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Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:33 pm
Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Image3688

Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Image3689-1

» Name: Muryokuna Len Washi
» Titles: Bass Clef
» Age: 19
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rouge
» Sexuality: Sassysexual

» Appearance Description:

Len would actually look normal if he wore normal things. However, he doesn't wear normal things. To start off with, his hair. His hair is fairly short, especially in the front; same with the sides. However in the back, he has it grown longer, tied in a small pony tail on the back of his head. His hair has a lustrous sheen to it, as he takes good care of it; it even has a faint smell of lemon, oddly enough. It is a yellow-gold in color, with a soft, gentle consistency that often leads it to swish on his head.

His face is another matter. He has wide, piercing blue eyes, although they normally aren't fully open. His eye brows are thin on his face, and he has a very small mouth and nose. His face ends in a pointed chin, and he has a decent sized neck, a bit longer than most peoples. It should also be noted that on the left side of his face, below his eye he ahs a tattoo. This tattoo reads 02 on it.

His attire is quite interesting. He wears a simple pair of black shoes, and black pants. However, he wears a belt that has a silver plate in the front of it, keeping his pants up on his thin form. He wears a zippered shirt that only zips down to about six inches past his ribcage, leaving the bottom of his belly and his belly button revealed most of the time. Over this shirt he wears a vest, black in color, outlined with a yellow that matches that of his hair. Around the sleeves of his shirt he has collars, which are quite strange. On the left sleeve, there is a yellow outlining ring facing towards his shirt. On his right arm, however, the outline points out towards his arms.

On his hands he wears a special pair of gloves. These gloves have that same yellow ringed property at their bases. They have a small cuff on his wrists, followed by the actual gloves themselves. The gloves are fingerless past the first bone, allowing him freedom of movement for the most part. They also have a strange blue square on the backs of his palms. This square is special, as it can change to any kind of sign he wants, being kind of like a picture interface for his thoughts. All he has to do is touch it and send what image he wants to appear in it to show what thing it is he wants.

On his head he has a pair of headphones. These headphones are black in color for the most part, with cushions for his ears on them. They also have thin yellow rings on them. He has several other changes of clothes as well, although even he isn't exactly sure where he's gotten them from. He is fairly spinly in body shape, without marks or scars in any way on it.

» Appearance Picture:

Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Muryo110

Len with his hair down.

Epic drawing of Len by Shizou

Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Image3691-1

» Personality:


He has an indomitable spirit. He would rather die than give up in a fight; although it often turns out he is knocked out. He always will stand up for what he believes in, despite what others may think of him. If he believes in his cause, he will follow it. If he is loyal to you, he will protect you to his time of dying. If he dies in your defense, then he is a happy man.


However, he is quite prideful. He will not let insults pass him without a quick reply. At the very least. In fact, insulting him or his family (Although he really doesn't know them) will make him oddly riled up. When he is insulted or feels insulted, he becomes fairly aggressive, not stopping until he goes up against his opponent and defeats them or is knocked down to unconsciousness before them.


He takes surprisingly good care of himself, despite having been raised in an orphanage. His hair is always well set, his hair smelling faintly of lemons, he showers daily, gets his exercise, and eats right. All by himself.

What's Right

He has a definite sense of right and wrong. He will always defend his ideals, and to lose them would be to devastate him. He stands by several beliefs, that one shouldn't hurt children, nor innocents, nor nature unnecessarily. He abhors stealing and the thought of killing, and he himself could barely hurt a fly, as when he isn't being antagonized he is a fairly gentle soul.


However, he is an extremely lonely soul. He loves company and attention, but eing void of those for times upon times can lead to his own drop in his health. Most of the time, he gets like this due to his hair, although he will never change how it looks. You can generally tell when he's begun to get down in the dumps as his appearance literally begins to worsen, dirt smudges visible on his faces, stinking terribly, his hair rough and unkempt. He wishes that he had a family, a real one, but has the certainty that this is impossible for him so he no longer seeks it.


He constantly has a smile on his face, always jumping around, remaining on the upside of things. His enthusiasm is nearly infectious; while he can suppress it when he needs to, he has a very bright look on his life. It is very difficult to get him down; however, there is one definite way to destroy his mood. When he feels that he has hurt, failed, or disappointed those that he cares about, his will vanishes. However, that also means that if he cares about you, he will be extremely loyal and try his best to keep that relationship.

Intelligence and Creativity

He is surprisingly intelligent, as well as creative. He can often see interesting solutions to problems that would stoop others, usually just putting on his headphones and blaring the music to help him think.

» Likes: Lemons, fish, lemon-scented things, the ocean, cute things, curios things, making other people happy, giving his support, fighting for his cause. Also giving out random hugs to passerby. He's a very bright soul. He is also quite fond of the colors gold, white, and green, although he's not quite sure why.

» Dislikes: Disappointing those that he cares about, killing, waste, not being in control of himself.
Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Image3693-1

» Background:

Len was no ordinary child. When he was first known to most of the world, it was when he appeared on the doorstep of an orphanage of Japan. It was generally assumed that he had come from China, due to the overcrowding problems they had. As usual, they called and asked around, trying to locate his parents, failing. On his basket there was only a card, which read "Muryokuna Len" on it. However, there was also a note on the card's back. "When he turns 18 years of age, please inform him of his last name, Washi." The caretaker had merely sighed as she read this; it wasn't that rare of a request. However, when the caretaker picked him up out of the basket, she discovered a strange pair of yellow ringed headphones around his neck.

So Len grew up. He was usually shunned by the other children, due to his strange yellow-gold hair and headphones. However, he ignored them for the most part, although he was a lonely soul, sometimes staying up for nights on end, sitting up in his bed with his arms around his legs, sobbing quietly so as not to wake the other children and listening to sad music. He was a person that needed company and attention, and that was a resource in short supply at this orphanage. He was very intelligent, always bored during the classes they intended, most of the time leading to him merely glancing out of the window. Despite the future era, they were reduced to old fashioned styles of learning due to living in an orphanage.

He was one of the first children his age in the orphanage to get an actual job. He bought his own, strange clothes as well as his own special lemony shampoo; these were really the only things that he bought for himself, saving the rest of his money away. Eventually, he decided that he had had enough. He ran from the orphanage, having given up on the thought of ever being able to join a family; they all though him too strange for that. He ran, keeping only his clothes and his job, which was working at a beauty salon, having made sure never to tell anyone at the orphanage about it.

He bought his own tablet computer, which he takes around with him nearly everywhere, often listening to music and browsing in cafes for hours on end. He has rented his own apartment, now 17 years of age, and wondering what exactly he is going to do in his life. He is considering travelling, or even looking into these strange phenomenon that he hears about online, wondering what he is supposed to do with his strange life…

Racial Skills
  • Spirituality: Advanced
  • Valor: Advanced
  • Perception: Adept
  • Motivation: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Image3690-1


Potential Gene
Len only has one perfectly unique ability that he has always possessed. This is his Potential Gene. There is an extreme, unknown, immense amount of power within him… or more accurately, that it can handle. His body's limit of holding and maintaining energy, while at the moment is equivalent to a value of 1, has THE POTENTIAL to be astronomical.

However, there is only one way for him to begin to unlock his Potential Gene. And that is through battle. Or, more specifically, being beaten down immensely in battle. If he is completely damaged, pain all over his body, but still alive, his body becomes consumed in a great ray of energy as it converts the pure reishi in the air into energy, forcing it into his body, instantly increasing his powers and his sum total of energy. However, it does not heal him; he has to be healed after the fight to actually USE this energy.

