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Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:26 am
Tsuki Sugiura


Name: Tsuki Sugiura
True Age: 518
Gender: Female

She is quite mischievious. In fact, it would most likely be her determining trait. She likes to stir up harmless trouble; as it amuses her to see people's reactions to things she does. She never means or tries to cause any harm by it; however, if she sees an appropriate opportunity, she will always take it unless she has another reason not to. The only times when this trait of hers does not truly come into play is when she is on orders from a superior to act proper; that is one of the only time she dulls this down completely. Because of this trait, she also almost always has a wide smile on her face, and comes off as a cheerful, happy-go-lucky person. She also loves to tease, and can sometimes even be a bit cynical with it. Because of this, she can even sometimes come off as sadistic, although she really isn't. She will even sometimes allow her opponents to believe they are matching or getting the upper hand on her, then flip the situation around, just to mess with them.

However, when she engages in confrontation, she becomes deadly serious. Her mouth changes into a line on her face, and her eyes are constantly on her goal. She is very focused on what she wants to achieve, and will get through anything she has to to achieve it. This is the same drive that allowed her to achieve her Zenou almost as soon as she was able; as well as her skill with her natural abilities and Joshou, as she would continually practice by herself, doing her best to impress her guardian beast. While she may be deadly serious, her mischievous nature does not go away completely. She will often tease and laugh at her opponents or her goals, confident in her abilities and not really feeling any malice towards her opponents. This is what makes her so great to go up against in a fight; as she is always up for it, feels no need to seriously harm or kill her opponents, and is amusing to do battle with her teasing and laughter. However, this also means that when she takes damage, she will grit her teeth and bare it like a champ, although her body will be wounded. Her arm could be blown off, and she'd bring around the other hand with her shortsword in it to make a slash on an opponents chest, panting and wincing as she does so.

She doesn't care for blood, or even her clothes very much. They mean little to nothing to her; in fact, even if her face is covered in blood during battle, her expression will not so much as pause as she continues on her goal.

She regards most people as her friends, or at least good enough to be friendly to. Hell, she would stroll up to Touketsu and give him a hug if she thought he looked down. She's not above doing favors for strangers or giving anyone who asks her a hand. She'll tease with just about anyone; you will only become her enemy for doing something she will absolutely NOT forgive, which generally comes down to harming her true friends. Her true friends are ones she really knows and ones that know her; these are the persons that she will often nickname, tease mercilessly, but also care for with a burning passion. (It should also be noted: She can't cook worth a darn.)

Effects of Alcohol
Tsuki quite likes to drink alcohol and to become drunk. She is not an alcoholic or a drunkard; but she finds it very fun and interesting when people begin drinking together in a group. When she gets drunk, her teasing becomes ABSOLUTELY MERCILESS, using ANYTHING she can. However, she also does some other messing with people, trying to get different results, like having two people who don't even know one another kissing by the nights end. To her, it's all part of the fun; and she will not drink unless it is with a group to get drunk or just to get drunk, period. She also doesn't get hangovers, due to overloading the effects of the drink out of her body with her energy. When not in battle, she will occasionally wear a traditional japanesse-style sake carrier, with extremely potent drink in it, able to get a human man enough to swallow a mouth full to feel the effects immediately.

Favorite Color is Purple
Favorite Food is Chili (makes her look messy after eating it)
Least Favorite Food is Eggplant
Is faintly jealous of people who interact with their families.
Is completely straight, although she may tease otherwise at times.
She will often pout and act annoyed to annoy or get attention from people.
She HATES to be ignored.
She also loves fish, almost as much as Colin Washi does.
Sugiura Class: Beast

General Appearance

Tsuki Sugiura [APPROVED, 2-1+ NORMAL] Meredy11

Tsuki is a young-looking girl of short stature. She has short, coral pink hair and bright green eyes. She normally wears a markless purple T-shirt that goes down to her waist. It is a bit big for her, although she likes it that way as it makes her feel more free, over a pair of green skinny jeans. On her feet she wears a simple pair of sandals, with a strap that nails in over the big toe and on the sides, purple in color as well. Over all this she wears a red cape with a golden lining around the edges, from the neck down, often hiding herself within it and maneuvering around out of the opponents view, as the cloak is deceptively wide.

On her right side, just above the hip, she holds the sheathe for her gun, a space for another gun, and on the right hip, she holds her sword, making them easily accessible to put away or pull out her weapons. She wears reasonable underwear, as she doesn't really care about her appearance that much. On the cloak, around the neck, there is a small pearl, with two strings extending down from it. The strings tighten or loosen the fabric around her neck. The pearl can snap in half, allowing her to take off the cloak at ease just by reaching her mouth down and gripping the pearl, as pressing it will cause it to turn into two exact halves with slots and indents where it can be snapped back together.

On her hands, she wears a special pair of purple skin-tight gloves, made of fur that extend from her wrist to the tip of the second-last bone of her fingers, allowing her to still use her finger tips for accuracy with her gun. The back of the gloves are very furry, the fur going up to a half inch above the material, whereas within the glove it is only the cloth material. This makes it so that her grip is not reduced and she is still able to use her hands in close combat.

Her hair reaches down to her shoulders on every side but for her face itself; here, it is cut so that it just barely will reach the eyes. Several of the hairs are grouped together to make small pointed curls that go down flat along her head. The hair parts naturally for the wings, as they are a part of her body and connected to her head. Her ears are also normally not visible, as her hair and the wings on her head normally cover them up and obscure them from view.

