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Sun May 13, 2012 11:25 pm

-Doctor Kabuto Hebi-
| Z I A M I C H I |

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 10015010


Name: Dr. Kabuto Hebi
Alias:Kabuto Yakushi to Humans/Shinigami/Sugiura; Krishna Kurup to Demons and Arrancar; Dr. Snakes to Iramasha; Dr. Hebi to himself and those he introduces himself to personally.

B-A-S-T-A-R-D, from Saiko Mori.

Age: 3,300ish years old.
Gender: Yes
The Host Race: Iramasha

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 218px-10

Look up strange in the dictionary. You'll see this dude's picture. Weighing in at one-hundred and fifteen pounds, Dr. Hebi is one really skinny snake. His appearances are one thing that himself does not care about; a trait easily shown by his unkempt hair. He would also have extreme body odor if it weren't for the fact that he doesn't sweat.

Around Dr. Hebi's eyes, he wears a very simpe pair of glasses. Well, they are simple, and yet they are not. They extremely large and round, going from the edges of his face to the bridge of his nose. His entire body is quite pale; not extraordinarily so, but it is obvious that he does not get enough light.

His clothes are... Simple, to say the least. He wears no actual shirt, preferring to go bare-chested under his snake cloak. His Snake Cloak, however, is pure dark red in color, with very long sleeves. It has a zipper right down the front, and Hebi often goes under it, which has created permanent creases on the bottom of its back. The hood of the cloak looks like a snakes head about to swallow; indeed, Dr. Hebi is able to zip it up so that it seems to swallow his face and look out of its two lenses. These lenses are white on the outsdie, yellow on the inside, and are centered by a single black dot.

Around his legs he wears a simple pair of black pants. His skin… is odd… it looks like it has scales on the inside of it, to be perfectly honest. His eyes are slitted, yellow in color with the slit being black.



Absolutely F@#$ed in the head

Kabuto's mind… is not a safe place to be. From Mu, there are constantly images of pain, destruction, chaos, death, ad all other kinds of hells imaginable. In fact, that's exactly what's so disturbed about it. His creativity and ingenuity combined with his amount of intelligence and extremely disturbing materials given by Mu have turned his mind into quite a disturbing place go into or messed with.

No Morals

To him, there is no such thing as white line. There's only what he can do and what he can get others to do. He performs unimaginable experiments with the same attitude that he flips pancakes. In addition, talking morals with him is completely fruitless; as what doesn't exist in his mind can't really be argued.

No Boundarys

If there's a way for him to accomplish something, he will do it. It doesn't matter if it's defying the laws of grvaitys, getting an important test subject from the soul society, or stealing Nagato's yogurt. If he has the determination to do it, he will always act towawrds getting it, and is never discouraged by things that get in his way, as they make the victory all the sweeter.

Understanding of Madness

He completely understands most insane people. In fact, it's interesting; he himself is not mad, but he can communicate with almost ay mad person. Of course, most of what they tell him, even though it is gibberish to start with, is still gibberish. He's kind of like a dog whisperer, but with crazy people.

Completely Manipulative

One of his greatest, and most central traits, are his manipulation tendancies. He will often play with the minds of himself and others in any way he can for his own amusement. To him, there is nothing more interesting than blackmailing a man to kill his own allies, ad then he himself be killed as a result. It makes his snakes wriggle whenever he successfully manipulates someone. And his snakes wriggle… quite a lot…


However, as he himself likes to say, he is not without pity. He finds it pitiful when a possible test subject or source of resources is lost; therefore, he will even do some out-of-the-way things, such as reviving near dead foes to examine them in his lab, or save a potential resource's mate from certain death to use against their spouse. However, despite this being linked to his Manipulativeness, he himself honestly views it as feeling pity.


Dr. Hebi has special names for everyone in the Akatsuki; for example, Nagato's name in Dr. Hebi's mind will always be Victor. He even has all the Paths of Pain named as well; Meredith, Maxwell, Donatello, Charlie, Robert, and Benjamin. Justin is Peter, and Itachi is Jesus. (Hay-Zeus.)


No amouts of criticism from ANY person ever discourages him. Even if he's told to stop doing something by his superiors; he'll most definitely keep doing it. Most of the time, when it comes to criticism and insults, they barealy effect him, showing that his mind is both mad and ice cold.

Perfectly Logical

Despite everything else, he is very polite soul. He always uses his manners, and he treats his opponents with a good deal of respect, no matter what they do. He has the utmost levels of patience; able to wait out nearly any verbal/mental abuse that his opponent uses against him. In fact, there is very little mental harm that oppoents can do to him, as there is nothing in his mind that the truly values; he doesn't even entirely care for his own being other than his ability to create experiments and carry them out.

Information Hungry

He is extremely observant, taking in absolutely EVERYTHING his opponent does and recording it perfectly with his idyllic memory. In fact, his mind is so powerful when it comes to observation, that he keeps two copies of any information that he has within his head, just in case something should try to erase one of the copies; he would have a fail-safe. This is quite useful outside the realms of battle as well; as it can tie into his manipulative nature by giving him ammunition to use against the psyche of his targets.

Extreme Curiosity

His curiosity is of extreme levels. When he wants to find something out, he will go to the ends of the earth to find out everything he can about that one particular thing. He will use any and all of his means necessary to find it out; pain and sacrifice are but little to him he finds out just one tiny fact through his observation and experimentation.


Despite everything else, he is rather playful, when he is not being manipulative; in fact, this sometimes overlaps with his manipulativeness. For example, he often plays with his snake Hebi, smiles at his foes, and even lovingly named Victor II after Nagato. So, he's only about 95% an abomination.

Uncaring about Self

He has no care at all for his own self. He could be in the process of being painfully abused and still work on his calculations inside of his mind. As such, he is extremely resistant to pain as well, especially so considering the tests that his body became accustomed to. In addition, he takes no insult from being attacked or harmed in any way; he just doesn't care one way or another.

Imagination of Horrors

His imagination is… terrifying. He can think of terrible, terrible things to use his resources with, as well as to manipulate. Thinking of such horrible deeds to be done and things to be created makes his snakes wriggle.

Insane Creativity

Along with his great amounts of imagination, he is also extremely creative. He can come up with off handed but very effective solutions on the fly; react at very high speeds to new variables in a situation and adapt to them, taking them into his calculations and finding ways to defeat them by referencing all the information that he already has.

Immense Deduction

His logic skills are also top notch. He is able to consider several different possibilities simultaneously, and judge each one to see the chances of it, using all the variables and information that he has already gathered and knows. This also helps him how to work out how an opponent fights, and discover quickly the best way to beat them out and win the battle.

Zero Ego

His ego is absolute zero. He will never say he is a better scientist or better chemist or logistic than anyone else. Indeed, he always tends to sell himself short. He honestly doesn't believe that he and his work are anything special, but doesn't really care when others are shocked by his research or how little he cares for how good of work it is.

Unmentionable Past

He never mentions his past; to anyone. Ever. Any inquiries into his own history are completely ignored. In addition, he completely ignores anyone who talks about his past. So, finding out ANYTHING about this snake-man is extremely, extremely difficult.

Gold Addiction

Perhaps it has to do with the ancient pursuit of alchemy. Perhaps it is merely his extremely odd nature. In any case, he is addicted to gold. He claims that it "Helps him think" and he has a bag of it permanently set in his cloak, right below his mouth. The bag is filled with solid gold flakes, perfect for snorting like a drug. When he goes any period of time without his gold, Dr. Hebi begins getting irritable and slightly more agitated, and gets much slower with his work. While he has it, though, he's happy as a clam.

Likes: Gold, Manipulating others, controlling others, snakes, his tail Hebi, Mu, Victor, Others in the Akatsuki, being able to find out new things, Victor II, Edotensei.

Dislikes: Muffins (They give him bad snake-gas), Frogs, Mexicans (Long story), being given orders, not being able to find out new things, losing his tail and test subjects.



The Birth

Cursed. That’s all he was. He was cells; or started as cells, taken from an Angel Iramasha. The cells, and his curse, being an experiment, were taken and created by Nagato; the one who stole them from the unconscious and bleeding Angel Iramasha before he was discovered by Shadin Yuudeshi. As such, this was before Kabuto had discovered his information angel self; and did not yet have his information abilities. So, there was a good chance that this one could go an entirely different way entirely…

The cells were enhanced, made special by Nagato, before he injected them into the fetus of the pregnant, rare white snake that he had found. This snake had already been experimented on to accept the genes; however, it was not known if it worked or not.

Soon, Nagato saw his results. As the snake gave birth, only one being plopped out of it, not eggs, or anything else; merely a being. It LOOKED like a small human child in appearance… but with a tiny gardner snake coming out of its belly where a birth cord would normally be. And this snake...was eating, devouring the insides of its mother. It took it a few minutes, but eventually, it had completely devoured its weakened mother into itself.

This was both strange and fascinating; the child had not grown a single bit from the consumption of the much larger white snake. This was the first shown use of the newly born Kabuto Hebi's Dr. Stomach ability; and from then on he was thrown into a cell to be examined.

The Discovery

The child was… strange. It grew at quite a rapid pace; becoming a toddler in a matter of days. The strange snake that extended out of its belly button grew proportionately to how the child did; and while it was connected, the snake never attacked who it was attached to. In fact, it was often noted that the boy would pet and coddle the snake, playing with it when he had nothing else to do. The snake was even defensive of him; fighting against the researcher who was studying them constantly whenever they tried taking Kabuto Hebi.

As he had grown, it was quickly discovered that there was some very weird things about his body. For one thing, his eyes were slit-like, and he had strange markings around his eyes. His entire body looked scaly with its impressions of skin, and his neck looked like that of a cobra's. However, he was not truly noted as anythign special until the day… he shed his skin.

They soon saw, one day, that he had suddenly become nude. They completely clothed him, and scolded him in his cell for whatever it was he did with them. However, again, in three weeks time, his clothes vanished again. This time, he was strapped down, and knocked unconscious.

After three weeks, they finally saw… his clothes breaking down as they were sucked, along with an entire layer of skin, into his pores. They quickly let him out, and attempted to probe his stomach. Through his mouth, they had little success. However, when they fed something to the snake… they were astonished by what they saw.

A large complex, split into four parts, existed in the test subject's body. However, they weren't prepared for what was about to happen, as before their very eyes the snake began hacking and spitting. Then, it's mouth opened to HUGE amounts, larger than any mans, as they watched a bulge travel through the length of its body. It then puked out the bulge, and they saw… a dead child, identical in appearance to the test subject, minus his snake. However, the child was still born, and they realized they would have to look further into this test subject.

The Change

The test subject himself was fairly docile at first. However, as he grew, becoming the shape of a ten year old boy quite rapidly. Then, it began getting strange. They would find dead snakes laying on the ground of the test subjects cell; however, it wasn't possible for them to get in. Every few months, the subject would hurl out another still born child, which they attempted to study but always ended up with inconclusive results.

They would often hear strange hissing; however, they would never find anything living within the subject's cell that would indicate what was making them. At one point, they gave him pencils and paper, and he would mumble to himself for hours. After they got the notes back, they would find formulae that made their heads spin, trying to understand what they boy had been doing. Because, in reality, while his body was growing fast… his mind was growing much, much faster.

They found out how he could elongate his tongue whenever he wished; they took samples of this as well, but were again unable to find anything special about it, anything unnatural. In fact, it seemed the child had no special abilities what so ever… so they pondered a solution.

They eventually found one. The liquified soul remains of an immensely powerful warrior, Mu, was located, and they injected the soul of the "man who did not exist" into the test subject. At first, the subject's body rejected the soul, thrashing violently as it screamed out in pain, its young body barely able to take the hardships that it was being sent through. However, they made it hold steady, until at last the subject was at rest.

However… the next time that the test subject woke… it could talk. It talked with the researchers; they were extremely cautious and unyielding at first, but his gentle tongue eventually changed their minds as he convinced them to trust him. They first moved him to a new room; here, the test subject, now roughly thirteen in his body's physical appearance, quickly began making his own research hub. He delved into tons of subjects, and whenever his caretakers came to inspect him, he would merely "convince" them that he was fine. In reality, he was simply winning over everyone in the lab, gradually turning it into his very own place of study.

However, he was most interested in medicine. He finally showed his energy at last, forming it around his hands as he got devoted "volunteers" from the very scientists that had helped create him. They were happy to let him cut them open and practice; yes, he lost one or two, but such is progress. He developed the Reiatsu Scalpels, as well as making his own medicines for several things.

The Growth

And then… he turned his research onto his own body. Using his own energy, he was able to split his complex properly into its four parts; each one having a specified purpose in his mind. By this time, he had fully discovered his Mass Snakes, and created the Snake Scrolls to use with them. So, he developed the contraption that drew out the scrolls, as well as performing his own special medical technique on the effigy of himself in the room where his skins went.

Then he tried something new, when his next "cycle" came around. This time, he sent a tiny gardner snake he spawned from himself into the hole on the developing skin's stomach, as it was rooted in. This time, when Hebi, his name for his snake, hurled… the thing was ALIVE. It only lived a few hours, but the newly assigned head of the research, Dr. Hebi, had a good idea of what he could do to increase that.

He secretly began using his, by this point lack of a better word, slaves that used to be the research team to build his own underground facility. He made it huge, working them until they were nearly collapsing; he himself continuing to develop his own abilities.

The first thing he worked on was Hebi, who, through the research that was already at the facility, he had found was his Seishin Buki. He completely explored the capabilities of the snake, using drugs and other methods to enhance it until it learned all of its different states; mostly linked to his stomach. Needless to say, the first time he used Hebi as an eject seat, he hadn't been prepared and it took him a few days to get back to normal.

Then he began to work on his spirit, Mu. For the most part, Mu was what had truly triggered the change in him that had changed him from being the quiet test subject into the manipulative monster that he had become. Mu supported him; and Dr. Hebi began to explore Mu's powers. He found out about dust release, using the three different elements that Mu had all together… realizing two things. First, that Dust Release was immensely powerful. Second, he was going to have to regrow that arm he had just blown off.

He began to work more, and more, continuing to practice in his energies and study himself more, using drugs and all kinds of things to learn more about himself, Eventually, he discovered the health effects of when someone snorts gold; needless to say, this was quite an expensive addiction, and he got even more practice as he manipulated more snakes to use in trade for them. He also began work on creating a truly massive snake, and through this, Victor II was born.

Then, a new age of Dr. Hebi's research was reached when he completed his Snake Cloak. However, even now, three hundred years after his conception, he had not been outside. So at last, he went back up to the surface, speaking to the first living soul he didn't control in nearly two hundred years. Ten minutes later, the doorguard had the strangest look on his face, as if he were blank in mind, as he opened up the door to the outside, letting Dr. Hebi out… into the world…

The Fulfillment

Dr. Hebi got to see the world. However, in his mind, he wasn't doing it fast enough. So, promptly returning a few days later, he went back to his facility as he began experimenting on his own body, over and over again. Finally, nearly a year later, he had completed Zetsu Mode, as he met with the guard once more. With a single word off of Dr. Hebi's tongu, the guard opened the door, allowing Dr. Hebi to go out. However… this time… he did not return. So quickly, as it were.

He learned things from his travels through all the realms, using Mu's abilities and Zetsu Mode to find out things one could never learn from reading. It was then that he began to wonder if he could use his medical techniques for perhaps something more… than just healing power and a damager…

It took him over two thousand years. Two thousand years of research, of experimentation on weak-minded slaves he had found on earth. Most would have given up for the sheer amount of time this took, of all the resources wasted in continual failure. However, Dr. Hebi was not most. He began to wonder if he could see it in a different way… and began to explore the very essence of his Iramashan-snake body.

Finally, at the age of 2,345, Dr. Hebi had competed Dragon Doctor Mode. He learned the secrets of giving life to the unliving, and was finally able to work out how to apply them to his Snake Scrolls. He had already worked out how to convert the bodies of those he would need; and as he began working more and more, his success rates increased and increased, as he learned more and more about how this technique could be used. Finally, at the age of three thousand years old, he had finally perfected his technique, which he had simply dubbed,


The Present

Eventually, the head of research of the base where Dr. Hebi had been born, the only one who Dr. Hebi had never been able to turn over to his side, returned. Dr. Hebi knew he was much more powerful than himself, and when the man with his demanding eyes asked to be shown Dr. Hebi's lab, the good Doctor did not dare resist.

The man, quite impressed with Dr. Hebi's research, and much impressed with Mu's abilities and Dr. Hebi's Zetsu Mode, asked if Dr. Hebi would like to join him in an endeavor he was planning. Dr. Hebi agreed, believing that this would be a fantastic chance for him to perform new research on all types of peoples…

Leading him to the present day…


Ziamichi Spirit Name: Mu

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:

Mu is... a strange man. he has the appearance of a roughly mid-twenties man, with a very ripped body. Other than a pair of simple black pants, and the area from his nose to his eyes, his entire body is covered in bandages. From head to foot; completely in bandages. As such, the only parts of his body that his opponent can see... are his pure yellow with black outlined eyes. His nose is protruding on his face, and on the very top of his head he wears a black cap, that goes all around the top of his head, lacking a brim.

