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Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:34 pm

►T H E B E A S T F R O M K A R A K U R A◄

"For as long as my hair is white, my skin is pale, my body is small and my potential is great; I will forever be around to smack the senses out of those who wish to test me!"


【 B a s i c I n f o 】


| Small File |

⊗ Name: Shadin Yuudeshi
⊗ Gender: Male
⊗ The Host Race: Human/Shinigami
⊗ Real Age: 421
⊗ Age By Appearance: 22
⊗ Nationality: Japanese
⊗ DOB: July 13th, 1988


◄ Appearance Description ►


«« .written appearance »»
• Shadin has a very slender body. In fact, he is nearly underweight since he is five foot eleven and weighs between one hundred and fifteen pounds to one hundred and twenty pounds. He often jokes about it, but to him it's a good thing since it helps his body stay in good shape in order to perform those fast speeds. It's also stated that Shadin's body consumes large chunks of energy that causes him to burn off so much fat. Add to the fact his active lifestyle and healthy eating, it's no wonder the man is so boneless. Standing at five foot eleven, Shadin's height would seem rather tall to most modern Japanese males. This is another thing that stands out on his body as most people from his country, on the male side, are typically between 5'5 and 5'7. The most logical explanation for this is that his growth was probably accelerated thanks to Oni Chiita being sealed within him at a young age.

Another thing about Shadin's body that stands out is his hair color. He has lengthy hair that extends down to his neck and the primary color of it is white. This was meant to symbolize the life that Oni Chiita was sucking from Shadin during his youth. You see, originally, Shadin's hair was naturally black as most people in his family either had grey or black hair. But, after the process of becoming a Ziamichi was complete, Shadin's body went through alot of changes and at the time Oni Chiita had a serious hold on Shadin's very life. Now'a'days, though, it seems he more or less disregards the real reason of why he has this luscious white hair and simply goes with the flow; claiming it to be his own now.

One more thing that stands out in Shadin's appearance is his eyes. Both of them are a dark, gem, green color with black pupils. In the past, Shadin himself stated that when he was a child he would sometimes gaze into his own eyes because the color was so enticing. And if you take into consideration the rest of Shadin's brightly colored body, it really does stick out compared to the rest of him. However, sometimes they can also change to a dark red color thanks to his demonic side. This typically happens whenever Shadin is enraged, acting aggressive or a demonic influenced is over him.

Shadin's skin is seems to be very light compared to most other Japanese males. The pigmentation of it may have very well been another side effects thanks to Oni Chiita's influence on his body. Before having him sealed within in his body, Shadin's skin was slightly brighter compared to post sealing. Though, this isn't a bad thing for Shad in. Thanks to his very light skin, it's very easy for Shadin to sneak around in bright places. From most of the outfits Shadin wears, he has an extreme affinity for bright and dark themed clothes. Most of his outfits constant of black, grey and white themed clothes. Mostly he wears denim type jeans, any kind of black shoes, some type of hoodie with a fur hood and alot of graphic shirts. Shadin seems to really like clothing with fur on it, though. This is shown when back in the past he used to wear leopard skinned pants and in present times as he usually has jackets that have a fur hood on them. Probably another trait from Oni Chiita most likely for this fashion choice.



« P e r s o n a l i t y »

«« .laid back. »»
• Most days, if you ever see Shadin on a non-eventful day, he is a laid back person. Thanks to his huge confidence and power, he takes life on easy mode. Never worries about much due to the type of strength, status, wealth and reputation that proceeds him. So more often then that, you will just see Shadin laying around just chillin' and enjoying his life rather then worrying like most in this day and age.

«« .female affinity. »»
• Ever since he was a teenager, Shadin has an extremely strong affinity for females, although they may not harbor the same feelings. When he was younger, whenever Shadin saw an attractive looking woman, he'd usually tries to flirt with them, grope their breast or bottom or try to make himself seem cool. Now, after getting married, he still holds that strong affinity for women as you can tell from how many are apart of his organization, The Yayjuu and how he spoils his daughter, Kishina, more then his son Sharu. It could be hormones, it could be brain damage, it could be lack of control, but he simply cannot control himself around women or at times gets too comfortable around them. And that's something he wouldn't ever try and change about himself.

«« .Showing His Worth. »»
• Shadin also loves getting into fights. Ever since he obtained his demonic powers, life has been one huge adventure for him. On an average day, if there are any hollows in the area, Shadin will most likely attack them to cure his boredom. He finds The thrill of the fight, all of the adrenaline flowing through his vanes, and the sweet taste of victory all too alluring and amusing. It's all just too tempting for him to pass up.

«« .Loyal. »»
• An example of a good trait in Shadin is Loyalty. Shadin will stay loyal to his friends to the very end. He is always wanting to finish what he started and being a good father to each of his children. And Even though it may not be very obvious at times, Shadin will put his life on the line to protect any close friend. It would tear him up on the inside if he was ever unable to protect the people who cares about.

«« .in control. »»
• When Shadin was finally able to mature physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, there was a new sense of calmness about him. Wherever he went, people would typically get a vibe that things would be alright. Most aren't sure rather it's confidence, power or charm, but after all Shadin has been through, it seems he is more in control of himself, the people close to him and everything around him.

»» .health freak. »»
• Shadin is a real health nut on his spare time. He eats almost nothing but fresh vegetables, fruits, meats for his meals. It's apart of how he keeps his skinny body type together with lots of intense draining and how much energy his body is constantly using. You can often see him giving lectures about the benefits of healthy eating, exercising and keeping a clear mind. It's gotten to the point where he even stopped doing the various drugs he did during his youth. Gotta keep a healthy body in order to haul ass.

«« .fatherly figure. »»
• To those who are his natural born children and to the clones in the SCU Unit, Shadin can sometimes be seen trying to portray himself as a father-like figure. The most logical reason to why he does this at times is almost certainly due to the fact that his own father was such a disappointing person to him. Constantly beating down on his siblings and mother, never staying home and eventually sealing Oni Chiita and his own self inside of Shadin. So, based on those experiences alone, Shadin has always pleged to be a better father to his children and clones. Even when he was much younger Shadin took Sharu out of the care of his mother, vowed to make his life better and treat him the way he wished his own father would have done.

«« .tactical. »»
• As of recently, Shadin has been seen being more careful in his fights compared to the past. After suffering a crushing defeat in the past by the likes of Kin and Kuro, Shadin has decided not to underestimate anyone he fights with. Always does Shadin air on the caution, despite his cocky attitude seen by others at times. Every single time he gets himself into a dangerous situation Shadin analyzes the environment around him, checks to make sure his own body is in peak shape, find out any information he can on his opponent and knows that despite his great strength, there is always a chance of facing defeat.

«« .periods of psychotic stress. »»
• Being in such a position as the one Shadin is currently in, it's not surprising that there will be periods where the pressures of life can consume you. Thus, mostly in battle, sometimes Shadin can be seen becoming really aggressive, nearly to the point of being psychotic. It's almost as if he has loss of contact with his former self as he can be seen acting quite sadistic, blood thirsty and rageful during these periods.

«« .suspect. »»
• Often times associated with that stress in his life, whenever Shadin is not around his friend or teammates, he, in his own mind, is typically suspicious of every single person who strikes him as odd. This doesn't mean he believes everyone around him is like that, it's mostly people who act quite strange around him, appear from nowhere or individual's who just shouldn't be there. After being targeted by scientist, researchers, hitmen, assassins, low-life thugs, challengers to his power, demon's, soldiers and a whole array of twisted fucks, Shadin has learned to watch his back whenever he is out.

«« .charitable. »»
• Sometimes, Shadin's can be seen being a very generous person. This was shown when he gave Hanako one million yen after killing one of her targets for her bounty hunter job and by giving out large sums of money whenever he goes to battle and alters the lives of the people around him. Even in his own personal life Shadin is seen acting this way. Such as back when he was a teenager he saved Kin Iramasha from being killed by a rouge Arrancar, befriending him and teaching him how to become a better person.

«« .hot headed. »»
• During battle, Shadin can seem pretty into himself to others fighting him. Though, this is furthest from the case, Shadin believes he needs to have a constant flow of adrenaline pumping in order to stay effective. This does not mean, however, he doesn't like being seen as a heroic person. After all, it's in his families nature to want to be the center of attention. It's The Yuudeshi way in a sense, but he also knows when to keep his ego in check.

«« .instructor. »»
• To those within The Yayjuu or people Shadin wishes to help, he can sometimes be seen trying to act more like teacher. This probably goes along the whole principle of The Yayjuu's creation. To shelter, help, teach and guide those Ziamichi's in need. For the most part, he had to learn by himself how to control his inner demon. Kisuke Urahara helped reduce any type of damage or threat, but it was up to Shadin to teach himself. At times, he felt last due to the insanity this beast had, and thus he did not want others to go through this same type of pain.

«« .what he fights for. »»
• The reason why Shadin fights so hard, trains so much and pushes himself to the limit in battle is because he knows this is necessary in order to preserve his way of life. This is apart of the reason why he let himself become such a weapon for Karakura Central to use in their arsenal. He only wishes to protect those within his family, friends, city and all those who inhabit Earth. It's not because he is trying to be a heroic bastard, but it's simply because he knows this is the one place he belongs, the one place where he grew as a person and the one place with so much of his history. He refuses to let Earth fall into chaos, even if it cost's him his life one day.

«« .alignment. »»
• From all of his experiences, personality traits and powers themselves, Shadin seems to air on the side of Chaotic Good. He'll always fight for the right causes in his own mind, but he simply has a wild way of doing them. Sometimes he can be seen acting on his own such as when he and his brother Zin Yuudeshi stormed into the Soul Society and busted their friend along with his mother out of prison because they believed he didn't belong. Another example of this Chaotic Good is when he unconsciously puts lives at risk during large scale battles, though this is not his intention. Shadin is simply a hard person to try and contain.


【 T h e P a s t 】



B a c k g r o u n d

• Shadin Yuudeshi is both the Leader of one of Earth's most powerful organization's called The Yayjuu that he created from nothing and heir of a massive and powerful clan on Earth. It all stems from a powerful bloodline that his family has, one of the most powerful beast of Demon World being tamed by Shadin and all the determination he put into protecting this planet along with intense battle experience. Haruko Yuudeshi, his mother, was the previous Captain of Squad 10 before Hitsugaya had taken office. She was known for her brute strength, powerful reitsu and her strong will power. Hideki Yuudeshi, his father, was the former Captain of Squad 7 and was known for his cunning ways, his might and knowledge of Kidō. Together, these two would forge an awesome and powerful clan; and give birth to one of the world's strongest fighters.

• It all started 500 years ago when Haruko and Hideki Yuudeshi first mated. For the first few hundred years things were peaceful. The pair birthed the first set of real Yuudeshi's which were Shadin Yuudeshi, Tohru Yuudeshi, Zin Yuudeshi, Revy Yuudeshi and Accel Yuudeshi. Haruko forced herself to resign in order to take of her children and all was together for these years despite having a heavy amount of abuse in the household. It even got to the point where during a fight, Hideki had sealed off Haruko's Shinigami powers for a long period. She did not gain these be back until over a decade later.

• When Shadin was finally born, though, he made the parents very happy as he turned out to be a strong and happy baby. Though, even during his birth, Hideki knew he would become a Shinigami eventually and would abuse this knowledge later on in Shadin's life. Though, this did make the start of Shadin's Yuudeshi's story. The destiny of this little rascal was going to be one hell of a ride as life would throw all kinds of curve-balls at him. So, let us begin.


T h e S t a r t

• Back before he obtained his demonic powers, Shadin's had a pretty shaky and dicy life. In a sense, his home life was nothing but a disaster. His father, Hideki had left the household when Shadin was 8 due to unknown reasons from his point of leave, though his mother knew very well what was happening. Though, previous to his leaving, Hideki and Shadin's mother, Haruko, often had many physical confrontations in front of the family. Even having to have Shadin's older brother, Tohru , step in and break up their fights. Nevertheless, though, once his father left the family they were quickly evicted out of their home and forced to the street for about 6 months.

• In the course of those 6 months Shadin was forced to do a lot things to help his family survive. Each of his siblings had to run down to the local market and steal whatever food they could curry in their hands, shirt, pockets and bags. After getting sufficient food, they ran back to a homeless shelter their mother had build for the under a bridge overpass. During this time, Shadin had also felt so useless, saddened and helpless about this situation entire situation his family was placed, especially whenever he saw his mother hurting. He wished so deeply that there was something he was able to do to contribute better to the family.

• But little did he know he would get his wish soon. Change was in the air and Shadin's life was about to be forever altered; sitting him on the path to become one of the world's most powerful and influential Ziamichi in the Earth's record books. It would be a day that Shadin would never forget.


T h e B i r t h

• A few months had past and Haruko ended up getting sick from a radical heart virus that nearly left her for dead and had to be hospitalized with what little money they had to their name, while the kids were forced to stay at their makeshift homeless shelter and look out for one another. Saddened deeply, one night, Shadin decided to go on a walk on his own in the forest near the city to clear his head. But little did he know he would become part demon soon. While he was roaming the forest in his pit of despair, a great powerful demon named Oni Chiita was about to become one with him.

• At the time, Oni Chiita and Hideki were fighting Urahara Kisuke and Tessai. Men who may not have been stronger then him, but had the tools along with the spells needed to capture him, suck away his powers and render him helpless or under their mercy. Not left with many options on the table, Oni Chiita and Hideki had no other choice but to find another host to stay in until these two men had lost track of them. It is unknown to even Shadin if these events were fortunate or unfortunate, but Shadin was the only beckon of hope of Oni Chiita's survival, so he swiftly came down upon Shadin and sealed himself along with Hideki inside him.

• It was a very powerful transformation for Shadin to under go for a child. It was one experience that almost meant the end of him. The sealing process itself radically changed his body from the way it was both. For when both Oni Chiita and his father were one, Shadin was granted both Shinigami powers from his father and demonic powers from Oni Chiita. So, the instant they became whole, Shadin transcended into Shinigamihood thanks to his father's blood, though he did not have much power from that side at the time due to the fact Hideki had placed a seal on his own body to make sure his powers wasn't stolen.

• As for the sealing process itself, thanks to breaking both he himself and Hideki down on a microscopic level thanks to a complex Demon Spell Oni Chiita had learned long ago from his travel's in Demon World. Eventually, they would also be broken down on a spiritual level as well in order to become whole with Shadin and succeed in staying low until Oni Chiita could realize his full power once again. Thus, once they had finally reached Shadin's Inner World, Hideki began placing multiple seals to ensure their safety until they could figure out a way to come back on top.

• Meanwhile, the massive serge in power being created, compressed and sealed caused Shadin to create an intense carter across a mile wide area. Eventually, he ended up collapsing due to exhaustion and was barely clinging on to life as he could barely sustain himself. After all, he was just a kid. There was no way he could handle that type of power on his own. Luckily for Shadin, however, Urahara himself took pity on him and decided to take him in for a few days.

• During this period, Urahara had ran thousands of ghastly experiments, test's and modifications to Shadin's body that involved heavy sedation by drugs at times to keep his mental state under control, dozens of seals that were placed and then broken thanks to Oni Chiita's strong will, analyzing Shadin's body and his potential, putting him through life or death training sessions with Tessai and focusing on developing Shadin's Shinigami powers so he could fight back against Oni Chiita.

• Eventually, Urahara found the right combination of drug's that suppressed Shadin's mental distress from his father betraying him, the right type of seal needed to keep the beast under control, had developed Shadin's Shinigami powers enough to where he could stand on his two feet, gave Shadin valuable advice to keep himself together and basically send him along his way once he was finished putting him under control.

• Days later, after a missing persons report was filed for Shadin by his mother, authority's found him sitting deep within a smoldering black carter with dozens of sparks of red lighting all around it. Everyone was baffled about how he survived. However, Shadin came to a realization that he would be able use these powers to make money for his family, bring good will to them and go against his father's will by controlling the powers he was given.

• From that point on he kept up with constant training session's with Urahara in order not to lose himself to the demonic powers, he also used these powers to earn his family more money by taking on many dangerous fights in shady area's of Karakura so that they could pay off Haruko's medical bills and find a small apartment in a ghetto side of Karakura for them until they were able to stand on their on feet. Then, after a few years had passed, they had come across a small house in that same area and eventually moved into that. And for awhile, it was alright. His mother was very strict and had anger issues, but Shadin could learn to live with it after everything he had been through at such an early age.


T h e G o t e i S l a u g h t e r

• During this time, Shadin also joined amongst the Gotei 13's ranks from a shinigami he had come into contact with. Since he was the son of two former Captain and had a high amount of energy for someone his age, he was instantly selected to be thrown into Squad 6. During that time he befriended one of his friend loves, Yuki Yami and had a huge circle of friends in his squad. Eventually he challenged Renji Abari for his Squad Position and defeated him in battle making himself a Vice Captain for a short while. That was until an incident where he killed a good number of his squad members during a mission along with his first love when his demon powers took a hold of his body. When he finally came to, he realized what happened and instantly ran away from his job as Vice Captain. After that, he vowed to never use his powers again and would live the rest of his life on Earth hiding from the Soul Society.

• Also, around this period is when he had also killed his Older Brother, Tohru Yuudeshi, after he had slept with his girlfriend behind his back and she had gotten pregnant with his son. Uwa, the girlfriend, tried to tell Tohru that the baby was his until that faithful night in Karakura. They all had decided to go out for a walk in the city until Shadin lead Tohru into a dark corner. There, he told Tohru everything that happened and killed his brother point-blank with a gunshot wood to the face. After that, he had his shinigami friend send him some place in the Soul Soceity far away so he could never find the Gotei 13.


N e r o A r c

• Things had changed for Shadin after he went AWOL. During this time he had began to become very weak compared to others around him. Often times he would flee if he didn't see a chance of winning or came up against a powerful or equal threat. This was also the peak of his perverted antics as he would often be seen harassing females and molesting them. Every time he went to Karakura High, he was known as a ladies man to most and slept with almost every woman in that school.

• Around the time he enrolled in this school, though, he would meet a friend that would forever change his life. His name, was Kin Iramasha. On a faithful night in Karakura Town, a teenage Shadin Yuudeshi came to Kin Iramasha's rescue when he was put near death thanks to an Arrancar. He was easily able to overpower the Arrarncar. After being saved by Shadin, Kin started to stick around with his new buddy. Having no real objections to it, Shadin let Kin become one of his new friends.

• During the course of their friendship they shared a brother like bound. They had each others back. Shadin taught Kin how to street fight, increased his power somewhat, taught him how to harden up, listened to stories of his past life on Iramasha Island about the lower branch of demons, always saved Kin whenever someone would try to fight him and Shadin pretty much protected Kin like he was his own little brother. Meanwhile Kin would always look up to Shadin, try to emulate his attitude, learn more about the human world from him and gain a pretty happy personality from the changes Shadin had made in his life. Kin also made a group of new friends from the people Shadin hung around.

• Together with their new friends, they would have their share of fights, bonding, laughter, joy and all the other experiences a pack of friends usually share. Although, out of this new group of people, Kin found another person who was like a family member to him. Midori Surigara. Her heroine type personality always made them both feel at ease, made them feel more accepted and Shadin pretty much came to like her in the future when her and Shadin eventually got together.

• However, in 2007, tragedy struck. Nero had kidnapped Shadin's family in order to lure him out since he heard Shadin possessed a powerful demon inside of him. During that time Zin, Revy and Haruko were kept inside of test tubes for the next few months until Shadin, with help from his friends, were able to save his family. It was a long and dangerous battle that changed the very core of Shadin's soul. In the course of these events, he was forced to either die a coward and fail his family, or step up, master his powers and overcome adversity.

• Shadin choose the correct path and decided to overthrow one of Nero's most powerful Elite warriors. During this battle, he learned how to use both his Shikai and 1st Demon Stage correctly. However, this was not enough to combat the warrior. At this point he was very desperate to win, to put a stop to Nero and show his self-worth to his friends. So he finally started using his powers once more. The fight pushed Shadin past his limits and caused him to activate his 2nd demon form. He was, however, able to somehow control this throughout the fight and went on to fight in the final battle against Nero with new confidence on his abilities.

