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[Iramasha] Yakuin of Jashin :: The Lady of Faces [APPROVED, ANGEL, 2-2+] Empty [Iramasha] Yakuin of Jashin :: The Lady of Faces [APPROVED, ANGEL, 2-2+]

Sun 20 May 2012, 1:00 am
[I R A M A S H A]

[Iramasha] Yakuin of Jashin :: The Lady of Faces [APPROVED, ANGEL, 2-2+] Clan_Symbols

[Iramasha] Yakuin of Jashin :: The Lady of Faces [APPROVED, ANGEL, 2-2+] YakuinClaire
Yakuin in her Normal Iramasha Attire


Name: Yakuin Tomoshibi
Age: 1, 400
Gender: Female



Yakuin is slight beautiful, if not on the scrawny side. Most people tend to look at her like a doll : for she has a fragile face and body, long limbs an fingers, and a small frame. She's not busty by any means, and seems more like a dress up doll then anything else. Her hair is long and green in color, unusual in most cases, but it seems to fit her. Sometimes the strands look almost sickly, as does her frame : in general Yakuin appears to be a bit on the sickly side, with a gentle disposition. Her skin is smooth and a bit paler then what one would consider normal, but not enough to make her an albino. Her eyes are just as green, a straight forward color as she seems to be almost piercing of gaze.

Her normal attire is like an elegant noble : her clothes are well made and she seems to be alright with accessories. She carries herself with grace and poise, and a gentle passiveness that makes many think of her as not a threat. There is a sort of gentle, adoring quality to her when she is in her normal attire. It seems to keep to the colors of white and shades of white, almost like purity itself.

In her Presentation Attire, Yakuin appears much less gentle. She looks like she means business, deigning herself to putting on more visual make up, and a black dress. Her style of dress seems more lolita when she being official, almost unique in the very way she's presenting herself. There is a sense of power, but being a leader, the look comes easily with that territory, as she seems to have an elegant grace about her all the same. And even then, she seems to have a greater commanding aura, a more sense of power within the general vicinity.

As her Gigai form, Yakuin is much, much more different. Her hair is of a darker shade, and she had her eyes changed to yellow : giving her a piercing look, almost like a snake. Her body is in general taller, but she keeps that sense of lankiness and slim appearance. In fact, she seems almost snake like at times. Her clothing becomes much less refined and more rugged, adventurer like, as she puts googles on the top of her hair too, looking so different from herself. This is Yakuin's private use Gigai : she does have one exactly like her for official flesh business as well.


Yakuin is a woman of many faces. Although able to keep her more nasty aspects secret, she is still a humanoid being, and thus has a good and dark side.

Yakuin has been described as insane : she does tend to display signs of psychopathy, not understand some basic human patterns and morals, such as reluctance and sympathy, in some cases even trust. The angel iramasha is a more of a darker type, her morals a bit skewered when it comes to things : she has no problems lying to someone and then stabbing them in the back : in fact, she uses that to her advantage. The lack of moral regret at lying and then betrayal is clean in her, for Yakuin does not seem to think that those she uses are deserving of loyalty or anything like that. However, Yakuin is not a person that simply aspires to kill and be merciless : she is a sadist, do not get her wrong. She loves to torture and hurt people : however, she does this in a mostly sexually satisfying way. No, her favorite method of pain is to play with the mind of someone : eradicate their faith, their hopes and dreams, ripping apart their psyche inch by inch. In fact, she gets so possessive over what she considers hers that some call her a bit Yandere.

To contrast that, Yakuin is actually pure : this is put in the way where Yakuin never looks to benefit herself, even when being a sadist. She is always working for someone else, and thus, has pure intentions : for she is never looking for her own gain, but simply in the way to help someone else. Once she has given someone her faith, it is never taken away : no matter what happens. She also has a strong sense of duty : she will never abandon a job, no matter how difficult it is. This was formed after her romp with Jashin, in one of the only times she had ever felt regret for her actions. Yakuin is said to be passive, which is true. However, should she be angered, there would be hell to pay, as it is said her creativity and her insanity give her an edge in developing unorthodox methods to start destroying things.

One last thing can be said about Yakuin : she is so methodical and so throughout with her things that it's almost like an OCD. The woman spends her time carefully considering out moves before making them that it is like an art form. She is very passionate and very invested in any plan she crafts and puts forward. However, to do this, she has an ungodly amount of patience : some people can call her so patient that grass grows faster then she gets irritated.


