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Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:01 pm

Tobirama /Cole/ Iramasha

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Second_hokage
"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3785-1

• Name: Tobirama “Cole” Iramasha
• Age: Unknown
• Gender: Male
• Appearance:

He has the appearance of a man in his early twenties; with a normal build, with a rugged body. His hair is bushy and white, not very long on his head. Around his face he wears a face-mask that outlines everything but his chin. His eyes are red in color, and he has three pointed tattoo spikes that are on the right side and left side of his face; the third being in the middle of his chin. He has fairly small, pointed eyes, and a small mouth. He has a strange attire; with a high collar, he also has a kind of fluffy white hood around his neck.

He wears light-armor looking clothes, blue in color with arm guards and chest and back plates. He wears black pants, bandaged shins, and sandals on his feet.

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3786-1

• Personality:

Natural Fighter

He is, and always will be, a natural fighter. He lives and dies by the blade. He completely understands this; and accepts it. In fact, to him, it is such a natural truth that he is bewildered by others who seem surprised that they die in battle. He also understands that one has a life outside of battle; so while he may not hesitate to do battle, he will only kill his enemies if he doesn't see them as having a right to live. Otherwise, he will merely incapacitate them.


Cole is an honorable man. Despite never having trained in the ways of the Bushido, he has his own personal code when it comes to fighting. He respects honor and tries to understand what others require to maintain their own honor, doing what he believes will help them keep it as he hopes others would for him. He will respect any enemy he defeats, and congratulate any that bests him. He will honor and make sure is buried any whom challenge him face to face.


However... he's fairly awkward, socially. Most of the time, he will only use short words or no response at all, using only a head or hand motion to indicate his communication. However, when he does speak, with coherent thought, his response are long and thought out.. and usually funny.


However, he values all Iramasha and most lives in general; if he can stop someone from dying or something from being pointlessly wasted, he will act on it with gusto. He will not stop until he falls, until his opponent is beaten, his goal is achieved, his soul satisfied. In the end, that is just his true goal as an angel; to protect whatever he possibly can from the forces that would do him and his kind harm in any way possible.

Comedic Genius

After all, believe it or not he's a comedic genius. He believes in good, clean comedy, and punches out anyone that makes bad jokes or absolutely stupid ones that other people laugh at, as he believes that they are supporting bad comedy and running its good name. However, he himself rarely tells his jokes, leading people to think that he himself hates comedy, which is truly not the case.

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3788-1

• Background:

His past, even to him is known little to nothing. He knows that he existed, and that he had a family; although he doesn't know much about them. The only thing he could remember is that his father was special. Very special. However, there was only one thing that Cole didn't understand about his dad...

Why he froze his son. Completely; on ice. He sealed Cole within his own mental world for him to train; and then froze his son completely in ice. Cole didn’t even know basic angel skills; now, Cole had nothing to do... but train. So he trained, and he learned more about himself. In reality, it was here that he met his Seishin Buki. A strange being, to be sure, an extremely strange being. It taught Cole everything he knows in regards to battle, in addition to how to use Toketsu Raito. He trained day in, day out, for time unknown, his powers ever expanding, until one day...

He popped out of the ice. He could suddenly feel, see, and hear, and realized that there were people... in front of him. Holding lights, and swords. He panicked, as suddenly, light exploded out from him, as ice began to freeze all around him, completely covering up the men at a speed unlike anything any of them had been expecting. They couldn't even draw their weapons in time as the ice completely covered them, Cole watching in horror as it spread over their mouths, tears going down his face as he realized... He had just frozen people... to death...

He ran, as fast as he could. He got down to earth, and went to the frozen tundra. He didn't have enough control; hell, he didn't even know why the hell he had been frozen, or for how long. So, he merely allowed himself to train in the tundra, learning more about himself, and beginning to allow the memories of his family to fade. He remained there, for years, training, creating roughly one hundredth of the Earth's cold fronts during his time while he was there. He was determined to grow ever stronger, and worked harder, and harder, meditating and working on his Toketsu Raito every day, for years… until he finally maintained a link with the Soul King. He said that one day, he would send a man to retrieve Cole, and Cole trusted him, and decided to wait.

A man came to him, eventually. He had been sought out at last by another person. However, by this point, Cole rarely spoke, so he let the man do all the talking. He wanted Cole.. to come back. They needed… a leader. Cole agreed, hearing that his crimes had been pardoned and forgotten long before. So finally, he was able to rejoin Chaos Island, and performed his leader duties with pride. However, he recognized when it was time to step down and let the next generation do the talking, so he left his current position, leading him to the present day…

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3793-1

• Seishin Buki Name: Sonic Toketsu Raito

• Seishin Buki Appearance:


• Seishin Buki Abilities:

Sonic the Hedgehog

His spirit... is the manifestation of every hedgehog on earth's desire to be fast. IT formed inside of Cole's body, and is able to exchange its form with Cole's in order to do battle. Or, Cole can stay the same as his normal appearance and just use Sonic's abilities, all of them, at the same rate. The only difference is, Sonic's form is smaller and can perform the Spin-ball easier. The body is as tough and strong as Cole's is; Sonic merely gives Cole his shape in this case. He has two shapes, in fact; a blue and a black, each representing a different kind of speed. Blue being pure movement, and Black being the fact of existing in another place instantly. Changing forms from one to the other must be done at the beginning of a post to determine which is being used.


