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Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:30 pm

Justin Washi
The Sparrow of Jashin


| Z I A M I C H I |


Name: Justin Washi
Gender: Male
Age: 641, three years older than Alex
The Host Race: Arrancar
Character Appearance Age: Late teens-early twenties
Character Gender: Male
Orientation: Akatsuki


Justin takes the form of a young man, age unknown, but assumed to be in his late teens-early twenties. He has a body height of 6' 2'' and a weight of 157 pounds. He has no disfiguring or otherwise noticeable scars, his body is theoretically the same as when he was born. He also lacks any kind of birthmarks, making him just a complete human being.

His hair is a strange phenomenon. While it is long enough to go past his neck, the hairs seem to collect into strands, extending away from his face behind him. This is not done on purpose: it is merely the way his hair naturally flows. It has a very soft consistency: not something you would expect, if you knew Justin well. Most of all, it stays out of the way when fighting, being short enough that it's not very convenient to pull on. It is a blank gray in color.

His face is fairly small. His eyes are strange, alright. His right eye is blood red, and yet his left is a pure green. His eyebrows are thin like the hair on his head, and are slightly pointed downwards, as if he is always in a state of extreme focus. His nose is medium sized, and his mouth is quite large for the rest of his face. His chin curves down on the end, and he has medium sized ears. He has no facial hair, but for sideburns that he grows that are usually hidden by the rest of his hair.

His clothing is a bit... extravagant. Under everything, he wears a layer of black under armor that is made of a light, neat fabric that resists moisture: he doesn't have much problems with getting armpit stink. He wears pure white socks, oddly enough, and a pair of silver shoes. Then you have his first layer of clothing.

This layer is relatively simple, and yet also complex: first you have his pants. they are large, and baggy. Then, above that, you have his simple vest garment, black in color with a white outline, zippered in the front. This has sleeves that don't even reach his elbows. Under this and also the under-armor he has a small star pendant with a circle around it: this was once trailing from his mask when he was a hollow and is his Star, or Seal, of Jashin. Clipped on the back of his baggy pants is his "Sheathe."

This sheathe, the sheathe of his sword, which he calls Breaker, is quite wide and unwieldy. It is a bit bigger than the outline of the already very bulky sword, and is the swords case, open on the top for the blade, and having the left side open. The right side holds the blade in the sheathe with a back end to it, and the sheathe itself widens when the sword approaches it, being stretched to make it snug. However, as soon as Justin places his hand on the sword, the sheathe lets it go, allowing him to just rip it out without harming it.

Then you have his next layer. His next layer is a red jacket, that goes down past his outlined vestment. It is tied with ropes to his vestment, red threads that hold it together. Around his waist he has two very large belts, with a large buckle that holds it around his waist, the only thing keeping all his clothes together. Seriously, if you cut that thing off, he'd be left with the equivalent of a black tights.

On either side of his chest he has buckles for a rope, this rope goes around his backside and prevents the sheathed Breaker from knocking into his back. On each sleeve he has two metal plates, on below the shoulder and one just before the wrist. His sleeves extend all the way to his wrists, and are quite large. The shoulder pieces of the jacket are well defined; and the collar goes up past his chin all around his head.

On either hand he has a pair of gloves; and his jacket has two "Tails" that extend from its back, red in color and ending with silver pendants. His arms and legs are reasonable length, he has a small stomach and pectoral area, his feet are size 18s, and he moves in a sporadic, crazy manor.

However, on top of ALL of this, he has a cloak. Yes, a cloak. This cloak goes down from its collar on his neck to just above his feet. The cloak is simply black on all sides. However, dotting all around it, it has clouds. Red clouds, with a white outline and defining pattern. It completely covers his body, except for his gloves and his silver shoes.






Oh, he is quite, quite mad: the stress of his own mind has done this to him. He will often misunderstand a situation, taking it to mean something else. This often will lead to him becoming cold and arrogant, or even violent and attacking, at the drop of a hat. He is extremely difficult to get along with because of this trait, and can be unmanageable at times because of it. He also laughs quite a lot because of it. Just so much as annoying him will lead to him getting mad, and when he gets mad, he begins to "LOSE MY TEMPER!" as he says in his own words.


Justin is an arrogant soul. He will often refer to people as "trash" and laugh at them, just from seeing them. Even if they are stronger than he is, and he KNOWS it, he will still say this. He believes as a man of Jashin that this is a natural thing for him to believe; and will treat any and all others like they are nothing, with the possible exception of his leader and his partner.

Cool Intellect

However, despite everything else, while he may be in a fit of rage he will also seem deceptively calm. He is quite intelligent, and will make snide, joking observations about his opponent while in battle. It is only when he has gone a ways through a fight and is having fun that he gets TRULY wild.

Respect for Jashin

He will refuse to listen to and ignore anyone that tells him that he should forget about or abbreviate his Rules of Jashin. He doesn't care what the rule is, he will never break it, even if it is a pain; that's how much respect he has for Jashin.


It is very easy for him to be consumed in feelings of hate. This will cause him to go wild, to attack anything around him. Anything that reminds him of his past, or of the other washi's, causes him to enter this state, where he simply desires the raw destruction of any and everything around him. There is little to nothing that can stop him like this, and the most intense feeling he has is hate.


He is extremely filled with sorrow. It is one of his most determiniing trait. If someone were somehow able to get past his shell of hate and madness, they would find the inner turmoil that causes this. He uses his hate to dull his own sorrow, doing his best to make it so that he doesn't feel it anymore. He also believes that no one else wants to deal with this sorrow either, which is why he lashes out at them as well.


However, despite all this, if his opponent can give them three reasons that they should live, he will not kill them. He will out right refuse to do it. However, his choice of reasons to live are just like him, extremely chaotic.



Pain Loving

However, almost any type of stabbing pain... excites him. He is eager for it, he seeks it out... it's what makes him the perfect pawn of Jashin and his ability. However, that said, he ONLY likes stabbing pains. Chops, slams, explosions... those he couldn't care less for, and will make him feel pain. However, stabs his brain perceives as pleasure, as per the Will of Jashin.

Extreme Pain Tolerance

Also because of his abilities through Jashin, other types of injuries other than stabbing are barely able to phase him, after all the pain that he has experienced all through his life. He can have his head chopped clean off, and only complain that it hurts like hell. Which, considering the kinds of things he can do to himself, isn't that much. Not to mention he is especially tolerant in his vital spots, due to the number of times he has destroyed and attacked them.


Justin… hates his brothers. However, he also loves them. If he could prevent their death, he would do it one hundred percent of the time. However, if he himself came upon one of them, he would beat them to a very bloody pulp, although he would never kill them. If he met one of them while in Sane State, he would walk away immediately, not matter what the circumstances currently were. Overall, he blames his madness on his brothers, thus why he refuses to speak to them or simply brutalizes them near death for approaching him.

Milk Drinker

He absolutely LOVES to drink milk. It is quite possibly the only thing that matches his love for Lord Jashin. It is not uncommon to see him just chugging down gallons of it in a single sitting. In other words… don’t drink milk in front of him and not share.


He treats other servants of Jashin as most people would brothers and sisters. He won't attack them, he'll talk fairly with them, and it is most of the time for their sakes that he enters Sane State. So he loves them like family, in addition to being the only people he truly CAN love…

His Partner

Out of respect to Nagato, Justin acts semi civil with his partner. If he riles him up, he may attack, but most of the time it will only be light attacks to tell them that they have annoyed him. If he especially does not like them, however, he will go full out on them with all his own power and the power of Jashin. However, if they have his respect, he may even treat them as if they were a Jashinite.


It is hard for him to trust other people, other than Jashinites. He will constantly look for things to distrust them by, as he is so unstable. Also due to this instability, there is a good chance that he'll find one even if it doesn't exist. This makes him very difficult to get along with at times but also prevents him from getting deceived most of the time.



Background/History: *All histories have been approved by their respective owners* *Second Post*



Ziamichi Spirit Name: Hidan Jashin

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:

Jashin is a strange looking man...

When he had his own body, he was a young man in appearance. However, his body was completely covered in black furs, at all times. Around his neck he had two lines of beads, and even more beads in gigantic loops around his ears. His eyes were always open and intense, his pupils but a ssingle dot. His nose rose up slightly, as if looking down on everyone, and when he spoke, his voice was deep and terrible. his hair was pointed in every direction off of his head, going all the way to his neck in the back.

Ziamichi Personality:


He believes that himself, and his subjects should be absolutely perfect in body. His own body is free of blemishes, and those that he has given his power he forces their bodies to be similar. He detests those he regards as imperfect, although he'll never tell Justin to kill anyone. He leaves that to the crazy man himself...


