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 [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+]   31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 9:22 am

[yes this was taken from the wiki, Deal with it. Some things have been changed to fit the current leaders and plots for 2412. I'll add more forms later on]

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4217-1

Character Name:
Szyale Apporo Granz

Character True Age:

Character Appearance Age:

Character Gender:

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4223-1

Szayel Sevres the Cero Espada as co-head of her Laboratories

Szayel is a meticulous intellectual and the "scientist" of the Espada. Unlike all the other Espada, Szayel is highly narcissistic, extremely flamboyant, and tends to make lewd, disturbing comments about his opponents. Szayel is quite sadistic and views others as little more than research material. He thinks poorly of non-Hollows, and hopes that Ashlei will someday wipe all non-Hollows out of existence. He also thinks of himself as an actor, treating his battles like theatrical performances, especially when toying with his victims.
He seems to have had a less-than-positive relationship with his older brother, Yylfordt. While he did try to heal him after his battle with Renji, he refers to Yylfordt's death as Renji merely breaking a box of parasites, and says that he wouldn't be so childish as to be upset over that.

He boasts that he is a "perfect being," since he is capable of reproducing himself in another person's body, and thus, views himself as immortal.

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4218-1


31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Szayel-Aporro-Granz-bleach-anime-28906912-462-652

Szayel has shoulder-length pink hair with bangs on the right side of his forehead and two thin lines with no hair on the left side of his head, and amber eyes. The placement of his Espada number tattoo is unknown. Even after having the entire upper half of his body exposed, no number tattoo can be seen.

His clothes differ from the original Arrancar uniform. Instead of a normal jacket, Szayel wears a long shirt that covers his entire torso up to the top of his neck. He has three stripes on his uniform, each starting at his collar with one running to the left side of his chest, one to the right side of his chest, and one down the middle. He wears the regular pants with a slight length taken away. He also wears white gloves. His face is the only part of his body that is exposed in this uniform. After he changes his clothes, he sports a cape-like garment.

When he was demoted from the Espada sometime in the past, his appearance was slightly different. His hair was messier and all three lines on his uniform dropped to his right hip, instead of to the left, right and middle.

Bone Appearance:
The remains of his Hollow mask take the form of rectangular-framed glasses, giving him a scholarly appearance.

Hollow Hole:
His Hollow hole is located on his glans.

reiatsu Colour:

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4219-2

He first appears during Aizen's meeting with the Espada about Ichigo Kurosaki, Yasutora Sado, and Uryū Ishida entering Hueco Mundo to save Orihime Inoue. He sits between Baraggan Louisenbairn and Zommari Rureaux and complains about the intruders along with the other Espada.
Later, a messenger informs Aizen that the Exequias have killed Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio. Aizen asks him who ordered the Exequias to attack Ichigo, intimidating him with his reaitsu. Szayel appears at Aizen's door and claims responsibility, falling to his knees to ask for his forgiveness. Aizen forgives him, asking if Dordoni's body was of benefit to his research. Szayel responds that he was, and leaves

After Renji Abarai and Dondochakka Birstanne fell into his pitfall trap, Szayel said that he set out several traps, but is surprised to see that they fell for the simplest one. He then decides to introduce himself as the octava Espada. Dondochakka falls on top of Renji and complains about falling through the hole until he notices Szayel. He states that he's the top researcher and spiritual weapons development specialist in Hueco Mundo, to which Renji asks if his explanation is meant to be for him. Dondochakka is surprised that he's sitting on Renji and he asks him what he's doing there. Renji simply kicks him away and the two begin arguing until Szayel tells them to stop talking. Renji threateningly looks at him and Szayel tells him to calm down, explaining that he doesn't have high combat abilities despite the fact that he's an Espada. He then goes on to explain exactly who he is until Renji tells him that he doesn't want to hear his life story and that he came here to defeat his enemies.

Renji activates his Bankai, but it ends up vanishing immediately. Szayel explains that in this room he can't use his Bankai because he knows everything about it, and because of that he was able to make a device in this room to nullify it. Renji is confused by this as only people who fought against him would know his Bankai, but Szayel explains that his brother is Yylfordt Granz, which shocks Renji. Szayel thanks him for remembering his brother but then goes on to explain that the reason he targeted him isn't for revenge. He states that he put spirit recording insects on Yylfordt, allowing him to know everything that he knew. He then tells Renji that he has no way to win and he unsheathes his Zanpakutō. He explains that he's excited since this is the first time he has fought a Bankai user and he tells him to keep his body as intact as possible.