Her eyes are evenly set on her face, just a bit over the middle of it. She has a very small nose that is in the center of her face, as well as a small mouth that lies under her nose and above her chin. Her face is nicely shaped, free of any blemishes and ending in the small point that is her chin. More often than not, you will see her smiling, in which instance her mouth can get large when she reveals all her teeth, as her mouth is quite flexible.

She has thin legs, although they are deceptive, being like a birds, thin and powerful. Her arms are in a similar manner, deceiving most people she meets into thinking that she is quite weak. This same principle applies throughout most of her body; she has a small stomach, a weak-looking back, and small hips, which truly are all hiding the fact that she is indeed very strong, as when she flexes a muscle it becomes quite apparent that they exist, although not enough to ruin her figure, as they only show a small amount due to the small amount of fat that she has on her body; she is a slender person, but still eats heartily whenever she can. She just tends to burn it all off while training, thanks to her determination.

However, she does have a scar that goes along her back, from her right shoulder blade to just above her left hip, from where she was struck down in the air by the arrancar right before she was rescued by a particular Vizard. It is quite thin, only being a few shades darker than the rest of the skin, but it can be seen when one looks closely. She chose to keep it there to help her remember her "Big Brother", as well as a reminder to not let her guard down.

Animalistic Traits: She has a small pair of pink wings on her back; as well as the the yellow-headpiece looking pair of wings on her head. Those are really a part of her body as well. The wings on her back extend from her shoulder blades, going out two feet, and can be folded up neatly on her back or under her cloak, although she prefers them out. They are made of soft pink feathers, as well as flesh and bone.
Appearance Age: 15-17
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 105 pounds

Natural Abilities


Wind Slash: Tsuki can concentrate her energies into either a blade or her hand; a blade will always be easier, as it cuts the air naturally as well as already having the general shape of the slash. Now, the slash is just that; a slash. It would be similar to throwing out a giant piece of curved metal at an opponent. However, the slash is only the width of what is cutting with it, and the length is only as long as the initial slash. However, the smaller the slash, the faster it will go and the less energy it takes, although it is less effective. Similarly, making a large slash will take more energy and deal more damage; however, it will be slower. The amount of energy she puts into it determines how much concentrated damage it does when it hits the opponent. When it does it the opponent, it would feel similar to being cut by a blade of similar properties to the variables involved. She can create these as long as she has the energy to, as each is a different situation with the variables of tool, length, and amount of energy. Because of this, she could also theoretically make a Wind Slash with her gun in State One, although it would take a good chunk of energy as well as be awkward to do. To be able to fire the attack, Tsuki must be touching and running her energy through the object she is using. (NOTE: OBJECTS! WILL NOT WORK WITH LIVING BEINGS!)

Wind Bullets: Similar to the Wind Slash, these can be fired by anything that Tsuki runs her energy through. However, it is MUCH easier for her to use her gun with the Wind Bullets than anything else. These are the normal bullets that the gun fires by just pulling the trigger. The next easiest thing to use it with is her underbarrel blade and the shortsword, as she is used to channeling it through them. Any other objects that she fires them through requires much more energy for her to focus what she is going to fire through. When she does, it fires a bullet of air, a piece of air energy that fires out extremely fast at the target. It spins as it flies, hitting the target like a bullet, trying to break through and push back what it hits. It's size can also differ similar to the Wind Slashes, faster but weaker while small, and more powerful but slower while big. However, they tend to be much, much faster than the slashes, although their area of effect is smaller. It takes very little for Tsuki to look around and fire bullets even as she turns, as they take so little energy to create small through her gun.

Wind Sweep: With her limbs, she can send out a large field of her energy, manipulating the air to turn it into a very strong current of wind. This current pushes against opponents in the air, making it difficult to continue to go in that direction due to the resistance and trying to move them over. It can also be used with allies to improve their speed by making a tailwind for them. It takes a moderate amount of energy to use and can be variable; as the more energy she uses, the stronger the current, and vice-versa. The size of the field that outsretches from her limb also is affected by how much energy she uses; so if she uses a large amount, she could make a large area with a weaker current, a small area with a very potent current, or a balance of both for different situations.

Tornado Swirl: To activate this ability, Tsuki must spin her body in a circle. She uses her energy to manipulate the air around her, making a vertical field around her body. A very dense amount of her energy collects in this field, moving towards its center. It can go up to 50 feet in length, ending on the ground and whatever is left going up into the air. The current is very strong, attempting to pull whatever it touches into its center, like a tornado. She determines its width; the larger it is, the more area it can affect, although the weaker the pull, and vice-versa for a smaller area. With a large amount of her energy, she could potentially make a real tornado with this ability, small but real. After a time that she spends creating it around her, she releases it, directing it in the direction it will go. It will go in that exact path, undettered by outside air forces weaker than itself, until it finally runs out of energy and dissapates. Its main purpose is to draw in opponents and distract them, holding them in a smaller amount of space and making them an easier target for Tsuki's guns. However, just like with Wind Sweep, it is possible to resist the winds.

Enhanced Senses: Being a Beast Type Sugiura, she has enhanced natural senses, being able to hear sharper, see better, taste, feel and smell with more accuracy than the average human.