He will automatically treat anyone he meets like they are trash. It doesn't matter what position they are in, or who they are: he'll do whatever he has to to make them miserable and hate life. Everyone, that is, except his followers, who he regards as children giving him gifts with their kills. As such, he is pleased by killing and the other damages done by those that serve him. They elate him.


However, it is no easy matter to become a servant of Jashin. He will force you to do every sinnable act under the sun in his name: all the way to destroying ones old home to BEGIN the process.


He deeply cares for the well being of his servants and those who serve him. He will aid them however he can, even meddling in mortal affairs to assist them.

Ziamichi History: Second Post

Ziamichi Powers:

Death of Blood

He makes a contract with any who serve him: this contract allows him to communicate with them any time, and any where: although, he is currently taken up residence in Justin, his last follower, through this method, all of his energy being inside the Arrancar.

Rules/Call of Jashin

Every time that Justin desires to call upon Jashin's powers, that is to say, using the scythe, or the forms, he has to lay his hand over his Seal of Jashin, and communicate directly in his head with Jashin for permission to kill his enemies. This is one of the Rules. The Rules are as follows. Justin personally regards them as a pain in the neck.

1.Every time that Justin desires to call upon Jashin's powers, that is to say, using the scythe, or the forms, he has to lay his hand over his Seal of Jashin, and communicate directly in his head with Jashin for permission to kill his enemies. Jashin will always give him permission, but it's part of the contract that they have.

2. When he activates the Call of Jashin, Justin has to leave no survivors.

3. After each kill major enough that he has performed the Call of Jashin, he must lay in a ritual circle of blood for thirty minutes, acting as if he were dead, as a sign of respect to Jashin. This means even if he were being attacked, until those thirty minutes were up and all targets were destroyed for which he was summoned he cannot move.

4.Servants of Jashin are also chaste, and participate in no romantics or sexual activity. However, rarely has this rule EVER been broken before in a battle, so it is only mostly just there as a guiding rule to already psychopathic-servants of Jashin.

5. Any promise made under Jashin by servants MUST BE KEPT.

6. Killing another follower of Jashin, unless they ask for it.

7. No killing on Sundays.

8. Do not rest on the laurels of Jashin.

9. Do not write of Jashin.

10. Do not kill in the name of any other.

If Justin breaks any of the rules, Jashin will leave him and dissallow the use of his energy for the rest of the thread, making Justin completely mortal and only as strong as he would be as an arrancar.

Darkness Stabber

His energy, its color black as night, can form into a single ritual spike. However, this spike is extremely adept at gathering blood: just stabbing an opponent with it will cause their skin cells or the energy that exists on the outside of their physical form to transmogrify into blood cells, and thus coat the tip of it with exactly 1 drop of the opponents blood, even if they do not have blood or skin.

Scythe of Jashin

This is his seishin buki, also quite good at ravaging his opponents and damage them.

Large Reiatsu

Jashin, when he had his own body, had an extreme amount of reiatsu. And while only a fraction of this can maintain itself within Justin, there is still a sizable amount, enough so that Justin can use quite a large amount of power when he fights his foes through Jashin. This also makes it that Jashin does not tire out easily, and can allow Justin to control his Hell Angel Demon form for up to three months with his sealed and constantly regrowing the limit of power.

Forbidden Art of Jashin Rebirth

This can ONLY be started by Jashin HIMSELF within Justin. It is possible for 5% of Jashin's power to be split out of his body by a special kind of servant, and then placed within another being, turning them into a ziamichi. The only way to stop it is to overpower it with a great amount of willpower and determination. On the other hand, it can merely be accepted. In either case, if the part of Jashin enters them properly, it begins to infect their mind with the ideals of Jashinism. It also gives them light benefits similar to Justin, such as a small amount of regeneration but not immortality, and the ability to make the darkness stabber. It also gives a small source of energy for the user to utilize. If they learn how to create the shapes of Jashin, they can make sacrifices of those they kill to the piece within them, increasing THEIR PIECE'S power by 5% of its present total each time. However, this piece is still essentially Jashin. The true Jashin can use this piece to communicate with the person at any time; and inhabit their body if Justin's star is destroyed. Justin himself nor Jashin can cause this to actually occur; a third party is necessary to use this. For them to activate it, they must use their special power after laying their hands over the Star of Jashin. If the Rebirth is completely successful, then the person will be converted to Jashinism and made an ally of Justin. This is the only approvable exception to Rule 2 of Jashin. The ones that Jashin is rebirthed in must also follow the Rules of Jashin for the piece of Jashin to assist them.



Unique Traits:

Seishin Buki Name: Scythe of Jashin

Seishin Buki Appearance:

The Seishin Buki of Jashin is certainly strange in shape. It resembles a 3 pronged scythe, each prong longer than the last. It is approximately 5 feet long, and the first foot and a half is covered in wrappings. Each scythe prong has a metal base on the end that circles around the scythe itself, and each scythe prong is roughly four inches away from the next.

Seishin Buki Abilities:


There are three parts of the scythe where it can detach. The Hilt, the Sleeve, and the Prongs.

Part One: The Hilt

The hilt of the Seishin, where the wrappings are, can break apart from the rest, revealing a chain within the seishin. This chain is made from Jashin's energy, and is therefore extremely durable and difficult to break as a result. That also means that this chain can spread to being near limitless, using Jashin's power. However, he usually just keeps it between ten and twenty feet in length.

This is used to swing around his scythe and use it as a ranged weapon, perhaps shocking his enemies and giving him the advantage. This also means that he can wrap the chain around his enemies, although Jashin's power won't hurt them, it will prove a very strong binding. However, if the chain IS broken, it can be reattached by Justin placing the snapped ends right next to one another, and Jashin will fix the rest.

Part Two: The Sleeve

In his right sleeve he has a chain of Jashin, with the same properties as stated above. This chain is wrapped around his right shoulder, and he can clip it on at will to the scythe. This allows him to swing around the scythe from the hilt OR the sleeve, allowing him to do two large breaks to re-position the scythe for use.

Part Three: The Prongs

The three prongs also have a special trait. Each one of them can retract and detach from the rest of the scythe, meaning he could throw it out right before him, and split the prongs, causing three scythe prongs to slam into the ground five feet away from each other. While they have quite a few uses other than this, it pains a good example of the effect he has with this scythe.

Blood Gather

However, the scythe has another special trait. It cannot cut Justin's tongue. This allows him to draw blood from his opponents with any of the three prongs, snap back up the scythe from its detachments, and slide his tongue along it and collect the blood to activate the other skills of Jashin. Or just creep out the opponent. Whatever he's in the mood for, really.

This also has another trait because of this ability. He can automatically call back the scythe from wherever it is, causing the wrappings to instantly shoot into his hands, followed by the middle of scythe, followed by each of the prongs. All it takes is a small amount of focusing to pull it off; the scythes seem to shoot through the air as they hit his hand again and snap back together, completely reformed and ready to be used once more.

Scythe Slayer Style

He is a master at using his scythe, able to almost make it look like it can move in ways that shouldn't be physically possible, but to him it is almost as if it is an EXTENSION of his own body. He will use centrifugal force in its use, reflexes, anything to get it where it needs to go. And it will go there. Very quickly. Because of its detachment, he is also able to use it ranged as well, and is a master at this as well; again, because it is almost like another arm or leg to him. He can FEEL through it what he needs to do, feeling as it does, and feeling euphoria as it cuts.

Extreme Weight

It is extremely heavy, weighing 5 kilos in total. This allows it to do things like shatter and crumble boulders from smashing into them, or working great as a shield. This also shows just how strong Justin is: he's able to wield that weighty thing as if it is just another part of him.


Limited Immortality

He is 100% immortal while Jashin is inside of his body. However... there are things that can be done to make it that Jashin isn't present completely within his body, so his immortality is technically Limited. This is a passive effect, and is only removed when Justin breaks a rule of Jashin. In essence, all this means is that he cannot die. However, he can be sealed, have his body parts all locked up and away, etc, etc... but all his body parts will still be able to move and be active whilst he has Jashin on his side. So, he can be *killed* just by overpowering him, but he cannot truly die and have his soul sent back into the soul cycle.

This means that doing things like burning him, poisoning him, stopping his heart, etc, will all technically work... They just won't kill him.

Infinite (With Jashin) Regeneration

The reason they won't kill him is Infinite Regeneration. This is a Gift of Jashin, that allows the servant whose body he is in possession of to completely reform their body from one point, no matter what that thing may be. In Justin's case, it is his Star of Jashin. The Star of Jashin is extremely, EXTREMELY durable, as it is the focus of Jashin's power on Justin. Therefore, to break it, a person must be able to form more than the total sum of Jashin's in his body power in one attack centered at the Star to break it, and destroy Justin.

