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Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:59 am
Human Template

General Information

Name: Monica Tu La Dorans Mischevang
Age: 2025
Gender: Female


Overall Character Information


Monica isn't known for much since she keeps to herself most of the time and only really talks to her son tetsuka. He may know her well, but even he isn't too sure on what Monica could end up saying next. Because of this unpredictability, Monica can come across as very deceitful. The reasons she gives for doing things may be completely different to her true motivations and that is why she cannot be trusted. Ultimately, she has more motives and goals than she lets out, but she will never tell anyone regardless of who they may be.

This certainly helps her in prisoner situations. Monica has been captured and tortured before on many occasions. Back then she would let information slip but has built a tolerance for it over the years. She now bathes in the pain she has inflicted upon her and no longer see's it as a method for people to get what they want out of her, but a catalyst of which she can use to become more violent and deadly.

Monica knows things that nobody else does. She will always make sure people are aware of that fact. In conjunction to Monica's untrustworthiness, she will often leave information out of important tasks. If she needs somebody to do something for her, she may not tell them that the location is heavily guarded. She believes that when it comes to training people, the unexpected is always more rewarding when overcome. When it comes to luring someone into a trap, she will make sure they feel as comfortable as possible before they realise what they have stepped into.

Monica has given birth to a vast number of daughters but only ever two sons. These children still exist as spirits and the family line has continued to this day. Monica is aware that these girls are around and has already set her eyes on the boys.

Towards her sons, Monica is rather straight forward. She will tell them what they need to know and push them into doing her dirty work for her. They are more or less henchmen in her eyes. Her daughters however are different. The eldest daughter Ashlei has become so powerful that Monica doesn't dare infuriate her. So, she keeps herself hidden from the girls, making sure she isn't even confirmed as alive to them. She hopes to push the girls into becoming more powerful for her own selfish needs.


Monica is a very peculiar looking woman. She has retained her human figure but her body has had several small changes that makes her different to normal people. She is not a demon which many may accuse her for and she is not an Iramasha or ziamichi spirit in the slightest. In fact, it is hard to classify her as a human at all from the way she looks.

Monica has long blonde flowing hair with the texture of smooth silk running to her hips at the back and occasionally the front. Her eye brows tend to be quite long if she hasn't cut them down or done something to them. They are blonde too and give her small 'owl-like' eyes. Her actual eyes however look very lifeless most of the time. It is when she is in the midst of battle or using any reitsu that her pupils erupt into green flames that can light the darkest of alleys.

What she chooses to wear however is very varied depending on her power settings and what she is in the mood for. It is hard to ever find a time where she is wearing clothing that covers her entire body unless she is in her more tanky forms. When using light weapons, she tends to sport leather or cloth armour such as robes or very revealing garments across her chest and waist but nothing more. Of course she wears boots but even then they can vary. It isn't too surprising to see a cape slung around her shoulders or chains wrapped around her body.




Mark Switch
Monica is capable of switching 'Marks' which give her different weapons, armours and abilities to use in combat. A mark takes 1 second to activate and upon activation, emits a wave of reitsu that coats her in a bright light. Her new Mark appearance and abilities will be brought into battle on completion. Marks are changed by moving Reitsu levels up and down until finding the correct frequency. her rietsu will then lock onto that frequency to create the mark. On her body, a peculiar runic symbol will develop that glows green or blue depending on her state. This mark can be found in random places each time.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] 713513

Mark of the Thief
Monica takes on the task of a Thief, bringing into reality her trusty short sword and lowering the amount of clothing she is wearing to a comfortable minimum for movement purposes. This form is relatively stealthy and used to steal things or infiltrate buildings without being seen. it is also the only mark that grants her high speed movement for escapes and chases

Heightened senses: To properly utilise the purpose of this mark, Monica needs to be able to control her sense but also adapt to use them to her advantage. Monica can hear sounds and voices at a further distance as well as detect the origin point of it. She can also smell odours more prominently, taste things to reveal more delicate information about them (such as footprints in soil to determine shoe wear) and also sight that allows her eyes to see through the dark more clearly, at a longer distance without blurring but vulnerable to intense light. her sense of touch is also heightened but in ways you would not entirely expect. Monica can briskfully snatch things from people in such a way that the person holding it would not feel any force from her whatsoever. This allows her to steal keys, money and more from back pockets without any hint of her interaction.