Enhanced Strength and Durability: She is very strong and durable from naturally training her body due to her great amounts of determination; she could pick up a dump truck and throw it with ease, or be hit with a human sniper round and just laugh at it as it falls off her forehead.

Enhanced Reactions: Due to her flighty nature, she has enhanced reaction speeds, being able to see and process information at a very high pace to try and dodge the attacks of an enemy, as she is not very gifted in the areas of defense.

Large Supply of Energy: Due to her extensive training and the cost of having to use her abilities, she has a very large well of reiatsu that she can call upon to use.

Master Marksman: She is a master marksman, using her senses to often be able to perceive and fire at an opponent without so much as looking at them, as well as follow a fast moving opponent with trails of bullets.

Adept Hidden Blade User: She is quite good at wielding and using her hidden blade to her advantage, often tricking an opponent into believing she is a long range user and trying to score a critical hit when they come into close range.

Synopsis: (NOTE: GAG POWER, NOT TO BE USED IN ACTUAL ROLEPLAY!) With this ability, Tsuki is able to fire her energy at two persons with a bullet. Where it hits on their body it dissolves, leaving what looks like a 3 inch wide tattoo of a flying dove with a small flower held in its beak. The persons that are shot with these bullets will find that any emotion that they are experiencing, the other connected parties will feel as well. So, for example, if Tsuki shot a room full of people, and herself happily, then everyone in the room would feel happy, or the emotion associated with happiness, even if they didn't necessarily understand why. Similarly, if she shoots two people, and one of them becomes angered, the other will become angry as well. However, they cannot transmit physical pain; they can transmit the feeling of that amount of pain, however it is only percepted by the mind, so if the mind is resistant enough to pain, it will not feel the effects at all. Similarly, a strong willed person would most likely be able to break out of the link by making their strong will the dominant emotion in the linked parties; thus making all the linked parties unaffected due to them all gaining a dominant strong will, at least temporarily. However, she can only link up to four people total, and unrelated emotions, like hunger and envy, will not affect one another, meaning that all in the group would then become hungry and suddenly very envious.

Magic: Yuurei Gensou (幽霊幻想 Lit: Phantom Illusion): Despite the name, Yuurei Gensou has nothing to do with illusions. It creates a round pulsating seal in front of the user's palm, which then sends out a paralyzing ring of energy. If it hits and traps an enemy, the user can attack the circle, causing that damage to be transferred to the trapped opponent.

Ten no Kusari(天の鎖Lit: Chain of Heaven): said to hold the power of "commanding to gods". this creates a long spiritual chain out of any of the user's Reaitsu, they must also cut their arm and have a drop of blood run over the chain, in which the appearance now takes that of a real chain. It's a mid-level spell, that is best used for escape. by wrapping the chain around the opponent's entire body, it binds them and the use of moving their body. it grows stronger, in reply to how the reaitsu of the binded opponent does, thus the larger their reaitsu grows, the chain continues holding a powerful hold over their body, however it's main weakness is that, to a simple opponent with low reaitsu or people that can cloak their reaitsu, it is no more then a simple chain.

Mippei Kuukanshin no Shuuryou (密閉空間神の終了 Lit:Enclosed Space of God's End): This spell creates a pyramid-shaped barrier. It is highly recommended to be at least a few meters away from the opponent. If the user is too close, he or she would be trapped within it as well. It does not need a high level of reiatsu to use, but it instead requires a great deal of concentration. Thus, only those with peak concentration skills can use the technique. It is simple in that it encases the opponent within the barrier. If broken, the remains can act as restraints to hold the opponent down for a short amount of time. The user can open a small hole in the side of the barrier to attack. A conventional use of the barrier is hitting the side from the outside. It will cause a very powerful sonar-like attack that bounces from side to side, increasing and decreasing in intesity randomly until finally the equilibrium of the opponent is damaged.

Boundary Field of Distortion: This Boundary Field that creates an aura around the user that is like a calming wind. However, the wind contains a very powerful and dissonant energy that can burn or shock the opponent. Whenever an attack strikes the field, the damage is reflected. It only requires a calm mind, and normally an attack will disrupt the calm mind afterwards. The field stretches out in a 10-meter radius. Any attack done outside of that radius will be cancelled out but so will the field.

Aka Tate (赤盾 Lit: Red Shield): Aka Tate is a simple shield of light particles that dissipates energy attacks as it contacts the surface. It is not as strong as most shields and can only stand up to a lower Grand Rey Cero-level attacks.

Shimura's Blessing: Specialized healing magic is rare in the Sugiura magics, but Shimura's Blessing is the main one. Named after the proverbial founder of the Sugiuras, it channels the user's reiatsu into a white, gel-like substance that surrounds the target. The energy slowly flows into the target's body; thereby healing them. The healing takes longer than the Shinigami methods, but it has a more widespread effect.

Energy Petals: This spell creates the flower-petal like design like Hana Moeru. It will either have sharp or exploding properties depending on the user. They are sent out like Hana Moeru as well. It is the standard way to attack without a Sacred. (Her petals are sharp.)

Surudoi Hikaru (鋭い光 Lit: Piercing Light): Surudoi Hikaru sends out a single beam of light that is almost like a telescopic pole. The attack is meant to be accurate and not wide-spread.It requires high concentration and a good eye to be used to its fullest.

She is able to use publicly known Kidō up to 40.