Background: Yakuin was born to a pair of Iramasha parents : it wasn't surprising, but yet, it seemed as if her parents were disappointed that they had a little girl instead of a boy. Either way, Yakuin's younger life was filled with etiquette lessons and yet her parents encouraged her to act like a boy out of it. They even gave her a new name for her boyish self and clothes to match. This started Yakuin's mental unstability from a small age : force to act two different ways, because of her parent's duality to their lives and wants. As she grew, so did this unstability. However, Yakuin hid it with her mask of courtesy, for the longest of times, even now.

However one had seen through her mask. Jashin.

The upcoming Devil Iramasha was leader of a small gang of others, and doing good time in amassing strength. Almost like a gang, it seemed often that this group of people were in conflict with others : and Yakuin, drawn to the leader's charisma, joined their gang as a boy at first. But eventually, he found out her true gender, or he knew all along : it didn't matter, since Yakuin was more of herself then anything else around the male, in all her half-broken glory. It seemed he could see straight to her core, and it pleased her.

The one night, her parents were dead by his hands. Although they weren't the award winning parents of the year.. it was the first time that anyone had actually pissed her off. Hurting, she joined the squad to hunt him down. And the killing blow was done by her hand : she even used her sealing skills to put him away, and divided his aspects. Due to being his killer and the one he had indicated as beneficiary should he die, she did with him as willed.

Afterwards, she took up training to become the medical leader, even joining the Elite Guard, using her skills she had gleamed over her time in the gang to good use. Now she just keeps working, as she achieved her goal, and seems to be perfectly content serving the Iramasha, on the surface. Yet something lurks behind her angel's facade.


Roleplay Sample: Each touch was a flutter : a gentle gift meant to shine on the one oh so honored to be in her presence. There was a sort of manic grin to it, as her fingers were light on the human's skin, the male straightening at her ministrations. There was a gasp through the gag, the open mouth salivating onto the chest, the drool dribbling like nothing before. ''My my, what a messy one~'' her tone said, an almost joyous sound to it, as her fingers dabbed a tissue at the chest and neck, clearing away that slobber. Each touch was gentle, and soft, almost like a sort of loving embrace, as she hummed, her green eyes piercing, as the blind figure let out another noise at each soft touch : a mix between a whimper and a moan. Good good, she had conditioned this one well. Her fingers scratched that skin lightly, her nail tranquil and light, as she let out a purr, the male thrashing. With a grin, she noted the desire, and giggled.

''My, who wants a treat~? I bet you do, yes you do~'' she said. Her tone was much like a dog owner talking to a puppy. The form writhed more, as the woman grabbed the knife, dragging it along his skin, grinning. A single flick of her wrist, and blood splattered on the skin, and the ground, a cry rising from the throat of the male. The woman chuckled, as she heard a bell, and gave a sigh. ''Oh I'm sorry darling.. I'll be right back~'' she said, her steps bouncing up, as she hummed, slipping off the white over coat and putting it on a hook at the door, and entering her lobby area. With a simple chaos warp, she was at the door, her long green hair soft on her shoulder. ''Yes?'' she asked demurely, as an invitation was handed. With a nod, she closed the door, and opened it, seeing the invitation to a leader's meeting. ''Well, well..'' she said, smiling lightly. With another warp, she was back at the door, being utterly lazy was a perk you see.

Once she was back down, she touched her beloved human : one that was about to die in the streets, no family.. and she took him in, and took care of him. ''Ah, I forgot where we were..'' she said, humming, as the blindfolded and gagged man just let out a mewl sound, dribbling more. ''My.. so messy~'' and thus started the whole play once more.

[Iramasha] Yakuin of Jashin :: The Lady of Faces [APPROVED, ANGEL, 2-2+] YakuinMina
Yakuin in her combat attire

Seishin Buki Appearance: Oes is a variety of shapes and forms : however, each of these forms holds a gem emerald, a characteristic of the Seishin Buki. The apperances may vary to simple flowers to a blade : however, it is always seen with an emerald. Should Yakuin use it without an item, an emerald will appear on whatever form she is using. The second side, Farw, is contrasted with a ruby instead.

Seishin Buki Abilities: Oes is a reflection of Yakuin's purity, strangely enough : however the second side, Farw, is the duality of that. So in essence, Oes Farw is Yakuin's state of purity and corruption. This is reflected in her abilities. This basically allows her access of what is considered Yin and Yang : an ability is in fact two, since all of Yakuin's powers can act as a mirror. This effects natural abilities and perhaps some forms, but not all her forms.



