, but still as sharp as his Info Cards. He is very skilled in using all of them, warmly naming them his "Little Tools." The pouches, both the cards and the Little Tools, are very resistant to destruction, being able to reform from Kabuto's energy instantly, hardening into their shape.

Kunai: He can draw out a small black knife, or several, with a small hilt with a ring the size of a finger on the end.

Shuriken: He can draw out small shuriken, only reaching up to 4 inches in diameter, with an open ring in the center where he can put his fingers to throw them at an opponent.

Senbon: These are very small needles, very sharp and pointed on the ends. They are held between Kabuto's fingers, rearing back and throwing at his opponents, moving very quickly through the air and attempting to slam into the opponent. They also have another effect. Because of his information, Kabuto knows exactly where to throw them to cause the most damage (At least on the human body), and because of this, he can use a kind of "Play Dead", stabbing himself with his needles in his neck, actually stopping his heart. However, after two hours, his chaos energy burns away the needles, and he is able to move once more.

Knife Knuckles: These are similar to the kunai that he used before; however, instead of a hilt and a ring, there are rings all in the blade itself, the knife laying on the outside of his knuckles. With this, he can attempt to cut things that he hits with the blades, as well as have some small modicom of protection around his hands. The blade part continues on from his pinky, the base around his pointer finger. They can even be thrown.

Ramnyaku Blast: His Ramyaku Blast involves taking all the energy that he has put into any info cards on his person, and a good amount of his own, pointing his hand out. He fires the energy outwards, his reiatsu a bright purple color, exploding on whatever it makes contact with.

Chaos Moves:

Name: Chaos Moon
Description: Focusing Chaos Energy into your hand you make a some what temporay light sorce of chaos energy. It has only been attempted by Angel Iramasha but it might be possible for Hybrid Iramasha to use this as well. A blue ball of unstable chaos energy is created over two posts. When this ball of energy is realeased all Iramasha of the same branch will have a boosted form of Chaos blast,Chaos warp and Chaos Control for also long it's in the thread.

But as for the creator his abilities will be slightly weaker and also the moon can be consumed by another Iramasha of the same branch to gain immense power. If this happens they will move up a tier for 5 posts unless they are 0 tier in this case it will only be half tier making them a + or next rank but not with +. This can only be used once a thread. Remember through that if absorbed or used it is unstable somewhat and might make you moves a bit unfocused. A wider chaos blast and a choas warp that is off a distance of where you wanted to be.
Rank: Advanced and Master
Character: Currently Known by Toki Iramasha and Main branch of Angel Iramasha. Also some others of middle branch of angel Iramasha

Chaos Luminos: This is a move used solely by Kabuto. He bends his purple energy into a ring shape, firing it at an opponent, a ray of purple light surrounding his hand at its base. The ray then splits in half, going around the opponent, swelling up in size as it leaves Kabuto's hand, getting up to 2 feet in radius around the opponent. Then, from there, they explode violently, attempting to damage the opponent from within.

Chaos Raze: Kabuto simply points out his outstretched hand, firing a blast of chaos energy from the hand. It shoots out, exploding as it hits something. This is his most commonly used energy attack, and he can use it with little to no hesitation to it, by using his high reaction time to help use it.

Chaos Cards: He can infuse the cards with energy, throwing them at his opponents, the energy causing them to shoot out and slice through the air at high speeds. When they reach an opponent, they explode in a large area, up to 10 feet in radius.

Name: Chaos Link
Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
Rank: Advanced and Master.
Character: All Iramasha's with enough Chaos Energy can.
Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.


Angel Form Appearance:

On Kabuto's clothing, a great gold line appears, for just a moment, a card shooting out of the fabric, tearing right through it. It goes straight down, completely splitting the clothing open on his chest, from the collar down to the waist. The gold line remains on either side as the fabric splits, revealing his chest and stomach, at least in the center of his body. The other case on his back begins glowing a bright purple. When he places his hand into the pouch, he is able to take out bright-purple rings.

