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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:02 am
"I used to be STRONGER! I was STRONGER than him! I beat him without a second thought! WHY?! WHY HAS HE GROWN, WHILE I HAVE NOT?! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"

The man yelling this was clearly distraught. Oh, and did I mention slaughtering Hollows? Yeah, he's doing that. No remorse. Just going through the Menos Forest and killing as many god damn Hollows as he possibly can. He wouldn't let any escape, no matter how weak or strong, or even fearful for their lives they were. His sword flew from opponent to opponent, slicing cleanly through their masks, sending them to the other world where they would start a new life. Too bad their last seconds of this life would be painful and scary as hell. They were being slaughtered by a genocidal maniac with a cane sword.....not exactly the best way to go out. At this point, Stefan didn't even bother removing the blood from his sword between kills, for a few reasons. One, he didn't care. He was on a ravenous murder streak. Two, he didn't have the time. These Hollows were dropping like flies to fly swatters. They didn't stand a chance in hell, and they all knew it. All they could do was watch as their fellow Hollows were killed, and wait their own god damn turn.


A particularly powerful Adjuchas Hollow in the form of a green humanoid with a relatively plain white mask, had been the one to scream this at Stefan as his friends were destroyed before his very eyes. And yanno what? He had a point. There were far more instances of Shinigami slaughtering Hollows in Hueco Mundo, than Hollows slaughtering Shinigami in Soul Society. Too bad he was talking to the wrong guy about this. Especially considering what he was really.

"Ha....hahahaha! Don't whine to me about moral shit like that, you pathetic beast! I don't have a fuck to give when it comes to your suffering! Especially since I'm not even a Shinigami anymore. I'M LIKE YOUR COUSIN! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

.....and there goes the maniacal laugh. Lovely. Anywho, lets get back to the action. Stefan, the man doing the killing, brought his hand to his forehead, preparing to do something. Aaaand, there he goes. He quickly brought his hand down, right past his chin, which, in a sudden flurry of energy, caused a mask, resembling that of the nearby Hollows' own masks, to appear over his face. This mask was mostly white, had long "cat ears" extending from the upper part of it, and slash marks on its cover. As it appeared, dark, Hollow-like, energy radiated from Stefans body, and shot out in every direction, putting so much pressure on the Hollows they couldn't move an inch. Besides, its not like moving would help them much anyway. Running wasn't an option, and neither was fighting, so pretty much they were doomed. Especially the douche bag that decided to yell. Using Sonido, instead of normal Hoho, Stefan appeared a few feet before the Adjuchas-level Menos who had spoken up and glared at him through his mask, his gaze strong enough to make the Hollow shake and quake in fear. Like a bitch.

"You wanna know whats funny? You're going to meet your end right here, right now, to ME. Neither a Shinigami, nor a Hollow, your life is going to end by something that neither your ally nor foe. Say your last words to whatever god you may, because your end is now!"

And with that, Stefan's sword slid right through the Hollows head, cutting it in half. Before the Hollow's body turned into reishi particles to move on to the next world, blood shot out of its sliced-in-half-head, squirting everywhere (and not in the sexual way). But as all Hollows do when their masks are destroyed by a Shinigami, this Adjuchas level Menos quickly disappeared into nothingness. The shadowy Vizard slowly turned around to face the other Hollows, his black eyes scanning each and every one of them. As his gaze reached the last Hollow, Stefan closed his eyes and breathed out, while raising his Zanpakutō upwards. He brought the tip of the blade far to the left, and with one quick wing all the way to the right with his sword, every single Hollow in the clearing was bifurcated, cut in half horizontally. Each and every Hollow was now destroyed, removed from this existence til they rebirthed in the next. Being the only remaining being in the area, Stefan removed the mask over his face by doing the reverse of the action he did before. Instead of pulling his hand downwards to summon it, he brought his hand upwards to remove it. Afterwards, Stefan placed Vague Katti, his Zanpakutō, into its sheathe and began walking into the white forest of Hollows as he had done earlier. As he was walking, Stefan began speaking to himself, not out of insanity, but out of desperation.

