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 Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+]   Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] EmptyTue Sep 18, 2012 6:54 pm

Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] Image4373

Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] Image4374-1

» Name: Kyron Suzu
» Titles: None
» Age: 22
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Appearance Description: Kyron is a slender young woman with a nice shape. She had long black hair with bangs that cover her entire forehead. She's got crimson red eyes, a light complexion, and a more “subtle” physique. She doesn't have the most curvy of figures, which is what I meant by a subtle physique, but it's quite easy to tell she is a girl. She is five foot five inches in height and weighs around one twenty. She usually keeps her hair down behind her back, a bit at the sides of her face. She wears jeans and a t-shirt most of the time, but will almost always be seen with one of her “signature” red jackets.

» Appearance Picture:

Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] 5_zps87fc9a78


Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] Image4376-1

» Personality:

Laid Back: Kyron is one of those people that likes to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. It isn't like her to be very active. She isn't always lazy, but she usually will not get excited by an activity. She is a very lenient woman, usually allowing people to do what they want. If someone wants to get drunk off their ass, she'll join them before telling them they've had enough. Even when she's drunk, she just leans back in her chair and speaks calmly with those around her. Only when she is completely wasted will her personality change.

Impatient: Kyron does not like to be kept waiting at all, and because of this she will not keep someone else waiting. Rarely is she late, so when someone else keeps her waiting or is late for something, she gets anywhere from annoyed to absolutely furious. Her impatience moves into how she fights as well. She isn't one to just 'allow' someone to get ready for a fight. She'll run at them immediately and jump into the fight once she knows it's going to happen.

Rebellious: Kyron does not take well to those who try to tell her what to do. She is not one to follow orders. She does what she wants, when she wants to do it. Telling her what to do will only anger her and put you on her “list” of annoying people. Ever since she was young, she didn't like following the rules and only did it to make sure she didn't screw up her life. Now that she is “of age”, she lives the way she wishes. This doesn't mean if you tell her to do one thing, she'll do the complete opposite. She'll just ignore or tell you to f*ck off.

Tough/Fearless: Kyron is one of those tough girls. It's not just for show either. She does have the ability to back what she says up, kick some ass, and annihilate her opponent when she needs to. If she's got something she wants to say, she'll say it without fear. She doesn't back down from a challenge, even if she know for a fact she will lose. She doesn't have really anything that scares her or puts her on edge. Some may say she is careless in that aspect, but in her mind she just doesn't usually feel fear.

Drunken Personality: When Kyron is drunk, the tough and fearless part of her takes control. She'll have no problem getting into fights and a lot of the time wins. If she's alone, she'll be quiet and to herself, but when she's drunk with her friends or with anyone really, she'll be wild and a bit flirty. She'll do her best to make them blush and get them to pick up the tab.

» Likes: Kyron likes moving fast. She owns a motorcycle just to feel the wind in her hair. She also likes to drink as long as it's with a few people that she knows. Drinking along is not her thing. She also doesn't mind the occasional fight and will sometimes start one to get it. An unusual trait for her, is that she really, really likes cats. Sometimes it becomes a weakness if the person knows about it...

» Dislikes: Kyron dislikes being told what to do, and those who try and order her around will get on her bad side. She hates being kept waiting and keeping people waiting. She doesn't like those who are always late. She dislikes people commenting on her drinking habits.


Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] Image4378-1

» Background: Kyron was born December 4, 2389 into a wealthy family. She had her Father, her Mother, her older sister, and her older brother. Kyron was sort of a surprise for her family. Her Mother and Father did not want anymore children after her big brother and sister, so when they got Kyron they were unsure of what to do. They already had their perfect oldest child, their son Kai. Then they had their beautiful daughter Kalina, their second child. They did not want, nor did they need, another child around. Of course, being who they were, they couldn't just drop the child off. It would have been 'bad press'. They had reputations to uphold, so they 'dealt' with their newborn baby. The way they did this was by having her older brother and sister raise her. They taught her to talk, walk, read, write, and were even the ones who potty trained her. It was literally like she didn't have a mother and father, either that or these two were her Mom and Dad. Of course, once she became of age, she knew differently. Her Mother was a model that was obsessed with her career, looks, and making her daughters follow in her footsteps. Her Father was a very successful business man and her brother Kai was glad to follow in his Father's footsteps, so the two of them worked together all the time.