• But, after all that had happened, Shadin had to come clean about the spirit world. Shadin told his family everything about it, but kept his demon powers a secret still. Zin was surprised to hear all of this and even more surprised when Haruko revealed that she was a former captain. So after that, Shadin started teaching his siblings how to protect themselves with basic stuff and getting their spiritual awareness up. Nothing to major.

• From there, he got stronger, he got faster, he got smarter and he was determined to push himself after learning not to be afraid of the gift he was given. The gift of power. It was something that Shadin could use to change the world around him. And boy, This present from above would soon come in handy for the next major threat that came along to Earth.


T h e E n d e r A r c

• At the start of 2009, everything seemed to be off with Shadin. The reason being was because he was abusing his Demonic Powers. At this period of his life, he relied heavily upon his Demon powers rather then using his Shinigami powers. In almost every single battle he used his demonic powers to fight. This would eventually catch up to him as his personality began to alter as he seemed very angry. Often times, he would take this out in a series of multiple beat downs on his friends.

• For the next few months, Shadin would constantly pick on, infuriate and fight against Ritsuka for the love of Snow who looked just like his first love. These fights were very intense. During one occasion Shadin nearly destroyed Karakura Town along with nearly killing Ritsuka because he could not control his anger. In another situation, Ritsuka had became so mad with Shadin and his taunting that he targeted Kin and nearly killed him with a cero-like blast.

• Eventually, it got to the point where there were casualties. On one faithful night, Shadin had began playing around with Snow. He was harnessing her, filtering with her and would not respect her personal space. When Ritsuka arrived on the scene, this made him very angry and ended up in the two fighting again. However, this time, Shadin's powers took complete control over him. It ended up in him killing both Snow and Ritsuka in a bloody rage. This caused them both to become Shinigami and Shadin had a massive mental breakdown during this state that caused him to unlock his third demon stage and go on a massive rampage across Karakura.

• It took the might of Midori, Misaiko, Iori, and others to bring down Shadin and force him to go back to normal through a sealing technique Urahara used to control the beast within Shadin. When he finally came to, he knew that this madness had to stop and that he must stop relying on his demonic powers. From this point onward, he begin training his Shinigami powers until he had unlocked his bankai to face a new threat that would reveal itself very soon.

• In March of 2009 the evil tyrant called Ender made his presence known throughout the world thanks to his attack on Karakura. During this battle Shadin had killed many of his soliders and ended up fighting against Kuro Mikoto, one of his former students. They both ended up tearing up a good portion of Karakura along with the other fighters. Shadin even revealed his Bankai for the first time during this battle, but it wasn't enough to stop Kuro as they both ended up in a tie with each other after Shadin lost conscious and Kuro retreated.

• After Ender's first attack on Karakura, he realized Kin had left them during all the chaos to join up with him. Once he found that out, Shadin was very hurt since Kin was almost like his little brother to him and would do anything for him. And for him to had betrayed them to join up with the ranks of Ender. It was almost too much for him to bare.

• Not only that, but Tohru Yuudeshi had also found his way back into the realm of the living thanks to him joining up with Ender. And he had broke through Midori's security and had knocked out Zin, Iori, Sharu and Midori while Shadin was out. This lead to a furious fight that nearly killed the both of them. Near the end of the battle, though, Shadin gave Tohru a realization that both of them were semi-immortal beings. He explained that even though he killed Tohru, this was not the end of the road for him and to reconsider his actions before he got in too deep just like Kin did.

• When Shadin was finally able to get out of that, he began fearing for the safety of some of his family members. Thus, Shadin ordered his son to go live with Urahara for a short time underground until this whole war was settled. Of course young Sharu was angry at his father for doing this, but knowing he had not enough power to combat Ender's forces, realizing he was only six years old and that his father wanted him to live longer AND knowing that deep down inside he was very afraid of dying, he complied with his fathers wishes and stayed nearly 9 or 10 months underground with a group of people until the war with Ender finally ended.

• During the course of this war, Shadin also waged his own personal war against Kin in order to bring him back to the side of good from his betrayal earlier in the year. He took Kenshin Yuudai, Misaiko Surigara, Iori Surigara, Hayuko, Hiro Arjan and many others with him into Ender's Realm. They all fought with all of their might, took on many battles and were pushed to the limits of their abilities. However, it was simply not enough to save Kin. For some reason or another, Kin was able to outsmart Shadin and escaped with Hime before Shadin could deal the final blow that would damage Kin.

• Naturally, Shadin was upset by this and he would not see him again for the next few years since he heard Hime took him away from that side for good. Instead of focusing on Kin, they new had to redirect their efforts towards the final battle on Earth for Ender.

• Once the threat was over, Shadin quickly searched for his son who he was glad to have found alive. He had also found out that his borther who had previously attacked him was merely under the spell of Ender's curse and that him and his father had made up. So that meant he had gained another family member by his side.


P o s t E n d e r A r c

• Once the war with Ender had finally drawn to a close, Shadin Yuudeshi quickly created his own organization for Ziamichi's. With the help of Ikarumi, Havoc and Seika his dream finally became a reality since it turned into a safe haven for Ziamichi to have a place to call home, train their powers and get back on their feet. Sure, they only had a small abandoned building in the middle of Karakura Town, but this would grow over the next four hundred years into one of the most powerful orgs on Earth.

• Not only that, but during this time is when Shadin and Midori had finally married each other. After the wedding, Shadin ended up getting Midori pregnant which resulted in her giving birth to his first daughter. At this point in Shadin's life, all seemed to be going his way expect for the gaping hole Kin Iramasha had left with his leaving.


T h e W a r A g a i n s t T h e S o u l K i n g

• The year 2013 brought down great change. This was the year that Kin Iramasha had made his return with a massive bang. From what Shadin had heard, Kin had been gathering a large army in the ruins of Ender's realm. He even heard that Kin was of equal or higher power himself and that a war would be imminent within the coming year. As such, he prepared as much as he could while the demon presence on Earth began to rise as he learned a warrant was issued for him in Demon World in order to release Oni Chiita from his deal.

• So, from the start of 2013, almost every week brought up dramatic battles for him. One of the worse battles would be one in Karakura Park. It started one day when out of the blue a massive attack from Kin was brought down, similar to the one Ender did many years. In this battle, many of the Karakura Defenders were put into action as they fought against the twisted army that belonged to Kin. But, this would not be like any other battle. While Shadin was busy fighting against Andrei at the time, he realized that Iori and Midori were attacked by Clarie and rushed to their aid.

• Unfortunately, by the time Shadin blew Andrei away with his demonic powers, Iori was dead and Midori had lost conscious. This, of course, sent great sorrow throughout the Karakura Defenders as they had lost one of their own. And both Shadin and Zin swore vengeance upon Kin, Clarie and everyone within The Kokuryuteshi. At this point, Kin was no longer Shadin's little brother. He was a monster that needed to be stop.

• After the chaos of that battle, Shadin was instantly place into fray again as he heard his friend, Ritsuka, had been captured along with his mom by The Gotei 13. Feeling hot-headed, young and strong, both him and his brother Zin Yuudeshi decided to break their friends out. Zin would go to the maggots nest and do battle against Tsubine and Snow in order to save Ritsuka's mom, meanwhile Shadin would do battle with the majority of the Gotei 13 on the front lines and free Ritsuka from Sōkyoku Hill.

• In the course of this event, Shadin ended up fighting against Byakuya Kuchiki, Toja, Rukia Kuchiki and Toshiro Hitsugaya at the same time while trying to save Ritsuka. It was a rough battle that was on the move, but eventually he was able to over come it by using Persona spilt and using Hyperjump in order to teleport him and Ritsuka out of there.

• Later, Shadin would meet-up with Zin and Shadin where they would be greeted by Ceon. From there, he gave them the choice of either going back to the Gotei or passing his lesson. Not having time for any bullshit, Shadin and Zin hesitation did battle with Ceon. Over the duration of this fight, they both learned that when Ritsuka's life was in danger that they realized Ceon's lesson to defend Ritsukas with their own lives which helped them pass. When they realized that, they were able to bypass Ceon since they had pass his lesson; thus moving on to their overall goal of saving their friend.

• When they finally made it to Urahara's Shop, they all began to brainstorm until Shadin requested that an Iramasha get involved in these matters before things got out of control. So, Urahara contacted a Iramasha high up in the diplomatic food-chain and had him work things with The Gotei 13 before another sub-war would break out on top of the war Kin Iramasha had already waged against them.

• This, however, would be the least of their worries as Shadin and Zin would take part in the final battle against Kin with the Soul King. Somehow, during this fight, Kin had gained an insane amount of power thanks to the power of his Custom Angel Form. They all nearly lost if it had not been for the Soul King sealing Kin away for the next four hundred years.

• Relived that the madness was over, Shadin would then go on to live his life in relative peace for the next few hundred years until the next great war....


P o s t W a r

• With the world in a peaceful state with most of the Demon, Hollow and Kokuryuteshi faction leaders taken out, Earth was finally able to start it's long road of harmony, technological advancement and many of it's fighters having time to perfect their powers. This was the case for Shadin Yuudeshi as he decided to use the next hundred years in order to train himself for the next big threat. During this time he was able gradually mature his abilities, gain a deeper connection to his strength, grow his mind, control his emotions and take control of his body once and for all without too many external threats slowing him down. Yes, this was a great time for Shadin power wise, but also family wise.

• When the era of peace was in full swing, Shadin could have more time to be a family man to his wife and children, have more time to have fun with his friends and generally have a fulfilling life at the time. Sure, there were ups and downs as their children grew up along with teaching them how to control their powers, but overall it was a fun ride for Shadin and his buddies. Nothing could really stand in the way of this group for what little threats came about during this time period such as pesky hollow's and Demon's; all failed against The Karakura Defenders.

• However, not only did Shadin's personal life improve, so did his business. Over the course of 2013 to 2150 The Yayjuu had seen serious growth from the support Shadin received from his other organizations, the positive reviews he received from other important business, political and organization leaders, masses of lost Ziamichi hearing about a safe haven for their kind from the publicity The Yayjuu had received and the funds to make their own legit base; finally moving from the run-down staidum downtown.

• Yes, yes. There was much growth to be had during this time, but even Shadin knew it couldn't last forever. Being destined to be a semi-immortal, he knew he would see many rough and terrible trials in the future. He would have to endure many cruel fates in the next few hundred years. Rough times lay ahead for him and the globe now.


T h e D e c a d e s O f S o r r o w

• It all started one early morning on a cold winter day in January of 2150. Shadin, Midori and many of the Karakura Defenders were summoned to a meeting within The Vizard Corps. It seemed very urgent at the time, with his little brother Zin Yuudeshi, whom was leader of The Corps, pressing him to attend. When everyone was gathered, Zin had showed them all news feeds from all across the globes of an insane population increase of Demon's and Hollow's. They had seemly came out of nowhere and laid waste to New York City; claiming it as their own.

• Needless to say, this marked the era of a new war for all factions. From that day forward, Earth was locked in a deadly battle against hollow's for the next seventy years. From this grizzly war, there were millions, if not, billions of Death's from both sides due to constant battles in the street, innocent people getting dragged into the crossfire, killing spree's and so on and so forth. It was really a grim time for Shadin since he had never seen this type of destruction actually occur on Earth for vast periods of time. Though, It was also a dark time for him in his personal life as well.

• In the course of this war, the Karakura Defenders, Shadins Family and Shadin's friends eventually started to grow apart due to the destruction across Earth, having their own path's to take, separation and simply time grinding their relationships to dust. Eventually, even Shadin's wife was presumed missing or dead, his children no where to seen, his friends all but scarce and the world falling apart all around him. Soon, Shadin would find himself with only his younger brother to lean back on as things were just too strained on the Earth.

• This really left a scar on Shadin's heart to finally see the family, friend's and life he once had tore away from him. And, thanks to his rotten luck of being a Semi Immortal, it surely won't be the last time this happens to him either. For rest of eternity, should he not be killed, Shadin will be forced to walk this forlon path until he decides to put an end to his own existence from not being able to deal with tremendous amounts of mental insanity.

• But alas, he knew he had no choice but to keep moving forward through this bloody war if he were to ever see the light again until darkness would consume once again. He fought long, hard, deadly battles day in and day out; fighting alongside many of the members in The Yayjuu in order to bring peace back to the world in these bleak times. It was the only thing keeping him moving seeing how much his organization had sticked together like family through this war.

Heh, maybe he could weather the storm this time....


N e w E a r t h

• After many decades of fighting, the world had finally seen an end to most of the major bloodshed from the World War. Human's were becoming more spiritually aware then in the modern era, more techniques were created to prevent Demon/Hollow attack's, cities were built to withstand assaults by having protective shields around them that kill most weak-level hollow's on sight, sky Cities placed thousands of feet in the air, Underground Cities, and even Underwater cities. Some humans have even gone as far to create space colonies on the moon thanks to such advancements in space technology.

• So, at this time, Shadin was able to finally get some rest of all those reckless battles. For a few more years Shadin roamed the Earth killing hollow's, demon's and anyone who else who was against the will to revert Earth back to it's peaceful state; though these fights were nothing like the ones he had faced during the past seventy years. It was almost a bit too easy for him.

• Eventually, he would then settle into an improved version of Karakura Town that was dubbed; "Karakura Central". It swiftly became one of the largest, most powerful, hi tech and most protected cities in the globe. Without wasting too much time, Shadin would then seize this opportunity to re-locate The Yayjuu's new base somewhere within Downtown Karkaura Central to get a sense of home going again.

• After a few more decades, Shadin would then become noticed as an important figure in the world thanks to his efforts to save the world, his insane power and status in the world as the leader of the one Earth's largest organizations. When other higher ups in Karakura Central noticed Shadin more, they eventually decided to exploit Shadin's power in order to create him into a massive weapon in order to protect Earth.

Thus...The Yuudeshi Project began.


T h e Y u u d e s h i P r o j e c t

• The Yuudeshi Network was built to be a massive project meant to protect help and increase the powers of one of the strongest warriors on Earth, Shadin Yuudeshi. They consisted of The Yuudeshi Towers, The Yuudeshi Network, The Yuudeshi Islands, The SCU Unit and a mass series of Super Comptuers linked up to one powerful Processor and multiple computers within Shadin's Brain and Body. The funding from this project came from The Yuudeshi Clan, The Surigara Clan, Special Human Task Force, Gotei 13, The Yayjuu and many other orgs.

• However, the main blueprints for this idea was created by the mastermind KJ Yunashi. Both he and Shadin knew each other from previous encounters during the Nero Arc. Thanks to KJ, he was able to really get the clone project going, however, the first batch of clones was a horror story. When they were first experimenting with the clones, the mis-trials were filled with clones who had fused together, clones that missed limbs, clones that had many health problems, clones that fell apart after a day of living, clones that had too much power and eventually killed themselves with it and so on and so forth.

• This was one of the things that laid heavy on Shadin's conscious even to this day. He was even forced to kill some of the clones who wanted to rebel or not be apart of this project since they were too much of throat. Thousands of clones, and their bodies and organs collected in order to fuse them together to make stronger clones. It was a disgusting experience for Shadin, which is why he vowed to protect the newer sets of SCU Unit when they eventually became perfected after many years of failure.

• Apart from that, The Yuudeshi Network was also funded by The Yayjuu, The Hashiamatsujiyuu and The Vizard Corps. It was made to be a massive virtual network hosted on one of the many super computers that helps supports the Yuudeshi Towers. The data within contains info on many criminals, surveillance footage from Karakura Central and other cities, alerts for every city on Earth, a contact ability where the people connect can message at other in real time during crisis situations or to add more data to the network and even helps Shadin in his calculating and processing abilities.

• Finally, The Yuudeshi Islands are used to harvest energy for the globe in order to help all the cities throughout the current crisis on Earth, distribute reitsu to soldiers in need who help protect the planet and they are used in order for Shadin to harness Fire Water.

• Together with the processing and calculating power of Shadin Yuudeshi, the various set of clones modeled after him and the power of these orgs, he has been creating a major impact on how the world most people live in has been shaped.


P r e s e n t D a y

• Shadin Yuudeshi is now one of the world's most powerful warrior's and weapon. He leads The Yayjuu into many victory battles, is constantly training to perfect his power in order to overthrow the constant threat hollow's and demon's give, he is still on the search for his wife Midori Surigara and seems to be getting a better grip on himself mentally, emotionally and physically when it comes to his power. Only time will tell where Shadin's path will go.

After all, the guy is a semi-immortal. He has much time on his hands to mold what type of person he wants to be.

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"Heh, you are still here? Fine, I'll give you some more! Just don't blame me for any unsightly damages you'll take from my shine!"


【 E n t e r T h e S p i r i t】



T h e S p i r i t

Ziamichi History

• Back when he was the spawn of a lowly cheetah demon in one of the desserts within demon world, Oni Chiita was nothing more then a mindless beast. All he ever knew how to do was fight, kill and devour the flesh of beings weaker then him. He learned to simply live on his instincts and nothing more. This type of behavior had continued on for at least ten thousand years until he started to become more powerful. And that's when the leader of demon world, Touketsu, had noticed him.

• After coming back from the realm where Death was sealed, Touketsu wanted to test some of the limitless power it contained when he became one with it for a short time. So, with the help of some his more intelligent Demon followers, Touketsu had created a sphere of power that contained some of death's energy. Once that task was completed, he decided to go around Demon World searching for other demons to experiment on. Which is how Oni Chiita and Touketsu had discovered each other. And how Oni Chiita would eventually obtain power beyond his wildest dreams.

• When Touketsu had discovered Oni Chiita, he was surrounded by a pile of dead bodies him and his pack had killed. However, even with his limited knowledge, Oni Chiita knew not to attack Touketsu right off the bat. From the power he had sensed coming deep from within Touketsu's soul, he knew better then to fight him. It wouldn't even be a match for him; It would simply be a slaughter like he had previously committed on the demons that lay dead around him. So instead, he simply stayed on ground. Watching every movement the Demon King had made.

• Luckily for Oni Chiita, Touketsu was not here to murder him. As instead, he merely wanted to strike a deal with him. If he were to become one of his early test experiments, he would secure the safety of his pack, grant him nearly limitless power, become one of The King's Elite Soldiers and be granted semi-immortality. However, he left out the part where Oni Chiita could possibility die and become food for death; erasing his soul forever in a hellish realm of existence for all eternity. Or the part where having all of this power could potentially make him become even more insane then he is now. But, since he was lacking in brain power at the time, Oni Chitta blindly accepted Touketsu's terms without knowing the full depth of what he was getting into.

• So, upon Oni Chita accepting his offer, Touketsu unleashed the full power of Death after he Oni Chiita's pack to his Kingdom. Once it was released, it instantly went into Oni Chiita's body. It caused him to grow over 30 feet tall, increased the size of his brain to allow him to think more clearly, gave him near limitless power and granted him semi-immorality. When the process was done, Oni Chiita was a completely new being.

• After achieving this ultimate power, Oni Chiita became one of Touketsu's Elite Soldiers and quickly his repetition spread like wildfire throughout Demon World due to experiment he was apart of, how powerful he became, and how he was apart of Touketsu's Elite Warriors. They were truly amazed at whenever he was sent to a rebelling nation how he left almost nothing untouched by destruction. His power was truly something to be admired for the demons.

• This kept up for tens of thousands of years until a powerful Shinigami named "Hideki Yuudeshi" had came into contact with Oni Chiita. When this man showed up, all he wanted was to control Oni Chiita's power. So for almost a full day they did battle until he was able to place a spell throughout his body where Oni Chiita would blindly follow his orders. And this is how Hideki was going to go to war with the Soul Society. However, before doing that, he deicded to do a test-run on Earth. This was his fatal error.

• While they were destroying a city, Kisuke Urahara and Tessai had fought them. Somehow, during the fight, Tessai was able to disable more then 75% of Oni CHiita's power for a short time. So, not left with many options, Oni Chiit fled from that fight. Oni Chiita and Hideki had no other choice but to find another host to stay in until these two men had lost track of them. Which is where Shadin came into play. Hideki figured he could stay within his sons body until all of Oni Chiia's power came back years later. This would also give him time to perfect his techniques. So, with that, they each sealed themselves inside of his body.