Ziamichi Personality:

Extremely Analytical

He is extremely intelligent as well, almost as smart as Kabuto. However, his mind work is meant only for use in battle. He is better than Dr. Hebi is when it comes to thinking of results on the field of battle.

Caring for Kabuto

He is truly, the only person in exsistence, who feels sympathetic for Dr. Hebi. More to the point, he's the only one that Dr. Hebi recogivzes as his sympathizer, and he cares back for Mu as well, seeing him as the only material thing in existence that he has any desire to see remain.

Quick Witted

Being a combat spirit made for battle, he is very quick on his toes. He can even be more alert than Dr. Hebi in some cases.

Extremely Observant

He is extremely observant, able to notice some small details the most beings wouldn't catch.


He hates to be seen. In fact, his very name means "Nonperson." As such, the only one he ever allows to see him is Dr. Hebi.

Ziamichi History:
A Test Tube

Mu's memory of being a living being are…. Non-existent. Just like he is a non-person. However, little to his knowledge, he used to be a world-class assassin, a marvel among demons, who always killed his opponents without word or warning. However, as far as he knew, he'd always lived as a soul in a test tube.

However, one day, they came for him. They brought him up to a young boy, and suddenly, Mu felt alive again. He coursed through the body, completely inhabiting it; fusing with it, learning all about it through its mind. Mu was planning to completely take over his host; however, he then came upon his hosts memories. The things that had been done to this child, the tests he had been forced to go through, the drugs that they had used on him to keep him from dying and to improve him. So, he decided... that he was going to help his host instead; to get inside his head.

So he did. He shot into his hosts mind, and began to work. He snapped a part of the subject; pushing it in the right direction that it would need as the subject's personality was created, and he became a fully living being. In a sense, Mu "Completed" the young Dr. Hebi.

A Living Body

He went along with Dr. Hebi from then on; feeling almost as if he was the snake-kid's father as he watched him grow up. He gave him advice whenever he could, and he felt as Dr. Hebi explored his powers, freely giving them to his host and watching himself as they began to grow. He was quite satisfied with all that his host did, feeling that he was glad his host had escaped his terrible prison of the mind.

A Fulfillment

When his host discovered Edotensei and went into Dragon Doctor Mode, Mu's own abilities exploded right with his host's, as his host learned more about the elements and especially of fire, earth, and wind then he had ever before. This was a glorious moment for Mu, and he could feel as he and Dr. Hebi became nearly the same person.

A Present Day

Very rarely does Mu surface from Dr. Hebi's mind anymore. In fact, most of the time, it is only to discuss things with his "son" when he has no one to talk to. He is quite content with this lifestyle, although he is most definitely prepared to help his host should anything ever go sour...

Ziamichi Powers:

Dust Release

This is Mu's greatest, and most unique, ability that he has. Mu is able to charge reiatsu into a part of his body, before mixing together the elements of Fire, Earth, and Wind. The result is a piece of energy that obliterates everything around it down to the molecular level; able to even terribly damage Mu in most cases. Which is why whenever he uses it, for the most part, he uses it while making a barrier that only works on the Dust Release's energy, so he can contain the attack to whatever it is that he desires to damage.

Fire Release

He is quite adept at using the abilities of fire; he can blow it from his mouth, form it in his hands as weapons, as well as use it to light other things on fire.

Earth Release

This is the strongest of his plain releases, and it is the main component in Dust. He is able to freely manipulate earth around him, including the sands of Hueco Mundo, ground of such places as Demon World, and just normal earth.

Wind Release

He is able to turn air around him into bladed winds that cut his opponents; as well as manipulate the air currents around him and give him flight.


Perhaps his second most valuable ability, Mu is a able to turn himself i]completely[/i] invisible. No kind of detection could find him when he has activated this; he literally has a presence of absolute zero. So, he gives no reiatsu off, cannot be found by any of the six senses, by equipment, nor by even instinct. That is how powerful Mu's invisibility is.


Unique Traits:

Dust Release

Dr. Hebi has adopted the unique trait of Dust Release, or Particle Style, from Mu. His most common way of using it, however, is not in making large, destroying objects against his opponents; but rather, he uses it to enhance his Reiatsu Scalpels. This allows them to cut down past even the molecular, cutting almost any kind of material it cuts, and making his blades quite deadly. In addition, Dr. Hebi still has the ability to make the spheres and other polygons with a Dust Release bomb inside of it, and cause massive destruction. Another interesting trait he can use with his Dust Release is making the Dust Explosion trigger after a set time, after placing down the Dust Release energy onto a surface.

Fire Release

Dr. Hebi has the ability to draw out Mu's energy and form flames in his limbs, able to fire them out. In addition, his body is able to resist temperatures up to two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, unless the fire is a special fire that breaks through his resitance. He is able to use it in very similar ways to Dust Release as well, with a barrier and all.

Earth Release

Dr. Hebi has the ability to use Mu's manipulation of Earth as well. He can shoot up pillars of earth at his opponents by touching the ground, create domes, and just plain manipulate it by coming into contact with it with a part of his body. He is also able to project pillars and other shapes of earth by manipulating Mu's energy in his hands, using it for all kinds of things of whatever he can think of.

Wind Release

Using Mu's energy, Dr. Hebi can compress air and move his hands, shaping the compressed air, often into blades and into other such objects, like firing a bullet of air by punching his fist. He can also throw out both hands at once, firing large walls of air currents to try and blow against his opponents.

Near-Complete Invisibility

He also has, and makes much great use of, Mu's invisibility. He makes his body and his form unviewable from almost every form of detection. Only the very, very most advanced and sensitive detection methods can detect the very, very small amount of energy that Dr. Hebi has to use to utilize Mu's energy to keep up this invisibility.

Levitation and Flight

Because of Mu's ability of Wind Release, Dr. Hebi is passively able to go into Levitation and Flight; without exerting any of his own energy, meaning he can use it and still remain undetected from its energy use.

Extreme Sensory

While Dr. Hebi's invisibility is good, his enhanced sensory abilities are strong enough to detect his very own invisibility at fifty paces. He is able to detect everything within three miles of himself that has spirit energy; as long as it isn't trying to hide it. He can also identify almost anyone's race from their energy; unless they have some energy unlike any of their race and no traces of their own race within their energy.

Fast Reflexes

Mu's energy is constantly flowing through Dr. Hebi's body, and it makes his physical reflexes much higher than they normally would be. However, that also means that the more he uses up Mu's energy, the less difference his enhanced reflexes have from his normal.

Dust Release: Detachment of the Physical World

This is a massive cubical barrier, with a sphere of Dust Energy within it. This sphere is so large, it is physically viewable. This takes quite a good amount of Dr. Hebi's own and Mu's energy to create; and is costly to make. However, the results are tremendous: everything within the giant and expanding cube, when the sphere erupts, is attacked, and hit with the power of the Dust Energy, attacking down to the very molecules of what is within it.

Forms: None; Mu grants Dr. Hebi all his energy whenever he needs it, passively.

Drawbacks: Look up hell in a hand basket in a dictionary. That's the area all around Dr. Hebi for 400 meters all around him when Dust Release goes off at full power, leaving him laying alone in a crater.

Control: 10


Seishin Buki Name: Hebi

Seishin Buki Appearance:

Seishin Buki Abilities:

Being a Tail

Extending from his stomach, right in the center of his belly, and extending back behind his back. The snake is about a foot and a half in diameter, much thicker than most snakes. It is long enough that it curls up on Dr. Hebi's body, and goes under his cloak and up, facing behind him. However, the snake is a part of Dr. Hebi; and Dr. Hebi is a part of the snake as well. However, it also acts like a tail. Dr. Hebi can wag it around, use it to wriggle, press it on the ground for balance, or swing it at his opponents. Those are its very, very basic uses.

Being a Birthplace

Using Dr. Hebi's ability of Mass Snakes, Hebi can pour out snakes from his mouth, real, living snakes; all of them able to be directly controlled from its own mind, which also share's Dr. Hebi's mind. So, while Dr. Hebi mostly uses his snakes as weapons, Hebi can focus on having the snakes focus on the opponent and specific tools, using coordinated movements to attack and perform missions. The Hebi can also view what its spawn views; and then send those messages to Dr. Hebi, allowing him sources of eyes to see things he otherwise wouldn't be able to be.

Being a Summoner

From Dr. Hebi's body, the Hebi is able to summon out the summoning scrolls that he uses for his summons, for the giant snake, Edotensei, and Mass Selves. When it draws it to its mouth, it can either open it right there in its mouth, summoning up whatever is inscribed within the scroll, or throwing it on the ground or Dr. Hebi's hands for later use.

Being a Swallower

Dr. Hebi is a very… very… strange man. Hebi is able to open its mouth, very large, large enough to swallow a man whole… which it does. It can literally swallow men whole, and send them into Dr. Hebi's body, where they are imprisoned within the immense space within his stomach. He can also use Hebi to puke them up as well; a very, very uncomfortable experience. However, this is best used on unconscious persons to later use as test subjects, using the stomach as storage. Otherwise, they'd be able to destroy the snake from within it as it was being swallowed in almost any other instance, unless they were unconscious.

Being a Snapper

Hebi has another, obvious trait. Its teeth. Its teeth are an effective weapon; each of its four fangs is over a foot in length, able to slide out from its gums to reach its full capacity. However, each one ends in a point as thin as a speartip. These teeth are special, because Dr. Hebi can use them to act instantly as injection needles; he himself drinks whatever he wants it to inject, and the teeth bite into his opponent or other things and inject whatever it was that Dr. Hebi drank into the target.

Being a Laser

Hebi is also able to use its mouth like a blaster of energy as well; it can channel chaos energy, Dust Release, or Fire, Earth, and Wind energies out of its mouth. (Wind makes a small tornado fly out.) It can fire in two modes; burst mode and blast mode. Burst mode is where Hebi opens and closes its mouth, repeatedly firing out small bursts of whatever it is shooting. In Blast Mode, it fires cero-size blasts of energy that fly out until Hebi's mouth closes.

Being an Eject Seat

Hebi has quite an… interesting ability. By completely straightening itself out, Hebi can pull Dr. Hebi from where he is standing, literally pulling Dr. Hebi into the snake behind him. This enlargens the snake, and it gains a crop of white hair on its face. It is only able to use its Swallower abilities and teeth while in this state. Otherwise, he can only move around like a snake and bite with its teeth. This is best used to dodge terrible attacks by having Dr. Hebi dodge into the snake; or even using it as armor by going inside of it.

Being a Ruse

Once every two posts, his snake can shd its skin… by make another snake out of itslef. This snake is the exact same size as Dr. Hebi's snake, but without a host. This snake is best used to distract an opponent, as it can take a good amount of damage before it bites the dust. However, it cannot use any snake abilities other than moving like a snake and POSSIBLY being a summoner, depending on if Dr. Hebi has a scroll put into its body or not. It is controlled the same as with the other snakes: through Hebi's mind.

Being a Spawner

This is Hebi's… strangest effect. And why Dr. Hebi is able to use Mass Selves. Hebi, being created by Dr. Hebi's cells, acts almost like a… mate. Basically… it spits out the clones of Dr. Hebi created through Dr. Hebi's body. It acts as the conduit for placing them into the world, the same way it would spit out a prisoner of Dr. Hebi's stomach. Using its ability as a Birthplace, this trait is also how Dr. Hebi controls his Selves, through using Hebi's midn as a conduit to rn them.



Mass Selves

Dr. Hebi's body is not, under ANY definition of the word, a normal occurrence. Whenever his body 's skin cells die, the cells are rather like shedding a snake's skin; his whole body sheds his skin all at once. However, most of the time, he doesn't shed this skin on the outside unless he's in battle. Rather, he normally sucks his shed skin through his own pores, sending it into his stomach instead. Inside of his stomach, the skin overlaps upon another skin, and another, and another. It takes four skins before it forms a basic being, a body the exact same shape as Dr. Hebi's. Then, Dr. Hebi gives what it needs to live… a source of life. Using Mass Snakes, he inserts a normal sized snake inside each of the bodies, where Dr. Hebi has Hebi. This snake, made by Mass Snakes, gives the clone of Dr. Hebi life.

These clones, which Dr. Hebi calls "Selves", are exact copies of Dr. Hebi. However, they are limited by what they do. They can only use Earth Pass, Body Split, Mass Snakes, Reiatsu Scalpels, and Snake Scrolls. However, each one is at a much lower level than Dr. Hebi's himself. here is very little effort on Dr. Hebi's part that it takes to run them; especially considering his great mindpower. He is able to fully functionally control each and every one, and h has hundreds of the little "weak" buggers under his command. However, most of the time, he only will use thm through the scrolls by summoning them; or else using them as spies with Earth Pass. They themselves have a reiatsu signature identical to Dr. Hebi's, although each is only tiered at roughly 2-3.

However, there is another very special factor about each of the clones. If Dr. Hebi should ever die, his entire body obliterated, the head of Hebi will survive. It reforms, no matter what is done to it; as long as he is killed, the head will reform, bending space and time to return. It returns into the stomach of the next Selve, and over the period of a week (So, he is unable to join new threads for a week after death) that Hebi regrows, before giving the entirety of his host's mind and abilities, including Dr. Stomach and Mu, to the new Selve. As thus, the only true way to forever stop Dr. Hebi is to either A. Completely seal his body; this is far, far easier than choice B; if you merely seal him up completely so that his reiatsu can not escape, he will be incapacitated. B. Destroying every, single, last, one of his selves. Otherwise, he will keep regrowing.

Improvements of Selves
In addition, the Selves the Doctor controls have become stronger than they once were. While they are still 2-3 in power level, they have gained some new abilities from their presence from the Doctor. Perhaps the most noticeable of these is that the Doctor can have the Rinnegan appear in the eyes of up to fifty different Selves, and this allows the mental connection he has with them to send all the information they are gathering with their senses directly to him. Furthermore, the Selves have shown the ability to 'channel' the different personalities of the Doctor themselves, although it has not been proven that they are able to do more than two of these others at a time, and typically their bodies will break down if the Gray members attempt to use the Selves at their maximum power after two posts. Furthermore, they have begun to develop weakly the influence over elements that the Doctor can perform, weakly able to affect elements such as wind, earth, and fire, though not with very much effect. Finally, it has been disturbingly noticed that there seem to be even more Selves than there were before they were all wiped out by Nagato. This reality is stemmed by the fact that the Selves are now able to destory themselves, splitting into two different Selves, each of whom are powerless upon conception but after a month become fully powered Selves.

Mass Snakes

This is his most common way of attacking his enemies. Basically… he can turn his eergy into literal snakes. His energy transforms into snakes, effortlessly becoming the skin, the teeth, everything about them, making a regular old snake as it gives it a spark of life. As such, each of these snakes is an actual living thing; and each is directly created from Dr. Hebi's body. Therefore, he can create them from any point of his body, having the snakes slide out of the pores of his skin. They can emerge in droves almost instantly .

Most of the time, he uses these snakes that he's spawned from his own body in whips and chains of some kinds. Such as throwing out his hands and a huge horde of snakes, connected by their biting teeth, being thrown out of his cloak and slamming into his enemy before going back to him. Or him throwing out a foot and having a similar effect occur. Hell, he could have a bunch of snakes shoot out in a stream from his face, slipping out of his face's pores and firing at his opponent.

Dr. Stomach

Dr. Hebi's stomach is not a normal place. Inside of that single organ of his, the rules of space have been distorted. In the space there are four rooms; one room that is chock-full of scrolls with a strange mechanism next to it that instantly finds any one that is required; another one with dead skin all over the place and a Dr. Hebi shaped mannequin in its center, and two with jail cells. His stomach CAN be attacked, and if it is, then Hebi instantly begins feeling unwell, and hurls up the contents of whatever room the disturbance was in. That room cannot be used until after the thread is ended; after which point it finishes reforming.

Earth Pass

His body is able to… pass, through most solid objects. Granted; these objects must be made of some kind of earth, or be a plant; but that allows him to move through stone buildings, trees and such. This moves at extremely rapid speeds; roughly seventeen thousand miles per hour through the ground and other objects. However, while this move is extremely useful for going into battle and recording events that happened there; it is only moderately useful IN a battle, as to start it, Dr. Hebi has to be standing completely still on some kind of earth or plant for only a moment. He often uses this in conjunction with his clones to view things happening over mass distances and spy. However, if there is reiatsu charged into the ground, such as a barrier or wall of seki seki stone, he is unable to pass through it.

Body Split

Dr. Hebi has a very… interesting property. He can force half of his entire body to go through Hebi, being spat out as if it were a clone out of his body, or just completely splitting right in half, both halves reforming their body. Each of these bodies has exactly half of the users abilities, powers, defenses, everything on the bodya. However, this is most often used to dodge attacks; and while it has a very high success rate, it often comes at the price of half the users energy supplies until the thread has ended; as its most common use is to be not hit by something that would severely damage the user. The two parts can verbally and mentally communicate; but they can only exchange words. However, most of the time, due to the two being the same body, they can normally work together in almost perfect unison. However, only Dr. Hebi has the ability to rejoin the two halves; and he performs this by swallowing the other half through Hebi, returning the energy to him. However, he is unable to swallow the energy back until three posts later; so he is halved in his strength for three posts if not the entire thread.