Reflex Monumental

Whenever Cole has invoked Sonic's power, his reflexes become immense; almost insane. He is able to catch a fist moving at hypersonic speeds in his hand at point blank range, with little effort. His brain and eyes are also able to move fast enough to keep up with his reactions, leading him to be extremely hyperactive and sometimes distracted while using this if he isn't paying attention. He can deal with up to 5 simultaneous hyper-sonic attacks at once before hitting his limit; making it tough to beat his reaction, but not impossible. In addition, he is only able to "react"; that reaction could be many things, or it could still lead to him taking damage. So by no means is it an all-stopper.

Running Speed

With Sonic's speed alone activated, he can go from 0 to 3000 in three seconds flat. The only problem with this... is that if he also isn't using his Reflex Monumental active at the same time, there is an extremely high chance he'll run into or overshot his target. Most of the time, he moves just at the limit of Sub-sonic when this is activated, roughly anywhere from 5 to 6 hundred mph. However, the downside is that he HAS to move at that speed. He is physically unable to move slower than that while having Sonic's power going through him.

BLACK SONIC (Also known as Shadow)

Chaos Energy

He is able to manipulate Chaos Energy into a pure substance, and use it at his desire. He can pull the Chaos Energy from the air around him with Outer Chaos Energy, or he can use Cole's large amount of Inner Chaos Energy. The energy flows into his hand(s), and from there he is able to trigger it into one of two forms: Chaos Spear or Chaos Control

Chaos Spear

Chaos Spear is a blast of energy that is extremely powerful at the tip, and less powerful in its trail. They can vary in size, but usually go from 5 to 10 feet in length. They can't get bigger than 20 feet in radius. He charges the energy up into his hand, and then fires them by throwing his hand or foot out, or merely moving the energy to a point on his body and shooting it from there. When the blast hits, it makes a small explosion around the spear tip, smashing into and dealing exploding damage to the opponent.

Chaos Control

He uses a... special kind of Chaos Warp. For roughly 2 seconds, he can bend time and space, resulting in him being able to "teleport" for anywhere within 50 meters after each use. If he has possession of one of the Angel or Demon Gems when he activates it, he can tap into their power to make the number of teleportation’s almost limitless, and if he focuses extremely hard, can teleport large objects over far distances with him, although that is very draining for him to do. However, without a Gem to use it with, he can only perform it up to 3 times consecutively, and 5 times per post. HOWEVER, he can be found by anyone else who is using Chaos Warp, in addition to anyone else that bends time or space and meets him. Despite warping time and space, he can't really go back and forth through time, merely move around it to reach his next position, and "Teleport."


He doesn't run like in blue form. Instead, he propels himself around on "Skates", which take in and burn chaos energy around him, moving fluidly and effortlessly along. He can also enhance his speed by burning his own chaos energy within them, pushing him forwards, and can go at extremely high speeds if he uses an emerald.


Sonic Spin-ball

In either form, he can either begin running EXTREMELY fast, or start burning Chaos Energy of his own in his skates, and begin to loop the momentum. He does this by spinning in place, coiling in on himself to make a ball-like shape. This ball-like shape is moving at extremely high speeds, and when released, flies in the ball-like shape from the sheer amounts of speed that he has like this. It is so fast, it has been seen to fly through 20 meters deep of Seki-Seki rock. However, that was at full power, which would take an entire post of charge up to perform. Most of the time, it’s good for getting through obstacles, going through large objects, or plowing things away.

A variation of this move is the Homing Attack. With this, Cole is able to see a target, spin over in a spin-ball, and suddenly fire out at it, using the ground or forming a plate of energy below him for a brief second as he flies at the target. What's unique about this is that it only takes one glance at the target for him to reach it, meaning that if he was having a bridge drop on him, he could leap from piece to piece until he reached the top, then jump out of it fluidly.

Seishin Split!

This technique results in two fighters with Cole's mind, body, and soul divided between them. Either the blue or the black Sonic is ejected from his body, and Cole is forced into taking the form of the other. Each is only able to use their own powers; and Cole can only use the abilities of the one he is in the form of, completely limited everything else he can do. Basically, this creates a Blue Sonic and a Black Sonic, Cole in control of one of them and Sonic in control of the other. They communicate via the union of their minds, and can perfectly synchronize their actions. He can stay like this however long he wants; however, Cole can only activate it once per thread. It's main drawbacks are that he can only use the Sonic who's form he is in at that time's abilities, in addition to the fact that to reform properly he has to grasp the other Sonic's hand, so if they are separated, Cole is pretty much screwed.

Super Sonic Form

He becomes stuck in either Sonic or Shadow’s form for 5 posts after this has activated without his other powers and unable to switch between the two hedgehogs; four of which this particular ability is happening. This ability either makes him double in his speed in Sonic Form; or double the efficiency of his Chaos Control in his Shadow Form. However, in either case, he can now perform the Golden Spin-ball. When this form has activated, his entire body becomes entirely golden, although Shadow Form’s red highlights still stick out. The Golden Spin-ball is so strong, at full power, it could potentially even break through the barrier around Chaos Island, going right through it, although this is untested. However, for that one post after the form is completed and he is still stuck in that form, he becomes extremely slow, his skates and chaos control unable to work in Shadow Form and reduced to walking slowly in Sonic. This form either takes a post to charge up, or can be released using an Angel Gem.

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3792-1

• Powers: He is... a freak of nature. His Chaos Energy takes not one, but 2 forms. The elements... of Lightning and Water.


Yes, his energy can form into the naturally occurring form of lightning. This means he can make and throw large bolts, send electricity through things, fire shocks from his hands. The voltage reaches up to 100,000,000 volts, roughly 1,000 times the voltage that would cause one to feel a sting from making contact with an old motor plug. He is able to make this lightning extremely easily, as it is one of the natural forms of his body. It takes a reasonably small amount of energy to create a good bolt of lightning from him. Electricity that hits him doesn’t affect him much unless it is very strong electricity, or he is weakened.