【 O n i C h i t t a' s P e r s o n a l i t y 】



T h e P e r s o n a l i t y O f T h e D e m o n

«« .Territorial. »»
• In some instances, Oni Chiita has been known to be territorial. This is in reference to him stating, that if he were to ever be released from Shadin Yuudeshi, he'd most likely ensure the regions in which he ruled over within Demon World had been in his control or would SWIFTLY come back upon his return. Furthermore, he appears to have a great disdain for other types of animalistic creatures outside of his own race. The reason for this? It's quite simple. Back in the days of his youth, he had always been forced to fight for his life, fight for what was his and ward off all types of other animal based tribes whom dared venture foot onto his land. Based on this upbringing, Oni Chiita has a GREAT dislike of other types of beast outside of the likes of Sekkyoku, those whom possess his power or his own species. However, this does not mean he will viciously attack them; as he did in his earlier years. He'll simply avoid them until they either become a factor in his plans, a thorn in his side or if they become hostile towards him.

«« .Deep Personal Space:. »»
• After many years of solitude, he has come to a place in his persona where he prefers his own personal space. That is, the silence of his thoughts are one of the few things that actually soothes this beast anymore. One might wonder why a savage such of himself hadn't bothered with ripping a brat like Shadin when he was young? Well, the answer lays within this trait. Long before he had even been entrapped within the soul of Shadin, he was on a path of destruction and death. However, this had been based on the environmental in which he had been accustomed to and the law of the jungle. Imagine if you were born into war, forced to adapt based on your surroundings and then, when finally given room to think for yourself away from such violent people, you begin to turn int your own process. The same process, after so long, is what had occurred within the depths of Shadin as Oni Chiita had used this time for self-reflection, growth and maturing of both himself and his powers. It's what allowed him such a mastery over his powers, an analgesia of the host whom he had been attached to and a vision for a future which will soon come to light for himself.

«« .Patient, But FIrm. »»
• If it's one thing that Oni Chiita is, after most of his lengthy lifetime, it's that he is patient. It's a trait that has grown over the years, solidified by the fact he had been entrapped within the confines of Shadin Yuudeshi for over four hundred years. It does not matter how long it takes for his plans, goals or ambitions to be enacted. To him? With enough time? Everything will into place as it should be. Therefore, Oni Chiita does not seem to be bothered by things that require perseverance. It has lead to him gaining a very relaxed, yet firm demeanor about him as the years have zoomed by within his mind. As, the exception to this is when Oni Chiita is brought against a circumstance where he must assert his dominance over a subject. This was mainly displayed whenever Shadin had previously attempted to utilize Oni Chiita's power in the past during his youth. It had been case where the young Ziamichi had been claiming the power of The Cheetah Beast was his to his and his alone. Having feelings of disrespect, forced into something he had no desire to do and that his status as an alpha predator had been ignored; Oni Chiita reacted very violently and nearly killed the poor boy by overloading him with his malicious contempt. Sparring his life, if only, for the sake of not dying alongside him. Making a clear boundary line set within the grains of patience.


【 T h e Z i a m i c h i P o w e r s 】



T h o s e P o w e r s O f T h e D e m o n

«« .adaptive growth. »»
This is quite possibly one of the prime reasons why Oni Chiita was assumed to willingly go along with staying attached to Shadin's Inner World. Thanks to this little trait, whenever Oni Chiita happens to be placed inside of any Inner World, it's very possible for him to share and take a majority of the same traits as the host he happens to be sealed in. For the longest time, Shadin has assumed this was simply a one-way street. A street where only he was able to take, advance and then discard this demon's power however he saw fit. However, what Shadin isn't quite aware is that Oni Chiita has the capacity to gain any power that he does. This is evident with the creation of Material Computation and leads even Sekkyoku to believe this Cheeath Beast may have the potential to even utilize Imaginary Computation. And, while he believes that Imaginary Computation is in reach, he hasn't displayed much use for it yet as Material Computation is far more advanced then Imaginary Computation in his mind.

In any case, this has lead to an underrepresented power increase in Oni Chiita's case. While most typical Ziamichi often see traits being taken from the spirit for the host to use, this is a rare instance where the Spirit was smart enough to take advantage of their circumstance and further their own power. Each time that Shadin had called upon his energy? This growth had accelerated, and accelerated and accelerated to the point where his influence was easily established throughout most of his body based on the misusage of his powers from teenage years. It corrupted Shadin's Inner World, in a sense, and even allowed for him to take some traits from Hideki and Sekkyoku; making him an even greater threat upon the attributes he had taken out of Shadin. Thus, it has ultimately resulted in Oni Chiita knowing most of his racial abilities, most of his special powers, a majority of his Phantom Tech related skills and most release forms. And, since he does not have a limiter on how much he can use his power? That means he is capable of using all powers from Shadin up until Bankai.

To make matters worse? With Oni Chiita's hardened experienced as a demon hundreds of thousands of years old, an inexhaustible amount of free time given to him by being sealed inside of Shadin and plethra of resources at his disposable? He even believes he has a greater understanding, usage and control then Shadin does of his own techniques. It'll ultimately be up to him to display this trait once he is able to either assume direct control of his host, free himself or otherwise flaunt this ability. Now, with all of that said, it's quite clear why Oni Chiita has relaxed quite highly in his assaults against Shadin. No longer does he see Shadin as a bratty kid, but more of a power plant. The more he amasses strength, taps further into his power and gains more knowledge? The same characteristics will be applied to Oni Chiita's body in a much more matured fashion.

«« . intense durability & high speed regeneration. »»
This is one of the first traits someone often notices about Oni Chiita when they decide to attack him offensively. There quite the many variables that grant this sort of ability for him. One of the first few factors that allows him to have this type of strong defense is that the fact that he has a massive body proportion. From this alone, he has achieved a state of conditioning that is typically more strengthened the those of smaller sizes. Even more then that, should Oni Chiita decides to simply change his outward appearance? His giant physiology would be able to transfer into whatever form he pleased. So if he turned into his shifter human form? He would still have the same level of defense as he would in his natural demon state. Therefore, this first level of protection will typically come into play even if Oni Chiiita happens to be stripped of his powers or remains in a weakened state. It proved sufficient enough, even when half of his already crippled power was taken away, to do combat and endure a barrage of Kidō/offensive attacks from Urahara and Tessai before retreating on Hideki's call.

Therefore, that makes the next operation of Oni Chiita's defense even more worrisome to deal with: peak physical condition. Since he has no known limiters or releases on his power, he is continually in a state of being where his body is always at top performance. So, when applied to his muscles, immense energy reserves and overall endurance? Well, you get backbone that is truly out of this world. An instance of this would be that when Oni Chiita ravaged lands throughout Demon World, not many were able to even put a dent in his overall health. There were multiple attacks that were equivalent to air strikes, missiles droppings and entire armies attempting to do damage with whatever means they could. Yet, it did not stop his rampage one bit. Obvious signs of damage such as numerous burn marks that had smoldering carters coming out of them, bruises throughout a large majority of his body, scratches that pierced through the skin which resulted in wounds and enough blood leaving his body to form an entire river of blood were reported as being damaged on his body; but it did not appear to actually put a stop in his movement or efforts. In fact, it seemed as if these attacks were only serving to provoke the beast and intensify his wrath.

And, even when one mighty demon was able to sever the beastly cheetah's legs? That's when the regenerative property of his durability had kicked in. At the cost of his energy, Oni Chiita is able to reform most of his limbs, bones, organs and even his Heart/Brain if he is conscious enough for it. Though, those take more of a tole on him then anything else and can only save him for so long. Moreover, however, it's even possible for him to have high-speed reformation of his body thanks to his infamous speed traits. Thus, it's very likely for him to recreate a new limb in a matter of a few seconds in some cases. In more dire circumstances, he can form them instantly, but they would probably be weakened for a post or two in offensive strength and be more difficult to control. It's also worth mentioning that he was spotted after some of his destructive feats regenerating a large bulk of the injuries he had sustained on the battlefield. Leading some to believe if he is immortal or not.

«« .impressive strength. »»
• Oni Chiita's possess a monstrous amount of strength in his body. This trait alone would be more then enough to deal with most opponents that happen to come into his path if he should ever lose his powers. For instance, a single tail swipe from this beast would be enough to flatten an entire city, roughly the size of Modern Toyko, like a pancake in a matter of one to three strikes. What is the reasoning for this? It's quite simple. Oni Chiita, since he does not have any restriction on his power, is usually fighting in peak physical condition. As a result, if one were to compare where he is constantly at in terms of a release form? It would be similar to someone like Ichigo Kurosaki continually be in his Mugetsu State. Or, as another example, Aizen being invariably stuck in the Hogyoku's releases. Therefore, with no sort of limitation on his power that he knows of, it's very simple for Oni Chiita to do some of these task as his muscles are always in peak physical condition.

Even more then that, though, Oni Chiita has a more precise control over it then he did in his former years. During some of his youth, this creature really had no sense of control about the power he was granted. Constantly he would decimate entire villages, civilizations and armies...even if he did not desire such a thing. This was back he lacked a true sense of command over his decimating strength. So, as the years have gone on, Oni Chiita obtained a more fine mastery over his enhanced condition in order to direct all of these destructive forces into a fine area. For instance, since a single blow from Oni Chiita's tail is powerful enough to obliterate a city, he is able to easily focus that might into a precise target or targets. Meaning, not every strike from Oni Chiita will devastate the entire landscape around him. Instead, all of that excessive damage is going to be directed on the opponents entire physical and even spiritual being.

This translates into him having enough force behind his blows to even effect intangible concepts such as reishi, unforeseen energies such as Chaos Energy or individual energies (such as a person controlling a universal force or a energy unique to them) and even capable of distorting the constructs of the supernatural and natural world we live in. An instance of this occurring would be if Oni Chiita were to use his strength in order to rip straight through a special ability that had caused a environmental change in the area. In this example, the target Oni Chiita was fighting had effected the weather in the area in order to make it extremely cold. Well, in order to revert the entire area back? It would be a rather ease transition to direct all that power behind Oni Chiita's blow, focus it very intently and then release a stomp into the area that begins to reverse the changes the person had made to the area through raw force alone. Meaning, the physical blow is so powerful, it was even intense enough to effect metaphysical alterations and destroy them.

However, even a natural level, Oni Chiita's true strength is quite impressive. If one were to look at what he were able to do while getting serious? It's fairly reasonable to say, that with the titanic strength his body possess, Oni Chiita possess the potential to lift entire nations with his raw force alone. Though, it is worth noting that he doesn't go that far unless he is backed into a corner. This would require him to actually put forth the physical effort to summon this strength and would leave him physically exhausted when doing this types of feats. Therefore, he still suffers the same physical drawbacks as any other person doing manual labor. If a man were to constantly go around lifting heavy boxes all day? He would be very exhausted and drained. The same logic applies to Oni Chiita and why he is fine with using his base strength. As one of the major limitations of this strength is that he is susceptible to exhaustion, over usage of his muscles and needing time to recover after doing more extreme exploits with his strength.

«« .material computation & otherworldly power. »»
• Based upon Touketsu bestowing some of his force and DE Field into Oni Chiita, it's reasonable to say that Oni Chiita has a vast energy resource brewing within him. From what he has stated in the past, this force was so strong that it was able to cause natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes and even hurricanes in his presence. And since, he had no sort of release or limitations on this, he spent a large majority of his life constantly at this state of power within the pits of Demon World. It's apart of the reason why he was so feared and still feared to this very day to those who know the origins of his past. And, after his entrapment inside of Shadin Yuudeshi, he soon came to realize that this strength was even a danger to himself. The very core of his being was on the verge of collapse by the time he had been sealed inside of Shadin Yuudeshi; which is a secret he kept well kept from those who inhabit Shadin's body such as Hideki or Sekkyoku.

From constant years of staying in that chaotic state of power? Oni Chiita had steadily been causing immense strain, damage and harm to his soul, physical body and mind to the point where he had actually became dramatically weakened by the time Hideki had captured him. In his prime prior to this incident? There was no doubt between either of them that this demon cheetah would have butchered him that very day. However, since he was very weak at the time, this was the only deciding factor that allowed the events to transpire as they did. Though, even in a weakened condition such as that, it's hard to imagine the feats that Oni Chiita displayed during that time were not his top form. Even in that crippled state, he still was proven to be a threat on par with Aizen Sousuke. Therefore, that speaks volumes for the past few hundred years he had spent repairing his very being within Shadin. And this is ultimately the reason why he had so passively played and humored Shadin's games during his teenage years.

So, Despite being sealed away? It still gave him the chance to make the needed adjustments to reclaim his position as one of the strongest animalistic beast in Demon World. Therefore, while Shadin was toying around with his powers, he had been in very silent training. Day by day, he had steadily began to bring himself from the brink of extinction, harness a better control over his energy and ultimately come back two times stronger then he was prior to the incident that had so weakened him. Even more then that? By sharing the same soul length as Shadin and being trapped inside of his inner world for so long; he had eventually even learned how to further his energy based powers by being able to use his force as an extension of himself. With this trait, when enough time had passed, he soon learned how to adapt to his surroundings and steadily mimic his opponents abilities through his energy alone. This meant that Oni Chiita had become so accustomed to Shadin's Inner World that he learned some of Shadin, Hideki and Sekkyoku's techniques, powers and abilities.

And in Oni Chiita's mind? He believes he has the capacity, that when freed, to even apply this to the material world around him with the knowledge he has soaked up from the adjustments to Shadin's Inner World constantly being a representation of the outside world he had been so disconnected from for so long. However, he needed a separate ability in order to do so. So, from his Otherworldly Energy, he had conjured up Material Computation from the cells he had inherited from Shadin. Material Computation works completely opposite of how Imaginary Computation seems to work. Instead of relying on all the requirements Shadin has to operate his Imaginary Computation? Oni Chiita's Material Computation simply takes all the information he gathered of Shadin's Inner World, all the experience he had taken from the different souls inside of Shadin and ultimately his own knowledge of the world in order to begin emulating things that he can understand.

To understand it better, here is a typical breakdown of it occurs. For something like a racial power? Oni Chiita would have the potential copy it. In this instance, the Iramasha's Chaos Warp is being used. With all the information scattered throughout the many databases Oni Chiita had analyzed through Shadin, he had gained a sufficient amount of understanding for Material Computation to go to work. This begins step one: knowledge. He cannot emulate what he does not understand. So, unlike Shadin, he does not rely on his imagination in order to bring things to life. Instead, he simply requires information to begin crafting his abilities or techniques. When this requirement is met? Then the second process can begin: conversion. Conversion is where Material Computation brings to life Oni Chiita's knowledge. Similar to how Shadin taps into his Imaginary Force, Oni Chiita simply taps into his mind's understanding of the world around him. This works through his energy previously attempting to mimic Shadin's powers for his own, but resulted in created an opposite effect of Imaginary Computation. So, his mind works as a supernatural catalyst of sorts. It takes the input data it's given and outputs as whatever Oni Chiita desires. And with that understanding, it simply a matter of him deciding how much energy, focus and effort he is going to put into whatever he decides to do. Thus, that gives him free reign to use Chaos Warp and all that he can understand of the world around him.

It truly begins to become a frightening power when you think of the applications it potentially has. The more Oni Chiita understands? The stronger he becomes. He has used this knowledge in order to mend his body to his whim. This means he can make any sort of alteration he desires to his body. Rather it would be transforming from a tangible shape to an intangible shape, morphing his fire skill into a different elemental power such as ice, making modifications to change his strength output to his defense output and other sorts of changes to his body. To put it more simply? He has a strong control over nearly every function of his body, every power can be tweaked to his liking and his physical form can easily be altered upon his whim with a strong understanding of many different body structures. However, this becomes even more alarming when you consider the fact that this begin to effect the world around Oni Chiita as he enters the hells of combat with anyone who dares crosses his path.

With a firm understanding of physics? This can be succumbed to Oni Chiita's will through Material Computation. Based on the fact his energy is simply an extension of himself, and a force that can be altered with ease, he can influence the surroundings around him with a bit of effort. As a result, this can end up in him being able to easily alter the level's of gravity around him upon his will and how much energy he is willing to put into it. Another instance would be him being able to control momentum and velocity within a given area with knowledge in kinetic's. Through the same principles above, he would be able to control the speeds within a given area until he tired himself out or did what he accomplished to do. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding by now on what Oni Chiita is caliber of doing with material computation as he progresses further into it's dangerous traits. And yet, with any sort of power like this, nothing really works quite as well as it's supposed to.

Material Computation does have it's fair share of limitations. Since this is still a mind based ability, it falls under the same limitation the other users who have a strong mental domination. This means that overuse of this power can result in injuries being inflicted on Oni Chiita. For instance, if he happens to go a bit too far into his powers and overworks himself, he can suffer a blinding headache that effects his vision, sends waves of pain shooting throughout his body and temporarily disorientation him depending on the severity of the abuse. This ultimately leaves him open to attack by other opponents on the field with him being heavily distracted by this. In addition to that, sometimes too much use of Material Computation can eventually end up in him temporarily being locked out of his powers; excluding any physical or racial traits. That means he needs to be very watchful of how far he intends to go with Material Computation in most circumstances. Therefore, he tries to use it around two to four times per post before waiting and seeing how his body feels.

And, since he has inherited some of Shadin's abilities, he typically tries to monitor how much his body can endure before being given a single to cooldown. So, another thing that may happen if he overworks himself is that he could simply just be disallowed to use Material Computation for a duration of time ranging from one to four post. This is simply to prevent him from causing any unnecessary damage to himself. As, in addition to all of that, there is also an energy exhaustion that occurs with every single process Oni Chiita creates with Material Computation. Too much use of it can steadily make his body feel exhausted, his movements sluggish, his mind in a daze and ultimately make his gas tank go from full to empty when it comes to his overall energy resources. Even with the amount of power he has, Oni Chiita still falls to similar weaknesses Shadin does with his Imaginary Computation.

Accordingly, from all the data above, it's also plausible to assume that attacks on the mind can weaken this ability. After all, his brain is the main component of this whole operation. If one were able to cause disruptions, alterations or otherwise tamper with it; it may be possible to stop, weaken or at least reduce the effectiveness of Material Comptuation. And, with that said, Oni Chiita may also need to be a stable state of mind in order to effectively wield this power. As, since it comes from his mind, changes in his mental state may effect his mastery over it and lead to dire consequences if he isn't in a stable state of being in order to begin using this power. So, all in all, Material Computation is a major game changer for Oni Chiita and anyone that he happens to be using it against in the pits of war and combat, but it can quickly backfire against if it is not used with proper caution, careful usage and a skilled control over it. It takes a healthy body and mind to ultimately make the best of Material Computation.

«« .aboslute fire. »»
• If any type of flame is shot off from the fire surrounding Oni Chiita's body, it will break down whatever that is burn by it, until it is no more. It is an extremely powerful technique that he often uses in battle. Oni Chiita can manifest this as a powerful fire wave capable of wiping out thousands of Demons and Hollow's alike with one strike. The relentless force of this attack results in a widespread chain of destruction that reduces anything caught in it's wake to flames, and the chaotic effects can easily spread to anything else that remains, destroying them bit by bit. The only way to counter this is to either dodge, seal it or figure out some type of Kidō to dispose of it. Simply blowing it out or placing water on it will not work


【 U n q i u e T r a i t s 】


The Seal: Located inside, not on the outside, of Shadin's chest is a highly secured seal that Urahara placed to prevent Hideki and Oni Chiita from escaping Shadin's body and causing massive damage. This seal allowed for small amounts of the Oni Chiita's reitsu to mix together with Shadin at first. The more he learned to master it, the more reitsu the seal would allow to pass through. Not only that, but since Urahara and Shadin knew the seal would weaken over time, they sought out the help of a skilled Iramasha who was able to strengthen the seal sometime during the past three hundred years. If the seal should ever become damage in any sort of way, Shadin will be able to go to Iramasha Island and have a special Chaos Gem or Chaos Move repair it until the seal is fully functioning again. It's a similar move that was used on Ketsu in order to seal Touketsu.