After battling a bit, with Renji releasing his Zanpakutō's Shikai, Lumina and Verona enter the room yelling that Aaroniero Arruruerie was killed. Szayel says that he was so preoccupied with his battle that he didn't notice. He then tells Renji the news that an Espada and Rukia both killed each other in battle. This angers Renji, causing him to swing his Zanpakutō at Szayel, but it is easily blocked. Szayel tells him that he can't beat him by only using Shikai, but Renji puts more force behind his attack, lightly injuring him. Renji swings his Zanpakutō again, but as it hits the ground, Szayel steps on it, breaking a small piece off. He throws it for Lumina and Verona to play with and goes up to Renji, telling him that he's lost interest in his abilities. He then sends his Fracción out and explains that he modified them. He then gets bored and decides to have them finish Renji off.

Medazeppi decides to attack Renji, and ends up sending him flying across the room. He then grabs Renji and smashes him onto the floor of the room. As this is happening, Lumina and Verona want to join in but Szayel tells them not to interfere and that he wants to see a nice epilogue to this battle. Medazeppi goes to grab Renji again but this time Renji brings his Zanpakutō to his hand and makes a minor cut across it. Medazeppi begins screaming in pain and Szayel commends Renji for lasting this long, but states that now things are going to be problematic as there's no controlling Medazeppi now. Medazeppi begins smashing everything around him and Renji begins to desperately dodge his attacks. As this is happening, Szayel states that it's a shame that by the end of this Renji's body won't be in perfect condition. All of a sudden Medazeppi is attacked and killed by someone. This person states that it's unfortunate that the walls aren't made of Sekkiseki, so he can feel the reiatsu from their fight. As the dust clears, Uryū Ishida is shown and tells Renji that he's looking bad right now

The Fracción start cursing Uryū for killing Medazeppi and Uryū wonders how powerful they are. Szayel yells at his Fracción to stop talking and states that his new guest would like to say something. Uryū thanks him for his consideration and asks Szayel if he's an Espada. Szayel states his full name and rank to him, but Uryū doesn't believe he's a threat due to his low number. Szayel counters by saying that he's still stronger than him, but then asks Uryū who he is. Uryū states that he's a Quincy, which causes Szayel to laugh madly at how lucky he is to meet both a Bankai user and a Quincy in the same day. He then states that if he were Yammy Llargo he would be shouting "suerte" right now. As this is happening Uryū immediately appears behind Szayel and tells him that he feels like shouting "suerte" as well because he has gotten to fight an opponent who is full of openings. He then shoots a Seele Schneider at Szayel, which ends up piercing his throat and causing Szayel to fall onto his knees. As his Fracción go to his aid, the Seele Schneider piercing Szayel disappears and he begins laughing madly again. Szayel tells him that he's foolish in thinking that his arrow had pierced him and explains that he knew about his fight with Cirucci Sanderwicci, allowing him to analyze all of his abilities. Uryū begins fighting against Szayel's Fracción but his arrows don't do any damage to them. His bow eventually disappears and one of the Fracción takes this opportunity to punch him. However, his blow is blocked by Renji, who asks Uryū if he knows any way of beating this guy. Uryū tells him that he does and the two of them decide to team up.

Uryū asks Renji how long he can hold him but Renji states that it's 20 seconds maximum. Uryū tells him that that's more than enough time and the two of them begin their plan. Szayel tells his Fracción not to get involved as he's curious as to what they can do in their current state.Renji swings his Zanpakutō around his head and then swings it directly at Szayel. Szayel states that this is nothing more than brute force and easily deflects the Zanpakutō. However, Renji runs up to Szayel and grabs him by the neck while at the same time having his Zanpakutō surround and trap them. Renji admits to him that there's no chance of him winning with his current strength, but despite that fact, if he were to take damage from a Kidō this close, it would hurt even him. Renji then states that he's always been bad at using Kidō as his spells would always end up exploding. He tells Szayel that they're going to have a contest to see who's tougher and uses uses Hadō #31. Shakkahō. The Kidō explodes, damaging both of them. Renji falls to the ground and Szayel falls back, getting mad at the fact that a Shinigami is trying to make a fool out of him.

