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Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:56 pm
Redd took the Jab that the squad 3 captian had dulled out with not much more than a flinch. Hunching over not more than 20 degrees from his original up-right position. As the captian removed his hand from the place he'd earlier struck the white Gi t-shirt clung to Redd's skin-- as if the force of this blow had cause them to momentarily fuse together, and in truth this wouldn't be that much of an impossible feat. He'd been holding his breath at the time the captian had hit him, thought he hadn't realized it. The air was released from his mouth is a shaky manner that said it too had been injured by the punch he was given.

Redd shrugged this off-- nothing he hadn't felt before and nothing he wouldn't feel again. Hand to hand combat had made him hard and while he wasn't expecting someone of this caliber to intervene he wasn't about to let his pig-headedness end up in his loss of rank in the gotei. Redd assumed that same boy-ish smile that he donned before all of this started speaking to the captian in a "Come-ooooooon" type voice
Captain HijiKataa-aaaa
This break in the last syllable of the head of the 3rd divisions name had been caused By a shunpo that brought Redd to a space just in front of Kaminari. He'd managed to keepon with his speech while in mid shunpo. He quickly whipped his zanpaktou from her grip, spinning his weapon in a circle before sheathing it.
"Fight is such a harsh word, we were Training-- testing my new 4th seat and his friends abilities"
He patted the hilt of his weapon as he spoke once more.
"After all if we were really fighting would I have given this girl here my zanpaktou? On that note...
He paused, his tone switching to a deeper, slightly menacing one.
Would I have held back
His earlier attitude which had been put on pause worked itself back into his words as he went on.
"There's nothing against a creative sparring session in the gotei is there?"
He maintained a non dis-respective tone. Of course The captain could punish them for any reason and call it whatever he wanted so it was held as Redd's ideal not to piss him off.

Redd stepped aside as Kaede moved to comfort the shinigami in training to the right of him.
Redd squinted at the way he talked to her.
"Cool your tits kid she's a female not a labra-doodle "
He remarked at his cooing manner in a sarcastic way that was Redd's own-- the words he used might sting but His ability to uphold a smile and give a small laugh as he spoke gave it the feel of something that was un-serious.

He sighed as the lights illuminated her tears. He shook his head, closing his eyes, pinching his teeth together as he did speaking through them for the first few words of his sentence.
"Chin-up there'll be alot more things of that nature if you want to be a member of the gotei...
He brought his attention to the squad 3 captian who he'd- so far, neglected to keep his eyes on.
"My aplogies... it wont happen again"
There was no character in his voice as he said this... his cheerful mood had been squashed by the sight of tears and he was ready to end all of this and return back home to the 2nd Divisions barracks
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Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:41 pm

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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