The Barrier: If the seal weren't enough, there was also have a powerful barrier Urahara placed within Shadin's inner world in order to separate Oni Chiita and Shadin's Zanpukto spirit. This would prevent the two worlds within Shadin from clashing and causing imbalance to his powers. If Oni Chiita or Hideki were to touch this barrier, both of their souls would become damaged until one day they were finally reduced to nothing and their additional powers would become apart of Shadin completely.

Persona Split: It takes concentration and focus, but if Shadin were able to successfully pull this off without any distraction or interruption, he could separate his body into demon, shinigami and human bodies. The human body would be used to connect them both through the seal it has while the shinigami and demon would be used more for offensive attacks. Sometimes, however, he will rush the ability in order to his demon side half strong while gaining it's power through body. The weak point is also with the human for if you damage it will be forced to reseal the two powers back inside of him.

Increased Fire Abilities: Thanks to Oni Chiita, Shadin's fire abilities have increased to a moderate level. Fire is another one of skills Shadin has a good knowledge, especially thanks to tips he learned from Zin Yuudeshi as well.

Access To Oni Chiita's Reitsu: In the beginning Shadin was able to draw on Oni Chiita's reitsu in times of heightened emotional distress and anger. After training in the past with Urahara, Shadin was able to learn to draw on Oni Chiita's reitsu at will. Able to maintain his first form, and finally able to master his 2nd demonic stage after intense training. As far as his third stage is concerned, it takes great concentration in order to assure nothing bad happens to himself or those around him, though he is still aware in this state. This reitsu also leaks into his shinigami form, giving him the power to fight on a captain level after 2 years of training when he was a teenager.

Roar of the demon: Even in Shadin's 1st Demon Form, he is able to roar and extend reitsu outwards to devastating result. This outwards destructive sphere of reitsu was so intense so as to destroy surrounding matter and violently push back any incoming attack with but a simple roar. This technique is also amplified in his 3rd demon state by opening up mouths on every inch of his body and sounding out a massively destructive sound wave across an entire region reaching for nearly 3000 meters.

Demon Limbs: Oni Chiita's reitsu in Shadin's 2nd form can be used offensively. Shadin can extend this reitsu into arms, legs, tails or heads which can grab and strike at his opponents. These deadly limbs are near unpredictable and can extend far away from his central body or be created through the air. From 3rd Demon Stage, this attack becomes even more refined. He is able to strike quick and if his main body gets hit, it can melt away allowing him to attack from another angle. He can also release this deadly reitsu in massive bursts, destroying everything around it outwards spherically. In one of his deadliest attacks, he can swallow a mixture of the dark Oni Chiita's reitsu, and thanks to Oni Chiita's heavy influence on him, his own life energy and then fire the reitsu in a huge blast of destruction drawing him closer to his final demonic stage.

Absolute Fire And Lightning: While in his Demon State, Shadin has the ability to use Oni Chiita's Absolute Fire in the form of a cero-like blast. But unlike Oni Chiita, Shadin can also apply these effects to his lightning. If Shadin uses this technique for lightning, typically a large amount of red or black electricity will be seen gathering around Shadin. Then, when enough energy is harvested, Shadin will let out a blast similar to a Gran Ray Cero. If you get hit by the lightening version, you will have to figure out a way to stop it from constantly striking you or you will become immobilized, loss conscious and have a great chance of dying. He can fire up to three of these attack's at the same time before needing a one post cool-down. And, like Oni Chiita, the only way to get rid of these attack's is through Kidō-like moves, sealing's or another alternative method.

Healing: In the past, Shadin was not able to utilize this correctly due to his pre-mature powers. Now, Shadin can heal himself at rather high speeds depending on how much damage is done. If there is a massive cut on his body, Shadin will typically tap into Oni Chiita's reitsu in order to heal instead of depleting his own reitsu. This will also work for broken bones, damaged organs and even head trauma. Though, more serious healing sessions do not take place during battle as it would take too long to see beneficial effects.

Bōru Shi: Bōru Shi is a massive burst of destructive energy a demon can unleash if they have Adept or higher on Za Koa. It starts by gathering energy from Za Koa, The Demon's Blood and any type of darkness. From there, it will form into a ball of darkness that can be used to unleash serious damage upon anything it hits; Resulting in a black explosion. And thanks to Demon Spells, there are multiple varietie


【 Z i a m i c h i F o r m s 】




Shadin goes through about four forms until he reachs Oni Chiita's maximum power and Oni Chiita himself is able to take over. However, there is also another form where he unites all the energy in his body into one positive state of being. That is called the Kijunsui State.


Stage One

Stage One Appearance: This first form into the demonic path of Shadin's powers grants Shadin him measure of Oni Chiita's mighty reitsu. This state typically emerges at Shadin's will. In the past it used to only come out when he was enraged or in an emotional state, but now he has a better mastery of this move. He even has the ability to fuse this state with his Shikai mode in order to increase his overall abilities, strength and attack's.

Now, the first signs that he is transforming is that his will eyes turn a dark crimsion blood color as his hair becomes slightly longer and turns jet black like it was before Oni Chiita was sealed within him. From that point, he goes on to grow a set of long fangs along with sharp claws. Next, while this form is activated, Shadin is surrounded by both Oni Chiita's red reitsu and his own white and blue reitsu in some cases. You will be able to witness red, black, white and blue lightning constantly appearing across Shadin's body.

Overview: Below you will see the powers he gains from transforming into this first stage.

Increased Healing Rate: In this state, Shadin gains an increased healing rate. During a battle in his youth, Shadin was pierced in the shoulder with a blade. Instead of bawling over in pain, he was able to regenerate his right shoulder in a matter of seconds. But, remember, every time he heals himself he uses up Oni Chiita's reitsu and even his vast reitsu isn't limitless. Especially with the seal placed on his body.

Increased Strength: When Shadin transforms into his first state, he gains an increased amount of strength then previously. With just a single punch to the ground, he can easily cause the ground around a 300 meter area to shatter, crack open and send the force directly to an opponent in order to knock them through multiple buildings.

Now, This happens because some of the energy within his body is redirected into muscles. From there, they will begin to increase their strength like a super powered steroid in a sense. When his muscles are then beefed up fully, which takes place over the course of one or two post, his true brute strength will then be showed.

Increased Fire Abilities: Unlike in his other non-demonic states, Shadin gains the ability to use more advanced fire techniques in all of his demon stages. This is due to the fact that Oni Chiita was more of a fire type during his time when he was unsealed. So, it's only natural that Shadin would pick-up on these traits and use them in this stage.

Dangerous Reitsu: If Shadin wishes it, he can increase the spiritual pressure around him to begin burning all those who are near him with intense heat generated from his body and him influencing the environment with his powers. In some cases, it's even possible for people to simply burst into flames if they are much weaker then Shadin. Along with that, thanks to his mastery of lightening, it's also possible to electrocute most without much effort due to his body generating so many amps; even he has to watch himself to make he doesn't hurt the wrong people. Finally, it's also possible for him to deplete the amount of oxygen in the air thanks to using his electricity to deplete the ozone within a contained area of one hundred meters.

These are simply traits from Oni Chiita's own destructive Spiritual Pressure on a smaller scale.

The Ability to use Demon Skills: In this state and all his other demon stages, it seems Shadin is also able to use techniques that are typically reserved for demons. For example, he was able to conjure up a Demon Spell from Za Koa during one of his fights with Ritsuka in order to do some serious damage. It also seems that the Akuma Kyōdo Demon's use gives Shadin another layer of defense.


Stage Two

Second Form Apperance: When Shadin fought against one of Nero's Elite Soldiers in the final battle against Nero, he was desperate to win, in order to put a stop to Nero and show his self-worth to his friends. So he finally started using his powers once more. The fight pushed Shadin pass his limits. As the fight began to turn in the elite warrior's favor, Oni Chiita granted Shadin even more power than before. Now, when he transforms at the beginning, the increased amount of reitsu coming from Oni Chiita causes the red reitsu, black flames and red lighting surrounding Shadin to boil and expand and take on the shape of Oni Chiita with long ears and a tail.

This reitsu and lighting is not bound to Shadin's body, being able to move and extend in as striking limbs. However, thanks to Shadin's mastery, he can easily change the shape to more of an angel like appearance. Instead of having the tail and ears, he can have two wings appear on his back with a separate halo forming over his head.

And When entering the 2nd Demon Stage, Shadin's body becomes even more beast-like in appearance. In this form, he has very long black hair extending to his mid-back section. From there he then forms longer, more fierce claws and fangs then in his previous form. A shadow type of darkness then begins to form around his upper body that is similiar to a black jacket, leaving his chest and abs visible or hidden at Shadin's will. Finally, both of his eyes will also begin to have dark rings around them.

Though Shadin remains conscious in this state, the reitsu can seemingly react of its own will. In this state the reitsu will also act as a defense against incoming attacks.

Overview: Below you will see the powers he gains from being in this form

Enhanced Abilities: All the abilities Shadin had before in his first demon stage are amplified in his Second Stage. For example, Shadin's strength has increased to the point where if he were to swing his sword, he could easily level multiple buildings without much effort.

Full Body Shield: Thanks to Oni Chiita's reitsu taking a physical shape, Shadin has active shield covering his body that will protect him. If you were to try and attack Shadin in this stage, the shield would automatically launch off attack's that won't effect Shadin's reitsu at all since it comes from Oni Chiita. These attack's range from the Demon Limb Technique, Fireballs, energy blast and even some demon spells. If you were to try and touch this shield, it would also do damage equal to a third degree burn. It is highly recommended to stick to mid to long range fighting while doing combat with Shadin in this stage.

Chaotic Reitsu: With more of Oni Chiita's and Shadin's own reitsu coming out, it is rather easy to become overwhelmed in this state by his sheer reitsu. If you are close to Shadin in this stage you will often to feel intense heat generating from his shield that can deplete the oxygen within a one hundred meter area, extremely hot temperatures for a four hundred meter area and the sounds of multiple howlings, growling's and roars can be heard from Shadin. Not only that, but from Shadin's own reitsu he can still shock people that get too close to them and engulf their body in electricity, leave skilled Shinigami breathless and increase the gravity around a two hundred meter area.


Stage Three

Third Stage Apperance: In this form Shadin runs the danger nearly loses all sense of himself, becoming a pure destructive beast with little regard for even his closest friends if he loses control. Externally Oni Chiita's reitsu begins to melt off Shadin's very skin causing it to appear as if his body was totally covered by nothing but Shadin's electricity and Oni Chiita's flames. In this form, both his hands and feet become more claw like. This makes it easier for him to claw open his opponents. Next, a new set ears and one tail tail extend from his body along with three pairs of wings. If he should ever roars, you will see a sharp maw of teeth in his mouth.

Overview: This form proves insanely destructive, able to roar, swipe and attack with hugely destructive results. And should any foes dare touch his form, they'll be burned by the intense heat. Unfortunately such prolonged usage of this demon state is further weakening the seal used to contain the demon.

Insane Strength: In stage three, Shadin is able to harness some of Oni Chiita's fearsome strength. With a simple stomp from his feet, he would be able create a shockwaves of destruction that could easily wipe out a small town or two from devastating Earthquakes that would arise from the wake of his power. Even a simple punch from Shadin would be enough to shatter the bones of most people on two tier.

Insane Defense: Thanks to the coat of Fire and Electricity covering Shadin, this provides the best type of defense similiar to the one that coated his body in Stage Two. As for how powerful this coat is? It has the ability to withstand multiple cero blast's and come away with only minor injuries. In fact, if the attack isn't strong enough, the barrier has the ability to take over the attack, increase it's power and redirect it back at the opponent.

Shadow Teleporation: In this state, Shadin has the ability to increase his already legendary speed even further. If he should ever fight in a dark battle setting, he will be able to compress his body and teleport through all the shadows. This proves lethal as Shadin could even appear directly behind his opponents own shadow. Not only that, but he can even coat his attack's in the strange fire and lightening that coats his body in order to do the same for his attack's.

Instant Shadow Blast: The Instant Shadow Blast is a technique where Shadin gathers a mixture of Oni Chiita's reitsu and some of his own in order to create a sphere of pure darkness. From there, Shadin will increase the size of it. Typically, it will only be the size of a Grand Ray Cero, but Shadin has the ability to increase the size to nearly 500 meters if he waits one post. Now, if this blast were to hit an opponent, it would engulf them in the same Absolute Flames Oni Chiita uses. But the worse part about it? Thanks to Shadin's own mastery of lighting, there is a hidden core of electricity in the ball that will relentlessly attempt to attack the opponent for one post after the blast with the same Absolute Lighting Shadin uses. It will spawn clones, tornado's, twisters and anything to take down the opponent in a mad dash of power.


Final Stage

Fourth & Final Form: Nearing the final stage, Shadin turns into large scaled version of Oni Chiita. Still having little control over this body, this isn't officially Oni Chiita until Shadin's human or shinigami body appears on Oni Chiita signifies that Oni Chiita has full control

Once he has full control, Oni Chiita will gather all of his reitsu to obtain his his full power and a plum of darkness surround his body, similar to that darkness in Stage 3 of Shadin's demon form. When this is done, Shadin will go back inside Oni Chiita and be sealed within him. This signals that Oni Chiita is at 100% full power and he is in complete and utter control.


【 E x t r a Z i a m i c h i I n f o 】


Control: Shadin is at level 8 of controlling his demon. He can use much of his demonic powers with enough free will after training for so long. It's even possible to transfer that extra energy into other tools, attack's or people for Shadin even when he is using his Shinigami powers. However, there are still some things that he cannot overcome such as his Fourth Demon Stage and the limit on his Third Demon Stage.

Drawbacks: If he uses too much of his demonic powers, it'll begin to damage his body in an unhealthy way. For example, if goes into his Demon Stage too many times in one day he will suffer severe headaches, muscle weakness, confusion, vomiting and bruises. It's was revealed many years ago during his teenage youth that his hasty use of his Demonic Powers caused him to weaken the seal placed on his body. It's been patched up over the past few years, but if he does it again with that same type of frequency he could end up damaging the seal and allowing Oni Chiita to escape.

And, thanks to Oni Chiita's presence in his body, Shadin's own natural hair is now white. Originally, when he was a child, he had black hair like everyone else in his family. After the sealing purpose, his hair turned that color because it symbolized the hold this demon had on his body and the presence of Death's Energy within him.

Class: Out of a large data base of recorded Ziamichi's, Shadin is in the top five ranking as one of the most powerful Ziamichi alive. From a system that goes from E to S Class, Shadin is one of the rare Ziamichi's who is classed at S+ level. There are only a handful of Ziamichi that powerful on Earth and he is apart of that class for better or worse.

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"Heh, you really are making me run out of awesome quotes to say man! Therefore, I'll just let my actions do the talking from here forth!"


【 P h a n t o m T e c h 】



P h a n t o m T e c h P e r k s

PhatomTech: Shadin is currently equipped with one of the top Phantom Tech Brains out there.

Super Processor: Funded by the Special Human Task Force, Gotei 13, The Vizard Corps, The Yayjuu and The Yuudeshi Clan, Shadin, through a series of past surgeries, has had his skull ripped opened and one of the World's most fastest and powerful processors was in implanted into his brain. What this all means is that he can process things in his environment, memories, actions, thoughts and body reaction at a much faster rate then any regular human could on their own. With this processor in his brain, he can calculate things in the world around him at an extremely fast rate. Such as, when he is fighting, he can slow down time in his own mind in order to find information about the people he is fighting, think of ways to take them down and adjust his plans accordingly.

Nanobots: Shadin has an enormous amount of nanobots constantly flowing throughout his entire body. They are there to ward off most viruses, unknown agents, poisons and or harmful elements that could harm Shadin's inner body. He can also extract them out into the environment around him via his mouth, nose, ears or cutting himself. From there, he can use them keep tabs on people, attempt to analyze bodies and have a much border range of the battlefield.

Internal Computing System: In his arms, legs and middle part of his back are very small computers that are the size of a modern day flash drive. These are synced with his brains and are used to upload his memories, thoughts and vision on Shadin's will to the network. They are also used to scan, detect and analyze the surroundings around him for data related purposes before, during or after a battle is over. The internal computers are also used to display how much damage Shadin has taken, how much energy he has left, his emotional state and other important functions. All of this data is heavily encrypted, secured and protected from any type of wood-be hacker as well due to the valuable information stored.

Hacking: Using his electric powers Shadin can hack most electric devices and bypass a majority of security measures such as firewalls with ease. This also enables him to perform acts such as erasing himself from security footage in real time or taking control of cybernetic beings throughout Karakura Central, apparently without requiring any physical contact. However, he often uses a special device for this as a connection route and must have it on him whenever he tries to do this. Without it, all of the above is useless to him.



P h a n t o m T e c h P o w e r s

Imaginary Computation: What is Imaginary Computation? Essentially, this power was discovered within Shadin after he had obtained the vast power, knowledge and processing strength that is his Cyberbrain and The Yuudeshi Network. So, for the most part, Imaginary Computation is a natural ability that has been enhanced, augmented and strengthened by some of Shadin's external equipment in hopes that one day he'll be able to do all this naturally and speed up the process in awakening his powers. For, the Yuudeshi Network has calculated that one day this should be his natural power set without that much assistance or augmentation. However, for him to even come this far in awakening his talents that should not come, according to the Yuudeshi Network, until Shadin was of Former General Yammamto's age is an accomplishment in itself. Through his radical experiments, combat test against people such as Nagato and research into the depth's of his power, Shadin has forced this power to awaken even on a natural level so that if he is ever without his cybernetic attachments, it would still be possible for Shadin to make use of Imaginary Computation.

In any case, we must first get down to how Shadin was able to unlock such a power from the confines of his brain. It all started when he began his journey into crafting one of the most powerful Cyberminds on Earth and possibly the Soul Society as well. Once this had been installed inside of Shadin's brain, it had a function to where it was able to accelerate his brain capacity pass normal human limits. As a test trial, Shadin decided to see what would happen if he were to tap into this state of being. Thus, with the flick of a mental switch, Shadin had began increasing his brain's Maxium Brain Capacity and eventually came to realize during this brief moment that his body had a special ability that allowed his imagination, thoughts and other similar phenomena that appear inside of one's mental state to be materialized into reality. Saving this knowledge for when he descended from this enhanced state of mind and perception, Shadin decided to make use of all the Yuudeshi Network's resources in order to go deeper into the true nature of his powers.

After running many sorts of tests, researching his DNA and running many different projects of just where his powers could end up; Shadin eventually realized through the Yuudeshi Network that he had the capacities to perform Imaginary Computation. When the data was made clear, Shadin was informed that Imaginary Computation was a power that granted him the ability to transform his thoughts, feelings, emotions and internal world into tangible, clairvoyant, psychological and even imaginative properties that could effect the world around him. Dwelling deeper and deeper into these powers he began to realize that it's effects were truly astonishing and mind boggling when compared to his other assets. From a long list possible applications, Shadin realized that Imaginary Computation could be change the laws of physics, giving him all sorts of magnificent powers along with giving him access him nearly any attribute, augmentation, enhancement, ability or equipment he could conjure up, gave him an extremely high knowledge of the world around him if need be and essentially this power was limited to what his energy could give and how much his body could take on the strain. At least, that's what he was lead to believe at first.

When began searching deeper, and deeper and deeper into this new found strength, Shadin began to realize that the awakening of this power brought with critical drawbacks with it as well. Since he had decided to activate this power within himself before his time in addition to having unlocked more of his mind's potential capacity, this brought about a great imbalance to his mental state. It began to create nasty changes in Shadin's mindset that was not yet seen before; it made him question himself and the world around him internally, act more aggressively and psychotically on the external surface and start the trigger that may lead to his ultimate mental demise. Which, in turn, leads to one of Imaginary Comptuation's biggest weaknesses. If Shadin's mental state begins to go through any sort of trauma, these powers will begin to backfire severely on him. There could be a wide varity of side effects that occur when Shadin is unable to control Imaginary Computation: it is possible for him to injure himself and those around him if this power should go out of control, there runs the risk of Imaginary Computation causing long term psychosis to Shadin's mental state in addition to causing more long-term or irreversible damage to Shadin's psyche and there stands the chance of him losing this power altogether for periods of time until he is able to gain control of his mental state.

