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Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:40 pm

Attention all Shinigami!

This is your Acting Captain Commander, Xaver Chayton von Bréanainn here.

Due to the recent attacks on the Soul Society, I have decided to add new security measures throughout the seireitei. Captains, if I address your division directly, please guide your squad accordingly.

  • The use of Gate Guardians will now be re-instated. If you believe you're up to this task, contact me immediately.

  • The spherical barrier from the Sekiseki is to be re-enforced with various Kidō barriers to prevent the use of teleportation techniques in or out of the Seireitei. I entrust this task to Fifth division for completion.

  • Senkaimon travel is to be closely monitored at all times. No exceptions, no slacking.

  • All Shino Academy students are to be indoors and in their rooms by sundown, no exceptions. We must keep our young, our untrained, and our impressionable safe.

  • The entrance to the Nest of Maggots is to be locked down and re-enforced. Only captains and zero division members are to be given access into the prison.

  • Sōkyoku Hill is to be protected around the clock.

  • The same conditions for the Nest of Maggots is to be applied to the Senzaikyū. Allowing, of course, for the entrance and exit of Honor guard for the cells. However, said guards must leave their masks inside the building. When they leave the prison, they must not wear their masks.

  • NO other races are to be allowed in the Seireitei besides Shinigami, outside of Prisoners who have been immobilized and checked to be safe for moving. Vizards who are allied with the Gotei 13 get a pass, but all Vizard must register their appearance, and the appearance of their Mask, before entering. The Gate Guardians will enforce this. They are allowed INTO the seireitei, but they are NOT allowed membership into the Gotei 13. Also, because of recent events, Iramasha are to be allowed cautiously. If one wishes to enter, they must contact myself in advance, so I may open a predetermined gate for them. The one known as "Azure Iramasha" is forbidden from ever entering these gates. His file will be distributed to the Gate Guardians for review.

  • Jigokuchō communication is to be restricted to Captains and Lieutenants. Anyone not ranking as such is only to use it for emergencies, nothing else.

  • Fourth Division: If a prisoner is mortally injured, you are to tend to their wounds ONLY to the point where they are able to speak and aren't at risk of death. Do NOT heal them to their full strength before interrogating them.

  • 12th division is forbidden from testing anything that threatens a SINGLE ONE of these rules within the Seireitei. A secured testing ground will be built in the Rukongai Forest.

  • 11th Division, please refrain your training if it means blowing up buildings.

I expect these rules and regulations to be followed to the letter. Failure to follow will result in severe consequences.

Thank you for your time and cooperation!

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Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:22 pm
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Making this an announcement so people will read it.

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