Kyron did her best to become the model that her mother wanted. From the age of ten and on, she was constantly keeping up with her hair, the latest trends, fashions, designer clothing, make-up, and so much more. She thought she was happy, but she didn't realize that she never smiled or laughed. Her family realized it though. One day, during dinner, they asked her why she never did and she just shrugged as if it was nothing. She hadn't thought about it, nor did she realize it, so she figured it must not really be that big of a deal. During one of her brothers High School soccer games, Kyron had discovered something about herself. It was about ten minutes before the game and one of her brothers teammates had kicked the ball a bit too hard and right towards her sisters head. Even though she was wearing an uncomfortable skirt and heels, she some how brought her foot around to kick the ball right back to them. Her sister had screamed at her for hours about how she ruined her new fashion designer heels, but Kyron really did not seem to care about her shoes. There was something about kicking that ball that made her feel excited and happy.

For the next few years to come, Kyron disobeyed her overbearing Mother and her overly strict sister and kept on with sports. Finally comfortable within her own skin, she loved the jeans and t-shirt style. She began befriending boys a lot more than girls and becoming a true tomboy. Once she entered her Senior year in College, a young man by the name of Jin caught her eye. He only seemed to be the bad boy type, but was actually a very kind and passionate man. Because of his appearance, her family immediately disappeared, looking at his leather jacket, black pants, shirt, and sunglasses as if they were bad. Although they were very cliche and a bit obvious, they did not reflect who he was at all. He wore them because of his first love, his motorcycle. He was two years older than Kyron, and at the time she was seventeen and the two of them were forced to wait until she was 'of age' for them to dare call themselves a couple. Kalina seemed to have her own mission to some how ruin Jin's reputation, so the two had to be extra careful when around her.

One day, Jin was on his way to Kyron's house for her eighteenth birthday. The two of them were excited because they were finally going to be able to kiss. Kyron was always very strict with her beliefs in certain situations. For one, she refused to have sex until she was married. Two, she didn't want to share a kiss with him until they were officially a couple, and surprisingly he did wait for that moment. Unfortunately, he didn't make it there in time. It was winter and during a sharp turn he he a patch of ice and wasn't able to make the turn. He slammed into a wall a little too hard and hit at that wrong angle, breaking his neck and killing him on impact. Upon hearing the news, Kyron was devastated. She cried for days, keeping herself locked in her room, only leaving for school. She repeated this process every day until finally her older brother came home. It seemed he was the only one able to talk to her and get her to leave the house. He really was the only one that actually seemed to let her live her life and even gave Jin a chance, so Kyron did not push him away the same way she did her Mother, and Sister. Kai, although he did have his own life now, stayed with her for a good two weeks, bringing her spirits back up and making her smile again. But then he left...

Once he left, Kyron felt like another part of her had just been ripped away. Not only had she lost the man she truly loved, but now the one person that she wanted around and helped her feel better was leaving as well. She did not go back in her room and hide, but instead she found something else that helped her, alcohol. She began to drink heavily and until she hit the age of twenty-two, she treated drinking as if it was her best friend. Through this time, Kyron was able to make a few friends at that bar. Two weeks after her twenty-second birthday, she found something that interested her, her own motorcycle. Of course this was her way of feeling close to Jin again, but it was something she did love doing. She liked being fast, but not being closed up like a car would do. She loved feeling the wind in her hair. One day, she got a little too drunk at the bar and went riding home. No one realized what was going on until she was already gone, but every since then they have felt guilty...