Therefore, this problem has became so bad for him to manage that he was eventually forced into crafting himself a an electrode collar around his neck in order to better manage these side effects of learning Imaginary Computation. It was dubbed "Project Accelerator" and was deemed to be a success as it was able to balance out the negative effects of this special ability to an extent to where it was bearable for Shadin until he finds a way to mature his powers to the point of being able to control this himself. Since, as The Yuudeshi Projects, he will eventually figure out some sort of method in order to further enhance this power, gain more control of it and have a power that rivals or exceeds the Soul King himself and approach potential "Godhood". Thusly, Shadin also alternatively names this technique "God's Mind" in reference to that. After all it is capable of almost anything that Shadin can imagine so long as it's something more realistic, he has enough energy to sacrifice in order to bring about his imagination into the plane of existence we all live in and his body can take the immense strain that comes with having this power.

But, even Shadin himself is constantly finding out more about this power as the days go on. As of now, we know a decent amount of knowledge about how this technique is performed. From what Shadin is able to gather, the overall process of transferring his thoughts into reality is done by tapping into his own inner world. By tapping into his inner spiritual world, Shadin is able to take a strange energy from it that is sent into his brain and then his brain waves begin to have mystical properties that the Yuudeshi Network cannot yet scan or analyze. When Imaginary Computation reaches this point, however, it's required to take some sort of energy from Shadin's body or through his external equipment in order to successful transplant Shadin will on the world around him. If it fails in this necessary step, then it's all rather useless and the energy is sent back inside of him. Moreover, at this point of Imaginary Computation, his cybernetic attachments are able to better manage this power.

By using his Cyberbrain to further tap into his mind's power, Shadin has accelerated the rate in which he is able to master, tame and grow Imaginary Computation's powers, limits and possibilities. This is based on the fact that the super processor stored inside of his brain is constantly giving him new ways to advanced this strength, utilizing his cyberbrain in order to stabilize his otherworldly brainwaves even further into more concrete concepts and constantly give him a bigger picture as to what the true nature of his power is so that he may wield this ability more efficiently and eventually have it become a fully natural ability that his body can do regardless of the circumstance. So, with that much known about Imaginary Comptuation, there is only the road of training, researching and waiting for Shadin to unlock all there is to be known about his mystical mind in hopes that he can possibly awaken a great power within himself that can save the world from it's current state of demise.

After all, with this power now known about Shadin by those within the echelons of Gotei 13, The Yayjuu, The Yuudeshi Clan and those who helped built the Network; they all know he has the strength to change the world around's just a matter of travelling down this dark road in order to become the next king. A road in which he will find many troubles, constantly having to push himself pass his limitations and possibly finding a pathway into utter, pure and total chaos for unlocking a mind that should not be given to mere mortals.

Note 1: Imaginary Computation gets noticeably weaker when it not connected to the Yuudeshi Network OR any of his equipment to better manage this power. This results in Imaginary Computation being more difficult to use, requiring Shadin to use more power in order to utilize this ability, the mental effects become more difficult to manage and may in some cases cause Shadin to cancel out Imaginary Computation altogether. Therefore, with more strain on his body, his mind being pushed to the limit and more risks on the table; when Imaginary Computation is used naturally it is done so with much more careful thought then usual. One wrong step and this could backfire badly for Shadin.

Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: This is one of two powers that Shadin has been able to unlock from his mind that was a result of him installing this cyberbrain. When the modifications were being made in order to make more use of Shadin's brainwaves for the purpose of remotely controlling equipment, the network eventually started to calculate that Shadin could gain another set of powers by amplifying and intensifying the brain waves with The Yuudeshi Network's Energy, Shadin's Power and the technology that is available in modern day Karakura Central. So, seeking another possible outcome to further increase his power, Shadin jumped on it and began to have his Phantomtech mind adjusted to maximize the output of his brainwaves to the point to where he began to awaken and then generate the power to manipulate and control the world around him with only his mind. Therefore, The Yuudeshi Network decided to classify this asset in Shadin's arsenal as a Telekinesis/Psychokinesis attribute that laid dormant in Shadin's mind until the addition of his cyberbrain.

Therefore, this power works in a similar fashion to how Imaginary Computation and is heavily based off his mind. This means that this power can be as ineffective or as effective as Shadin's current mental state, and thus has the same drawbacks as Imaginary Computation. Thus, that means Shadin has a large access to many types of Telekinesis based powers, but he needs to keep in mind that it does have it's weaknesses. (Will expand more on this later.)


【 Z a n p u k t o】



Z a n p u k t o S p i r i t

Name: Sekkyoku


Body-Type: To start things off, Sekkyoku stands at roughly five foot one and weighs around eighty pounds. So, with having such a small frame, Sekkyoku often seems like the fairly frail type as she is even more fragile then Shadin himself. It's especially easy to see around her collarbones and neck, as she has barely any body fat on her body. And, with her wearing many types of loose robes more often then not, Sekkyoku body frame can be shown to all most of the time. She has no qualms with this, however.

Eyes: It's rather easy for some to get lost into the gaze of Sekkyoku's eyes. To begin with, the iris's of her eyes are so large that they actually show very little of her sclera. Alongside that, they are mostly crimson red in color and have been known to memorize some people who enter Shadin's inner world. To Shadin, he has noted that staring into her eyes often feels like chills are being sent down his spine, his body feels a bit peculiar and it seems as if eternity leads into his Zanpukto Spirit. It's not known rather or not this official ability, as she has never told Shadin about it, but he has a good hunch something is up in regards to do this effect he sometimes get and often wonders if others would suffer the same effect should they enter his inner world.

Hair: This is one of Sekkyoku's outstanding features about her appearance. Like Shadin, she to has very luscious white hair. In addition to that, it is extremely long when it comes to length. Sekkyoku's hair seems to extend all the way down to her lower legs. Though, she can change the extent to how long it is whenever she really desires with the control she has over her powers. She simply prefers to have that long for her own comfort sakes. At any rate, however, unlike Shadin's hair, hers is extremely straight to the point where it seems like it hardly becomes ruffled or moved. For instance, if a wind were to blow pass Sekkyoku, it seems her hair would still be put in place and straight as it ever was. Leading Shadin to sometimes even believe Sekkyoku is a girl who takes hair care to the extreme. But, this still doesn't take the crop in terms of the most outstanding features about Sekkyoku's hair. What's more unusual about her hair is that it seems to be infused with her ears. Meaning, she has rather large cat-like ears extending from the tops of her head. For the most part, Shadin and Sekkyoku both agree this is probably based on Oni Chiita's influence in their inner world; so they leave it be for now.


Self-Control: It is often funny how Sekkyoku seems to be the opposite of Shadin when it comes to her personality. While her owner appears to have no concerns with whatever his actions appear to do to the world around him, Sekkyoku is always thinking of just what her powers are capable of, the consequences of any move she makes and thus practices a good deal of control over herself, her emotions, her thoughts and even her powers; as to not just recklessly charge into anything she sets her mind to. This trait in her personality comes from watching a long series of ruthless battles Shadin has encountered over the past few years after his maddening quest to reach the status of a "god" and through the ramifications she has seen put in place from Project Yuudeshi. All the bloodshed, endless amounts of destruction, lives destroyed and damage done to Shadin's psyche has honestly made her a bit afraid of the road of life for both herself and Shadin. So, to balance out all this madness between Oni Chiita and her owner, she has made it her objective to be the rock that sets these two straight.

Calm & Peaceful: Often times Sekkyoku can be seen as a gentle person; which is another polar opposite of Shadin's current personality. While he may be seen as ruthless, vicious and downright terrifying to others; Sekkyoku's true nature is that of a composed, collected and harmonious being. Therefore, from this base trait in her persona, she does not often go off the wall like her owner seems to do at times. Instead, she only decides to use force if no other resolution can be found. Thus, from this type of enlightenment about the person she is, Sekkyoku has even been able to keep relations between Oni Chiita, Shadin and herself at an ease as she has been known to make deals with the two of them, figure out alternatives to deadly confrontations the two males would get into from time to time and ultimately further bring balance to this bodies soul and harmonize them altogether as one unified force if need be.

Communicative Person: Based on the fact she spends a large amount of time in this inner world her, Shadin and Oni Chiita all save together; Sekkyoku has turned into quite talkative person as she is never one to turn down a possible interesting conversation with another individual. So, as a result, she is often very open to visitors who are somehow able to get into their inner world. And, consequently, it is not out of the ordinary for her to often chat it up with guest until she was ready to get down to the main reason of why said person would be in this desolate place. However, since Sekkyoku also retains the ability to materialize herself outside of Shadin's inner world at her own will, this same type of personality can easily transition into the living world as well. She may not be outwardly loud to get attention towards herself, but she'll definitely flag down people that would seem like the type to provide an interesting simulation of conversation, exchange and possible friendship at the end of the day.



T h e I m a g i n a r y W o r l d

Inner World: Shadin's Inner world has gone through some drastic changes since the duration of The Yuudeshi Project. What was once a harsh savanna world has now turned into a never ending world that is constantly expanding. If one were to view this from a distance, it would look like a massive version of the Soul Society, Earth, Parts of The Kokyuteshi Realm and Demon World put together into one large planet that is x5 the size of Planet Earth itself. That means there are many types of different worlds enter, places to train, surroundings to hide in and ultimately means that this place will continue to grow with the amount of information Shadin accumulates about the world around him through his Cyber Brain. So, at the core of this planet is a massive sphere, which is roughly the size of of it's nation equal to the United States, that serves as a database for this world and where his Zanpukto Spirit can often be found as it begins to process this data, rest in her chamber and adjust this information to make improvements to Imaginary Computation as it comes to her by sharing a bond with Shadin.

Therefore, unknown to Shadin, this is where the core of Imaginary Computation is actually forged. You see, the more she begins to understand about the world through Shadin's eyes, the more potent Imaginary Computation gets. She is the sole master of this ability and knows the methods needed in order to convert her knowledge into Shadin's soul for him to use. It's merely a matter of utilizing something she likes to call "Imaginary Force", an energy that is only available to a person while within their inner world, combined with a person's Spiritual Energy. The Imaginary Force is used in order to fuse itself together with the knowledge Shadin, Sekkyoku and even Oni Chiita all share in order for it's devastating effects to become law in the physical realm by Shadin directing this power with his mind and using his spiritual energy as a sacrifice to harness it. It explains why this power was not discovered by Shadin himself until the experiments of the Yuudeshi Project pushed his inner world over the edge to give birth to this new world; which hence forth crafted an extraordinary new power for him.

This is ultimately the core of Imaginary Computation and ground for more potential....



S e a l e d Z a n & S k i l l s


Sealed Zanpakutô: Shadin's sealed Zanpukto is actually a small green gem that he wears around his neck that allows him to control lightning effectively, even when in his sealed state. Meaning, all electric related calculations are done him by the gem and make attacking very easy for him in this state. It is also possible to steal this gem from Shadin and weaken his electric attacks, but that is not a wise idea due to his immense speed and the high amount of voltage that is generated from this gem to all those who do not have Shaidn's spiritual signature.


Passive & Natural Abilities

Street Fighter: Thanks to his youth, Shadin has also learned how to fight dirty when he needs to. Rather then a complex fighting style most Gotei members have, Shadin simply uses the environment around him to his advantage, uses what skills he has to kill his enemy. It's this type of style that really makes Shadin proud of his upbringing.

Kidō Master: Thanks to his father, Shadin is able to use high level kidō without saying the incantation, being able to use this up until 91 as it has been seen, he has not used any spell above that level without the incantation, not that people have seen. Shadin is also able to create his own customized Kidō techniques, sealings, barriers and multiple other varsities for his use.

After Image: This allows for a movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Shadin's mastery of this technique is so great that it allows for him to form a dozen after-images, to the point where the after-images behave as solid clones. This can be a very confusing move if your eye isn't trained.

Hyperjump: Hyperjump is a move where Shadin gains enough speed, electricity and energy that he literally rips open a hole in the dimensional farbic of existence and creates a wormhole to any world he chooses. This is usually instant if he is traveling within Earth and it usually takes one post in order to travel to another dimension. This can also be used on a lesser level in battle in order to open up wormholes during combat and get the edge on his opponent.

Brain Alerting: By controlling the electrical signals of the human body he can take brief 'control' over them and attempt to force them to hit themselves, cause them to go into seizures, stop their speech abilities and similar things to the body. This capacity has been displayed when Shadin had fought against Yuri Tsukyomi, Tesome Kaito and ZX in a three against one battle. During the duration of this battle Shadin had implanted his electricity inside of their bodies, began to apply Imaginary Computation's effects to them and then used his telekinetic powers alongside all of that in order to attempt to control their brain waves to fry them, try to take control over their bodies movement, negate their powers by hijacking their body and even make them harm themselves. It's possible he could have taken it further, but he had no killing intent in him during this fight. So, it's unknown if he could take this ability further.

Highly Resistant to Electromagnetism, Electricity & Kinetic's: Through many of his trials, fights and tribulations over the past four hundred years of Shadin's life, he has reached a level of electromagnetic and lightning control to where he is nearly immune to most types of attacks that are based on these elements. So, for instance, if someone were to shoot a simple lightning bolt at Shadin; he could easily be unfazed by it and use it to make himself even stronger. On a more advanced level, even people who use electromagnetism would see little to no effect on him based on the fact Shadin has had far too much resistance built up to be effected by electric based attacks, far too much training and a near mastery of this element. And, on top of all that, based on Shadin's mastery of acceleration alongside kinetic's from his immense skill of being one of the fastest beings alive, most types of kinetic based attacks also a similar non-effective approach on him. Since, his body is constantly having some sort of force to counter against it, he can easily augment himself or dissipate the energy if an opponent chooses to manipulate, generate or control this type of force to use against Shadin.

Developmental Gauge: While this may be a passive trait for Shadin, it still does not make it any less impressive. What this skill essentially does is that it grants Shadin the potential to always adapt himself, to constantly advance his powers further and always seek for new ways to evolve himself. This has been displayed based on the rapid amount of changes that have been alerted to Shadin's powers, transformations and abilities throughout the years. It is safe to say that the first version Bankai over four hundred years ago when he was a teenager is easily worlds, possibly even universes, apart from where his current Bankai stands. The same can be said for his powers, his elemental attributes, intelligence, physical body strength and all other aspects of himself that can be applied to combat. It's apparently even been kicked in turobdrive thanks to the experiments on the Yuudeshi Project constantly wanting to accelerate Shadin's power to reach a level that is comparable to Yamato's; which is over a two thousand year projection of where Shadin's powers should be.

Therefore, from these estimations, Shadin still needs to reach the age of 2,500 when it comes to how strong his powers, how skilled he is with them and how much potential there is for him. So, despite what his opponents and allies may think of his destructive powers, they are still rather immature as The Yuudeshi Network projects them to be around one thousand to one thousand two hundred years old. Thus, Devolopmental Gauge still has a long ways to go until he can reach a more complete sense of his power. And, even when he reaches his point, it's unknown what will happen as The Yuudeshi Network as estimated that he'd have a POSSIBLE power on-par with the Soul King, Touketsu and Truth. Which, in some ways, displays the true capacities of Developmental Gauge if given time to flourish and thrive with the Yudueshi Network constantly putting it into overdrive and making Shadin stronger by the day in some instances. Shadin has even theorized that with his own acceleration powers, this could be used to even adapt his body to the way an opponent fights in order to give him a strong edge when it comes to combat.

Constant Electric Control: Ever since the days of being a mere Shinigami grunt within the Gotei 13, Shadin's affinity has always been there for him since day one. Therefore, through all of his fights, experiences, training and the acceleration of The Yuudeshi Project on his powers; Shadin has reached a point where he has full, utter and complete control over all things electric based in every last one of his forms. No longer does he have to wait on activating his Shikai nor relaying on his sealed Zanpukto to harness the power of electricity, now Shadin is capable of harnessing the power of Electrokinesis whenever he wishes. Even more then that, now that Shadin is able to use his electric based powers even while in his natural state, this allows them to evolve and advanced even further when he releases into his transcended states such as Shikai or Bankai. Eventually, when his Lightning Control is accelerated by these forms, he also obtained the ability to have Electromagnetism Manipulation and Magnetism Manipulation.

Thus, from all of the information gathered, this has allowed Shadin the ability to even have his body is constantly emitting electromagnetic waves which lets him sense things that enters the field by their reflected waves; which is otherwise known as electroperception. And, when taken even further with Imaginary Computation, Shadin is able to convert this trait to be applied to all known realms to where he can constantly locate objects, opponents, hidden factors in the environment and in most situations where he can otherwise not rely on his vision or external resources such as The Yuudeshi Network. In addition to that, Shadin's constant activation of his electric powers allows him to constantly be in contact with all types of different means of electronic communication. Rather it be from interception of radio waves, generating his own wavelengths of communication throughout Karakura Central, interpreting electronic signals, digital signals or even different types of Cyberbrains; Shadin is able to constantly interface with all things electronic.

It could even lead to him reading the thoughts of those who Cybernetically enhanced brains; in addition to allowing him to temporarily control the movements of even those with organic brains should they have any electric signals going off within their brains. In fact, on that note, Shadin has even demonstrated a skill against the The Rinyūaru's Former Co-Head, Alexander, where he was able to tap into his memories by creating an electric current that directly connected both Shadin's and Alexander's brain. This allowed him to peer into Alexander's mind for anything that had occurred in the short-term in order to gather more information about him in order to add to the Yuudeshi Network. Since, at the time, there was little to nothing known about The Rinyūaru. Therefore, just from that display of control over his powers, it's obvious to tell Shadin has quite the Grand Mastery over anything having to do with electricity.

Unrivaled Speed: This is one of Shadin's most well-known traits about him as he is often refereed to as one of the fastest beings on Earth. Even without any of his special attributes from being a Ziamichi that possesses Demon and Shinigami powers, Shadin is still immensely fast to the point where if he lost these spirits, his body would still naturally be able to go at these truly decimating speeds. Therefore, it is not wise to underestimate this dominating trait in Shadin's power set. Even well known warriors such as Misaiko Sugiura Zefonse Kaizaime, Tsubine Zarkenheinz and Genpaku have not obtained a level of speed that is on par with Shadin's true speed and is thus a highly difficult ability to deal with for even the most masterful speed based user. It allows for Shadin to dodge most attack's with relative ease, control the battlefield with ease based on the fact he can go from point A to B in a matter of seconds and even, in some cases, out run teleporation based user and thus some even assume Shadin has some capacities to teleport himself.

However, this doesn't just apply to Shadin's overall speed. It helps in the fact that Shadin has an extremely high reaction time when it comes to combatant situations. For example, if someone were to fire a cero suddenly, Shadin's speed would automatically sync with his nervous system in order to slow down time within his own head, make adjustments to the threat and give him enough edge in order to hopefully avoid it while firing off an even more powerful attack at the opponent. And, on the note of his attacks, most abilities or powers that are fired off from Shadin also have the same type of speed system applied to them. So, that means could mercilessly fire off a barrage of energy attack's at extremely hard to detect speeds in order to overwhelm an opponent with both force and speed. Another example would be that Shadin's body also has an accelerated healing time based on this speed. No, Shadin does not have any natural regenerative proprieties, and yes Shadin is prone to taking heavy damage, but he is able to recover rather quickly from his injuries if he is given enough time to heal up things such as scrapes, burns, pains, wounds and other similar damages done to his body.

Moreover, this speed also grants him access into Potential and Kinetic energies. As Shadin began to further develop his power, he eventually began to realize that he could control certain amounts of potential energy by converting the speed his body can constantly generate into a tangible kinetic-type force that allows him to increase his overall strength when needed, increase his durability to withstand more attack's, grant him another source of overall power for him to utilize and even allows him other similar traits that are related to kinetic powers such as Kinetic Charging, having limited control over the movements against certain people that enter his kinetic sphere; such as making attempts to redirect their punches back on to themselves and overall Kinetic Empowerment.