Full Body Shed

Once per thread, Dr. Hebi can literally drop an entire layer of skin off of his entire body, slipping out of it. This is best used in a smokescreen or other such thing to lose the enemy; however, in using it, Dr. Hebi loses his cloak unless he retrieves it from his former cloak. Basically, the entire back of his skin, as well as the cloak, splits wide open, although the front and sides look totally normal. Dr. Hebi is then able to leap out of it, his body completely barren but for his underclothes and Hebi's true form completely bare.

Sleepy Timez They Come

This is a… powerful hypnosis, you may say. Dr. Hebi is able to point his snake out, and anyone looking at the snake will naturally have their eyes drawn towards those of the snake, as the snake's eyes begin changing colors and swirling around into the middle. Dr. Hebi himself makes soft noises, cooing and hissing softly as this occurs; and staring at the eyes of Hebi is an extremely relaxing action. In fact, those with lower than advanced focus or determination will often find themselves growing sleepy and falling asleep, or into a trance if their will skills other than Pain Tolerance are all adept or lower. While in this state, they are incredibly susceptible to orders, as they are extremely relaxed. However, they cannot be told to do anything they wouldn't normally do. However, this can be a terrific tool in calming down, capturing, or just mesmerizing a large crowd by drawing their attention to Hebi's head. A person can break out of the trance rather easily; most sharp noises will wake them, as well as fast movement in front of them, or something hitting them. It also only puts beings into a trance, and things such as animals, zanpaktou, Guardian Beasts, and weapons are not effected by this. This is a favorite trick of Dr. Hebi's; although, most of the time, he doesn't need to use it; as his words and slippery tongue almost always prove more effective.

Reiatsu Scalpels

In his work, Dr. Hebi has worked out how to create these simple, but extremely effective tools. The scalpels themselves do not deal any damage on the outside of the targets body where they touch. In fact, they are roughly 6 inches in shape, going out in a form of dark red energy out of Dr. Hebi's hands, in the shape of hand-sized blades. They are made to pass through the opponent's body. However, rather than cut things, at least in base form, they cut three very specific things. First, muscle tendons. This causes large amounts of pain and creates difficulty in moving any muscle that the Reiatsu Scalpel moves through, as it literally breaks the protein connections within the muscles, taking much more energy to move. The second is nerve endings. This is what causes such large amounts of pain on the opponent, if they have nerves, when the Reiatsu Scalpels make contact.

The Reiatsu Scalpels send the nerves into overdrive, sending a set level of pain waves that Dr. Hebi decides to the brain; he does this by choosing the intensity of the Reiatsu Scalpels before they hit their target. The third, and final thing that these Scalpels cut is pure energy. It can slice through most, if not all but the densest, energy attacks; unless they are specifically able to not be cut or broken by attacks. This allows Dr. Hebi to do things such as cutting smaller attacks as they come at him and throwing them away from himself. However, they do more than slice. They make it so the energy attack doesn't explode on Dr. Hebi. In fact, it causes a sensation on the energy attack that literally DIVIDES it into two halves; sending the two halves directly on either side of Dr. Hebi's body, perfectly large enough for him and Hebi to pass through. Each attack, however, is considered a complete, but smaller, version of the attack that was just sent at Dr. Hebi. So, if the opponent fired an ice cero at Dr. Hebi, he would cut down with one hand, and it would pass directly around him, the one slash dividing it along the slice line into two smaller ice ceros that travel behind him, still hitting whatever it was that was behind him.

Mystical Palm Technique

However, not only does Dr. Hebi have these blades; he is extremely skilled with them. He is extremely gifted in taijutsu through practicing with them, and his style is very much like a snake, darting all around, slipping away from his opponents and then coming in for another attack without losing momentum. In fact, that's the whole point of his fighting style; to make as many attacks as possible with as little energy and most movement as possible. So, this style utilizes a lot of gravity and momentum in the way that it works.

Mystical Palm Technique, Reiatsu Blade: With this, his Reiatsu Scalpels turn into Reiatsu Blades, two five foot long appendages of energy that extend from around his hands. These are very similar to blades, and actively cut his opponents, like a normal blade would, lacking the three special cutting qualities of Reiatsu Scalpels.

Satanic Uniqueness
The Doctor has developed a special pattern with his energy that affects his own soul, all five current splits of it. This property makes it so that anything which attempts to take his own energy completely fails. Essentially, there is an absolutely demonic essence within his energy, and when a being attempts to absorb it or mess with it in any way, teh energy completely fails to react, as nothing besides the Doctor's own soul wavelength can manipulate it. That means that someoen would have to get his soul wavelength to use or even mess with his energy. However, due to the facrt that it cannot be absorbed or messed with without having his energy, it is theoretically impossible for any other being to use his energy in any way, or adapt to him. The one exception to this is his natural born gifts; the ability to throw slashing purple energy and to spawn snakes such as Hebi.

Reiatsu Scalpel Extension
The Doctor can now extend the Reiatsu Scalpels, making them into different weapons on his hands. These weapons can range from swords to spears to hammers, but they all keep the abilities of Reiatsu Scalpel. However, they also have additional abilities. The Doctor can extend these weapons for up to five feet away from his hands. These weapons can cut through materials several times harder then diamond, meaning that they can fight on par with most weaponry used by other beings. Finally, they are fairly resistant themselves, taking hunderds of thousands of pounds of force to shatter. These are used by the Doctor for armed combat.

Personality Cartridges
The last new ability of the Doctor, these are small cartridges much like the standard medicines and poisons that the Doctor has on him at all times. however, these poisons are instantly used on himself, When they are pierced into his body, either through Hebi's fangs or through his own needles, they cause an immediate change. Each poison corresponds to a member of his personality, and when he is injected with that poison, it instantly changes who is in charge of the body. This means that he can automatically start Stien State or change to the Undertaker without having to wait for the usual personality switch to occur, in case of emergencies.

Wartime Barrier

This is a massive barrier, created by a minimum of twenty Selves. Each Selves stands somewhere along the border of the area that the barrier is desired to be created. Then, Dr. Hebi himself rises up to the center of where the barrier is meant to be created. Then, the Selves throw down their hands, all down in front of them. In front of them rises a massive barrier, completely connecting all around the Selves, putting them on the inside of the barrier and having its height determined by where Dr. Hebi is standing. This barrier is extremely, extremely powerful; it is meant to hold out large forces such as the Iramashan or even demon armies from the target. The Selves maintain the barrier, and Dr. Hebi is the one who gives it the original energy it needs to power up; which is quite a lot, and drains him for the rest of his post after its creation. After fifteen of the Selves are knocked out (being a good ways away from one another and on the inside of the barrier) or otherwise unable to continue their duty, the barrier dissipates.

However, this technique is Event-Only, and requires the permission of Victor to activate.

Snake Cloak

This special cloak that Dr. Hebi is wearing at all times has quite an interesting effect to it. By lowering and zipping up the hood, Dr. Hebi is able to see through the snake's eyes that the cloak has. This cloak's unique ability is to block out most types of illusions, stopping all but the quite powerful from effecting Dr. Hebi. In addition, the snake eyes clear up Dr. Hebi's vision, and allows him to see through illusions to what really exist in front of him.

Medical Drugs

He is an extremely adept doctor, believe it or not. He can treat almost all, if not every normal condition that a person can get from a supply of medicines that he has in one side of his cloak, in front of his chest. All these medicines are held in little bottles. However, he can also use his creativity and ingenuity with the medical drugs to turn them into weapons as well. For example, if he took an agent that decreased the feelings of depression in a person by speeding up the thyroid, he could inject that through Hebi, and the person would begin feeling extremely active at first, and then very, very tired a few posts later, and require some kind of energy restoration.

Medical Techniques

In addition, he has a special medical technique of his own that allows him to heal his allies and other personages. Basically, Dr. Hebi holds his hands over his patient, and his hands begin glowing, sending positive Reiatsu into the targets body. These medical techniques can break down and reattach tissues, isolate poisons and draw them out, restitch skin on a molecular level, replace tissue, and even pump blood through the targeted area. As stated before, Dr. Hebi is a doctor, a very, very potent doctor.

Snake Spawn

Dr. Hebi's tongue can grow. It is very similar to a tongue of a snake; slimy and thin. It is able to grow, using his reiatsu to extend itself. He can use this tongue as a whip, to bind things, grab things, or just lick his lip in an attempt to vastly creep someone else out.

Snake Scrolls

Inside of Dr. Hebi's private rooms in the Akatsuki's base, there is a very, very large facility under the earth. This facility is at least half the size of Karakura, and is the entire bottom of the Akatsuki base. In this area are all the things that Dr. Hebi has collected, from his own clones, to test subjects, to large dens of snakes, to good-sized snakes, to Edotensei coffins, to his Giant Snake. Everything inside these rooms has a simple mark on it; a mark in the shape of a snakes tooth, on their right shoulder, or on the head of snakes.

Dr. Hebi is able to write very special seals on paper scrolls, which he then stores inside of his Dr. Stomach. Each of these scrolls is connected to a being or beings within Dr. Hebi's laboratory, and he can summon the scrolls forth through his own mouth, Hebi's, or through the mouths of the little snakes that he has falling off of his body. The seals on the scrolls, when the scrolls are opened, literally DRAG, through time and space, the thing that is designated through the seal. Unless it is Edotensei, the target being will appear in a puff of smoke, with the seal being the center point of its summoning. For Detensei, right in front of the scroll, a coffin begins to rise out of the ground.

Giant Snake Summon

This is the absolute largest snake that Dr. Hebi is able to control. When it is summoned, Hebi's head goes limp, falling asleep as it becomes the giant beast's mind, and Dr. Hebi must use his own head to control any other snakes. However, this also means the beast's mind is connected to Dr. Hebi's own. This beast is simply massive in pure size; taking up roughly high the size of Karakura, it is truly a frightening beast to behold in its strength and power. It is able to be utilized as a base for Dr. Hebi, a seige weapon, a great distraction, or just as an intimidation tactic against his foes. Dr. Hebi has lovingly named it Victor II in rememberance of his name for Nagato, saying he looks just like his father. Which father he is talking about, we may never know.

However, when Victor II is beaten, its entire body, or what remains of it, poofs back into a puff of smoke, sent back to the lab for Dr. Hebi to have to make an entirely new body; which can take entire DAYS for him to do. So, he can only use Victor II once per thread; and mostly will only use him in large scale battles and events.

Corpse Reanimation Technique

This is a relatively simple, parlor trick that Dr. Hebi mastered while he was on his way to developing Edotensei. What this does is put Dr. Hebi's own energies into a corpse, allowing it to move about. He cannot access any of the body's former powers; however, he can make it act as its physical properties. So, if he brought back an assassin, the assassin would be able to move as quickly and strike as hard as it could before; if a bit awkward and scarily considering it is like a puppet on strings; and therefore has low reaction times and finesse. After a body is destroyed, it is relatively useless to Dr. Hebi. This takes very little energy to use, and Dr. Hebi can actively keep up two dead bodies and still fight independently on his own without having to pay them much heed; although attempting to manipulate three or more seems to cross wires in his brain and make NONE of them work; so he is limited to two being active at a time. He can use them as both bodyguards and weapons; and they also help in his manipulation.

Corrupted Cards

Much like his preincarnation, Dr. Hebi is able to form his energy into cards. However, these cards cannot retain or gain information on them; as Dr. Hebi lacks the sheer observational powers needed to perform this action. However, he can use them for something else. He can line them with the power of his Reiatsu Scalpels, and throw them at his opponents, able to throw a dozen easily with a flap of his cloak. These cut through the air, although they can prove to be relatively easy to dodge, depending on how fast the opponent is. They have the first two effects of Reiatsu Scalpel, able to cut muscles and nerve endings. However, they are easily consumed by Energy Attacks, as they lack the fortitude to stand against them. They cannot be charged with Reiatsu Blade.

Languages: Dr. Hebi knows several languages, almost all of the simple human ones, some demon tongues, and most Angel languages. This is due to the fact that anytime he hears what something in a language means or even words he doesn't know, he automatically references it whenever someone brings it up again. This also includes lip reading and American Sign Language, allowing him to tell what someone is saying just by watching their lips. In addition, Dr. Hebi has the abilities to speak both Snake Language through hissing, and the Tongue of Madness, as discussed in his personality.

The Snake Seals
The unique marks that the Doctor has invented have a seen a strange series of evolution as well. Firstly, it has become apparent that the Doctor can instantly mentally communicate with any person who bears his mark, although they are also able to block out his messages. At the same time, the mark constantly sends the Doctor a sense of the mental and physical health of those afflicted by the mark, meaning that he is aware of all those he has marked and generally is knowledgeable of when they are in danger. Furthermore, it has become possible for those who have the Mark to accept the Doctor's Rinnegan briefly, for one post for each time that the Doctor grants them this. Currently, he can lend the Rinnegan's power to up two three different people, and allow up to one other person to use the Jigoku Okoku with it as well. Secondly, he has shown that he is able to change the presence of his body to reappear within theirs in a strange combination of his Summoning Art and Chaos Warp, his body relocating itself to theirs quite quickly. Finally, and this is more towards his wife than others, he has shown that he can even share the emotional state of his target. This means that all pleasure, pain, and emotions that one of them shares, the other feels as well, though the Doctor has only allowed for this ability to manifest within Suzu.

Chaos Moves:

Chaos Luminos: This is a move used solely by Kabuto; normally. However, Dr. Hebi has discovered it with his energy as well.. He bends his purple energy into a ring shape, firing it at an opponent, a ray of purple light surrounding his hand at its base. The ray then splits in half, going around the opponent, swelling up in size as it leaves Dr. Hebi's hand, getting up to 2 feet in radius around the opponent. Then, from there, they explode violently, attempting to damage the opponent from within.

Chaos Raze: Dr. Hebi simply points out his outstretched hand, firing a blast of chaos energy from the hand. It shoots out, exploding as it hits something.

Chaos Cards: He can infuse the cards with energy, throwing them at his opponents, the energy causing them to shoot out and slice through the air at high speeds. When they reach an opponent, they explode in a large area, up to 10 feet in radius. 

Name: Chaos Link
Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
Rank: Advanced and Master.
Character: All Iramasha's with enough Chaos Energy can.
Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.

Also is in possession of the basic ones, such as chaos warp and such.
-Don't Fear the Doctor-

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Tue May 15, 2012 6:05 pm

-Doctor Kabuto Hebi-

Zetsu Mode Appearance:

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 180px-Zetsu_full

To be completely honest... he looks like a venus flytrap that someone threw a cloak over. While he looks like a flytrap, he only has a right leg, his left one being all roots. His face is split into two halves; a white half and a blak half, black on right, white on left. His eyes are pure yellow, and his short, cropped-hair is green. He wears a black cloak with clouds on it; very familiar to that of Justin Washi.

Zetsu Mode Abilities:


In this form, Dr. Hebi's entire being changes. He changes his name to Zetsu, and his appearance changes dramatically. His mind becomes split up into two parts; and he loses all his other abilities other than Mu's; except for Earth Pass, which is doubled in effectiveness. He can switch in and out of this form at a moment's notice; although it has a two of his posts down time after each switch.


Anything that Zetsu mode sees, it instantly records. Then, any time that it wishes to show its results, he merely holds out his hand. Out from his hand projects a screen made of light; and then, anything that Zetsu saw is shown again on the screen.

Down-the-line Split

There are two sides of Zetsu; a white side and a black side. The white side is Hebi; and the black side is Dr. Hebi. The two work together most of the time, but sometimes differ in opinion. Dr. Hebi tends to be the more motivated and attacking of the two; while Hebi tends to remain carefree about most things that White Zetsu does.

White Spores

White Zetsu is able to disperse his body all over his opponents, turning his body into seeds. Then, these seeds rapidly grow, sucking out his opponent's energy to increase their growth. These seeds, now enlargened into cotton-ball like spheres, all group together. Then, they latch onto another target; but this time, deposit the energy. Any energy they can't deposit remains inside them until the go to a new target. White Zetsu merely has to be split from complete Zetsu to use this; the seeds fly off just from moving.

White Reproduction

While in this form, White Zetsu can literally cause himself to split. This creates another White Zetsu, identical in appearance to the first. Then they can divide again. And again. And again. And again. In a matter of mere moments, there can be hundreds of White Zetsu's crawling around. However, they are mere grunts, each only 4-1 in strength, and only the original White Zetsu is able to use White Spores.

Black Mu

Only Black Zetsu is able to use Mu's related abilities; and they are in addition reduced by fifty percent of their max. In addition, he cannot use anything related to Reiatsu Scalpels/Blades. There is only ever one Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu is the more combative of the two.

Spy Game

The Zetsu's are given two main tasks. This form was created to help out the Akatsuki. It's missions are twofold; first, to observe as much as physically possible; any major battles that it witnesses through its Enhanced Earth Pass, and to devour the bodies of fallen Akatsuki members inside of it for later use through Edotensei.