On his back rise a pair of skeletal wings, only 3 feet in length from their base on his shoulders. They are made of pure solidified energy, created from the Slice Field that is all around his body, although they seem to simply be coming out of his clothing. Surprisingly, they can flap, keeping Kabuto airborne with ease, a lot of power due to their densified shape, enhancing his momentum and speed, being a lot more maneuverable due to their small size.

Angel Form/Hybrid Stage 1/Demon Form Abilities:

Rosa Rings: These rings, each roughly 3 inches in radius, the actual ring-part a half inch in diameter, can be held in Kabuto's hands, made of pure energy. They can be thrown, either a bright or dull purple. Each takes the same amount of energy, as they take up the same amount. The bright ones will explode when they get within the vicinity of an enemy, as large of a blast as how much energy he uses in the ring. The other type, the dull, is quite a misdoneamor. It is really very sharp; about 3 times sharper than the cards in his sealed were. However, it is in the shape of the ring that the slicing property lies, that 1/2 inch. Either of the rings he can draw and throw nearly instantaneously, as they are the main weapon in this form, being able to throw them with a master amount of skill. He can throw several at a time, his hands being a blur as he throws both bright and dull of them, being able to keep track of them all with his high level of observation and reaction.

Enhanced Speed and Energy: A good portion of this form's energy goes into his speed and energy. He becomes a good deal faster in this form as a result, being able to create several afterimages at a time keep his speed going for a good bit of time. His maximum amount of energy increasing is the major part of this form, being used in his rings, his speed, and just as raw power, as he is still able to throw and use his Info Cards along with using Chaos Raze at an advanced level, with more energy than in his sealed state.

However, this state can only be activated after 4 turns into a thread.

Golden Angel Form/Hell Angel Demon Form Appearance:

Kabuto blows his cloak off his body, disintegrating it from the pure amount of energy in this form. All around his body, a great field of bright purple aura surrounds himself, showing how much power is available to him in this form, over-flowing form him refusing to go into a greater form, knowing he wouldn't be able to react was well like that. Around his head, his headband, or just without it, a pure beam of purple energy goes around his head, sticking out on the surface of his head, starting out very dull. It, and the aura around him, get steadily brighter as turns pass. After 5 full posts of being in this form, it is at its full power, which is quite a considerable amount. His eyes also take on a bright purple color instead of their normal solid black, helping him to see even more.

Golden Angel Form/Hell Angel Demon Form Abilities:

In this form, he focuses on his speed and his energy, still able to use his cards and rings with the increased energy and speed, raining out whole decks of exploding cards or a large blast of flying rings. However, he prefers to simply use his small bladed tools with his speed and energy. He uses Chaos Raze and blasts of chaos energy to combat his foes as well.

Maximum Speed: His speed reaches it's maximum, insanely fast, leaving the speed of his other forms in the dust.

Immense Energy: He has a very large well of power in this form from maintaining such control over the large amount in such a small body. He will use this in energy attacks as well in structures of energy in combat, as well as charging his weapons with it.

Complete Sight: He can see completely around himself, from all angles, using his energy as a constant view around his body. His reaction speed also increases while in this form, lightning fast, able to see things that are even happening on the molecular level with his sight. The amazing part, he can see all this, all these levels, and process them all simultaneously to react at a high speed.

Custom Form Appearance

Name: Guardian of the Crystal Card

This state can be operated independently of his other forms. In it, a large amount of cards pour out from the pocket on his back. They swirl around just on his waist below his lower back, a mass of cards that form a 6 foot long tail. On the very end of the tail is card… except it is covered in crystal.