He himself is also completely unaware that he has this ability, and has yet to be beaten so badly in life, leaving him with a spiritual power of 1, enough for him to sense other beings if they desire him to be able to. That means that if 1 solitary being allows themselves to be seen to him, anything that is related to their energy he can also see. This cannot be turned off, meaning that they can't suddenly stop allowing him to sense them and vanish, although they can vanish by other means if they have the ability to.

Energy Shots
He can fire off small energy shots, roughly the size of a baseball, out of his hands. These shots are goldish-white in color, the same color as his aura, and move at a fairly rapid pace. They are similar to small bala, although they have a small explosion rate, focusing more on the impact of the small explosion it DOES make instead of the boom itself. He can fire roughly 10 of these in a post, and can shoot them out of his hands and feet. In addition, he can charge them up as well, and they get stronger the longer of a time he charges them. Each charged shot counts as 2 smaller shots, and uses roughly the same amount of energy. The energy charges by making the baseball-sphere of energy in his hand, and he grasps it, before firing it out with his energy at his opponent. If the sphere is tampered with in his hand, it explodes there, damaging his arm.

Poison Expulsion

His energy is constantly pumping through him, meaning that as long as he has 30% or more of his total amount of energy within him, he is immune to most mid-level and lesser-poisons, and resistant to higher level ones. The energy literally pushes out the poison back out of the wound into the air or as a liquid of that poison. It takes very little energy for him to do this, and it happens subconsciously. However, most poisons affect him once he drops below 30%, and he is only resistant to poisons that don't overpower his energy. If they do overpower his energy, there is nothing this ability can do against it other than fight it.

Enhanced Human Abilities

His entire body is a good bit stronger than a humans. His abilities would be comparable to a super human at this point; he can move faster than normal, his brain processes things at their normal maximum all the time, he is at a physical peak of strength, and he is able to take a good number of hits before going down as before.

Mastery of the Strings
Len has gained a mastery of string manipulation. These unique wires are created out of the unique energy emitted by The Voice, but they are able to be manipulated by Len's fingertips and willpower. These unique strings are able to cut just as a Shinigami's Zanpakutō normally would. IN addition, by putting more mental focus into these strings, Len is able to allow them to mvoe farther and farther away from his body, affecting a larger and larger area. Each one of these strings, as a result, has the ability to slice through a building. Additionally, Len can manipulate dozens of these strings at a time, although only ten stretch from his fingers they are able to double bac on themselves. By using his fingertips and willpower, Len is able to use the strings to attack enemies, grabbing them and throwing them or simply slicing them apart limb from limb by moving his fingers around a bit. A typical example of him using this ability in battle is extending the strings outwards, before snagging them around an opponent's leg, then using that vantage point to grab their body, throwing them into a building or something similar. He can also precisely move his strings down to the very inch, and by using his full focus can even assault an enemy from every side by using them. He is also able to detach the strings from his fingers, using them to hold objects or something similar. His mastery of these strings is so extensive that he can even catch bullets in mid-flight, creating a nexus-like shield that prevents their advance, before turning them into scattered dust. They can also bisect and damage energy attacks by cutting through them.

Mental Focus
As a result of his training, Len's mental focus had to be increased dramatically to handle wielding the razor-sharp strings. As a result, his focus is very hard to shake, and his ability to handle stressful situations has risen dramatically. While he still refuses to back down, now he maintains his cool entirely while performing it, making him a force to not to be trifled with as much as any of his ancestors.

Moryukuna Rin Washi

This ability formed from Len's own wishes. His entire energy supply can split off from him, forming into a flesh-and-blood being. This leaves him as a normal person, but acts similar to the way Coyote Starrk has split off his energy into Lilynette, creating another being to free him of his loneliness, and able to rejoin with her in order to return his powers to normal. However, Len's is a bit different.

First off, for the moment, it is ALL of his energy supply but for 1, reducing him down to his lowest level he has ever been at when she is formed. In addition, she ceases to be a conscious being when she refuses with Len. However, she knows everything that Len knows, although she knows nothing more. Her own senses are not linked to his, nor can she give him the knowledge she has learned when reforming with him, so he cannot use her to gather information. Her personality is very similar to his, excited, an iron will, refusal to give up. However, she is also very protective of Len, who she calls her "Younger Brother." She is able to speak as well, and give Len company.

However, she is unable to use any ability of Len's other than Energy Shots in battle. In addition, if she is destroyed, his energy returns to his body, although it is halved from its full power. IF she is damaged, she bleeds out energy, and loses energy whenever her body is harmed. She can reform with Len either by touching him, or turning back into pure energy and shooting at his chest, absorbed back into his body. She is also summoned the same way, out of his chest, taking her form. Her name is Moryukuna "Rin" Washi, as while she is Len, she is not him.

(Note: Permissions for the FC that will shared for this ability HAVE been discussed and agreed with prior to this.)

» Chi Powers: (In this section please put what type of powers they can do in this state and what type of Chi abilities they have)

» Awakened Appearance: (Please Describe how your character looks when they are in their awakened state)
» Awakened Powers: (Describe what type of powers your character gets from awakening.)

» Fully Awakened Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when Fully Awakened)
» Fully Awakened Powers: (Describe what powers your human gets in this state)




Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Fantasy%20sword2

Description: A sword of power and magnitude. The Deathrender is a blade that renders the wielder's strikes triple their normal power and speed. The downside is, any injuries the wielder sustains will also be thrice deep, thrice painful, and any status ailments they could contract will have their effect multiplied by three as well.

Feather Cycle

Muryokuna Len Washi [Approved, 1-3] Gorilla_on_a_winged_motorcycle_by_spellfire42489-d3itvqo

A simple motorcycle... WITH THE POWER TO FLY THROUGH THE AIR, using its feathers to release a flow of the rider's spirit energy through the feathers to make them flap or be like a jet, or use their energy to ride it like a normal motorcycle. However, it is also a very tough motorcycle, and doesn't break easily.


Ziamichi Section.

Ziamichi Appearance: Within Len, the Voice is kind of... formless. It's represented by a field of distorted energy, sound waves, within his soul, reverbrating through the ever enlargening space of Len's spirit as he fights.

Ziamichi History:For information of the Voice's history, look at Zero's application. Len came to have this ziamichi inside of him through accidently shaking hands with the only persona live with an Arrancar Ziamichi spirit; due to the nature of Blue Len, whose form he was in at the time, he sucked out some of the Voice's power, and it took up residence within his quite spacious and ever growing soul, quite comfortable in its new space and wondering if Len would be an easier target to control than Zero...

...Not that he is.

Ziamichi Personality:

Personality:The voice is obident and understands that Zero must live and needs his assistance. His second goal is to get out of his body and bring back his creator Key which he is only part of. in this case Zero must live and he will do all in his power to do so. even if hde must give up all his power to Zero in exchange. if theres anything intersesting about The voices personality is that he isn't a evil thing. He is kind and very helpful.

But the voice must help his master for giving him life a thing that can't be repaid until life is given back to the other. Key was also a caring and loyal person which might be also a reason that he acts like this. But there are traits of key that are missing since he is only part of him. A example is that the voice isn't as easily annoied by Zero rejecting his suggestions as much as Key and same when he asks for Zero to do something benifical. Another thing he has is patients which has gotten a few more things out of Zero that Key couldn't.

The voice hasn't experinced true life so he hates, likes, loves, dislikes and fears nothing but death like most people.

(Taken from Zero's Application; credit to Austin.)

Ziamichi Powers:

Class (Formerly Color) Storm: This is a very unique ability that only Len can do due to his Class (Formerly Color) System. Essentially, just as Zero is able to divide his power between himself and his Echoes, Len is able to create clones of his classes, dividing his power between them. He can use this ability while in any Class, but he cannot produce the same class more than once. However, this means that the colors will only ever be at half power this way.

