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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Ω-Demon Lore-Ω

Part One: The Demon World
Part Two: The Demon's Themselves
Part Three: The Demon Demon Classes
Part Four: Extra Information

This thread is going to explain how Demon World really works for the most part. It describes the various settings throughout the Demon Realm itself, how the demon's themselves tend to operate and the current situation within Demon World. This is in order to get a better understandings of both the demonic race and the world in which they live or come from; clearing up anything that was doubted before.

Part 1: The Demon World

Θ Origins Of Demon World: Sometime after the creation of the Living Realm's Universe, the Demon God had given birth to Demon World some 15 to 16 billion years ago. It is believed that his ability to create varying materials from just his own will was enough to craft the ever evolving realm that is now known as Demon World. Once all the adjustments, corrections, laws and so on were copied, it is said that The Demon King then has a massive birthing session where he had given birth to a large chunk of Demon's who would pass down their varying bloodlines to Demon World for billions of years to come after that. Legend also told that "Deveta", or as most modern demon's know him, "Touketsu", had crafted this world not in his own image, but to see what they were capable of doing on their own and seeing how his own world would play out in contrast to the other "God-Like" legend that was "Truth". However, after the malfunction of his "absolute" powers, some extremely old demon's believe he may have crafted this world simply as a safe haven for himself and for his children to protect him. This can neither be confirmed or denied as the Demon God never answers these types of questions often.

However, moving to what is known, the Demon Race itself is quite possible of the oldest known races throughout many different worlds. They've essentially been apart of this world for as long as the Living Realm's universe was created by "The Big Bang" based on a possible connection to Deveta and the Universe. Therefore, they've had an extremely long time in order to build their cultures, societies, expand their planet, grow, learn and become stronger throughout the years to where they are now reaching a population boom of nearly 100 Billion Strong demons. Thus, we'll begin to explain the current state of Demon World in the Modern Era and much more information as we go along this Demon lore Project.

Θ Demon World: Demon World itself...? That's a complex one. With the population near 100 billion, it's even difficult for Queen Mana and King Abaddon to manage it all. When you add to the fact that Demon World is constantly expanding with new sections, widening itself daily and giving birth to new tribes, societies, cities and nations? Yeah, it becomes a daunting task. Therefore, based upon this information about the planet itself, the situation in Demon World varies wherever you go. In some sections of Demon World? There can be peace, tranquility, order and balance. If you venture into other places, though? It's possible to find places of absolute war, destruction and bloodshed; making that society in question an entire state of Chaos. Thus, not all stories from Demon World are one in the same. The only one who is really able to make a difference in most of this is it's creator, the Demon God Deveta; otherwise known as Touketsu. Which explains why even though they are so far apart from the Royal Demon City, most demon's from every far reaching part of the globe tend to listen to their call as Touketsu's power, or even Queen Mana's and Abaddon, aren't something to be so easily trifled or fought against.

And, as in most circles with Demon World, strength sometimes can mean everything. Thus, with all of these assets secured, it seems for the most part that Shadow Fall and Mana's Royal Family are the ones who have a strong hold over Demon World for the time being. Most people try to stay out of their way, not get into too much trouble with them and keep their thoughts about them hidden. This makes current relations amongst Demon World between them all very variable. Some people are for them, others are against them and other have no opinion as they do not go out of their way to actively harass other demon's. Instead, they simply prefer to have mass recruiting centers throughout Demon World in order to enlist new blood into their organization and scout potential demon's to join Mana's Royal Family.

Θ Demon Nations: Based on the fact that Demon World is nearly seventeen times larger then Earth, there are roughly about four different Demon Zones/Nations that have Sixteen Demon Sectors each within them. At least, that's what most demon's estimate. In any case, those whom happen to be the Queen/King within the Main Nation of Demon World appear to have an "Overall" control. Though they rarely bother with exiting from their kingdom unless their will is being opposed. Such as military forces going up against Shadow Fall or something of the matter. So, with that said, The Primary Zone and Nation appears to be held within the Center of this planet. This Zone is known as "Kēndrīya Capital", meaning "Central" in the Hindi language. This is the Zone that Queen Mana and King Abaddon currently control. In this location is where most of the focus is with all the changes The Queen has made over her time in control of Demon World and where they can mostly be found. Therefore, with that said, no one is currently sure who are the King/Queen's of the other territories.