Custom Form Abilities:

The Crystal Card: The Crystal Card is an Info Card of Kabuto's opponent. Whenever Kabuto gains a new piece of information about his opponent that is confirmed, the purple crystal grows brighter. So, if he suspects something, it will not increase the crystals brightness until Kabuto confirms this information. This state truly is just a tool to be used at the start of battle, as it can be used in any form. When Kabuto decides it, the tail shatters, the energy accumulated by collected information going along the tail into his body, burning up the other tails as it goes. It increases his power based on how much energy it had gathered, sometimes creating a bright purple aura around him, depending on how much information he gathered during his fight. This state lasts for two posts, as by that point the energy dissipates. He can only use Guardian of the Crystal Card once per thread. If the Crystal Card is attacked by a very powerful attack, it can shatter, destroying everything around it in a field of energy, blowing away Kabuto and anyone near the crystal for how much energy was gathered in the crystal. It should be noted that only NEW information can generate energy; information that he learns while in this form. Information must be more than a minute detail

Name: If he learns the real name of the being, he gains quite a lot of energy in the tail.

True Age: If he learns the beings true age, simply a LOT of energy goes into the tail. This is from an actual number of years.

True Gender: He gains a moderate amount of power if he learns their true gender (or their original)

Known Abilities: For each ability in a characters app that Kabuto learns fully about, he gains a moderate amount of energy.

Known Past: For incidents in a beings past, he gains a small amount of energy, for each event.

Appearance: He gains a moderate amount for sketches of his opponent's forms appearing on the card.


Class Title: The Angel of Information

Class Traits: (What Class Traits does your character get? Please try to limit this to 2-4 powers or abilities. Also take note that Class Traits they get are based on their Class Title, the path they took to get to this class, personality or even other powers. So for example, if a person was heavily into blood, they could possibly become The Angel Of Blood. Or, if a person's path in life was full of hardship, they could become The Angel of Will.)

Informational Link:
Kabuto is able to set up a link with any living being. If they accept the link, and only then, then Kabuto can use this connection. It sends information back and forth with lightning fast speed, connecting the minds of the people that are involved. He can begin a connection of up to 6 people simultaneously, although the speed decreases with each added after that drastically. In this state, he can relay information about some things, helping everyone in the connection share information to help them.

They can also use each others senses while this link is in order. So, if Kabuto and an ally were fighting someone, and that someone appeared behind Kabuto meaning to cut off his head, then Kabuto's ally could see the person themselves, and Kabuto would be able to duck, having seen the attack through the blazing fast Informational Link. He can also use this ability with a deployed team by focusing on the connection himself, helping them all work together in battle.

Information Slot:
On the back of the card carrying pack that Kabuto carries, a small purple slot appears. Before he fights ANYONE, Kabuto places a card in this special slot, firmly holding it in place for the duration of the battle. ALL information that he receives while fighting an enemy is burned into the card by the purple field on his back, including things like racial skills that he views, possible weaknesses, and other things. This card keeps a utter and complete record of the battle, acting as an informational deposit that Kabuto can access any given time with his blazing fast information acceptance. At the end of the battle, two cards spring up from the slot, ready to be removed, a card about the battle, and a very detailed card about his opponent. As they do so, the information from them is uploaded to the Yuudeshi Network, completely open for anyone on the network to view.

Information Mind: Kabuto, despite how much information his brain has to take in, remembers all of it, having an iddelic memory, his energy helping maintain all the information that he has. He even has a card on his person at all times, hidden underneath his undershirt, of his own personal history, his entire thought process, EVERYTHING, just in case he would ever need a back up, being, in a way, a physical incarnation of his memories.


Branch/Position: Angel, Assistant Leader
Race: Angel


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced
  • Chaos Warp: Adept
  • Seishin Buki Level: Advanced
  • Race Control: Adept

For more information visit: The Forms and Techniques and The Iramasha's History


Roleplay Sample:

Kabuto gave a small laugh, picking up Alice in one arm, setting her on his knee as he reached over to his left, grabbing a small booklet. It had several different events he had gone through his life strewn about it; shaped like a picture book, all funny versions of the missions he had been on during life. He began telling her a story, using regular Iramasha link instead of his Information one, believing it would be better for her to go at a slower pace. He saw Inuyasha in a corner, and waved his hand at the small male Iramasha, watching him crawl up to him as well.

