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[MAIN STORY EVENT] Memories Returned to a Cataclysmic Present... Empty [MAIN STORY EVENT] Memories Returned to a Cataclysmic Present...

Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:51 am


[MAIN STORY EVENT] Memories Returned to a Cataclysmic Present... Ceon2-1
[MAIN STORY EVENT] Memories Returned to a Cataclysmic Present... 40g74bg23l1p7al58lvg1jo4j71297585529

Memory Rosary Ceon Clixx-Kimura


Thunder rolled into the background. Sereitei was not under the impression of a beautiful day as when the night was just about to take place, none the wiser could tell as the sky was ridden with clouds. Light rain fell from the sky as to purify the ground below and force shelter to those that were once not under cover. This was not the sort of day as most would really view as a day for seeming less activities as the wind was at a chill, and something about this storm was not natural. The 12th Division's weather department which runs under the Natural Research branch, originally planed that this day would be small overcast and no moisture, but alas, that was not the reality outside. It wasn't a huge problem as most viewed it as a minor glitch or simple mistake, but some were suspicious to the weather acting of it's complete own accord. Captain of the 10th Division was capable of controlling base effects of the weather, and many other Shinigami could do it as well, but this was not planned or even discussed for this day to end up like this. It was suspicious to some, but sadly, overlooked...

The children in the streets ran inside, as the Shinigami within the Gotei had work to do, so they sucked it up and continued their work. Their hair and uniforms getting wet from the rain, illness is approaching due to wind chill, and finally the thunder on the horizon only proved to be a poor day for labor. The only thing that the Shinigami weren't detecting yet, was that this in fact, was no ordinary storm...

Flashback to many years past, there was a warrior who was within Soul Society for many moons. He wasn't any normal Shinigami, as he was different from the rest as he was a Soul that "Didn't Exist". It was a Shinigami who was originally captured at his arrival, then taken in by the Yoruichi and trained under her. This special Shinigami then became the leader of Squad 4 in the Onmitsukido as a trainer and head of training. Not long after, many event occurred and this one was led to become the Onmitsukido General as well as 2nd Division Captain. His fame didn't end there, as while he grew, he was then moved into the 0 Division, only to soon become the leader of it. Once he became the leader of the 0 Division, he had access to information only extremely few could access. While there, he learned of the whereabouts of his sister, to soon leave the 0 Division and the Gotei all together. He soon found his sister, and saved her from an attack that would have killed her. Taking his sister and her adopted daughter, this man took on a journey to find the other of his team, but only for that mission to fail. Their "time" in existence was up and those that "Didn't Exist" hit their expiration and reset time, as they disappeared from the world, only to be returned to the realm of Memories...

But nothing is forever, as the day that those that "Don't Exist" have returned...

The Memory Rosaries have returned, and this isn't any natural welcome. The first to return is none other than that man who ascended Soul Society ranks at it's peak. His name is Ceon Clixx-Kimura, the Memory Rosary of Life, but in this case, it was not "Life" that his title exclaimed. Instead, this rebirth included the Ego of the Rosary, bringing him into an uncontrollable state of "Cataclysm". The ego is something that takes control of the Memory Rosaries and changes them to take part into a mission out of their control. This is what lead Claire to her psychotic downfall, and Senna to her constant memory loss. It's a downfall to each of them, and this one, was after destruction...

Finally, as a loud crack of thunder struck close to the massive Sereitei walls, a massive spike in spiritual pressure appeared, as this was something that even the outer districts of Rukongai could feel. This power was familiar to some, but heavy to most as the amount was so intense, it even rivaled the Captain Commanders in history combined. The source of this spike in energy wasn't even far from eyesight as if looking to the east of the 3rd Division Walls, a glowing presence was spotted. A man, standing at 5 feet and 11 inches, wearing a full shinigami uniform, except the top was open displaying his bare chest and abdomen. A 0 Division Commander Hiori was tied to his left arm, torn in many places, where on his right arm was a simple red string wrapped around the top. His eyes, blindfolded by a red cloth, and his white medium length hair swayed in the strong currents of the wind. It was none other, than the Ceon Clixx-Kimura, standing before the Gotei, blindfolded, and the ego of Cataclysm taking hold.

Reaching out with one hand, Ceon brought his hand forth from the Shinigami top and snapped his fingers, as suddenly, what looked like Kaizaken, the God of Storms appeared in his full dragon form. Kaizaken was about 50 miles in length and so massive that he could block an entire direction in the sky in his full length. His glow which is naturally golden and yellow, was instead black, with a dark yellow hue. He let out a roar, making notice to all that there was something out there, and that they were no longer safe by the proceeding storm. With that, Ceon dropped his arm, and as he did, bursts of lightning shot down from the heavens, striking the ground below and destroying many buildings in their path. Omega Circles appeared around the Gotei, exploding soon after appearance, causing collapses and booming in the distances.

It was now clear to those that didn't take the hint that this is no longer any simple weather precaution...

The Gotei is under attack by the very one that protected it's walls...