Chameleon: Monica's body slowly becomes invisible to the naked eye until she appears to have left the world altogether. Because this is only a cosmetic change, her breathing, footsteps and voice can all still be heard. he clothing is less effected by this as she has deliberately switched to an armour set that is small, lightweight and silent.

Haze: Monica's high speed movement technique involves smoke and distortions. Her body rapidly warps a short distance instead of simply increasing her movement speed. Whenever she warps, she may choose to leave behind a gaseous cloud of smog that causes people to cough and splutter. Weak lungs may even induce choking. The distortion aspect of this ability is how she actually moves. her body is broken down and rearranged at another location. This can also be used to drag the cloud of smog with her, leaving a trail as she warps from room to room.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] 954835

Mark of the Warrior
Monica gains a much thicker and jagged blade that she can hold in one hand but would need both hands to swing it effectively. her arms up to her shoulders are coated in this mail armour a well as her chest which goes down to her waist leaving a red cloth to dangle from her right hip down to the floor. This is Monica's less damaging Mark but more of a team based fighter.

Increasing Strength: In this mark, Monica's overall strength greatly improves. She is not capable of hurling trucks at people, but she can forcefully smash down walls and stop moving objects with a hefty slam into them. She can also begin to lift people 5 times her own body weight and throw them.

Masochism: Monica in this state first appears rather aggressive. It isn't until she starts taking hits that her true rage begins to shine. The closer to death Monica becomes, the more violent she will end up being. When furious, she can suddenly begin pushing through pain barriers and every swing of her sword will have even more force behind it.

Threat: Monica in this mark is a threat that needs to be put down, but not everyone will agree. using a psychological enchantment that is triggered by her blue eyes staring into her targets eyes, she can force another person to realise she is a problem. Unless there is somebody else being a more prominent threat however, this becomes less effective. The main idea behind her blue eyes is to lock onto her prey and force them to either fear her, or attack her.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] 61308

Mark of the Elements
Monicas clothing flows down into a vibrant red robe that covers her body except for her belly. Her weapon also changes to a long stave with an enchanted crystal on the end which isn't very good for attacking but amplifies her magic.

Fire: Monica gains the ability to conjures flames from her hands and weapon. This allows her to throw fireballs that explode to a 1m radius, spew flames from her hands and more. Monica also becomes somewhat fire resistant, allowing her body to withstand the effects of fire. However super high temperatures will still injure her. Sizes always vary on Monica's output.

Ice: Including water based abilities, Monica can conjure ice and water, allowing her to throw water and ice projectiles of many forms and create walls of this object in a similar fashion to any water/ice manipulation. Monica can hold her breath for three times as long underwater and has a decent resistance to the cold in this mark. Sizes always vary on Monica's output.

Thunder: Electricity is the final element Monica can manipulate. This allows her to fry circuits, create lighting strikes from her body and discharge electronics in a similar fashion to other electricity users. She also becomes resistant to most shocks, meaning she isn't as easy to electrocute. Sizes always vary on Monica's output.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] 367973

Mark of Lights
Monica takes on a few changes that are not too different from her Mark of the Elements. Her robes are red but the upper body shows more chest. Her hair is held up with a band and her staff looks a little different with less metallic parts.

Holy Light: This marks main objective is to restore the weakened. Monica's Holy Light ability allows her to conjure a radiant light from her hands that, when held onto a wound will rapidly cause it to regenerate. This can even regenerate another persons limbs and organs given a few minutes without distraction. This light can also be hurled as a projectile similar to conjured fire. This means she can create pools of light, waves, walls and even aoe blasts around herself, all of which rapidly heals those that are hit by it. Monica may use this ability to recover herself. Sizes always vary on Monica's output.