Sacred Weapon:

"エアブレードガン {Eaburēdogan}" (Air Blade Gun)

Base Model:

Tsuki has a rather... special Sacred. It's main use is to surprise and shock an enemy, at least while it is in state 1.

State One: In this state, it is in simple gun form. The barrel of the pistol-like gun that she carries extends to 6 inches outwards. The handle of the gun matches her own hand, as it is perfectly tailored to her. It has two triggers, one directly behind the other. The first trigger, closest to the handle of the gun, is the one that is used most often, as it is what fires out the shots. The other trigger is what changes the states of the Sacred. To fire bullets, she must pull on the back trigger; however, she can decide what kind and how many bullets come out from pressing it, as it is similar to a cap on her power. When it is pressed down, her power rushes forth into the gun, and she can shape it as she wishes before it fires. It should be noted the entire gun, with the exceptions of the two light-black triggers, is a bright pink, the same color as her hair. However, this often confuses and gives a misconception to Tsuki's enemies.

State Two: When she presses the front trigger, farthest from the barrel, her energy shoots into the gun, deploying the blade inside it. The blade extends from below the end of the barrel, a foot in length. The blade is sharp on both sides, 2 centimeters thick all the way through on the side that is facing up on the barrel of the gun, the other edge very thin and sharp, curving up on itself and inch before it reaches the end of the blade and ending in a point. From here, Tsuki can either use the gun to fire bullets, or to stab and cut with the blade. The other thing she can do is release the hilt of the gun, grabbing the barrel. This makes it very similar to a sword with no guard or grip, however, she can decrease the air between her fingers and the barrel, making a vacuum that firmly sticks her hands to the weapon and allows her to use it at a moments notice. She can do this without even looking at the weapon, as she is very practiced in its use. This also allows her to use the hilt as a kind of back-hand guard, as the material is very difficult to break or shatter, although it only guards a very small amount of the back of her hand.

State Three: Once again, Tsuki must press the front trigger of the gun. However, this time, the blade is thrown back, sticking out on the other end of the weapon. However, it gains an additional two feet in length, able to go from her hand to her shoulder when she holds it straight out, the pistol facing away from herself. The blade shoots out quite forcefully, so she must be careful it does not slam into herself when she releases it. In its initial released state, with her still pointing the gun outwards, it acts as a back slasher, or a side-slasher, depending on how she uses it. As when the blade appears again on the other side, it has turned 90 degrees to the right, the bladed edge pointing away from her arm. To be able to use it in another way, she can switch it around in her hand as she did before, and turn it around to point the extended blade at her opponent. Or, she can also simply spin the hilt around in her hand, making the barrel point behind her and the blade outwards, using it like a regular sword against her opponent. When she presses the trigger again, the Sacred returns to state one.

Other Weapons: She also has a small shortsword, hilted on her right hip, with a pink sheathe and handle, but with a three foot long silver blade. It is also able to transmit Wind Slashes as well as Tornado Whirls, as she can spin the blade to fire out the tornado, as large as the sword is.

Guardian Beast

Element: Wind

Guardian Beast:

Tsuki's Guardian Beast takes the form of a councious of a flock of flamingos. When it speaks, a sound emerges from the direction of the flock, but not from any one of them in particular. It has taken this form because it does not like the confinement of just one body; however, it has limits. The birds cannot go away form one another, so they are stuck to be with one another, as well as the fact that if all the birds are killed off, it dies. It cannot spread itself out any farther than this one flock, and will die if there are less than 6 of them left to house the main cores.

Guardian Beast's World: Tsuki's Guardian Beast world is really three-fold. On the north side of the area, there is a plains, that stretches out until it reaches water. The other part is a lake, that stretches out until it meets land. The third part is the limitless sky above the area.


Joushou Appearance:

The sign that she has entered Joushou is when her regular feathery wings begin glowing bright pink, turning into her pure energy, but still able to maintain flight, on her back. In addition, from her mouth extends a small beak, two inches away from her face, the same yellow color as the wings on her head. As she transforms, her ears also elongate and merge with the headpiece-like thing that she wears, becoming sharp, pointed yellow ears. Pink feathers appear all on her body, covering her from neck to foot like a bird. However, due to their extremely trancluscent properties, they appear as a dim pink aura in the shape of feathers all around her body, leaving it still visible. Her bare feet elongate into four talons, three in front and two in back, with sharp claws. The front three claws are all 3 inches in length, and the back is 2 inches.

Joushou abilities:
While in this form, her speed and strength increase by a large margin. However, the most important part of this transformation becomes the fact that she forms another gun, exactly like her sacred in every single way, in her other hand, as well as another sheathe on her hip for it. This means that she is able to dual wield the guns, and with a larger supply of air energy, is able to fire larger shots at a greater rate from both barrels. Basically, this form is her normal fighting-form, and is what she will fight most of her serious battles in.


Zenou Appearance:

Once she enters Zenou, her wings double in length on her back. Her beak goes back into her face, leaving her mouth bare, and her feet return to normal. However, her ears remain the same as she gains a bright pink glow all around her body. From the glow fires out a circle of glowing, ethereal swords, hovering either vertically or horizontally around her body, laying flat in relevance to how they are spinning around her body, in addition to her still having her guns. There are 64 of the blades in total that spin around her body.

Zenou Abilities:

Enhanced Abilities: In this form, her supply of energy, strength, and speed all increase immensely, as more of her power is released.