Ceon's Music To Post

Artist: Massive Attack (Instrumental)
Song: TearDrop


[MAIN STORY EVENT] Memories Returned to a Cataclysmic Present... VKxUnpt

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Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:24 pm



The Soul Society was both the best, and the worst, place to work. In some respects, the best of it came when there was no fighting. War and peace intermingled within divisions only, various brawls being the only semblance of fighting that the gotei had to endure. Said brawls were usually occurring in the eleventh division, though that wasn't even happening as often as it used to. It seemed the whole of the world was in a peaceful state.... But.. not everything was as it seemed. There were smaller battles erupting everywhere... and everyone could feel it. From the smallest and most inconsequential creature, to the largest and toughest of them all could feel it. There was a war brewing. It was for this reason that some of the more higher ranked members thought this..:

Life at zero division... Was difficult.

Not difficult in the sense that it was a daily risk of life. Not difficult in the sense that the paperwork was long and irritating (though it was). No. It was difficult because of one very simple reason. It was boring as all hell. Well, only occasionally. Of course there were times when shit got real, the blood hit the fan, and the Zero Division had to step in and fuck shit up. However, that was, again, only on occasion. The Needlessness of war in the current time really kept things way too peaceful for the likings of those like Kenpachi, or other shinigami who craved, loved, and cherished battle. This was, in all technicality, peace time. Sure fights were brewing, people were getting killed, shit was going down.. In the end, though, there wasn't any major *war* going on. No events that kept all of seireitei busy. One or two units at a time, a whole squad on occasion, sure, but never the whole of it. Hell, even Vanguard had been able to rest relatively easy lately.

Apart from the battle-lusting peons, there were those in seireitei that actually hated the fighting. The hated the war, and they hated all the battles. Those of them who had fought, and watched friends die. Those who had died in war in their past life, though not all even remember such an occurance. These were the kinds of people who usually flocked to the more peaceful positions. Fourth division, perhaps? Maybe filing paperwork for your division? Or just working on the Seireitei magazine for thirteeth division. If you look in these places, sure you'll find some people who hate their jobs, and would rather actually be fighting, ut usually those who are in the peaceful positions have entered such by choice, rather than by force. They're content with staying off the front lines, and in fact, would much prefer not fighting at all. However.. some are not so lucky. Some of the more peaceful, more laid-back types, don't get the option of sticking to the bottom. Not everyone in this society of souls liked their job. Not to say they didn't appreciate it. But not everyone was happy with the.. details. And certain responsibilities made work-time morale.. difficult to keep up. These breed you'll usually find in the fifth seats, the seventh seats, the twentieth seats, etc. Souls who have yet to establish themselves enough to get a position they'd actually enjoy. Although, not everyone who feels this way is at the bottom rung. Oh no. There may or may not be a captain or two who also hates all the fighting, all the war, all the bloodshed, all the pissing about for the sake of some elitist cause. And one such person, one such higher up who hates everything about the wars, who'd rather not fight, and would prefer the comfort and stability of the home, as opposed to the foreign cruelty of a battlefield. Though, in life, he died in a battle, he had no ties to the art of fighting and killing. He loathed it. Who is this being, you may ask? Who could possibly loathe fighting so much that they avoid it at all costs, even though their rank is high? Well look no further than near the very top of the status rung. For at the head position of Zero Division, Xaver Chayton von Bréanainn was one such person. He despised fighting, and war of any kind in any form.

You would think that one such as him would value or even cherish battle. However, if one looks at his human life, and how things progressed for him at his final battle, you would see that fighting cannot possibly be something he enjoys. Is there a reason for this? Yes. The main reasoning can be traced back all the way to his life during his conquest of ireland. At his final defeat, when the breaking of his Geis caused him to be weakened for his confrontation, he was mortally wounded. However, instead of falling to the ground and accepting a humiliating defeat, he tied himself to a rock, making sure he died upright, as any true man of honor would do. It was this defeat that jostled his love of battle completely from his system. It was THIS defeat that ,made Xaver hate battle completely. And it was this battle that sent him into his new spiritual life...

It was days like this, however, that made Xaver's job harder than anything else. Days where the sky clouded over, where lightning pierced the sky, and where buildings in his very realm exploded. The cause of this was, to anyone else's eyes, a huge, dragon-type creature floating under the darkened sky. Xaver, and a few of the other older soul society members, knew what the real cause was... or rather... WHO it was.

As Xaver stood in the air, his own reiatsu holding him above the intruder, he brushed his ponytail behind his shoulder, floating down to eye-level with the man, about 20 feet away.

"So you're the one who's been decimating my realm, eh lad?" Xaver said with a hint of irritation in his voice. "I know who ye are, Ceon. I was only a lieutenant when ya held yer authority here, but I can tell ye now that there's new management here, and we're better off, so do us a favor and take yer business elsewhere." Xaver narrowed his eyes, his hands balling into fists at his sides, his blue uniform rippling as his muscles tensed, "Or else... I'll make ye regret the day ye were born."

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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