Therefore, based on all the facts above, it would be very wise to always take Shadin's speed into account when doing battle with him. Even if he is stripped of all his little nifty attributes, he will still be able to utilize an unprecedented amount of speed even at base human form and is thus a highly volatile, lethal and unpredictable opponent based on the level's of speed Shadin has obtained within his lifetime; even being enhanced further with the acceleration of The Yuudeshi Project.

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"Impressive, you've lasted this long? Ha! I'll be sure to salute your commendable efforts and show you my true self!"


S h i k a i P o w e r s

Shikai Appearance: After he says the initial release phrase, Shadin will instantly form two wings comprised of his spiritual energy, electricity and any electromagnetic or magnetic activity in the surrounding area he is in. Once this phase has transpired, a strange barrier that is comprised from Shadin's Inner World will become to formulate around Shadin. From what he is able to understand, this has the same values as Imaginary Computation does and acts as a repliant against external forces much in the same way his reflection is able to do even in base; but on a much greater level. Therefore, most types of attack's that are not strong enough to actually put a dent in Shadin are rejected on sight in most cases. Things such as a electromagnetic attack trying to harm him or a weaker level cero that does not have the strength to actually damage Shadin. Thus, this makes it a Shikai ability that has been evolved in the past year from Shadin learning more about Imaginary Computation and one that is explained more in his Shikai Abilities. So, in any case, once this shield has been completed, Shadin will be able to move on to the next phase of his ascension.

When all the alignments are finished, physical changes will begin to occur with Shadin. His pupils will grow more thinner, akin to that of a cheetah, in order to see for much further distances, have greater reaction time then in his previous state and essentially give him more of a beast-like look in some instances to match his title as "The Beast of Karakura". After that, Shadin will then proceed to grow fangs and claws, should he desire them, that are massive pin-points for Imaginary Computation's power, high points of electricity and spiritual energy. Lastly, though not very noticeable, Shadin's hair will seem to be slightly longer then before with all the accelerated growth going on in his body and may seem a tad bit older then he normally does. So, with all that completed, this would mark the end of his ascension and Shadin should be ready to do battle with his opponent on a much higher level then before. Heh, so if people had trouble with his base form, their in for a whole new level of disaster in his Shikai.


Increased Stamina and Endurance: While Shikai is activated, Shadin's body has an increased stamina in order to better manage the increased speed that happens so his body won't tire out. This also applies to reitsu based attack's as well. Why? Because in this state Shadin can tolerate alot more energy output from intense training sessions, from his various battles during his lifetime and his overall body producing more energy then before and toughening up. It would take quite awhile before Shadin could tire himself physically in battle at times.

Damaging Speed: In Shikai Shadin can easily attack opponents from long ranges with relative ease due to his speed. With a single swing of his sword, Shadin can send off waves of destructive wind and reitsu that can level buildings, injure hundreds of people and cause serious damage for opponents. All this is due to the increase in over reitsu and energy mixed together with the momentum his speed abilities give them. When you add those two together, you are bound to get some intense backlashes. This same speed also applies to how fast his body can react and certain attack's.

Speed Burst: In Shikai Shadin has the ability to move, think, and react at superhuman speeds. However, these come in quick out burst that last for one to two post with a one post cool down. Yes, he is fast overall, but during these burst he is at his fastest. Meaning he can dodge, attack and react faster in this state. Furthermore, during this short period, there is an invisible aura around his body that prevents Shadin himself and all of his clothes from being affected by air friction as they move at high speed.

Periods of Super Strength: When enough energy is harvested, Shadin has the ability to convert his reitsu, energy and electricity into pure physical strength. It's a type of Super Strength that is used to make up for his somewhat frail body. This is typically used against melee type fighters, times where his regular powers aren't enough or he wants fight the battle with fists. The post limit for this move is three post with a two post cool down, recharging over the period he does not use this power.

High Voltage Blade: Getting struck by the blade of his Zanpukto in this form is equal to getting struck by lighting since it contains between 1 to 2 billion volts of electricity; the same amount generated in a bolt of lighting. It is highly recommended that you stay away from close combat with Shadin whenever he uses his sword. It's even capable of drawing & absorbing surrounding energy and converts it from his hands into a energy bladed weapon within a one hundred fifty meter area. The more energy sword takes from Shadin and any energy it can get it's hands on, the stronger & shaper the blade will become. It can even deflect certain projectiles if given enough power. Though if Shadin uses this power extensively in one setting, it will start tapping into his body's energy making him weak & exhausted.

Overall Augmentation: When Shadin transforms into his Shikai State, he automatically gets a five times increase in all of his powers, energy, attributes and general skills. This means his speed, strength, durability, reaction time, Hoho, Hakuda and even his Kidō can be taken far past their normal limits or level's when this augmentation is in effect. So, that makes dealing with Shadin even more dangerous as when you add more speed to someone like him. The augmentation allows for him to have more destructive hits when he decides to physically attack someone, it makes extremely hard to detect or even keep up with Shadin's speed, his durability is enhanced so he can take more blows then in his base form and he turns into a much more adaptive fighter while his Shikai State is activated. As for racial skills? When you make all of his speed enhancements such as Hoho into the mix, you tend to get very impressive results as Shadin can keep up with some offensive fighters with his new found speed based on the impacts he would have. Therefore, this is a useful little trait in Shadin's Shikai.

The Cheetah's Eyes: Upon Shikai activation, Shadin's eyesight has improved to great level's. His natural eyes can detect things for up to a ten thousand meter area making task of finding targets hidden in further distances less difficult. It's even possible to Shadin to scan things on a microscopic level and zoom in on certain objects if he focuses hard enough and is not distracted, making it somewhat useless in battle at times. Another advantage he gets from this improved vision is that this ability allows him to track fast-moving objects, attack's and people in real-time in order to react, counter or dodge his opponents attack's. It's even gotten to the point where he can memorize some of his opponents moves if they are repeated enough. And, the final thing power that Shadin is able to perform is that he can switch his vision to a thermal state where he can see all types of energy, reitsu, body masses, heat and other hidden object. The downside of this move, however, is that everything he views in this state is distorted in a white and black static which means he cannot see things like regular people can, which is in true color.

Protective Computation: This appears to be an advanced version of his former Shikai's attributes. The shield that is constantly around Shadin's body is not actually comprised of electricity like in the previous version of his Shikai. Instead, from what Shadin is able to gather, it shares the same properties as Imaginary Computation does as it is generated from his Inner World. So, as a result, this is a Protective Computation. It is able to heavily reduce to nearly negating the amount of damage certain attack's that are not able to actually do harm to Shadin such as anything electric, electromagnetic, magnetic, kinetic, energy attacks from lower tiered characters and so on and so forth. And, if an attack is able to pierce this barrier as it is not unheard; such as Shadin's fight with Grimmjow where he was able to pierce through Shadin's defenses, then it has evolved to the point where it has even increased Shadin's durability in Shikai to better cope with attack's that are finally able to make a direct hit on his body and actually harm him.

However, this barrier does serve more of a purpose then just to shield or protect Shadin. It can easily suck up every type of force on the electromagnetic spectrum, kinetic energy from all movement within a given area and low amounts of reishi in order to strengthen Shadin's Shikai even further. Therefore, while this shield is up, it can devour those types of forces within an area for up to ten miles if Shadin decides to really push it; and about three miles on average. The only drawback that this barrier has is that it gets weaker when Shadin begins to deplete in energy, take more heavy damage or somebody is able to get past his defenses in the same manner that Grimmjow was able to. Though, despite all of that, Shadin still does not know everything about this evolved Shikai as he hasn't had time to actually use it. Therefore, it will take Inner World training with his Zanpukto to discover more of what this skill can do for him as he furthers his training with The Yuudeshi Project. Especially considering that fact this is most likely an extension of that and oculd possibly learn a new computation.

Augmented Electricity: It is known that Shadin has the ability to constantly control, generate and overall manipulate all forms of electricity while in any of his forms. Therefore, when he transforms into his Shikai State, this becomes one of his strongest traits as it taken to an even greater level then it was previously. While in Shikai, all of Shadin's electric based abilities have been increased in strength by five times and is thus extremely more effective then most electric skills generated from his base form. While in this release state, Shadin is able to cover a much wider area with his electricity then in his previous base form. From what Shadin estimates, he can probably generate enough lightning to cover entire cities in his electricity without any type of assistance thanks to how much the Yuudeshi Network has accelerated his power. In fact, Shadin lightning has been so refined in this form that it is extremely difficult to see most attack's come from him. Most people debate that lightning goes at speed somewhere around two hundred thousand miles per hour? Heh, Shadin claims that his own artifical AND natural made lightning is much faster.

Therefore, based on these facts, Shadin has been known to easily overwhelm an opponent by a constant barrage of strikes from his Electrokinesis ability. Even more frightening is that while in his released state, the strength of Shadin's lightning becomes so powerful that it is even able to destroy different types of matter and particles; effectively vaporizing them into dust. This applies to anything even on a spiritual realm. So, For example, if Shadin happened to be near some sort of spiritual or natural barrier; it would be possible for him to summon enough electricity in order to just directly blow through said defenses with the sheer power that is generated from his Electromancy. Another example is that he would even be able to blow through even some of the most powerful defense based characters from all different racial backgrounds.

An instance of this would be if Shadin was fighting against someone like Nnorita, who had claimed to have the strongest Hierro of all Arrancar. When doing combat against someone like that, Shadin believes that he would possess the strength necessary in order to deliver critical and even life threatening blows to defense based characters who claim to have posses that type of fortitude against offensive attack's. And, since Shadin has such a grand supply of electricity ready to be controlled, created or manipulated; heh, taking too many hits from this could lead to some serious consequences during battle. Even more so if one were to factor in all the other augmentation boost Shadin gets in his Shikai; such as his naturally insane speed getting further enhanced in order to fire off these electric attack's at even faster and stronger rates, add in all that and you have a recipe for utter destruction when fighting against the likes of Shadin Yuudeshi on the battlefield.

Moreover, though, one of the greatest perks of Shadin's Shikai is that it advances his Electrokinesis to the point where he is then granted Electromagnetism Manipulation in addition to Magnetism Manipulation. Therefore, in the next few sections, everything will be covered about what these abilities entail and what traits they grant Shadin while in Shikai.


Electromagnetism: As stated previously, Shadin's Manipulation over Electricity has increased to the point where he is able to obtain the ability to control all phenomena related to Electromagnetogenesis. This means that he can control, manipulate or generate any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, while in Shikai, he possess the strength needed in order to utilize properties from Radio waves, microwaves, infared's, Ultraviolet Ray's, X-ray's and Gamma Ray's. So, right off the bat, Shadin already has a large arsenal of tools at his disposal ready to decimate his opponent. Instances of Shadin making use of the EM Spectrum would be that Shadin possesses the ability to make himself invisible for periods of time of his choosing by simply deflecting visible light around his body. This ability could be taken even further by using Imaginary Computation to hide all possible detection of Shadin and make it very easy for Shadin to sneak up on his opponents. So, it could also be said, that by controlling the light spectrum, Shadin could essentially remove all light from a given area in order to blind an opponent within a contained area. This hasn't been fully tested yet, but Shadin believes it's probably possible.

Another use of this new electromagnetism power is that by manipulating electromagnetic waves along with light can change direction when passing through narrow gaps. By creating multiple gaps with his wings at the same time will make the waves interfere with each other. Simply put by diffracting light through the countless unseen gaps on the wings of his back to change the nature of sunlight, Shadin can create multiple waves of light that would make it possible for him to burn people to death if they are not careful by adding his own electricity and reitsu to the mix in order to alter the nature of the beams of light.

More uses of Shadin utilizing the EM Spectrum while in Shikai is that he could easily intercept all types of networks, frequency's, radio waves and other types of signals that transmit information. This means that his electropreception trait that he possessed in his base form has been taken to an even higher level as he can be aware of most types of transmissions occurring around him for miles and miles on end; using his Cyberbrain in order to analyze, process and save this data while making use of Imaginary Computation to do most traits that natural science would otherwise make impossible for Shadin. Though, a more impressive feat of power, according to Shadin, would be manipulating infrared's in order to possibly burn an entire city down to the ground in a relatively short time if he had decided to get serious.

Therefore, judging by just some of these basic, yet powerful demonstration of Shadin's Electromagnetism, it's safe to say this is one of his most lethal traits while using his Shikai. Not even Shadin is currently aware of this limit as this is a rather new power, but he assumes it can be taken quite past it's limits with the assistance of The Yuudeshi Network constantly trying to advance his power every single day in order to reach his true potential. Not only that, but the Yuudeshi Network can also possibly give him more complex methods to make use of this new found Electromagnetic Manipulation. Also, it should be noted that the only drawbacks he is currently aware of with this power is that it usually takes some kind of energy in order to constantly use such as spiritual energy, electricity, kinetic energy or something to give him the fuel needed in order to tap into these resources. Though, he surmises he could possibly do this naturally as well, but it would take a few more years for that occur within him to where it happens without the use of too much energy or power.

Magnetism Manipulation: From what Shadin is able to gather about this trait of his Shikai that was obtained over the past year, he believes the Yuudeshi Network was able to advance even his Electromagnetic Manipulation to the point where it was able to generate a secondary primary power from his Shikai, which is the act of controlling or generating magnetic fields in general. That means Shadin holds the potential to tame all types of magnetism such as those found in most types of planets, different type's of magnetic field's found in solar objects such as the Earth's Sun, varying fields of magnetism found in stellar bodies such as star's, generating or controlling the magnetosphere and overall magnetic based materials. In fact, Shadin's control over this is so potentially powerful, according to the Yuudeshi Network, he'd even be able to control the electric currents within living beings to further his abilities to manipulate people's body even further.

This would mean that Shadin could possibly double the strength said ability listed in his electric based powers that allowed him to control the electric patterns inside most organic beings bodies. In the end, it translates to him having a greater chance of being able to hopefully control an opponent's body in order to tap into their head, have limited amounts of mind control and hopefully cause them to self-inflict damage of themselves if they are unable to break free of Shadin's control; which can be done easily enough if you have enough energy to attempt powering up or trying to force your way out of it through extreme will. Moreover, one of the ways Shadin prefers to use his magnetic powers is to generate different types of force-fields that are capable of warding off cero's even of the Grand Ray Variety; and even withstanding Cero Oscuras's in some situations if Shadin is able to augment his shields high enough. Thus, in theory, could even help him withstand the assaults from physical based characters such as Kenpachi or Radioactive and allow him to last much longer then he should in a fight with those types of fighters.

Additionally, more benefits that his magnetic power grants him is the traits to manipulate or generate matter even to the subatomic level for a number of different purposes, methods or techniques. Most of which haven't been applied as of yet, but Shadin believes he could possibly just build all kinds of different types of cybernetic devices on the spot with it for a simple purpose. Another perk he obtains from having this magnetic strength is that he is also able to detect metallic objects rather easily in combat; so most types of sword based fighters, even without his eletrcopreception, can easily be detected. If you take this one step further, Shadin can even detect most types of creatures that have blood in them simply by the iron that is filled in their blood for miles and miles away; making it very difficult to remain undetected by Shadin when fighting him in his Shikai state.

So, to conclude things, this is still a new found power that Shadin is still pushing the boundaries in, but already it has proven to be a tremendous asset to his power set. Only time will tell how he will figure out different methods in order to utilize this power. And, with the Yuudeshi Network, Shadin figures it won't be long until he figures out every nook, carny and technique he can apply his Magnetic Field Manipulation.

Acceleration Control & Momentum Control: To go alongside his title as one of the fastest beings alive, Shadin appears to have gained a power that allows him to control momentum, velocity, kinetic energy and overall acceleration of things. So, for example, if there was an attack approaching him at a fast rate of speed, he would be able to perform this power in order to control the rate of speed at which the opposing force moves in order to either slow it down to the point where it's easy to perceive, or stop it altogether in it's tracks. Once this occurs, he'll be able to siphon whatever kinetic energy that object had generated before it's stop in order to this control greater and then eventually use it to augment himself. Next, following that phase, he'd then be able to control the attack by changing it's velocity and either redirecting it back at the opponent, or throwing it off somewhere else entirely in order for it to avoid hitting him or causing any real type of damage to Shadin's body in the process.

Another instance of how he can use his Acceleration powers is that it can be applied even more so on himself. On his command, he can begin to apply his acceleration on a spiritual level in order to begin Self-Power Augmentation. What this essentially does on Shadin in an internal way is that it enhances most of his existing abilities, powers, natural traits and body to the highest possible levels he can sustain himself when in any of his ascended forms such as Shikai, Bankai and Kijunsui. Therefore, it grants him constant enhanced conditioning on his body to keep it in peak performance physically & mentally; applying it even on a supernatural level with his Shinigami and Demon powers, constantly keeping them at peak power in order to make him superior over others in combat if he can possible help it. So, in a sense, on top of his augmentation he obtains once he ascends into his Shikai or Bankai, it's very possible to add on top of that with this Acceleration Ability he obtains while in his ascended states.

What's more, an even darker side of this power is that he is even able to manipulate matter on the subatomic level in order to gain Subatokinesis. And, with the constant acceleration from Project Yuudeshi always wanting to further Shadin's power, he has a fairly decent amount of skill with this side of his Acceleration Control. So, with his level of skill in this area, it allows him to see the bonds between atoms, to control the elements to the extent of controlling the molecules and atoms that comprise them; allowing him to hopefully break them apart on a subatomic level rather then using it for himself, a supernatural level of atomic transmutation that is applied to reishi in order for him to become one with the environment later on in his Bankai with his fusion ability, matter manipulation in order to change a solid from a gas; such as a water based technique simply being converted into air and then redirected away from Shadin and the potential to even venture into Dark Matter; though Shadin has showed NO signs of being able to harness that power or even knowing how to properly use it with his skill. Therefore, it's merely nothing more then a bragging right that he has the potential to possibly control Dark Matter.

Now, as you can imagine, with a power this great there are bound to be some drawbacks. For starters, if Shadin miscalculates even one molecule or atom when using the subatomic powers of his Acceleration control, then it is VERY possible for disastrous consequences to occur. These can transpire on himself, in the environment around him or even cause damage to Shadin by misusing this skill. And, with his level of control over it at the moment, there is a fairly good chance of that occurring. Moreover, reflecting on matter transmutation, it can considerable put a tax on Shadin's body if he were to constantly use it and put him in a fair amount of exhaustion; so he usually saves that trait until he is able to ascend into his Bankai state. And, the fact it doesn't work on living matter unless used in conjunction with Imaginary Computation; and even that takes alot of unwanted effort on Shadin to where he doesn't even bother attempting that on living beings.

Moreover, going back to his current skill, this can sometimes be taxing on him if he tries to go a bit too far with this abilities and essentially go insane with power. Therefore, Shadin attempts to watch the limits of this power in order to avoid any un-needed stress on himself, energy reserves or strain on his body. In addition to that, going back to the acceleration control, he also needs to be careful of to much augmentation at once. As, even on his level, it is very possible for him to black out or even cause damage to his body from having a massive power surge occurring too quickly. What's more, although he can sustain the accelerated augmentation for a lengthy period, it does eat up energy at times and thus is only a temporary state Shadin uses in order to make himself and his attacks stronger. So, with all of that said, this is a power that is monitored with the utmost care when used by Shadin.

Release Phrase: Strike, Sekkoku.

B a n k a i

Bankai Appearance: This is truly a sight to behold whenever Shadin feels it's the right time to ascend into his Bankai State. The first scene of Shadin transforming will be the skies themselves will become entirely engulfed in his force; possibly darkening the entire area to the point where it seems like a total eclipse of absolute power. What's more, this occurs at extremely fast rate of speed to where the field can nearly instantly be changed once he decides to go this far in his power. Therefore, after that first occurrence, the next thing to transpire will be the wings from Shadin's previous ascended state, Shikai, will be torn away from Shadin's body and sent shooting into the sky as an unmanipulative force that cannot be harnessed or controlled by any external forces save for Shadin. It will then disrupt across either a country wide region on level one of his Bankai, a continent sized location on level two or on level three it will cover an entire planet.