However, Uryū appears behind him and tells him that he knew he would form a distance between himself and Renji, whether the attack succeeded or not. He tells him that he has a habit of going just far enough from his opponents that he can't be attacked. Szayel counters him, saying that Uryū has a habit of attacking people from behind. Szayel then asks him if he thinks he's won and Uryū tells him he has. Five Seele Schneiders surround Szayel, holding him in place between them. Szayel states that this is impossible as the reiatsu of his weapons should have been sealed and Uryū tells him that it just shows that there are things in this world that he doesn't know about. He then tells Szayel that he'll explain his situation in his language, saying "Hasta aquí" (This is your end). Uryū then pours a drop of spiritual particles from his Gintō, activating Sprenger, which engulfs him in a huge explosion.

As the dust from the explosion clears, Szayel is shown to still be alive, but with major injuries. Uryū tells him that he's shocked that he's still standing, but Szayel explains that because he had analyzed his reiatsu from before, he can minimize the damage. Szayel then picks up Lumina and begins eating him, which heals his injuries. Verona complains about this but Szayel tells him to be quiet as he can always make another one. Szayel then explains that his Fracción are unique, because if he eats any of them his injuries will be healed. Uryū calls him a monster but Szayel tells him that he would prefer to be called a genius and begins walking away. Uryū asks him where he's going and Szayel states that he's going to change his clothes, which angers him. Szayel simply tells them to think of a plan while he's gone, as he's going to be thinking of one as well.

After a failed attempt to run from the fight, Uryū, Renji, Pesche, and Dondochakka end back in the same room they tried to run away from. Szayel asks them if they had a nice walk and states that they will now begin the second act of this battle.Szayel explains to them that they should think of this area as his body since he can control the corridors, which was what led them back to this room. He then notes that their expressions are as if this is all a bad joke but he explains that a bad joke is inferior beings such as themselves forcing him to use his full power. Szayel unsheathes his Zanpakutō and swallows the blade, causing his body to expand. His body then goes into its Resurrección Fornicarás. Szayel apologizes for making them wait and says that the long-awaited second act can begin, but then rephrases his statement to the second act is now ending.

Black liquid comes out of Szayel's back and spreads around the room. Uryū tells everyone not to touch it, but Dondochakka gets hit by it, causing another Dondochakka to form. The rest get hit by it as well, causing clones of them to form too. Szayel explains that these clones contain all of their abilities, but he tells them not to worry as he has now removed the seal on their powers. He then tells them to fight all out and Uryū notes that this truly is a "bad joke".Dondochakka charges at Uryū telling him he's scared but Uryū dodges him, causing Dondochakka to get mad as he just wanted to cling on to him. As Uryū states that his clinging looks like an attack, several Dondochakka clones attack them and they barely dodge the blow. Uryū tells him he was right in thinking it was an attack but Dondochakka states that this isn't the time to be doing things like this and that they should be looking for Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. Uryū tells him that they will right after this but Dondochakka explains that they have to do it right now as he's scared of what will happen if she gets any deeper into Las Noches. He and Pesche then sense Nel's reiatsu after she transformed back to her original form and states that it's nostalgic.

Renji, Pesche, and Dondochakka continue battling the clones but they end up getting confused as to who's who. Uryū asks them what they're doing and explains the differences between them and the clones. The Renji and Uryū clones have a different type of skin around their eyes as well as a difference in the quantity of hair, the Dondochakka clone has no spots at all on his back, and the Pesche clone has pants on. Renji states that this is a pretty big mistake for Szayel to make but Szayel explains that he purposely made them that way because he doesn't like the style any of them have. Renji decides that he has to escape so he decides on a plan and activates his Bankai, but this ends up causing all of the clones to activate their Bankai as well. However, the room they are in is destroyed in the process. Renji explains that he did that on purpose and he asks Uryū how great his intellect is. Uryū tells him that he sees no difference between him and Ichigo Kurosaki but Renji doesn't realize that this was meant to be an insult. Renji then states that Szayel is about to get serious and that he's coming straight for them. Szayel appears and tells them that the person who has to report this to Sōsuke Aizen is going to be unhappy. He then gets rid of the clones and states that he's going to show them the true power of his Resurrección

One of the clones of Renji is still around so Szayel destroys him as well. He then reiterates that he's going to show them his true power. Uryū and Renji both attack him with their full power at the same time but two large Hollows appear in front of Szayel, guarding him from the blows. Szayel tells them that he's forcing them to participate in this and has one of his wings "eat" Uryū but he is immediately spit out. He then thanks him for the meal as one of the strands of his wings becomes engorged and bursts with purple liquid, creating a small doll of Uryū. Renji asks Uryū if he's all right and he states that he's fine. Szayel holds up the doll and states that this will now be Uryū. He then touches the dolls head, which Uryū feels, and Szayel explains that he has control over all of his senses now. He then flicks the dolls head, slightly injuring Uryū. Szayel decides to then rip the doll in half and Renji begs him to stop. However, he does so anyway, but with no effects to Uryū.

