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Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:59 pm
The Knight of Time.

Scratchity Scratch


Name: He is called CB, usually. His real name is long lost to the spectrum of time, to all but himself; Dave Strider, it once was. These days, though, he merely goes by JJ CB, as he has found these simple letters prevent anyone from targetting him. His name is literally a paradox; or the letters they represent, anyway.
True Age: He was birthed in 1999, however, his true age is not possibly known, even to himsef; he has no clue how old or young he really is.
Gender: Determinedly Male


Unfazed: CB knows everything about himself. He knows about what he was like when he was born, to what he'll be like when he dies. As such, he doesn't care about anything that happens to him, because he has no reason to fear it. Or become excited, either. This is a result of his inability to make enemies or true friends; nothing makes an impression on him, and he remains very aloof.

Confidence is Not an Option: He doesn't have confidence, it's just not a part of what he can do. As such, he doesn't get exist very much, and he tends to give simple answers to others, making it difficult for him to sympathize with heroic types.

Paradoxical: The man's whole LIFE is about being a paradox. He is one of the most aloof characters you would ever meet, a guy who sums right down the “coolguy” look, from the broken blades he wields to his ben-stilleresque shades. This is one cool customer who could tell you something and mean the complete opposite. Since in the end, he knows about all of it. He's traveled through some of it. But he always will return to the alpha timeline, because that's his home.

Inability to form True Bonds: Everyone Dies. Or nearly everyone. Anyone that CB would ever want to make a contact with will eventually die; he knows this. Gods, mortals, supposed immortals, it's just the way of the universe for things to come and go. Even CB himself; who doesn't stay in a specific time period for very long. As a consequece, there is no one that he has truly ever loved or had a bond with.

Inability to form True Hates: Everyone dies. Everyyone differs as time goes on. Thus, CB doesn't have any true eneimes either. He might have amusing friendly rivalries, but they mean nothing, as he knows how they will eventually end, even if he doesn't when they first come into being.

Empty Heart: His heart is pretty well empty. Past the time he turned 13 years old, each lifetime, he has been for the most part unloved by anyone other than Davebeast, who is just himself. He holds very little company, although he knows very well how to handle himself in social situations. After all, he must often times be the one to deliver news about the future if he can. And if he can't, then there's not a whole lot that he can do about it in the end.

Well Versed: His vocabulary is off the charts. He is an acclaimed rhyster, able to throw down with the best of them with ease. He is god at all things involving beats and rhythms, in addition to vocal battles. He doesn't care for people who try to press their ideals on him, because his ideals will always remain the same. He can and will go up against any and all challengers. After all, he's got time. He can have a foul mouth at times, but most of the time he's just plain insulting when he's forced to go into battle.

Rushing: There's no rushing him. He's got all the time he could ever need, and as such, is always calm and collected about how he does things. Threats of death mean little to nothing to him, as he knows and avoids being killed however he possibly can. This is ue to his lack of attachment to anything besides time itself. That is the one and only thing that a being can hope to threaten that will cause him to listen. After all, he is Time's Knight, meant to serve and protect it. Most of the time, things that could negatively effect tiem and reality would be outside its reach... which makes them the true enemies of the Knight of Time.

Fear of Puppets: He is scared to death of puppets. This is because of his older brother's insane ability at manipulating the strange things to do battle, moving faster than one's eyes can follow to send them into the fray. He learned his brother's techniques for dealing with puppets... but he hasn't had a reason to ever want to use it/them. This is the one thing that will get on his goat.

Sugiura Class: Knight Sugiura

General Appearance

CB has always looked the bold young man. With a small mouth, slightly pointed nose, flourishing hairstyle and sunglasses that make you want to know what's beneath, this is a man who simply screams mystery. However, he is not an easy mystery to solve. His hair is long and wavy, naturally tipping upwards on its ends. He is blond, with small ears on the bottom of his face. His hair lays atop his head for the most part, except for those pointing tips.

His eyes are blood red in color. However, very, very few people know this; as a result of how rarely CB ever moves his sunglasses. He's lucky to pick them up once in 8760 hours (one year for his time), in order to unfog them. They can't be taken off of his face, so to get a look at his eyes he has to slide them down his nose. His eyebrows are very thin, right above his eyes, and are normally concealed behind his sunglasses just as his eyes are. Interestingly, he also has striking, definitive eyebrows, if they could ever be seen. Overall, his face is very attractive; free of blemish and giving off a “cool” look. Also, his sunglasses have an interesting feature; when he is using their secondary function, they have what looks like white apples with a stem on them in the lenses.

His clothing is well... extravagent. He wears a special tailored red suit, with a dual wide collar, the first collar going down at the second up in a normal fashion, with buttons beneath it. The sleeves go down to his wrists. The material is very coated and fine, made of silk. However, the material is difficult to pierce; after all, CB IS technically a knight class of the Sugiura. On the right side of his ribs, just under the second collar, there is his trademark symbol. It looks like a record, split in half, bisected by hat looks like a giant thunderbolt, allowing the material to show through. This is the same symbol that appears on Caledfwlch when it is in its post-retrieval state. When it is pre-retrevial, it is the complete record, shining brightly on the blade.

Underneath his trademark red suit, he wears a black undershirt, buttoned up with a single normal collar all the way to the bottom of his neck, and a white bowtie. His pants are the same color as his suit; made up of a similar fabric as well, they extend all the way down to his shuriken shoes. These shoes look like normal sneakers, red in color like the rest of his outfit. However, they serve a special function, as explained below.

Speaking of special functions, there is more to this old boy than there appears. Under each sleeve by his wrists, and under his pant legs next to his ankles, there is a small black box. So, four of them on him total. In addition, at his right side he has a simple sheathe, with which he carries his Ninja Sword. Oh yes... on the inside of the back of his suit, he carries a well... “special” little friend of his, called Lil' Cal. However, he is kept back there because Lil' Cal REALLY freaks CB out, but he carries him around in memory of his bro.

Lastly there is his blade, Caledfwlch. Most of the time, it just looks like half of a once legendary sword, held at CB's left side by a special looped holster that the blade can be inserted and removed from. The holster is also red in color, the same red as the rest of CB's suit, and is an inch in thickness. The hilt even goes far outside of his body's normal keeping, jutting far out before him a good two feet.