He picked up the kid, smiling and holding him up into the air, making him laugh. He laughed as well, placing him down on his other knee, booting up the card as it created a small panel in front of the kids. I'm just glad that I can help them... with story time, at any rate. He thought to himself, not sharing that thought as he began to tell the story with a chuckle, the words being understood in their minds.

There once lived a man named Kabuto Iramasha... who was king of the pirates. Not really, Kids. He laughed, continuing the story as Kabuto's face with a large beard showed for a moment before vanishing. In its place appeared a red demon with a funny face and a mustache, causing the kids to laugh. There really once lived an evil monster, name Imeka. He was a big jerk, always giving the villagers trouble. He told them, as the picture changed to Imeka stamping around a town, stealing buckets of water, and standing over pigs that had sad faces. However, one day, a hero came to save them! He continued, a man wearing a shining purple armor appearing in the distance.

The Hero held his sword aloft, running at the demon Imeka! Imeka swooped to the side, dodging his attack, and trying to claw at him. He recited, the images happening on the panel as he said it along with what was happening. However, Kab-erm, the Hero, got back up, charging at the demon, raising his sword above his head, throwing it down flat on the monsters head. The non-violent version of the hero taking down the demon, making it cry as it ran away. The Hero held up his sword, implating it in the ground as the wind swept on his face, his silver hair sweeping out behind him as the kids cheered, throwing their arms up in the air and clapping.

Kabuto dropped the connection to their minds, smiling as he tapped the card, sealing up its power once more as he picked it up again, grabbing each in an arm and setting them on the ground. "Alright, Story Time's Over. Go and play now. Uncle K's going to be right here if you need anything!" He said enthusiastically, patting them on their shoulders as he lowered himself to their level, then stretching himself back up to his full height as he went back over to his chair, reclining in it with a fist pressed onto his face as he watched them, a pleasant smile on his face, ready to react in any way should they need him.

They ARE the future, after all...

Combat Sample

Kabuto drew a knife from his pocket, slamming it into the demon's claw as it began to attack him, sliding it off of himself. In his back pocket, he could feel the card begin writing down the information from the claw attack, how strong it had felt, that the knife had worked on it without any ill effects as his right hand shot into his pocket, pulling out a Knife Knuckle onto his hand as he dodged to the left, his eyes never leaving his opponent. He vanished as he hit the ground, reappearing behind the demon, looking at it by turning his neck as he slammed the knife knuckle from his right hand into its neck.

He widened his eyes a bit as the knife broke in his hand, the slice field preventing the thin shards from cutting his skin. Another note went down blazing fast onto the card in the purple field, labeled "DURABLE FLESH" and listing what it had felt like as the blade had smashed into the demon's neck. Kabuto jumped back a bit, getting away from the demon as it spun around, it's crazy eyes staring at him as it charged forwards, throwing out a hand. Kabuto swirled around, having already seen the demon do this once before, knowing the muscle pattern the beast had to go through to perform the simple melee attack. Kabuto ducked down and into the beast's guard, bringing up a hand onto it's outstretched arm, just above the elbow.

He shot out a wave of purple Chaos Raze at the arm, slamming into it and blowing the beast away from him as it reared back, grabbing it's arm. He watched it wincing, looking behind himself at the severed limb. As he did so, more information was added to the card, editing the monster's appearance by removing the arm. Kabuto smiled, pushing both hands forwards. As he did so, more shots of Chaos Raze shot out, slamming into the demon's chest, sending it flying back, yet another note appearing on the card. "SUSPECTED WEAKNESS TO ENERGY." He walked up to the monster slowly, pushing up his glasses that had fallen from ducking it under the beast's guard, unprepared for what it did.