Szayel tells him that he's foolish in thinking that something would happen if he ripped the doll in half. He then shows that what he really wanted to do was to get to the body parts inside the doll. He takes out a small piece that reads "stomach" on it and breaks it, causing Uryū to cough up blood. As Renji angrily attacks him for what he did, he too gets "eaten" by one of Szayel's wings. Szayel states that everyone gets surprised from just a small thing. He continues saying that Humans, Shinigami, and Quincy are all the same and if there's any reason for them to be killed by Aizen, it would be because of their inferiority

After making a doll of him as well, Renji desperately battles his opponent, who tells him that he should just give up. Renji charges at him but Szayel takes out his left Achilles tendon and destroys it, causing Renji to collapse. Szayel decides that he's going to continue destroying his tendons and tells Renji not to move as he destroys another body part. Renji screams in pain and he reiterates that he shouldn't move as he doesn't want to hurt the two of them too much. All of a sudden Pesche attacks Szayel with his Infinite Slick, which causes him to drop the two dolls, which Pesche easily grabs. Dondochakka then arrives and brings out Bawabawa from his mouth, allowing Pesche to jump on top of him. Uryū asks him why Bawabawa came out of his mouth and Pesche explains that he's one of the combat insect spirits that Dondochakka keeps in his body, but they never told Nel because of the possibility that her memories would return. He explains that they didn't want her memories to return because then she would be forced into combat again, but because she has regained her will to fight they decided that they would assist her anyway they can. Pesche then tells Szayel that they don't have time to deal with him and he gets ready for battle.

Szayel tells Pesche that his attitude is unfitting for a Fracción but is caught off guard when Pesche takes out his Zanpakutō and makes a minor cut across Szayel's arm. Pesche explains that his Zanpakutō is called Última and that it's made from overflowing reishi. He tells Uryū that it's just like his weapon but he doesn't spot the similarity. Pesche tells him that it was a pathetic comeback and the two of them argue. However, while their doing this, Szayel decides to have his minions take care of Bawabawa while he himself takes care of Pesche and Dondochakka. The minions go to attack but Dondochakka takes out his own Zanpakutō from his mouth and easily defeats the minions. Pesche explains to Szayel that he made one fatal error, which was looking down on them because they were opponents he had defeated before. He then states that their worlds apart from the level they were at before and Pesche gets on top of Dondochakka to do an original Cero that they created called Cero Sincrético.

However, their attack fails and they wonder why it didn't work. Szayel explains that they allowed him too much time and that because he knew that they were Nel's Fracción, he was able to analyze their reiatsu easily. He states that while their Cero Sincrético is powerful, he already knew that from the start and tells them that the only reason they lost was because they didn't use that technique from the beginning. Szayel then assumes that they have nothing else left and he decides to put an end to this battle. All of a sudden, Mayuri Kurotsuchi arrives and Szayel asks him who he is. However, Mayuri feels that he doesn't need to answer this question and is more excited about the Arrancar and Espada living in Hueco Mundo.

Uryū asks Mayuri what he's doing in Hueco Mundo but Mayuri pretends not to remember a "low-grade specimen" like him. Szayel tells them to stop arguing with each other and asks Mayuri who he is again, but then retracts his statement as he feels that he's just another being that will be erased by him. However, Mayuri tells him that not being able to hear his name puts him in a difficult situation since he won't be able to properly label him when he bottles him up. Szayel simply laughs at this statement.