However, there is enough information about them to know their locations and names. The country that follows Kendriya Captial is known as "The Chaya Nation"; which means Shadow in the HIndi Tongue. Then, following that zone is "The Sirsa Land"; standing for Top in the Hindi language. And lastly, you have "The Vicara Plane", which means "Thought" in The Hindi Tongue. For the most part, all three of these nations share the same planet as Demon World, but their settings can drastically change depending on who is running it. The greatest example is none other when Queen Mana killed the former Queen of The Kendriya Captial and made alterations to Demon World that would forever change that nation, the landscape Demon World and even The Living World once the former Queen's laws had been voided by Queen Mana and The Demon God's Will in turn.

(Thus, more information will be provided based on the people who take control of them.)

Θ Demon Tribes/Clans: As mentioned in instances of Demon World, there are many types of different tribes, clans, teams and groups amongst Demon World and most of them have a multitude of varying reasons for banding together. There are some individuals who decide to make these pacts because they have a strong desire to protect themselves from other invading forces, military, rouge groups and wish to fight tooth and nail for their land's customs, way of life and overall stability. Then you have others who form these nest in order to establish a sense of reputation, power and resources in order to sustain themselves in Demon World; similar to how human's within the realm of the living form gang's to acquire protection, strength in numbers, goods and a reputation not to be trifled with by associating themselves with said gang. But in the end, these groups can be form for any reason under the son. Rather it be for livestock trafficking (I.E. smuggling races in and from Demon World), services & trade, criminal activity, rebel causes or whatever else have you.

Θ Viewpoints On Outside Races For the most part? Demon's don't really desire other races, outside of Arrancar/Hollow, really stepping into their realm. Therefore, they devised a system in order to sicken those who dare enter their world. If they are able to sustain themselves in this miasma throughout Demon World? Then some demon's, especially primal ones, actually wouldn't mind their company; seeing how they would be powerful enough in the first place not to die while within their territory. As such, if someone could live through that? Then Demon's become more neutral towards them so long as they do not interior in how their world is ran. Should that occur? Then most demon's won't hesistate to lay waste to whatever person was bold enough, or in some cases, stupid enough to do so. However, some demon's still may attack those, despite all the reasoning above. It truly varies from Demon to Demon on how they view outsiders who dare enter their world.

Θ Demon Value: This is a rather vague term, yes, but it's rather important in most Demon Nations. While Demon's sometimes tend to focus on strength, there are other area's to make up for this if you have more to offer to the table then just that. Therefore, this is where Demon Value keeps more modern demon area's from regressing back into the days of ye' old demon's where they fought primarily for who had the strongest power. You see, in Demon World, it's best to have some sort of skill, talent, knowledge or something to make-up for a lack of strength if you do not possess it. The more you have to bring to the table, the higher your Demon Value becomes and the more your chances of survival in Demon World rise.

Thus, One of the first methods some demon's try to obtain in order to boost their "Demon Value" is to somehow become somewhat of a celebrity to gain fame throughout all of the Demon World's. Rather it's through acting, combat & fighting skills, becoming a political figure, joining a Royal Demon Family or whatever else brings about attention; this is one common method of obtaining this value. The second value path is a more common method, which is through pure power alone. This is how some Demon's drastically increased their overall value and worth. Various types of battle clans, military factions and so forth always boost a demon's value throughout Demon World. The third method is usually through having some kind of keen intelligence with you. For instance, if someone like Mayuri Kurotsuchi had been born a demon, through his unrivaled genius; most would grow to take notice of his value because of his great scientific mind and advancements he would bring to the Demon Race overall. Lastly, another common method to boost one's Demon Value is to somehow make connections. Rather it's getting to know the right people, allying yourself with Royal Families or forging your own Royal Family; sometimes it's not about what you know, but who you know in Demon World as well.