As he walked through the strange and foreign forest, Stefan noticed a few thing off. One, he didn't sense any Hollows nearby, which is odd for a forest populated solely by the creatures, and two, his own spiritual energy was going haywire. Perhaps his energy was acting strangely because of where he was? Or maybe it's because of his strong emotions at the moment. Either way, he was going to keep searching for more opponents to completely eradicate. But.......perhaps his current method was too slow. So, why not go with something a bit quicker, eh? Drawing his Zanpakutō Vague Katti from its sheathe, he pointed the blade upwards, the tip aiming for the "sky", or better yet, the bottom of the endless sands of Hueco Mundo. In one swift motion, Stefan stabbed Vague Katti into the ground with as much force as he could possibly muster, something rarely seen from this particular Vizard, as he was usually a very calm person who didn't push himself. The sheer force of the move was enough to raze the entire area around him; trees pretty much shattered, breaking into multiple pieces and falling towards the ground. Speaking of the ground, its not exactly having a good day either. Gigantic cracks and fissures were intertwined among the destroyed earth below Stefans feet. Debris littered the area as the dust settled, revealing the amount of destruction caused by his one man.

"Come on out, you pathetic bugs! Reveal yourselves to me! I WANT TO END YOUR DISGUSTING EXISTENCE!! I'LL SHOW YOU MY STRENGTH, WORMS!"

Perhaps.....he WAS going insane. You know, just a tad, a teaspoons worth of Psychopath. Nothing wrong with that......except when it makes you go on a rampage through the Forest of Menos. THEN it can cause some problems. And guess what? It's about to. Though, not a problem too big for this badass to handle. Looks like Stefans wish is coming true, because some of the douche bags he had been calling out decided to actually show themselves. Hundreds upon hundreds of Gillian-class Menos and many Adjuchas-class Menos began pouring out of the forest around him, all rushing towards him to destroy the man who was causing so much ruckus in their own home. Too bad it won't end up with them being able to take out their frustrations on him. Instead, he was about to mess 'em up like he did to the others just a short while ago. He drew his sword from the ground it had previously punctured, read to take on the entire horde.

"Yeah....come on.....come at me. I'll take you ALL on!!"

Stefan Soan quickly got to work. In just a few seconds, he had already eliminated the first oncoming Hollows with a few quick sword strikes that easily cut right through them. However, these were just the Gillians. The next wave was made up of Adjuchas Hollows, stronger opponents. A humanoid black Hollow with a white mask lunged at Stefan from behind, who quickly twisted around and punched the beast straight in his mask, shattering it into pieces, killing off the Hollow. Then a pair of the beasts came at him from his left side, attempting a surprise attack. Too bad it wouldn't work for them. Stefan grabbed the mask of one of the two Hollows, and slammed its head into the other's head, shattering both of their masks at the same time. Bye-bye Hollows. Buuuuut, there were many more where they came from, and they were coming at Stefan pretty quickly.

"The only people you can blame for what comes next are yourselves! Taste the roar of the almighty Dragons Blade!"