Later, Mayuri is shown to be panting heavily and seemingly losing the battle. Szayel is seen holding a doll of Mayuri and as he's breaking body parts, he tells him that it's sad that a captain level Shinigami can do nothing against his abilities. Mayuri begins coughing up blood and Nemu Kurotsuchi, who came with Mayuri as well, watches the battle from the sidelines. Szayel states that his appearance was just for show like he thought, but Mayuri gets up as if nothing happened and says "gotcha". Szayel decides to destroy more of his body parts but it does nothing and Mayuri asks for Nemu to come over to him. Szayel drops the doll he was holding and angrily smashes all of the pieces from the doll, to no effect. He then asks Mayuri what ability he has but he tells him that he doesn't have anything like that. He states that he put bacteria in Uryū for surveillance purposes, which allowed him to watch his current fight with Szayel. Shortly before leaving for Hueco Mundo, he replaced all of his body parts with dummies. However, Szayel points out that it should be impossible to do that since he only just revealed his ability less than an hour ago but Mayuri counters him by saying that if it were impossible, then he shouldn't be standing here right now. Uryū interrupts their conversation and complains about everything wrong with putting bacteria on him for surveillance purposes, but Mayuri simply tells him to be quiet. All of a sudden Nemu is grabbed by Szayel and he tells Mayuri that he's a fool for letting his underling get captured, but Nemu tells him that capturing her doesn't make her a hostage. Szayel begins arguing with her and Mayuri is annoyed by all the noise going on. Mayuri decides to activate his Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō and it releases poisonous gas into the air. Szayel attempts to counter this, but it's too late as the Bankai crushes him.

Mayuri's Bankai then gets up and Renji notes that it's eating Szayel. Renji is then affected by the poison that has just been released and he asks Uryū why he's fine. Uryū says that he must have formed antibodies since he encountered this poison before. He then asks Mayuri for the antidote but just then he too is affected by the poison. Mayuri tells him that he wouldn't be a scientist if he didn't always change his poison, and he states that something like antibodies would never stop him. Uryū tells him that he gets that he's a genius and simply asks for him to hand over the antidote. Nemu, who he is being held by Mayuri's Bankai, asks if she could be let down but Mayuri simply ignores her. Uryū tells him to let her down but he still ignores this request. He then decides that he will give them the antidote and throws it to them. All of a sudden Nemu begins screaming in pain and Uryū pleads with Mayuri to let her go. Szayel's voice then appears and he states that it's going to take much more than that to defeat him. He then tells them that their going to bear witness to his greatest ability, Gabriel, which allows him to asexually reproduce within the womb of his prey and that soon his host will become nothing more than an empty shell. He then leaves out of Nemu's body and says that the only downside to this is it ruins his hair.

Szayel explains to Mayuri that he will always be able to resurrect himself and that death has only become another part of his life cycle, making him the perfect being. He tells Mayuri that no matter what he does there is no way for him to win. Mayuri simply walks past Szayel and goes up to Nemu. Szayel thinks that Mayuri is saddened to see his subordinate dying but Mayuri simply smiles at him and says he has an interesting ability. He then mocks Szayel asking if that's all he can do. Szayel then has Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō attempt to eat Mayuri. He explains to Mayuri that when he was eaten by his Zanpakutō, he was able to control it's nerves from the inside giving him complete control over it. Suddenly, the Bankai blows up, and Mayuri tells him he would never allow a tool of his to defeat him. He explains to Szayel that he made it so that if it ever betrayed him, it would blow up immediately. Afterwards, the 12th division captain remarks that it is time to check out his new drug. Szayel gets into a battle stance, but Mayuri tells him that there is no need as the "drug" has already taken effect. He explains to him that he has placed several drugs within Nemu's body in case her body was ever eaten or invaded. The place where Szayel was reborn from had a drug he calls the superhuman drug. He tells him that everything should feel as if it's going incredibly slow right now and asks if it looks like his blade has stopped. He then tells him that one second should feel like a century and that his non superhuman senses will fall terribly behind his superhuman senses causing the movements of his flesh to be left behind. Mayuri then stabs Szayel's hand and says that the pain should last for over a hundred years. He continues bringing his Zanpakutō closer to Szayel's heart as he looks on. After experiencing centuries worth of time, Szayel wonders how much longer it will be until the Zanpakutō pierces his heart and begs for his death to come quickly.

Because Mayuri was aware of just how long it would take for such a thing to work and how his enemies are when they finally leave that ability, he deliberately lied about how long it would take for it to kill him and abruptly, the entire ability vanished along with all the threat. Szayel quickly fell down mentally destroyed by the ability that he thought would have utterly destroyed him with no hope of rebirth. Maybe Mayuri was merciful, or maybe he was just playing around with him. Either way, after a week or recovery due to having no fraccions to eat, Szayel began a journey to try and find more about himself and make himself even stronger. One day, he returned to Las Noches to find his allies all dead, missing or replaced. he cared little about that however. Instead, the red haired girl that now ran the place caught his eye and they both settled on one thing they could both agree with: research and experiments.