The Mirror of Sound: Len's voice while he has Key within him literally becomes a weapon. When he is filled with different emotions, it produces different effects, no matter what Color he is in. Each effect uses a small amount of energy, but as it is an emotion being used, the effect is always subconscious.

Rage: When Len is consumed in rage, his voice creates and then amplifies his spiritual pressure while he speaks. As a human, he normally does not have a spiritual pressure, but this ability creates one for him. This pushes down on opponents and anything else in the area, increasing its force by 10 for every syllable that Len speaks However, this is a double edged sword; he can easily drain himself by using this power, especially due to the fact that he is already consumed by anger and thus unfocused. This also makes it so that Len becomes a huge blip on the radar of anyone nearby who can sense spiritual pressure.

Sadness: When Len is sad and speaks, his voice's power messes with inner ears of whomever hears him, sending the direct link of how sad he is to them in voice. This tends to make anyone who hears Len's voice while he is sad to be greatly saddened as well, because to them, his words sound so very sad. It is rare that Len ends up abusing this power; however, it is I nteresting because it makes it so that even if he tries to hide his sadness, his voice will still sound sad to others.

Fear: Len himself most likely will never know the effects of Fear, just because of the fact of his personality. However... when Len speaks in fear, the sounds waves course through his muscles, vibrating them as his natural speed becomes dangerous, goingfour hundred miles per hour just by running. However, this is also dangerous; after a single post of speaking in fear, Len's muscles act against him for over exhaustion, greatly harming him as they contract all over his body and paralyzing him.

Happy: When Len is happy, his sound waves course through any body's that can hear his voice, relaxing their muscles and calming their nerves. Of course, this can be counteracted either by forcing ones' self out of it, or purging the energy.

Embarrassed: When Len is embarrassed, his voice's sound waves loosen the grip his pants or belt have around his waist. This often causes even more embarassment for him, although this is technically a gag power it is still aplicable.

Denial: This is the most often used by Len in battle, and by him in general. Each time he speaks while in denial or stubbornness or in determination, a paper thin barrier of pure energy appears around him. The more he speaks in this tone, the stronger the barrier gets; 1% stronger for each syllable, for up to 30% of Len's maximum durability. However, this is another one that can drain him if he is not prepared for it; but once the shield reaches 30%, it does not use any more energy to appear. The shield acts like a barrier around Len, pushing anything physical or energy-based away from itself or being broken by them. It is a translucent yellow energy that swirls around Len.

Guitar of the Mirror of Sound: This is the first thing that Len knows he can use with the Voice. By holding out his hands, a guitar appears in his hands. This guitar holds the power of Key within it, with 10% of the Ziamichi spirit's energy still inside of Len tying itself to him. There are many things that this guitar is able to do. Although, the first thing you should know is that it is indeed a normal guitar, and able to be played like any other. Len is unnaturally skilled with his guitar, and even though he's had little time to practice on it as a music lover he is able to play quite a bit through it. This guitar is unique because Len can ALWAYS summon it, no matter the color OR form.

Blast of the Mirror of Sound: By pointing the tip of his guitar at a target and strumming the guitar, Len is able to channel his energy through Key's, Key's energy amplifying Len's as it turns a small amount of energy into an amount up to 10 times bigger. This is the same effect of firing a cero out of the tip of the guitar, and blasting away anything in the way. Interestingly, the opponent can learn when Len is about to use this attack because his fingertips gain a small yellow flame on them right before he fires it.

Blast of the Mirror of Sound: Variant: Raining Chords: By pointing his guitar straight up into the air, and playing a riff, Len fires out a huge amount of energy into the air, spreading it around in a burst as it spreads out in all different directions, before he brings the guitar down, still playing it as he guides the blasts with his mind at his opponents. He can fire up to thirty of these at a time before Key is too worn out to take any more energy.

Mirror of Sound: By strumming straight down all the strings of his guitar, Len creates a small mirror in front of him and behind him, as tall and wide as himself. These mirrors are suspended in the air with a yellow aura around it, maintaining itself for a post. Anything that connects with the mirror is drawn into its core, if it is stronger than what makes contact with it, sending it into the realm of Key's voice, for not even an instant, before they are released out the other side behind Len. The place where Key's voice is can handle masses up to 250 meters in size and still send them out the other mirror. This takes a considerable amount of energy to use, and Len really shouldn't move when he uses it or else it won't be as effective.

Sound of The Hanging Gardens: This is... a strange move due to how it is created. When Len plays this, his guitar makes the audible noise of water running, before Len's entire body begins pulsating with energy. And that's all it really does. However, should Goldrender ever end up being stabbed into the guitar during the Sound of The Hanging Gardens, Len will find an effect... one that speaks true to his heritage.

Lefty Flip: By switching the guitar neck to his right hand, the bottom of his guitar changes, as its entire outside becomes bladed. In addition, it becomes the weight of a sword, meaning that even by swinging it, it would feel to the user like it was a blade. However, it looks at still acts like a guitar; and can be smashed into things by its neck. It's a bit dangerous for Len to handle the strings while it is like this, because it can cut him as well. However, it can still be played properly.

Stairway to Heaven: This is quite honestly a cool trick. By playing Stairway to Heaven, Len's entire body becomes conscious of what's around it, and it works on autopilot, attempting to dodge any attacks that come towards it. This doesn't mean that it dodges all attacks; rather, it maneuvers his body from anything that it considers a threat. However, Len doesn't have the use of his senses while this is used, as his eyes are closed, his ears are consumed by the Stairway, he can't taste anything, his nose doesn't breathe in, and his touch is all focused on maneuvering the guitar. Thus, if something is a trap, there's still a large chance that it will be able to hit him.

Last Resort (Papa Roach): This song is not good for Len's health. Each and every stroke sends energy ripping through his body, slashing him in a different place for each and every stroke. However, there is something else it does as well. Each and every strum fires off another huge wave of energy from Len, creating a massive sphere of energy that explodes anything it comes into contact away from him, blowing them all away. It truly is his Last Resort... in addition to the fact that if he is so determined to stop his enemy... this attack will kill him.

UNDEAD (Hollywood Undead): This is an insanely power/motivation-filled riff. This is due to how the song works. It's not energy power; rather, it is an emotional kind of power. This song creates an area around Len, getting bigger with each stroke like with Last Resort. However, the difference is that this field uses very little energy to increase its size; as it is not a harming energy. Rather, it acts as an amplifier to Demons and Arrancar. While inside the field, the pwoers of any Demons and Arrancar up to 3 tiers in front or behind Len's own are enhanced by 20%, their reiatsu pools bolstered by the field. Len himself seems to go through a voice change as he sings this song, his voice penetrating and bold, singing right along to six different speaking parts simultaneously. In addition, he says Signed Moryukuna Len, on your Ipod's desk!

Through the Fire and Flames we Carry On (Dragonforce): When Len starts playing this, he becomes unable to move other than being involved in the rythym of the song. That's because this song takes the greatest amount of concentration he knows; it is immensely difficult to be played, considering that the guitar part was originally done on keyboard. His entire body becomes lit in his Golden Fire, becoming like an aura all around his body. Then, from either side of his body to his left and right, two dragons rise. Each of the four dragons is 10 feet thick, with large mouths. They are made of the Golden Fire, which burns anything it touches and burns twice as hot against anything that is Gold or Yellow. However, as his power is now he would be lucky to be able to summon them and maintain them for a post before he himself collapsed; that is to say, as his power increases, he'll be able to cntrol them longer. He controls them through his guitar's sound vibrations, using his reiatsu in the sound waves to break away other waves that would interrupt them.