How it regenerates him is simple. Jashin's energy will either 1. Reform him. Or 2. Disperse (Destroy) the old body parts with his energy if it is faster/only way to get the part back. The first method merely reforms the flesh and skin of the parts, making stabbing wounds, cuts, and abrasions have little effect on the Washi, physically. In fact, the more flesh and blood is lost in the attack of the opponent, the more energy it takes to reform Justin's body. So the best strategy to weaken him and defeat him is to deal as much bodily damage as physically possible.

In the second method, Jashin uses a much larger amount of his energy to destroy the body parts, and then reform them completely on Justin. This means that in theory, the Star of Jashin can birth out Justin's entire body. However, as explained below, that is an fairly taxing act for Jashin.

Justin can feel pain, everything that happens to his body he can feel. In fact, if you chopped off his head. He would have his body bend down and pick it up, his mouth muttering how it hurts like hell, and place the head back onto his neck. So while he can regenerate any injury without a problem as long as Jashin has the energy for it, if he is hit in a vital spot, while it will be simple to regenerate, will still hurt like hell. It is a complicated business to explain how he feels the pain even when his head is chopped off, for instance, but in essence, Jashin is holding his entire body together mentally, meaning that Justin still feels EVERYTHING his body is going through as long as the parts are intact. This also makes it relatively easy for Justin to be tortured, although Jashin can decide to abandon the piece if told by Justin to.

HOWEVER. If Jashin runs out of steam to regenerate Justin, he remains alive, BUT IN PIECES. Or merely as the star. Whichever is more convenient. So, it is possible to defeat and detain Justin, one merely has to place the Star of Jashin into a place where Justin cannot escape, as he must reform his body around the Star. Jashin is unable to reform Justin after 3 bodily reformations, making Justin tough to beat, but totally possible. In addition, while it may seem like he is really immortal, anyone with Advanced or higher Mental Deduction should be able to figure out this ability rather fast.

Blood Intake

Whenever Justin takes in the blood of an enemy, up to 5 drops of it, he gains a small boost to his strength and his speed.This boost is small, making it so he could only get to adept from beginner after 5 intakes, but it definitely exists.

Blood Destroy

An interesting property about Justin through Jashin: any blood that he takes into his body is completely obliterated upon entering. It turns the blood into a file of Justin's energy, however, this file has a tie through Justin's power to the enemy still, and is used in his abilities later on. However, the blood itself as a physical mass no longer exists, and therefore may not be manipulated.

Chaos Moves:

Chaos Blood

This effect is activated by Justin chanting the following Incantation:


When Justin has finished this chant, loud and as proud as possible, his scythe or whatever weapon he is weilding gets a very dark, black aura around it. This field causes any blood that it touches to be turned into raw energy, sent through the aura up to Justin. And through Justin, right into the Star of Jashin. In other words, this is a medium-slow way to recharge Jashin's energy through his opponents/just in general blood touching Justin's weapon. After the three posts it is active for are up, it is 7 posts before he can use it again.

Class Title: Devil of Jashin

Class Traits:

Energy Draw
Whenever an opponent walks into a shape of Jashin made of blood by one of Jashin's weapons, they will slowly begin to lose their energy. Specifically, it will draw 5% of Jashin's total inside-Justin energy out of them and to himself per post they are within the shape. However, if they step it in or are in the same space in it in the air, they will lose 1% of Jashin's total instantly. The rest is determined by how long they stay in the shape, up to 5% per post. If Justin then steps on the shape again, the energy flows into him, converted by the shapes, and into Jashin, restoring his power for however much was lost by his opponent.

Dark Prayer

By sending up a prayer to Jashin, Jashin will form a dark outline of his body, projecting it out of Justin's body. This allows him to talk to and communicate with the outside world; although he is only a projection. This takes a very small amount of Jashin's energy to maintain, although he is unable to output more energy anywhere else while it is in effect. This means that Justin won't be able to use any of Jashin's skills while he is out, although he'll keep the ones he currently has equipped on his person.


Demon Form, Crazed Possession Blood Appearance:

In this form, all of his clothes minus the Star of Jashin, his cloak, and his pants/shoes, is completely blown away from his skin. His cloak is exploded away from the Star, riping it on the right side completely off down to his stomach. His hair greatly shortens, becoming flat on his face. A small head band also appears around his neck, four lines with a line through them. The lines represent the Washi brothers, and Justin is the one who goes through them, the one who goes against.

Demon Form, Crazed Possession Blood Abilities:

Perimeter of Jashin

This is the main effect of Jashin. By accessing the files stored in his mind by using Blood Destroy, Justin creates a metaphysical link with that person. This makes it so that Justin's mind and the opponent's is now linked together. However, the true horror of this is that now, any pain that Justin feels, is felt by the opponent. This does hurt Justin as well, although he has Jashin to cope for it.

HOWEVER, there is a limit. He can ONLY do this within Shapes of Blood that he has created in the name of Jashin. As soon as he is outside of the shape, this ceases to have any effect whatsoever. For the first stage, in fact, he must be within TWO shapes. It should also be noted that while in this form, he has to heal with Jashin any damage he does to himself, in addition to the opponent, as well as deal with the mental stress. So again, while this power at first appears formidable, it can be easily found out and dealt with by the opponent.

In addition, depending on the the opponents pain tolerance, this effect could very well do very little to them. The reason being is that it doesn't actually do any physical damage to anyone other than Justin, so the opponent merely has to deal with the pain in their mind. Beginners will be in a good bit of trouble when facing Justin. Adepts will be able to shrug off a fair amount, but face him squarely. Advanced will be not affected very much by it, and fight quite well. Master will shrug off most all of the damage dealt by it, and it doesn't effect Grandmasters while in this state.

ToothPick of Jashin

In his left hand, he forms the Darkness Stabber of Jashin, with its effects and all. However, the special ability of this special version of the Stabber is that it will only pierce Justin's flesh: it will not cause him to bleed. So it treats him as if it were a needle and he were a rag doll: in fact, he can even run Jashin's energy through teh ToothPick and cause it to sew things up, injuries as well.

Circle of Jashin

The first shape required to make a Perimeter of Jashin, this is a circle, usually made by dragging the blood soaked scythe around Justin or Justin splattering some blood on the ground and spreading it around with his foot.

Triangle of Jashin

This is the second part, often made by Justin stabbing himself with the ToothPick of Jashin and then making three slashes at the ground with it, creating a triangle within the circle. Any damage that he takes while within these two will trigger the Perimeter of Jashin.

Hell Angel Demon Form, Death Possession Blood Appearance:

Hell Angel Demon Form, Death Possession Blood Abilities:

Enhanced Physical Attributes

In this state, Jashin's power is flowing through him from the Star of Jashin, greatly enhancing his natural speed and strength to roughly 3 times the level they were in his neutral state.

Limitless Perimeter
In this state, he no longer needs to be within the perimeter of the circle and the triangle. However, any damage that happens to his body while outside of the perimeter is sent to the opponent reduced. It is roughly 10% of the pain that Justin himself feels, so while being in a shape is the best thing for it, he can also do it away from them.
Perimeter Devour
After he has created a Perimeter of Jashin around himself, he can choose to suck it up inside of his body. From there, it shoots into the Star of Jashin, remaining there until he desires to use it again. When he wants to use it again, he merely sends up a small prayer to Jashin, who then fires it out of the Star all around Justin. However, for this to work, Justin must be on flat ground, and he cannot be moving a single inch.

Washi Mode (Custom Form) Appearance

Washi Mode (Custom Form) Abilities

Justin's Washi Mode
In Justin's Washi mode, he perfectly synchronizes his body, spirit, and mind with that of Jashin's, making them one being in control of one body. Their thoughts and personalities are also merged, making Justin in Washi Mode a cruel and cold character. As he completely embraces the power of Jashin in this state, Justin has only one goal: to completely destroy anything and everything in his path. This is the only time when the Rules of Jashin are lifted, as Jashin IS Justin. Nitsuj is the name of this form, to be completely accurate. While he is in this form, as satated earlier, all of Jashin's power is within him and is him, so his combat abilities using Jashin reach their peak; his strength, speed, and energy use all increasing quite a lot from before. While in this state, he is able to use any of his moves from any form involving Jashin, and they tend to be easier for him to perform. In addition, his regeneration is faster, as Jashin is one with his body.
Wings of Jashin
The excess power of Jashin expands out onto his back, becoming a pair of extremely black and dark wings on his back. These wings extend to 7 feet on either side of ihs back, and contain an extremely dense amount of energy. As Justin uses the power of Jashin in large amounts, the wings tend to slowly deteriorate until they are nothing on his back. At this point, all of Jashin's power is spent. This doesn't necessairily mean that he himself is without power: however, if he is "killed" after this form is over, he stays "killed" until all of Jashin's power is resotred, which takes an extensive amount of time.
The wings are actually able to create and maintain flight, being quite strong. If his wings were to knock into an opponent, it would be the same in effect as if Justin had punched them, as the wings are coated in a field of Jashin's energy so that they do not/can not be made to explode, as they have the same durability as the Star of Jashin.