Flight Step: In this form, by flapping her wings, she can perform something similar to a flash step as well as use normal flight, being able to seemingly vanish without giving so much as a hint.

Tornado Wave: Like Tornado Whirl, this tornado is created and acts in a similar way. However, it takes less energy to perform, as now, the tornado is created by the swirling swords. This also increases its area, making an overall better tornado as its speed and size are increased, but its cost drops, allowing it to be more effective.

Wind Slash Conundrum: She is able to create Wind Slash's as easily as firing bullets with the swords going around her, as they are directly created and represented by her energy. This also means that she can use a good chunk of energy to make a 360 slash of wind in the direction of the ring, flying out at whatever axis it is facing until it runs out of energy.

The Swords: The swords are just like the swords on her gun; however, they are closer to being more comic-like, as they are wider towards the head of the blade and get thinner in the middle. However; as was stated before, there are 64 of them in total. Other than when Tsuki is directly touching and gripping or using them, they are forced to go around her in a circle pattern, like a group of slowly rotating magnets. The circle can shift around her; however, it is fairly slow unless she uses a moderate amount of her energy to force it to a particular position. Each is able to fire Wind Slashes just as her others are as well. However, they also are able to be broken. While it may be difficult, with a strong enough attack it IS possible to crack and shatter them. When this happens, they are not able to return until after Tsuki has left the form, rested, and reentered.

There handles are easy for Tsuki to grab, as they are exactly her arms length away from her body. She is able to grab them very fast to respond to an enemy attack, even able to grab two and attack with them. However, their biggest problem is that they are unable to fire Wind Bullets, at all. While in this form, her arms in particular gain quite a lot of strength, making her very good at using the swords against her opponents.

Tornado Shots: While in this form, her guns are able to fire a new type of bullet. While able to shoot Wind Bullets with great ease, they are able to shoot these fairly easily as well. When they shoot, they cretae a 2 foot in diameter cone-shaped burst of air. This burst of air slams into an opponent like a regular bullet, as well as trying to turn them around and disorient from the pull of the tornado. The tornado's potency and size are determined by the amount of energy that is used; they are slower than Wind Bullets, but their speed is not affected by their size, as they eat up and spit out the air as they fly, thus balancing them when they grow in size.

Kyuu Kyou
Kyuu Kyou Appearance:
Mystic Eyes:
Kyuu Kyou Abilities:

Alter Form

Alter Appearance:

Alter Personality:

Alter Powers:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

The Tale of a Wounded Bird
Tsuki was born a sugiura; as both her mother and father were as well. They lived in a quiet home, a small ways away from the village, living quietly in the country side. It was here that she grew up, helping her parents live, proving to be a happy, energetic child. She was trained in several areas as she grew up, as her parents were regular citizens, although they still had family heritage that demanded their children be tested in all the areas of combat. While she at first did only minor in most areas, she would secretly sneak out of the house at night alone and practice, so high was her determination, quickly being identified as gifted in ability and determination.

However, one day, while away training alone after having snuck out of the house, her parents... disappeared. In the end, it became clear that they had been abducted for living outside of the village, making them easy targets for the bandits that had come for them. They would have found and got Tsuki as well; if she hadn't been out. When she returned home, all she found after meticulously searching was a note under her parent's bed, looking as if it had been written in a hurry and with drops of blood coating the edges.

Tsuki. We know what you've been doing... we know how you leave the house to practice by yourself. They've come for us, and are holding us on the floor; I spotted this pencil and paper under the bed while they were holding your mother and I down. Tsuki... we're going away. I don't know where we're going, or when we'll be back... but you need to stay strong. You have no idea how proud of you we are. You're so pretty, so determinated..

The writing was smudged here; very much so. Tsuki's own tears fell as the not-even-30 year old girl read the note that her parents had left, joining her parent's on this small discarded note of their hope. She blinked away her tears, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her T-shirt, determined to continue reading her parents final words to her.

We love you, Tsuki. We know you will do great things. In the East, there are people that should find you. Just wait for them; we always knew there was a possibility of this happening. We love you Tsuki, so much, so very much, our little girl...

With all of our love.....

Tsuki just sat there, on her knees, the fight out of her, sobbing as she rested her head on the edge of her parents bed, her tears pouring over the note, making it impossible to read as her own sight blurred from the tears and her tears blurred the letters of the page, dislocating the flow of the ink. She remained there, sobbing, for hours, before eventually remembering. Her parents wouldn't have wanted this for her, they would have wanted her to keep going. So, with her tears still falling from her face, she forced herself to stand up. Still sobbing, she looked out a window, seeing it was daylight. She went into the kitchen of their small home, tears still pouring down her face, as she got out an orange. Her tears wet the skin as she peeled it off, forcing a chunk in her mouth. It didn't want to go; it was hard for her to swallow, but she took a deep breath, almost throwing up, swallowing the fruit. She repeated the process on each peace, sobbing still as she did so...

She remained in that small house, doing nothing but gathering food and training, day in, day out, day in, day out, day in, day out. Much time passed; she couldn't believe it when she finally tallied up the record of the number of times she had left the house. She had been doing this same thing, for at least five years. In that time, she had sought out after her Guardian Beast spirit, finding it. It was very much impressed with her determination to succeed, and decided to help her much sooner than she had expected. However, when she got home after that day, she found something odd. Another woman was in her home, older than she. The woman looked at her, asking what she was doing here all alone, in a bit of an arrogant tone. Tsuki had been on guard at first, but remembered how her parents had told her to act towards guests, bowing and then telling the story of how she ended up there.