You're gonna go Far, Kid (Offspring): By playing this song, Len's very heartrate begins to rise. His battle morale, or will to fight, rises and he gains a golden battle aura. His hands and feet become aglow with Golden Fire, and his reaction times triple. In this form, he is able to play his guitar to keep the song going with any of his limbs, as this song burns the very soles of his shoes off, allowing him to play the guitar from any angle as he uses his other limbs to attack his opponent, striking them with his own strength and the Golden Fire, dealing double damage to any point on their body that has yellow or gold on it. In addition, this technique activates his adrenaline, forcing it to pound and course through his veins to prepare to fight.

Prayer of the Refugee (Rise Against): This is a song that Len is unable to play standing up. He must play it sitting down. As Len begins to play this, a strange outline appears around his body; an outline of Golden Wings. This outline goes out for 20 feet on either side of his body, as well as making a single golden halo on the top of his head. Then, his energy blasts out, as he looks for all of his allies in the area that he's playing for, as they gain a shield around them made of Golden Fire, protecting them by burning and deflecting energy attacks if it can and harming anything that makes physical contact with the shield. Now, this is the kicker. At Len's current range of power, he can reach as much as a large houses' area of effect with this. However, the range of this move... has the potential to cover all of Karakura Central.

Hearts on Fire (Hammerfall): This song could also be called the Quincy's Bane, for what its effect does. Just like Last Resort and UNDEAD, this song's Area of Effect gets larger with each riff completed. The Area of Effect of Hearts on Fire affects the reishi around it. It lights it a golden color, as its energy composition becomes altered. Essentially, this makes it so that the reishi is no longer the same as normal, and beings that attempt to absorb reishi to restore their energy will find that they cannot access it as they normally would. They can spend some of their own energy trying to cleanse it, or cleanse it by other means; but each strum fights against any impurity in the field, so its really best not to get caught in it. The maximum range of this strumming is 300 meters around Len; although if it reaches that size, he will faint immediately the post afterwards. Otherwise, he can make it 100 meters in size without harming himself for 2 posts, before having a cooldown of 5.

Awake and Alive (Skillet): This is a song that breaks illusionary techniques. If Len can play the first two measures of the song, it breaks him of most moderate-strong illusions, although that is not its only use. It can also have its effect extended for as long as he keeps strumming it, creating a field around him for 40 feet around him and allowing him to move around. He can keep this active for three posts before he is spent by it, needing to recharge it for four. However, if he stops playing it before reaching three posts, it recharges in one.

Soul Resonance: By resonating his soul with the Voice's, Len is able to achieve a level of power unheard of by the two working together individually. However, as of the fact that Len does not yet desire to resonate with the Voice, it is unknown what will happen if he does as of yet, although it could be speculated to increase his normal capabilities by up to four times.


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» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:

The Class System has Varying appearances.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

Class System

Len doesn't have normal Soul States. He has... classes. Changing between classes takes a post to do, and each class has its own unique abilities. These abilities cannot stack upon one another after he has switched classes, but he can still use his natural abilities just fine.

Warrior Appearance:

Typically, his clothing when he goes into this form includes a denim jacket, baggy black pants, and a black undershirt. His hair rises up from his head, becoming grouped together and spiky on the top of his head, except for a single strand that goes downwards. His eyes change from their normal blue to a pure-green color, almost turquoise-ish in appearance. He places Deathrender onto the sheathe on his back with a strap, and keeps Goldrender, the smaller sword, on his side. He wears a blue belt with an orange clip as well. His muscles are much more defined in this state, in fact, he really IS muscular. Not gaudily so, but enough to show that he is quite tough and not to be easily messed with. He also wears a pair of pointed yellow boots.

Warrior Abilities:

Immense Battle Aura

His Aura, gold in color, shows just how much pure, golden-colored energy he has in this form. This is actually his natural color, created by his own body; so its main ability is releasing the latent power within him. For one thing, his aura is so strong that standing on the ground while calling on his energy will cause the very ground beneath him to crack and split apart. He can also release a burst of it around himself to blow back his opponents, as well as a variety of other uses.

Pure Flight

He can use his energy to sustain himself in the air, maintaining himself as if he were weightless and able to fly around. It takes very little for him to maintain himself and do combat with enemies energy-wise. However, he can shoot himself out in a burst of speed by releasing just a bit more energy, and this is best used when he is flying over large distances.

Energy Attacks

His sheer amount of energy in this state can be made into many things. Whether they be large beam-like blasts, short and rapid bursts, large bomb-like attacks, or anything else he can think of, his energy tends to be quite effective in its explosive size and power. In addition, his power supply is restored by Goldrender, meaning he can go quite a while before he is completely out.

Muscle Mass and Speed

His muscle mass also significantly increases in this state, far beyond that of a humans. He is able to effortlessly toss cars and could even pull out a good sized house out of the ground with enough effort. However, he doesn't completely look the part. He also has a large amount of speed because of this, able to vanish from normal human sight from how fast he can move.

Burning Attack

However, he does have one signature energy attack. With this attack, he uses his impressive speed to burst fire moving his hands, 300 times in the space of 4 seconds. These hand-movements are mirror images of one another, and happen all over in front of his chest and face. What he is doing is cooling off his hands as a massive amount of his energy collects into them. Then he points both hands out before him, finishing the charging as his enhanced muscles feel as if they are ripped out from the extreme amount of energy and he cries out the name of the attack.

From his hands fires a sphere of energy. This sphere, however, has small spike-like bits of energy sticking out of it, evidence to how much sheer power it has. When it hits the ground, it explodes, so large that it consumes the area for 200 feet around it, creating a massive crater where it used to be. This usually leaves Len drained, energy-wise, for the rest of that post and the post after. However, he can still use his speed and muscle mass along with his blades against his opponent.


Placing both hands behind his back on one side, Len closes his eyes, as roughly half of the energy that this form gives him charges between his two hands, as the energy is pulled from his body, becoming more and more dense between his hands. Then, once the attack is fully charged, he throws both hands forwards, opening his hands wide as the attack blasts out from his palms at his opponent. The blast's range and size vary for how much energy Len has gained from this form; however, at its weakest strength, that being enough to blast away a small house. However, after using it, his arms fall to his sides and can't be used for a post. If he uses it twice in a thread, he is pushed out of Gold Len and his class system is Sealed for the rest of the thread.

Colors of the King: This form's power… is truly in its intimidation. Or rather, through the act of intimidation. That is… it is very difficult to explain. Basically, through an act of extreme intimidation, he is able to fire a large bolt of "Force" onto the consciousness of his opponent. The Force overloads the consciousness, attempting to send it into unconsciousness. If that fails, it also causes other effects to happen as would happen if a person suddenly was driven into overdrive and then stopped.

So, if Warrior Len opens an eye wide, as he takes a single step towards his opponent, his posture acting like he will crush his foe, a burst of his energy as this "Force" would fly out, pulsating from Len's body in most directions. However, he could also attempt to focus it on that one target, a considerably more difficult task to accomplish, but possible. The Force slams into the opponent, overloading their consciousness. Now, they are able to mostly resist the unconsciousness of it, but as the force passes, they find they have a blinding headache, their senses feeling overwhelmed as they were able to suddenly reach a high peak and then have it desert them having them overloaded for a moment and then nothing, their balance impeded by a similar effect, which could make standing difficult for them.