No matter how you cut it, there are many ways to increase one's Demon Value, but it's never wise for it to be too low. The lower your Demon Value? The more expendable you really are. Thus, this is why most types of minion-class Demon's or Standard Demon's are often drafted into war when their King's/Queen's ask them to partake within the various wars they are. Or, they often are easy to forget and the law enforcement in some places tend to turn a blind-eye to these lower valued demons in some cases, while allowing the higher valued demon's to occasionally slip-by if it does not impeded whoever controls their district or gets them into trouble. Thus, with that said, it's best you get to work on some kind of trade to increase your worth, ye' old demon.

Note: This also applies to other races as well that intend to live within the confines of Demon World.

Part Two: The Demon's Themselves

One would believe all demon's are simply out to kill everything, everyone and leave the utter destruction of existence itself in their wake. And, while they may be true for SOME demon's, this does not hold the gold standard for all demon's. There are many different types of demon's as there are human beings within the confines of Demon World's and the different worlds they may choose to inhabit. There are a variety of different demon's that have many different goals, many different ambitions and very different lifestyles then one might think.

Θ The Demon God:Contrary to popular belief, the one whom created the Demon Race and Demon World is not actually a hostile entity as a quite a few within the Demon World and other surrounding worlds believe it is. Those who have met this being's "true" self noted that it is rather childlike in mannerisms, viewpoints on the world and how they operate. From the stories it has told those close to it, this being was once an absolute god for a short duration of time, but something happened along the line that forced it to diverge from their original path line. Thus, from this separation, the god emerged as this new being who had all the pain it suffered while being an absolute god divided into separate entities until this Demon God was eventually relived of any sorry and was free to treat life as if it were nothing more then an amusing game for them. Thus, it, or rather, Deveta as it calls itself, is a rather neutral force and prefers to simply watch things play out for the sheer entertainment in things.

Therefore, this is apart of the reason why others within the varying echelons of the Demon Realm tend to follow it: this being is willing to go with any sort of rule. With each new King/Queen in Demon World? The Demon God itself tends to go along with whatever path they choose to take Demon World; so long as it does not impede upon their own existence. For instance, for the Queen who was formerly in control of Demon World, The Demon God was known to impose restrictions between Demon World and Earth to allow only trusted Demon's to go within the Realm of the Living to prevent any unneeded causalities on the human side, allowed demon's to feed, but within reason and ultimately kept the balance amongst them for how the Queen saw fit. So, in the end, the Demon God is actually a wildcard and tends to mend himself towards whoever rules Demon World.

Θ Modern Demon's: This is a new generation of demon's whom were brought up by Queen Mana's reign over Demon World. With the abolishment of the former Queen's laws that kept them from destroying, ravaging and utterly slaughtering those within the Human World; these demon's grew up with no sense of boundaries, no sense of limits, no sense of self-control and they were utterly told they may do whatever they desired so long as it did not go against The Queen's Rule, Sin Fall or Shadow Fall's will or otherwise displease the Demon God. So, by that definition, these demon's have often been revered as some of the most ruthless, uncaring and utterly destructive demon's to ever be produced from Demon World in quite some time. It leaves elder demon's at a great lost for the type of life they lead, the former traditions that were utterly slandered by Queen Mana and a sense of great worry towards the direction Mana is leading all demon's towards.

Θ Royal Demon's: The Demon's who claim themselves to be of Royal Heritage are often a variable bunch. Their personality traits, motives, traditions and so forth can vary from family to family. And, since Queen Mana's family appears to be the strongest faction within Demon World, others often try to mimic their chaotic ways, disregard for their demon heritage/history and try to sustain themselves as their own superpowers. However, this isn't the gold standard for most Royal Demon's; especially for those whom outdate Queen Mana's. Thus, they tend to mostly stick amongst themselves, form their own codes, their own sub-laws and become stand-up families. Making Royal Demon's a type of Demon that mostly looks out for the pack rather then their own selves. Though, in order to be considered a Royal Family, you should at least have one Demon Lord or higher amongst your ranks.