Dragon Doctor Mode Appearance:

Dr. Hebi's body takes on some dramatic differences in this state. First, four horns, made of hardened skin, pop out of the back of his head; two on either side. HIs teeth all become much sharper, and his general movements become very similar to those believed to be like a small dragon.

Dragon Doctor Mode Abilities:

Doctor Mode

In this state, Dr. Hebi's body reaches into its true potential. His entire body vastly increases in its strength and speed; he is able to use almost all of his abilities, other than things like his stomach, at two times the effectiveness that he could before.

Life to the Unliving

Dr. Hebi is able to literally take in the power of the reishi around him; much like a quincy does, but at a much faster rate. This allows him to use the energy around him to create truly magnificent things to happen, such as maintaining large forces, creating large attacks, or setting up great barriers. He almost literally becomes one with the reishi around him; even using it to sense disturbances at a very fine level.

However, this isn't the only ability that he has in this form. Indeed, there is one other very, very special thing he can do. Give Life to things that otherwise wouldn't be alive. For instance, he can touch a tree and cause it to move, attacking his foes. He can throw his hands on the ground, and cause the ground around him to sink in, as hard teeth of earth form around the area, making a gigantic mouth. He is able to use this on anything that isn't already sentient itself; that includes things that are sentient by Reiatsu or another source of energy. He can use this up to an area as large as Victor II by touching it with his hands and travelling his energy through it; however, doing it at its limit burns him out from using ANY energy in ANY way for a post. In addition, by its very nature of taking energy out of the nature around him, he can maintain this form for months, years, even decades. However, when he goes unconscious, or unable to continue fighting, the made living things go back to their normal state, if possible.

Corrupted Disks

He is able to create extremely fast, extremely explosive disks of energy; these disks fly out at high speeds, even having the capacity to be Chaos Warped, and slammed into the opponent where they are hit with a large amount of explosive force. These disks are hollow in the middle; but are outlined with a deep red glow. Dr. Hebi forms them in his hands, and then throws them out at his targets. They fly completely straight unless diverted.

Tail Creation

His tail in this mode… is not normal. It is able to drop completely off of his body, shifting into something the normal likes of which can only be gained from Dr. Hebi being allowed access to the cells of another, and the cells accepting him. The things that they shift into are bodies; of the cells that Dr. Hebi has received. These come from the fourth room, the other prison, although they are completely loyal to Dr. Hebi and are able to stay alive because of him. They also share his reiatsu signature, although with a hint of something unique to them. (Note: Must have permission before any such adaptions can occur.) Similar to Life to the Unliving, once Dr. Hebi is unable to fight, Hebi regrows out of his body and the old one dies off, as Hebi leaves its root piece in Dr. Hebi. To change Creations, Hebi must die off and regrow; and until two posts afterwards Dr. Hebi is unable to use it again.


This is a strange one. These two are technically one body; however, they can also split, becoming two bodies. This changes Hebi from a single, blue haired male, to two blue haired males. Each one of them is decently powerful; able to coordinate their attacks and work together to attack the opponent.


This spawns the snake into a form of a young woman, roughly twenty in age with orange hair. She has one single item on her, a flute. Anything that hears her song falls under her spell, as long as she is playing. This creates three large demons, each one roughly 8 feet tall, looking as if they had jumped out of japanesse myth. No matter how many times they are destroyed, they will keep reforming. And, whenever they hit the opponent, the opponent's actual nerves will go off as if they were actually damaged in such a away.


In this state, Hebi actually curls up around Dr. Hebi's arm, laying its now-shrunken head in the center of his palm. By pressing down Dr. Hebi's middle and ring fingers, the two bottom teeth of Hebi fire out a webby substance, very sticky and very durable. This substance can be used for many applications; think of spiderman.

Snake Hell Mode Appearance

The only appearance change in this form is also its only ability, as is listed below; as this form can be used in any mode of Dr. Hebi, as well as sealed. It even stays active when Dr. Hebi changes mode.

Snake Hell Mode Abilities:

Snake Wings

In this form, all parts of Dr. Hebi remains the same but for one thing. He gains a pair of wings, made of biting and wriggling snakes. These wings are actually powerful enough to maintain flight; although this form is purely for show. These wings are four feet in length each and each can be rolled up on Dr. Hebi's back. However, for the most part, they remain out at his sides, where they are forced to maintain their shape. Even if they are hit and broken from each other, they will scurry right back up Dr. Hebi until they have reformed.

Alternate Personality: Doctor Franken Stien

Emotion: Deep within his mind, there lies another part of Dr. Hebi. It is unlike anything else one could imagine for the doctor. It has a specific... sense. A sense of peace. It's addicted to peace. However... in the way that it is addicted, it also wants to constantly shatter that peace. Essentially, in every bit of Yin, there is Yang. Similarly, in every bit of Yang, there is Yin. However... Dr. Hebi has neither Yin or Yang. This personality is his version of Yin and Yang; his absolute lack of normal emotions has this personality within it; completely overrun with emotion... to the point of Madness. This madness is... strange to say the least. It wants to destroy; and yet it also wants to protect. It is an essence of balance. If this balance was ever broken... then Dr. Hebi would enter into his other form. This personality was named by Dr. Hebi himself, who discovered its existence within his own body and named it after one of the most famous Doctors of all time.

Two Sides of Insanity...

This form is chaotic. It destroys anything that crosses it... or protects it. In any case, when it is created, it is bound to end up destroying something. Or, on the alternate side, it could merely have Dr. Hebi's normal personality. Similarly, Dr. Hebi could keep his normal personality or change to Doctor Franken Stien's. However, this form has always been sealed, due to the fact that Dr. Hebi has never had to deal with emotion before. Because.... in reality... Doctor Franken Stien is the true Dr. Hebi. If Dr. Hebi hadn't been experimented on all his life, Stien would be his normal self. Severely unscrewed, but also caring about his surroundings. Stien has two states: Yin and Yang.

Yin: When Stien is in a state of Yin, he is determined to protect. He'll fight and attack until he is utterly destroyed. Yin is focused completely on one single task; normally for the benefit of someone else. Yin is much calmer than normal, talks evenly as if he is completely sane, and doesn't use any of Dr. Hebi's snakes. However, it is as just or even more so intelligent and observant than the doctor himself, which is truly saying something In retrospect, he much prefers to use Mu, who is the only reason he has remained so close to the top of Dr. Hebi's conscious... even though he's a dormant personality. He is incurred when something... anything... that Dr. Hebi has come to actually care about comes under threat. It is non manipulative unlike the Doctor, is free of his gold addiction, and discards his cloak when he fights. If this personality is activated; as it is currently dormant, it could randomly surface in Dr. Hebi's life, allowing the Doctor a more carefree attitude and a kind of goofing actions with those he interacts with, a bit like his normal personality but without the manipulative parts. He doesn't care for experiments so much as just being alive, and is a carefree soul. However, it also has a small connection to Yang; if the stress is so great, it will use absolutely ANYTHING it can to complete its objective.

Yang: When Stien is in a state of Yang, the Doctor's inherent madness comes completely to the surface. He destroys everything around himself, not having any care for objectives or what he is trying to complete. When Yang is dominant, Mu refuses to assist the Doctor, and so only the Snakes and Edotensei can be used by Yang. To say that Yang is a little unstable is quite accurate. He talks coldly, calculating to his opponetns; however, he rarely actually regards his observations, often casting them aside. In addition, he permanently keeps a truly disturbing smile on Dr. Hebi's face. The Doctor is extremely dangerous in this state, as Yang lets out all of the body's natural power all at once, completely disposing of any and all limiters the Doctor has placed upon his own body. In fact, his very activation results in a dark red field of energy to completely surround Dr. Hebi's body, and his hands and feet are permanently triggered in Reiatsu Scalpel state. Yang cares nothing for the Doctor's body, recklessly using it until he has destroyed any and everything around himself. Yang is also completely dormant; however, there are a variety more ways that it could be activated. The most primary is when Dr. Hebi actually gains a desire to harm something out of an experiment, or when he actually loses his will. IF he seeks power, Yang will awaken. IF he is about to die, Yang will awaken. Yang has remained close to Dr. Hebi's consciousness partly due to Mu's holding of Yin; and also partly due to the fact of its very nature that makes it want to be destructive and top; although the Doctor keeps it... and by result Yin... Sealed by the gold that he snorts. Yang also has a small connection to Yin; if he actually has something he cares about, and that thing is in his way of destruction, there is a large chance that he will stop being in Yang and return to his neutral state.

Stien State:

If both Yin and Yang have been awakened in the Doctor's body and mind, he can use this form. This is... in effect, his Holy Hellish Angel State. He is not an angel; however, that is what his blood tries to say he is. As a result, he does not have normal forms, instead having Dragon Doctor Mode and such. However, if he had been allowed to develop normally, Stien State would be the natural progression of his body. In Stien State, his entire body reutnrs to what it should look like without having been in the Snake's cells or outside influences. He can still use his snakes and such as before; however, Hebi goes inside of his body, changing the colors of his torso to look like he's wearing clothes made of cloth sewn onto his body. On his head appears a very large screw in addition his his hair lying perfectly flat on his head and the strange marks around his eyes vanishing as his eyes return to being circular as opposed to slits; this screw is very interesting. It allows Dr. Hebi, while in his own mind, to chose weather he would like to enter Yin or Yang state. By turning it clockwise, he enters Yin; by turning it counter clockwise, he enters Yang personality. Unless he has tamed this form, which he has not yet, he will be predetermined what personality he is in. Interestingly, if someone else were to grab the screw sticking out of his head and turn it one of the directions, as long as they have some hold over Chaos Energy or an EXTREMELY powerful reiatsu, they could change Dr. Hebi's personality.

Hebi: Scythe Form: Hebi IS his phishing buki, after all. However, in this state, Hebi becomes quite strange. It shoots out of Stien State's mouth, looking like a black snake made of energy almost like a tongue before it finally turns into a scythe. This scythe has a very large polearm, with a great blade on it and a small back blade as well on the polearm's other side. Hebi, being what it is, also has conscious control of itself; while it will mostly allow Dr. Hebi to control it however he wishes, it will also do other things as well. For instance, it can turn back into its normal form, acting like a shield to take a hit for the Doctor, or moving the blade, as it can see from any part of its entire scythe area. However, there is one downside to this; if Hebi sacrifices itself to take a hit for the doctor, he is stuck in Stien State... until he breeds another Hebi from the old ones corpse. If the entire snake is completely destroyed... Dr. Hebi will never leave Stien State unless he has a Selve turn completely into another Hebi, which takes 3-4 months. HE becomes a master of using this scythe, as it is in reality Hebi itself, using a fighting style that tends to use the scythe for defense and then using hand to hand combat on his opponent, unless he feels it better to do something otherwise. The scythe is... for all intents and purposes, unbreakable while it is in a scythe form. As long as the attack would not completely kill Dr. Hebi himself in Stien State with one blow, it would not break from the force used against it.

Power Stock: While in Stein State, Dr. Hebi is one hundred percent a melee fighter. That is to say that his entire capacity with his own energies and Mu is completely stored inside of his body, granting many different effects. For one thing, his skin is beyond the harness of diamond, taking extremely powerful explosions, deadly sharp blades, and an immense amount of strength to harm. However, despite the weight caused by making it so extremely tough and dense, it is just a testament to the amount of strength that he has that he can maneuver it at extremely high speeds, maintaining it comfortably. In addition, his speed itself vastly increases, allowing him to move at speeds that would set most humans on fire and not harm him in the bit, racing above mach five from his running alone, looking as if he is moving at shunpo speeds normally. His strength is such that he could lift up a skyscraper and throw it at an opponent if he was not also dealing with his own body; as it is now, he has enough strenght to knock out a good sized house with a punch at one of the walls, completely decimating it with the sheer amount of force produced.

Spirit Shock: However, there is another interesting trait that his enter has created. Because it is so contained, if he charges it into one single body part, his raw spirit energy forms into a strange kind of dark red sparks. These sparks are... special. If anything makes contact with the sparks when in Stien State, the person will feel whatever their power source is being completely obliterated. However, what this is similar to saying is that the person's very... soul comes under attack. There are few ways to fight this; as attacking someone's soul is... interesting to say the least. If the person is less than advanced in at least three areas of their will sheet, and has a pain endurance of adept or less, their entire body will feel like it is bursting as internal destruction occurs all over their body. If their Pain Endurance is above adept, they will still feel what seems like their core being being attacked by the shocks; however they will not have major ruptures and instead simply large amounts of pain. However, if they have a grandmaster in their willsheets under willpower or focus, and have at least advanced in mental deduction and the other trait, they will feel no pain whatsoever. However, there will be another effect upon their body. Their very mind will feel as if it has been shattered; they will enter a state very much like Doctor Stien's Yang; a type of madness and their minds unstable. All in all, only someone with an immense amount of willpower and courage can truly resist its effects; In which case, they will only feel the Doctor's attacks become more effective when they are charged with Spirit Shock. Another interesting fact is that between any two limbs of his body that are within one foot of one another, he can run a current of Spirit Shock along the space and send its effects at a heightened ratio through whatever touches it. However, there is a simple way to stop it; just dodge. He can only use it with hand to hand combat, as he can't charge it through Hebi, and his limbs will always stay the same size.

Limit: However, there is something else about Stien State. While he has entered it, all of Dr. Hebi's power is within his body. This means he can't generate snakes, he cannot use Edotensei unless he has all the things for it already out, he cannot perform summonings, he cannot use Mu's power, and etc. He also cannot change to any other form except his normal form after entering Stien State. When he powers down, Hebi returns to its strange black snake-like energy stream before going back to Dr. Hebi's mouth and down his throat. Then, his skin returns to looking snake like as the snake goes out of him once more in its normal state, and his body's power returns to its normal frequency as the screw goes back inside of his head and his hair becomes more unkempt once again.

Alternate Personality: Count Vladimir Sange

This form is... strange. This personality is definitely an independent one; it doesn't like using Mass Selves OR Mass Snakes, and will only grudgingly accept the help of Mu. This personality much prefers to work by itself, dominating everyone and everything in its path. That does not mean it is stupid; by far, this personality is above average in intelligence, but not on the same level as the normal doctor himself.

This personality is made for war; it is a master strategist, making up for what it lacks in intellect with understanding of the opponent and understanding of himself. However, he is not a leader; as mentioned before, he works alone. Even in death, he will not accept assistance. This personality is the Doctor's ambition; as he has none himself. As such, this personality is closely linked to the mind of the Doctor himself, as he knows all of his desires and will do whatever it takes to get them achieved. An interesting note... when the Count takes over the body of the Doctor, the doctor's eyes glow a bright red, no longer having their snake like pupils visible.

While this personality is in control, it mainly uses chaos energy against its opponents. It uses the Doctor's mass stores of Chaos Energy inside of him to use his chaos moves, corrupted cards, and even some of his very own, special chaos abilities that the Doctor is unable to normally, as he lacks the drive to back them up.

Chaos Transfusion: The Count extends a single hand, as the chaos energy around him focuses in on the opponent. Then, it draws out a considerable amount of their energy, able to drain in a single cast enough energy to fire off a grand ray cero if the Doctor were an Arrancar. The now freed Reiatsu or Chaos Energy goes to the Count, joining his own stores of either. He can cast this once per post and normally uses it to start off each attack he performs. The range of this attack is what makes it interesting; it is a half mile radius. However, the bright-red tendrils of energy still have to make it back to the Count; if they are disturbed, they will not make it back in time to restore his energy supplies. This is also interesting because it means if the victim's chaos energy control is higher than the Count's or they have an effect in their energy that is stronger than the Count can hold onto, they can free their own energy and possibly even snag it back.

Chaos Blood Pool: The Count creates a blood-looking pool of his bright red chaos energy beneath him, where his entire body then sinks in. The pool is fifteen meters in size, and is able to be formed in the ground or on the sky, with its center point being wherever the Count is standing when he activates it. By entering this pool, the Count exists everywhere within it all at once; meaning that if he should enter on the left side of the pool, even if the left side is utterly obliterated, as long as a fraction of the right side of the pool is ok, he can come out of it again. As long as a drop of the pool exists, the Count will be able to come back from it. However, this does have its downsides; if all of his chaos energy in the pool is destroyed, he is as well, which makes this attack rather risky. The pool has the same durability as the skin of the Count himself, and takes mediumly-strong attacks to cause it to break away from itself. As soon as the Count touches down on it, he can descend into it like he would Earth Pass; and from within the pool can activate any of his other abilities. The pool has a two round cool down and lasts for a round after activation.

Chaos Tides of Blood: The Count throws up a single hand to the sky, releasing his energy through his palm, the same amount that a gran rey cero from an arrancar with the same tier as him and the same cero/bala control as his chaos energy control. Out of his hand fires large, blood red spheres of energy, that hunt down any energy source in the area, minus the count, without discrimination. When they reach their target, they explode, damaging them physically. However, it also has another effect; it loosens the bond between the character's control over either reitasu or chaos energy. This makes it easier for the Count to take his opponent's reiatsu or chaos energy back to himself through Chaos Transfusion, or possibly even break apart by going into Stien state and using Spirit Shock, although that's not something the Count will do by choice.