Gripping his Zanpakutō tightly, Stefan raised it again so the tip faced the sky, or whatever you want to call it. With a sudden rush of energy from his blade, Stefan swung downwards with a mighty force, which instead of just being a normal slash, caused energy to shoot out of the blade, covering it, and a straight line in front of it. This energy was no simple spiritual construct, no, it was more than that. The strip of energy lying in front of Stefan that crushed a bunch of his opponents began to take shape into something.....fearsome. A mouth formed, "eyes" formed, and the rest of its head formed at the end. As its name suggested, it resembled that of a common Chinese dragon, except made of pure energy and heat. Stefan, laughing maniacally, swung it wildly, destroying every Hollow it came into contact with, burning them to a crisp as well as crushing their bodies into nothingness. The Hollows were getting wrecked, disappearing as quickly as they had appeared. With a mere flick of his wrist, Stefan made the dragon spew fire to create a large ring of flames around him, with his body at the very center of it. The fire created by the dragon is very hot, hot enough to melt many metals and easily burn through many objects. Not to mention the sheer amount of fire created made the flames go a good 15 feet into the air all around Stefan. The ring of fire served one main purpose: stop the Hollows from just running at Stefan on the ground. This would help stem the massive tide of them flowing unto Stefan's current position, forcing them to either go straight through the flames or go above the flames. They chose neither. Instead, pretty much all of the Menos Hollows in the area shot Cero's at Stefan at the same time, extinguishing the flames and covering Stefan in raw energy. Due to covering his body, the dragon was also extinguished. In the center of the now-gone ring of fire, where Stefan had just been, was an absolutely gigantic sphere of Cero energy, different colors mixing with each other and moving around to make it look like a light show. Then, in a single moment, all of that just exploded into one magnificent eruption of energy. The explosion was large enough and strong enough to consume even some of the Hollows closest to the epicenter of destruction. But.....was it enough? These Hollows were relatively weak, especially compared to Stefan, but perhaps them all combining their power into one attack like that would be enough to put him out of commission. Or not.

" thought....that'd be....enough? Well, you've got another thing coming."

Through the smoke, one could see the silhouette of a slouched man who seemed to be breathing pretty heavily. But when the smoke began to clear, one would be able to notice it was the same man from before: Stefan Soan, the Vizard. He had his cat-like Hollow Mask on his face, and his clothes were burnt, with his torso's clothing completely gone, his chest out in the open. While there were burnt marks on his body, he appeared to be in alright shape considering what just happened. He quickly stood up straight and regained his composure, despite what had just happened. His breathing back to normal, Stefan sighed in a disappointed way.

"Is that really the best you could do, guys? Come on, I didn't even TRY to get away. Don't tell me that's the true extent of your power! Thats just...well, pathetic to be entirely honest. Now, I'm gonna show you something. I bet you'll like it......though people don't usually like their deaths."

Stefan grabbed the sheathe to his Zanpakutō and held it in his left hand, while he held the actual cane sword in his right hand. The next thing he did was place Vague Katti into his sheathe by sliding the blade into it. After that, the sword and sheathe together began to glow together, being covered in purple spiritual energy, Stefans spiritual energy to be specific.

"True darkness, despair, death, awakening, never ending immortality, without one the other dies. Reveal the Darkness, Vague Katti."

With a flash of energy, Vague Katti quickly began to change form, taking the appearance of a relatively normal katana in just a few seconds. The hilt of the katana is purple with markings underneath the wrappings. These markings represent the Soan family line. The blade is relatively plain and simple, so nothing really special about it. The sheathe is a deep jet black, with purple material wrapped around the upper portion of it. The sword and Stefan radiated more energy than usual, though the reason was obvious: He was now using Vague Katti in Shikai, it's initial release. Stefan slashed at the air a few times to get used to his new weapon, each time sending a shockwave of air from the force of the slash towards the ground. The motions were basic, but they really did help Stefan, who was smiling by this point. He knew they couldn't do anything to him, and he was gonna take advantage of that in just a few seconds.

" your end. Witness the might of Boidoburēdo, ants."

When Stefan said this, random swords began appearing near his body, the number of them increasing rapidly. Very quickly the entire area was flooded with basic swords, known to Stefan as "Slates", swords that usually exist in a void controlled by Vague Katti. However, in this case, these swords were in the physical world to be controlled by Stefan in order to slay the beasts around him. Which he would gladly do. Masses of Slates began rising into the air, the tips of the blades pointing towards the nearby Hollows, like Hawks getting ready to strike their Prey. With a single motion, a flick of his wrist, the swords immediately shot forward, about to take down their "prey". In a matter of moments, Stefan had slaughtered every single Hollow in the area, destroying them completely.

"Who's next....huh? Who?! WHO WANTS TO CHALLENGE ME?! I'll show you my real strength....I'll show EVERYONE! I'll show that god damned birdbrain what I can do!.....I will!"

The God of the Sword appeared to falter for a second there, especially at the end of that little challenge to the Forest of Menos.
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