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Human Template

Basic Information

- Name: Narumi Hideyoshi
- Titles: Incarnate of Fire, Reincarnate of Ifrit
- Age: 14
- Height: 5'1"
- Weight: 110 lbs. (more muscles)
- Gender: Male
- Affiliation/Rank: Former Silver Cross Commander of K-World

- Appearance Description:

Narumi in one word is most definitely cute. Not 'cute' as in the way you want to have him bed with you and rape all night, but the child-like cuteness is what he possesses. His soft short hair is brownish but shows a shade of blonde when the light deliberately brushes over it. His face obviously proves his young age because he has a legit babyface; big yellow-brown eyes, small nose and a partially full lips.

His figure is lean, thin but muscular. If anything, he has the body of a swimmer (which is ironic because he relies on fire more than anything). He has bronze skin from being under the sun. He is seen shirtless in battles because that is his battle attire. It consists of a pair of brown gauntlets with golden trims that cover up the arm. His pants are looser than most trousers in the universe, making his movement and mobility and swifter. They are plain white with the design of fire crawling from the bottom. Over that is supposedly a coat that compliments the pants but it's just seen as an accessory to it, being wrapped around by a karate black belt. His neck is surrounded by a golden necklace with a ruby gem carved in the center. Yes, he wears no shoes.

His casual appearance is quite normal, but he tries to match their colors as much as possible since being completely off is... weird. Let's just say he's really picky about what he wears casually. Also, nobody knows this... but he has a tattoo on his left collarbone about the size of his fist. It has horns protruding from what seems like a demon's head viewed from the side.

- Appearance Picture:




- Personality:

CHILDISH: The first noticeable quality of Narumi is his slightly annoying but cute childish behavior. This demeanor has got him into many troubles but that has no affected his spree of rebellious activities. He is quite known to pull pranks - even to strangers - such as tripping them. The boy also claims that tripping people isn't and will never be the worst thing he has done. His childish personality also comes into effect within the battlefield where he would probably complain if his comrade did something wrong when he was the one who did it (on a comical side), and even yell at his opponent for not following the plan he was forming within his head. Either way, he's a very childish kid. Once before, he made an odd comparison; a Kidō and a Sperm, albeit within his mind. Yes, he does tell sexual jokes.

CARING/FRIENDLY: Despite his childish behavior, he is no way selfish. In fact, he tends to care for others than most people which leads to a friendship or even a deeper friendship. Narumi is willing to offer money as long as they pay back (sometimes, he doesn't even care) and probably even risk his life saving theirs. This expands toward when he fights as well which hinders him during battle. He is very hesitant to take away one's life when his could easily be taken just the same way. He's a very caring soul and is prone to make friends very easily. He'll hate to lose a dear loving friend.

CUTE/CUDDLY: His number one gag affinity is the fact that he's very cuddly and cute. He is often seen jumping onto his allies or friends' back around their neck. Due to his light weight and short height, it is barely noticeable to the people that goes through the process of him hanging on. He absolutely dislikes it when people tells him to get off which just means that he got rejected by people... because of how he looks most definitely.

LIKES&DISLIKES: Narumi absolutely loves sweets and dislikes vegetables with a great passion. He doesn't mind fruits. He loves everyone equally. Technology intrigues him a lot and he will surely be inspecting on sight. On the obvious note, he likes fire. And, on the contrary, he likes to swim. His demonic ancestry even though he does appreciate the powers it has granted the youngster. Being called young, definitely. He wants to be seen as someone who is mature rather than someone who is immature. He hates ice... anything related to ice. He hates hot food, ironically and prefers cold food. He is absolutely terrified of anything bee-related as he was stung by one during the time as a kid.