Θ Primal Demon's: These are typical demon's whom wish nothing more then to prove their strength as they did in the days of old. For the vast part, they are either neutral or chaotically destructive. Though, that isn't to say there isn't a reasonable selection of this type of demon who truly do take sport in the art of combat. The only thing these packs of demon's truly desire is getting stronger, having more control over Demon World and becoming a feared or revered demon. This mindset can even be applied in any type of modern aged demon. Rather they live in places that be old, new or anywhere in between; the desire to have power in the business world, through politics, through military control, through different types of connections and so on flows strongly in these demon's.

Θ Elder Demon's: Offered referred to as Royal Demon's in some instances, these are demon's who have been around long enough to see the varying changes within Demon World. They have seen all the different types of King's/Queen's that have ruled Demon World, the rise and fall of many empires within the realm, the birth and genocide of many types of different demon-sub races, cultures and traditions and ultimately have a strong understanding of what it means to be a demon, what demon world is like and a connection to their people. Therefore, they have a great understanding of their races potential, possess immense power themselves and are typically very high-ranking in Demon World, hide within the shadow's or try other methods to have presence within Demon World. In either case, these Demon's are simply at a lost for where Demon World is going. When they see Modern Demon's, they actually feel a sense of great hurt to see all the former class, tact, traditions and lifestyle that they once have utterly defiled by this new generation of demon's raised by Queen Mana. Some choose to simply turn a blind eye to it, while others are too scared of Queen Mana's powers. Some figure she is simply a means to an ends and decide to join amongst her ranks, while just choose to to be left of this altogether. No matter what their agenda is, the Modern Demon's have certainly shook things up a bit for these Elder Demon's and no one can deny that at this point.

Θ Purist: While outnumbered by other types of Demon's who live within Demon World and it's surrounding realms, there are still quite a few number of Demon's who actually still live by the former Queen's law. They believe that what Queen Mana's agenda is now is a complete slaughtering of what Demon's once were. They even have reason to assume that things within this new Royal Control are so bad that they even see veteran demon's who have seen countless wars, countless battles and all sorts of Kingly and Queenly reigns frozen in fear by how Queen Mana has managed to drastically change Demon World. Thus, they reject the current administration within Demon World; making them massive targets against those who either like the way things are ran now, or those who believe in conducts of demon that far supersede the former or current Queen's way of running things. Yet, they are not afraid of this. They actively seek to repair the Demon's broken reputation, seek to turn back the hands of time on Demon World to try and work together with other factions of demon's willing to listen to them in order to hopefully restore the former balance that this grand land once possessed.

Θ Neutral/Rouges: There are a fair number of demon's who really don't care either way about Demon World, about Shadow Fall, about the Purist, about the state of the demon race or just about anything. Instead, they only choose to focus on themselves. Thus, they can be vicious, peaceful, psychotic or just downright apathetic about everything. Thus, they typically make up civilians, rouge criminals, demon's who decide to leave the Demon Realm altogether and so forth. The Queen's rule over this realm doesn't care much about these types of demon's, but if they happen to get in the way of their agenda? She wouldn't hesitate to lay waste to them and everything they cherish. Which, can be said for a large variety of other factions within Demon World when it comes to Neutral Demon's. Thus, they aren't hated or loved by Demon's, their just "there" for the most part and it's up to them to pick a side to choose or continue going down the road of life by themselves.

Part Three: The Demon Classes & What They Mean
Divine Class

Θ Demon God: This is the strongest possible rank that a Demon can achieve within Demon World. The current holder of this title is currently "Touketsu", as most demon's prefer to call it. With this type of power? This being was able to construct Demon World from nothing but it's own energy, asexually produce a large chunk of the demon race, it possesses more then enough strength at their disposal to even fight toe-to-toe with beings such as "The Soul King" and "Truth" without breaking a sweat and is said to have been a near Absolute God at one point; before losing it's true power to the extreme strain on his body and mind. No one is quite sure just how powerful the Demon God is at this point, but it has displayed feats such as Omnilock, Limited Levels of Omnipresence, Omnificent Powers from crafting Demon World itself from nothing and being able to exist in a multitude of bodies at the same time, while in addition to having an absolute control of it's racial attributes in said bodies. Thus, since power like this is extremely rare for ANY race, it is unknown rather or not other demon's are even capable of obtaining this rank.