CB carries himself firmly. He always walks with a purpose, either making purposeful strides or running directly at his targets. He generally gives off a kind of “Cool-kid” quality, always calm and rarely shocked by anything. It's next to impossible to make his body tense from anything out of combat, and he is rarely excited. He describes how he acts pretty easily.

Ironic, bro.

Animalistic Traits: His epic sunglasses are like what Raccoon's have around their eyes. He can move themu p and down on his face, but they must be forcefully slashed off (typically) to be removed. He can regrow them in about a day or two.

Appearance Age: Permanently looks to be about 17.

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 148 lb

Natural Abilities


Time Turner: CB's Guardian Beast is the Bladed Aviation Avatar of Time. His ability is quite simple. It allows CB to automatically hop to any part of a timeline he desires. It has no technical charge up time, happening instantly; because of the very nature of this technique. The technique itself has only one, single limitation on it. CB is unable to create a paradox to happen. This means, that event though it has no charge time, even though it costs no energy... if it is time for CB to die, he will die. He won't be able to use it to escape death, or being hit. If he is going to be hit, he'll end up being hit anyway. This is the nature of the technique; it can only be used when it is the right “time” for it. However, this is still something that CB, who is still a mortal being, has to come to understand. Whenever he attempts to cause a paradox or do something that would create a paradox... wherever he would perform the action, a dead form of himself is sent back in time for him to view. They are trapped in time space, meaning that they cannot be effected by other people. It cannot even be detected by others. However, the CB that attempted to go through time to perform this action appears due to the universe killing off things that would cause it to create a paradox; mostly through the use of Davebeast triggering a massive killing wave of energy to flow through the CB that has broke the rules. This also means that CB never is in any true danger of dying... at least, before it is his time in the True Timeline. The True Timeline is the one where no paradoxes are created, and is not a shootoff. The True Timeline's CB death is covered later, as it is something that is happening all the time as the True Timeline continues running its course.

This is the eternal consequence of CB. Even with his ability, even with his special agreement with time space… He can’t change anything. He is ultimately doomed to not be able to help anyone he would ever wish to or harm anyone in revenge he wasn’t meant to. Because he can’t make a paradox. He can’t act out of his own power. And that is one of the most difficult things in the world for him to deal with. Whenever he uses this ability, his body becomes completely surrounded by bright light for a few moments, before he vanishes into the time of his choosing. It’s interesting to note; he’s staying in the same field of reality/dimension he was in before, so attempts to restrain him typically fail. In addition, time itself, once again to stop paradoxes from being completed, destroys anything that tries to travel with CB that isn’t meant to. If someone threw on a tendril of energy onto him? The full force of the universe’s wrath would come down, obliterating it.

There’s one other interesting fact about this technique. Well, two, but the other isn’t as interesting. The first is that CB himself, in body, is considered to be outside the influence of time itself. This is due to the fact that each CB has made his own decisions in deciding where he goes and what he tries to do. If it would create a paradox, it fails. If it was meant to be that way all along and needed CB’s help, then great. The other fact is the time sickness. CB is mortal as well. He has a time to die just like the rest of us, and he knows it. However, his death is always caused by the same thing. Time sickness. Time is a fickle thing; even its champions have a difficult time coping with it. Each CB is allowed to live for 1000 total years, including when they throw themselves back in time and spend further days there outside of their own timeline. Then they start feeing the sickness. They are robbed of their sight first, his Ishades ceasing to function. Then, CB loses his senses of hearing and taste. Then, his smell and touch goes. By this time, he has usually found the next CB to pass on himself to. He gives all of his equipment to the new CB, and then transforms as his body ascends into becoming a Guardian beast, as a large sword comes out from sticking from his chest and two large wings appear on either side of his body. His entire body takes on an orange color as well, and then he moves forwards, imbinning himself with CB as the Guardian Beast Davebeast interestingly, this HAS to happen, or else it causes a paradox. Thus, anything that would prevent CB becoming Davebeast would resolve in even more dead CB’s.

It is also interesting to note that the Time Sickness is heralded by CB’s shades snapping off from his face.

Armor: CB IS, technically, a Knight, even if he is the Knight of Time. As such, he does actually have an armor ability. His armor I, for the most part, invisiible; merely taking shape for a solid inch off of his suit. However, there is one eeming 'change" for putting the thing on. That would be his custom emblem. It causes the large scratch on his emblem to glow immensely. His armor can block up to mid-level cero and come out of it alright. Lastly… He can hlld his armor in place for four consecutive posts before needing 3 to recharge it. Consecutive the instance during CB's post, and the instance with other's posts.


He knows up to Kidō 20; that is all the magic he can stand to know. He's not a very magic-wielding guy.

Sacred Weapon

Caledfwlch (Kah-leh-d-voo-l-ch): Caledfwlch is the legendary sword that CB wields. Or would be, anyway, if he had not promptly snapped it in half due to being unable to draw it from its rock iron sheathe Strictly speaking, he was not born with it; that would go against what makes CB’s Caledfwlch so very special. The fact that it is a blade, broken through time, once flawless but now with the passage of time becoming so very estranged. Once located in a large platform of stone inside the cavern of an inactive volcano, surrounded by magnificent pillars, it was quite magnificent to behold. It's obtainment called for one who was noble of heart… only problem was, CB's too aloof to have that noble of a heart. So, as he couldn't draw it out, he broke a nearby pillar and aimed it to fall directly at the unsuspecting blade.

With a mighty SNAP, it cracked the blade in half, freeing half of it from the stone. CB grabbed the blade, knowing that even if it was snapped in half, it still maintained its status as a legendary blade. As such, he has wielded it each time he has been alive, although before he dies he always goes back in time and seals the freshly forged state of the blade within the confines of that fresh pavement once again. After all, he found it in an abandoned, never finished parking garage.

Caledfwlch is a legendary blade, fit only for a knight sugiura such as CB. It's appearance is quite strange; as it often is changing due to its own ability. However, in its basest form, it looks very alien. It's length is easily divided in half; as the hilt is as long as what of the broken blade is left. It's hilt looks like flash light; a flashlight with a square bulb. There is a large red button in its center, on either side. Then there is a bigger box, coming out from the sides of the little box, that is where the blade extends from. Where the two boxes meet with the base lines touching, on each part of the box a small wire extends. These wires glow a dark red, at all times. These wires are not physical things; they merely pass through anything they touch. Finally, there is the blade itself. It is roughly half the length of Caledfwlch when it was complete, with a single crack in the center of the blade going halfway down it.