That night, when she left without really thinking, she went down the same road that Jin did and hit that same turn. It was only luck that she was not killed, but she too hit a patch of ice, slid across the street, and hit that very same wall. The Doctor that worked on her said that she was in such a relaxed state that she didn't tense up and her body suffered MOSTLY minor injuries, mainly a few bruises. All, but one injury was minor, an injury to the head. She woke up and a lot of her memories were scattered everywhere. Some were lost completely, while others were fuzzy. For instance, she can't remember where her brother was when Jin had gotten into that accident. She remembers when he came home to comfort her, but why was he gone in the first place? Or where is her Father at? She did not remember the fact that her brother had taken over the family business and was constantly traveling because their Father had fallen ill and died 6 months prior to the accident. There are a lot of memories that at gone to her, chunks of her past that she cannot recall, but she still lives every day to the best of her abilities and as happy as she can be...

Now a few months later and fully healed, excluding lost memories, Kyron has noticed a few things about herself. For one, her power raised quite a lot. She had this strange ability to see aura's around people and could tell what they were feeling by the colors. Not only that, but she seemed to have a natural fighting reflex. During a few bar fights, her body seemed to move and react on it's own. Soon, she realized her legs were definitely her strength. Through out one of her fights, someone got a little too serious and pulled a knife. They ended up stabbing her, but something happened and once she was in the ambulance, she began to heal ridiculously fast. The wound was gone by the time she got to the hospital and they just let her go. She also noticed that she gets drunk very, very easily.


Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] Image4381-1

» Natural Attributes:

Great Reflexes: Kyron can react a lot quicker to certain things than most people. If someone tosses something at her head, she can easily catch it. If something is about to fall, she had no problem preventing it. This stuff doesn't just come automatically like it does for most people. She chooses whether to allow her reflexes to act or not. So, if she wants to allow something to fall, she won't catch it if she doesn't want to. If she wants to, she does it quickly and swiftly, a lot better than what most people can do.

Can't Hold Her Liquor: From the day she had her first drink until now, Kyron has not been able to hold her liquor at all. It can take something very weak and a small amount of it to effect her. She doesn't get completely DRUNK easy, but it effects her quickly. By her fifth drink, most people will find her completely wasted. She'll have a pink face, be really peppy, and won't be able to walk, let alone drive home.

Martial Artist: During their time together, Jin had taught Kyron how to fight with stronger and tougher opponents, showing her how to use her petite figure to her advantage and be as fast as she could. She built up her speed and strength in both her legs, giving her kicks one hell of a power behind them. Most larger men succumb to a single kick from this young woman. There have even been times that she had accidentally broken an opponents arm, rib, or leg. People who have heard about her and know her name, have all learned that messing with her or making her made is a very bad idea. Most avoid her, but there are still some that try to challenge her in their little drunken fights in bars.

» Racial Powers:

Anima Stone: Kyron's anima stone is internal. It is no different than a diamond in strength. It is the size of a tennis ball and it is located around her heart. It literally encases her heart, allowing only the veins and arteries that are needed to pass through. Her anima stone is based on the ability to heal. While she is not using it, it is constantly collecting energy. This energy will later be able to be used to heal wounds and sicknesses. It helps her stay as healthy as possible. The power of this stone is fantastic. It can heal and even restore organs to what they were before damaged. It can also completely heal gashes and cuts to the point where there is no scar or mark left. If she loses a limb, she can also use this stone to restore the limb to what it once was. The only thing it can't do is bring her back to life or heal other people. It heals only herself. Once her heart has stopped beating, there is no chance of healing or revival. She's gone.

It's draw backs are this... Once this stone is empty, it takes her a month to completely refill it. This means that once she uses it, it will take five threads before she is able to use it to heal again. The only protection or help it allows her is that it is a weightless diamond that surrounds her heart. She can't activate it's healing ability while she is in battle. She has to be in a calm mental state and relaxed physical state to do it. In other words, she can't be moving around, kicking, punching, yelling, screaming, thinking about fighting, or anything that would cause herself to not relax. This is why she'll usually activate it when she is going to sleep. This is so she'll wake up the next morning and be completely healed. Once completely healed the stone is empty. She has to think very wisely when she wants to use this and it can only be used again once it is completely full.