As for the benefits this title has? Well, anyone who is able to become a Demon God or Goddess will have a reputation like none other within the pits of Demon World. Even those who live far away from the Royal Capital still pay tribute to Touketsu. In Demon World? Anyone who obtains this rank is almost like the actual "God" from the Christan Bible and many types of different demonic nations, societies, tribes and other locations within Demon World, or even outside of it, often treat his final world as law. However, he doesn't seem to actually impose his will much in Demon World. As stated before, he merely goes along with whatever the current administration in power has in mind for Demon World. At least, so long as it does not impede upon his existence. Thus, for the most part, Touketsu appears to be rather harmless unless someone actually possess enough power to make him either feel threatened or do actual damage to him. Well, so long as he isn't in his Deveta Body; the main core in which all this is possible for him.

Royal/Special Classes

Θ Demon King/Queen & Demon Overlord: This is quite possibly the highest rank within the realms of Demon World. At least, without going into the Divine Class which is EXTREMELY rare within itself. What's more, The Demon Queen Mana and the Demon King Abaddon have been known to a merged release state in which they fuse conscious with the Demon God in order to temporarily boost themselves to this elite class. So, some King/Queen also qualify that. At any rate, however, in order to become a Demon King, Demon Queen or Demon Overlord; they have specific requirements such as with the class before them. The first method, just like the previous one, is to kill whoever had the title and claim it for yourself. If this were to happen to a King/Queen, that would also mean they would take control of whatever nation they were currently residing over and have to work with their King/Queen as well. Another method, for royals, is to simply be born into it if they were a Demon Prince/Princess and the former Demon/King had been slain, defeated, quit or otherwise were relived of their duties.

The third method in order to obtain this class, for Demon Overlords, is to become 0-2 to 0-2+. At this level of power, most would accept this person as among the top one percent of fighters, warriors and demon's within the pits of this hellish realm. The fourth, and most rarest of all, is to be called Demon King/Queen by the Demon God himself. He does not do this often, but it has happened in recorded Demon History for a few previous generations of Demon thousands of years ago. Thus, no matter how ya slice or dice it, these are the four methods to achieve this class. Once a Demon or Demon World Citizen is able to reach it, they will then have control of one of the four great Demon Nations within Demon World and the sections which comprise them. Their word would be Second to the Divine Class of Demons; sometimes even acting out for the Demon God. So, it's a class with quite the nifty bit of perks n' benefits. Good luck getting to this point, hehe.

Θ Demon Prince/Princess & Demon Lord: This is one of the most highest Royal Ranks a Demon can achieve that falls under the King/Queen rank. There are a few ways a Demon can obtain this status within Demon World and the walls that far reach beyond it. In terms of the Prince/Princess side of this rank, the first method is to be chosen by a Demon King/Queen to be their heir to the throne should they ever fail to do their duty, become slay or no longer desire their power. Thus, this is a fairly common way for kingdoms to choose their royal blood. Another way to obtain to Demon Lord status is often to have power scales equal to that of 0-3 to 0-4. Demon's can easily sense when another has obtained this level based on their keen detection skills. For both sides of the coin, a third method to obtain this royal status is to kill whoever holds this position. Rather it be a Prince, Princess or Demon Lord; if you are able to slaughter one, you will then take their rank. It is up to you rather or not to join whatever faction they were apart of or face the consequences from their family for killing them, however.

