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Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:26 pm
He was sitting quietly within the demon world thinking this wasn't his true power and he wanted to see the true limits of what the mad demon race is capable of. All due to his sister's sacrifice, Eric became a new breed of demon that was forgotten throughtout the demon ages yet every battle that he fought it seems he weaker. The Mad One didn't want to believe that there must be something more to this something that could help him in future battles yet the demon thought of one thing. Eric needed to evolve thair was no other way around it if he truly wanted power the demon must grow to a higher level of a mad demon meaning he'll need some help in doing this. Haggis was gone so the easy way through that witch was out of the picture but the demon was still in luck because another witch was well known around the demon world. The demon teleported to the outlands finding a strange woman digging for stuff and then he asked her to help him with some certain tasks at first she didn't want to. Eric convinced her that he wasn't a threat at all then she agreed to help him but what he asked for may tak some time because the demon of madness would have to go on a spiritual and physical journey to obtain such power. He really didn't care at long he evolves into something better then this, Majorina finally shook his hand and started along back to her home which the mad demon followed her wondering what she had planed as he started seeing a house. This looked more like a cave and then the mad demon started seeing this woman was gifted in witchcraft seeing a lot of books and wizard items all around the cave. Majorina started reading some books about who this mad demon was and what he needed to obtain power if he was to become a true mad demon then he must first finish something called the "Days of Madness". Majorina started explaining to Eric what the "Days of Madness" was it was something of a spiritual journey where he would have to face the painful things in his life which his mind will spiral out of control and he'll have to find his way back. Eric was thinking about it wondering what if there a chnace of he takes this spirit thing that he might see what happen to his sister too that was kinda painful to him but the mad demon agreed to everything. Majorina did warn him if he does this there will a lot more quests and challenges awaiting him if he takes the spiritual journey thus once he done then the physical challenges can begin. If there was any chance for this witch to the hidden powers inside of him, Eric was damn sure going to take this challenge and he accepted it. The witch started preparing him painting his body with voodoo magic which seemed kinda cold as he started feeling dizzy, Majorina gave him a potion to drink and he started slowly to drink as he feel to ground and then the spiritual journey began. The Mad Demon was slowly away a ghostly dimension until he entered his own brain and then the demon was inside a electrical dungeon as he started looking around seeing familiar pathways.....
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Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:29 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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