He is able to turn his energy into either pure water, or into ice. He can use a fairly small amount of energy to easily create a 50x50 foot block of water; or a 20x20 block of ice. However, that's just saying how much he can produce; he can fire out the ice as shards, for example, or create a wave of water around him. Note that this doesn't let him manipulate normal water; same with electricity. He is only able to create and manipulate his own; although he can control his own water and electricity with his mind. Another example would be creating a whirlpool with his water; or making a chunk of ice and kicking it at the opponent, or just making the ground below them very, very slippery. He can freeze things to absolute zero temperatures, and is able to move fluidly unaffected by cold things up to that temperature.

Enormous Energy Well

His Black Seishin alone, if it got ahold of the Master Gem, could transport the entirety of Iramasha Island. That's how much energy that Cole possesses inside of his one body; it is truly a frightening amount, which is why he tries so hard to control and regulate it, and why the differences in his form’s power’s is so large. He also uses his well of energy to enhance his body’s natural abilities; he has tremendous strength, particularly high speed, and a solid defensive structure naturally.

• Chaos Moves:

He is aware of most of the general chaos moves, in addition to Shattering Chaos.

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3794-1

• Angelic Release: Storm’s Call Appearance:


•Angelic Release: Storm’s Call:

In this state, and onwards, he goes a step further than just making general stuff to help him out in combat. He uses "Techs"; a special technique with that Element.

Lightning Techs

Lightning Bond: He can hold his arms out to each side, making his spine straight. Then he exhales out lightning of his own, running the current between the two, making a ring of lightning in front of him. Then he jumps in the air, flips upside down, and releases the ring when it is pointed at his enemy. He can use Lightning Rod or hit the ground again from there, manipulating it with one or both hands. If he is only using one hand, it is about 33% as effective as using both. If it hits an enemy, it folds over, acting like a bear trap. After a few moments, it disperses, leaving its target badly singed. He can manipulate it for 1 post and uses a fair amount of energy. Toketsu Raito cannot be activated wit this.

Lightning Rod: He can create a straight cylindrical object in his hand, making it as long as he wishes. It is made of solidified electricity, meaning it is very durable. When it hits the ground, it stops moving, period. It will never be able to be shifted from the stop but for from Cole or the ground beneath it breaking. He can hold it and touch it, but to do so for anyone else would burn them. It maintains its shape for 2 posts before dissipating and takes a small amount of energy. Toketsu Raito can make the lightning rods have a frozen outline, increasing their durability and attempting to freeze any foreign objects that come in contact with them, including Cole.

Giga Blades: Cole can create a manifestation of his Lightning energy on each hand; as if it is an extremely dense piece of lightning, in the shape of a blade. It sticks out of his hand, making his hands look like they are wearing pointed mittens; blue, pointed mittens. So, when he hits someone, the energy disperses from his hands, creating a small electrical explosion on contact, which may knock the energy back and disorient them. It also still burns, but only on the spot that was hit. With Toketsu Raito, these can gain a frosted outline, freezing with ice that does small shocks over time anything that the blades hit. Note that while the Giga Blades are active, he can still touch solid objects with his hands as long as they don’t mind the electricity.

Static Wave: Cole charges a decent amount of energy into either both hands or one, not a lot, but not very little, and points his hand at the enemy. From the hand or hands he fires off a force of electricity that blows away everything in an area backwards, away from him. He is also pushed back by the wave, depending on how strong he makes it and if he wants it to. With Toketsu Raito, the wave will also chill anything that passes through it, attempting to slow it down from the cold.

Lightning Stream: Cole has much faster natural reflexes in Angel Form, and uses a stream of combinations to fulfill his goals. However, to change between each combo, Cole must do a full stop and begin again.

Thunder: Cole begins this series with full power, lifting both hands above his head. In his hands gathered a large amount of lightning energy, what looks like a lightning bolt hitting his hands, supercharging them with a loud roar. Then he brings his hands down, releasing a small amount of it either on his enemy or the ground he once stood on. Toketsu Raito does not effect this.

Thunder-go-round: Cole moves at full speed in his powered state, appearing in front of the enemy. As he moves, he spins around. As he reaches the enemy, he grabs his outstretched foot with the same side hand and holds it, making something like an outstretched… whopper. This supercharges his foot with the energy still in his hand. If they hit an enemy, they are blown away from the energy of the attack. Toketsu Raito does not effect this.

Thunder Spartz: Cole ducks down, hitting the ground on all fours. The ground sinks in, creating a small crater all around him. Then he launches off, with a large boom noise. Each time he hits the ground, another small crater appears until he reaches his opponent. When he reaches them, he presses down on his hands, throwing his legs behind him up into the air. Both feet fire a bit of energy from the overcharge, so it basically fires two small shocks. Then, Cole brings the feet all the way down in front of himself, and as soon as they hit the ground he lets go of the ground. Cole will continue having his hands flat as he approaches his enemy from below. He thrusts his hands and head out, a bit like a sumo wrestler. When he does, he yells "Clear!" and attempts to lay his flat hands on the enemy. If the hands hit, he runs all the leftover energy into the enemy, completely shocking their body along with ramming their skull with his own. Which hurts. A lot. In addition, if Toketsu Raito is used with this, two giant pillars of ice shoot out of the opponents chest.