Thus, with that said, the benefits of becoming this class are often pretty heavy. As stated before, on the Prince/Princess side, they are heirs to the throne of whatever King/Queen they fall under. Therefore, it goes without saying their presence, word and power often goes unquestioned. Meaning that they are often similar to a Vice-President in Demon World in terms of the perks of becoming this class. On the flip side, with Demon Lord's, once a demon is able to achieve this power? They are now allowed to start making their own Royal Families. Along with the whole fact their names would probably be heavily known at Demon World at this point and may be recruited by other factions as well. As, with this type of power at their disposal, most respect a demon determined enough to reach this scale of power and it's somewhat of a rare occurrence to see one like this through raw power.

Θ Demon Royal's & Royal Demon Families: This is where power becomes less needed. Why is this? Because anyone of any tier, skill, fame, reputation or whatever else have you can become a Demon Royal by finding a Royal Family to join in. In order to become a Royal Demon Family, however, they must have at least One Demon Lord in their ranks to be considered a Royal Demon Family. This is due in part because most within Demon World won't recognize a Royal Family without at least someone capable of holding their own to protect the family name. In addition to that, it weeds out just anyone being able to dub themselves a Royal. If they don't have a Demon Lord, however, some are able to become Royal Demon's if they have at least Four Demon Noble's within their ranks. No matter how they obtain it, though, once a Royal Demon Family has been established, all those who enter their ranks automatically become Demon Royal's. Therefore, Demon Royal's have an edge in Demon World as most pay attention to reputation, rank, class, political ties, connections and so on. And what better way is there to make a connection joining a Royal Family?

Therefore, when a Royal Demon Family enters into different regions in Demon World, they are sometimes even considered the Government of the various territories they take over. Some Royal Families are able to allocate resources of a city if that is there desire, while some are given the deed to the whole city and are accepted as the law of the town. Others choose to simply assist different places that they claim, while others prefer to stay in the shodow's altogether. So, to it it blently, Royal Families varies as much as human. Some are greedy, some are good, some are evil, some are ruthless, some are charitable, some are helpful and so on.

Battle Classes

Θ Demon Noble/Warlord: At this point, should a Demon Reach this rank by raw power alone, they are often ready to become as revered as Captain's are within the Soul Society; or even the Former Espada of Aizen's Era within the echelons of Hueco Mundo's ranking. If they obtain this title, their names alone should be enough for a large majority of Demon's within Demon World to really respect their strength if they have nothing else going on for them. So, they are often claimed to certain factions within Demon World, Shadow Fall or just prefer to lay low to avoid much attention to themselves. In most cases, though, this is usually the point where the difference in power scales becomes majorly different if they are able to obtain as a Demon Lord rank, and from there, Demon Overlord. So, with that being said, it's not unusual that Demon's around this level often are given the rights to begin forming their own families, groups and so on in order to begin working their way upwards towards becoming a Demon Royal or something like that.

Θ Demon Highborn: This is roughly the Vice Captain Class that most of Demon World refers to as. These are where the big boys begin to separate themselves from the little boys. They'll often have a great understanding of their power and are seen as a rather credible threat amongst a good portion of Demon World. As a result? They are treated with great homage to those within the confines of Demon World or those who know of it's systems, traditions and ways. They are still below a Demon Noble in terms of raw power, so they are reaching the typical peaking point for most types of demon's to reach in terms of achieving status, recognition, benefits and respect through brute force means. In whatever section of Demon World they decide to call home, their usually ones not to be easily trifled with. This is because by the time they reach this level, most of their stories should be spread throughout whatever section of Demon World they call home due to word of mouth. In addition to that, they are often attempted to become recruited into different factions, governments, military forces and even Shadow Fall. And amongst joining these places? They'll often get similar benefits as a Demon Champion get, but on a higher priority level.