However, for the most part, the Colors of the King only effect those that are of equal or lower tier to Len's own (which is most.) Those that are higher than his own will feel a minor headache, and perhaps some balance issues; but outside of this, they will be fine for the most part. Those that are of basic human level will almost always be knocked out instantly from this effect, unless their Focus or Determination/Willpower is of adept level or higher. In fact, most beings with less than adept Focus or Willpower that are weaker than Len tend to be knocked out by this effect. Otherwise, the weaker the opponent is, the more this will effect them.

Furthermore, it takes quite a lot of energy to activate Colors of the King. Len can be left gasping and breathing for air just to have it effect a small room of teenage humans into unconsciousness, so this is not a very easy ability for Len to utilize. However, it has another interesting ability. Any reishi that is effect by the Colors of the King is supercharged with energy, for better or for worse. So, the farther that the Colors of the King have to travel before they hit their target, the less effective it tends to be.

Goldslasher: His blade is literally, Freddie (Deathrender) and Goldrender fused together. It is quite an… interesting sword. For one thing, it applies its tripling effect to Len's body permanently while he is in this form, meaning that he can drop the sword or even have it taken; and he will still be the only recipient of its effect. In addition, Goldrender's suctioning ability now occurs whenever he moves his body; as his entire body gradually draws in small amounts of the reishi around him, refilling his energy supplies and allowing him to fight to the limits of his body.

However, those are not all that Goldslasher does. In addition, it now has the strange habit… of lighting on fire. This is fairly basic fire, red in color. Whatever it strikes into, it both cuts and attempts to burn. The fire is roughly two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, enough to keep the blade alight past its hilt, and not easily go out. However, there is one very, very interesting property about the sword. How well it can burn, while it is underwater. As long as Len has the will to keep it going, this flame will never go out. It will even increase in temperature as much as it needs to sot that it will keep burning. This means that even attempts to diminish and destroy that single flame… increase its power. However… it is also a tell tale sign of when Len has been broken. When he snaps, the flame goes out completely, in addition to his very body no longer working, as all the fight goes out of it.

There is one other interesting fact about the flame. If Len's determination should return to him after the flame has gone out… Well; for one thing, the tripling effect? It becomes a five times increase to most all of his abilities; he can take quite a few hits, deal a large amount of damage, move at higher rates, and react much faster than before. In addition, the flame around Goldslasher will burn twice as bright and hot as before. So, if he is fighting on a team, it is usually best for someone to revive his will if they can.

Axe Spree: When Warrior Len is active, in both of his hands he gains the ability to make axes. These axes are quite unique in appearance; for one thing, they are completely bright orange. They have a handle with a strange button on it's bottom that when pressed, turns the axe's handle into a circular interface that goes around Len's wrist. From here he can move his arm in circles, causing the axe to spin around quite quickly. Then, he can throw his arm forwards, causing the now spinning axe to fly out. This not only increases the axe's range and speed, but also causes it to gain a strange effect. If it hits into an enemy, or even if it doesn't, it bounces off of where they were before and pops right back over to Len, allowing him to catch it again and keep it spinning.

Axe Generation: He is able to form his reiatsu into his axes, so even if one is broken or he loses it, or just needs another, he can activate this ability. By focusing his energy into the palm of his hand, he can shoot out the handle of an axe. From there, the axe seems almost as if it blossoms out from the hilt, before Len grips it in his hand. These taSke very little energy to create, but the axe's sharpness is determined by how much energy Len has left. As his energy goes down, the sharpness of his axes decreases, until finally when he reaches zero his axes go completely dull.

Spinning Axes: By charging up his energy in an axe, causing it to glow bright orange, he can use a special kind of attack. This time, when he charges the axe up before throwing it at his opponent, as he's spinning it around his arm, a large orange disk of energy appears around his arm. This disk is extremely sharp, and just one could level the peak of a mountain. He can only throw up to two of these per post; when they are thrown, they spin around with the axe acting as the center piece of the disk. As such, he can throw then, and have them spin around his spinning axes as they go towards their target, before hitting it and releasing all the energy and bouncing back to Len.

Massive Strength; This Len is incredibly strong physically. His arms and legs look like a lumber jack's; very strong and quite durable. In reality, he is supernaturally strong, able to lift up to two thousand pounds with one arm. He can also take a cero directly and come back from it with only mild damages.

Melee Combat Expert: Warrior Len is highly skilled in hand to hand combat; his reflexes become top notch, as well as his reaction speed and his ingenuity. His combat style tends to rely on breathing to calm the entire body, before firing out and decimating the opponent with strong hand to hand blows to knock them back unawares.

Interspacial Warp: Whenever Warrior Len punches or kicks something, if he chooses, it gains a large yellow star-shaped mark, roughly 2 inches long along its surface. That is, as long as they thing is alive; if it is dead or lacks a soul, it will not be able to form. However, otherwise, whenever Warrior Len hits the same place twice on an opponent, right where that star is, a strange phenomenon occurs. All around their body, a large yellow colored star appears, with a small amount of Brown covering the opponents body. Then, Warrior Len utters a five word phrase. It doesn't matter what the words are; however, there must be five of them in total. It should be noted that if the opponent or being moves while Len is saying this, the star will move right along with them. Then, Warrior Len's special ability activates. The star seems to bend and warp towards the brown colored opponent in the center, going swirlier and swirlier as space is distorted. Then, the opponent vanishes, before reappearing in some random place in New Jersey. Note that any space-distortion type abilities that the opponents use will disturb this attack; however, otherwise the only way to stop it is to prevent Len from saying those 5 words. If you can't do either of those... Well, New Jersey's not that nice of a place these days anyway. It's interesting to note that exactly twelve seconds after the star appears, Warrior Len falls completely unconscious, unable to move for an entire day. This is why he is reluctant to actually hit anyone with this ability. That also means that if the opponent manages to stop him saying the words, Warrior Len falls completely helpless. When Warrior Len goes unconscious, every star he has created vanishes as he returns to his unclassed state.

Soldier Appearance

In this form, Len's appearance changes dramatically. His eyes change to a much, much darker shade of blue, and his hairs turn completely black. They also elongate, as his hair reaches down past his shoulders in length. If he has the time to, he will often tie the hair but for a strand on either side into a pony tail on the back of his head. The hairs in front of his face allow just enough to him to see, but his hair has the consistency of a mop.

Most of the time, when he enters this form, he's wearing an extremely professional attire. His entire outfit is black and white in color. His attire consists of a suit jacket with a very high collar; a design-inserted button on his right chest, as well as a star-shaped insignia within the design that goes around his shoulder and side that connects on the button. His suit jacket is zipped halfway, revealing the plain white undershirt he wears beneath it. In this state, he tends to be extremely serious and gets his job done the best way he can. However, he is still the same positive and determined individual he was before, no matter how he looks. He keeps Freddie on its sheathe on his right side; Freddie has changed a good bit as well in this state, see below. Goldrender he keeps at his right side, using a loop in his jacket to hold it perfectly in place. His suit jacket extends down to the bottom of his black pants. He wears durable, black professional boots that can move through most surfaces. On his hands he wears black gloves as well; so the only part of his body that is revealed in this form is his face.

Soldier Abilities

Mugen Mode: Mugen Freddie

Appearance: When Len enters Soldier Len Form, his blade Freddie… evolves, for lack of a better word. It transforms, the entire blade turning black. The sheathe that holds it turns black as well, black as night, black as cold, hard obsidian. In fact; the sheathe now has the hardness and weight of actual obsidian. After the entire blade has gone black, it adds some white lines. These white lines are fairly intricate. Around the top of the hilt, there is a solid white line going around it; however, it dips on the blade's right and left sides to make a curve before returning back to the top of the blade. However, at the tip of these curves a line extends from the curve; this line goes all the way around the hilt and back up to the line at the top of the hilt on the other side. Another line goes around near the base of the hilt, same as the top; although it lacks curves. Then, on the top and bottom of the blade, there is one more line that goes around it from top to bottom, also stopping where the lines are. The hilt is the same thickness as the sheathe is; and the blade that extends out of it is about a centimeter thinner than it; with a slight curve and a sharp tip.