-- Grand Bishop --
Yakuin has a natural healing ability that surpasses what many think. Due to Yakuin's strange energy, she can heal anything and anyone : as long as they accept her energies. This ability is manifested in a light glow around her hand : due to the ability, she has to administrate it by touch. However, to heal herself, she simply needs to concentrate her energies around her. This healing ability has no limit, as long as Yakuin has energy to spare. Of course, it generally follows the common rule of tit for tat : such as to heal a grave injury, she needs to commit more energy and vice versa. Generally the break down is 1 grave wound per post. Smaller, less grave wounds are often healed quickly. Bringing someone back to life IS possible, but would demand Yakuin's own in exchange, in most cases. This is not an explored skill because of it's nature.

She can also form this into more then one shape : able to form it into a ball of glowing energy and throw it at someone, this allows precise distance healing. She can also use a marking symbol on her allies, and then scatter that energy in the area, allowing her to heal more then one person at once. Using the same marking symbol, she can also produce a timed healing ability as well. These are expanding into Chaos Spells, since it requires a bit of a function of her chaos energy to mold this power.

-- High Sycophant --
Of course, following Yakuin's duality of energies, she can also use a corrupt version of Grand Bishop. That is, more or less, rather then heal some one, to inflict or cause wounds. Almost like a sort of Telekinetic ability, this functions much like her healing ability. As long as the person does NOT accept her energies, they will be inflicted with cuts and wounds. The longer the contact is maintained, the worse the injuries that are inflicted. Yakuin can also manipulate this ability much like Grand Bishop, and has Chaos Spells to support this.

This ability has a secondary effect as well : as it inflicts wounds, it also drains energy from the one that she is using this ability on : more or less a complete reverse. Instead of healing and taking her energy to the other person, Yakuin harms them and takes their energy, almost like a vampire. The draining words just like the healing does : however, she drains a maximum of 5% of a person's energy per post. That is at the utmost sucking capability : normally, she tends to take a mere 1% or lower, depending on people's energy levels and their recovery rate.

-- Life Tank --
Surprisingly, a passive ability of Yakuin's is her large amount of energy and life then normal. Yakuin has an abnormally high amount of life energy, to the point that draining that energy is increasingly difficult, due to the sheer amount of vitality that she maintains. She also recovers and reproduces these energies insanely fast, making it sometimes seem as if she never runs out of energy.

Chaos Moves:


Angel Form Abilities:

-- Sync Links --
Yakuin seems to be almost unique : instead of an angel like form or something like that, she seems to become almost modern and mechanical. As seen, she gains a strange white outfit with purple button like things. Actually these things are Synch cables : they are invisible, tube like objects. The main area of function is off her back, considering it's connected to the spine : but there are some on her arms and legs, and her chest and waist. These tubes have an undefined range, due to their nature. These tubes are also virtually unbreakable as well. These tubes are primarily made out of Yakuin's own energy, hence the strange resistance and range. These energies are not actual energy, like Chaos energy or Reishi : it is in fact a consolidation of Yakuin's Mental, emotional and physical energies.

As such, these tubes and their natural resistance to energy based attacks is due to the fact that it hasn't got that normal energy base. There are no known way to sever the tubes themselves : however, there are ways to sever their ability. One is described later : as a connection to a person, overwhelming the tubes with energy will rupture and sever the connection. Another method, towards people, is having a high will power [Master+]. In general, these tubes are made as such that until they are connected, they cannot be severed. They do have a crippling weakness however : they are most vulnerable during the connecting stage. During this stage, any sort of physical attack can render the tubes. Also, in general, disturbing Yakuin's mental, emotional or physical state very suddenly without warning is another method of severing the tubes, since they are connected to her well being.

What these tubes allow, is for her to connect to things. This is as broad as it sounds. Yakuin can hook up to anything : different realities, elements, energy streams, people, concepts. This ability is nearly limitless in it's potential connectivity. This connectivity ability also allows her limitless flexibility in battle, in more ways then one. Able to fill in any spot, and then some, Yakuin is literally a ''Jack of all trades''.

Connecting to something is a bit of an effort at times : there is one post where Yakuin is connecting to her intended target. She can connect to more then one thing at once, but each time she does, the ratio of what she can use and the skill level decrease of it. Think of it as a download : she can download and store connections, but the more at once she tries to do so, the longer and less stable it is. Once connected, Yakuin can remain connected for as long as she wants. However, this connection is not without drawbacks : it is directly linked to her body's well being. That said, her attributes, her physical energies, her mental and emotional state : all of these contribute to the maintaining of the connection.