Θ Demon Champion: These are equal to most Shadow Fall Knights. For the most part, these are demon's who have a pretty fair understanding of their powers. As such, they usually rise to become soldiers within Demon World and are treated as such. For those who actively serve in whatever society, city, nation, tribe or even Shadow Fall, they are often treated with must respect; or at the very least, they know enough about their power not to just randomly pick a fight with them. Thus, they are a bit above average then the common demon, but still are miles apart from a Demon Highborn. Yet, if one were to mention they were a Demon Champion, it still would be enough to get various perks within Demon World. Some societies offer similar programs that Veterans from the Old United States Government gave. Things such as "Champion Discounts" for various discounts in some demonic societies stores, "Champion Land" for Champion-Class demon's looking for somewhere to call home; in which cause they sometimes qualify for cheaper living and "Champion Care"if their ever injured or anything similar to that. Of course, this is provided you are allied with something like Shadow Fall, your nations government or some sort other similar group or hierarchic setting in Demon World.

Civilian Class

Θ Standard Demon: This is your run of the mill demon that make up the bulk of Demon World's population. Most Demon's, at the very least, often have enough power in order to give Shinigami Officers a very difficult time due to their numbers, are known for their infamous raids against other types of weaker civilizations and often tend to fight together in packs to make up for their lack of power in the Standard Demon Class. Thus, they often make all sorts of guilds, teams and factions in order to get what they need done. However, Standard Demon's can also be average civilians, used for meat shields in some cases by more powerful factions in Demon World or just someone who really doesn't have a whole lot going for them in terms of strength. Therefore, most who are Standard Class often try to become Royal Class by being adopted into a Royal Family or figuring out some sort of way to make connections, getting some kind of unique skill to stand out or obtaining political/celebrity based status in Demon World. Really, if you don't have strength, it's often best to rely on your wits, talents or charms or else you'll be dogfood for the most part.

Θ Outsider Class: This applies to most races that aren't Arrancar/Hollow. Essentially, this class allows that those who are not of Demon origin to stay within the walls of Demon World. If they haven't rose through the different classes that Demon World has put in place or have not committed any outstanding crimes, plotted against the downfall of Demon World or really caused much of a ruckus; chances are they will become an Outsider Class. Outsider Class do have the same rights as traditional demon's, but they often have to work harder to prove their worth until they can transition into another class when it comes realistic encounters within Demon World. To most Demonic Citizens, it's not anything personal to most of them. They often would prefer you to imagine if you were in the shoes of a foreigner walking into a new country. Some people may not take too kindly to you if you choose to be a drain on their countries resources, ignore their way of life and become an unwelcomed guest based on extremely unbecoming attitudes. Thus, when becoming an Outsider Class, it's best to be on your P's and Q's when in Demon World. One wrong move and it'll be off with your head in some sections of Demon World.

Θ Criminal Class: This often refers to someone who is wanted Shadow Fall, committed crimes against Demon World, those who wish to end Demon World, fugitives from the law and basically felons of Demon World. When one is known to be a criminal class, most demon's actually hunt these people down for bounties from varying governments, kill most types of Outsider Class who become a Criminal Class or accept bribes/pay-off from wealthy Criminal Class Civilians. Though, some may be weary to commit that last action; as if any branch of local or national government heard of that, they'd probably send them off to prison for the rest of their days or cut off their head to make an example. What's more, though, if they aren't caught by the common folk of Demon World; then they'll typically be questioned by varying Demon World Officials, have their trial in some cases or just be thrown in the slammer if someone of strong influences really wants them gone; or, in the reverse, freed if the opposite occurs. In the end, it's just best to avoid going through this trouble and becoming a Criminal Class.

Part Four: Extra Information

Θ Demon Laws: In Demon World, there is no one law that fits all. While the King/Queen of each section of Demon World can ultimately have their influence force change in some cases, it gets a bit more tricky then that. You have laws passed by each Kingdom, Laws of different tribes, laws from the varying societies and cities that inhabit demon world, the common people's laws and so on. The best way to think of their system? Most try to stay off the radar from the King/Queen's empire; so their area does not attract too much attention. So, with that said, if the Kingdom isn't looking after them then it can be up to varying Demon Classes to enforce ranks, differing branches of government not related to the Kingdom in some sections of Demon World or varying Tribes to ensure their law is enforced. Though, in the end, most simply just try to follow the guidelines each of their Kings/Queens have laid out for them in order to avoid any conflict amongst them.

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