Thunder Song: (After Thunder) Cole throws his right hand back, clenching his fist. Then he rushes for the enemy, bringing the fist forward with his speed. When he hits or misses, he makes a full stop, and the air alone fires out from him, trying to drag him with it, attempting to blow everything near him away. If hit, the enemy will be blown by the electricity and hit with the full force of the vacuum he created. Toketsu Raito cannot be applied to this.

Thunder Drop: After hitting the enemy with the thunder song, Cole leaps up into the air, throwing both arms to the sides. He also has his body totally straight, from his head to his feet. He snaps his fingers, and Lightning Rod's form in both of his hands. He then turns on his stomach, looking straight down at his enemy in the same straight position as before. He then allows himself to fall, dropping the Lightning Rods. When they hit the ground around the enemy, if the enemy is still there, it will run a constant current between the two around the enemy. It makes it difficult for the enemy to escape. From behind Cole as he falls is a stream of electricity, constantly chirping. As he reaches the ground and his energy, he throws his charged hands in front of himself, his hands open and palms flat. He hits the ground, releasing all the leftover energy. It creates a large crater where he hits, blowing away the rods and doing a fairly large amount of damage to the enemy. However, it also does a lot of stress to his spine from the drop, meaning that he cannot use another combo for 3 posts. He can even dump a large amount of energy on the ground along with the large discharge with Toketsu Raito.

Lightning: Cole bends his knees, keeping his spine straight. He begins charging up his right hand, and then bends forward, pressing down at his feet. He runs at his opponent, visible, but just barely. Then, when he reaches his opponent, his hand moves at the speed of a Shunpo, darting around before finally striking the opponent with a flat hand. If he hits over the opponents heart, it will skip a beat in addition to the explosive damage. If he applies Toketsu Raito to this, it can also shoot out a giant icicle into the opponent’s chest as well, or be fired out when he charges it up.

Lightstrom: Then Cole follows the opponent with a series of 20 kicks all around them, hitting from all angles. Then he finishes the attack by hoping off his right foot, changing attacking sides. His foot, charged up, shoots up into the air, possibly hitting the opponent in the face. Then he discharges it, firing out a cage of electricity from his foot. 8 tendrils disperse from his foot and fall to the ground, trying to trap the opponent. Toketsu Raito cannot be applied to this.

Light Cauterization: Cole puts both hands on the ground, over charging his hands. It then shoots out, transmitting through the ground by his sheer will power. It forms a circle within the cage, and burns a star in the center. Then, in the middle of the star, a white light begins forming in a dot shape. It then expands, filling up the star. Then the five points of the star fire up wards, meeting at the top of the cage. They burn the enemy, and once it hits the top of the cage, it explodes. It can send them flying away, doing moderate damage. NOTE: Both the cage and the star can be disrupted if the opponent is able. Note that with Toketsu Raito, he can attempt to freeze the opponent with the light as it rises as well, making it easier for the explosion to hit them but reducing damage.

Water Techs

Frozen Ring: He places his right palm on his left, releasing a breath. Then he pulls his right hand away from his left, creating a line of ice as it goes. He brings his right hand all the way around, in a large loop, meeting it back at the back of his left hand. Then he pulls out his left hand from the ring, before he draws away his right. Then he places a hand on each side of the ring, before bringing it up above his head. Then he drops away his hands, placing them at his sides, as the ring falls down all around him. As it goes down, it freezes solid all the area around it, successfully making a cylinder around Cole. This cylinder can stand a good bit of damage before it cracks and breaks all around him, the ice shards falling to the ground. He is also able to break out of it himself if need be. He can only use this once per post, and doesn't take that long to set up. Toketsu Raito can run through this Ring, enhancing its defensive properties by attempting to stun anyone who physically attacks it.

Frozen Weaponry: He claps his hands before him, placing his chaos energy into its ice form as he draws the hands apart. The ice forms in the shape of some kind of weapon that he chooses; it could be a spear, a sword, a katana, an axe, a club, a dagger, and any other melee weapon shape he can think of. However, he can't create things like whips that have inter-moving parts. As long as he can produce ice, he can do this trick. With Toketsu Raito, he can create the weapons with an electrical charge about them, able to deliver shocks to anything they make contact with.

Water Clone: By clapping his hands together in front of him, water shoots out from his hands, hitting the ground and rising up into the air. The water takes the shape of Cole and then gains color, being exactly the same appearance as Cole, fooling anyone who can’t sense the difference in spiritual power into thinking it’s Cole himself. However, the clone only has the power of Cole’s natural body, having no spiritual pressure of its own. However, that in itself can also make it a weapon, as it can control all parts of its body. Cole is able to make up to 10 of these and manipulate them at once; although with 5 and above he has to stop moving himself to make his clones move. This also has another application as well.

He can make it look like he “Substitutes” himself with one of his clones. This occurs from him completely covering himself with a water clone in an instant, and then dodging out of the way as the clone is hit by the attack, substituting himself for the clone. However, he can only make the water move in such a way roughly twice a post. The Water Clones can be charged with Toketsu Raito to make their physical attacks deliver small shocks against his opponents and deliver shocks whenever the opponent makes contact with them.

Clone Froze: Cole is still able to manipulate the water in the clones. This means he can cause the water within them to disperse, covering the opponent with water. Then, the water instantly freezes, making a thin layer of ice all around the opponent. They will most likely be able to easily break out, but they also will be at least temporarily immobilized. In Toketsu Raito-powered clones, the electricity will attempt to stun the opponent as it freezes, increasing the amount of immobility.