Dispelling Light: Monica can suddenly change the properties of her Holy Light magic and reverse what the ability actually does. Suddenly, the regeneration is turned into a 'breaking down ability' that removes instead of heals. This includes projectiles, flesh, armour, etc similar to an acid. Dispelling light is used in the same way as Holy light but Monica remains unaffected by this ability.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] 706429

Mark of Demons
Monica's clothing changes into robed armour with some metal plates about her body. Her lower body is more revealing robe wise and her upper body is well defended with shoulder pads and mail armour. Her staff falls apart but is held together with magical energy, much more demonic than before.

Demonic Telekenetics: Monica gains the ability to move objects of a similar size to herself or smaller simply through willpower. This is mainly used to control her staff from a distance, but also to slam doors shut, hurl boulders and even force her minions to fight by tossing them into combat.

Summon Demon: Monica creates a runic pattern on the ground, wall or any surface large enough to have a 2m rune drawn on it. Suddenly, it becomes a portal to the demon world. Out climbs Monica's personal demon companion: a Monstrous being about 6'6 tall, muscled and wielding a terrifying axe over it's hulking shoulder. Because this creature is a simple demon, it is weak to normal demon weaknesses. However, it's brute strength and ability to smash, crash and destroy pretty much everything in it's path makes the creature a massive threat. On it's own, the Demon would be 1 primary tier below Monica, on the lowest secondary tier. Meaning if she was 1-2, it would be 2-5 and so on.

Demon Fire: Monica's demonic mark allows her to utilise a special variety of pink fire. Demonfire is similar to normal fire in every way, but has a much more damaging aspect to it. Where the fire can often be short lived and put out easily, if it manages to catch alight to something it will go up in flames at an alarming rate. Demonfire can be conjured into many different forms such as fireballs, streams of demon fire, waves and walls etc. Sizes always vary on Monica's output.

Nether Whelp: This little dragon whelp is a tiny monster with only practical uses. He isn't designed for fighting and can be created by a very small 30cm wide runic pattern that creates a portal just like the larger demon Monica can summon. This dragon is a baby and so it can only really hiccup small bits of demonfire. It also has the ability to fly and is no longer than 60cm from head to tail. The amazing thing about this little guy, is his ability to phase in and out of reality. It's body will distort to a point where it can move through things for a maximum of 3 seconds per distort. This allows it to flutter through walls, projectiles etc. In tier, the whelp will always be around 3 primary tiers lower than Monica and always at the lowest secondary tier. so if Monica was a 2-3, the whelp would be a 4-5.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] 733712

Mark of Death
Monica takes on the aspects of death itself, growing incredibly depressed and tormented. her eyes become dull and no longer glow. She looks like she has a hard time trying to keep the form up. Her armour is little, she wears thick plate upper body armour and lower body wear with shoulder pads. She also wields two short swords, both very bloodthirsty.

Chains of torment: Monica hurls a magical purple chain up to 10 metres away that latches onto the first thing it touches. She can then choose to yank the target/object to her, or real herself in so that she can zoom to her target. This isn't classed as high speed movement, but allows her to control enemy positions if they cannot dodge her chains. The chains may be shattered if struck hard enough, but if the tip is hit, it will latch on as normal.

Death and Decay: The ground beneath Monica's feet begin to die and decay rapidly. The area of effect can increase in size dramatically to cover 3 metres of ground in a circle shape. People standing in this area will feel a sudden burst of pain as their feet slowly degrade. if they do not move quickly, they may find themselves losing body parts. Of course, this will not effect stronger character as much, nor those resistant to death magic.

Bloody Strike: Monica's attacks cause her swords to glow either white or black. The first three strikes of each weapon causes one to glow white. After a fourth strike, it will glow black. The next strike she lands will cause a sudden burst of healing vapours to shoot through Monica's body and regenerate her in a healing fashion. This effect is independent of either sword and may be used twice in quick succession if both swords glow black.