It got up again, changing form. He opened his eyes a little bit wider as the information about the demon having a form and what it looked like went into the card. Kabuto lowered his head a bit, looking past his glasses as he watched all that was happening with the demon as it transofrmed. There seems to be a faint aura of purple energy going around it. It's chest and severed limb are regenerating, like flesh shooting out and reforming to recreate it. Seems like I really will have to kill it, destroy it utterly, or it will regenerate. Such a pity. All this information went into the cards, Kabuto preparing himsefl.

His battle garments in full view, he kept looking forwards as the time required for Angel was met, a card shooting out of his chest, just below his neck. It tore downwards, creating a golden line in his clothes as the clothing split in half, blown around from the released energy. He vanished, reappearing behind the monster, pulling a ring out with his left hand from the pouch on his side. He hefted back as he sailed through the air behind the demon, throwing a bright purple ring. The demon double took, unexpecting such speed, throwing up a hand to try and catch the ring. Kabuto smiled, the glare from the sun off his glasses making his eyes hidden from sight.

Out of the ten or so plans I considered, that was the best. He reflected, beginning to shift his weight to land, his mind moving much faster than his body. He doesn't seem like a particularly intelligent demon; plus, I saw the look on its face when I pulled out those shiny Little Tools. That had the highest chance of success, and now I can use the second part. He finished, turning his weight as he landed, his arms becoming blurs. They grabbed rings, both and dull, from his pouch, chucking them at high speed at the demon. They sliced through the air, cutting and exploding on the demon as Kabuto threw the barrage of rings at the demon, panting slightly as he finished, a large cloud of smoke where his rings had flown out, his arms at his sides, ready to act again.

However; these were all for show. He could see within the smoke with his eyes, sensing the demon's energy and watching it reform, marking down on the cards about it's total regeneration from bodily damage all over. He watched as it did one of the possibilities that he had considered; firing an energy beam at the seemingly-weakened Kabuto through the smoke. Kabuto smiled, throwing back his hands into his weapon's pouch, clenching his teeth as he braced himself for impact.

He was thrown back by the explosion, rolling back on the ground, having reflected on what he knew about the demon before deciding on this course of action. I know he doesn't prefer using energy attacks. Otherwise, it would have done that instead of punching me. There was even some hesitation before it fired off that attack; it only did it because it believed it had the clear advantage in doing so. Now, it will most likely be a bit surprised by me being hit, but will definitely try to take the advantage. He thought, having reflected on the beast's former actions before coming to this conclusion. He watched as the demon ran at him, playing dead.

The demon leaped on top of him, attempting to go at his throat as it dived. Kabuto reacted, having marked his spot out. He threw out his hands, throwing out four bright purple rings as he vanished with chaos warp, reappearing above the diving demon, throwing four more. He assailed it, throwing down a barrage of bright purple rings, smashing it from both sides and pressing it on the ground with explosions, creating a good size crater in the ground from the explosions. Sorry about that... but in the end, it was your own fault for choosing that as your main ability. He reflected, the card shooting up out of his back pocket.

He spun around, grabbing the ejected card, looking at all the information from it. Nah, nothing new; there's nothing in here that the network would even remotely be interested in. He concluded, releasing a wave of Chaos Raze out from his hand all around the card, releasing it as it turned to ashes, scattered before him on the four winds as the golden line vanished from his clothes, putting up his hand as he readjusted his glasses on his face. Well, we're all done here... Maybe I should check out on the kids... He thought to himself, yawning as he vanished into a chaos warp, leaving the demon and his crater behind in his wake...

"Yeah, Yeah, Oh yeah."

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Will Skills
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Due to an update on the board, I am going to go ahead and move this character into the Approved Angel Iramashsa section to better classify other sub-races of Iramasha.

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I will be moving Kabuto over to NPC's. He is a necessary character for several plots, but he is not roleplayed actively. So he will be around as much as he was before, but with this I am acknowledging that at least for now, he is not changing as a character.


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