RP Sample:
Hueco Mundo was dark these days. Even the sunlight from within the gigantic fortress felt gray as it shone on the skin of the Arrancar here. The sunlight never really attracted the likes of this mad scientist as he spent most of his days working in the laboratories that he... wait.

This man pressed his hand up against the door to his laboratory. It had been such a long time since he had come here but something felt wrong. the door, as he went to push it open, would not budge. Shoving a few more times, he realized something was blocking it. COnfused, he began to turned away from the door and walk down another passage to get to another door to his laboratory. Sadly, the same thing happened here. Pushing on the door, it remained firmly closed. Somewhat angered by the fact the doors were not granting him access to his lab, he reached out towards the door and charged his energies, blowing the door off it's hinges with a small volley of Bala. What emerged from the door shocked the man.

Water. It poured from the door and filled the corridor, drenching the man and swooping his glasses off his face. Blinking a few times, not budging from his spot, he looked about, realizing that the room had actually been filled up with water. he bent down, picking up his now drenched glasses and wiping them on his damp clothes. Sliding them over his face, he looked into the room before him. Speeding up, he walked rapidly into the room and looked about. The floor had a thin layer of water that kept his feet soaked. the machines were all either in peices or removed, taken away form their original place. Further up, the larger section of the hall where this man fought against uryu Ishida and Renji Abarai had been hollowed out and turned into...


The man yelled out, realizing that his entire lifes work was no longer here and replaced with an over flooded hot spring. he spun around, looking around for any clues as his pink damp hair dribbled water down his face. Swatting it out of the way, he spotted something on the wall. Wading over to it through the large amount of water that had been pumped into the room, he managed to read what was written.

'Dear Szayel-San,
Your research is safe with me, your lab however is now a big jacuzzi. Also your Fraccion were tasty so I ate them. Hope you don't mind.
Sincerly, Ashlei'

Szayel's mouth broke into a sharp grin. He then began to laugh, holding his glasses to his face as though he was trying to hide it. He then spun round to look at his old Laboratory and let out a deep sigh.

"Look's like a lot has changed..."

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4220-1

Sealed Zanpakutô:

When sealed, Fornicarás takes the form of a standard sized katana with a greyish-blue handle and grey sheath, and its tsuba is similar to the nucleus of an atom, most likely to further indicate him being a scientist. Instead of directly wearing his sword at his waist, Szayel has two frilly light-purple strings tied to his waist that holds Fornicarás at two points, letting Szayel carry his sword at about thigh height

Racial Abilities:

  • Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") Bala is an Arrancar alternative to Cero. The technique hardens the user's Spiritual Pressure and fires it like a bullet. Although it is weaker than a normal Cero, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate, but the damage is much the same. Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed.

  • Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Gillians, Adjuchas, Arrancar, and the Vizard have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently. Various Arrancar and Hollow characters display variants of the technique, such as the Espada-exclusive Gran Rey Cero, the Cero Oscuras that Ulquiorra Cifer can use only in his released form, as well as the Cero Sincrético performed by Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Birstanne.

  • Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), garuganta; Spanish for "Throat," Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Arrancar and Menos-class Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen, Kisuke Urahara and Mayuri Kurotsuchi have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

  • Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron," Japanese for "Steel Skin") refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar generally have proportionally stronger skin than usual.

  • Negación (反膜 (ネガシオン), negashion; Spanish for "Negation," Japanese for "Anti-Membrane") are energy fields are used to rescue fellow Hollows. Only the Gillian-class Menos have shown the ability to use it. Negación fields surround a target in a square beam of light that isolates the target from the dimension they are currently in, making it impossible to harm them. The field then pulls the target towards the Menos that created the field. Espada have a special cube-shaped device called Caja Negación (反膜の匪 (カハ・ネガシオン), kaha negashion; Spanish for "Negation Box," Japanese for "Anti-Membrane of Negation") meant to simulate Negación fields, which are used to punish their subordinates if necessary. The cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape; however, this assumes it is being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape given enough time.

  • Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキサ), pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry," Japanese for "Probe Circuit") is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions very similarly to sonar.
    Resurrección (帰刃 (レスレクシオン), resurekushion; Spanish for "Resurrection," Japanese for "Returning Blade") Most Arrancar have the ability to seal their power within a Zanpakutō. Upon releasing their Zanpakutō, they gain all of their former unique Hollow abilities back, essentially 'resurrecting' their old selves. When using this ability, they essentially combine their human form and their Hollow form, incidentally increasing their power considerably. As another note, when an Arrancar uses his or her Resurrección, it heals all minor wounds.

  • Sonído (響転 (ソニード), sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound," Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami Flash Steps and the Quincy Hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of Sonído is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound caused by Flash Steps.

Master Scientist & Inventor: Szayel is the top researcher and spiritual weapons development specialist of the Espada. Szayel is a talented and intellectual scientist, and he is shown to be very sadistic. Szayel has unique Fracción which he modified before having them turned into Arrancar. He told Renji, before their actual fight, to "try to keep all of his limbs intact," as he was going to study his body afterwards. Szayel's intellect not only included science but also invention, most notably having created a constantly shifting maze out of his domain in Hueco Mundo, as well as a device that controls reiatsu

Advanced Trap Designer: While Dondochakka and Renji travelled the halls of Las Noches, they fell into a very large hole, which was actually a trap made by Szayel. He stated that out of all the traps he laid out, this one was the most basic, implying there were far more advanced traps in wait. As the helpless intruder falls through the hole, they end up on a sort of cylindrical slide that falls into the Espada's room

Investigative Immunization Expert: Szayel has a variety of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, such as studying the damage done to their former opponents. Once doing so, Szayel can nullify the effects of their abilities, making him virtually immune to their attacks. The most prominent use of this ability was when Dondochakka and Pesche revealed their most powerful technique, the Cero Sincrético, which Szayel was able to easily disperse by analyzing its structure and reiatsu.

Swordsmanship Specialist: Szayel admits that even though he is an Espada, his combat ability isn't very high at all. He is shown capable of effortlessly deflecting Renji's Zabimaru in it's Shikai form

Sonído: Szayel could use Sonído, as shown when he easily evaded one of Renji Abarai's attacks. He was also able to catch Uryū Ishida, using Hirenkyaku, off guard.

Enhanced Strength: Despite his slender appearance, Szayel is deceptively strong, able to deflect Renji's Shikai attacks with a single hand

Hierro: Like most other Arrancar, his body is protected with his spiritual pressure. He was able to effortlessly block Renji Abarai's Shikai with only the back of his wrist. He is capable of withstanding an explosion from Ishida's Sprenger technique directly after a point blank Kidō attack from Renji

Great Spiritual Power: As the former Octava Espada, Szayel has a great level of spiritual power.

Unique Abilities:

Rokureichū (録霊蟲, Spirit-Recording Bugs): Szayel is known to use spirit-recording insects spread across the body of a test subject. Through use of these spirit bugs he was able to gain information on Renji's Bankai. This information is exceedingly detailed, from its form, abilities, and reiatsu right down to the reishi composition. He then uses this information to his advantage. He also insinuates using the bugs to gain information and analyze Ishida's Quincy powers as well.

Power Control Device: using the information that he received from the spirit-recording bugs he set up a mechanism in Las Noches that sealed Renji's Bankai in a large room. It also prevented a Seele Schneider from causing any injury, and turned off Uryū's ability to use his Quincy Bow. He shut it off after he changed his clothes

Illusion Device: Used during the fight between Nelliel and Nnoitra while Nel was still an Espada. It created an illusion of Nnoitra, tricking Nel and giving Nnoitra a chance to attack her

Controlled Corridors: In order to keep Renji and Uryū, or any other opponent, from escaping, Szayel designed his domain so that no matter how far someone runs he can transfix the halls so they end up back at the room they attempted to escape. In every wall lies a camera, and he can rearrange them as he sees fit

Garganta Device: Although he was not seen using this device, Mayuri Kurotsuchi discovers it among the many materials in his laboratory after his defeat. Mayuri stated that he was able to create a perfect Garganta portal when using it. This includes the ability to close it in mid-transfer and has so far been only used once - To open a portal to the Human World, with Ichigo Kurosaki and Retsu Unohana being the first test subjects

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4221-1

Resereccion Name:

Resereccion Release Phrase:

Release Actions:
Szayel releases his Zanpakutō by calling out its command and then swallowing it, and in doing so, he emits a glow from his mouth. His body then swells to enormous proportions and releases spiritual energy, which then fills his immediate vicinity in a fine mist as he transforms that slowly clears away

Resereccion Appearance:

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] SzayelaporroGranzfull235270

In his released form, the lower half of his body becomes a multitude of purple tentacles reminiscent of a sea anemone. His feet extend from under the tentacles, which are then replaced by a layered dress-like garment. His upper torso becomes a gray segmented form-fitting garment with white sleeves extending from the elbow and down to a wide opening at the wrist. Three, small, dark purple extensions extend from the elbow, while four long, dark purple strands that look like falling drops hang from the underside of the sleeve itself. His hands become white and his fingertips become slightly elongated and purple. His hair gets various purple drop-like strands as well. His Hollow mask takes the form of a headdress that forms a thin band across his forehead as well as what appears to be half the bottom structure of his Hollow mask "glasses," which is attached on either side of his head with fan-like coverings. His left eye gains purple markings that take the shape of four lines on the top and bottom. He also grows four, very large, gray branch structures from his back, two on each side, forming a shape similar to the wings of a butterfly. Each branch has twelve, equally-spaced, red strands that look like falling drops. These strands can expand out, becoming thicker until they look similar to feathers, giving them the appearance of actual wings similar to that of a bird

Resereccion Abilities:

Telon Balon (球体幕 (テロン・バロン), Teron Baron; Japanese for "Globe Curtain", Spanish for "Curtain Ball/Bale"): He can use his wings as a protective shield by wrapping them around himself in the form of a ball. The branches can elongate at will

Carbon-Copy: He can unleash a massive amount of black liquid from his body out of his back. When droplets of the liquid spraying from his body touch an opponent, a copy of them is created that uses their own individual abilities against them. Since he fires such a vast amount of the liquid upwards, it is nearly impossible for his opponents to dodge or evade the attack. Szayel occasionally alters these clones' appearances to make them more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, he changed Dondochakka's clones so that he did not have spots, and Pesche Guatiche's wore pants as opposed to a loincloth; he did not, however, change Renji's or Uryū's appearance. As they are defeated, the clones break apart and multiply, adding to their numbers. He can disperse the clones at will, and they seem to have no free-will or thoughts of their own.

Teatro de Titere (人形芝居 (テアトロ・デ・ティテレ), Teatoro de Titere; Japanese and Spanish for "Puppet Theater"): By grabbing an opponent with one of his "wings" and then spitting them out, one of the strands of his "wings" becomes engorged and bursts with purple liquid, creating a small doll that has the victim's likeness. Uryū Ishida was noticeably disoriented after the process, and Szayel stated, "Thanks for the feast." Any damage done to the dolls' internal organs, accessed by taking them apart and removing the organs (with no damage to the original), is done to the original, debilitating them from the inside. The doll's exterior has some effect on the victim, as seen when Uryū felt him scratch his doll's face. All the organs have their name written on them in Spanish. The only person able to overcome this ability was 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, which he did by replacing all of his organs with "dummies

Possession: Should he be eaten, Szayel can gain control of the attacker's nervous system, allowing him to gain complete control of their body. Szayel only used this once against Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, forcing the Zanpakutō to attack its master. The effect of control acts as a form of will over that which is possessed. Once again, Mayuri was the only one to defeat this technique, as he prepared for such an event, self-destructing his Bankai into its sealed state

Gabriel (受胎告知 (ガブリエール), gaburieru; Japanese for "Notice of Conception"): His final ability allows him to be reborn if he is injured beyond repair by "impregnating" an enemy. When he has physical contact with the victim he can implant a portion of himself inside their body. He then "devours" his way out of their body, by way of absorbing all the fluids and chemicals of the victim killing them in the process, like an insect leaving a cocoon or husk when he matures and develops his body back in a matter of seconds from a liquid-like casing coming from the victim's mouth. Szayel takes great pride in this ability, comparing it to that of a phoenix, pretentiously proclaiming himself a "perfect being" because of it. It was used on Nemu Kurotsuchi, but despite Szayel's remarks on killing the victim, she survived

31 - [2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+] Image4222-1

(leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: N/A
Tier: 0-4+

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[2412 edition] Szayel Apporo Granz [APPROVED, 0-4+]
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