Death Resistance: Monica becomes more resistant to death and decay based magic. Undead, zombies and anything conjures by necromancy have less effect on Monica in this mark than normal. Of course, she may still be overpowered by this sort of magic and ability.

Monica 'Tu La Doran' Mischevang [APPROVED || 1-3+] D4bGWWb

Mark of the Queen



Monica lived her human life out as any other person would. She tried her very best to grow up as the woman she wanted to be and strive to be the best at what she did. However this was not easy in the slightest as her life was centred around this old village hidden away from civilisation so there was nobody really to impress. Nobody here wanted outside contact and everyone cared for one another except for the certain few deemed untrustworthy. Monica sadly became one of those people as peculiar things began to occur around her after having her second child. This child appeared to have a strange omen about her and this caused the many deaths of villagers, animals and the destruction of small stalls on the little paths about the hills. She had named her first two children after one another: Daniel of whom had dodged suspicion and Danielle of whom had not. People thought she was a witch and questioned Monica for bearing such a child. Monica found the entire idea impossible but none of the villagers believed her as the bad omens and so called 'accidents' that Danielle had caused were unexplainable. It wasn't until her husband had started to grow mad that she realised what torture she was about to suffer. Fully convinced that if she had another child he could prove she wasn't a witch, her husband raped her daily until she eventually gave birth to a flock of children over the course of a few years, the occasional set of twins up to a now uncountable number as many either died, were kidnapped or left home when they grew up.

The many children she gave birth to had weakened her physical state to the point where she lost all feeling in her legs. Paralysed, Monica spent the rest of her life in bed only to succumb to the daily ravings of her abusive husband that she could no longer escape from. She accepted this life and became a vessel for the many children yet to come. In a way, she couldn't help but try to enjoy what moments she could. The daughters that stayed were forbidden to see her so all she had in life was the occasional force fed meal and attacks in the night. What else did she have to find any enjoyment in? The daughter that had been accused as a witch had managed to remain alive until this point of which she was finally apprehended and killed by the villagers. Her spiritual rampage and transformation into a hollow shook the entire landscape and many people died. However Monica was never touched. Only a few days passed in the now destroyed town and Monica was certain she was going to die. However, something peculiar had been happening to her body that she was unaware of. The paralysed limbs were starting to regain their strength. Her body was being restored by a strange magical essence she was unable to detect nor could she explain. She woke up, she stretched her legs and in fear, screamed as she began to walk. Why was this happening? Monica could never really tell but it did. The woman stumbled away from the wrecked village and into the forest, knowing that somewhere out there was another town with people that could help her. Her legs felt brand new and she fell down several times learning how to walk again.

In the forest, she taught herself to fight. This was no walk in the park as bears and wolves roamed the tree's, looking to hunt their next meal. Luckily, Monica was resourceful. She took long sticks and sharpened them, bandaged her wounds and walked on without rest. She killed many animals and fed off them to survive as well as drank the water of rivers she passed to remain hydrated. After weeks of walking, she travelled the 200 miles to Karakura town and collapsed in the streets.

What remains of Monica's life beyond that point to the present day is a mystery to her. The girls memory was very distorted, but she always remembered the face of her children. Recently, she saw news about a girl that looked identical to Danielle. She was a horrific monster. Monica could never tell if she was proud or disgusted. However, her personality was not that of her past self. Her miracle body was becoming more than any normal human as time went on. She could change herself. She could summon things to help her fight and her powers would grow to accommodate these changes. In secret, she became more powerful in hopes to one day confront Ashlei but she could never explain what had happened to her to regain her strength and become what she is now. Maybe Ashlei could explain it. or maybe Ashlei could be a ticket to even more power.


Roleplay Sample: N/A

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Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:31 pm
Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Looks good. <3 Approved =w=
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Moving this back to the approved section per Chaozi's request.

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