Water Prison: A bit different, when this occurs the clone turns into pure water around the opponent. Cole then places his hand in this water, expanding it as it completely surrounds an opponent. The outside of the orb created freezes over, and makes it difficult to break. The upside to this is that it is very effective at capturing the opponent; the downside is that after its creation, Cole is unable to move from the spot it was made. It can be broken out of, but takes at least a good amount of Advanced-Level strength. With Toketsu Raito, electrical shocks continually flow around the prison, shocking the opponent at random intervals but at a good rate.

Massive Flood: By clapping his hands together, he creates a ring of water that flows all around him. Then , he releases a massive amount of his energy, turning it into water and projecting it through the ring around him. He guides it forwards at certain point, and the water flows out at the target, completely pushing away and running into and crashing down on whatever it is that it hits in the process. Toketsu Raito can be used with this to make the water electrically-charged, and damage the opponent with small shocks at several different points.

Massive Whirlpool: Then, he turns both hands horizontal, the palms facing one another as he horizontally claps them. The water he has spawned begins to flow around itself, creating a massive, 50 by 50 foot whirlpool in front of him. It drags anything within it to the center and downwards, the pull being quite strong due to the sheer size of the whirlpool. For the effects of Toketsu Raito, see the above. That effect occurs at much high rates due to it all being centered at one point.

Massive Waterspout: He moves his hands away from one another, making fists with them and pointing the knuckles parallel to one another. Then, he raises the pinkies of each hand, before meeting the tips of both the uplifted pinkies, his second level of knuckles making contact. The entire whirlpool suddenly undergoes a change, as the direction of the water flow suddenly FLIPS. It draws out anything that's at the bottom of the whirlpool, and sends it exploding out the top, followed by all the water. Therefore, anything caught in the whirlpool slamming into the ground, then followed up by the sheer weight of 50 by 50 cubic feet of water slamming on top of them, completely dousing the entire area around them. Toketsu Raito will only deliver mild-shocks while the water slams down around the opponent; and dissipates into the ground after this is used.

Toketsu Raito Techs

In Angel State, he gains the ability to access his Latent Unique Ability: Toketsu Raito. Toketsu Raito is literally Frozen Lightning. This has many unique applications unlike any other kind of energy. The basics of it, however, are that he is able to choose either Lightning or Water as the base of the energy, and then “Apply” the other energy to the base. However, as this is only the first form of its power, he can only use it on general things similar to those in his sealed state. For example, when he shoots a bolt of lightning, he can cause water to spout from it, the area around it to begin freezing, ice crystals to grow out, or just a line of ice in the bolt’s path. Alternatively, he can electrically charge water, giving anyone who touches it a nasty shock, and charge Ice with it, making it attracted to fabrics and other such things, creating static cling, in addition to possibly shocking.

•Awakened Divinity: Blue Angel Form Appearance:


In this form, his Toketsu Raito begins to completely show itself. His energy completely mixes across his body, blurring his form from the viewer’s eyes, returning him to his normal state… colored completely light-blue with only an outline of his features able to be seen.

•Awakened Divinity: Blue Angel Form Abilities:

Awakened Divinity Bonuses:

He is also able to effortlessly shift between Sonic and Shadow while in this state due to the doubling in his Seishin’s power from Awakened Divinity; as both of the hedgehog’s natural abilities (Minus Super Sonic and Seishin Split) are vastly increased as well. His physical strength and endurance also double from before as well. In addition, most of the light damage on his body is instantly healed, and his focus increases vastly as well, able to sense the chaos energy, reishi, and other types of spiritual energy at a much higher level than before. As well as how he is able to sense the races of anyone within a three mile radius. These are the bonuses granted to him from his Awakened Divinity as are stated in the race specs.

Lightning Techs:



This is pure electricity turned into a solid object. It is what looks like two large sparkplugs combined with a handle in the middle, and wire going around them. Amporo can become charged with lightning and electricity that disperse when it makes contact with something. When Cole is off the ground, it can charge more than its limit, otherwise the ground takes the over-energy. So, if he leaps off a building and charges it, he can create a larger blow on the ground beneath him as opposed to a jump and hit. Amporo has two things that it can transform into during one thread, depending on Cole’s choice. With Toketsu Raito, it can also create large, weighted ice crystals where it hits; and with the overcharge, it can shoot up gigantic ice shards around it.

Emporo: It simply extends, but then does something not so simple. Now 2 feet longer, it breaks off, forming 3 different parts of the Amporo, looking like a fan. Each piece is 1/3 as thick as the original. However, the Emporo can be swung around, the pieces extended and retracted by Cole's will. They can move 360 degrees around, 3 pieces in each part. The parts are able to charge up Cole’s lightning energy and fire it in larger bursts than normal, as well as acting as a whacking-hitting-shocking stick-thing. It can also fire out ice shards with Toketsu Raito; electrically charged ice shards.
Emporo's Blood: Cole places Emporo between his hands, in his palms. Then, smiling, he moves the hands back and forth, spinning Emporo horizontally in front of him. As he spins it, a high amount of electricity begins running between the points of the Emporo, putting Cole's stiff hair on end. Then, after its 5th rotation, he stops it immediately, thrusting out the Emporo. From the weapon fires a wave of energy, spinning like a giant bullet, pointed at its tip. Three large bolts of electricity are moving rapidly around, and within the three is a large amount of the static. When it hits something, it keeps pushing, having the combined force of 12 cement trucks. After the post that it fires ends, the wave centers in on itself, becoming a marble-sized sphere, and falling on the ground. It is smooth like a marble as well, and makes hair stand on end when touched. 2 posts after that, it explodes violently for 20 feet around the marble, and then is finished. Cole can only use this thrice per thread. The marble with Toketsu Raito will also begin to freeze the area of the explosion, leaving everything frosted at the least and completely frozen solid where the explosion occurred at most.