Washi Sight: At any given moment, even while this state is sealed, this effect can be activated. It happens randomly: Justin isn't exactly sure why it happens anymore. Basically, his mind and senses are thrown into a time in the lives of his brothers. Whether that time is the present, the future, or even the past, he hasn't a clue, although it ONLY works on the events in his brothers lives. This sends him into a similar to spasmatic state, as his own body is not his: it belongs to the memories and future experiences of his brothers when he is like this. However, he is unable to change whatever he sees in his visions, and knows this, and thus will never try to effect or change what he sees. He... can only... witness...
Overuse of Healing

When Jashin's power is spent, Justin is no longer able to regenerate whatsoever. In fact, if he is cut into pieces, he will stay in those pieces. That means that he constantly is in the pain of his body being ripped all apart. This... is not good. In addition, the longer that Justin uses Jashin's power, the more his body slows down gradually, his own power decreasing a slight amount of Jashin's does. Overall, while Jashin is quite powerful, his power comes at a price.

Also, whenever he enters either of his forms, his hierro becomes 10-20% weaker.

Control: 10 as long as the Rules are Followed; 1 otherwise.



Bone Appearance:
Around his neck he has a simple seal that he calls his Seal of Jashin.

Hollow Hole:
Just below his hairline on his forehead, normally covered by his hair.

Reiatsu Colour:
Ebony Black


Sealed Zanpakutô:

The sword is quite brutish in size. On its handle, it has a square piece that a person can grip onto. then, on the blade side roughly a foot past that square, it has a gently sloping part that can also be used for grip. From there it extends to the blade. The blade looks like it is two parts merged together. The part that makes up the hilt is primarily black in color. However, in the center of the black piece, there is a red line. At the end of this piece there is a yellow sticker-looking thing with three "teeth," small indents. Around the part that leads out to the hilt it has a red piece, that acts as its center.

On the edge of the first piece is the second piece. This is a curved blade, although it is extremely bulky. It leads out from the first piece a good two feet, making the sword a good eight feet in total length. It has three curves in total on it on the back side, and a curving in line before a flat part of the blade on the cutting side. The blade exists, although it is still quite bulky. Overall, this blade is extremely clumsy looking, although thanks to Justin's strength he wields it with ease.

Racial Abilities:
Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") a technique of firing his hardened spiritual pressure against his enemies. Less powerful than a Cero, but it can be successively fired at 20 times the rate.[18]
Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) a powerful spiritual light fired by Menos Grandes and Arrancar.

Descorrer (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Japanese for "Loosed Void", Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening"):[20] A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

Gran Rey Cero (王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ), guran rei sero; Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash") The ultimate Cero that can only be used by Espadas. It is so powerful, it distorts the surrounding space. A Gran Rey is the extent of him using his own power to the max in a burst, as he cannot handle the out put of more than that of his own energy.

Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron," Japanese for "Steel Skin") An Arrancar's outer skin with high spiritual hardness that serves as armor.

Enhanced Hierro

He has an extremely durable body, from all his training in addition to giving up his regeneration in a heartbeat when he became a hollow. He can take quite a good amount of damage before his skin breaks: this is a natural trait of his.

Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキサ), pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry," Japanese for "Probe Circuit") An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure. Justin has also worked out how the Indice Radar is able to be used.

Indice Radar (捜指法 (インディセ・ラダール), Indise Radāru; Japanese for "Searching Way", Spanish for "Mark Radar"): The user is capable of using an advanced version of Pesquisa (ability to sense people with Spiritual Pressure). While the technique normally works by using a meditative state and functions like sonar, all the user needs to do is put his hand to a grounded surface. His Pesquisa is even able to gauge the amount of spiritual pressure an opponent has, which he uses to identify potentially strong opponents.

Sonído (響転 (ソニード), sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound," Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo.

Enhanced Speed

His speed is also quite good, higher than most other arrancar. His sonido is a bit slower than that of a person like Coyote Starrk, but it is higher than normal.

Enhanced Strength

His strength is his most impressive strength as an arrancar; as is shown when he wields his extremely heavy scythe with apparent ease. It also allows him to use several techniques that he has learned from training with and observing Nagato, in addition to making his own variations and own creations.

Hakuda Techniques

Fōsupāmu (lit. Force Palm フォースパーム):

This is a very strong Hakuda technique utilized by Nagato. It is a Hakudo strike that aims to knock the air out of someones lungs, as well as break bones, or cause mainly internal damage. Nagato concentrates his Spiritual Energy into his lungs, and then when he strikes with either one or both of his palms, he breathes out, sending a small shock wave of spiritual energy out of his palms on contact. The spiritual energy goes directly through the persons body, and causes mainly internal damage as well as create large red palm prints on the area that was stricken.

Justin's is a bit different. He uses the power of Jashin with his strikes, making a larger shockwave, that jars the opponents body in addition to causing internal damage. They also create larger hand marks.

Senpū Surasshu (lit. Whirlwind Slash 旋風スラッシュ):

This is a Zanjutsu technique utilized by Nagato, usually to take out multiple enemies or stop attacks. Nagato wields all of his swords at once to begin this attack. He will then take a stance on one foot where he leans backwards, and then jump forward and begin spinning rapidly and striking with his blades rapidly and in quick succession. This technique is quite useful when being attacked from multiple directions, taking on multiple opponents at once, stopping an attack, and countering opponents.

When Justin performs this technique, he uses either his Scythe of Jashin and Breaker or his Scythe of Jashin and the ToothPick of Jashin. These items take the place of the swords.

Kagesai (lit. Shadow Star 蔭星):

Gathering reiatsu in both hands, Nagato will deliver 6 punches into their opponents chest. Each punch leaves a black imprint that when finished will link to make a 6 pointed star. With a final punch to the center, a small explosion will occur, sending the target flying quite a distance away.

Justin performs this attack very similar, however his strikes create a star of Jashin made of Jashin's energy on the opponent's chest from the strikes. He also finishes his attack either with a scythe slash or a toothpick stab.

Kama Masshu (lit. Scythe Mash 鎌マッシュ)

This is a special combo that he can execute with his fists and his scythe. The attack starts out with him creating a great sweep outwards with a scythe, to draw the opponent towards him. Then he performs the finish of the Shadow Star, trying to knock them back into the scythe. Then he brings up a knee, trying to ram it into his opponents stomach. Finally, he shifts to the side, holding up his scythe as he attempts to slam it to his opponent's neck. He finishes the combo by lifting up his foot, bending his knee as he brings his knee back, before shooting it forwards, trying to slam it into his opponent and throw them away.

Furasshu o Yaketsuku Yōna (lit. Searing Flash を焼け付くような)

Justin throws both hands behind his opponents head, pulling them towards him. Then he brings up a knee, trying to throw them back as he lowers his gravity. He presses down extremely hard on both legs, getting an extremely firm grip. Then he moves back both hands, his elbows sticking out behind him as he presses himself forwards. His hands move extremely fast, repeatedly smashing his fists into his opponents lower area. The fists move at a rate of twenty punches per second. To finish, he brings up his arm above his chest area, and then shoots it right at his oppponents chest area, releasing a large amount of energy to blow them away from him. As long as his feet are firmly placed onto the ground, he can perform the constant smashing of his fists.

Raijingusumasshu (lit. Rising Smash ライジングスマッシュ)

Justin lashes out a leg in a roundhouse kick, throwing upwards the opponent. He follows up by spinning his body around, smashing into them again with the same leg. He then follows up with this same thing three times. Then he spins around vertically, pulling his legs back, smashing them into the opponent three more times. Then he finishes by standing perfectly straight before his opponent, and bringing up both legs. Then he throws them both out, slamming them into the opponent and throwing him back onto the ground. Then he whips his scythe up to behind his head, before throwing it out above his opponent, and pulling it down, trying to slam the entire scythe into the opponent and slam them into the ground. Then he pulls back the scythe, grabbing it into his hand, and returning to rest position.

Unique Abilities:


The blade that he carries around in the sheathe on his back, his zanpaktou, has a very special property. When he has it make contact with things, its own very dense amount of reiatsu slams into what it hits, attempting to make it break with an enhanced force. This makes it so that if he were to toss it back behind him on the ground, it would slowly begin to make its own crater. If he hits it on an opponent, it throws them back, or if they resist this, it begins to try to smash away the opponents skin as best that it can.

Sane State Appearance

When he enters this state, his hair becomes thin and wispy. It tends to be on the shorter, lanky side, red in color. His face becomes more shrunken in, almost like a foxes would be if they were a person. Under each eye he has a red mark, and he wears a pair of goggles that honestly have no effect at all. The rest of his body remains the same.