A connection is a very strange thing : in theory, Yakuin's connection allows her to adapt and use the connection for her own gain. A perfect example would be to connecting to water : she would be able to use water abilities and gain attributes reflecting such. This an example of a physical connection : the tube would touch water, or find water nearby, regardless of it's form, and allow her to use it. A more ethereal connection is when she starts touching dimensions : such as connecting to an alternate dimension. These connections are a bit more situational and vast, and harder to control. There are different levels of connections : horrible, bad, normal, good and legendary. These levels are judged by how difficult it is to connect, and how much effort is needed in order to do so. Things that are more habitual to be connected to, or things that Yakuin connects to frequently tend to become less difficult with time and use.

Connections are varied because of their nature : ethereal and physical tend to be the realms of the connections. Because of the very nature of some of these connections, many wonder how or why. In most cases, Yakuin connects to these concepts directly : such as water or fire, happiness or anger. But, she does have an ulterior method of connecting : conscious beings. This type of connection offers her a new step that goes above and beyond the connection system : in essence, she would connect to that person, and all that forms that person. The person's state is also inscribed : for example, if Yakuin would connect to Ketsu Iramasha, she would be able to use his ability's concepts, and even aspects that he represents, such as aloofness or pride. This literally means that connecting to people is Yakuin's strongest bid using this ability : allies or enemies.

Now even with the limitless possibility of connections, there are several sort of downsides : her existence is her power source in such cases. Depending on her tier and rank, she can maintain an amount of connections at a time. Also, to truly master a connection, she must be solely linked to that connection : such as being linked to only happiness or water. The more connections she adds, the less proficient she becomes with the connection. She could very well connected to everything at once, but that would put so much strain on her body and accomplish little. Connecting to a person automatically adjusts her to their preferred sets : such as, if she connected to Shadin, she would automatically favour speed over strength. And only should she encounter a master, would she be able to use such a connection : so more or less, connecting to people could be advantageous or detrimental depending on who she connects to.

Also, Yakuin in most cases cannot use the connection's ability as is, particularly with a person, and as such has to find her own method to channel the ability. These connections are unique in the fact that she opens a new one each time she encounters a new source. Also, she keeps connection data and once reconnected to one, updates automatically. This entire system is almost pin pointed to the point that many think if she tried, she could take over the world. Case in point, this system is only flawed in Yakuin's utilization of it : although it transcends almost anything, it is dependent on Yakuin's ability to use rather then the ability's power itself. Also, a note on connecting to people : those of Higher tier then Yakuin have a chance to overwhelm her, and force a disconnect, by either overwhelming her with their energy or just naturally being much too high for her.

-- Connect Glasses --
Yakuin has added abilities : however, Synch is the main ability of this form. Yakuin has gained a pair of orange glasses, unbreakable much like the tubes. She can slip them on and off on her will, thus switching her view. What these glasses offer is a mode of varying views : from ultrasonic, to thermal, to low light vision, these glasses are handy for anything anywhere. With just a light impulse, these glasses change : they also adapt automatically to light and sources, thus allowing Yakuin to always see. But those are all side effects : these glasses true purpose is to locate and analyze potential Connections.

This process is simple and yet complex : these glasses take in every factor, and create a mental list as to what is connectable too within the sight range and also it's level of connectivity in relationship to Yakuin. Using the knowledge base of previous connections, Yakuin's current state and other such factors, it can also be used as a count on the connectivity drain, time duration and accessible abilities. In all, these glasses are more a less a good part of maintaining and working with Yakuin's Sync Link skill.

-- Power Unit --
Yakuin also forms technological wings : she can fly with them because they can use the energy around them to cut through the rest, creating a sense of boost to flight. Kinda like reishi rockets. But that's not the wing's only skill : they act as a power unit and supply to Yakuin. By using her connections to things, and the area around them, they store power within themselves. Also, Yakuin can have them drain her powers whilst she's not in a fight : taking her energy and storing it at a later date if needed. Others can also donate energy to her wings, by placing their hand on the round part of the wings, and concentrate the energy into it. These wings can store a lot, and I mean A LOT of energy. Up to at LEAST three times Yakuin's tier into them. More or less, it's an energy depot for when Yakuin begins to use her energy for Connection abilities.

Also, these wings are equipped with a sonar and radar, connecting to the glasses and increasing the glasses's efficiency by also giving more range and sensing abilities. Namely, it allows Yakuin to switch her glasses to sonar mode and also use the various air waves to discern and assemble information.