In time, she began to become friends with this woman who had appeared in her home and visited her from time to time. She took to calling her Big Sister, as she was one of the only people that she ever saw, living alone. And indeed, her power continued to grow as years passed. It grew more and more, her determination to succeed pushing herself to her limits to prove herself to her Guardian Beast. Every time she returned home from training, she had bruises and cuts from the amount of effort she was exerting, her body growing fast and very strong.

Just after she was able, she learned of her Joshou, her Guardian Beast extremely impressed with how she refused to give it up, time after time. And so the clock continued to turn, as she learned more of herself and her Guardian Beast, as well as her sacred and element. During this time... Iori stopped visiting her. It was quite a long time, however, Iori did come visit her again, many years later, meeting her for her 490th birthday celebration Tsuki held in her home. Then, 7 years exactly later, she decided to go somewhere else to train... to Earth.

Having just celebrated her 497th birthday, she was fairly certain that she would be able to defend herself well against any kind of threat that she could come across. However, she wasn't prepared for what might happen when she was training in the desert with her Air Element. While here, an arrancar had appeared, overpowering her due to her lack of experience with the area. It appeared above her, holding the crushing claw of its reserrecion above her head, preparing to finish it. However, it gained a stunned look on its face and leapt back as it suddely realized... its arm had been cut in half. A voice cried out, a man's, asking what the arrancar thought it was doing, trying to put the life of a young girl to waste like that. Tsuki had blushed slightly at that; she was almost 500 years old, she was no little girl! However, she was forced to lay there on the ground, watching the owner of the voice appear above her.

He vanished again, going into battle against the Arrancar. She watched, smiling, as she watched the man release his Shikai, gaining feathers up and down his arms. However, she was truly shocked when she began to feel something evil as she watched the man grab the hairline below his tilly hat that he wore on his head, drawing down a mask that was exuding energy similar to the thing that had attacked her. She watched in amazement as the Arrancar gained cuts all along his body, suddenly becoming overwhelmed with a bright blue light as it vanished, burnt to a crisp.

The man reappeared above her, giving her his hand with a smile. Why...? I'm so determined to not lose... why do people keep saving me...? She had wondered, grabbing his hand but being picked up all the same. It was there and then that she resolved that she wouldn't allow anything else precious to be taken from her, and to take it all on herself. However, the man before her told her that this thinking was wasteful, that she should depend on people. She merely laughed as he reflected on how he himself was a wanderer, and she asked him if she could call him Big Brother. The man had blinked for a moment, before gaining tears in his eyes for a moment, rubbing them away with his shirt sleeve and smiling as he said she could.

She returned to the realm of the sugiura soon after that, with the man with a mask's help. It was here that she remained, having gotten determination for a new goal to strive for. As she hit five hundred years old, her training became absolutely merciless, as she began simply working herself into unconsciousness, and then waking up at going right back at it again. Then, fourteen years later, her Guardian Beast finally appeared before her, and she watched as she became encircled by a ring of swords. She had blinked, shocked, as a wide smile appeared on her face.

Not soon after, she tried out for one of the positions with the East; where Iori was from, as well as the place where her parents said would giver her help. She was very happy to learn she had been made a knight, and continued to do everything in her way, with her determination and fire, doing everything she possibly could leading to the present day...

Roleplay Sample: Tsuki looked out around herself, yawning softly, her mouth opening and breathing in a good amount of air, her eyes closed, as she breathed out, blinking, her mouth drooping on her face. Geez it’s boring around here… She thought, getting up off of the rock she had been sitting on. I know I’m on a mission to kill this thing… She reflected, walking resolutely forward as she looked lightly from right to left and back again, her eyelids slightly closed her light coral hair moved in time with her head back and forth. She continued walking, stopping on the small gravel path she was on in this forest. So I’m killing some arrancar, huh…? Sounds about right… She thought as she looked all around herself, her cloak completely covering herself from anything seeing what she was doing under it.
She watched, her eyes narrowing as she realized a band of five hollows appeared around her, looking up slowly to her right, bending her neck to see a man with a white cloak standing on a treelimb. Well there’s head honchonos himself… She joked in her mind, grabbing onto her sacred from beneath her cloak. She watched as the arrancar held out his hand, the elbow pointing at the ground. She acted as he threw his hand down, throwing open her cloak, making her unable to be seen as she pointed the gun forwards, pressing it against the first hollow. She pulled the trigger, feeling as wind bullet went through the things approximate chest, creating a large spurt of blood that she ignored, even as the black liquid fell on her face, her finger moving onto the front trigger, pressing down on it. The blade slammed into the hollow, and she dragged up her arm, using her immense strength to rip the blade through the hollow, ripping it in half from the chest through the mask, pointed up at a diagonal angle as she pressed the front trigger again, throwing the blade back behind the cloak behind her, and then pressing it again, making it return to its neutral position.

