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Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:40 pm
::The Zero-Shiki Assassin::

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Oh shit!~ He wasn't aware of this area, and well it seemed like this was his first time here. With amazing discretion, came a problem, which was deciding the true path. The path of the shinigami wasn't one filled with sweet dreams and sweeter prizes. It was a grizzly world, and he was going to be experiencing a new world. That of blood and honor. This world was the Arena, and all sorts of people came here for the thrill of battle and to wet their blades on someone else. For ZX it was his way of getting practical training. He didn't know who his opponent was, but it was assumed that he would have to be careful in taking the battle. The skies were clear and the sun was out shining brilliantly on the stage of this day. The feeling of the nice and warm air that whipped around his dull brown cloak as his red helmet came into view as he walked into the area his cloak remained around his form just for a bit longer until the person had arrived. His eyes that were blue had shifted green as his left hand rested upon the hilt of the Z-Saber. He was as patiently as he could waiting for the person that he would be fighting because that was his way of getting into the mental status for the fight. Each second passed by without aforethought of what was going to happen next it was sad that ZX was ready to fight and show his power to someone that probably on a normal day wouldn't give two shits less about his skill with his weapon.

Upon his arrival of the "hero" of the area, he looked into the stands that were completely fucking empty and at the same time there was only the one entrance that stood between him. That was the one he walked into. He waited for the opponent to arrive. It was a nice arena with seating appropriate for thousands of people to watch the spectacles that would be happening. This was just the beginning of a battle, but what if it could spring more, something pulchritudinous, something that could cause radical changes in peoples discernment about life, and what they lived for. He soon enough exhaled out as his discontent of the situation. It wasn't great. Speaking to himself then upon a talk he had with a person waiting for the person."I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!" He spoke it out loud remembering the fight with the commander he had about trying to get his own way. Although his body screamed it wanted to kill there was a calming effect, it was the internal reactor responding to his emotional state. As his eyes closed for a moment he began to just focus everything into one finite point. "Arekusu Ikari... Allow me to use my full strength." A snicker came into his head. "Of course dumbass, You're in actual combat I'm not going to hinder you, remember your limits." His eyes opened slowly as he took a breath to calm his nerves. There wasn't going to be much left standing in their wake huh.

"Where's my opponent... I... need to show my power." He felt his heart and soul respond. Although he was a soul, he just had that feeling he'd have to come back into his normal state of mind soon enough once he'd be battling. The perception of his was peerless, his speed was even more dangerous, all factors aside he was worried about the truth. What if this battle changed his outlook so violently that it made him doubt the facts of his situation. He didn't want to think about it, but it had to be dealt with on some level. His eyes closed again as they shifted from the blue color and then became green. His resolve finally in tow. Once his opponent would notice he was there he'd take off his ragged and old cloak, the pure brown color of it was a huge contrast of his armor. "Z-Saber." She'd notice the change of color of the armor from red to the dark blue and the blue non armor into grey. In his head something would flash it was a gauge of his own telling him his reserves and such as his eyes narrowed changing color into a soulless color. His gem changed into the blue as well as his pupils disappeared into the sclera, also then he began to feel the power flow through him perfectly. It was like taking a breath of clean air and allowing it to fill your lungs before the darkness came and stole every thing away from you. He was ready for her, he could only hope that she was ready for him, because he played a bit too rough every now and then. He smiled though he was happy for this battle... Sad because he was just so new to this place.
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Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:30 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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