Bare in mind, once again, this is all happening at speeds that make even the most skilled opponents close or even on par with Shadin hard to perceive. So, at these extreme speeds, there will be thousands of pen shaped wings will converse upon Shadin's back as well that extend for at least a thousand meters. Meanwhile, another series of spires will cover whatever area Shadin chooses in order siphon all types of kinetic energy, velocity, all forms of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum and reishi and eventually give Shadin the needed power in order to sustain his Bankai for extended periods of time, push his powers to the breaking point and conjure up all sorts of new ways in order for him to utilize this awesome force. And, with Shadin being able to cover the world in base form in about forty minutes while in base form with no sort of augmentations or enhancements, in Bankai these spires can cover ground at such rates of speed that it can often be done within the span of one post. Making it so his Banaki Process is not long and drawn out when compared to other people who have similar releases.

Moreover, the near the final phase of Shadin's Bankai will be that a massive burst of energy that looks similar to electricity will mix together with his reitsu in order form in the shape of a halo above a half mile area. This will give him the appearance of a so called "angel". And, with his power set as it is, some may easily be able to mistake for him if he wasn't already. So proceeding that, a bolt of lightening will strike from the halo and engulf Shadin's body in a ray of light that will also spawn two wings from his back made entirely out of the light and electricity. From there many waves of energy on the EM field, reishi, different types of forces or any other type of attack Shadin can think of can be launched from these wings and reach for however wide Shadin is able to spread them. Meaning that he can unleash any type of ability he can from these countless spires that emerge from his back in Bankai.

Lastly, at that instant when his transformation is complete; a mysterious female will appear beside Shadin. When seen on the field, most can often feel some sort of "divine" or "holy" presence about her. And, judging from her looks as well, it's obvious that something is about her. The subject in question will often be seen as having extremely long hair that goes well past her lower back; a rarity in the human world. Another trait that is extremely noticeable is that she appears to have cat-like ears that sprout up on her ears, giving people the assumption she most be some type of beast-like creature. Next, it would appear as if the irsis and pupils in her eyes are so big that most cannot even see her sclera; sometimes giving a slightly ominous aura about her appearance despite the angelic-like aura her body gives off. And finally, she'll be seen wearing a white kimino with hints of gold on the sleeves, edges and center; constantly wearing it open to display some sort of weird gold-colored kanji on the center of her chest.

Now, when this person is materialized, her eyes will awaken and Shadin will know in his heart that is his trust worthy Zanpukto: Sekkoku. And thus, with all the phases completed in his Bankai, the two of them will go on to do battle with whatever force has called upon this type of unholy power from Shadin.


All Shikai Abilties: For starters, he still has most of the abilties from his Shikai Form. So, when he ascends into his Bankai State, they all naturally become more powerful and augmented by ten times. Making him a more fierce opponent then he already was previously.

Power Extension: Since the spires on Shadin's body are nothing more then an extension of himself, they have retained the capacity to perform every technique, ability and power Shadin can already do. This means Shadin has a much border range in which he can attack an opponent, target or even an army if he were to fight against one. Therefore, in Bankai, he becomes an even harder person to reach then he was in any of his previous forms as it's extremely difficult to even get close to him with these spires, his powers and Zanpukto Spirit constantly getting in the way of that effort most try while he is ascended.

Zanpukto Materialization: This is quite a feat for a Shinigami. Ever since the first version of his Bankai he had obtained so many hundreds of years ago as a mere teenager, Shadin has also had the ability to materialize his Zanpukto Spirit alongside himself in Bankai. When this occurs, Sekkoku will have an independent body and shall the same tier as Shadin himself. What's more, unlike Shadin, she has more of a mastery over most of his Shinigami powers. So, in a sense, you are fighting against two people; one of which has a better control over their techniques. Therefore, it is not wise to underestimate this woman as she is the inventor of Imaginary Computation and has a greater understanding, control and realizes the in's and out's of this ability along with so many of Shadin's other techniques.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: In this state, simply being next to Shadin can cause you to become engulfed in electricity, lose consciousness or even die by your body simply not being able to handle the immense power Shadin's body generates or the amount of oxygen he depletes. To make sure he doesn't kill innocent by standers or allies, an invisible shield is automatically placed around all living beings that are allied to Shadin or not involved. However, most around him will still feel an overwhelming sense of power. In fact, once Shadin starts to get serious in his Bankai, some have even felt Shadin in places as far away as the Soul Society in some instances. So, for someone to feel this kind of power in an entirely different dimension displays how much energy and spiritual pressure this Bankai is able to produce in it's more higher level's and capacities; making it extremely obvious Shadin is not to be trifled with when in this ascended state.

Further Augmentation: In Bankai, on top of the five times increase he had obtained from Shikai, Shadin is also granted a ten times increase in all of his powers, energy, attributes and general skills. Therefore, on top of all those stats that were previously enhanced in his ascension to Shikai, they have now be brought up to a level that makes Shadin a truly worrisome opponent to deal with. So, in essence, he has a nearly twenty times increase and It makes his reaction time that much more accurate, his senses finely tuned to the point where he is "one" with the environment around him in his mind, his speed is on a level that is hard for most type of measuring systems to even comprehend in some cases; at this point, even some of the most advanced speed based users would have extreme difficulty keeping up with Shadin once he detach himself from the spires on his back. Therefore, while this may not same like a major perk compared to all the things he can do in Bankai, it's still not recommended to underestimate this attribute as it makes all of his attacks that much faster, his defense more difficult to go through, his endurance pushed through the roof and overall power that much more deadly.

Vibration: The pen shaped wings of light also seem to serve the purpose of vibrating the reishi around him, being able to deflect opposing spiritual particles. Because the reishi vibrates at roughly six million times per second, not even the Quincy's Seele Schneider can cut through these wings. Moreover, most types of attacks can also be easily torn to pieces if they come near these wings. For example, any type of power that is spiritual or comes from some sort of release form, the vibrations are so powerful that they can easily effect things on a natural and spiritual level to decimate most types of attacks that come near them. So if a person who had the power to control fire were to shoot a Tsunami wave of flames at him, Shadin could use these wings to cut them down particles by particle, atom by atom and molecule by molecule until they were a non-threat. And, when you add Imaginary Computation into the mix, this power just gets more vicious as even Shadin isn't sure how far he could take this technique of his Bankai either if he applied it's possibilities to it.

Hypershock: Within the vicinity of his wings, Shadin can create multiple paths of energy that will boost the speed of either himself, his zanpukto spirit or his allies. Along this determined path, their speed will be increased to insane levels until they fall off the path. It is projected that if one were to enter this path, it's possible to see temporary enhancements of velocity and momentum upwards of twenty times their normal speed; rather it be in base or some sort of released state. If the opponent, however, tries to step on this they will simply be rejected as they'll be under Shadin's control as it's works somewhat like an extension of his body and with Sekkoku making use of Imaginary Computation, he could easily inflict a multitude of effects on their body. Anything ranging from complete control of their body, negating their powers while they are on that path, attempting to force them back to base state or going through his catalog of powers to figure out something that will easily harm them while in this seemly defenseless state. Therefore, it is not wise to come anywhere close to hypershock's field should you be the opponent.

Merging: In order to obtain near the maximum amount of power his bankai can sustain, Shadin has the ability to merge with his Zanpukto spirit in order to take both of their powers and fuse into a more augmented being. What does this translate to? For the most part, that means two 0-2+'s are merging into one being in order to make a completed warrior. So, based on the fact Sekkoku is of the same level of Shadin, this gives him a twenty times enhancement on all of his stats on top of the five times increase he obtained in Shikai, and ten times increase he had reached once Bankai was learned. So, to fight Shadin in his merged Bankai State is to fight against both him and his Zanpukto Spirit in a all or nothing battle. What's more, it even makes Imaginary Computation more easier for Shadin to used as it has been stated that it is generated from somewhere within Shadin's Inner World. Therefore, having his Zanpukto Spirit fused with him grants him much more control over Imaginary Comptuation while in his Merged Banaki State and makes him an even more lethal opponent to deal with.

Fusion: It is very possible for Shadin to even begin to merge the spirals, or even himself in more extreme cases, with the environments in which they or himself enter. What this means is that for short periods of time Shadin can merge fuse these spires with the area around him in order to gain temporary abilities from the area such as the spires being engulfed in fire if there was a wild fire near-by, having more access to the flow of reishi and control within a given vicinity in which his spires can reach, learn more about the area around him and overall become "one" with it. In some cases, it can even allow for intangibility if he were to combine himself with "existence" around the area and craft his body to the point where it was one in the same with the dimension in which he is currently occupied for an unknown duration of time. So, needless to say, this can be quite the useful trick with Shadin's arsenal of techniques, abilities, powers and forms that he has within his disposal.

The limitations to this, however, is that is often takes energy to fuse with the area. So, each his spires; or in more extreme cases, himself, is fused with the settings around him, it can often suck up a bit of his own energy beforehand and tire him out in some circumstances if he isn't able to make-up for what energy he has lost. In addition to that, the unity usually doesn't last that long. It merely last enough to give Shadin enough edge to do what he has to do, gain the upper-hand for a bit and get out. Which is usually anywhere from two to four post; give or take. It can be extended, but it begins to have a strain on his body and he has to use his own willpower to sustain it. Therefore, from what Shadin has gathered, it's better to simply have his spires do an on-again, off-again fusion with the area around him for one or two post, cool down for one or two post and repeat. Or, while within his control, have a spire fuse with an area for one paragraph during a post, defuse during the next paragraph and then fuse in the next one or two paragraph's following it to conserve strain.

Disrupting Control: Thanks to the thousands of wings, the halo and electricity scattered throughout a wide ranged area, Shadin has the ability to interrupt all types of communication, electronic and even electric signals within the vicinity his wings or electric manipulation cover. That means he can stop communication through cellphones, disrupt many electronic devices and even alter the brain signals in most organic bodies. Moreover, thanks to his electromagnetic powers, Shadin can even effect things on the E.M. Specturm and disrupt that field as well. An example of this means is that Shadin control or stop all types of molecules within a given area in order to effectively give him Molecular manipulation. This means he can mix the molecules of any objects, induce Molecular Immobilization by stopping the molecules in a given object so that it completely stops moving, become intangible rather easily with Imaginary Computation effecting non-physical things and molecular distortion to move through solid matter by disabling compressing forces and thus causing whatever Shadin had phased through to effectively be destroyed.

There are many types of applications which can be used, and with Imaginary Comptuation always taking Shadin's further, not even Shadin is sure how far this power can take him. He surmises that at this point in his power, it may even be possible to control spiritual molecules in order to effectively control all types of particles, matter and other similar phenom that occur even on a non-natural level. So for instance, Shadin could possibly have pseudo-Quincy like powers where he is able to use these spires to control reishi and further sustain himself in bankai by manipulating and controlling them like he does molecules through Imaginary Computation or some alternative power. So it may be possible to cause spiritual distortion on a Shinigami or Vizard, should he want to use lethal force, in order to make their entire being collapse possibility. This could be done via Molecular Combustion on a Spiritual level to make said subject implode on themselves.

Thus, it is not wise to underestimate this trait in Shadin's Bankai and neither should Shadin. Despite this being able to be easily done for him thanks to his master over the electromagnetic powers, the amount of energy he can easily generate based on his tier and some assistance from Imaginary Computation; it can still be a bit taxing on his body if he constantly overdoes it with this power by abusing it too often. So a little self-control is needed when trying to utilize what the disruption is capable of doing.

Large Scale Electric, Electromagnetic and Magnetic Manipulation: In Bankai, Shadin has the ability to take over most lightning and electricity by an invisible barrier that coats his entire body. Meaning, that if you fire an electric based attack at him, chances are he will simply take over it or absorb it to further his own electric based attacks. This barrier also helps him whenever he needs to create lightening storms as he can expand it in order to make it cover a miles of wide areas. In extreme cases, he can make it cover entire countries, though this taxes his body heavily. Though, in city areas, creating lightning storms are much easier due to the fact there is so much electricity flowing throughout homes, power plants, devices and things of that nature. If needed, he'll have his barrier break apart into millions of mircospohic pieces and suck the energy out of all these places. Making it a bad idea to fight Shadin in city-type areas or places with lots of electricity.

Moreover, in Bankai, Shadin's electric based powers has reached a point where they are able to effect things on a very wide scale area. To put things in prospective, at Level One of Shadin's Bankai he is able to have his spires spread out a vicinity roughly the size of a small country in stage one. This will allow him additional power, control and strength from all the electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields and different types of energy sources such as spiritual particles or radiation that he can siphon. Meanwhile, on level two, he has the potential to have his Bankai's influence spread throughout an entire continent if he chooses to get a bit more serious in whatever battle he is partaking in. This is otherwise known as Bankai Level 2, in Shadin's state. Lastly, and most viciously, The Final Stage in Shadin's Bankai allows him to have his powers be felt on a global scale level by having the spires spread throughout every square inch of sky throughout Earth and repeat the process at stage one.

However, for the Global Scale Bankai, that is usually saved for opponent he truly desires to kill or feels it needed for. This is based on the fact that it can cause immense strain on Shadin's body, drain energy rather quickly if he has no other resources to sustain this impressive effort and may be forced to revert back to stage one or two of his Bankai. Therefore, this part of his Bankai should be used with the utmost caution as it can easily turn the tide in a battle, or it can cost him the game if he mis-uses it.

Artificial Realm: The Artificial Realm is another plane of existence that exists within Karakura Central, created by the mass by Shadin Yuudeshi thanks to the Yuudeshi Towers, Yuudeshi Network and the energy he creates while synced to them. This realm, which exists outside of our own, is not viewable or detectable by ordinary humans or even Shinigami without the assistance of The Yuudeshi Network. This plane houses an unimaginable amount of energy that was harvested by Shadin and the network. If one happened to enter this realm and was not Shadin, they would almost instantly collapse and die due to the sheer power that is sealed within this realm. This realm, which exists outside of our own, is not viewable or detectable by ordinary humans or even Shinigami. Not only that, but his realm seems to have it's own set of physics, laws and system that is entirely different from our own. Anything within this realm is at the mercy of Shadin and the Yuudeshi Network.

Thus, With the Yuudeshi Network scattered across the Earth, varies areas of space near the Earth and Moon and it's possible expansion into the Soul Society, Shadin will have the ability to encompasses the entire world within this realm. It would be creating another plane of existence that would upset the balance of current planes that all reitsu and energy is reliant on. Once the balance is broken the rules of most attack's would no longer apply and any opponent using reitsu when the Artificial Realm is activated would die from a the damage done to their body while using reitsu. Not only that, but Shadin even has the ability to seal multiple beings within this realm once it is deactivated. That would ultimately mean a sure death for most people. And even if you could live through that, there would be no other resources within this realm to utilize if you are not Shadin and you would trapped within this realm until the next time Shadin opens it.

With an attck this major, however, there are drawbacks. It requires an insane amount of energy to bring into our realm and thus Shadin will need to use a large sum power of the Yuudeshi Islands, Towers and Network which would require permission from the Control Center underneath Kisuke Urahara's Shop. Not only that, but Shadin's body will be at an extremely vulnerable state as he must stay in complete control. If he even takes a small amount of damage, he risks the entire realm shattering and causing a bigger crisis to arise. Though, thanks to some of the conditioning he has been through from 2411 to 2412, Shadin believes he can hold out just a bit longer if someone were to begin damaging him. However, if he loses control and the realm goes out of his grasp, Shadin will have no choice but to redirect all the energy towards his body in order to save Earth. That would cause SERIOUS damage to his body that could have a strong chance or killing or leaving him in a coma for a week. Though, it should be noted if Shadin can find a correct target, he can simply have it redirected towards them if they are within a close enough vicinity towards him. If he cannot find them, then he will simply use himself.

It should also be noted that Shadin has also learned how to use this in smaller area's that require less energy, less strain on his body and lower drawbacks with the foundation of Imaginary Computation. As, over the past year from 2411 to 2412, Shadin has learned this was nothing more then a highly advanced technique from Imaginary Computation and thus can be performed much easily as a result of him learning how to use this power better. So, it is yet to be determined what he could do on a smaller scale such as a city, town or battle area.


Kijunsui State

Shadin Yuudeshi (Updated) [APPROVED, 0-1] [Legendary Historic Character] Image446

Kijunsui State Appearance:

This may very well be one Shadin's ultimate forms. Once he enters the Kujunsai State, he merges all the energy stored within his body into one form of pure energy that he can control with great skill thanks to many years of training, practice and combat. This means that The Demon, Shinigami, Human and Natural Life energy stored inside of his body are fused into one type of reitsu he can control to create some of his most lethal attacks in. Along with all that, his appearance also seems to change mildly as his hair becomes much more spiky after taking this state. This may be due to the fact that Shadin tries to look slightly cool while inside of this state of being. It works by simply directing currents of reitsu to his hair in order to rise it slightly to give him that look. After that, he grows metal claws on his hands that help him during battle by giving out lethal doses of electricity to his opponents. One of the more final changes that you'll see in Shadin is that his eyes seem dulled, the reasons being are unknown to even Shadin at this point.

Another thing to notice when he transforms is that he always attains the same outfit upon transformation. Typically, a large burst of golden light will cover an area around the size of a typical modern city block. Within this sphere of light, everything Shadin's wearing will become broken down on a microscopic level, while the new clothes gradually begin to appear across his body. This outfit starts off by a pair of earring's materializing on each of his ears. They are basically red clothes held together by a golden, triangle shaped jewel with red circular beeds at each end. Soon afterward, a dark golden choker will appear around Shadin's neck. This is used as compression object in order to suppress some of Shadin's power so he does not injure or over exhaust his powers. So, together with that, a necklace held together by red strings that hold a golden jewel in the center of his chest along with two powerful paper seals that are meant to keep his power in check.

The Jewel in the center of his chest has enough volts of electricity contained within it to, that, when unleashed, can create massive explosions of electricity across one thousand meter area's if it's allowed to build up. Not only that, it also holds all the potential energy Shadin has. So, if he were to unleash this, it would release some of his Kijunsui Form's power. Following the necklace and choker, a pair of white detached sleeves with golden edges and red strings attached to them will appear on Shadin's arm's. Though they may look harmless, these are actually there to suppress his power from becoming too powerful. If he should take these off, it's possible to over exhaust himself; therefore the full power of this form is typically saved for last. But even without the limiters, it's still a lethal form to deal with.

After completing that, a white tank top appears on Shadin that comes with golden edges in around the arm holes along with golden designs on each side of Shadin's upper body. Next, from there, Shadin attains a pair of white Kimino pants that has two unknown Japanese Words on the right side of his pants long in golden together with dim golden, olive and red red colored cloth's hanging from his lower body. On the sides, there are is also a pair of olive cloth's attached to a dark brown holder with a red swing attached to that. Finally, the last thing to be added to Shadin's outfit is a pair of brown colored sandle's with white colored socks. At that point, the light surroundings Shadin will then converge rapidly back on his body as an intense golden light will illuminate across his entire body. Even from fifty feet away, you'll be able to see this glow along with the flash of blue emitting from Shadin's eyes.

And Then, once all of that is complete, 5 golden sphere's of light will emerge behind Shadin that are seemly connected to a bar of similarly colored, circular shaped light. These represent his Demon, Human, Shinigami, and Life Energy, the last representing them all coming together in order to form a natural type of energy. Thus, at long last, the transformation is finally complete. He has now arrived in one of his most powerful forms.


Collective Powers: While in Kijunsui, Shadin is able to utilize most of his Demon, Shinigami and Human attributes in one setting. That means from base form all the way to his strongest Demon State and Bankai, he can make use of every last ability and power he has had in these states at one time. It's apart of what makes Kijunsui so dangerous as Shadin is not normally able to use them all once; much less with the augmentation increases that are seen with this state of being. This trait is strong, in fact, Shadin is even able to use some of Oni Chiita's powers directly in order to further his demonic traits and use basic Demon Skill at his proficiency. Kijunsui State is even powerful enough to awaken some of Shadin's latent human powers in order to make them of some use while in this hyper-like state.