Sane State

While he is normally mad, there is one way for him to become completely sane and able to discuss and negtotiate. This is trigerred by him sending a prayer to Jashin, one asking him to be able to communicate with others. Jashin sends a jolt of his energy through Justin, activating Justin's latent power... and surpressing it. This leaves his body in the above state, looking as this. He has no abilities or powers whatsoever that he can use while like this, and the effect lasts for 8 posts before dissipating. It can only be used once per thread, and he is much madder than normal after it has finished. However, before then, he is completely passive, even reasonable. However, it is rare that he uses this form, normally only so that he can talk to other servants of Jashin.


Resereccion Name:
Pájaro Alboroto (Spanish for Bird's Rampage)

Resereccion Release Phrase:
Purgar a través del cielo, Pájaro Alboroto. (Bleed through the sky, Bird's Rampage)

Release Actions:
He holds up his sword, spins it around in his hand, and pulls it towards himself as if he is chopping himself in half from the head. However, the blade merely slashes into the hollow hole on his skull, as his entire body begins to glow, revealing his new, and slimmer, form.

Resereccion Appearance:

When he activates his Resereccion... his body actually gets smaller. This is because as a Washi his body was naturally like a sparrow's, in addition to being humanoid. In this state, his hair has lengthened and turned red, down his neck. his clothing has become black and blue, and transformed from his normal to wing-like cloaks. However, his two belts remain in place, showing that they are the same clothes as before, technically.

His Resereccion, is almost always used before he activates his Demon form. However, it is possible to activate it afterwards: all it does is change his hair to red instead of being white. His sword has also changed in color as well, a brown sheathe on his hip instead of the bulky sheathe on his back. The hilt of his sword is light blue, with a ruby-like gem on the hilt.

Resereccion Abilities:

Supreme Pesquia

In this state, his Pesquia becomes his supreme arrancar ability. His observational skills peak, making him able to sense even the most delicate differences in spiritual pressure all around him.This helps him in avoiding his opponents attacks, as well as finding them... to kill them... wahahaha. But seriously, it does help him in finding his foes and attacking them however he can.

Shadow Mimic

He has a special ability with his shadow. His shadow can spontaneously burst away from him, shooting out towards the shadow of another living being. If the shadow connects with his opponent's, Justin's energy surrounds the opponent's body. If he over powers them with this or if the opponent doesn't fight it, it makes it so that any action Justin performs will be performed by the target if successful. However, they can resist the power of the Shadow Mimic just by using their own energy and overpowering Justin. The reach of his shadow is approximately 20 feet in any direction. It can only move in a straight line. However, if it touches another shadow, from that shadow it can extend a further 5 feet. However, it only works when Justin himself is on the ground, and while it is moving, Justin himself is unable to move.


His sword has shrunk, although this just means that its overall speed has increased. In addition, its Breaker property has increased as well, making a constant dark aura around the sword. The aura now works roughly 30% as fast as before, and the intensity is roughly two times stronger than before. This makes it quite powerful, although its not as great as a range anymore as it was when it was when it was in Breaker form.



NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Click here for skill sheet

Ziamichi Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of demons. Don't do anything to this, the staff will decide how strong your demon will be from how good your application is and how good your role playing skills are.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master
  • Control Over Spirit: Advanced
  • Seal Strength: Beginner

]Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus:Advanced

Racial Skillsor

  • Perquisa: Master
  • Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Beginner

  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced
  • Chaos Warp: Advanced
  • Seishin Buki Level: Master
  • Race Control: Advanced



Roleplay Sample: Second Post

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History and RP Sample

The Leave
Justin was born into his family the first born, which ended up being a blessing and a curse. He rarely got any attention from his birth, as soon after, his brother Alex was born. And then Nathan… and then Colin. So while he was the oldest, he rarely received much attention, and resented it. However, he also had nightmares. Extremely, extremely strange nightmares. Men with gold glowing bayonets, and feathers, so many feathers filled his dreams. Even sometimes during his waking hours. The nightmares plagued his days, making him paranoid and always worried.. His parents tried medication, therapy… nothing worked. The nightmares seemed to prevail themselves to him no matter what he did, there wasn't a thing he could do to prevent them and how they were harming his still developing mind.

He continued to grow, reaching his late teens. By this point, he had decided to seek out his own way of curing his dreams. He tried many things, drugs, cutting… however, his parents never found out. His brothers didn't either. He began to become slowly crazed, becoming partially violent… although never around his brothers. He saw them as babies, he saw men resembling them as adults, he had pretty much dreamed that they were his brothers. However, there was nothing he could base it off of, until one day.

He had a vision, of his brother Alex, at a lake, staring down at his arm in horror. In his brother's hands was an extremely bloody knife, the blood pouring down it even on the handle. The dream disturbed Justin, this was true: however, he had had several vision of his brothers DYING before. So, this wasn't that bad. However, the next summer, he realized the true horror of the visions. The Washi family had gone on a trip to the wilderness, and left Alex in charge of the camp. Justin was completely fine with this; after all, he was quite too mentally unstable to lead properly.

While he was waiting in the camp one day, he watched his brother as he got out a knife. Justin cried out, seeing his brother and seeing the lake behind him. However… this caused Alex to stutter in shock, cutting his own arm open, and devastating Justin. Of course, neither Alex nor their parents blamed Justin, but Justin blamed himself, realizing what these visions were. They were visions of his brothers, alright…. And there was not a thing that he, as the eldest, could do to change that. And that completely horrified him.

His searching became more and more extreme, until he finally found something of what he was looking for. He knew that the normal churches in his community would take his visions as a sign of madness, or even of devil worship. So, he eventually decided… to simply take their advice. He searched far and wide, dealing with some quite shady characters (Although Justin himself seemed pretty shady by this point. Eventually, he found one. The church of Jashin. They took him in, telling him that his visions were surely a bloody sign from Jashin, and allowing him within their circle, teaching him their ways.

However, there was one thing that he had to do first. Destroy his old place of residence. Justin had seen his brothers die several times by fire in his dreams, however they were usually in the open night air or in a dark room; very, very strange. So, when he knew his family was out, he went into his home, his hands shuddering as he held up the bag of plastic explosives he had brought with him to perform the deed. He chucked the bag in, holding up a lighter before him. I have to do this. I have no choice. Forgive me, Alex, Nathan, Colin, little Brian… but this I must do. He chucked the lighter, placing a hand in his pocket as he ran through the door, ducking down in his black cloak as he reached into the night.

He heard the screams, the cries of terror of his parents and brothers. However, he knew in his heart, blackened now that it was, that they were all safe, even though he had known this from the beginning. He merely got up after he heard them leave, having hidden in plain sight in the night, completely covered over. He got up when they had been picked up by emergency personnel. He trudged along, seeing them safe and sound as he concealed himself further in his cloak, making his way back to the church of Jashin. His life as a member of the family of Washi… was over. As he walked away, a single, solitary tear dripped off his face, as it began to rain around him, and he himself did not realize it… but there were tears streaming down his face.
The Hate
He learned the ways of the people of Jashin, becoming one with their customs. They trained him, teaching him how to accept taking the orders and commissions of others for the deaths of their hated in the name of Jashin. He took on the jobs with relish, using a vigor and strength unlike any of the other members, his insanity quite different. He killed dozen in his first year, something unheard of within the community of Jashinites. He even began to sacrifice other members to Jashin, certain that this is what they wanted.

The entire time, he did not know it, but someone was watching him. A dark haired man, behind him as he made each kill and ritual, with Toothpick and normal scythe, destroying all of those that would challenge him. He almost never had problems with a job, he almost made enough for the church to sustain itself from his efforts alone. With this, they were greatly able to increase their inner sanctum of their church, making them seem as if they were a profitable business to the outside world.

However… Justin began to notice something. He was extremely loyal to Jashin, taking all his rules in his stride, never breaking one. He began to notice that the higher members of the cult would often disappear, without explanation, and would threaten to kill him whenever he questioned them. They also began to carry out the commissions for Jashin less and less, preferring to merely lounge about the sanctum while allowing Justin to do all the work. By the time Justin had been with the cult for five years, reaching twenty-one years of age, he had had enough. He was sick of their hypocrisy.

HE had a dream… of course, he had still been having his visions of his family. He tended to have more present visions, although if this was a torture or a blessing was debatable to him, as he felt agony at their sight but also thanks that he knew they were still alive. However, this dream was unlike any that he had ever had before. In it, there was no sign of his brothers. There was only empty, dark space… illuminated by a strange red light all around. He gradually came to the realization that there was another person near him, and he looked behind him, before realizing that there was a set of eyes staring right at the back of his head.