Natural Abilities:

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Narumi's highlight is his hand-to-hand abilities. Due to sharing demonic blood, he was oddly born with the skill to close combat fighting. His skills are tremendous enough to overpower another skilled practitioner of this art to the defensive. He is able to swiftly swap from an offensive position to a defensive position and vice verse. Not only this, but he's a fairly acrobatic fighter able to prance and jump around efficiently while dealing blows that are strong enough to knock people out if hit right. His acrobatic movements allow him to perform even the most inhumane stunts, making most normal humans gape in awe. He's pretty much on par with the Gotei 13's 2nd division captain (which specializes greatly in hand-to-hand combat). It's not just his fists, it's also his kicks. This makes him a worthy opponent when you feel like dabbling with your body itself a bit. If anything, he's one of the best human/demon close-combat fighters. Upon his fight against his ancestor, Ifrit, he had managed to show a great effort with his hand-to-hand capabilities as he completely overwhelmed the demon with just kicks and punches. Ifrit even had to step back a little bit to observe his attack strategy and pattern just to make sure that he doesn't get hit by those 'deadly blows' which proved to be true in the end when the demon broke his arm because of Narumi's simple sweep with his feet.

Immense Spiritual Power: As a former Commander of the K-World, Narumi's spiritual power is described as immense - vast in the amount, but well-controlled to the point where it can be concealed completely to go against tracking. If anything, his spiritual power rivals even the likes of the Gotei 13's captains. It is quite evident that his spiritual power is mostly due to the fact that he shares the blood of a strong demon who apparently Narumi is the reincarnation of. It is so vast that low-level fighters are most likely bound to crouch in a sudden realization of its power compared to them. He is able to unleash a massive amount of it to repel enemies around him or simply to give off a warning. When his anger explodes, the force of it is uncontrollable that it even goes to the level of being decimating.

Enormous Strength: Narumi is capable of causing tremendous amount of damage with his strength despite being so little in size. It is highly suspected that he has the power due to his relation with the demon, Ifrit. His muscle prowess is pretty high, able to destroy buildings with just a thrust of a fist or a simple sweep with his leg. He is also capable of hitting the opponent or enemy from a range without the usage of ranged-combat specialized weapons. The force of the wind that blows from his movement is enough to reach them. He can easily make dents to the strongest metal in the whole spiritual universe. His attack in one word, is life-shattering. His superhuman strength comes from the history of his demonic ancestry.

Enormous Speed: Narumi has a decent amount of speed, able to almost instantly catch people off-guard and hopefully land a blow at the same time. His speed is so great that he barely needs the usage of any forms of flash step. The fact that he has superhuman strength and speed makes him a substantial physical fighter and will most likely be tough when dealing in close-combat battle with him. If you're planning to do that, please ready your body for some earth-crumbling attacks.

Immunity to Fire: His most noticeable trait is the fact that fire or any variations of it will not affect Narumi, at all. No matter how high the temperature is, he will not get burnt. This is highly important. Yes, this mean he can not sustain first degree, second degree, or third degree burn from any forms of fire. However, he is capable of getting burnt from something that's not fire such as an icy frostbite technique or something similar to it. There are many ways to damage him. Just remember that any variations of fire will not hurt him in any way including lava, magma and just basic flames.

Ifrit's Blessing: His attacks are enhanced by large amounts of flame, easily inflicting third degree burns on contact. It is also demonic, making it possible to run through hierro-like abilities with no difficulties. This is a passive ability so it is bound to happen during his attacks as it is permanent. Though, he is still most likely able to use just his normal fist and feet when he wants to. These flames are not as potent as his Soul State fires but they're definitely still strong enough to inflict damage and increase overall muscle power of his close-combat abilities and attacks.

Genius Intellect: Narumi, despite being an immature prick most of the time, he's actually a very smart one. He is able to observe other people's abilities and even find the weak point if inspected carefully. Nobody can really tell that he has this. His IQ is unknown but it is referred to being at least over 160 which is two times higher than an average person.


Soul State Evolution

- Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance: Nothing much changes except some alterations; his eyes, instead of green, shows a fiery orange color sometimes seen with red sparks. His hair is now charcoal black and he seems to have manifested a demonic tail just long as his legs with a arrow-tipped end. The tail is structured almost steel-like.

- Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

Fire Generation/Manipulation: Narumi's most basic ability and definitely most prominent after going into stage one; he is able to simply generate fire and manipulate them into any form he pleases to. This can be presented in many different ways during a fight and even casual situations. During a fight, he may shoot out fire from his hand in almost any shape however he is seen shooting fiery lances/bolts most of the time. He may even shield himself with fire when he's in need of protection. During his hand-to-hand fights, he is able to burst out strips of flames during a move. For example, he may do a sweeping kick but with the addition of fire to enhance it. The generation and manipulation of fire also implies heat generation. Overall, this is pretty self-explanatory. He is also capable of using variations of it such as lava and magma.

Demonic Skin: His skin is enhanced to the point where it's unable to be pierced by just normal attacks. It is similiar to Tekkai and Hierro except that it is demonically enhanced so it's two traits brought into one. It is tough as steel. Suffice to say that it is possible to be 'cracked', resulting in lava pouring out of the crevasses.

Demonic Tail: By blazoning his tail with demonic flames, he is able to swing it around in conjunction with his hand-to-hand combat to deal fatal blows to the openings. For example, Narumi may front flip several times in the air to deal a double punch on the face. Now, just in case the man managed to block it, the tail can move and hit him twice as hard. His tail is hard like diamond and can easily crack buildings. Now, fun part; At the tip of it is poison. Its color is red. It is not a very fatal poison but upon getting cut or slashed by the tail, depending on the severity of the wound, it is able to unleash the feeling of hotness in their body. It doesn't seem to damage any organs but it does release a horrifyingly painful sense of burning internally. Due to the pain, most people collapse with their hands clutched to their chest or the part where it seems to burn the most.

Fureimuhoīru (フレイムホイール, lit. Flame Wheel): He will completely coat himself in a thin sheet of fire with the temperature of over a million degree Fahrenheit. He will proceed to hover (only a little) and spin around like a wheel. Just like where the technique seems to be going, he will dash and 'ride' toward the target in extreme precision and speed to the point where they have a tough time telling where he is and almost incapable of blocking it. Of course, this is different with individuals as some maybe has a better sensory. Upon contact, it will automatically inflict severe burns. Again, the amount of damage is dependent upon their skills. As the speed of the wheel is fast, it causes a forceful impact and can snap bones if hit directly. He can stay in this formation as long as he wants, but the drawback is that he can only move in a straight line. He tries to make up for it with the speed and its recovery on stop.

Yōgan Daeki (熔岩唾液, Lava Spit): Narumi is capable of forming lava within his body and exhaling it out in the form of a spit. It has the same properties as normal lava, able to melt practically anything with just a single touch. These lava can be literally 'poured' into an area to form a lava-running stream of river which can be dangerous considering the boy possesses the ability to control these lava in any way he possibly wants; whether it be a formation of pillars, spikes, or just basic projectiles.

Yōgan Shīrudo (溶岩シールド, Lava Shield): Narumi will spit out a good amount of lava from his mouth which then will solidify together as it mixes to form a structure. It will end up with a hexagonal shield big enough to cover Narumi's body. The shield is able to withstand the force and power of a Kidō spell up to level seventy but any Kidō is capable of cracking it if shot repeatedly. This is his most defensive ability but the least used. He tends to take attack head on unless he thinks it could be a fatal blow. The formation of the shield happens fairly quick as soon as he spits, the shield is already formed. It is just changed depending on the amount of lava being spat out.

Faiāboruto (ファイアーボルト, lit. Fire Bolt): A pretty self-explanatory ability. He will create a specific amount of fire into the shape of a circle within his palm and throw it at the opponent. It creates medium-sized explosions and was shown to destroys parts of buildings with ease. This can be shot repeatedly without a hint of getting tired. Known to be his signature ability.

- Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance: He retains all the looks from his previous stage except the fact that he gains a set of horns on the top of his head and his hands and feet turns to demon claws that are charcoal black. If looked carefully, a sight of smoke can be seen seeping from each tip (fingers and toes).

- Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities: He has all of his Stage 1 Abilities, just much more improved.