Because of the quickness and angles of the attacks, none of the other hollows had no other idea of what happened to the hollow other than the hole he got from the bullet. Tsuki had made it so that the other hollows would have not a clue what she had done to this one, and she remained perfectly still, her cloak falling back down around her as she looked over to her left, vanishing. In front of the hollow appeared her cloak, and a click noise, and it made a move to attack it, shocked, as it heard a thunk noise. It looked down, its eyes widening in surprise as it realized there was a blade sticking out of its chest. Tsuki looked at the hollow, a smile playing on her lips. “Come now, Mr. Hole, surely that’s not all?” She remarked, placing her pointer finger on the hollow’s skull, holding him in place with the gun, which was attached to the blade. “Hadō Four, Byakurai!” She said cheerfully, firing the lightning bolt through the monsters skull, the dried blood on her face from the first kill already having dried as the hollow’s body disintegrated around her sword.
She threw the blade back around her hand, grabbing the barrel with her hand, pointing the sword out before her. “Come on, Mr. Holes! This can’t be all!” She said encouragingly, smiling and nodding as the remaining three recovered their wits and leapt at her. She glanced up for a moment, looking at the arrancar once more, the smile on her face turning into a cool line as she felt the vacuum holding her hand to the gun barrel clearly. She slashed the sword before her, the hollows still moving towards her, firing off a wind slash. It flew therough the air, msashing into the chest of one and brushing the sides of the other two with its edges. The one in the middle fell back, writithing as it began to regenerate its legs. She appeared in front of the hollow on the right, smiling once more. Her right hand was back as she pressed it forwards, nailing it into the chest of the hollow. She felt a satisfying CRACK as the hollow went flying from her fist as she followed through, her small body spinning around with the momentum to face the other hollow. The hand holding the blade gripped it tightly as she reached to the sheathe on her side, grabbing the pink hilt and drawing out the blade as she blocked its claws, holding the blades in an X pattern in front of her face, looking up at the hollow.. She was still smiling at the hollow as she pretended to give it an edge, struggling with it. Poor Mr. Hole… he hasn’t a clue. She thought, putting in effort as she gripped both blades hilts tightly, throwing her arms out to the sides as she threw the hollow back.
She dug the heels of her sandals into the dirt, hearing the cloak fall onto the ground at last from her sensitive hearing. In her jeans and T-shirt, she felt right at home, her ecstatic face vanishing as she reappeared in front of the hollow she had thrown away with her blades. Her left hand, gripping her shortsword, and her right, holding the gunblade. Her left hand came up in a flash, making a medium deep cut along the hollow, as she brought the gun up as well, the foot long blade not quite reaching the hollow. Adios, Mr. Hole! She thought to herself as she pulled the back trigger. Out of the gun fired thirty blasts of air bullets, piercing, tearing, and throwing back the hollow on the receiving end of the barrage of small-powered bullets. She moved the gun up, her finger off the trigger for a moment as the barrel pointed upwards, aimed right at the mask as she pulled the black trigger again.
The shot flew out, as big as the hollows mask was. It slammed into, and then right through, its head, separating it from the body. A small spurt of blood flew off of its head, landing on her shirt, covering her chest in blood. She simply turned around as the beast dispersed. Well… wonder what this Mr. Hole’s going to do, hmm…? She thought, watching as the hollow opened its mouth wide, looking right at her. She brought up her gunblade, pointing it at the things mouth, watching as it fired a cero at her. She pulled the back trigger of the pink gun, holding it as a blast of her own energy flew out in the form of a Wind Bullet. It pressed up against the blast, before overpowering it, pushing it back right at the still open mouth of the surprised hollow, being consumed in the large blast of energy.
Tsuki turned on the spot, her eyes finding the arrancar she had spotted once more, the wings on her back stretching out wide, the pink feathers rustling. I think I’ll call him Mr. Plain. After all, he’s just wearing the normal white get-up, sandals, looks faintly human, and has short brown hair. Yawn. She thought to herself, pointing the barrel of the State Two gun at the opponent. She pulled the trigger, a small smile still on her face. However, the smile vanished as she heard an unmistakable BZZT noise as she processed the arrancar vanishing, hearing his feet as he stepped on the ground behind her.
“Not bad, Mr. Plain! But you’re not fast enough!” She remarked, spinning around as she fired off the shot. The arrancar moved faster than she had anticipated, whipping out his own shortsword and slamming it into the Wind Bullet, changing its course and sending it flying. Tsk… seems I’ll have to get serious… She thought to herself, a field of pink emerging around her body, enveloping her. Her wings stretched out as they changed, going from their feathery selves into something made of pure energy, giving a single flap as she soared up into the air. Her sandals snapped as her feet turned into talons, three toes going out, one going back. From her face extended her beak over her mouth, and her ears merged with the headgear-like wings on her head, becoming sharp points on her skull. She whipped her left hand to her right side, gripping a new gun hilt that had appeared in a sheathe there. She gripped it, vanishing with a step forwards.