He did not react negatively. In fact, he merely stared back at the eyes, Justin blinking softly at them. He blinked several times, before the rest of the body came into focus. It was a young man in appearance, several beads adorning around the male face, sharp, pointed black hair. In fact, almost all of the man was black, and he seemed to emit a dark aura of sorts. Finally, a voice finally became perceived by Justin's ears, although the mouth of the man never moved.

"Can you hear me? Can you hear me?" The voice questioned him, the man still staring right at Justin.

"YES! I can hear you!" Justin shouted, agitated that the man's mouth would not move with his words. The man blinked at Justin, before he opened his mouth, sounding coming out like a normal persons.

"Ah yes. You are perfect. My servant, Justin Washi. A member of the Washi famil-"

"NO I AM NOT! I HAVE FORSAKEN MY FAMILY!" Justin interrupted loudly, his eyes wild.

"Very well. Yes. You forsook them. For ME." The voice said, his very words seeming to press down on Justin's shoulders, Justin being forced to severely fight the pressure, before feeling it lift from his shoulders, his eyes bright as he fell to his knees, repeatedly pushing his forehead to the ground.

"Oh, Jashin! Lord Jashin! I did not know that it was you! Please forgive your humble servant, he was not aware that it was you! He has not had the opportunity to speak to you, his master, before." Justin said hurriedly, attempting to explain and excuse himself, causing Jashin to smile.

"Ah yes. I will look over this.. Imperfection. For now, at least. Because a parent forgives his son. And you, Justin, Servant of Jashin, are truly my son. All of your other brothers have forsaken me. You know this, yes?" He questioned, as Justin nodded, still bowed low to the ground.

"Yes Lord Jashin! They have been performing heathen actions! They have forsaken your way and your word, living in the squalor of my success, refusing to do any work themselves in your name! Your servant has been trying to find what they have been doing, but your servant is usually ignored. Your servant does not have the power of Your Grace, not enough to destroy the heathens who befoul Your Name!" Justin explained exuberantly. His relish was obvious, and the smile on the appearance of Jashin widened at his servant's relish.

"Yes, you are correct, my dear servant. They have all turned against me. All of them… but for you. So, I will have to ask you to become the Sword of Jashin, for me, your lord. I will give you the strength, you will only have to use it. Use it to your ultimate relish… because you will be performing a Cleansing. And while this Cleansing may prove difficult, you will have performed to the ultimate level of servitude to Jashin."

Tears began to pour down Justin's face as he continually bowed his head, thanking his lord for the chance to serve him to this extent. Jashin merely bent down, putting his hand on his servants head, as the form he had taken began to glow, becoming only that strange aura, as the aura poured from his body into Justin…

Justin awoke, clenching his fist. He looked down at his hand, his eyes widening as he realized that he had drawn blood merely with this clench, and yet… felt nothing of it. He smiled, rising out of his bed in his chambers, looking around it. Within the chamber were three other servants of Jashin… all of whom were laying in double beds, with pillows and blankets, while Justin merely stood up from his cot.

He wasn't sure why, but he felt that he should rise up his arm. He raised up his right arm, feeling as a great rush of energy entered it. He looked over, and saw a strange red scythe in his hand, with three prongs. It was extremely, extremely heavy, but Justin felt the Power of Jashin pour through his arm as he raised the scythe above his head, a wide smile on his face.

The Pain
He threw down the scythe, feeling as the center prong firmly lodged itself into his former ally's neck.

"Praise Jashin."

He spoke as he rose himself up again, the words and the screams of the now dead man awakening the other members of the chamber. He appeared above the next one in a flash, swinging the scythe above his head as he swung it in an arc, slamming it into the blankets and body of the man he was attacking, throwing his body at the wall. Justin lifted above his head the scythe, a wide smile on his face as the threw it down with both hands, throwing it into the man's neck. He died as well, the last man awakened and getting out of his bed.

Justin looked at the man, a wicked grin on his face as he raised the scythe above his head, slowly walking towards the man. The man was backed against the wall opposite the door, Justin standing in between him and the only exit. Justin spoke as he walked forwards, hearing the mans fear and cries. He wasn’t' worried about anyone interrupting his work; after all, these were completely normal sounds in the church of Jashin. Justin stood before the man, the scythe raised.

"Praise Jashin, for you have sinned! But I, I give to you repentance! PRAISE JASHIN!"

He cried as he threw the scythe down, turning away as the man from his neck to the bottom of the left side of his ribcage separated, blood covering the wall. Justin brought the scythe up to his mouth, licking a few drops of the man's blood off, the smile non diminished as he moved to the next chamber.

The business in there occurred much the same, Justin knowing how badly his body was becoming covered in blood. His laughs became much, much more lucid and ludicrous as he began to make his way to the place of the cult's leaders. He knocked on their door, bringing back a fist as it opened. He shot the fist forwards, hitting the man in the face, throwing him all the way back into the opposite wall, slamming into it so hard it became indented.

Justin raced to the man, slamming his left hand around his neck and lifting him up.

"You heathen! Prepare your body to die and your soul to be washed in repentance, in the name of Jashin!"

"W-w-why are y-"


Justin threw the man's body back, standing over it. He put his foot onto the whole in the man's chest that he had made, taking his foot off as he made a circle around himself with it. The he took out his ritual spike, always at his side, slamming it into the man's neck, killing him as it drenched the stick in blood. He made three slashes at the ground, before stepping off, leaving the man in a circle and a triangle of his own blood.

He opened the next man's door, cackling as he threw up the scythe. This one had been awake, but could do nothing as his head separated from his body, thrown high up into the air as his body fell to its knees before Justin, leaning towards him as Justin stiffened his own leg.

"That's right! Kneel! KNEEL FOR JASHIN, HEATHEN!"

He laughed more as he turned around, walking out of the room with a flourish of his black cloak. He walked down the hallway, before opening his eyes wide, dodging to his right side, wincing as he felt something piercing his left side and left knee. He had taken an arrow to his left side, and an arrow to the knee as he stood up again, running at his opponents, two large, burly men who were guarding the door.


His cries rang out as his pike went through the chest of one man, skewering through his heart, as the scythe slammed into the other man's side, throwing him bodily on the wall as more of the prongs hit his neck. He threw back both weapons behind his body, throwing the dead corpses behind him as he brought up a foot, slamming it into the door. Needless to say, the door was a pull. It still burst open before him.

Standing before him, was the man who had convinced him to join the cult. However, the man looked quite different than before.

"Oh, dear Jashin…"

He said as he saw the shotgun in his superior's hands. Members of the church of Jashin never used guns in their killing; arrows were the only ranged weapons they were really permitted. This was an ultimate sin, and Justin had little defense against it as he broke into a run, seeing the man fire it as he thrust the ritual spike forwards with a cry. He felt the bullets pierce him, all over his body, as he kept walking, kept trudging up to the man, not wavering despite the pain, the blissful pain, all over his body. His gaze was swimming as he saw his former superior backing up to the wall, dropping his gun in fright at Justin lifted the spike above his head.


"No." Justin said slightly, pushing the spike slowly forwards towards the man's skull. "I'm a servant… of Jashin…" He said as the spike pierced through the man's head. However, Justin was spent. He lost his grip on the spike as it slammed into his own skull, piercing in and making a hole on the center of his forehead, pushing him back.

Now, without sight, he tried his best to use his hands and feet. He didn't even need to see as he made a perfect circle around himself, and drawing the triangle around his body, laying his hands and feet completely straight, feeling blood going down his mouth as he dimly stared up at the ceiling, barely seeing it.

Lord Jashin… I did it! Thank you… so much…

"You are welcome, my dear servant." Jashin stated, his physical form appearing over Justin's. He looked down over his servant, staring down at his eyes. Justin could perceive his lord's eyes and face, for real this time. He began to smile, before he heard Jashin speaking again. "No, no. You make such a beautiful, perfect corpse. Your work has been good. Now, tell me, what wish do you have? If it is within my power, I will surely grant in to you." Jashin stated, being careful not to disturb the shapes.

My only wish… is to serve.. Lord… Jashin… He said as his eyes completely closed, as Jashin reached down into him. Jashin gripped his soul chain, grabbing it through the hole on Justin's head created by his own ritual spike. Jashin smiled as he pulled it, completely ripping out the soul chain, releasing it as it dissipated, a blackened chain, filled with holes. The necklace on Justin's neck began to glow as from his head burst a huge amount of white, the stuff making a mask similar to the face of a sparrow, his entire body seeming sharp in appearance, his wings looking as if they were a jacket on him, very much like a sparrow in bodily shape. Justin opened his beak and cried out as the white stuff poured over his star, lifting it up to the center of his face and plastering it in.

"There. Now… I will always be with you. ALWAYS. And… I may someday require your help. So, go out into the world, and reap, reap and save souls… IN THE NAME OF JASHIN!"