Girochin no Tsume (ギロチンの爪, lit. Guillotine Claws): By pulling one or both of his arms away, it will start to charge a substantial amount of fire. He will then proceed to slash through the air as powerful as he can to shoot it out three crescent-shaped flames. The speed of it is fairly decent, able to shoot out and land within the first second. This can also be used repeatedly without any duration whatsoever. As so, he can use this technique consequently. It is one of his basic attacks of his Stage 2. These attacks have been proven to easily destroy houses. People don't know that he can use his feet for this as well.

Jigoku no Dai Abare (地獄の大暴れ, lit. Rampage of Hell): He will get into the position of a beast - most specifically a bull - as heat/flames starts to charge up on his horns. By waiting for a few seconds, he can dash out in an incredible speed that's almost undetectable as most often, the target will get hit first before realizing it. Upon contact, a bone-crushing mass of impact will be forced upon the body where it was either directly or indirectly hit. As soon as the opponent gets hit, a straight line of fire will be shot out from the horns in an attempt to deal much more damage before they get knocked back or pushed back slightly. Effects are variant upon targets.

- Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance: (Optional. This will be at least 1 to 0 tier level characters, however. You may fill this out, but the app will ultimately be up to the staff member who reviews it)

- Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

Note: Soul Evolution State are powers that have been awakened in humans over the many centuries of spiritually enhanced being fighting throughout Earth. Due to their constant destruction, clashes and presence on Earth, this has caused a genetic mutation in the human DNA to allow for the creation and evolution of super natural based powers. This means that some humans can even fight on par with other Shinigami based character should their tiers keep enchanting. Along with that, even the most basic level of this Soul Evolution Stage allows for humans to see spirits, levitate, run at speeds faster then the average human and things of this nature. On a more higher end, near 0 and 1 tier, some humans even have the ability their wounds, limbs, burns and even organs if given enough time to heal; fight against Espada level creatures, create their own variations of flash step, superhuman strength to demolish villages, enhanced durability and large scale energy attacks.


Background History

- Background:

Narumi was born within a family with demonic ancestry. His father was a flat-out demon while his mother was a human. She died inevitably during his birth and his father was the one who took care of him. Weirdly enough, his father disappeared when he was just a mere child which resulted in him having to fend for himself. Money was earned by working at a bakery nearby part-time, though it was just cleaning crumbs and scraps from the ground. It wasn't boring, but it wasn't fun or intriguing either. He didn't really miss his father or mother either. It was as if he barely remembered them.

Several years later, when Narumi became a preteen, he finally managed to enroll in a elementary school. He worked hard and has proven that he's fairly intelligent. Even the teachers praised him and offered money so that he can remain within an educational environment. One of the female teachers were nice enough to rent a small apartment for him. He cried. Whether it was from happiness doesn't show but it was obvious that he missed even his parents that were never there. He held jealousy toward other kids that had parents but he was at least glad to not be called an orphan or put within an orphanage.

At the end of elementary school, his demonic powers managed to make its entrance. His body structure would suddenly go steel-like and a tail would randomly sprout out from his pelvis. He did not realize he had demon blood in him until he graduated elementary school. Ridiculed, he completely shut himself off from the world as a kid instead. He even trained his abilities so that it wouldn't come around out of no where. Soon enough, he managed to achieve the position of a Commander within K-World. It was an antagonistic organization, but that didn't matter to him as long as he could meet his parents or ancestors.

If anything, he was an anti-hero. After several months, during a battle... he was captured miraculously by a Shinigami and traded afterwards for someone else. He managed to get freedom and abandon is post as a K-World Commander. Narumi was still no where close to finding his parents' identities. Seriously, there were absolutely no photos of them whatsoever. Now, he travels around the world looking for answers to his curious questions, though his residence is within Karakura Town. He got accepted into Karakura High after a forced entrance exam as he missed education from Middle School. He was still able to get into it.


Roleplay Sample

- Roleplay Sample: N/A

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Ready to be checked! Note: He was 1-1+ prior to this app.
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Narumi Hideyoshi [REMAKE!] {Approved 0-5} 300px-Mirajane_when_she_was_first_introduced

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [Omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [Omit]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Presumed General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Use: Master

Comments/Notes: Considering you're previously approved with 1-1+...
Tier: 0-5

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