Overall… this makes it so that two sides of the hilt have a cross on them. And on the left and right sides… a cross on a pillar. This is the new form of Freddie; Mugen Freddie, or just Mugen for short.


Mugen Boost: Freddie's potential has been released to its limit in this state; it increases Len's, and ONLY Len's, power and speed by six times. Anyone else who wields Mugen will find that their power and speed only triples; like normal. However, if Len releases his grip on the blade, its boost is lost with it until he grabs back the blade. However; the blade itself is also improved. It is much, much sharper; able to even cut through Seki Seki stone by moving through the reishi like a Seele Schnider would do if Len had his focus at the max. It is also extremely tough in its durability; it would take the force of more than a Gran Rey Cero to shatter THIS particular blade.

However, it's not only in the areas of force and battle that it improves. It also increases two of Len's natural abilities. The first is his swordsmanship. He understands much more about swordsmanship and how swords and other blades work and maneuver in this state, his reflexes hyperactive . His own swordsmanship is quite improved as well; as he is able to maneuver on the level of most experts. However, this knowledge of swordsmanship is exclusive to Warrior Len; when he changes out of it, only what he has naturally learned can be applied.

However, Mugen gives him something to help with that as well. The thing that it also boosts… is understanding and comprehension. This allows him to learn, and to understand, how things work at a rapid rate. This can increase the effectiveness of his training in almost any area by roughly ten to twenty times; as long as he does the good, hard work, he'll see much higher benefits to his own natural body as long as he trains in Soldier Form. It allows him to do such things as learning techniques that would take him an unimaginable amount of time in something that can be accomplished naturally, as long as he has the determination and drive to work for them.

Mugen Flight: Mugen is naturally attracted to being in Len's grip; indeed, it is only able to be in this state BECAUSE of Len. So, whenever he calls on it, either mentally or physically, the hilt of the blade will seek out his energy signature. Specifically, it will search out the energy concentration that is his right palm, and it will fly directly for that palm, laying itself like it has sticky paper to it. This can also make it rather difficult to separate Mugen from Len accidentally.

Mugen Spears: Unlike many other black blades… this one does NOT SHOOT GIANT WAVES OF BLACK ENERGY. Instead… it shoots them out as spears. Len is able to concentrate his dark-golden energy from this state into the blade itself, before swinging it. He mentally commands Mugen to discharge the energy. The size of the spears differs, depending on how much energy he puts into it; but at his current state he can fire off about four per post, as he has the energy to create 20 feet of Mugen Spears before he needs to wait for his energy to catch back up to him. The Spears are really shaped and appear very similar to Mugen itself; totally black in color, and looking as if they have sword-like ends. This is the first part of Mugen Evolution, as is explained below, and comes with the original form of Mugen.

Mugen Reformation: The Mugen Freddie, now linked completely to Len's energy, is able to use Len's energy to restore itself after being broken, once per thread. As long as Len has the hilt, it can be reformed. However, Len is unable to use anything energy related during the post he has to reform it; and it always costs the same amount. This is due to the fact that the blade restores itself by running a System Check of sorts, forcing the blade to be like its normal state. That is the other thing about the blade; no matter what form it's in, when it is broken the hilt fires out of the Mugen and races for Len's hand. If it breaks more than once in a thread, it cannot be reformed until that thread has ended.

Madness of the Sword: The blade that Soldier Len wields is... strange, to say the least. For one thing, it has a unique property of being able to bend in any direction for 50 feet total. In essence, this means that the blade could extend forwards ten feet, then bend and shoot up ten feet, go right ten feet, go left ten feet, and down ten feet until it reaches its total. Every bit of the blade is sharp; it can cut most defenses of Len's level of power or less. However, the blade must always remain constant in its flow. It is very difficult to break the blade; however, if the blade is broken, it loses its length from the broken point up to the tip while Soldier Len is in use during the thread.

Zombie Nature: While he is in this form, his body is... strange. He doesn't get any defensive traits; however, he has a special trait that as long as he can maintain this form, he cannot completely "die". Unless, that is, his entire body is completely destroyed. Or, alternatively, his body COMPLETELY runs out of energy. Interestingly enough, he is able to heal himself in two ways, despite his complete lack of defense. In fact, it is due to how little energy he puts into defense that he is able to use this property.

As it is, the first way of healing his body is reattachment. This takes next to no energy; and is also very effective against blade wielders, as long as he is fast enough to get his limb back before they try to destroy it. This way of healing reveals the biggest weakness of depending on Zombie Nature, and it's a doozy. If Len doesn't get back his pieces, the enemy can easily destroy them, and cause Len to have to use the second method. In addition, this means that an extremely large blast could potentially kill Len, if it were strong enough to destroy his entire body.

However, there is also the second way of regeneration. As it is, whenever a piece of his body the size of a nail or more is removed from him, it creates a "link" back to his own energy; essentially, he has the sum total of his energy simultaneously existing in his own body, and his patches of removed skin. This means that if his entire left side is completely blown away, for a decent sum of energy he can bring it back. In addition, if his opponent destroys his entire body but for his left leg, his entire body can shoot up from his left leg back to normal with only a tiny bit of energy lost, the energy that had been in the link. However, there is a cost to this; once he regenerates a piece of his body, the other pieces disintegrate into dust, as they lose their connection to him. So, while this form can be tricky at first, if the opponent is extremely aggressive, then in normal combat Len would be completely screwed.

However, in addition to his regeneration, Zombie Nature also does one other thing. It removes his body's natural limiters, thinking that he is dead; as such, he is able to lift up to 1800 pounds by himself, for example, as well as reach running speeds of up to 800 miles per hour, although he can sometimes lose pieces by going too fast

Mugen Aura: All around Len's body, a very dark-gold aura appears. It is similar to the one in his Soldier Form; however, this one doesn't crack the ground or emit any force. Indeed, all this aura does… is increase the durability of Len's body to supernatural levels. With this, he is able to make it through things such as cero reasonably well, and even stand his ground against reiatsu sharpened swords.

Mugen Evolution: Mugen has an extremely unique property.. Infinity. Its shape can shift and change from experience, it can create new effects, it can do almost anything that one could imagine… if they go through the battle scars that it uses as "Experience Points". Every time the user of Mugen experiences pain, that experience is coded and remembered by the blade. The blade is then able to unlock some of following abilities, by spending the Experience Points. Each small cut is worth one Experience Point; a deep cut or explosion damage is worth three points; an extreme wound, such as a sword slash across his entire chest, is worth five points; a mortal wound is worth ten points; and a complete loss of a body part is worth twenty points. He doesn't really know or get to pick which things are unlocked, they just are at random intervals. There will be a space in his template to keep track of how many Experience Points he has.

Demon Call

Cost: 40 Experience Points

Effect: Summoning

Explanation: This skill is an… interesting one. For one thing, it can only be used once per thread. This ability actually activates when Len throws away his sheathe after drawing Mugen Freddie. The sheathe itself begins to shift and morph, until it turns into something like a large cat, with wide eyes, pointed ears.. And sharp, obsidian-tough claws. This cat-like being charges into any of Len's foes it desires, as it is a wild beast of its own accord. However, it will never attack Len. Its main purpose is to distract Len's opponents, and allow him to hit them with his swordsmanship. This is a passive ability, and when the cat-like being is destroyed, it stays that way until the thread is over.