The button on either side makes the blade special. By hitting one button, and thus popping the button on the other side out, the sword transforms. It literally sends itself back in time, returning it to the time when it was first forged, its absolute prime. Likewise, when the button is pushed again, it is turned back into the barbarian tool that smashes all before it through its legendary status.

While the blade is returned to its prime, the only change that happens in it is that the rest of the blade extends from the busted hilt. The blade itself is less wide than the broken hilt right off the bat, and ends in a blade point like a claymore. While the blade is extended and it is in its time, it gains special properties. It becomes very difficult for anyone other than CB to break, as he is its chosen master. It takes a huge amount of force, enough to push a country under the ocean, to crack the blade and break it for anyone other than CB. When it detects CB's desire to break it through contact with a physical part of his body, it will snap in half for him.

In addition to being extremely hard to break, Caledfwlch's true form has some other abilities. It is a holy sword, technically, and thus is able to pierce all but the strongest defenses created by hollows, demons, demon iramasha, and arrancar; even cutting through the defenses of people 1+ tier above CB's own. For other types of things, however, it is able to cut through them at a fierce rate, although it is not the immense rate it has against unholy beings. Another unique ability of the complete blade is that… it is unable to be detected by instincts. This has to do with CB's own nature; he can't stop paradoxes. This means even if he slashes at someone, they will possibly dodge it. But if they do dodge it, as they are meant to, it will not be through their own power, merely the universe deciding that would create a paradox and making a dead CB. Thus it is undetectable by instinct or even seeing ahead in the future, as the blade's constant movement through time to maintain its form blurs what it is doing for 5 feet around it, obscuring it.

Even while broken, Caledfwlch has the ability to harm most things of CB's own tier. However, rather by cutting, it is slammed into them forcefully by the two handed flash-light like grip, making it similar to a large club. However, it has the unique effect of moving through the air as if the blade's sides are as sharp as its tip. This allows it to move through the air even faster than fully formed Caledfwlch. This is due once again from the blade's constant time shifting. While it is stuck in this form, it moves through time much slower than the full form of Caledfwlch, because it is being held in from returning to its normal self by the button. Thus, instead of being undetectable, it will just move as if it were much sharper, although it is not sharper.

CB is immensely skilled with Caledfwlch, as far as to say he is a 100% master of its use. This is because he's gone trough so many lifetimes and returns all his knowledge back to CB when he becomes his guardian beast. Therefore, due to the countless millenia he has been through training, he has reached full mastery of using the blade as a consequence. Note that once again, his property of unable to cause a paradox still applies, so even though he is now a master of the blade, the results remain the same due to it happening like that anyway.

Other Tools:

Dual Turntops: On the inside of either sleeve of whatever clothing that CB wears, he has a small box. By flicking his wrist, these boxes shoot out, expanding to take their shapes. These form two turntables, from which he is able to manipulate sounds and create his own track mixes. These literally can be deployed and remixed on in moments, even in the heat of battle. As a music lover, CB even uses them along with his rapping to absolutely destroy on the fields of beat all who oppose him. All he needs to create whatever beat is in his head at the time is to lay his hands on the turntops and scratch them; that's literally all he has to do to activate them. When he's done with them, as in when he takes his hands of, they automatically shoot back under his sleeves to their normal position. These he uses to help him understand the flow of what's around him, giving him time to think and enhancing his focus for the few moments he has them out immensely. The turntables are black in color, suspended in the air by crimson flaming red plates.

I-Shades: These are CB's unique shades. Not only are they way chillin' with their Ben Stiller-esque likeness, but their fronts have the logo of the fruitiest tech company ever to hit the mass market. These have many special features, including a special kind of thought projection mechanism. This thought projection can be sent to others via mental waves similar to how Iramasha communicate, although the recievers see what they have received as words, with the logo TG: in front of each item sent. This stands for TurntechGodhead, CB's username on his Ishades. This can also appear as text on screens of electronic devices that will accept the wavelength of the Ishades. This would be an example message.

TG: You all ready for this?

As told before, these shades are a natural part of CB, his animal trait. However, they have been augmented to reach their current state as a communications tool. In addition to being able to send messages, it can also be texted messages and receive them. The same is true of Iramasha or other beings attempting a mindlink with CB; the transmissions are automatically sent to the glasses in the form of text, which he is able to bring up like a little screen on the inside of his shades. Although, having this means that he can't properly see when he's answering messages, although this is a pretty unnoticeable thing, considering they are shades. He an still hear perfectly fine with them on, and thus remains at least somewhat aware of his surroundings.

Ninja Sword This is CB's other blade, that he uses whenever using Caledfwlch would be inappropriate. It is a thin, curved blade, 3/4's as tall as CB himself. This blade moves extremely quickly due to its nature as a ninja sword, and just like Caledfwlch, CB has completely mastered its use, making it extremely dangerous in his hands, even if it is not as good as Caledfwlch. There are even special physical movements he can use with this blade, due to its lightness. This blade, in CB's hands, moves so fast it can literally cut Quincy arrows in half by separating their reishi; assuming the Quincy isn't tightening the spirit bonds on their arrows on purpose.

Manipulation Style: Just like his older brother, CB is able to manipulate things in the air by moving at extremely high speeds, a kind of puppetting technique that uses slight movements of the hand as opposed to strings. Thanks to the added Ninja Sword, this means that CB can also participate in the fighting as well as whatever puppet he is using… Although the likelihood of him ever using this is incredibly small. The above puppet is the one and only puppet that his brother owned that he is halfway comfortable with enough to keep with him as a memory of his bro. They were pretty tight, like rapping ninjas. It's not just a puppet he can manipulate, either; he can also use his sword or other things he picks up, as long as they don't weigh too much.

This is a really, REALLY weird looking puppet. It stands at about 3 feet tall, and its armspan is roughly 2 ½ feet. It wears an orange suit around itself as its fabric, and around its torso it wears a blue shirt that simply says “Cal” on it. Cal is short for Callum, thus his name, Lil' Cal. The puppet has a permanent raised cheek smile on its face, like its constantly high or something. It also has a hat on its head, because hats are just cool. Especially backwards ones like Cal wears. He wears little shoes on his feet, even, and his face is pasty white. His eyes are very wide and blue as well. Overall, his description is considered “Creepy” by most, but he is overall thought cool by CB and was an icon of his older bro.