Godbout: This is the other advanced form of Amporo. Amporo blends in on itself, becoming a simple katana. It has a silver colored blade with a ruby hilt, and a small cube piece of topaz in the end of it. The scabbard on his left side for the blade is white. He uses the scabbard in combat as well, a little bit reminiscent of the battle style of Ikkaku Madarame. With Toketsu Raito, any attacks it makes will leave ice trails that are both cold, and repeatedly shock the opponent lightly while they exist on their body. The ice can be broken fairly easily, however.

Voice of Godbout: Anything that the sword cuts gains a yellow star, about 1 inch long. The post after the sword has cut, the sword sends out a lightning bolt at the star, blowing back the opponent or whatever has the mark. The bolt is of medium strength, and can only blow back, not pierce, the enemy (or object). There can only exist 10 stars at any one time, and the sword MUST fire the post afterwards. Each time one fires, a 20th of the scabbard breaks of from the indent within it, keeping its function but exposing more and more of the sword. When Cole has run through the entire scabbard, he grabs Godbout by both hands, reaching its second level. With Toketsu Raito, the shots to the stars will make a small colony of ice crystals, that shock the opponent lightly repeatedly until they are broken off.

Godbout's Peace: Cole must swing Godbout to charge it, 3 times. After those three, on the fourth swing, the topaz gem shines as it begins. The blade turns yellow during the swing, and fires off 5 blue lightning bolts. The bolts fly out 30 feet, and then bounce at all angles, going all directions. There has formed a net of static around him and the opponent, each swing prior to it sending off enough static to form the net. The field is only visible when the bolts strike against it, and can be torn easily just by touching it. It does have a side effect of making your hair stand on end, however. When the field is broke, the bolts can go through the hole and the entire field collapses in 1 post. Otherwise, it continues bouncing around Cole and his foe for 2 posts. He can only use this once per thread, and Godbout's topaz gem breaks once it is finished. The field can be broken by any attack above your regular old cero. Toketsu Raito cannot be applied to this.

Honest-to-Speed Step: He has the ability to move himself like lightning; for just a brief moment, he can vanish and literally turn into a lightning bolt. Then he fires out at the speed of light, stopping a moment later. He reappears in the exact same stance he left, no energy lost. So, he begins, seems to stop, flashes out, stops again, (to prevent the attacks that may follow from being at the speed of light), and continues from how he was before. The only problem is, it must go in a straight line to reach his destination. He can only do this up to 7 times in a row before he is unable to for the rest of the post. He can only go up to 500 meters at one Step. With Toketsu Raito, the trail he makes from his lightning is completely frozen in the air, being suspended with his energy. Anything that touches this line will receive and electric shock for their trouble.

Thundera Sphero: Cole throws out his right hand, grabbing the elbow and holding it straight out. He charges the hand with his electricity, pointing it at his enemy. When he finishes charging, he rejects the energy out into his hand, creating a orb of electricity. The orb isn’t very big; roughly a foot in diameter. He grabs onto the orb with his right hand, moving his left hand horizontal from his chest. Then he releases the orb, sending it flying at the opponent with reiatsu. It hits like a rock, and Cole can control it with his right hand, his left hand focusing the attack. It lasts for 1 post before disappearing and takes a small amount of energy. With Toketsu Raito, anything the orb comes into contact with gets a line of shocking ice on it where it contacted.

Lightning Shot: Cole can place electricity into above his hands, creating what looks like a sniper rifle on his arm. However, it only has the length of a sniper rifle, and is connected directly to his right arm. He looks down the sight as it finishes forming, being careful not to press it against his face, then fires it like a quick scope, pulling the trigger in his mind. The sniper turns into a lightning bolt from the tip of the rifle, starting from the back and being fully shot out once the barrel disappears. It races along quickly towards its enemy at 200 miles per hour. If it hits, it pierces through, performing a spear that stops once half of the bolt is through the body of the target. The shot is thin, only about an inch in diameter, but after it hits its target it stops, going into the opponent's body, taking out any nearby nerves for up to 4 inches from the hit spot, making them feel numb in that area. It can only be shot up to twice per post. With Toketsu Raito, a patch of ice appears on the spot, numbing the nerves even further, even after the ice is dusted off, the numbing lasting for a full post, depending on the person that was shot. If the opponent has no nerves, this has little effect at all.

Light Flame: From the end of the lightning rods, fire blazes out like a jet stream when Cole snaps his fingers. Only 3 can spew at once, and they can only spew for 1 post before disappearing. Due to the fact that the rods can be stood on and fought on, this can make it quite interesting during a battle where Cole and his opponent are jumping around. With Toketsu Raito, anything that is hit by the flames gets shocking ice on it.

Thunder Flare: Cole bends back his spine, releasing a bloated amount of energy. As in, it is only a little, but he stretches it as far as he can. Doing this makes a gigantic explosion noise as well as a terrific flash of light, disorienting the enemy, perhaps blinding and deafening them for a few moments. It singes the outsides of Cole's clothing, but doesn't hurt his body. It takes 1 post to prepare. Lord help you if you are right next to him when it fires without eye and ear protection. Toketsu Raito cannot be applied to this as it would only leave shocking ice on Cole’s body.

Spike State: When he determines, all over his body form spikes, made of pure electricity, half a foot long each with a radius on his body of 3 inches. He can mentally take them off and guide them like rockets with his pointer fingers, being able to move 2 at once. When they make contact with something, they violently explode, creating an electric shocking sphere with a 3 foot radius. The others act as defense. He has 25 total on his body and they do not regenerate after being fired. This, however, can only be activated once per thread. With Toketsu Raito, the explosion leaves a large cloud of mist; in this mist the leftover electricity darts around, lightly shocking anything within.