The Sorrow
Jashin vanished, leaving the hollowfied Justin all alone. Justin left that place, going out into the world. He was an abnormally powerful hollow, using very fast and very painful methods to bring down the several souls that he hunted, always crying out "JASHIN! JASHIN!" as he killed them, although even he no longer was sure why. The shinigami noticed him… but they could, for some reason, never catch him. He always remained elusive when they hunted him, as if a strange force was preventing them from tracking him down, as he ate more and more souls. Because of this, his evolution was chaotic, and he became an adjuchas… in just two hundred years. The visions still haunted him, although now they completely lacked meaning.

However, his life was empty. He came to hate it, even as he devoured more and more. He never met anyone particularly strong, and could only feel the former madness and the emptiness and the hunger. He even began to eat on his arm whenever he wasn't devouring a soul; that's how hungry he was. And the hungrier he got, the more he ate. And the more he ate, the hungrier he got. He got to be extremely powerful as a hollow, he even began to kill other hollows from standing near them. HE kept shouting JASHIN, JASHIN, and still had no idea what it meant. Until one day… a man with black hair appeared before him.

The man had his hair ragged, his clothes turn, his eyes crazy, and cracked and shattered beads all around his head. While Justin at first desired to attack and kill him, he forced himself to stay his own hand. He wasn't sure why, but the star on his face was BURNING as he stared at this man. The man walked up to him, constantly repeating "My dear servant… my servant…" As he reached a hand out, placing it on the star.

A great light shot out from the spot, as the man vanished. Justin's vision swam as he fell back, slamming onto the ground, his vision totally black...
The Redemption
Justin was within his own mind, in a strange form. His hair was completely white, and he was wearing black clothes with a red jacket. He swallowed; something he couldn't remember ever having done before, as a pair of gigantic eyes appeared before him. The eyes stared at him, and he felt his entire body paralyzed. His mind was frozen up, locked, as a very deep and powerful voice spoke to him within his mind.

"JUSTIN WASHI. I AM YOUR LORD JASHIN. REMEMBER." He spoke, and as he did so, all of Justin's memories began to return. He was terrified, as more and more madness than he had ever felt in his life consumed his body completely, making him cry out in rage and anger. He saw how Lord Jashin had saved him after his death, and made him what he currently was.

In his real body, his hands shot up to his face, him flailing back and forth as he screamed loudly. He grabbed for the Star of Jashin around his neck, pulling on it, pulling on it harder than he had ever pulled on anything before. "THAT IS IT, MY SERVANT! REMEMBER! BECOME WHO YOU TRULY ARE!" The voice of Jashin told him, as he began to feel his mask cracking, pulling harder and harder on the mask, fighting with all of his might against it. His eyes were shut extremely tight, as finally, finally, the mask shattered off of his face. The pendant fell down, landing on his bare chest, as a dark energy completely surrounded him. He could only sit there, crying out in pain and rage, as his entire body felt this great power within him consuming him.
The Rebirth
A time later… he himself didn't even know how much time had passed. His body all around him was different, his body strong and powerful, a gigantic sword on a strange contraption on his back. He began to cry, holding his head in his hands, weeping tears of happiness that he had remembered his Lord Jashin. His lord explained to him what had happened: his powers had been mostly destroyed, only giving him enough to find and possess the life forces of his servant. Justin was eager and willing to help, and Jashin made a contract of blood with him, Justin taking out the large sword on his back as he cut his own arm. They agreed that in exchange for harboring Jashin within his body until he recovered, as long as Justin followed his rules Jashin would give him access to his powers.

So it was that Justin became an arrancar at the ripe age of two hundred and fifty. From that point on, he began to train himself. He took down many hollows and anyone that he came across, using them as training to working out how to use his own abilities in addition to Jashin's. It did not take him long for Jashin to generate enough power to reform that deadly red scythe that he had before.

After some time, he learned how to release the demon form of Jashin. In this, he had the joy of even reclaiming a ritual spike once more. A very effective ritual spike. Every time he killed, every time he gave the glory to Jashin, his Lord's power seemed to increase. Together they worked together, leaving no survivors, before eventually coming across a man… a strange man… with red hair.

At first the man shrugged him off. He wanted to ignore Justin completely, but Justin wouldn't stand for it. He attacked, over, and over, over the course of many days, before finally the man became sick of it. He stopped repelling Justin, instead going in for an attack. He hit Justin six times on his chest, with an inhuman speed, before smashing into Justin once more, turning away. However, Justin merely smiled as he flipped backwards on his feet, wincing from the pain but still standing.

The man turned around, surprised that he was still able to move, and Justin assaulted him once more. So it was that they did battle; surprisingly enough, Justin put up a very good fight before going down, although his speed was no match at all for the man's. Finally beaten, the man struck him down with his swords, splitting Justin into many pieces. Justin, in pain, began to feel as Jashin reformed his body parts together perfectly. The man, quite intrigued by this inability to be killed, captured Justin for study. However, Justin refused to be studied, constantly splitting himself into only his pendant, until the man, Nagato, came to an agreement with him. An agreement… to train him...
The Finish

He still thinks about his brothers often, most of the time because of the random visions he receives. However, Nagato has finished his training, and he himself has reached a new height of his own power. Nagato has created a new team of sorts; the Akatsuki, the Dawn. He extended an invitation to Justin to join, knowing the special abilities of the Jashinite. Justin, commanded by Jashin, decides to join, and has been paired up with another strange man… leading him to the present day…

Jashin History

Nothing. There is nothing. Nothing anywhere. All around the living being that would become Jashin, there was darkness. Nice, comforting darkness. A velvety darkness like a blanket that wrapped up the demon, nice and warm.

And then, suddenly, light. Evil, horrible, burning light. The infant being cried out monstrously as something is thrown over him. A blanket, laying over the just born Demon Iramasha, remained laying on the one it was protecting from the light. And so it was that Jashin entered the world.

Jashin never was one to go along much with the rules. He tended to stay on the darker side of the demons, much to the chagrin of his family. However, nothing they could say could daunt him; they could all feel his raw untapped power. And they had not a clue… what could make it snap. So they merely let him grow, as he became an adult, an influential and powerful Demon Iramasha.

He was vastly interested in the acts of mortals, and even performed some small displays of power before them in their earliest days to have them revere him as a god. He watched over these humans with care, calling them his dear servants, and taking delight and joy over watching them kill and maim in his name. In his mind, they had the perfect mindset, one that was in coordination with his own.

However, as the years went by, their faith began to dwindle. It got to the point that there was only one sanctuary left in the entire world with their devotion to him. This greatly saddened him, but he saw promise in one special new member. However, he began to realize that this member was not a blessing, but most likely a curse. Through no fault of his own, this servant of his had caused all his other worshippers to break his rules constantly, sleeping with women even IN HIS TEMPLE, letting good sized jobs go, or even killing on Sundays, when the prey was EASY. All except one, the same one who had caused this curse. His servant Justin Washi.

He visited Justin, pleased to see that his servant still appreciated who he was. He gave him a sample of his vast power, allowing him to form his own Seishen Buki to a lesser extent in one hand, as he knew that most of the scythes were put away. However, he saw that his servant, while strong enough to lift the very heavy scythe (Which impressed Jashin), he could barely swing it. So Jashin sent another jolt of power down Justin's arm, giving him the strength to wield it with ease.

He watched as Justin properly carried out his orders, smiling at the perfect kills and all the blood. He was surprised that the superior had used guards; that was against the rules as well. However, Justin still took care of them perfectly, and Jashin was smiling in Justin's mind as he watched him enter the room. His eyes became extremely angered as he saw that the superior had broken one of highest laws: no firearms. He also watched as Justin still managed to kill his opponent, despite the difference in power, using the tools of Jashin to achieve his perfect victory.

However, Jashin materialized to congratulate his servant, and found him in a sorry state. However, he wasn't dead YET, and there wasn't a way in Jashin that Jashin was going to let him turn into a shinigami, or more likely, be sent to hell. So Jashin reached into the hole in his servant's forehead, gripping onto his soul chain. After all, this was the last servant of Jashin; Justin had slain all the others remaining. Jashin smiled as he had ripped the chain out, inserting his own power within Justin, so that he would be able to find and protect the now-transforming hollow whenever he needed to.

He watched his last human servant with interest from then on. Jashin had little now to do with his days, and began getting in some… mischief. His mischief, however, was noticed by the council, and they deployed the strike team after him. He was able to destroy a good number of them, but he could feel as they had begun to steal away and seal his energies. So he fled, as fast as he could, taking a large amount of damage as his household and his servants were destroyed behind him.

He had little choice. He sought out his only remaining servant that he knew, coming upon Justin very weak and barely able to move, seeing his Star above his servant's face. He sealed himself into the Star, which by this point was a part of Justin, making him sealed inside of Justin, his power existing there. He made a contract with the newly awakened Justin, agreeing to give his power to his servant in exchange for a place to rest and survive.