Doppelganger Style: By moving extremely quickly, or simply by moving himself through time at an accelerated rate, he can make himself seem as if he is in several places at once, creating doppelgangers with pure speed. This allows him to look as if there are many of him at once, when in reality it is really just CB moving extremely quickly. This also means that he has the ability to create several afterimages as he goes along, even make it look like as if his opponent is fighting him while he looms behind them in the shadows, before striking.

Hover Board Just as he has the two turntable miniboxes inside each sleeve, at the bottom of his pants in his pantleg next to each ankle. Each box has half of the hoverboard; as together, they form a good sized board that can hold 2-3 people. If one of them is busted or otherwise unable to work, the other can suspend CB, but only CB. He controls the hoverboards like his turntables, with his mind. They have a receiving radius of 2 miles in any direction. They can even separate and be flown without needing a person on them. To put them back, CB merely wishes for it to happen, and the boards split and return to their places just above his ankles. He deploys them by twisting his ankles around and activating them.

His hoverboard is quite good looking for most people's standards. With flames covering its sides and an overall slick feel to it, this is definitely a board of champions. The flame streak goes down from the front of it down to halfway to the back. On its bottom of the second half there is two small jets on its bottom, that allows it to be the hoverboard that it is by rocketing around through the air. It is made of a very firm material; it would take a high level attack to even cause it to crack. Not only this, but it is as determined as its original maker in its goal of protecting CB; even if it only has two small pieces of itself remaining and a single jet, it will still try to move all around CB to protect him and keep him moving away from danger.

Shuriken Shoes: These are CB's long-ranged weaponry. Inside the soles of his shoes, he can transform his spiritual energy into small, 2 inch long shuriken throwing stars. These shuriken take very little energy to create; CB can create hundreds before running low. The shuriken are released from the toe part of CB's shoes, firing off at a target up to 120 mph. They are constructs of spirit energy, as said before, and thus are effective on most types of spiritual beings. They are fairly sharp, although they can be deflected if the afflicted is high enough in ability to. He can have up to 15 shuriken going around the inlines of each shoe at a time.

Guardian Beast

”What, you aren’t taking some cool japanesse name for me to intimidate my enemies with?”

”Naw, fuc# that. Just call me Dave…beast. Whatever, man.”

A newly formed Davebeast speaking to a 13 year old CB

Origin: Time

Guardian Beast: Summon, Davebeast!

Guardian Beast's World: A single apartment building, sticking up around a flaming city all around it, with a giant meteor constantly looming up in the sky. It has a long staircase up to its roof, which has a single square fan system on it, although it is quite large.

Guardian Beast Appearance:

Davebeast is both a very impressive and yet very uninteresting guardian beast at the same time. He is not very big; his main body being the same size as CB's. However, his entire body is golden colored, that is one way in which he is different than CB. Another is the fact that he has wings. Yes, wings, all over his back, with beautiful golden plumage and long feathers. His wingspan is roughly five feet on each side. He lacks legs; instead, his body ending in a small wisp. Around his waist there is a single white bandage; this is over the constant hole in his chest made by Caledfwlch's complete form. The sheathe for Caledfwlch is Davebeat's lower stomach; when he's not using it, that is where it typically goes. He has what looks like a tshirt on, although the v-shaped color is covered in more golden plumage. Around his neck he wears a small pendant; a strange reminder from something in his past. His face is also gold, but for his trademark sunglasses; those have always remained to stay black in color. His face looks the same as CB's, texture wise, and his hair is much the same. He is very skilled with his blade, although he does not look it. Caledfwlch, as it is in its complete form, not its original nor broken form, but its complete one, also looks very different. Its trademark hilt is replaced by what looks like more of Davebeast's plumage, sticking out to either side and starting the blade almost immediately from its hilt. Another interesting fact? Behind his shades, Davebeast's eyes have remained red.


Joushou Appearance: CB undergoes quite a change, appearance wise, when he enters into Joushou. He looks like he is now wearing a complex suit of pajamas over his normal clothes. These pajamas have what looks like a gear in their front, and are short sleeved. This mean that the red sleeves of his suit extend further than his pajamas. His pants become softer than before, with a lighter red line going along the middle of the sides of the pantlegs. His shuriken shoe lose their power; becoming a hard black pair of formal casual shoes. Around his neck he has a large cape; and also a hood. This hood can go over his face to just above his shades, but he thinks it looks dorky to wear, so he rarely wears it this way.

Joushou Abilities: Entering Joushou is a downgrade more than anything for CB. For one thing, he loses his shuriken shoes completely. For another, the large amounts of fabric make it difficult for CB to maneuver as it is. Lastly, he no longer has the option of transforming Caledfwlch.

Caledfwlch, Complete Form: There is only one bonus that CB earns from entering Joushou. This is the complete form of Caledfwlch. Thanks to Davebeast's meager power running in more force through his body, he is able to synchronize the Caledfwlch that he wields and the one wielded by Davebeast. Thus, he gains the same Caledfwlch that Davebeast wields. It loses its disk icon, its button, its wires, and its boxes, and its hilt is replaced simply with and elegant curving parabola-like golden fixture.

In this form, Caledfwlch… completes its pure form. That's all it is; a cosmetic change. It has all the same attributes of the true form Caledfwlch; but with a sleeker form that is as fast as the broken form acts.


Zenou Appearance:When CB enters Zenou, his clothing changes once again. His clothes completely transform, as his clothing changes all around himself in a flash of light, almost as if clothes from an age gone by are bringing themselves to him. The clothing that appears on him afterwards is all deep purple in color. It is bare clothing, to say the least; without much extra frills like his other clothing. The only actual frills on it are the shoulder guards he has from his neck on either side to the beginning of his arms. The simple purple clothing he wears goes all the way down his arms, and he loses his turntables, gone with his old clothes. His pants only change color from Joushou to Zenou; they now have a light purple line going down them on the side. Over his stomach he has a small amount of curving downwards embroidery. On his chest there is a crescent moon, the most sticking out part of his current form. You can also no longer see the little apple icons in his sunglasses; as they are a different pair now.

Zenou Abilities: Again, he loses things that he can use in this form. He loses the ability to use his dual turntables, but not his hoverboard. His Ishades also lose their special properties, becoming his normal sunglasses growth over his eyes.