Golden Angel Form Abilities: (Same as before. Simply state what they gain from this form)

Purity Form Abilities: (List any special abilities, techniques or upgrades they get in this form)

Jashin's Bride Form Abilities:

Yakuin is the avatar of Jashin's powers : due to her past. As such, she has forms that show such things : the first stage is a form formed from her own abilities encountering Jashin's. Yakuin, as an Angel Iramasha, is primarily purity based : however, Jashin being a Devil Iramasha, has infected Yakuin's abilities and system. This created the duality of her energies, which are reflected in her Seishin Buki, which was obtained after defeating Jashin.

Yakuin first form gives her an appearance suitable for Jashin's bride. Which she was when they first met : as the Medical Heir and he was an upcoming Devil Iramasha, her father encouraged her socializing, despite the stigmas. In fact, her father was a fourth hybrid, which is what helps Yakuin contain her second energy side, allowing her to maintain a balance, almost like a hybrid.

Unlike most forms, Yakuin does not get access to new abilities : but rather, she gets access to a myriad of weapons, known as the ''Ritual set''. These weapons are linked to Jashin, and bring out Yakuin's darker energies to a more prominent level. This energy begins to form weapons, as she taps into the first stages of Jashin's actual power base.

Nai -- The Armor of the Dead
This is an armor that is not on Yakuin's skin, but rather, under it. In fact, it coats her body from the inside, making her definitely more resistant to damage : to the point that several are scared of her potential. Able to stop attacks of many sorts up to her tier, and even some at higher tiers, Nai is an armor that is fused to Yakuin's body in such a manner, that she has a much better chance of survival. It is said that she could survive a nuke due to this thing. Naked and hairless, but she would survive none the less. Powering through her armor is not an option : it is meant to contain such a destructive power that it's known as an armor that could foil even the strongest of enemies. Not to say that Yakuin would take no damage : but this armor basically dulls the damage that she would sustain to a major point. This is a passive ability : it is present in her non-Jashin form as well, but to half of it's power extents.

Yakin can also channel some energy and activate the armor. Activating the armor actively drains her energy, but boosts all of Yakuin's physical combat attributes, such as Speed, Strength and Skill. Using the Skill sheet, it can only boost up to master, no more. This activation is ignited with a prayer line. It is as follows : ''To the edge of all, I ask of you, Nai of Jashin, to grant me power to vanquish my foes!''

Akatsuki -- Scythe of the Blood Moon
This is a scythe that is formed out of Jashin's power : it contains technically an affinity for demonic traits. This scythe is formed out of the thoughts of bloodlust and wrath. In fact, this scythe is dangerous just for that : when Yakuin takes it in her hands, both of those attributes are boosted to a new height of terrifying. The scythe's ability isn't just centered around those two attributes : in fact, it revels on negative feelings. The more negative feelings it gets, to more powerful each strike becomes. As long as anyone's negative feelings feed the scythe, it is content : it will also eat Yakuin's if it has to.

Once it has reached full capacity, it can activate. Once it activates, the scythe creates a field : a field of 50x50 that encompasses the entire area. This field becomes basically, a new stage for Yakuin in which to fight : the scythe is now twice it's last power count, and also absorbs blood at this point. The more blood it absorbs, the more it grows powerful. It also boosts Yakuin's entire negative feelings by twice their amount : giving the scythe more to feed on. The field is a natural good dampener : evil beings will feel at home in it, whilst, more pure beings will feel uncomfortable. There is said to be another stage to the scythe, but Yakuin hasn't gotten that far it. It also requires a summoning prayer, and it is as follows : ''To cut down the path in front of me, Akatsuki of Jashin, I ask that your darkness light the path!''

Jashin -- Canon of the Evil God
Yakuin has a unique weapon : a skull like thing that seems to have a gap in it's structure. In fact, this is a multi-purpose tool. It can fly, swim, blast lasers out, and most of it, it's Yakuin's. This thing has abilities by the dozen : but Yakuin hasn't discovered them all yet. But it's mainly called her ''rape stick'' due to the fact that she can make it change sizes. Apart from that, the full uses of the canon haven't really been discovered, at least, have had no need.

The prayer summoning is as follows: ''To Smite and to spite! Jashin, grant me that gift.''

Black Pride Form Abilities: (List any special abilities, techniques or upgrades they get in this form)

Catalyst Form Abilities: (List any special abilities, techniques or upgrades they get in this form)


Class Title: -

Class Traits: -


Branch/Position: Elite Guard, Medical Head, Female Angel Guardian
Race: Angel


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: /Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced
  • Chaos Warp: Adept
  • Seishin Buki Level: Adept
  • Race Control: Advanced

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Will Skills
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  • Focus: Master

Tier: 2-2+

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