M - Mystic Feather

Cost: 50 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This turns Mugen… into… for a lack of a better word; a stream of feathers. The feathers are all connected, end to end, up to the hilt, which is the only thing that is not a feather. These feathers expand and contract; when fully contracted, they form the regular Mugen. Each feather has the cutting potential of a sword; and when Len slashes with it, he can extend the feathers, ripping on and hitting from a distance his opponents. This is a passive effect; however, it can only be used while Mugen is a weapon with a hilt in Len's hands.

U - Unyielding Spear

Cost: 20 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This is a slight form-change for Mugen. Basically, the tip straightens out, and the blade itself thins out from the hilt, ending in a straight point, like a black tooth pick on one end and a sword hilt on the other.

G - Ginormous Mystery

Cost: 40 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This is a rather… strange form of Mugen. Mugen itself morphs into

Variable Crow

Cost: 80 Experience Points

Effect: Transformation

Explanation: Mugen itself shifts and changes; becoming what definitely looks like a crow. Its body is purely black, but for the tips of its wings and its eyes; which are both chalk-white in color. However.. This bird is special. It is controlled by Len's mind; and he can see through its eyes. Therefore, he is able to use it for a lookout, to search for information, or witness things he normally couldn't. However, that is not the crow's only ability. When it prostrates itself and allows Len to grip its tail feathers, it becomes any kind of weapon that Len can imagine. However, the effect s of the weapon will be the same as that of normal Mugen; it won't gain any new abilities from the shifting. So, it could turn back to normal, become a spear, a hammer, nunchucks, anything that he could imagine and desire for it to shift to, as long as he can think of how he's going to use it as a weapon. Hell, it could even turn into an anvil. This ability can be activated any time, and it takes as much to break Mugen as it normally does.

Black Mist

Cost: 20 Experience Points

Effect: Support

Explanation: This ability is powered by taking in reishi in the air around it into the sword. After two posts of charging (So he must have it released for AT LEAST two posts before he can use it.) Len can slam the blade down onto the ground. From all around the blade, a giant, dense black fog shoots up all around him. This fog is equivalent to total darkness; it doesn't let any light through it whatsoever, unless the light is being forced more than usual into it. As such, not even the normal output of reishi that a person gives off, unless it is a FREAKISH amount, will be able to be sensed within the fog as it stays around the user's body. The smoke goes out for 200 feet from the center of where the sword hits, and acts as a smokescreen, normally for Len to escape.

Energy Sensitivity

Cost: 40 Experience Points

Effect: Defensive

Explanation: Basically, this bonus grants Len the basic ability to sense energy. It allows him to tell generally what type of metaphysical energy it is, where it's coming from, the general strength of it, just the basic ability to sense energy that many beings have.

Master Chef

Cost: 5 Experience Points

Effect: Support

Explanation: In this state, Len has the capabilities to be a master chef, with using Mugen's cutting ability. What this ability does is simply give Len the knowledge of what he needs to do to be an excellent chef in every way. He is able to cook with almost any materials given to him, and he can make delicious meals… and absolutely terrible lunches, if he doesn't like you. Not to mention; he makes a pretty mean boxed lunch. (And the fact that Soldier Len wearing an apron… is just LULZY.)

Black Seeds

Cost: 200 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: Mugen itself… breaks apart. Nothing but the hilt remains from this technique, as all of the black blade… turns into helicopter-seeds. Black helicopter seeds with dark-gold outlines. The sides of these seeds are all as sharp as a blade, and they are guided by the hilt in Len's hand. So, he can use them like an expanding sword, guiding them with his hilt as he smashes them into an enemy, trying to rip them to shreds. He can also close his eyes, making him unable to move, as he guides the seeds directly with his mind to do things with the seeds that he couldn't wielding a sword and using a sword's movements. However, again, while he does this he is vulnerable as he is unable to move.

Dual Mugen

Cost: 100 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This ability causes Mugen… to literally split. This creates two blades; each of them having the same shape as the original Mugen. However, each one only has half of the white marks from the hilt on it. This is quite a special effect; it effectively splits the power of Mugen into two entities. For example, each one multiplies the speed and power by three times; so even if he loses one of them, the blow to his changed speed and power is not so great. Each one also takes less energy to reform; and he can reform a blade two times. However, each of them can only take about 75% as much damage as Mugen's normal capacity, and he still can only shoot as many Mugen Spears. In addition, any evolutionary effects are split 50% between the two swords; and any that generate exactly 1 thing from them will result in two things of half size and effectiveness.

Swirling Blossoms

Cost: 60 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: These are similar to mines, in a way. From the blade's tip, using his energy, Len is able to generate a lotus blossom. This lotus blossom sticks to any surface it makes contact with. However, whenever it is made contact with by anything other than Mugen, it explodes violently, firing a blast the force of a cero out all around it for 12 feet. He can make roughly 5 of these lotus-mines per post.


Cost: 200 Experience Points

Effect: Mexicans

Explanation: This ability is quite unique. It summons up 200 Mexicans behind the user. They are all named Jose, and each have the exact same body type, being on the bigger side, but with quite strong legs. However, they are only normal humans. When they are hit, yes they bleed and yes they die. However, after they lose body parts, those body parts turn back into fuel for Mugen that shoots back into it; being the same black-gold energy used to create them. Until all the Mexicans have been killed, Len is unable to move after he has activated M-Mexicans.


Cost: 50 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This, in effect, turns Mugen into a retractable whip. The blade becomes loose and whippable, like cloth, but it keeps its hardness and its sharpness. Len is able to whip it out at his foes, striking them from a distance by extending Mugen from its hilt, which is the only part that stays the same. He can also cause it to become like a tentacle, moving it with his mind and extending it and striking with it in many ways.


Cost: 100 Experience Points

Effect: Support

Explanation: This is quite interesting; it physically allows Mugen to rip open a garganta by cutting it. However, it is only able to create these once per post as long as the exit is within 50 feet of the user. Otherwise, it can only be used once per thread to make it act like an actual, full-scale garganta. This means he can apply it like others would apply a garganta as well, using the hole to strike through, travel with, and etc.


Cost: 300 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This runs through Mugen with the power of electricity. Any time that it connects with an opponent while this passive effect is activated, it sends up to 2,000,000 volts of electricity through its target, singing whatever it made contact with and giving the victim a very nasty shock. In addition, it should be noted that while this is in use, the blade becomes enveloped with black-gold lightning, like an aura, so it is plain for the enemy to see what he will do if it hits them. He can maintain the lightning for two of his posts before he needs to rest the lightning for another two. It should also be noted that in exchange for only firing one of them that post, he can fire off a Mugen Spear infused with this electricity. Again, it would be covered with the electricity as well.

N-Nose Hair

Cost: 500 Experience Points

Effect: Offensive

Explanation: This gives Len access to the most secret, most powerful technique ever created by an ancient race. This technique is known as the Super Fist of the Nose Hair. Len's nose hairs extend to over 10 feet in length, and he is able to manipulate them with his mind, using them to beat his enemies like they are whips, cut the nose hairs off and use them like ropes, or just using them to jump rope. Whatever.

Final Evolution

Cost: All other Evolutions Unlocked.

Effect: Black-Gold Len

Explanation: This ability unlocks a new form; as it fuses together Mugen and Goldrender, creating a new form, Black-Gold Len. However, as he knows nothing about this form, or that this final evolution exists, it is unknown what it does at present. In other words, it exists, and yet it does not; will be completely be filled out if/when evolution is completed.