Time Warp: CB entering Zenou is an interesting affair. Mostly because that past Joushou, only 1 CB can release more than that amount of power. This means he must get permission from time itself, through Davebeast. If permission is given, that CB becomes the MAIN CB. The only one who is using this power in all the timeline period, relative to quantam space, or so he is told. This allows him to use more of Davebeast's potential, granting him 1 new ability, Time Warp.

Time Warp simply allows CB to remove the middle man of needing to travel on foot through time. It allows him to vanish through time, and reappear at another location in a different time period. HOWEVER. Time's laws of no paradoxes still applies to CB. For instance, if he's not supposed to use it, it won't be used; he'll simply fail to activate it and die, as he was in a doomed timeline and becomes a dead CB.

Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Appearance: CB's Kyuu Kyou form has very little change to his actual self. In fact, the only true difference is his eyes. His sunglasses change, becoming less round and sticking out pointed to the sides off of his face, like anime shades. In addition, the broken disk on his suit changes, becoming a complete disk once more. In addition, around each of his hands appear a pair of white and purple fingerless gloves.

Mystic Eyes: Darkness of Time and Space: Normally, CB's Mystic Eyes are not used. After all, they are sealed by his very own racoon natur, his sunglasses covering his eyes. They have a very small ability; after all, CB isn't that strong when it comes to natural powers, and his eyes are no different.

After twelve seconds of staring successfully at an object, without it moving or CB's eyes moving whatsoever with nothing in its path (including his sunglasses), the size limit being a pumpkin, CB's eyes are able to change its location to anywhere he can envision in his mind. This includes other time periods as well. However, paradox law still comes into play; but in this case, instead of CB dying, the other side of paradox effects occurs. Instead of the object being sent back in time, slime is instead sent. This slime materializes in whatever time it has arrived in; and eventually becomes the object itself, in time. This is why CB's eyes can only send inanimate objects through time and space. So again, this ability cannot cause anything to happen across the time space continuum that would not normally occur; it merely does what it would do anyway.

Kyuu Kyou Abilities:

Bro State: CB's Kyuu Kyou state is a mixture of his own body and his Bro's; his Alter's. His Kyuu Kyou is not like most Sugiura's; mostly because of the somewhat harmony he has with his alter. CB looks up to Bro and Bro protects CB; as such, his Kyuu Kyou isn't so much of a forbidden state to him. Or as powerful as other's for that matter; even with the Kyuu Kyou synchronization between himself and his guardian beast, his guardian beast is still not that powerful. Thus, even though he has Kyuu Kyou, he is most likely the weakest wielder of Kyuu Kyou; after all, the very nature of Bro State shows how his bro can assume control of Kyuu Kyou CB at any time he desires and use his abilities, as explained below.

Bro State is the only true ability that Kyuu Kyou gives CB; as he can also choose to hand the reigns to his bro, thanks to their close bond of trust. Thus, CB's body will be able to use Bro's abilities, as it has adjusted itself to be more like Bro. So, while CB himself does not gain any abilities other than his Eyes of the Darkness of Time and Space. However, he gets the ability for his bro to be in control, who has much stronger abilities than CB himself naturally does. In addition, Bro can also take control when CB is in his sealed state. The difference is, his power that he adds onto CB's own normally is cut in half, as the power goes into changing his appearance into Bro's standard appearance.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance:

Bro is just cool. That is the only way to truly starting describing this amazing rapping ninja. With his trademark baseball hat high above his head, his spiky side hair, and epic anime shades, he is the most admirable person CB has ever known. On his chest he wears a plain old t-shirt, white in color. His arms are quick and lethal, and around his hands he wears fingerless gloves that add to his coolness factor. Around his waist hew ears a simple black belt with a white front to it. Around his legs he wears a long pair of black pants that are nearly bell bottoms, but cut off enough to reveal his tabi, special light footwear used by those who wish to remain silent and undetected, but fast at the same time. IN his right hand he most times wields a brilliant katana; shiny is its blade and black is its large hilt that is nearly the size of his freaking arm. His stance is always ready for action, always ready to react. After all, that's how cool guys are; chilling and yet, always ready for absolutely anything. That was the kind of person Bro was and is, and his appearance alone often inspired many of the things CB believed growing up.

Alter Personality: The Alter Form of CB is a complicated person. It formed in the likeness of CB’s older brother, and known simply as “Bro”. This is the same thing of which CB refers to his Alter as. Bro’s personality is simple, and yet complex. His mission in life? To protect his younger bro until the time sickness gets him. This is in stark contrast with CB’s own personality; after all, normally, CB himself doesn’t care in a special way about… well, anything. This means that his bro stops any threats to CB whenever he comes out, destroying everything in his path that opposes him. Essentially, his alter is a good guy; although this doesn’t mean he won’t beat the living s@#$ outta CB. All in the name of getting stronger, of course.

Alter Powers:

Epic Quality: Whether it’s cutting a meteor in half, beating up his younger brother with a puppet, or throwing down with people considered to be "gods" and stalemating; Bro is just epic by all naunces of the word.

Master Manipulator:His manipulation of the puppet that CB carries is much higher than CB’s could ever be. If CB’s skill is at 100%, Bro’s is at 300%. He can fight with Cal at such a rate that his afterimages leave afterimages of Cal; he could be falling for a 3 way clash, and Bro would still be manipulating him until he came down in front of the battle. This is how extremely good he is at manipulating that puppet.

Ninja Sword: He has a ninja sword, just like his younger bro. The difference is, just like with manipulation style, his max is even higher than CB’s. If CB was 100% of skill, Bro is 200%. His sword skills shock even those who could be considered legends, or even unmatched.

Rap Skillz He’s also got mad rap skillz, yo. If his brother had 100% rap skill, Bro had 400%. He has never lost a rap off, and his younger bro might have some good stuff compared to most, but he’s still not his bro’s tier.

Sun-Glass Hand to Hand Bro is a master of hand to hand, able to spar with some of the best due to the masterful way he handles his speed and movements. Another reason for this is the extreme sense of presence he has; able to keep off even Caledfwlch’s unpredictability at bay because he understands how CB we will use it, even though he is a 100% master of it. Also, the reflection in his pointed shades helps.

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The Knight of Time.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
CB never knew his parents. In life, he was given the name Dave Strider by his older brother, Dirk. Dirk and Dave’s parents both died just after Dave was born, and Dirk only knew them a small amount, being ten years older than Dave. Their deaths were sudden, unexpected… one day, Dirk arrived home from training with his friends and his custom ninja sword, to finding his parent’s heads lopped off, and in between their dead corpses was Dirk’s favorite puppet, Cal.