Tides of Blood can be used up to two times per post; each time it inflicts a target, their hold over their energy decreases by 20%, for a maximum of 50% loss of holding their energy together. They can regain their control each post, depending on their control of chaos energy or reiatsu manipulation. For Grandmasters, they regain 50% per post. For Masters, they regain 20% per post. For Advanced, they regain 10% per post. For Adept, they regain 5% per post. For Beginners, they regain 2% per post. So, for an advanced to be hit by tides of blood three times over the course of two posts and then have Chaos Transfusion used on them, it would take 50% more energy from them than it would normally. The attacks of Tides of Blood are homing, moving at a rate of 200 mph, and each has an explosive radius of 20 meters. In addition, each continuous use of Tides of Blood will make each consecutive blast 20% faster and 20% wider in radius; so, if the Count used it four times over two posts, it would reach its cap of 414 miles per hour and 41 meters in radius. However, after a post that he does NOT use Tides of Blood, its power returns to its base.

Chaos Hemoplague: This is a move that the Count can only use once every four posts. What this does is at a point he designates within a 250 foot radius, a massive cloud of bright red chaos energy appears. Anything that comes into contact with this chaos energy gains a state of "Affliction". Any reiatsu or chaos energy restoring abilities are cut by 50% while they are in a state of Affliction. Their hold on their chaos energy and/or reiatsu is reduced to 60%, and is unaffected by Tides of Blood to increase this any further. This makes it so that the Count can take their energy and restore himself and damage them very easily. Then, Hemoplague finishes off by causing the Chaos Energy all around the opponent to turn a bright red, afflicted and in control of the Count, before it explodes for 500 meters around the opponent. To stop the blast, the opponent must have greater Chaos Energy Control than the Count, which is made difficult by the Affliction itself. As such, the opponent is slammed by explosions of bright red energy on every side of their body, consuming them in hostile energy as they explode. In addition, someone who has the Affliction on them is unable to teleport themselves; the Affliction disallows the body it is connected to to leave away from it, pulling it back instantly to where it was from all over the body.

Chaos Crimson Raze: This is the Count's basic attack; he forms a large amount of chaos energy, condensed into a sphere, that he controls in his hands before him. He uses this to shoot out his now bright red colored energy at his opponents, causing explosions on them and damaging them, or forming it into weapons and throwing it at them, or merely controlling it. The interesting thing about Crimson Raze is that with it, his energy takes on a watery-like form, able to be turned into drops and still manipulated by the Count.

Other Abilities

Vampire Bite: The Count is able to extend the canines in his teeth due to the snake blood of the Doctor, using them to bite targets. His fangs are extremely, extremely sharp as well as strong; he is able to eat seki seki stone and even diamonds with his raw teeth alone. However, his teeth also have one other special function. If he is low on energy, and has a nearby willing recipient that is an iramasha, he can bite them on the neck or upper shoulder area, and draw out their power into himself, restoring his energy. Interestingly, he can also do it the other way as well, giving them his energy; however, due to the Count's nature, he never uses his bite this way.

Suggestive Nature: Wherever the Count goes, he exudes a kind of aura. This aura, made of chaos energy, naturally activates the attention portion of the minds of other beings around him. This makes those that he communicates with extremely attentive to what he tells them, often influencing them to listen to him when they would not otherwise, and even leading them to doing things that they don't have a problem with doing, but don't normally do. Of course, with a decent willpower, many things are able to resist this as well.

Alternate Personality: The Undertaker

History: The Undertaker is yet another side of the good Doctor. However, he has his own legend, unlike the other sides that are known only to the Doctor. He is, for a lack of a better word, a Grim Reaper. A judge of the dead, one of the few who can take the place of a Shinigami and choose whether a soul deserves to go to Soul Society or Hell. Some of his more famous judgments have been on Robin Hoood and Marie Antoinnete. This is the side that created the fascination for Edotensei, and is also the one that perfected its concept. Dragon Doctor state allowed for Edotensei's creation, and the Undertaker created its concept. The Undertaker is not a particularly unkind man; nor is he particularly caring. However, he can have and has had friends in the past, due to his unique nature unlike the other Alternate Personalities. He has an even better than the Doctor Himself; however, the Undertaker has something more. He has raw instinct. Instinct... about the facts of a persons death. Shinigami, dead corpses, hollows... anything that has gone through the soul cycle at least once by dying can have its past examined by the Undertaker. This will be gone in more detail further down. It was because of this ability that the Undertaker came to exist within the Doctor. The Undertaker was once a Hybrid Iramasha; he judged souls like an angel but carried his assignments out like a demon. He met the Doctor one day, after having been obliterated to nothing but a head as a result of someone who did not want him to exist... before he was absorbed by the Doctor, who found the Undertaker and pitied him, knowing that his healing would not be able to help him, but also knowing what it was like to be unable to do something about one's demise. So, the Doctor took his consciouesness within himself, and the Undertaker joined the multiple personalities within the Doctor's mind... and finds it quite interesting there.

Personality: The Undertaker is a bit... off kilter. He is similar to Yin in his joking nature, although the Undertaker has a permanent smile on his face and is often laughing. He has his own kind of madness; although it is only one of a physical nature, as his mind is perfectly stable. Well... as stable as any side of Dr. Hebi can be, anyway. He does not particularly approve of the snakes inside the Doctor's body, and prefers not to use them. He uses a scythe like a good grim reaper, turning Hebi into his weapon much like Stien does. However, in battle he is not much more serious than he is outside of it. He is still constantly having a smile on his face, along with his friendly and yet strange quirks. He has no problems whatsoever with killing an opponent; espeially if he is ordered to by the one he follows, whoever that may be. That's the other interesting thing about The Undertaker. He'll follow anyone as long as they do him a favor, and then proceed to return the favor. He has a bit of an obsession with dead things; after all, it was a part of his Grim Record and he is the “father” of Edotensei.

Scythe Master: The Undertaker is a master of using his trusty scythe, a concentration of Hebi transformed into a weapon. His scythe is extremely unique because of the energy that is constantly running through it whenever it has been drawn by the Undertaker. This energy is a combination of Dust Release and the Undertaker's own special blend of energy. The energy cannot harm anything that is material; that is, anything without its own source of spiritual energy. For the Undertaker, “Spiritual Energy” means Reiatsu, Reishi, Choas Energy, Death Energy, higher-than diluted Nature Energy, Riryoku, and the life force of spiritual concentrations of humans and above. This means he could cut a human's flesh, but not a dogs; as the human has a larger soul than the dog. However, this also means that he could not cut grass with his scythe; as its nature energy concentration is much too low for him to cut it. His scythe would instead merely phase through it, not harming it a bit as if the scythe never touched it at all. Hebi is also unable to change back into Snake Mode while the Undertaker is in control of the body.

However, because he cannot cut the mass majority of things without their own energy in the human world, this makes any other energy that the Undertaker touches with his scythe become much easier for him to cut. Just the scythe touching an energy makes its bonds weaken by 60-70%, making it easier for him to cut. He is a very difficult opponent to face with his scythe, because not only does it have this strange ability, he is also a master of weilding it. His reaction times while weilding the scythe allow him to react to multiple attacks under two thousand miles per hour, or high speed attacks. His own attacks are extremely fast as well, creating roars from the sound barrier breaking from his swings. As a consequence, he can chop down entire buildings with his scythe if he had a want to; although he normally keeps his attacks concentrated at a target. His scythe is as tough to break as Stien State's, even if it is larger in size and with a different design. He mostly fights with the scythe, as he is terrible at hand to hand. He may not be as physically powerful as in Stien State or Dragon Doctor, but he makes up for it with his tenacity. Even if he has his arms and legs cut off, he'll still wield his scythe in his mouth, floating with Mu's levitation to fight his opponents, laughing all the while. The Undertaker does not feel any actual pain; but he does understand when he has been harmed. This means that he does feel the proper signals from his body, but he simply chooses not to acknowledge them unless he has a need to. After all, he IS a Grim Reaper... and he nearly always gets his man.

Grim Record: This is the Undertakers special ability, unique to him alone. By manipulating the chaos energy around a target, he can discover whether or not they have died before. If they have, he is able to manipulate the Chaos Energy around the target, bringing the cirucumstances and anything relating to their death(s) to the fore front of the Undertaker's mind, allowing him to record I and effectively “judge” the soul. For Arrancar and beings with several souls, he merely sees the host soul's death. This both makes the Undertaker's services extremely valuable to those that would seek them out, but it also made him a rather large target. That is, until the Undertaker met the Doctor. On the record, the Undertaker died several years ago; off the record, his unique ability lives on with the consciousness within the Doctor's mind. Every time that the Undertaker has viewed a Grim Record of a person, it becomes like a book within the Doctor's mind, where any of the personalities can check them out and study them instantaneously. This has a variety of uses, in addition to helping the Doctor himself. The person who is having the Grim Record used on them will, for a split second, see their life flashing before their eyes... before the Record is saved in the Undertaker's consciousness, and to the soul targetted it feels like nothing happened. This uses a medium amount of energy of the Undertaker; and using it more than twice a day exhausts him. There is a very, very simple way to stop Grim Record; and a not so simple. The very very simple is to not DIE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The not so simple is keeping all Chaos Energy away from one's own energy source, as that is where The Undertaker instantaneously takes the Grim Record from.

Konso: Just like Shinigami, The Undertaker's scythe is able to perform Konso on human souls, accept plusses, cleanse hollows, or send them to hell. However, The Undertaker is able to take it one step further with his Grim Record. Using it, he is able to determine whether the soul should not go to the Soul Society or go to hell for himself. This means that it is very rare for the Undertaker to put away destructive souls into the Soul Society, even if they never killed anyone in life. It is of great interest for one to note that the Undertaker's Konso is actually what creates the new souls that go within Edotensei subjects, as his Konso holds just a tiny, blank piece of soul within his scythe and consciousness, storing them along with his Grim Records. However, until he met the Doctor, The Undertaker never had a use for these blank souls. He has thousands upon thousands of them, due to his old job; but cannot himself use them. This also incurs something else interesting; if the Doctor ever dies, The Undertaker ceases to exist, making it impossible for any new Edotensei subjects to ever be created.

Release and Limiter: The Undertaker is unique among the personalities because it holds a kind of mutual relationship with the Doctor. The Doctor calls on him when he needs help, and the Undertaker is allowed to survive in his mind in exchange. However, when the Undertaker is caled out, he must stay out for at least two posts, with a maximum of five posts before falling asleep inside of the Doctor's mind for the rest of a thread. In addition, while the Undertaker is in control, ina ddition to some bodily changes that determine his form, he is unable to use the Doctor's healing techniques, Dust Release or Reiatstu Scalpels anywhere other than in his scythe, and any other transformations or personalities of the Doctors. He is able to use Mu's invisibility and levitation and wind element, but not fire or earth, as the Undertaker is as good at using Wind Release as the Doctor is of using Earth Release, the base of Dust Release. The Undertaker is also able to use the snakes of Doctor Hebi, although only grudgingly, as the only one it prefers using is Hebi. He cannot use Mass Selves or War-time barrier as a result. The Undertaker can use Snake Spawn grudgingly, as well as split himself into two if he needs to with the Doctor's power and having the same limits. In addition, he has a special action that happens when he uses Edotensei; he is able to maintain one more Edotensei subject, up to the strength of 1-1+. However, he himself can merely summon the Edotensei subjects, not create them.

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Class Title: Corrupted Angel of Edotensei

Class Traits:


A technique created by Dr. Hebi himself. In preparation of this technique, Dr. Hebi must first acquire some of the DNA of the person he intends to bring back to life. Next, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the resurrected to use as a vessel. Dr. Hebi normally uses his own resources to find bodies to use for his summons. The acquired DNA of the person is gathered on Dr. Hebi's hands, with a circle before him, the sacrifice in the center. Dr. Hebi must then lay his hands on the sacrifices body, placing the DNA he has collected into them medically with his medical techniques.

Then dust and ash encases the sacrifice's body, giving them the same appearance that the revived had at the time of their death. The process is somewhat painful as such the sacrifice feels incredible pain until the body is eventually killed. The person is then revived and the end product is usually stored in large coffins, marked with the persons name, until summoned by him. Dr. Hebi can theoretically revive a limitless number of people in this way, so long as he has enough sacrifices, reaistu, and DNA to perform this magic. However, keeping each one up DOES use a small amount of energy from him at all times; so there is a limit, usually about four or five at time, depending on how strong they were in life. In fact, their total power depends on how many he has summoned. If he has only one summoned, they can have up to a 0-3's power; unless they had less than that. If it is two, they are both 0-4, unless they had less than that. And if three or more, they all have 0-5, unless they had less than that. Also, the target doesn't have to be dead for them to become Edofied, although permission IS required to edofy a person. He can control up to five at once now.

When first summoned, the body of the resurrected is stored Dr. Hebi's coffins; their body will appear grey and in a state of minor decay, marred by cracks and other imperfections, and the individual will also appear to be asleep, when they are in reality dead. Upon awakening they retain their personality, memories, and all abilities they had in life, including Resurrección, Shikai, Bankai, Demon forms, Iramasha forms; etc, and all there natural powers, and in the case of Sugiura, they retain all there powers and the guardian beast if it wasn't killed as well, if it was killed Dr. Hebi well need to use this magic again in order to bring back a dead guardian beast, a quite complicated process; but it does not seem to be able to recreate unique weapons and tools the user had; only able to revive the body itself. Though weapons like Zanpakutō, which are dependent on the soul, are reformed. The summoned all have grey sclera and retain their original eye colors however the entire eye is darkened. This last for a short while, till there body's start to stabilize and begin over time returning to what they originally looked like; except for their eyes, which remain the same.

After the individual has been summoned and awakened, Dr. Hebi can bind the individual to his will by using a special talisman, a snake scroll with the instructions he desires on it, and implanted in the brain by pushing the special scroll through the summons's skull, which parts everything in its way as it enters. Upon implanting the talisman, the resurrected individual will regenerate further, eliminating any remaining imperfections and restoring color to their bodies and clothing, but still not their eyes. The effect of this is twofold; it both inserts the commands, as well as the "Soul" of the person; basically, an artificial soul of Dr. Hebi's making that is normally a direct copy of the original, made from the DNA of the original person. Dr. Hebi either remotely controls or tracks the summoned individuals using his own mind, or by giving them orders and keeping track of them.

Different talismans can be used to enact different degrees of control. Dr. Hebi's normal talismans completely eliminate the personalities of the summoned, turning them into mindless killing machines under his command. He can choose to use a weaker binding talisman on certain individuals, allowing them to retain some degree of their own personality. The latter method is useful for psychological warfare as well as appealing to Dr. Hebi's manipulative nature, and can also allow the summoned individual to tap into their own emotions, memories, or creativity to enhance their effectiveness in combat. but also carries a host of drawbacks; it takes more effort to retain control with the weaker binding which can make it possible for the hearts of the summoned to be swayed by strong emotions, which can result in the soul breaking free of Dr. Hebi's control; although this is extremely rare. Even so, Dr. Hebi can completely remove their personalities if needed, and may elect to if they resist his command too strongly, by rewriting the commands from afar. Dr. Hebi can even overwrite his own talismans, greatly increasing the power of the binding. If at any time, the revived are freed from his control somehow outside of Dr. Hebi's power, they have a built in fail-safe that if any chance they attack Dr. Hebi, they shall only harm themselves, any damage they attempt to deal reflecting on their own bodies.

The person that he brings back has the same amount of maximum energy as they did when they died; this is due to the fact that technically, the body they are inhabiting has become their own, and it is able to hold that much energy; unless they had more than the summoning limit's power could bring back. For example, if he brought back an 0-2 like himself, the summon would be a max of 0-3 in power; so they would be weaker than the original. So, any level can be brought back, but they are limited by what tier of energy they have as is explained above.

The revives can be harmed and killed. However, this is fairly difficult to do in some cases; especially considering that Dr. Hebi can bring the body back to its normal form by touching a part of it, although it is no longer able to be brought back for the rest of the thread. The clones/summons also still have the same level of defense and durability, regeneration and such they had while they were alive; to the maximum that it is not higher than a 0-5's tier of power. If Dr. Hebi is sealed or killed, all revived persons are destroyed. There is a special talisman Dr. Hebi can give to a select few so they can stay in this world if he ever dies, or sealed is sealed away; this talisman giving them complete control of their own lives, basically bringing back the person from the dead. However, otherwise, as Dr. Hebi is the one who determines their soul, they cannot really break out of his control otherwise.

The Edotensei that Dr. Hebi is in control of will all be in one equipment thread, to be created upon completed checking and will be placed here. And again, no Edofication can occur to ANYONE without proper permission from the user's owner/admin in the case of departed characters.