She appeared right in front of the arrancar, the CLICK of the front trigger of the gun held in her left hand ringing out as the gun went into State Two, releasing the knife. She charged energy along the blades, slashing down with them. She gave a cheerful laugh as she saw the shocked expression on the Arrancar eyes as suddenly Wind Slashes fired from the guns, pressing him into the ground and then knocking him back, forcing him to skid on the ground. Tsuki’s head was looking towards the ground as her body continued moving, still smiling as she raised her head, bringing up the guns, seeing the arrancar with her eyes once more, having used her ears to detect the skidding sound as he was knocked back. She pointed both barrels at him, releasing a shot. The attacks nailed him in the chest, on either side, as he raised his sword to defend himself. “Oh come on, Plain, you should have known you can’t block two bullets with one stick!” She taunted, smiling widely as she held her guns to either side, smiling right at the arrancar.
Well. It’s about time. Thought Mr. Plain was just going to die; no fun at all. She thought to herself as she took a step forwards, having felt the man’s reiatsu levels increasing dramatically. Her eyes opened wide as her mouth returned to a neutral line, still open a small amount and showing her teeth in anticipation as she watched him begin his transformation, having gotten up off the ground. …You’re kidding me. She stopped, her eyes blinking as a small frown appeared on her face, her shoulders slightly drooping, seeing that he looked… exactly the same. Except for that… what… IS that thing…? She wondered, her eyes examining the large, down pointing horn on the mans head. It looks like a limp eggplant… yuck… She shivered, knowing of her own hate of eggplant. However, she was not prepared as the arrancar appeared before her, slashing down with his own blade. She held up her right gun, throwing it before her to try and block, nearly being pressed down to her knees by the sudden force of the arrancar. The gun in her left hand shot forwards as she clicked its front button, throwing the blade back as her finger went off of the front trigger, gaining a sure grip on the back.
She pulled it, the gun pointed right at the Arrancar forehead. She fired a shot, using a very small amount of energy, sending a bullet faster than normal with a small BOOM as it flew through the air and connected with the arrancar, forcing it to withdraw, feeling like it had just been stung by an arrancar-bee. Hehe… hollow bee… She laughed, the random thought occurring to her as she flipped around the left gun, securing it with the bladed end point outwards. She leaped up, pointing the two blades down on the fallen arrancar. She heard the satisfying SHLICK as the blades pierced it, pressing the right trigger and hearing a THUMP as the medium-sized bullet slammed into its stomach. She smiled lightly, her bright green eyes wide open, but suddenly opening her mouth wide as she realized the arrancar vanished. She looked above herself, feeling dripping blood from the three new wounds falling on her head, spinning around as she did. “WELL, PLAIN, LET’S SEE HOW YOU LIKE TORNADO WHIRL!” She cried out, making a shift in the air that pulled along the unexpectant arrancar, before he finally understood what was going on, tearing himself out of it.
However, by this time, Tsuki had joined him in the air, spinning around and slashing, like a whirling machine, flipping around in the air with her wings as she made Wind Slashes with the blades and held down the back trigger of the right gun, the barrel firing whenever it faced the arrancar as she continued slashing, moving with the momentum whenever she did so, resulting in flips and spins in the air as she fired Wind Slash after Wind Slash, throwing them at the arrancar as it tried to dodge around them. After a few moments of this, she stopped, panting lightly, as she spun around, seeing the arrancar behind her, opening her eyes wide. Uh-oh! The arrancar’s hand was held back as it struck it across her face, extremely hard, as he smiled. Tsuki couldn’t believe how mean he was as she sailed towards the ground, falling, her wings curled up behind her.
She opened her eyes, suddenly throwing her wings out, a few feet off the ground. As she threw them out, they kept growing, doubling in length, as her feet returned to their normal shape. Her beak regressed onto her face, and her body glowed a very bright pink. Suddenly, she became encircled by the ring of blades, and looked up at the arrancar, smiling wide as she flapped her wings. Let’s see how he likes my transformation to Zenou, shall we? She thought to herself, vanishing, her power level now at that of a Bankai, if she had one.
She reappeared behind the arrancar, who was completely unprepared for her sudden disappearance and reappearance behind himself. He spun around quickly, trying to recover as he saw two swords flying at him. Tsuki watched, laughing, as he began to cough up blood, the swords having landed in his right shoulder and middle of his stomach. Tsuki made a Tsk, Tsk noise as she watched the arrancar vanished, flapping her wings again as she appeared behind him once more, pointing both guns at him, having returned them to state one as her blades swirled around her at a rapid pace. She began beating her wings furiously as she held down the back trigger, firing off a storm of Wind Bullets, slamming into the hollow from all angles as she vanished with each flap of her wing, reappearing in a new space around him, firing off more bullets each time she reappeared, even firing them as she traveled from flapping her wings. She reappeared at last in front of the arrancar, seeing blood trail down from his forehead, several wounds and bruises dotting all over his body from the hundreds of bullets he had been trying to dodge around and avoid, leaving him panting.
“Aw, Mr. Plain… I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to make you so tired, only able to see me with one eye! Don’t worry! I’ll put you out of your misery!” She said cheerfully, picking up one last blade as she stepped forwards, flapping her wings one final time as she raised the blade above her head. She reemerged on the other side of the arrancar, dropping the blade from her hand as the blades around her slowly went back into the field, putting her gloved hands in her pockets as she felt the warm blood of the arrancar splash on her back, reflecting on the fatal wound she had just made across the chest and neck area of the monster. “Night Night, Mr. Plain…” She commented, keeping herself afloat with her normal, feathery wings, back in their original form as she looked out over the forest.
“Well, Mission accomplished.” She muttered to herself, looking all around her bloodied clothes and self. “Ah well; I guess it’s time to go back anyway. I wonder if Big Sis will be there…” She mused as she flapped her wings slowly, going at a gradual pace as they held up her small body, going slowly through the sky, her arms behind her head, as she began to go home, reflecting on what she wanted in her chili for dinner…

General Skills
Durability: Adept
General Speed: Advanced
Strength: Adept
Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Adept
Animal Instincts: Advanced
Martial Arts: Adept
Alter Control: Adept

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