Soul Sorcery:

Hitooshi: ( Fo, Su, Gun) There are three levels of this spell. With each level a word is added to increase the power of the spell exponentially, meaning increased greatly and extremely fast. With each word added, more energy is put into the spell. It doesn't take very much energy and is not meant to truly harm a person. This spell is a simple push of concentrated energy to stumble a person, knock them back or off their feet, and even send them flying, all depending on the amount of power put into it.

Level One: (Hitooshi Fo) This is the simplest form of this spell and takes practically no energy at all. She simply speaks the name of the spell and her energy is formed all over the front of her body, looking similar to smoke 'oozing' from her form. Once the spell is cast, it shoots out looking like a barrier surrounded by white smoke. Whatever it is aimed at can be stumbled or pushed off of their own feet. Once shot forward, the path cannot be alter. It will hit whatever is in it's path and can go up to ten feet. Once it hits something that his large enough or powerful enough to stop it, it will stop, but it's max is ten feet. It's set speed is also one hundred and fifty miles per hour. It's speed and strength does not weaken the farther away it goes.

Level Two: (Hitooshi Fo-Shu) This is the second level of this spell and because this spell is so simple, it really doesn't take that much energy, even on level two. Pretty much doing the same this as before, except adding “shu” to the name of the spell and taking just a bit more time, this spell is cast. It looks the same as level one, but does pack more of a punch. Level Two can reach up to a maximum of twenty feet away from her and it's speed is the same, one hundred and fifty miles per hour, as level one. With level two, a person hit by this can be knocked on their feet or be sent flying a good twenty to thirty feet away. Like level one, this spell does not slow down or get weaker the farther it goes and it's path cannot be altered once shot.

Level Three: (Hitooshi Fo-Shu-Gun) This third level is the most powerful of them all and does take a bit of energy, but still not much. This one comes out a bit larger than level one and two. It's about two feet taller than herself and a foot wider than the others. This one can reach up to forty feet away and once it hits anything, it sends them flying away from her. Like the others, it's path cannot be altered and it's set speed is the same one hundred and fifty feet.

Soul Detection:

Kyron is able to sense the spiritual power of those around her just like everyone else, but has recently found out about a pretty neat little ability regarding the aura's of those around her. Everyone has their own aura color. Each color usually depicts the type of mood they are in or emotion they are feeling. Those who are feeling multiple things, the strongest emotion will overcome the color of their aura or it will mix multiple colors. The way she is able to tell which emotion it is, AND the drawback of this power is, she slowly begins to feel what the people around her are feeling. If someone hates another, even if she doesn't actually feel the same way, she will begin to feel hate towards that same person. If someone is 'lusting' for another, she will slowly begin to feel it. Some times these urges get so powerful that she must leave the immediate area.

Colors And Meanings Of Them
White: Bored/Confused/Dazed
Grey: Uncaring/Emotionless/Unreadable
Black: Suicidal/Homicidal/Wanting To Hurt Others or Self
Blue: Calm/Relaxed/Tranquil/Content
Light Blue Happy/Friendly/Optimistic/Cheerful
Dark Blue: Upset/Sad/Depressed
Purple: Aroused/Attracted To Another
Pink: Hyper/Excited/Anxious/Adventurous
Dark Pink: Devious/Manipulative/Lying
Dark Red: Passionate/Loving/Caring/Lustful
Red Anger/Rage/Furious/Mad
Yellow: Annoyed/Uncomfortable/Disturbed/Awkward
Green: Jealous/Envious/Insecure
Orange: Worried/Impatient/Nervous

Soul Dash:

Kyron's Soul Dash is very unique in it's own sense. It's not concentrating energy into the legs, arms, or feet to make them move faster. Instead, she gathers energy in a layer on the outside of certain parts of her body. Once the energy is gathered it is facing towards the body part. Then, when she activates it, it is literally like a very strong push towards the limb to push it up to 10 times faster than it would go if she were swinging it normally. The energy is gathered in multiple places: Behind both elbows, Behind and in front of both hands/fists. Behind and in front of both feet. And on each side of her lower legs, right in the middle. She is able to use this twenty times per thread.