Artificial Zanpaktou
From his many, many studies of Znapktou, the Doctor has created a blade that can evolve itself from reaction of it form the User's Reiatsu. This means that these blades cannot be triggered by someone who doesn't have Shikai or Bankai level Reiatsu, but at the same time the blades do not grant the user additional spiritual power. The swords are not, by direct definition, zanpaktou. However, due to the Doctor's study of them, they behave in a similar way, able to go into a "Shikai" and "Bankai", where their form changes to allow for more abilities to be used and they even have their own sealed abilities. What is the downside of this? Well, for one, the zanpaktou are not unique to the user. This means that the opponent could easily pick them up and use them themselves, as long as they had the Reiatsu to do so. This also means that the shikai and bankai are nowhere near as powerful as a typical shinigami, because of the fact that it does not release more spiritual power in the body, meaning that its efficiency essentially extends to being a weapon, a tool, and that is all which it performs. This means that it has no spirit, or an inner world, as it is only a tool which can evolve itself.

Zanpaktou: Sunēkusunappu~

Sealed Zanpaktou Abilities:

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Superior Combatant
When the Doctor is holding Sunēkusunappu, his entire body changes. His physiology changes as per his will on holding the sword thanks to his great amount of bodily control, allowing him to harden his skin and his overall defense, much like an Arrancar's hierro but with nothing but his sheer flesh tissue. In addition, his muscles are greatly condensed, forced to reproduce their cells rapidly and condense, giving him the strength to level buildings even in his sealed state. In addition, his bodily coordination and the focus within his mind rapidly increases, meaning that his speed is rapidly increased, as well as his accuracy. This increased power of his coordination also increases his overall ability with the blade, making him highly skilled at its use even if he's simply drawing it out. The change is instantaneous, once his body is making contact with that sword his body changes. The only down side to this, is that he can no longer manipulate the elements as well as he used to be able to, as his body is not relaxed and focused towards manipulating them. So while he doesn't lose complete control, he cannot perform it as easily.

Sand Eater Style
Dr. Hebi's main fighting style wielding Sunēkusunappu is extremely powerful. He can level entire buildings in a single slash by performing this style of fighting, which allows him to slither like a snake. When he activates it, his body begins able to swing down on the ground, using coordination of his body to send him spinning around on the ground. Then, when he finishes his spinning, he swings his sword, releasing the built up momentum from what he's gathered up. Then, the sheer amounts of gathered force that he has focused on collecting are emitted all at once, shooting out as hard as they possibly can, with the force to level buildings in a ten foot radius of the Doctor, depending on how much he wants to spin. Overall, this style is extremely effective, and is often unpredicted by the opponent, as he comes from below and using momentum deals the massive amounts of damage. This technique is so named because it places the Doctor's mouth directly on top of the ground, which makes it appear as if he is eating sand as he attacks.

Poisonous Blade
Finally, within Sunēkusunappu's hilt is a small stream of poison, which is formed from the Doctor's own Reiatsu. This poison is not very powerful, but it does have a lasting effect. Anything cut by the Doctor's blade becomes infected, and it causes a mark which looks like a snakes fang to shoot out from the point of contact, with the point of contact being the tip of the fang. What's the deal with this fang? Well, that's fairly simple to explain. By executing the one mark on his opponent, Dr. Hebi causes the mark to explode, creating a sharp stabbing pain to shoot through the opponent, a piercing blast that is adeptly powerful, able to break most defenses around 2 tier.

Slither, Sunēkusunappu~

Shikai Description:
In his shikai form, his blade transforms, as the blade slithers back around his arm. The blade then extends past the back of the Doctor's hand, where it looks like its normal sword form. However, the blade also has a habit of being able to swivel around the Doctor's hand , allowing him to wield it like its normal form once again. The swirls around his arm are only about an inch between each piece of the spiral.

Shikai Abilities:

Spinning Decimation
The blade has the ability to manipulate the spiraling of the blade itself. That's right. The spirals around his arms are the things which perform his attacks. How do they do this? Well, first off, they extend, shooting from The Doctor's arm. However, there is a unique trait about them. This spiraling is so fast, the Doctor is not even able to SEE it. Roughly traveling forty times the speed of sound, it destroys everything in its wake, tearing it to shreds by spiraling around it. The ground below it is often completely ripped apart and decimated from the sheer amount of force that the blade makes, massive spirals of land appearing where there was once harmony. However, this isn't the only use for the spirals. Not only can the blade shoot its spirals out, but it is still attached to the Doctor. This means he can cause the spirals to slam back into him, sending him flying backwards at an immense speed, although it's not as fast as the blade itself, meaning he can still retain control of himself. In addition, he can fire out the spiral to its full length, before throwing himself forwards aroundt he spiral, causing him to shoot along it at an immensely fast pace. In addition, the Doctor can fire himself backwards, shooting towards whatever's behind him by not even firing the blade out, allowing him to shoot himself backwards or, if he holds his arm behind himself, straight forwards.

Blade Length
The Blade itself is .9 miles long, and can regenerate parts of itself which are sundered off by attacks using the Doctor's Reiatsu. In addition, the blade can choose how wide its spirals are; meaning that it can extend up to .8 miles long or as short ranged as 30 feet in front of the Doctor, using absolutely MASSIVE spirals. In addition, the blade retains all abilities from its sealed state, including the poisonous explosions. The reason the blade is so massively long is because of the Doctor's Reiatsu stores, and nothing more.

Shake and Shiver, Sunēkusunappu~

Bankai Description:
The Apperance of Sunēkusunappu remains exactly the same when it is transofrmed into Bankai, although it begins to glow a faint yellow.

Bankai Abilities:

Unholy Vibration
When released into Bankai, the sword gains only one new ability. This ability is that the blade itself is extremely vibrational; its frequency of vibration is roughly 5 times the sound of a mike being held up to a speaker. This massive amount of vibration is so intense that it breaks down most spiritual particles that it encounters, rending them before dispersing them in their most base form. When it hits an opponent, it completely stops before vibrating and slamming into the opponent once again. This is essentially an armor piercing trait, and is extremely difficult to stop, as the Doctor has a great amount of range. However, if the opponent were to stop the blade's vibration and hold it still, the massive amount of backlash would rip the Doctor's arm from his body, sealing the blade once again. It also keeps all the abilities from its former releases.

The Omnigray is an equipment that the Doctor has with him at all times, which is biogentically attached to his body. This strange device forms itself on his body on all sorts of places, either on his arms or legs, on his torso, or even his forehead. It was developed through the usage of both the Screw that goes through his forehead in Stein State and also the personality injections that the Doctor uses. However, it is more than that, as it is also combined with the idea of his summoning arts and the idea of an infinite storage unit. It is attached to the room of scrolls within Dr. Stomach, and therefore is able to summon any of the items contained within.

The Omnigray takes the shape of a strange black-coated watch generally appearing on the Doctor's wrists. It has a strange hour-glass shape, coated in gray. The material around it is black in color, and has gray lines that rotate around the entirety of it. It is biologically a part of the Doctor and his soul, meaning it will reappear so long as it is attached to him. From the face of the device, he is able to conjure up an image of what it is he would like to use. By hitting the face with a part of his body or with a mental trigger that causes it to depress, a wave of reiatsu leaves the Doctor's body, chaos energy and his summoning art leaving his body as a summoning is performed, either changing him into a different personality or summoning up the item or person that has been indicated by the device. The interesting thing is that this device can be operated by the Doctor, no matter who is in control of the body, as his beliefs are in control of it, meaning if he is mentally dominated by another to act in some manner, it will not be effected.

The Trident
The Doctor has also begun to experiment with Nature Energy. The result is this Trident, which he can summon up like his Aritificial Zanpaktou. The unique fact of this trident is that it is intuned to an artificial nature energy, that of Dust. This means that the Doctor is able to manipulate areas around him and form Dust Energy and constructs of it through the usage of this trident. However, the price is that the Trident is constantly covered in Dust Energy, meaning it is constantly damaging the Doctor. In addition, the manipulation of the Dust Energy is tedious, so it can only be used up to two times in a post before it becomes a regular trident once more. The unique thing about the Trident is that it is durable enough to endure even Dust Release attacks, meaning that it is extraordinarily difficult to break it. The manipulation of dust energy is performed by combining the air of the area, the stray matter floating in the air, and infusing flames from the Doctor's own person to super heat all three, creating the explosions or constructs which will explode with the power of Dust Energy.

Using the Trident also breaks down the Doctor's arm that is wielding it, to the point where that arm becomes unusable after two posts, and after four posts he is unable to even feel anything lower than his shoulder on the side using the Trident.

Race: Angel



General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Grandmaster
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Grandmaster
  • Chaos Warp: Advanced
  • Seishin Buki Level: Master
  • Race Control: Master

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master
  • Control Over Spirit: Advanced
  • Seal Strength: Advanced


Roleplay Sample: [/size]
-Don't Fear the Doctor-

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Prelude to Instability: Extra Additions

Mind Break Serum
This is an extremely… strange development that the Doctor has created since meeting the being Asmodeus, whom he took the basic concept of this ideal from. Essentially, this is a serum that the doctor himself can slather with his tongue, place within Hebi's fangs, OR even place in the fangs of his many snakes. This serum is able to be generated from the Doctor's very energy, which is what causes it to interact with targets the way that it does.

The physical aspects of this serum are very elusive. ON close inspection and even medicinal tests, it appears to be nothing more then an aphrodisiac. The material stirs the pleasure centers of the brain, making the person desire even more need for stimulation, and can be highly addictive in large doses. In addition, the serum can spread at an alarmingly fast rate through the body, meaning that from any point on a targets body where it enters, it will affect the mind and nervous systems in a matter of moments.

Now, the spiritual aspect of this serum is what makes it so dangerous. The very serum has the energy of the Doctor placed within it. This energy, when injected into the body of a subject, also causes their very soul to feel utter ecstasy all throughout it. However, it is also adds in properties which are addictive to the very soul. Once the serum has been applied, nothing short of burning away its remains from the beings very soul will cause it to ever permanently disappear. This means that until that happens, the soul will never be able to forget what the serum felt like and enhances the addictivity of it; even going through things like rehabilitation will not be able to remove the target, and not even the Doctor himself has a cure for it.

However, he can sate it. When the target has received enough of the serum, their entire soul will feel content with it, and not require any more for a period varying between seven and thirty days. The effects never weaken, and in the darkest corners of the mind, even the most innocent of actions will remind the afflicted of its presence, either by causing them a yearning for it or by physically causing a phenomenon in their body to occur, such as a tingling down their spine, or ghost touches. Either way, the only way to obtain more of this serum is through the Doctor himself, and has uses varying from eliciting cooperation to torture to just make himself laugh. It is also a favorite of Sange to include in his blood attacks, which apply the effect of the serum as well.

This serum is very much connected to the Doctor's manipulative tendencies, and causes him to wiggle more then perhaps anything else he has ever designed, because it gives the target pleasure while causing them to desire their own manipulation. A truly evil tool, but one that the Doctor will use if he finds the purpose justifiable. And for him, justifying things is not a hard task to accomplish.

Madness Wavelength
This is a… newer development of the Doctor's. What this does is creates a constant, pulsating feeling around his body, altering the way in which his spiritual pressure acts. This is normally dormant, and is used by Dr. Hebi himself, Yang, and occasionally Undertaker, depending on the situation. Now, as for what it does, that is extremely simple. The Madness Wavelength replicates the field of madness that once surrounded the Madness City, Antartica. When a being enters within this field, their entire body becomes changed, and their psyche quickly follows suit.

While this may not produce black blood, it does trigger the same effects as the field itself. Anyone who becomes scared, or weakened in this barrier; meaning that if they have a high enough focus/willpower/determination to resist its effects or are simply apathetic to fear, will not be affected by it. However, for those who are, the wavelength will cause quite a difference. The very concept of fear becomes recognizable to the person, as well as slightly altering their behavioral patterns. This is because of how the soul reacts to Dr. Hebi's wavelength; by meeting with it and changing, the wavelength makes it so that the target has their behavioral patterns change. Now, this occurs differently for different people; Dr. Hebi has observed some people become like British gentlemen, others murderous psychos, and still others sadistic nutcases. However, the most predominant trait of this is that it makes them act DIFFERENT, and abandons the concept of fear.

However, it also fills the target with one other desire as a part of the wavelength, and that is to incite violence. What kind of violence doesn’t really matter, but anyone who is affected by the wavelength will be surrounded with the urge to destroy anything around themselves as quickly as possible. This is because of the wavelength being made with the soul; naturally, the soul defies any wavelengths made with it, but the Madness Wavelength changes how that urge is expressed, making it so that the body displays the violent tendencies instead of the soul rejecting the urges.

Now, the Doctor himself is immune to this wavelength because he is the one producing it, meaning that he is the perfect model for it, other then the inciting of violence. This means that this ability also does not take him much energy to properly use. Also, he has no control of the wavelength after it leaves his body, meaning that he cannot control what it does after the wavelength is released. The wavelength covers the entire area from where it is released in a gigantic sphere that even travels underground and into sealed buildings and containers, and remains active for three posts after activation.

Unstable Mode

This state of Dr. Hebi is when he has completely lost all ability to reason any longer, descending completely into the basest form of Yang. However, this form has some major flaws, including the fact that the Doctor can no longer control himself at all. He will attack anything and everything that passes him in this form; whether it is friend or foe holds no consequence to his mind. He has no qualms towards performing any action, no matter how heinous, and everything he does that is against societal norms pleases him. However, in this form, the Doctor cannot use any of Mu's abilities, as he refuses to help this state of the Doctor.

Madness Energy
The Doctor becomes able to use the very fabric of Madness, turning it into a veritable energy source. However, his madness is not like most; his madness involves simply freeing one's self. Whenever the Doctor is around a person who has lost the normal cognitive ability to think rationally - people like Justin Washi, and to a lesser extent, Moonie Iramasha - transform the product of Dr. Hebi's energy, causing it to multiply while in the presence of such individuals.

However, the amount that he is aided by this changes dramatically dependent on WHY the target has reached that point of insanity, in addition to the level of inability to rationally think. For instance, around someone like Justin Washi, his energy would grow exponentially. However, around someone like Katana, who was born and bred the way she is, there would be little to no additional effect.

As for the uses of this "energy". Really, the energy is the internal usage of the Doctor, meaning that he has it because of the fact that his own energy evolves into this energy. Basically, anything that this energy touches becomes damaged through its very soul, making it more difficult to be able to process rational things, like providing a kind of interference between the concept of rationality and the afflicted target.

However, Madness Energy also constitutes another trait. It within itself is EXTREMELY volatile. Anything that it comes into contact with can cause it to explode with the force of over 3000 kilograms of dynamite per square inch. This makes the energy immensely damaging, although the Doctor has a hard time controlling this immense blast force as it will sometimes go off while he is trying to wield it.

Body That Defies Rationality
In addition, while in Unstable Mode, the Doctor's level of rational thought greatly descends as well. However, this concept spreads throughout the entirety of his body, making it very hard for every aspect of himself to comply with "the norm". As such, even his body defies what is logical, moving in ways that should be completely and utterly impossible, stretching and shifting in whatever way is necessary for the situation. Anything that he does defies the societal norm, which means that he also, in this form is wildly unpredictable. IN fact, that's another ability of this form, it literally CANNOT be predicted. Whenever a person tries to estimate where he's going to go or what he's going to do, they will find that they literally are not able to think of where it is possible for him to go.

However, the ability is not just constituted as thus. Anything pertaining to the Doctor's future also becomes equally imperceptible. In scrying efforts, his entire body reads only as static for 100 meters around himself in anything that allows the user to look ahead into the future, as well as greatly lowering their general accuracy of anything within that space.

Sickening Body
In this form, his body becomes much, much stronger. His speed becomes immense, his durability skyrockets, and his strength is, by his calculations, incalculable. His entire body is amped up by his own increased energy, as well as the Madness Energy that now flows through his body. His physical stats are quite unexpected, as he looks as far as bodily structure is considered no different then from before the transformation occurred.

Perverse Edotensei
In this form, he can also form a special type of Edotensei. By summoning the coffin just like normal, the Doctor then opens it using Madness Energy, of which he has a substantial amount of just because of himself in this form. Once this happens, the coffin opens wide, revealing the Edotensei. However, the Edotensei is nothing like it was before. For one thing, its actions defy all reason, acting just as mad as the Doctor does in this state. However, this is not the only change that happens with the Edotensei.

In addition, the Edo can now reach the rank of 0-2 if its original rank was that or higher. However, again, it has the exact same madness as the Doctor does, except for one fact. The Edotensei will not purposely get in the Doctor's way… as he is the one and only thing that the Edotensei fears. Similarly, the Doctor will never attack the Edotensei, as it does not register to him as any kind of threat .

Unaffected by Illusions
In addition, because of the perception control granted to him because of his concept, the Doctor becomes 100% immune to illusions of any nature, from anything of lies, to make-up, to powers. He gains complete immunity. He sees the world exactly the way it is, and then twists it in his own way. This means that even though eh can see everything plainly, he cannot register it as truly existing because of the crazed state of mind that he has entered. This nullifies anything which in its base terms is classified as an "illusion" as "false" or as "not the truth".