This is one of the reasons why Dave fears puppets so much and believes them to be cursed; his older brother’s obsession. His brother was the pinnacle of all things admirable, and his younger brother idolized him for the most part. His epic ninja sword skills, his rapping ability, his pure physical skills and speed. He loved his older brother and looked up to him. Most of the time, anyway. Like when his brother wasn’t assaulting him with puppets in the middle of the night while he was trying to go to the bathroom. Dave’s upbringing was… well, strange. With dangerous weapons in the fridge at all times and puppets with very large behinds litered around the place at all times, there really was no opportunity for Dave to have anormal upbringing. He became a cool kid in his own regard when for his twelfth birthday, his brother showed him how he had grown his own pair of sunglasses, and he released them from their holds in Dave’s young hair, releasing the ben-stiller style shades onto his face. Dave blinked for a few moments after this, getting used to the now clearer and more interesting world around him, his brother watching him and keeping an eye on him with his anime shades.

When Dave reached the age of thirteen, it happened. A man came to their house, a very strange looking man who had sunglasses that were a carbon copy of Dave’s own. He carried a strange half sword with him, and Dav had merely answered the door when the man stumbled inside. It became apparent to Dave that the man was blind; he also seemed to be quite deaf as Dirk walked into the room. He pointed at the stranger merely looked up. Strange tears came to his eyes as he looked at Dirk, and he raced forwards, as both men cast down their swords and embraced in an epic bro hug.

And that was the last time that Dave saw his brother or the strange man, as they began to glow a bright orange light. Together, they merged, as the man dropped the bag that he was carrying onto the house floor. Dave then felt extremely strange and woozy… as he fell forwards onto the ground, unconscious. Meanwhile, the newly formed guardian beast had just lodged itself within its host, as it reawoke within Dave, knowing his new name. Davebeast.

What felt like hours later, Dave finally woke up once more. He didn’t know what had happened, or where his bro had gone, but he trusted that Dirk could handle himself just fine. It was HIS bro, after all. But then, that night, when he went to sleep again, he was visited by a strange dream. All around him, the earth was covered in fire. He was what looked like their house, and when he went up on the roof to look around he was greeted by the sight of an absolutely humongous meteor, heading right for him. He actually thought he was going to die, for the first few hours. Then…. Nothing still happened. So, he went out to look at it again… and it hadn’t moved. The thing was as big as a city, but it was not moving. Then he saw it. Out of the ground, the coolest guy he'd ever seen emerged. His head was a copy of CB's, but he ha a sword in his chest and wings on his back. Oh, and he looked like a ghost.

The two of them quickly got along. After all, Davebeast is/was CB. Davebeast shared all of his memories and those that had come before him with Dave, and Dave's entire view of life became changed. He suddenly knew everything about himself. HE knew how he wouldn't be able to care truly about anyone. It made him kind of sad, but he knew he would be able to deal with it.

When he awoke once more, he was a changed man, with a changed life. He went back over to the bag, and searched inside of it. Within, he found four small boxes, a pair of shoes, a ninja sword much like the one Dave currently had, but better. It also had… Lil' Cal. And lastly, there was a sheet of stickers.

He knew what to do with these and as he turned lowered his glasses back down onto his face once more, he could see everything about the Ishades for himself. Immediately, he got a message from his new guardian beast.They chatted for awhilel, before deciding what CB would do. (Like he has a choice) He still wondered where bro had gone, though.

Five years later

CB, as he has taken the name unto himself, began making his own legend as the Knight of Time Alpha. The Alpha is the main timeline; free of doom caused by paradoxes. Each CB must live through their timeline, and before death, return to give themselves as the beast of the offering.

Now, the time has come for IT to appear. It was the legendary blade, the one that CB knew was travelling all across time, a blade of its own accord…and one of the few things in his life he was not sure about. Because he could not follow it; the blade was a blur, even to him. He searched the planet, going all over time searching for it. For five years, since the day he left his home he had been searching for this fabled tool. Well, it was somewhat fabled, anyway. CB knew it existed; the CB before him had wielded it, and a successive line of CB’s had been wielding it since the literal beginning of the flow of time itself.

Finally, he found it in Snowdon, in Wales. The legendary blade, Caledfwlch. Not to be confused with Excalibur or any other kind of strange british bladiness. This was its own sword, with its own past… and with the symbol of the Knight of Time on it. The turntable, perfectly oriented on its hilt. CB stood in awe of the mighty blade, blinking at it for a few moments before realizing he needed to stop his awesome viewing and instead get the darn sword. He slowly began making his way up to the blade, the cool look still on his face. He had been searching for this for five years, and was going to remember this moment for the rest of his life. The moment he drew that blade out of its stone sheathe and held it aloft for all to view; its unique time travelling nature, of which he knew would make it one of the most unique blades of all time.

He stopped before the blade, as his right hand grasped the hilt. His left came over as well, as he began to take a deep breath. In, and out. In, and out. Then, finally, he resecured his grip on the thing. His back arched, as he pulled on the mighty blade, pulling it towards himself with all of his might. He could feel the blade under his hands, feel it…

And then feel himself letting go as he realized it was no good. He wondered what exactly he was supposed to do then, looking around himself at the pillars that held up this strange cavern in the ancient Snowdon. It was then that he got his idea. He wielded his ninja sword before him, examining one of the pillars closely. Then, he made a diagonal slash going slightly upwards from the base of the thing, a little more than three quarters through. Then, he made a horizontal slash, so that the ends of the two slashes met. Then, he moved smoothly behind the pillar.

”Timber, motherf#@$ing Caldy.”

He said simply, as he quickly and effortlessly removed the piece of the pillar he had cut out. The entire pillar began to loom forwards, missing a piece of itself, and fell directly towards the legendary –


IT was an amusing sound to CB. A very ironic one, all things considered, he thought to himself as he walked over the now fallen pillar, and scooped up the now busted holy sword. He pressed the button on its hilt, a now bisected record label, and the blade changed in his hands, as the crack vanished from it and out the end popped its normal form. CB remained perfectly in control of it before closing it once more, a satisfied look in his shades.