So, for example, let's say Kyron is throwing a punch straight towards someone's face. While she is in the middle of punching, the energy that is behind her elbow would push her arm forward at such a fast rate that it can shock those that she uses it on, giving them practically no chance to dodge. It's like a bullet being shot out of a gun the moment the trigger is pulled; it's sudden, hard to see, and extremely difficult to dodge.

» Evolution Powers: Her powers are based off of the idea of a key and a box. In this case, the key is her hands and the box is her body. Through a mental command, a seal on each of her hands is 'unlocked' allowing her to take in the essence of whatever she touches and use it as her own power. For instance, if she puts her hand in water and waits for a moment, she will be able to visualize and connect with the water in a way that allows her to control it, create it, and use it as her own. The same goes for a lot of other things. It's like she is unlocking the power and storing it away for later use. Once the seal is activated, whatever she is trying to unlock will not hurt her. Also, if you can't touch it, she can't collect it. So, one thing she cannot collect is sound. She also cannot collect heat. Yes, heat is something you can feel, but it can't be touched. Air, is one of the exceptions because if the wind is blowing, the knowledge of it can be unlocked and collected.

She can collect up to a total of eight powers, but they are kept in a certain order, the most powerful being Number 1, the weakest Number 8. If Kyron decides she wants a different power, she must throw one away first. Her absolute max is eight. When putting these power in order from most powerful to weakest, it means that the weakest one, she can barely do anything with. If she puts water at number one, she could do practically anything with it. Create it, change it into ice or evaporate it. She can lift it up, toss it, move it from here to there. She can attack, defend, counter, practically anything you can think of. Now if water was at number eight, it's very weak compared to number one. At number eight, she can't create as much (maybe 2-3 gallons) of it and it will be stuck in it's liquid state. It also takes time to switch these powers around to make one more powerful. She goes into battle with a certain order and it stays that way. There is no way for her to switch them around. It takes 20 minutes to change them around.

Current Powers And Power Order: (Anything that had a line through it cannot be done at the level she has it placed OR because she is lacking another power to do so.)

1. Electricity – A very strong power and difficult to collect because of it's wild and unpredictable nature. This power she already had stored when she woke in the hospital after her accident. Although it was hard to grasp at first, it's become very easy for her since then. Electricity moves through so many things in the world, which is why she keeps this as number one. From water, to metal, to the air around. Electricity is everywhere. There aren't many 'techniques' she can do with such a power, except for creating it and then shooting it at someone. She can move it through certain objects to harm an opponent, and if she wishes, she can even bring it down from the skies. Yes, lightning being a form of electricity, she can use that as well, but only at number one on her list.

2. Stone – An easy power to collect, but very strong. Stone is in so many things, much like electricity. From bricks, sidewalks, the street, and even things like steel are made out of it. She can create it in many forms and sizes. Sand is just worn down stone, so it is another thing she can have control over. Sand is used to make things like glass, so she can create it. Dirt is a very simple and abundant part of this ability, giving her a lot to work with. Steel is also made out of elements of stone, so that is something she can have under her control. Stone is something that is so broad and comes in so many different types, it's hard to imagine everything that she will be able to do with such a power. She could lift it from the very ground, create cliffs, alter landscapes, and much more.








Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] Image4380-1

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner 

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Adept
  • Soul Sorcery: Adept
  • Soul Dash: Advanced
  • Soul Detection: Beginner

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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: There's a drunk amongst us...
Tier: 2-4+


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Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+] DVNh7M9
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Kyron Suzu [APPROVED, 2-4+]
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