Priest Appearance:

Priest Abilities:

Smoke Change: Priest Len's body is... special. It consists of a special kind of silver smoke; that is to say that if someone were to shoot a bullet at him, the bullet would phase right through him and lave a hole in his body. He doesn't feel pain while he is in Priest Len; however, he does have a large weakness. Whenever he is in human form of his hardened smoke and someone hits him, he feels twice as much pain as he would normally. Alternately, anyone who uses wind based powers or wind attacks to separate his smoke from himself also greatly damages him; as he experiences pain as he makes the smoke come back together again after it has been attempted to being blown away from himself. So merely disturbing the air around his smoke can harm him; a fast enough sword slash would hurt him for example. In addition, he can change any part of his body that he desires into smoke whenever he wants, or harden his body parts from any place in the smoke. However, he couldn't have, say, three arms hardened from the smoke; he can only form what is his total body mass. In addition, the smoke is translucent; things can pass through it, but it will go away from anything that tries to stand in it. His smoke must all remain within a fifty foot radius of his center point, however, which is the place where his pelvis was when he enters smoke form or just is there.

Smoke Dodge: His smoke has a unique property that allows it to PROPEL him like a rocket firing off whenever he desires it to. This means that he can change his feet into smoke and use it to push himself rocketing forwards; or alternately, fire a punch off with a trail of smoke that shoots it and high speed at his opponents. This takes very little energy for him to use; in fact this whole form is fairly energy efficient.

Smoke Snake: He can form the smoke of his limbs into a large snake-like creature, that shoots out at his opponents and either rams them over, bites at them, or merely grabs them and moves them around. The smoke around the snake's mouth is solid and will grab at the enemy however it can, a pressing weight from all sides that manipulates them. The snake can manipulate up to 400 pounds of weight and move it around.

Smoke Fist: Due to the interesting nature of his smoke, he can dissolve all four limbs at once and move his torso towards his opponent. Then, his attacks begin spawning out of the smoke all over, hitting the opponent in impossible and unexpected ways.

Reiatsu Signature: His reiatsu in this state... is zero. He doesn't expend any reiatsu while in this state, and it is effectively neutralized within his smoke. So, while he is in this smoky state, he is undetectable by reiatsu sensing and can only be found using ones five senses. In other words... don't end up in a creepy fog with him as your opponent...

Arrancar Energy: A relation to Arrancar energy. As in, if the target accepts, Len is able to sync his own energy into that of an arrancar that he is currently making contact with. And as long as the arrancar accepts, Len can then add energy to them or take it out, reducing their overall reiatsu signature by a large amount. However, if the target is much stronger than Len, being in 1 tier or higher, they will have more energy than he can completely take in, so he will only be able to take a fraction out of them. He can sync this energy to his own, thus erasing the Arrancar's signature from it. He can also add his own energy to the target Arrancar's; again, only as long as he has their permission. If the arrancar declines the process at any time, it automatically stops. This is an interesting ability; as long as the target is 2 tier or less, a steady supply of Len's energy can even take the place of getting the energy an arrancar needs from devouring souls, making it possible for them to sustain themselves as long as they have enough willpower. However, if he gives the arrancar too much energy, it's possible he could faint from lack of energy. And if he takes too much, he could randomly start firing off energy blasts without meaning to, which can lead to some bad situations. Any time that arrancar energy enters his body, it is automatically synced to his own, so he cannot use it for any arrancar-related abilities whatsoever.

White Mage: Priest Len is, above all else, a healer. A medic, if you would. His own body is still of olympic quality; as such, he is not completely defenseless. This form is not meant for combat, but rather as a method of support for Len's allies. His energy can be channeled on the surface of his body, OR shot out in blasts of energy. Note that when they enter sphere form, he alone cannot reabsorb them.

Heal: The primary use of Len's energy while in this form is healing people and objects. His energy, after circulating through his body, goes into whatever it touches, softening the pieces that it makes contact with and duplicating their cells, healing up the place that they contact with. However, as such, this also has an inherent drawback; the tougher the skin of the person being worked on, the more Priest Len Energy is required to heal them. So, healing an arrancar's hierro would take much more energy than healing a simple hollow's weak skin. It takes as much energy to heal a wound as it takes to cause that wound as well; so in the end, it is proportional.

Conduit: Priest Len's energy is... unique. If there is nothing to be healed, the energy slips into the targets energy stream. That is, if the target accepts it. IF not, the energy spurts out, becoming a translucent floating sphere of white energy, that can apply either Conduit or Heal to whatever touches it. Conduit acts kind of like a fingerprint sleeve; the energy itself is totally blank, and as soon as it makes contact with another energy, it takes on its form, matching the energy completely. That also means that if a being fires their energy at the energy while it is in sphere mode, the sphere will turn into their energy type. This allows Len to restore the energy of his allies, making it so that they can fight more than they would be able to otherwise.

Barrier: In addition to Conduit and Heal, he can use his energy in sphere mode for one other use. This ability activates either by Len leaping in a sphere of his own energy, or by generating a sphere of it around his own body. As soon as it is touched, or he generates it from his whole body, it becomes unable to be influenced by other energies or able to heal things. This ability causes the energy to become a sort of “filter” for outside energy. This means that if it is hit with a small energy blast, the barrier will fully resist it, causing it to explode on its shell. However, this also means that against someone who can fight physically, it has no effect, as solid objects that have some sort of flesh CAN go through the barrier. This is also interesting due to the fact that if, for example, an opponent crated a large ball of flesh and threw an energy attack behind it, the barrier wouldn't be able to stop it, and Len and whoever else was within the sphere would be harmed. The sphere can block with no damage attacks that would not be able to match Len's tier of power, up to 1-3 tier level attacks. Note that if he changes classes, the sphere's do not disperse, unless they are in Barrier; then they disperse.

Life Turn: This is a unique way of using the White Mage energy. By holding his hands over the head of a someone who has lost brain function, IE death, in the last minute. Len must completely concentrate on the person whose head is in between his hands; a distraction of ANY kind can disrupt this. This causes his energy to literally enter the dead person's skull; and then, with 70% of Len's energy, he creates a spark in the targets mind. This spark has a 33% chance of relighting brain activity, placing the body back to life, at least for a while. However, this only returns the brain to normal function; if the body is not healed, there is a good chance that the person will die again. So, all in all, this technique only has about a 20% chance of actually working, and Len faints immediately after using it.

Rapid Energy Restoration: Every three posts of his own, Priest Len's entire body goes through a Potential Release. This is where a large field of white fires out from his body; this is really his energy grabbing onto reishi in the air. Then, he drags it all towards himself, completely restoring his energy back to 100%. However, if he is unconscious, it takes five posts from the unconsciousness before he can wake up again.

Animal Intake: He has the ability to take in the DNA of anything that meets his requirements into his body, storing it away within Priest's form. Then, whenever he desires, he can activate this DNA in different parts of his body. The requirements are simple. First, the subject MUST live in the realm of the living. Second, it CANNOT have a higher mental capacity then Len himself. Last, he CANNOT use parts that he doesn't have the part to connect to from the animal; so for instance, if he copied a male seahorse, he couldn't have their tail due to not having the organs required to connect to them. This is made much simpler to understand with the following example. So if Priest Len pet a brown haired cat, he could acquire its sample of DNA and lock it within Priest Len's mind. Then, if he was thrown off the edge of a cliff and hanging on with his bare hands, he could shift his bare hands into brown cat paws with very long nails, the paws as large as his hand was, and grip onto the edge of the cliff tighter. Now, there are some other things with this. First, the amount of animals he can store the DNA of caps off at fifty different ones. Second, he CAN mix and match parts of animals, just not in the same place; such as having cat claws and hippo feet simultaneously.

Animals Currently Acquired:

Brown Cat (Sassy)

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Will Skills
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