Trick of the Light: Cole swings his right arm to the left, creating what looks like a deadly blade made of pure lightning, 10 feet long and with a sharp tip. He is able to manipulate it as if it is weightless and cut out with it. However, when it hits an opponent, a great giant spurt of blood flies out. Not from the enemy, as they will soon realize. It doesn't actually draw blood or damage them, because it is only an illusion created by Cole, made of nothing but colored light. It is meant to distract and get under an enemy's guard. Toketsu Raito cannot be applied to this.

Water Techs

Shark Creation: While in water, he can create special sharks made out of water loaded with his spirit energy. These sharks are controlled by his mind. However, they also have the special trait of being able to show Cole what they are seeing. He can create up to 5 at once, shooting them out of his hands into water. He is unable to perform this technique out of water. These sharks have large mouths, and teeth made out of ice. They have a full range of movement as well; and swim as fast as great whites, also having the general shape of the great white shark. With Toketsu Raito, anything they bite receives a medium-powerful shock.

Shark Missile: He can either send an existing shark or just fire a shark from his hand, even if he’s not in water, at the opponent. This shark runs right at his enemy, its jaws wide open. It then clamps down when it reaches the opponent, and triggers its activation. It explodes largely, damaging everything around it for 25 meters with explosive energy. He can create it without needing water by pushing a foot forwards, shooting out a splash of water, and having the Water Shark fly out of it. However, this shark is unable to change its course, and can only fly in a straight line. With Toketsu Raito, the explosion will also deal small electrical damage.

Exploding Current: By placing his hand on a source of water, he can select a place within that water for a vortex to form. The vortex is as deep as the water source, meaning that if he uses this on an ocean; the effects can be immense. However, smaller things like lakes and streams will merely pull everything around it on the surface downwards into the current, attempting to drag it to the bottom of the water source. This only takes the energy to manipulate the water; although larger sources do take more energy to manipulate and keep up. Toketsu Raito cannot be applied to this; unless he created the water, which would already be full of shockings.

Destruction Torrent: He forms a large ball of water in his hand, the water growing and spinning in on itself. Then he thrusts his hand forwards, releasing the water. He adds more water, a large amount in a short amount of time, as it leaves his hand, making the spherical attack even larger. This creates a giant, flying, rotating orb of Cole’s water, which flies into its target, slamming into it, dragging it along, and attempting to slam it into its environment, damaging the opponent. With Toketsu Raito, the giant sphere has trails of electricity going along its outer rim, causing any fabric the opponent has to cling to it strongly and make it more difficult to dodge.

Bubble Disturbance: From his mouth, Cole can fire bubbles. Yes. Bubbles. These bubbles range between 1 and 4 inches in diameter, and he can pour out a stream of them, or just large ones. When these bubbles come into contact with someone or something, they explode, dealing explosive damage from Cole’s energy. That means he can create large bombs of bubbles, or fire a bunch of smaller explosions in a stream of bubbles. He can also trigger the bubbles all at once by snapping his fingers. When charged with electricity, these also deal an electric shock; they can even become purely-electrical bubbles, bright blue in color.

Ice Prison: Cole can throw his hand onto the ground, firing a wave of ice that runs along the ground until it gets underneath his opponent. The ice then fires up out of the ground in a great column, snatching at the opponent. If it gets onto a limb or a part of the opponents body, the ice rises up around his opponent, imprisoning them. He can also use the ice as a shield against incoming attacks. Toketsu Raito can be used to send shocks up the Ice Prison onto his opponent and damage them; almost like a torture chamber.

Water Pistol: With this attack, Cole forms his hand into the shape of a pistol. Then, from his finger he fires a single bullet, which attempts to deal piercing damage. This process can be repeated several times without recoil, meaning he can use his hands like a machine pistol, machine gun, or a shotgun, depending on the situation at hand. With Toketsu Raito, the bullets are more piercing, using the electricity on the tips to try and disturb the atoms of whatever they come into contact with; although this tends to have limited effectiveness.

Rising Water Cutter: By pressing his foot or another limb onto the ground, his water shoots up in a slicing jet, going in a straight line up to 6 feet into the air. Its effects are best seen when it hits something like a rock; it slices it right open, moving directly through it. It even cracks the ground beneath it; and its trail is roughly 4 feet long. With Toketsu Raito, the water also shocks the opponent as it hits them, increasing the chances of their focus being lost and them being hit by the trail as well or being blown away.

Concealing Mist: This is a technique that fires out a great cloud of mist from every point on Cole’s body. However, this mist has a special property. It doesn’t allow unconscious spiritual power to leak out. That means that things like cero and such will fly right through it without effecting it; but the energy signature that anyone within the mist gives off will be suppressed. It also hinders general sight; and is mostly used for confusing and attempting to cut down Cole’s opponent with a Frozen Weapon of some kind. With Toketsu Raito, the opponent has a harder time on focusing and pinning down Cole’s location, as they are continuously being shocked by small, annoying sparks and random places on their bodies.

Toketsu Raito:

The effects of Toketsu Raito are described in each of the attacks up to this point; he is able to use any of the techs. with their Toketsu Raito boost.

•Divine Ascension: Toketsu Raito Form Appearance

The back of Cole's clothing explodes with electricity and cold air, turning the fabric to so much charred cloth on the right side and frozen scraps on the left. From the back of his body, on the shoulder blades, emerge two wings. They reach 3 feet above his head, with a gradual up rising and then a steep drop to the bottom. In total they have a wing span of 7 feet. One is made of pure lightning; the other pure water, outlined with frost. Cole's eyes become tiny pricks on his face, lightning seen within the right pupil, and ice within the left.