As such, if the true-ness of the thing is at least 99% of a being/thing's normalcy (including the fabric of existence for power-fueled illusions and situation normalcy), he can see the true-ness as it always is. As such, because of these two things, he could see a board being pulled out of the ground and thrown at him, as that doesn't have the base term of it being false. However, a creation of Amelia, for example, he would see right through, as that is registered as completely false.

Screams of Madness
Finally, there are the screams which the Doctor emits while int his form. Anything which hears these screams, or even his disturbingly pitched laughs, becomes affected by their ability. Anything which experiences them is automatically inflicted with the Doctor's Madness Wavelength, whether they are able to sense it or not. Those with high energy detection are able to notice the increase in energy around their ears when the Doctor's wavelength interacts with their soul and attempts to affect them. However, the difference is that as long as the Doctor does not already have them infected with the wavelength, they are able to resist the effects of it by using their own energy to stop it. However ,the Madness Wavelength will slowly begin to creep through any energies that attempt to stop it, unnoticeable.

If the being, having an absolutely immense amount of detection, manages to notice the Madness Energy slowly slipping through, they are able to reinforce their senses with more energy. However, otherwise, they will become unaffected by it based on how high their Willpower and Focus are. If either of those statistics is underneath Adept, the person is affected gradually, not even noticing the energy slowly worming its way into their head over the course of about 3 posts. For those with levels that are under Advanced but above Adept, the madness will begin to affect them to the point where they are unable to sense it completely after about 6 posts. For those with under grand-master but above Advanced ratings as their lowest of the two, they will gradually lose their sanity over the course of 10 posts. Finally, those with both Grandmaster Focus and Determination, while immune to the madness wavelength in this way, become specific targets of the Doctor and his madness, as he completely rejects their reality in a philosophical way while he is in this state.

Sanity Hunter
When the Doctor uses this technique, Hebi's entire blade changes shape. Without warning, what looks like the same material that constructs the soul force lightning completely covers around it, before forming a new shape. It looks like a blue bar, which curves once on either side, going for a couple feet, and then curving one final time, ending in points. The entirety of the blade is still extremely sharp, enhanced even more so then before, perhaps, because of the fact that the blade is now made up of the condensed form of the Doctor's disruptive wavelength. When this scythe hits something, another effect takes place. It automatically expels from whatever it touches the spiritual body of the target, removing it completely from any corporeal form it may have.

This means that if a soul or a demon is in a gigai or the hollow's gigai, then when they are hit with this ability they are literally ejected from the body itself. This ability is extremely hard to resist; as there are many tools which naturally eject souls from these kinds of containers. As such, it is very rare for a being to resist the effect of corporeal ejection. In addition, the damaging aspects of the attack can also harm the target. What are the damaging aspects? Well, those wold be the sheer cutting force which the blade possesses, as well as the huge amounts of energy that slam into them with incalculable force. Finally is when the blade hits into a solid, corporeal object; in addition to the effects of removing anything spiritual from the object, it also creates a massive explosion, an eruption as you would, that tries to erupt and destroy everything around it.

Corpus Experimental (Experimental Body)

This is a strange move of the Doctor's, alright. When he holds Hebi vertical, pointing the bottom of the scythe downwards, he can then use the body to manifest his energy, creating a whirlwind of chaos energy around himself that rapidly takes a real form. This body grows around him, becoming a large, amorphous blob. On top fo this blob appears another blob, an amorphous blob with the appearance of eyes and what loos like two screws through its head. In addition, it has small little stubby arms that go up from its torso to its head, like its stressing out over something. This collection of amorphous blobs can still move and react to things, but very slowly. The true effect of it is to act like a barrier. When it is activated, the Doctor's energy becomes a corporeal shield around him.

This body has some special properties, as well. The very material that it is made out of isn't normal chaos energy. This chaos energy is extremely flame retardant, as well as explosive retardant, meaning that those two elements aren't able to wound it much at all. Anything that is a blade is able to cut through it, yes, but it is extremely difficult to slash across its body. It is extremely easy to stab through it, but slashing is difficult. In addition, the molecules that make up the experimental form are bound together stronger then diamonds, which is what gives it its extremely high levels of resistance.

Nonexistent Thought Process (NTP)
The Nonexistent Thought Process is a theorem that the Doctor himself came up with, although he never believed he would ever implement it. Essentially, the massive amount of thought that the Doctor would be able to perform in this form would cause his mortal mind to explode from the sheer volume of thought at the speed with which he is able to process it. So, his mind compensates by by producing the concept of Nonexistent Thought Process.

Essentially, the Doctor's mind is completely void of all thoughts and thinking when this is activated. This means that he does not think about anything at all, strictly speaking, but at the same time thinks of everything at an even higher rate then before. Essentially, his thought process moves onto a plane higher then the normal confines of reality. Then, whenever his thought process realizes there is something he should know, it feeds the information directly to his mind. This is what produces the effect of his mind having no real thoughts, and is also what contributes to him being unpredictable.

Stitched Body
However, this form does have one extremely potent weakness. This is the fact that his entire body is completely stitched together to be able to make it stay alive. When he enters this form, his body attempts to transcend to a higher state despite his madness, attempting to become that like an Angel Iramasha once again, following the Soul King. However, the problem with that is that his entire body, and truly his entire being, is against that idea. As such, when this form is triggered, his entire body becomes covered by stitches; his very clothing becomes held together by stitches.

These stitches are created by himself, meaning that if he were to run out of energy, the stitches would fade away into nothingness. In addition, this has rendered his body very weak, physically, making it possible to break him with a severe enough blow. Now, he is not weak in the idea of him being easy to damage. Rather, once some part of him is damaged, the damage spreads extremely rapidly, harming him far more then it would normally. This means that if so much as one part of his body is destroyed, kicked off from the rest of his form, he could lose an entire half of his body, and half of the energy supplies that he has, just like that. The easiest way to defeat the Doctor while he is in this state is to break open enough of his body that he completely vanishes, his energy completely removed from the material plane of existence., leaving only the near indestructible Hebi behind, before it becomes covered in smoke, returning back to its designated place.


After he is forced to reform after this has occurred, the Doctor's entire body has to go through intense surgery on his own body, as Hebi has to physically throw up new pieces of his original body. The Doctor must then restructure back his form, using the part of his soul within Hebi to reform his consciousness. This means that his entire body has no energy at all any longer after he reforms, and he cannot even begin to restore energy until after he has completed his body once again. This means that until after his entire body has been reformed, he is utterly and completely helpless, without even Hebi in his body once again.

Now normally, this process can take between three months and a year to complete, as the Doctor also has to retrieve his whole identity from Heaven again, no small task in the slightest. Finally, his mind cannot run any of the processes that it needs to, meaning that there are indeed several things which halt or go wrong after this happens, which means that there can be in some cases dire consequences for the Doctor to lose while in this form.

This is the signature technique of Dr. Hebi. This ability is constant, meaning is is always on, though it can be sealed and unsealed, and the only way to turn it off is to gouge The Doctor's own eyes out. This property is held within the eyes themselves, fueled with the Doctor's energy artificially to the point where it has become natural. Dr. Hebi can see through solid objects, as well as see Spiritual Energy in a pure form, meaning a human would be rather dim, and a powerful being like another arrancar would seem completely blue and glowing. The way this works is that he sees multiple planes simultaneously, and can view through each of them with however much of his mind that he desires. This doesn't mean he cannot tell what people and objects look like, its just he can also tell the exact amount of spiritual energy in a persons body. He can also distinguish peoples' exact species from one another, as he has studied the many ways that the species interact with their inner energy racially, and the eyes allow for him to view this. As in, if someone was even 10% demon, the Doctor would be able to sense it. The Doctor can also see through any darkness, even those that are abilities of enemies. This eye technique also allows the Doctor to pinpoint weaknesses on enemies or objects due to the insane clarity that these eyes give. They are able to allow the Doctor to sense everything with the six senses within a .2 mile radius, and visually see at the true power of any direction to a specific point within 4 miles. The eyes also allow him to view when a person is entering through dimensions, as the dimensional fabric he can view being altered or torn, though he cannot do it himself. This also counts for time travel; the fabric of space and time, when distorted, becomes visible to these eyes. Finally, the eyes allow for extraordinarily minute observation. Even at frequencies approaching the speed of light, his eyes are able to view it, and even more than that view it in such a manner that his mind can react to it the same speed with which it is receiving data. Even attacks such as teleportation he is able to view, thanks to the visual discernment of when space is being altered. These eyes are extremely powerful, and while they are available to him in all forms, the first post which he initiates their abilities will cause for his eyes to bleed in a thread, though he is comfortable with them after that point. In addition, to view things simply again he must turn them off, which returns his eyes to normal.

Banido Warp
While he has been developing it for a long time, the Doctor has only recently perfected his movement ability. Banido Warp, named after and influenced by the technique used by his predeccesor, allows for the Doctor to move at roughly twice the speed he would using a technique such as Shunpo or Sonido. However, more than that, it also makes no sound whatsoever upon its entrance or exit, allowing for complete silence of movement. The true ability of this technique is in its hybridity. While it can be used as a hyper-movement technique, it can also be used like a Chaos Warp, where the Doctor will 'pause' the flow of time around him and allow himself to move about within it. This method of using it he can only perform once every post or every other post, depending on how hard he is trying. The other hybrid option is in its effects on the space around it. While he can move just like normal, he also has the ability to choose to use the Banido's special ability of pulling in everything around where he has left and then pushing away everything by where he reappears, both with quite a large amount of strength. However, just like the teleportation, he can only use this part of his technique once every post or every other post.

Special Technique: Chibaku Tensei
(lit. Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth; Planetary Destruction)

The user creates a dark black sphere of gravity that, when thrown into the sky, attracts objects from all directions and pulls them into the sphere, compressing them together. This sphere is extremely difficult to destroy, to the point where only a person's strongest ability has hope of destroying it for good, generally. The surrounding earth, including entire forests and mountains, are collected into a single point, piling on top of one another until it creates a monstrously large sphere. A huge crater much larger than even the largest of cities is left where the earth has been collected from. This ability is extremely powerful, able to basically create entire moons, which it has been used to do multiple times before. The force at which the Chibaku Tensei pulls objects in towards it is many, many times that of Earths gravity, which is enough to rip hundreds of thousands of tons of land up and into it, compacting it until it is gigantic, and obviously because it works similarly to increased gravity, it doesn't instantly pick things up (it is implied he can actually create one the size of Earth's moon, though he would need a tremendous amount of energy to do such a thing). Chibaku Tensei doesn't continuously sap the user's energy, as it is a one-shot type ability.

The Doctor collected this ability from Nagato in their final battle, working out how to perform it by compressing greatly the Wind and Earth elements granted to him by Mu. Overall, the attack is extraordinarily powerful, able to decimate entire cities if the Doctor allows for it to. However, it would leave him completely without energy in a sealed form, and with little spiritual energy to use ranged attacks with even in Stein State. For example, casting this ability even in Stein State will cost him an arm; to cast it while he is Sealed would take up both of his arms, as well as half of his torso.

The Eyes of Hell, Jigoku Rinnegan
The Doctor has gained a new ability, referred to simply as Jigoku Rinnegan. This ability is an extension of the Rinnegan that has been within his body for quite some time. The abilities of the Jigoku Rinnegan are nearly completely related to mental abilities and statuses, and as such are divided into what he refers to as "realms". He refers to these as the six Realms of Jigoku (Hell). The activation of Jigoku is in response to the desires of the Doctor, and will not trigger without his direct consent unaltered by the actions of others. A unique property of these eyes is that they can be used while he is within Stein State, as they are his eyes and not related to other abilities of his body.

The First Realm

The First Realm forms a single dash in his eye, and is the most powerful of all the Jigoku. This gives him the ability to make 'real' illusions. However, these things are only 'real' if the target perceives it. That means that if the target uses their willpower to overcome the power of the eye, or the Doctor is not able to focus enough to maintain the real-seeming properties of the illusion, they can be broken. The eye uses a small amount of reiatsu to create statuses around an opponent's senses, meaning for example if he created a massive pillar of flame with this eye and it touched the opponent, if the opponent believed the flame pillar was real, they would actually be burned by it as their senses perceived that they were burned, though this would make a 'burn' mark appear on their body, they would not truly have a burn mark there if teh illusion was overcome. He cannot effect himself directly with his illusions; for example, while he may be able to make himself look uninjured, he is unable to actually physically change himself to be healed, as he knows that it would be an illusory fix. However, it does have one final interesting effect; if another person gives over their senses to him, he can perform very, very delicate procedures such as replace important organs that they are missing or capabilities that they are unable to possess normally so long as they believe it themselves, and it will effect their body. However, this constant use puts a great amount of strain on the Doctor's mind, so he cannot function normally while he is performing this for someone else. It is important to note that the illusions are spiritual creations, meaning things that repel or destroy spirit energy will effect them. Finally, as it is is impossible for a human mind to register 'dead', he cannot actually perform illusions which would truly kill the target, meaning that he can beat them painfully to the farthest point where they believe they can bare it, but cannot finish them off with this technique.

The Second Realm

The Second Realm contains the ability of "Analysis". When used on an object, it becomes a spiritual file, stored within the Doctor's own mind. From there, he can retrieve the details of the analysis at all times. The unique trait of the analysis is that it retrieves all information about the object that could be observed from the senses, including taste, touch, smell, sound, and appearance. Every one of the details is recorded from the presence of reiatsu around the object, before it flows back to the Doctor's mind, staying there from then as a file which he can always access. It takes a relatively small amount of spiritual power to use this ability. The truly interesting part is that he will retain the information in his mind until he dies; this means that the archive is always there. In addition, any other personal notes or observations he makes about the object are also added to the archive, meaning that those things that he learns about the object after the fact are also added to what he knows about it for as long as he has the archive. Finally, they are kept in a different space of his mind then his mental state, so even if his mind is mentally consumed or something similar, he will keep the archives.

The Third Realm

The Third Realm would best be referred to as a mental link. It allows for the Doctor to send mental messages through his reiatsu power to certain targets, who hear his words within their mind. While they can choose to deny the words, they are able to reply for a few moments after the Realm is activated on them and he is able to hear their reply. The unique property of this ability is that it has limitless range, but only for those who have accepted the Sixth Realm or the Snake Mark on their bodies in the past. Otherwise, it has a realm of three hundred thousand feet in any direction from the Doctor's body, and uses the least amount of energy out of any of his abilities. It does allow for one unique thing, however, and that is the calling of beasts. He is able to make contact with the minds of animals, and appeal to their desires quickly, allowing for them to quickly come to his aid. This only matters for beasts who choose to follow it, so animals with higher-than-average intelligence will normally not be effected by it.

The Fourth Realm

The Fourth Realm causes his body to focus the entirety of his power in on himself. This realm is not as fierce as the Fifth Realm, as it also allows for the Doctor to use the abilities of his other realms while it is activated, symbolized by the purple aura around his eye. While his body is infused with reiatsu, this state is similar to theStein State, but not as intense, being around the level of a low 0 tier. His reactions are sharply improved, and the cells in his muscles are greatly increased, allowing for better attacks and defensive movements. When he activates this ability in both of his eyes, he is able to use the abilities of all the Realms simultaneously for a maximum of two posts, but is unable to use any of them for a post afterwards and cannot activate all of them again for another post after that.

The Fifth Realm

The most dangerous out of all of the Doctor's Realms, as it requires him to literally stab himself in the eye to be able to use it. After he has done so, the eye becomes sealed for the rest of the thread, completely disallowing any other uses of itself than the Fifth Realm. When this has occurred, the Doctor's body in Stein State becomes able to use his other abilities, no longer being completely sealed off from his other abilities such as Dust Release. This means that he can use the entirety of his body to its greatest potential, fighting at a much higher level than he would normally be able to. The greatest drawback of this state is that after three posts, the eye that was used to perform this action closes shut, and is unable to be used again for the rest of the thread, as well as the Rinnegan being disabled in that eye, so even if it opens again after he has left Stein State, it will be his normal pupil again. He can use this ability in both of his eyes in a single thread, but no more than that. This has one final interesting application. Due to the power of Unstable State, when he is within that form, he has three eyes with which he can use the power of the Fifth Realm, and all the eyes remain open until the nine posts are up that are their limit.

The Sixth Realm

The Sixth Realm is the most 'unifying' Realm that the Doctor can use. This Realm allows for him to exert influence upon those who accept it, and acts as a gateway into the Third Realm. It can be used to mentally dominate those who are of very little willpower or trust Hebi, as once it is used on them as long as he does not divert too much of his attention to them he is able to keep their mind in a state of illusion, causing them to act in ways that he desires. While it is very difficult for him to cause people to act exactly how he would like due to everyone acting differently, essentially this is an ability that takes over the target's senses, and is able to project illusions without any substance to them after this. Once again, this can only be used on NPCs and those who grant permission, and normally weak ones, unless it is affecting them only partially. The only people with powerful spiritual energy that he can use it on are those who accept it. Finally, those who have accepted the Sixth Realm have a constant contact with the Doctor, and he can even 'project' himself around them if he chooses to, even able to make the other person look like himself if he chooses. However, that is the only other illusion that he can perform that is out of the range of his own sight. It generally can only be used if the Doctor makes direct physical contact with the target, unless they have the Snake Seal, in which case they merely need to accept the ability of it. For those who do not accept it, it would be best referred to as a direct 'mental domination' or 'mind control', and while they may have a large amount of control over their own actions, the Doctor himself is directly placing thoughts and images within their minds, so even if it is only partially effecting them they themselves must choose how to react and the Doctor must himself provide all the details for each person he is attempting to 'control', so therefore to make truly convincing illusions he must focus an incredible deal. This is completely a mental-based attack, as the illusions are spawned from the target's mind instead of the Doctor's.