??? Years Later

Since then, the only thing that the current Alpha CB has done is what all CB’s do. He goes, he fights, he gets involved with things that time means for him to, and he lives in the most ironic way he can. So if you should find yourself, someday, say, jamming out to a pair of turntables, and suddenly get an idea for a rhythm that sounds out of this world…

Perhaps wonder if, sometime ago, you perhaps learned a lesson by a strange man in a red suit, and you simply have a hard time remembering…

Roleplay Sample:

What's there to even think or talk about... The young man thought to himself as he relaxed in his chair. In the room next to him, a group of men were meeting up. A very special group, all talking around a table the shape of which was a mystery to nature itself. It was circular; where each man could talk as he pleased. The young man, sitting in the hall, knew how fruitless it would be in the end; but knew very well there was no point in telling anyone that.

He knew the meeting was adjourned as soon as the door cracked open. The men from inside, wearing very special clothing of the noble class, all walked out. They didn't give a thought to CB as they walked out; as far as they cared, if you couldn't see a person's eyes, you had no evidence they had a soul. Thus, they simply treated him as if he was a corpse. CB was fine with that; it meant he didn't have to needlessly interact with them.

Behind his shades, his eyes looked to the side as a young man walked out of the room with a flourish. Upon his head was a circlet of gold, and at his right hip was a very well ornated sheathe. CB slightly smiled to himself, seeming slightly amused to the young man as he paused to look over at the man in the chair. He may think he's got the real thing, but that's just a copy.... CB thought to himself as he continued to examine the man behind his shades, and the man attempted to examine him.

That old dude may be an excellent swordsmith, but he's no Hephatus. CB knew his facts; he knew about the blade the young man was carrying, and he knew that it, the true thing, and the one that CB carried with him were all created by different makers. CB looked up at the man as he stopped in front of him, blinking. He asked him what he, an oracle, was doing so close to a meeting room. CB merely stood up, and put a hand on the man's shoulder as he moved to walk past him. ”When you are finished, head towards the lake. Later.” He told the man quietly, as he patted his shoulder twice before continuing to move down the hall.

The young king blinked at him, turning his head to look at the oracle as a bright flash of light coursed through the room, forcing the young man to cross his right hand over his eyes to shield himself from it instinctively. When he looked up again... the man was gone.

The man now stood, in the middle of a field, the same impassive look on his face as he glanced around himselef at the open field he was in now, one thousand years in the future. Even a legacy as great as that man could not survive when it came to the true test of time. He was fully aware that he was in Europe; to be honest, he really did not care. This was just before the razing of london, a quite interesting town. CB rarely watched it burn to the ground during his trips; it wasn't something he made a habit of.

As he thought about the habits, his head moved up slightly to the right as he glanced behind himself at his back. He could clearly feel the front of the puppet pushing into the small of his back under his red suit. He gave a small sight and another light smile as he remembered his bro, his awesome, awesome bro. He leaped up into the air, spinning around effortlessly as he popped his ankles to his sides, the back of the boxes on his sides hitting his ankles.

The boxes shot directly downwards, as CB righted his feet. They landed firmly on top of the hoverboard as the rockets on its bottoms began to fire up, and right hand in his pocket, the twin bladed man flew off into the setting night. The wind effortlessly slid through his naturally wavy and pointy blonde hair as he soared through the night, his eyes actually closed behind his sungglasses, although to most people looking at him he appeared to be looking towards the sun he was flying in the direction of.

The man slid his right hand easily out of his pants pockets, as he bumped his wrists together in front of him. On either side, turntables popped out, and he rested his hands on top of them, as his head moved slightly back and forth in an imaginary rhythm that only the Knight of Time could hear. As he soared across the Welsh landscape, he began scratching the disks, as electronic synthica soared across the land, reverbrating all around it as he continued to bob his head back and forth slightly. He scratched his disks perfectly when he needed to, as he felt the music deep down, far down into his soul.

Summon, Davebeast. He thought simply to himself as he continued to move his head, his hands effortlessly jamming as he struck up a convo with his guardian beast. Yo. It said simply in reply. Sup in here? He thought, as CB's mind left the normal plane of existence, trusting his hoverboard and turntables as he went deep into his inner world.

Within it, he looked up, seeing the usual meteor far above his head through his sunglasses. All around him, he could see the flaming cities, but not feel their heat. Before him he turned to face Davebeast, looking off the side of the building next to the giant conditioning square conditioning unit on the apartment complex's roof. CB walked up on the right, next to Davebeast, glancing over at his inner spirit. His eyes behind their shades landed on the sword sticking out of the bottom of his future self's stomach. He wonddered, as he had, for the upteenth time, why Caledfwlch always inserted itself into Dave's stomach at the end of his life. There were mysteries to that blade, CB knew this fact very well; but that didn't mean he knew of all of them. The usual amount of blood had soaked the large white bandage that Davebeast wore around his waist, as the Guardian Beast's head turned slightly to the right.

Even with their shades on, the two of them knew they were looking at each other, having eye contact. After all, they were the same person; with a most peculiar bond. They both knew what was going to happen to both of them, no matter what they did. ”...” CB could merely blink at Davebeast through his shades, silent. It always took him a few moments to figure out what to say to himself; after all, Davebeast knew exactly what he was thinking in both his position as Guardian Beast to CB and him being him himself. ”Those knights were awful peculiar, weren't they?” Davebeast asked CB, a small smile coming to his face.

”Yeah. Weird guys with their theories of no soul...” CB said in response, smiling to himself, literally. He reached one hand back as he lowered his behind, sitting on the ground and looking up at the sky before laying back, putting both hands behind his head. ”Do you think Bro is up there?” He asked himself, looking up to the giant meteor. However, Davebeast merely looked at him, before returning his gaze back out to the flaming city all around them. ”Yes, I do think he's up there. Someday you may join him. Someday you may not. Just remember your mission in this life, and focus on that. If you do, I can assure you you will see Bro once more.” He said, with conviction. CB merely nodded in reply, staring up at the giant flaming meteor. This place of his was very, very interesting. This one apartment building was doomed to survive whatever horrors made to befall it; CB knew this well. There was one other thing he also knew, about the meteor up in the sky.

He knew that when it was finally time for him to die and ascend to Davebeast's state, that meteor would hit, killing old Davebeast and rupturing CB's own inner world. CB slowly closed his eyes, letting ut a breath as he seemed to himself to fade into the darkness, before his eyes opened once more.

He finished the last planned song on his set, before he looked out aroundhim, disappearing in another flash of light. Before him was the man. The one who had caused the deaths of so many. The second antichrist. Slayer of the Jewish People. Adolf Hitler, and here CB was before him, as he reached for the blade at his side.