He grew along with Justin, learning many things about him and his own powers. He slowly began to regain his energies, and especially after learning about the man that Justin fought, he was ready to learn even more about himself. Now he continues to go with Justin, although he has begun to wonder… Could there possibly still be someone out there to spread his name?

"YOU IDIOTIC PIECE OF TRASH!" Justin cried out to his opponent, his tongue lolling out to one side of his mouth as he laughed at them. He had found a little shinigami wandering around Hueco Mundo… and was planning to have some fun. He placed a hand over his Star of Jashin. Lord Jashin, please allow me to kill this enemy with a relish in your name. He spoke in his mind. Permission granted, my dear servant~ Came the deep and powerful reply.

Justin opened his eyes with a relish, a great smile on his face. KEE-YAHAHAHA! He shouted out as he vanished, reappearing in front of the shinigami. The shinigami rose his sword up to defend himself, but Justin's foot flashed upwards, smashing it aside as he knocked the boy up into the air. He followed the boy, swinging his leg into him three more times, spinning him up higher and higher. Then, Justin turned himself right, so if he looked backwards with his head he would be staring right at the ground. He brought his legs back, quickly thrusting them forwards, smashing into the boy three times with a rapid pace, still rising. He then threw his legs down, moving his weight to straight, bringing up a leg as he pushed it forwards, hitting it into the boy one more time as Justin was thrown back. He threw his legs behind him, landing on both feet squarely. He didn't finish the combo due to him not believing he would need-


He glanced down, realizing… there was a knife in his neck. He laughed, his eye barely twitching as he gripped the blade, pulling it out, feeling as the blood shot out from the artery. As he did so, the wound began to curl in upon itself, becoming completely normal once more. He placed a hand on his neck, surprised.

"Woo! It looks like you're actually pretty tough, eh? I mean, you musta lined that knife with reiatsu or something, because it pierced through my hierro just fine! However, you'll soon see… I'm no normal Arran-car!" He announced, looking across the field at his panting opponent. Ah. I see he's released. Looks like he uses Knives and defense, eh? I mean, I know I smashed him a good number of times, so I'm not entirely certain, but I'd have to say that either he's a defensive-type or a healer. I dunno which, but I'll find OUT SOON ENOUGH!

"WOO!" He shot out at his opponent, holding his hand to his right side as a red scythe appeared. His opponent's eyes widened as Justin brought the scythe around, watching the shinigami leap to avoid it. Justin smiled as his left hand gripped onto Breaker, whipping it out of his sheathe as he brought it down on the airborne shinigami. It slammed into his opponent, Breaker's property activating as the shinigami was blown quite a ways away, slamming into a tree. However, Justin looked on to see that all he had managed to do was blow the lad's shirt off. Woooo.. Looks like I'mma have to step it up a notch! He thought as he smiled, his long white hair blowing in the wind as he spun the scythe around in his hand.


He shouted out as his hair began to thin and shorten. The right side of his chest exploded, all the excess clothes under his cloak dissipating as his bare chest was revealed, as well as the glowing Star of Jashin. He cackled loudly as he continued to spin the scythe in one arm, the chain it was attached to apparent now. In his other hand, a strange black energy seemed to be forming, as a ritual spike made of a dark energy appeared in his hand.

In a moment, he had leapt upon his opponent. He brought the spike up, slamming it down as the man tried to shunpo. However, a small cut appeared on the boys cheek, much to his bewilderment. Justin merely laughed as he brought his spike up to his mouth, lathering his tongue over it to ingest the single drop of blood it had collected down his own throat. His eyes were staring directly at his opponent, who was rubbing their own cheek in bewilderment, Justin seeing the disbelief there in his foe's eyes that his shikai had been pierced. The Darkness Stabber had collected his skin cells, making them into a single drop of blood for Justin to intake. He now converted the single drop into its file, watching as the boy ran up to him.

He felt the pain as the boy slashed his knife across Justin's chest. Justin merely laughed harder as his blood fell onto the ground below him, holding up the ToothPick of Jashin and rubbing it on the wound. As he did this, his other foot stepped in the pool of his own blood made on the ground, circling it around his body. He threw down the ToothPick, in three slashes, making a triangle around himself. He smiled, ever so sweetly, as he swung the scythe, throwing it into the air above him, holding his hand flat out as he brought over his ToothPick. His opponent had been running at him. He could see that they had no idea what he was doing, but that they were still trying to stop it. Justin felt a surge of bliss as the ToothPick pierced directly into the center of his palm. As he did so, he glanced over at his foe, a soft smile on his face.

His opponent was on their knees, clutching their hand and screaming. Oh… Oops, looks like toughguy here isn't too used to feeling pain. Too bad for him. Justin thought as he slowly began to twist the ToothPick, and running it back and forth within his arm, the destoryed muscle, veins, and sinew crying out from the stabbing. He could see that his opponent was in a state of pure agony as he pulled on the ToothPick, bringing it out of his now-wrecked arm. He smiled again as the arm began to be raised up to his right side, catching the scythe again as it had finally descended again. Its flesh had nearly healed, only the mark on the palm of his hand was left now.

There were still tears in his opponents eyes as the boy looked at him in pure anger. Justin smiled at the boy, before holding up the ToothPick, and holding it over his heart, locked within his chest. He saw an expression of fear first on his opponents face, and then a look of determination. The kid left at him, and Justin leapt back, the boy throwing another knife at him. Justin moved his head slightly to the left, feeling as the reiatsu-enhanced blade pierced the flesh of his cheek. His opponent smiled at him, not noticing that a very small amount of his power had been drawn into the two shapes beneath his feet.Smart boy. He figured out that I can't hurt him mentally with my little trick unless I'm within my shapes. He thought to himself, holding his scythe up to defend himself as his opponent leapt at him. He forced the small boy off, swinging his scythe wide as the boy swung around to recover.

However, by the time he had done so, it was too late. Justin gripped his dark cloak, pulling on it and throwing it off of his body as he brought Breaker before him. He spoke, simply and clearly, spinning Breaker around to point the blade right between his eyes.

"Purgar a través del cielo, Pájaro Alboroto."

He said as he brought his blade backwards, throwing it right back at his skull as if to split it open. However, as it hit his skull, it glowed brightly, transforming into a bright red energy as it overtook his entire body. He reappeared, his blade and sheathe gone, his hair now a crimson red on his head. Around his body he had sharp, down pointing shirt tails and sleeves, almost like he had had his wardrobe made after the design of a sparrow. The boy only looked on in shock before he realized that the man's shadow had shot towards him, and hit into his own. Justin leaned in on his knees, and the boy began to shudder as his legs followed Justin's, much to his shock. Justin smiled at the boy, causing him to smile back, as Justin reached a hand above his head, letting control of his wrist go and tilting his head. Jarring, the boy followed, and Justin began to go OO, OO OO and hop around, making himself and his foe look just like two monkeys, leaping around and dancing across from one another. However, Justin had bigger plans than a round of Monkey See Monkey Do.

He then reached to his side, grabbing Flamberge. He watched as his opponent did as well, holding another knife before him. Justin held his blade before him, right over his arm, his opponent mimicing the action. Justin lightly placed his blade on the soft skin of his forearm, where he knew he lacked nerves, moving the blade down. The effect of Flamberge broke through his skin, beginning to pour blood from it. He looked over and saw that to a lesser extent, his opponent had done the same, much to his horror. Justin moved a foot forwards, into the blood pool, as his opponent did the same. Justin moved around his foot in a circle around him, and then in three lines, making another perimeter of Jashin… around himself and his opponent.

Justin smiled widely as his shadow came back to him, freeing his opponent from his grip. "Woops! Looks like time's up! FOR YOU, THAT IS! PRAISE JASHIN!" He cried out as his entire body began to shudder, holding Darkness Stabber before his chest, as the threw it forwards. It shot right into his chest, firing right through his organs, or more specifically, right AROUND his organs. Justin smiled as his opponent gripped his chest tightly, before taking a large breath and falling on the ground. Justin began to softly laugh as he stepped out of the perimeter, walking towards his opponent. However, as he stepped down into the boy's circle of his own blood, he stopped. Justin. Hold. You need not sacrifice this one. He heard Jashin within his mind, sighing as he scratched the back of his head, feeling as his hair lengthened once more, his excess clothes all appearing.

"Comeon, Lord Jashin. What's he going to do now? How can I save him now? I NEED TO KILL HIM TO-"

My dear servant, merely calm yourself. I have just sensed it. It seems that… something… approaches… that may be able to accomplish… that which we desire. He said, as he laughed darkly within Justin's mind. Justin decided to join in, laughing quickly and intensely, standing over the unconscious body of the nameless shinigami….


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