It is important to remember that he can only use a realm when he has that mode chosen for the eye. At the moment, he can use a different Realm in each eye, and is able to have a much more powerful version of each Realm if he has the same ability activated in both eyes.

Jigoku Okoku

This ability is the single strongest illusion that the Doctor can project, and is begun by making complete contact with the target's eyes. Secondly, the target must be looking directly at the Doctor's eyes while he has the First Realm possessing both eyes. Third, the Doctor needs to project a version of the Sixth Realm on their body prior to using this attack, so it requires at least a post of preparation. Finally, the target's mental abilities cannot be altogether greater than the Doctor's.

This ability causes seventy-two hours of action with the space of a moment. What this means is that it causes the target's mind to be overwhelmed with illusions, rapidly slowing down time all around them. It generally puts them within what the doctor refers to as 'his world', generally leading to their body being chained to something, and their abilities seeming to be unable to work due to how slow their perception has become as a result of the illusion.

The target of the attack is under the influence of whatever action the Doctor has chosen, for seventy two hours. He appears before them repeatedly while in this form, and repeatedly performs the action over and over in that time period. The action cannot be anything too complex, so an action such as stabbing a sword into the target or chopping at their body is able to be performed. However, the target's body is never directly 'harmed'. As a result, the entirety of this attack is 'mental stress' and strain. It makes the target experience the mental influence of whatever occurred, most likely pain, and attempts to push the target's senses to the extreme.

As a result, this movement does not have a terrific offensive power, as it only lasts for a single moment, but it does allow for the Doctor to witness the mental durability of the target. If the target's mental barriers, tolerance to pain, mental deduction, willpower, or focus are high enough, they should be able to endure that long of a span of time. The biggest reason the Doctor would use this ability is to gauge what it is that his opponents are conditioned, mentally. Generally, this also makes the target a lot more susceptible to mental assaults from things such as the Madness Wavelength, as generally whatever status allowed for them to endure the mental assault will be stressed, generally reducing its ability by quite a bit after they make it through the moment of torture.

However, if the target should break, they will generally enter a coma that will last for up to seventy two hours, the amount of time that their mind indicated that they suffered from the attack. The Doctor is unable to project this attack for three posts after firing it off once, so generally it is best used on a single target. Lastly, if the Doctor is interrupted the moment before it effects the chosen target, it will not be used and still be sealed for that amount of time. So it begins with a mental assault from the Sixth Realm through the Third Realm, before switching to the eyes of the First Realm, and then the next moment having ended the attack. Finally, he cannot use the First Realm for the post where Jigoku Okoku is triggered. '

Jigoku Yaketsuku (Hell Blaze)
Jigoku Yaketsuku is a manifestation of the Doctor's RInnegan in a way unique to him. This is because it uses the Corrupted Chaos Energy that is prevalent around his body in a new way. It uses the power of the Rinnegan to channel the Doctor's energy instantly into a single location. Due to the extraordinary compactness of the energy, it causes it to violently explode on wherever the Doctor's gaze has been pointed, like a laser beam that causes an explosion near-instantaneously where his gaze is pointed. In addition, due to the fact that the flame is Corrupted Chaos Energy, it cannot be put out like normal fire, although it blazes and deteriorates violently anything it comes into contact with. The best way to deal with it is to avoid it when it first flares up, or smother it with one's own power. Additionally, after using this ability, one of the Doctor's eyes closes for the post he has used it in and he is not able to fire the attack again for another post. Should he choose to use the full power of the eyes, such as in Stein State, he will burn out both eyes, temporarily blinding him but creating an absolutely massive inferno nearly the size of a city block. His sight returns after a post, but he is unable to use the blaze again for at least another three posts after it has been used.

The Four Paths of Hebi
These are the Edotensei which the Doctor looted off of the Six Paths which Nagato once controlled. They have completely lost their individuality, and while they retain their original abilities, they have the special ability of all being able to be summoned as a group, as the Doctor does not take Nagato farther than the use of a tool, meaning that his forms are sealed in them together as group, which allows for them all to take up only one Edotensei slot, due to them all being the same being.

When the paths are active together in battle, the Doctor is able to see through their eyes, thus registering five separate fields of vision at the same time. Essentially working as shared vision for the paths, this allows the Doctor to coordinate their attacks for them without a blind spot. This means, it is close to impossible to land a surprise attack on one of the bodies, especially in large open areas. The Rinnegan can see through almost anything, making it very difficult to stop the constant observation. However, due to the fact that he can see through every body at once, he is also very well suited for fighting multiple opponents at once.

Deva Path (God Realm)


The body bears six piercings, a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of its upper nose, and one spike stud on each end of the bottom lip. It also has three piercings on each wrist, at least one on its upper wrist and some just under his neck. He possesses the Rinnegan eyes, and has vibrant orange, spiky hair that is of medium length. His hair is held up by a black headband that extends around his entire head. On the front of the headband, there is a metal plate with 4 tally-like markings on it, and is scratched out.

Powers and Abilities:

High Speed:

The Deva Path possesses a level of speed , and as such is an extremely dangerous combatant, despite the fact that this form isn't the primary combat Path. This Path is next to impossible to hit, and nearly as difficult to even see when it's moving, to the point where he can attack from multiple directions despite not even appearing to move in the first place. When combined with its other very high stats and characteristics, this Path is likely the most dangerous of them all. The Deva Path can cross massive distances essentially instantly and without warning, as without using Banido, its movements are completely silent due to moving so quickly.

Physical Strength:

The Deva Path also possesses an immeasurable amount of physical strength, allowing it to fight extremely powerful physical fighters without even breaking a sweat. With a mere flick, the Deva Path is easily capable of sending a large and heavy object, or even a person, crashing through many buildings. The Deva Path is much refined, and thus more dangerous as it would be much more likely to put its strength to better use. This is displayed often, as this Path is capable of launching another Path across an entire city with sheer power alone. Also, using its physical power in its legs, the Deva Path can launch itself extremely high into the air, allowing him to jump so far up he can even see the roofs of skyscraper buildings.

Shinra Tensei
(lit. Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God; ALmighty Push)

Shinra Tensei is the ability to manipulate gravity at the user's will to repulse matter away. Depending on the amount of force the user puts in this technique, it can easily shatter wood, bones, metal, or stone walls. By using this technique as a defensive measure, almost all attacks directed to the user will be deflected, no matter the size, power or mass (its to be noted that the larger the attack, the more energy the Path needs to use this ability). It can also be used to repel flames caught on the user's body. The only downside to this technique is that there is a short period when it is unusable after being used. The minimal time period is about twelve seconds, but it varies depending on the amount of power put into the attack. It has trouble pushing square or rectangular-shaped objects, as well as extremely heavy objects/people.

Banshō Ten'in
(lit. Heavenly Attraction of All of Creation; Universal Pull)

Banshō Ten'in is a technique similar to Shinra Tensei in that it manipulates gravity at the users will. However instead of pushing objects away, it draws them towards the user (same with Shinra Tensei, the size of the object(s) being pulled determines the amount of energy needed to use this technique). It has the same twelve second limit as the Shinra Tensei. It is possible to attract multiple targets at once, causing them to collide with each other. Also, like Shinra Tensei, it is possible to dig ones self into the ground by either focuses their Reitsu into the ground, or adding weight/mass.

Animal Path (Animal Realm)


Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 719020-girl_pein_by_nobu_baka_super

The body of the Animal Path is of a young girl. Like all other Paths of the Doctor, the Animal Path possesses the same eyes as all others. She is the shortest Path of all, being only about 5'5". This Path has orange hair tied together in a sort of onion-like bun at the top of the head, with spikes of hair protruding out of it. It has one stud above the nose, studs on either side of the neck, a row of studs vertically down each cheek, a stud below each stud on the neck, two studs on each forearm. She also wears the same basic robes and outfit as the other Paths wear, albeit shorter. Also, she wears the same headband they do as well, with the same exact metal plate on the front.

Powers and Abilities:

Close Quarters Combatant:

Though not a fighter due to her specific role, and her size, she does possess some ability in Taijutsu, such as being able utilize multiple fighting styles at once. Though she is actually slightly less than average in both speed and strength, her skillful attacks and fighting techniques let her fight just fine. When she fights, she strikes every point on the opponents body, using her nimbleness and size to her advantage by attacking in circles around the opponents body, usually aiming for pressure points and such. However, this Path possesses the lowest durability of them all, and instead resorts to using summons for protection.

Summoning Techniques:

The Animal Paths special ability is being able to summon various monsters for use in both combat and support with the other Paths. By putting her fists together, she can bring in monsters that range from a giant rhino, to a chameleon with a snake tail. All of the summons possess the same eyes as the Paths. The main downside is once a summon is defeated in battle, it cannot be summoned for the duration of the thread. It also takes a considerable amount of energy to summon these powerful beasts.

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 300px-Giant_Drill-Beaked_Bird

Giant Drill-Beaked Bird

Description: A large bird, this summon has a number of body piercings and Rinnegan eyes, implying it is being controlled by the Paths. The bird itself is unusual, as not only does it demonstrate a prominent and jagged beak, but it also features three distinct legs. This summon can move at an incredibly fast speed, and can use that velocity combined with it's beak to form powerful dive attacks. It can also create eggs, that when dropped on opponents or areas, explode into a rather large blast. An attack from this bird using its beak as a drill is extremely dangerous, and can shatter and pierce even some of the strongest defenses.

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 300px-Giant_Snake-Tailed_Chameleon

Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon:

Description: This summon is a large chimera-like chameleon with snake for a tail. Like all of the Path's summons, it has a number of body piercings and Path eyes, implying that it is being controlled. Much like a real-life chameleon, this creature can also blend with its surroundings for camouflage, so perfectly that it renders itself completely invisible to other viewers around. This ability has been used by the Animal Path to step inside the chameleon's mouth and attack his opponents by surprise. Also, it as well as anything inside it don't give off reitsu or heat, rendering it essentially completely undetectable. Another reptilian trait that the chameleon shows is the ability to crawl on vertical and inclined surfaces, such as walls. Also, it has exhibited great destruction capabilities, being able to topple houses, though this is likely because of its size. The snake-tail can be used as a prehensile limb, to be able to grab and capture intended targets with its long, sticky tongue.

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 300px-Giant_Crustacean

Giant Crustacean:

Description: A large crustacean, this summon has a number of body piercings, implying it is being controlled by the Paths. This summon can shoot powerful bubbles at high velocities by forming the bubbles in its body, and then releasing them from its mouth. These blasts of bubbles are surprisingly effective, being able to tear through structures and defenses like a hot knife through butter. Also, because of its shell, it can be used as a "wall" or "shield" to protect the Animal Path from harm, tough it is by no means indestructible.

Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] 300px-Giant_Rhino

Giant Rhino:

Description: A large rhinoceros, this summon has a number of body piercings and Rinnegan eyes. This summon is utterly massive, being very bulky and weighing over 15 tons. It has a tough, think hide which protects it from attacks, and also has a huge, sharp horn at the end of its snout. Despite its size, it can actually move quite fast as well, making it the physically strongest summon the Animal path can bring onto the battlefield. The Rhino is extremely powerful, physically. It is also extremely durable, possessing a hide that acts like a suit of armor.

Preta Path (Hungry Ghost Realm)


Dr. Kabuto Hebi [Approved, 0-2++] Preta_path_answer_6_xlarge

The Path has a large, bulky body, and even appears relatively overweight. The Preta Path, like all of the Paths, possesses Rinnegan eyes. It has orange hair tied in a short ponytail. It has small spiked piercings covering its entire bottom lip, two vertical spike studs on the front of his nose, two spike studs (one on each cheek), a metal spike going through each ear, and a stud on his shoulder, one on each side, close to his neck. Like every Path, the Preta Path wears the same outfit and headband. However, this Paths outfit is slightly larger than the others, though this is probably to accommodate his extra weight.

Powers and Abilities:

Physical Body:

Due to the fact that this body is relatively large, it does possess a good amount of physical strength that it can utilize in and out of battle. Its physical strength is comparably high to the Animal Path, though it probably doesn't exceed that of the Human paths physical strength. While he is strong enough to shatter boulders from a punch (which is relatively average compared to most), he cannot put much speed behind his blows, and thus cannot deliver strikes as strong as his full physical potential warrants. This makes him a relatively poor Hakuda fighter, though his powers are more defensive anyway.


The Preta Path is easily the slowest [physically] of all of the Paths. This is due to not only his larger weight and mass, but also because he is a defense-based Path. This means he cannot dodge very well. He also can't fight very well because of his weight and his speed, or lack thereof. He tends to be in the back. However, being the slowest out of some of the faster beings undead certainly does not mean this Path is, by any means, slow.

Energy Absorption/Negation:

The Hungry Ghost Path, also called the Preta Path, has one ability and one ability only: the power to absorb and negate energy. However, this needs to be explained in full as its function and mechanics aren't so cut and dry. First off, its appearance: when this ability is in effect, the Preta Path would be holding his hands in the direction of the attack coming towards him, and a translucent blue sphere would surround his body as he uses this technique. Next is its mechanics. When spiritual energy or really any form of energy not coming from any Paths makes contact with this shield, it is immediately sucked into the sphere surrounding Preta, and both is most likely nullified and partially absorbed. The Preta Path can only absorb about fifteen percent of the energy nullified in order to prevent energy corruption, which is essentially special effects of an opponent's energy attack affecting the Preta Path, as well as to prevent being overloaded with power. Also, the energy absorbed would be closer to twenty percent, but some of the absorbed energy is used to power the absorption itself. Energy absorbed is immediately converted to a usable version, which means even energy like that used by Nature Iramasha is still useful to absorb. It should also be noted that size of the energy attack is what determines the length of time it takes to absorb, with larger energy attacks taking longer. The energy the Preta Path absorbs can be used to either make itself stronger, or can be shared with the other Paths. Due to this ability, the Preta Path should be targeted by physical attacks because it isn't as strong as the other combat Paths, and is still susceptible to physical assaults.

Naraka Path (Hell Realm)


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The Naraka Path appears to be a tall, stocky, and well-muscled man of about 6'7". The Naraka Path, like all Paths, possesses the same, familiar eyes. The Naraka Path has a very wide chin. It had a spiky mop of orange hair. It has multiple body piercings, such as a circular stud on the bridge of its nose, a diagonal row of studs on each of its cheeks, three spike piercings in each of its ears, and a stud on each of its shoulders near its neck. Like all Paths, the Naraka Path wears the same basic clothing as the others do, with the red cloud robe and the slashed out headband.

Powers and Abilities:

Physical Strength: The Naraka Path is quite large, and thus possesses a considerable amount of physical strength. His large stature and developed muscles allow him to crush boulders, and send opponents flying through buildings. He is also quite heavy, meaning it is difficult to make him move by either pushing him or blasting him with attacks such as the Cero or a large amount of Kidō. Though he possesses remarkable physical strength, he is still somewhat slow, and as such isn't one of the better Paths when it comes to fighting, and due to his own Path abilities and such, tends to be protected by every other Path, including the usually out-of-combat Deva Path, which tends to hint at the Naraka's Path importance as a support-type.

Speed: The Naraka Path is the second slowest Path of all; only being faster than that of the Preta path. This means that the Naraka Path, while very strong physically, possesses a low amount of combat capability in comparison to the other Paths. Due to his lack of speed, he also suffers from "Protect Me Syndrome", which means he is often protected by faster Paths such as the Deva Path. Though, he CAN still defend himself, even with the lack of speed, and is still a very dangerous and powerful fighter.

Path Generation:

The most dangerous ability of perhaps all the Paths lies in the grasp of the Naraka Path. The Naraka Path possesses an extremely powerful ability that dabbles in the art of "rebirth" so to speak. This ability is actually the reconstitution and reconstruction of some of the Paths. By summoning the Hell king (not actual Satan), a creation that comes forth from the Naraka Path's energy, absorbing the body of the fallen Path, and then rebuilding it from the ground up. After its "revival", the Hell King spits out the now combat-capable Path. This ability essentially makes the other five Paths difficult to destroy, as any Path destroyed can just be rebuilt to maximum power. This also means the Doctor can fight without worrying about the safety of the physically weaker Paths, and as such can deploy an even more aggressive combat style. Even a Path completely destroyed or even vaporized can be remade. However, each revival costs a significant amount of energy, meaning that this Path can only restore 2 other Paths a thread. Also, if the Naraka Path is destroyed, then no Paths can be remade other than with the Doctor's touch over a long period of time, which usually results in enemies specifically targeting this Path, meaning time has to be spent focusing on defending it.[/color]

-Don't Fear the Doctor-

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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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