His eyes behind his sunglasses slowly narrowed as his right foot slid to the side, his right hand pulling his ninja sword from its sheathe as he hopped off the hoverboard, landing on the building in front of the man. No one knew how he had died when he got that report. Well, his role in time had finished. Thus, it was time for him to be finished. CB rose his blade to his right side as he narrowed his eyes further at the man.

”NIEN!” The man shouted at him, red in the face and extremelly sweating through his fancy suit. CB was in Germany; of that there was no doubt. And now it was time for him to finish another duty as the Knight of Time. He could feel his breaths coming and going slowly, before he opneed his eyes wide at the man.

His entire body moved fluidly as he seemed to vanish, almost flashstepping. However, this was no ability of the shinigami; this was CB's own rapid movement, as he appeared before the dictator, blade in one hand, and then reappeared behind him, the blade held out far to his right. His entire body was leaning to the left, and the sharp side of the blade was pointed behind him. The man's entire body seized up as he cursed out loud, knowing he was finished. There was no way for him to recover from that blow entirely. Not to mention how he had just lost to the Russian's; this was the final blow, so to speak, from four hundred years in the future.

CB leaped up into the air, as his entire body flipped around. He threw his long, red legs down as his special shoes landed equally on his hoverboard, his hands shredding out a single bar of electronica before with a flash, he was gone once moer, the Knight of Time successfully completing yet another task...

Not that he didn't know he would complete it in the first place. He reappeared over modern day Germany, and as he did so happened to glance down through his shades at the city below him. It had grown a lot in five hundred years... and then was proceeded to be destroyed by the overrunning . CB's eyes lost some of their strength he observed this. This was his role as the Knight of Time; he would always end up seeing the ultimate results of his actions whenever he returned home to them. He snapped his wrists once more and his turntables snapped out once again as he laid his hands on them, closing his eyes behind his shades as his hoverboard stopped moving through the air, standing totally still.

He began playing a mix; a mix of all the german musics he knew. He moved his head quickly back and forth, his hands fire upon the rapidly spinning records, as he took the beat within himself, projecting it out to the landscape all around him, giving a final memorial to the destroyed area as all kinds of demons began looking up at him in the sky playing one of the most fascinating melodies that had ever hit their ears surround them. After three minutes of this, he snapped his hands back together, as his turntables shot back under his sleeves with a final dong, and his eyes opened once more as his hoverboard fired up once more, shooting him ever further, in order to continue his work...

Bro's Sample

The man looked down at where his younger brother lay. Little did his younger brother know, his Bro opened his eyes as he looked out around himslef. On every side, there was a horde of demons. And on CB's sdie, there was Bro. Specifically, bro with his anime shades on inside of CB's body, taking control as he reached for his blade, getting into a right leaning stance as he quickly glanced all around him with the help of his shades.

He reached his hand behind himself, gripping onto Lil Cal. He threw out his right hand, as he threw Lil Cal out before him. The horde attacked. Bro's sunglasses had a single ray of light pass through them as his body began moving. Cal came to life as its right foot came up, nailing a demon so hard it went flying. Cal's right hand shot up as it slapped another demon, before it did an acrobatic f#@$ing pierroute over to the right side of the horde. Bro appeared back to back with Cal, as his blade came down. Ten demons cried out in pain as their limbs fell from their bodies, Cal crossing his arms and laughing at them as his little wooden mouth moved up and down.

The pair went into action once more as Cal soared through the air, his arms and legs swinging out like deadly weapons before him as he hit many of the demons out of his way. Meanwhile, Bto continued to appear and disappear, his blade soaring through the air as he cut down multiple demons, Cal pushing them into the path of the blades through Bro's super speed manipulation as Bro himself appeared where the demon's would fall, piercing them through wit his sword before removing it.

This ain't a game, you hell-bearing roughs. Hell you're all doffs; but I don't give a f#ck.

The lyric rang from his mouth as he and Cal appeared on opposite sides of a demon, Cal slapping the demon in the face hard enough its head spun around to show it a glimpse of Bro's sword removing its neck.

You think you're hot s@#$, but you're just outta luck.

He continued mercilessly as Cal's right fist came out in a punch, sending a demon sprawling as the afterimages of Bro trailed along behind it, cutting down four more demons before lipping in the air himself, spinning the blade dow behind him as he leaned back into it, piercing right through the sprawling demon's vitals and stopping it in its tracks.

This ain't no game, you fail to fame...

Several more slashes appeared in the demon's body before Bro's entire form vanished once again from his leaning back position, as Cal began runnign straight forwards at another demon through the air. Cal spun himself around as he leaped through the air, his feet sending the double heads of two demons straight into the air as a single flash of the reflection of shades appeared between the two men, standing directly behind Cal's face.

Cuz when you're up against Bro... It's time for you to go, go, go.

He said, as the last two demons ahd their entire heads chopped off and his blade chop their bodies into tiny pieces, Cal standing through the air thanks to Bro's manipulation at his right side with his arms folded across his chest, as he and Bro examined the carnage they had just caused. Bodies littered around the warehouse; it was the way things were merely meant to go, Bro supposed, relaxing as Cal fell back onto the ground, lifeless.

Bro turned to his right, scooping up Lil Cal off the ground and stuffing him back behind his shirt, his blade held at 45 degrees at his right side with just his right hand as he stepped forwards, not looking at any body in particular. He stopped before one, cutting off its head. The expression on the “dead” demon's face changed as Bro's sunglasses merely watched him with that same knowing look on his face. That look that was always there, as Bro's feet continued stepping upon the hard ground, blood covered ninja sword in hand as he moved through the door, his hoverboard tking him off through the air once again as he began preparing to give the body back to CB so he could make his next time jump...

General Skills
Durability: Adept
General Speed: Advanced
Strength: Adept
Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Beginner
Animal Instincts: Advanced
Martial Arts: Advanced
Alter Control: Adept

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He now needs grading.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:36 am

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Thank you very much for your service over the years.

If you are ever needed again, you shall be re-summoned once more and moved back to Approved Applications.

Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

You were the coolest shades man ever, as well as my time-warping character. Sleep well, and may your vague Homestuck references and unique style rest as well. The only thing you ever truly got to do was meet Nel one time... outside of that, I am afraid you never got your chance to truly shine. So relax, shades-man, and I'll see you later...


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha
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