• Divine Ascension: Toketsu Raito Form Abilities:

Toketsu Raito is a level above even Blue Angel; in this state, not only does his Toketsu Raito powers become much more potent, but his regular water and lightning related abilities both double in effectiveness. However, he cannot activate this when he is in the form of Sonic or Shadow. Also, when this is activated, all around Cole for three miles the sky becomes covered in dark, damp clouds; and if Cole has fired off enough electricity and water; an honest-to-god level 7 thunderstorm can occur, making the field a very dangerous place.

Divine Ascension Bonuses

The source of Holy Energy that he has been granted he is able to use with his Toketsu Raito, Lightning and Water elements, allowing him to recover and keep going with them even when his normal large stores would have been long-depleted. He does this by using the Materialization Property of the Holy Energy, by looking within his own heart and the storm that is there, using that to focus his powers out of his body. However, the further doubling of the holy energy is best seen in Final Blow: Storm From Heaven. His physical body is also at its peak, almost reaching the speed of an actual thunderbolt in normal movement, he could lift buildings with his strength, and be knocked through several of them and come out of it able to get back in the fight. His temporary skill boost in his Will Sheet in this area is in his Willpower and Determination; as he wishes to protect that around him. He is also able to place holy energy into his water and lightning in a special way, healing those that he desires it to in opposition to hurting them quite effectively; he calls those the Healing Water and the Life Shock. In addition, he is able to breakdown and figure out how to stop most attacks at a rapid rate, due to the mental clarity. Another interesting fact is that if he were to change with Sonic’s energy in this state, he could perform a full-power spin-ball and crash through the space between the World of the Living and Soul Society, going so fast that the hole he creates on both ends instantly fixes itself. However, he cannot do this during combat. The wings on his back indicate him to be the Angel of Storms, naturally.

Wings of the Storm: Cole may use his wings to increase his regular speed by 20% when he flaps them. However, they have another effect. It starts when Cole's wings spread out all the way, and he waves them. From the tips emerge a charged field, 4 feet in diameter in the shape of a sphere. Anything hit with these fields is super charged, and flesh caught in it will begin to tingle until it bursts into flame 1 post later from the field made from the right. The field from the left freezes anything it passes through, the temperatures exceeding absolute zero. The flame does moderate damage to the defender, and the ice has a fairly strong grip. He may only use 2 field flaps per post.

Blades of the Storm: In Cole’s Right Hand, Emporo appears, giving out large sparks all around it constantly. In his left, Godbout appears, frosted air emanating all around it. Emporo deals a large amounts of shock damage to his opponent when Cole uses it on them; and Godbout freezes with absolute zero temperatures to anything that it makes contact with; freezing that thing instantly.

Final Blow (Per say): Storm from Heaven: This can be used in either version of his True Soul, but can only be used two times per thread, with a cool down of 5 posts. Cole puts his arms to the side, on the ground or in the air, and closes his eyes. From the ground, actual lightning bolts shoot up to meet his hands, blowing him back 5 feet into the air. If the opponent was directly below him when it starts, they will be shocked by the high concentration of electricity. The lightning sticks to Cole's hands, becoming blue spheres. Then he lifts up his left hand, swallowing the electricity. This causes his entire body to begin throwing off sparks of electricity. Not a good idea to touch him when he is like that. The other hand he points at his target, his eyes unblinking after swallowing the sphere. All the static in his body suddenly races to his right palm once he has locked on, and the sphere grows in size. Then, Cole lifts up his left hand and pops the wrist out of the joint. The electricity releases, the pain signals in Cole's body pushing them out. What fires is a pure bolt, with the speed of 2 lightning bolts, as well as their power. The force is strong enough to briefly create a small kind of force field shielding the front of his body, half of a sphere in shape. The bolt is on the point of its convex, as that is where it fires from. It shoots out until it hits something, the beam thinning when it has overstretched. If it hits an enemy, the bolt continues going in, but not going through. Once the entire beam has entered the enemy/ground, it reacts. It shoots out 5 foot spikes of electricity from where the main blast hit, burning whatever was in the way of the spikes, not breaking the skin. Each spike is roughly 1 inch long and 12 of them fire out from the sphere total. Then the spikes retreat into the object they exploded on and dissipate. Note: If it is storming, there is a 12% chance that another rouge bolt will hit Cole and enter his attack, increasing only the blast strength.

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3789-1

• Class Title: Angel of the Storm

• Class Traits:

This is what grants him the unique ability of Toketsu Raito; the Art of the Storm.

• Branch/Position: (The Branch basically tells us which part of the Iramasha Family you are in. Go here for more information: )

• Race: Angel

• Skills:


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced
  • Chaos Warp: Master
  • Seishin Buki Level: Advanced
  • Race Control: Advanced

"Cold Lightning" Tobirama "Cole" Iramasha [APPROVED, 0-5+, ANGEL] Image3790-1

• Roleplay Sample: Possibly in the near future, I AM EXHAUSTED at present. Can’t wait to use him, though.

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I'm bumping him to 0-5+, I see his tier as such, so yeah. (Y)


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Due to an update on the board, I am going to go ahead and move this character into the Approved Angel Iramashsa section to better classify other sub-races of Iramasha.

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This is being moved to archives.

Thank you very much for your service over the years.

If you are ever needed again, you shall be re-summoned once more and moved back to Approved Applications.

Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

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