Dramatic Augmentation Increase: Since Kijunsui takes all of Shadin's Shinigami and Demon powers into one harmonized state, all the enhancements, power increases and augmentations from these collective forms will give him a colossal eighty times energy, power and physical boost in all of his attributes. This means that all of his skills, abilities, powers and natural qualities are amplified by that much. It's apart of what makes it so damn diffcult to even fight on par with Shadin once he is able to reach into this state. His speed is near it's peak performance, his strength is absolutely monstrous thanks to Oni Chiita's might, his focus is clear and objective; making Imaginary Computation, alongside his telekinetic strengths that much more powerful, his spiritual energy is off most recorded charts and everything about him at this stage in his series of transformations is near the top of the line of what he can do. So, for all intents and purposes, Kijunsui is near the limit of how far his powers can be taken at this present time.

Access To Immense Energy: With every single energy source contained within Shadin's body from his Human Side, To His Shinigami Side, To His Demonic Side and to his Life Force; all of which are increased to their limits, Shadin would naturally have access to intense amounts of energy. This form contains so much energy, in fact, a enormous amounts of this energy even leaks from Shadin's body and forms golden wisps around a one to two mile wide area where Shadin's body is. With this, just by thinking about attack's or techniques he has done in the past, his powers can calculate what conditions and power is needed from that memory in order create all types of natural reactions in the environmen around him, all sorts vibrations, Kidō attack's up to number 90, energy attack's, sealing techniques and a variety of different moves he can use without much effort on his part. It can even expand to a larger area if Shadin wishes it. The maximum area these wisps can cover is the same limit as his Bankai; the entire Earth.

Though, if he were to increase it to that level, it would require more of his attention in order to keep track of everything that is going within the field. In fact, something like isn't even phesible even in this state as it simply requires too much strain, wasted resources and focus. It's possible with his Super Processor, yes, but unless the target was really worth it; Shadin would not resort to using all of Earth's resources for that. So, more often then not, he simply limits himself to a small area anyway in order not to harm any innocents who are caught within this battle or his allies. Along with all that, these wisps can be used to gather even more energy for the fight from Shadin's natural element; lightening. The more electricity there is within an area, the more potential Shadin's energy has to increase. This does not mean he'll retain this strength, but while in this state it can be very dangerous to deal with. And, from his Bankai properties, it is also able to cover all energies on the electromagnetic spectrum, kinetic energy, reishi, subatomic particles, molecules, The Yuudeshi Network and many other types of known energies throughout the physical plane.

Top Speeds: In this state, Shadin is able to reach some of the fastest rates of speed his body can withstand. While in Kijunsui State, if given enough time, Shadin can reach levels of near instantaneous movement. Of course, this is impossible to do in battle on a constant bases or even possible to keep track of for Shadin himself even, so instead he typically compresses the speed in other area's. For example, he sends parts of that speed to his legs and feet in order to add more impact to his punches and kicks. Getting hit by Shadin in Kijunsui Mode, just a simple punch, would be enough to tear apart the ground below him to create an immense carter that can reach one hundred meters deep and shake a large area of two thousand meters. And with his physical combat skills, this can prove to be a lethal combo.

Together with that, Shadin also send the kinetic energy from the motion his movements would potentially cause into the environment. What this means is that Shadin can possibly do attack's that don't require much movement from him, but rather spreading out that intense speed across the vicinity in order to blow away attack's, opponents and other dangerous projectiles. Not only that, but Shadin can also use that speed in order to make himself vibrate at intense level's. When he combines that with his punches, acceleration, momentum and potential energy; he can possibly rip people apart in two from an intense punch if he is given enough area to cover from him to the opponent. He can even use himself as a chainsaw to cut through barrier's, attack's, opponents and rubble.

Finally, the last trick he can do with this Mach Speed is transfer the kinetic energy to his attack's in order to rapidly fire attack's at opponents. Rather it's Kidō, energy, lightening or whatever else, Shadin can transfer this energy to increase the impact of his attack's and their strength all thanks to transferring this Mach Speed potential. The main drawback to this, however, is that there is a high risk of injuring bones, muscles or even some organs within his body due to the insane amounts of speed he is moving at; even if they are compressed. It's even possible for Shadin to have his limbs explode in some cases if he uses too speed and force; that's how intense things can get for him during this state. So he must use these powers with good judgement, reason and limits.


Exhaustion: After transcending down into a lesser state, Shadin will become extremely tired. He'll feel intense pain's across his arms and legs, headaches, muscle fatigue, lightheadedness in some cases, nauseous and too woozy to fight for two post without assistance. This form seriously takes a toll on how much energy is sucked from his body. Which leads us to the next point...

Huge Energy Consumption: The Kijunusi State requires extreme amounts of energy and reitsu to sustain. It is possible for Shadin to suddenly transform back to Shikai during mid fight due to how much energy it drains during battle; especially during attack's. Even for three or two post's Shadin burns through enough energy to keep an entire city lit with electricity.

Damaged Joints & Muscles: If Shadin pushes himself too hard, he has the possibly of creating bone damage that won't be easily healed. You see, since he is flying at all these Super Sonic Speeds, he risks the chance of damaging bones and muscles due to all the force weighing down on his body. If this happens, he'll barely be able to walk, yet alone fight without putting serious effort into it. It would take at least one week for this to heal in real time.


【 S k i l l S h e e t 】


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Grand Master
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Grand Master
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Advanced
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Master
  • Physical Augmentation: Advanced

Chi Skills
  • Geppo: Master
  • Vindeca: Beginner
  • Tekkai: Adept
  • Yang Surge: Beginner

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master
  • Control Over Spirit: Advanced
  • Seal Strength: Advanced

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Grand Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

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"You made it, you made it! You've reached the point where infinite acceleration is possible! The Godhood, The Godhood is among us!"


【 E x t r a 】



C u s t o m K i d o u

Kūrā Masutā (Custom Kidō for Shadin)

Kura Mastua, or Cooler Master, is a constantly activated Kidō move that is centered around the inside of Shadin's skull. What this move does is keep the Super Processor inside of his skull cool and to prevent it from overheating for however long this move is activate. This move can even be taken to a more extreme extent and cool his entire body in some situations, though that requires slightly more reitsu then when it's idle. This move was invented right after the surgery Shadin underwent to have the CPU inserted into his brain. It's only deactivated if Shadin has NO reitsu left in his body as it barely takes up much energy, Shadin himself calls off the Kidō or someone is able to disable it through some type of mean.
Incantation: "Show me the breeze, Kūrā Masutā!"

Shindō Hazādo

After saying the incantation, all Shadin has to do is merely snap his fingers and a wave of an intense energy will serge across a 150 meter area in all distractions for two seconds. Then, after the first shock, Shadin will snap his fingers yet again to unleash an intense rush of vibrations and pressure across the area that can crush bones, damage or destroy organs, make a person fall flat on the ground, do damage to the inner ear to shatter their sense of balance, cause visual disruptions, destroy or damage most of the ground and objects within the area and in a third wave send the opponent flying backward where the vibration's, pressure and energy will attempt to engulf the opponent and then explode in a burst of power.

The drawback to this, though, is that Shadin can injure himself if he not put a barrier around him, the opponent is given fair warning when Shadin snaps his fingers and it can cause damage to innocent bystanders if he gets reckless.

Incantation: "Tremble, Shindō Hazādo"

Shīrudo Enerugī

After saying the Incantation, Shadin is then able to convert the reitsu around him into a thick barrier that engulfs his entire body in a white and blue illumination. From there, it will be able to shield Shadin for one post against multiple energy attack's, cero's along with some Grand Ray Cero's, can block Kidō up to number sixty six (a comparison of strength) and it takes alot of power to bring it down. It can also be used to take the edge off of side effects other attack's have, but still taking some damage.

Drawback to this Kidō, however, is that since Shadin's reitsu is so compressed in this state, he cannot do many powerful attack's. Meaning, yeah, he can fire off some energy based attack's if they aren't too strong, but for the most part battling in this state is pointless. He is only able to use his speed to gain distance on the opponent until the spell wears off after one post.

Incantation: "Guard, Shīrudo Enerugī "

Senzai Tekina Dengen

Upon saying the incantation, a thrust of wind will emerge around Shadin's feet and proceed to appear as an invisible gust of wind above him. From there, the effects Senzai Tekina Dengen are that Shadin can convert most Energy and Lightening attack's ONLY HE HIMSELF MAKES (Keywords) OR other lightening attack's he can take control of in order to activate the potential energy for other uses. An example of this would be Shadin sending huge serges of electricity in the sphere of wind or a vast collection of energy. From there, it can be used to transfer energy to allies, heal some wounds, can be used as a launch pad for other Kidō, can convert the energy into other elements (Though not as great as his lightening. Meaning he does not have a complete mastery over all elements. He can just make certain attack's from them), or store it somewhere else to gather energy/lightening until it explodes in sheer power.

The only drawback is that if an enemy can detect where this sphere of energy is, all they would have to do in order to disrupt it is to attack or possibly steal it. Though, in most cases, Shadin wouldn't sit idle and let that happen. It's also dependent on Shadin creating the sources it needs for that Potential. So, if Shadin was on power or lightening, chances are he wouldn't use this Kidō.

Incantation: "From the heavens from above, unleash the Senzai Tekina Dengen!"

Sokudo Rirīsu

After staying the incantation of this Kidō, for five seconds Shadin gains the ability to unlock his true speed's potential. You see, unknown to most, Shadin is constantly suppressing and compressing his speeds due to the fact that once he hits upwards of Mach Speed he risk's the chance of injuring himself, losing sight of his foe, being impossible to keep up in battle and so on and so forth. So, instead, he crafted a Kidō that would release this potential in one fowl burst.

It starts by an intense gust of wind serging around Shadin's body that is to signify a very temporary barrier being placed on every square inch of his body, protecting him from his own strength, but from not from his opponents should they attack. After that, he'll then be able to launch himself at whatever speeds are maximum in his release forms. So for instance, one of his potential speeds in Shikai is upwards of one thousand three hundred miles per second.

It's obvious in battle he won't be able to keep it up constantly, so he can unleash that speed in quick burst's in order to catch up to an opponent, gain distance if they are a long range fighter and he can locate them, unleash a fury of punches, kick's, electric attack's and etc, escape from a battle that is too intense for him or transfer the kinetic energy to launch attack's at Super Sonic speeds for these five seconds.

It has many applications it can be used in, but it can only be used one times per post before Shadin needs a three post cool down period. This is so he doesn't overuse the power too much during battle, keep his body under a stable state and keep him from wasting too much energy from moving at those type of speeds, even for a few seconds.

Incantation: "Unlock, Sokudo Rirīsu!"

Overdrive State

After stating the incantation, a large amount of energy from one hundred feet around him, from within him and from lightening will be used to engulf Shadin in an immense amount of white light with a blue tint to it. It does not occur at an instant rate, but it does happen rather quickly, within the same post of activating even. Which means, he typically doesn't start his assault until the next two post's. Next, after the initial transformation is done, He will still have a human frame, but everything else will simply be covered in this glow.

Now, afterward, when the transformation is complete, Shadin's overall strength will be increased X2 for two post's. His speed, stamina, strength and overall power thanks to almost every energy source within his body being forced to amply and make Shadin stronger then he naturally is. He'll be able to survive in the harshest of environments, even having the potential to last in far outer atmosphere's. On a lesser level, this means that he'll be able to endure the pain of most attack's when in this form. It would be similar to a Master Hierro together with a Master Level Kidō barrier in a sense. He's also able to live in extreme environments or even space due to the fact that the energy can be used to produce oxygen for Shadin's within the light; since his body is consumed by it.

Thus, with his overall defense increased, he'll really become a tougher problem for characters who often use brute force. The light can act as a wall of bricks in order to reduce the damage most blows take on Shadin's body. Meaning, that he can make the Kidō as thick as he wants which results in him being able to lessen the overall blow on his body. In some cases, he can even try to use the energy made to create the punch and unleash it on the area in a counter attack thanks to custom Kidō abilities.

Along with that, the light can also be used as a barrier in order to strengthen his defense further. Meaning, he can activate certain Kidō spells and customize it for his needs. For example, he can use Bakudo Number 81 and break down the energy it's made of to cover his body to increase his ability to withstand powerful attack's.

And, with his speed increased by two, that means Shadin even in his unreleased state can move at intense speeds. Some even reaching one thousand two hundred if he is given enough room and time to build up his momentum. Though, in battle, this typically does not happen. Instead, he can just be seen making after images of himself, seemly teleporting due to compresses the overall range of his speed to small area's which results in an even faster rate of speed.

This speed also translates to how fast he can fire attack's as well. More often then not, in this form, Shadin can almost instantly fire off most low level Kidō, energy attack's, lightening and etc. For more stronger attack's that require waiting, typically in exchange they are shot off at a faster rate then the weaker or smaller scale attack's. Meaning that if he shot off a cero type blast, it could possibly go faster then a bala due to the fact overall speed is sacrificed for smaller or weaker attack's from Shadin; resulting in Shadin being forced to use stronger or more powerful attack's for quicker hits and utilizing this form to it's true power.

Though, not only that, but the more lightening he generates or steals in this form, the more powerful he becomes during this state. It works due to Shadin's mastery of lightening. All that would be required from Shadin is simply having himself touch the lightening or electricity, or lightening formed from his own body. Thus, Making this a difficult challenge for electric users to face, especially in cities.

The light around him can also be used to launch multiple Kidō spells up to 88 due to his level of mastery over Kidō, mostly he just sticks to his custom Kidō since this is the easiest for him to launch. Why? It's due to the fact that HE made the Kidō. So, it's only plausible to think he'd know the applications of it enough to activate them from this light. For non-custom Kidō, however, he needs to remain focus in order to shoot them from the light around his body as it's something that is learned over time.

The main drawbacks to this move, however, is that he can only sustain it for a short amount of time. And, once he is done with this form, he'll be tired out for two post as well. He will be constantly panting, sweating like a dog, feeling very sick and will be in a very unstable state to fight his opponents in some severe cases. Also, during this period won't be able to ascend past Shikai until the third post has arrived and over the course of the next two post he'll be back at full power again or whatever power state he was before transforming; if he is not damaged too badly during the exhaustion period.

It also takes up a vast amount of reitsu, so typically he tries to create a large amount of lightening beforehand naturally to make up for this. Yes, the reitsu will eventually reform during the course of four post, but he must have enough health and reitsu beforehand to start this process. Shadin also risk's something going wrong if he overworks himself in this form, such as broken bones, cuts, internal bleeding, coughing up blood, feeling dizzy, hallucinations, light headedness, confusion and even periods where he blacks out for brief periods. Though, after the primary exhaustion period of two post, these symptoms swiftly go away.

The reason why all of that happens is because this technique is used to amply almost every energy source in Shadin's body. From his life force, to his Shinigami Powers, To His Human Powers and to his Demon Powers granted by Oni Chiita. And when it takes up foreign energy from the environment around him, that to can cause complications to his body which makes this transformation risky if he takes up too much energy from out-side sources.

Also, with each transcended state he takes such as Bankai and Shikai, the risk for these side effects occurring in battle rises greatly by about two times. He may not full out black out since he has built up some tolerance to it, but it's possible for the visual disruptions, dizziness and confusion to mess up calculations in battle. However, the reason why he has this tolerance is because he's been trying to increase his overall will in this state. Making it more of an issue of mind over matter. For example, if Shadin was in a distressed state, more likely injuries will occur to his body. However, if he keeps a cool head, the chance of him messing this up lowers moderately.

Overall, this is a Kidō move Shadin most use wisely and cautiously. For if he enters this state with the wrong mindset, the chances of failure rise. He most be in full, complete and utter control of himself in order to bring victory in the battles he partakes in.

Incantation: "Activate, Overdrive State!"

E q u i p m e n t

Electro Master

This device helps Shadin hack most electric devices and bypass weak security measures such as firewalls with ease. It can even be taken to a higher level by messing with the bodies of Cybernetic beings.

However, without this device, Shadin cannot use his hacking abilties. It is a chip implanted inside of Shadin's wrist in order to help him direct his electric manipulation into machines. It can be activated by Shadin focusing his body natural electrical energy into his wrist. It can, though, be damaged in battle and make doing these task's difficult to nearly impossible for Shaidn; Causing him to replace it.

Silent Fist

Silent Fist is a pair of black gloves Shadin puts on. However, this is different from any ordinary gloves. These gloves help disrupt reitsu at close ranges and in some cases causes it to explode on the user. It is also used to enhance electric attack's launched from Shadin's palms in order to make them more efficient and powerful. It is also used as slight armor as it protects Shadin's fists during battle.

The Silent Fist is also capable of absorbing energy, reitsu or lightening from certain attack's, provided they aren't too powerful. This absorbed energy does NOT make Shadin stronger, it is only used to make his lightening even stronger, launch off attack's or make his punches much harder then before.

These gloves can also be destroyed if Shadin is within a powerful blast, they are attacked or get stolen from him. Mainly, though, Shadin likes to use them for fashion related purposes.


Project Accelerator

Origins of Project Accelerator: Project Accelerator was made in conjunction with the Iramasha Clan for providing the material needed to make the holy seals, The Yuudeshi Clan/Yayjuu in order to come up with the funds to allow Project Accelerator to be made and with a little bit of assistance from KJ Yunashi and the Yuudeshi Network in order to make this a reality. Therefore, this was a collaboration-type project in order to ensure this piece of equipment successful creation rather then Shadin just crafting it by himself. Though, it should be noted Shadin has all the information he needs to make a superior version of this later in the future.

The Accelerator Appearance: The Accelerator is a choker-like collar that Shadin is seen wearing from time to time. It has two buttons on it; one for activation mode, and one for deactivation mode. When it is deactivated, there is usually a idle grey light on the side of it's collar. Once Shadin activates it, however, it begins to glow bright red to signal the flow of energy beginning to be awakened inside of Shadin via the Yuudeshi Network. There also appears to be electrode that extent from the collar and into his head from the looks of it. They appear as headphones to most people, but these actually serve a great purpose as stated in the following selection below about The Accelerator's Abilities. Finally, if one were to inspect the collar close enough, they would find on the bottom right side that "Property of The Yuudeshi Clan" "Yuudeshi Network APPROVED" and "PROJECT ACCELERATOR" could be seen engraved in white text on the collar to show the different sources that this collar was funded by.

The Accelerator's Purpose: The Accelerator was made in order to make up for the fact that Shadin cannot achieve his projected FULL Angel State without first figuring out how to awaken it. In addition to that, based on the fact that his humanity is very contaminated by having Oni Chiita, The Yuudeshi Network projects possible problems for Shadin if he were to attempt to ascend to his Full Angelhood. Therefore, The Network calculated a temporary solution: Project Accelerator. By crafting this collar from ancient holy gems forged from the Iramasha, they have convineced a way for Shadin at least be able to ascend to his Awakened State that more powerful human's are able to obtained. When working alongside Shadin's Sky Flame, this form becomes even more balanced and stabilized to the point where Shadin is able to call upon it with a mere flick of the switch. Though, it typically isn't used unless against a worthy opponent or a critical situation in which he needs all the power he can summon.

Moreover, the purpose of Project Accelerator wasn't just to maintain his Semi Angelic State. As there are many problems that could arise from all the conflicting powers arising in Shadin, Project Accelerator is also used in order to stabilize Shadin's powers to a certain extent. This is to prevent Shadin's body from overloading itself, causing damage to his cyberbrain from misuse and to relax his body when it's too mentally or physically stressed. All of these benefits will be explained in the following sections, but the collar is for most part a mulit-use piece of equipment for him.


Cybernetic Enhancements: This is one of the first benefits of Project Accelerator is that it is meant to be used as a piece of equipment that increases the power of Shadin's cybernetic attachments. If one were to open up and look inside of this collar they would notice that there was a series of microprocessor meant to further augment Shadin's Cyberbrain, a constant series of nanobots being generated inside a small tube and injected into Shadin's body to further increase his nanobot skill and to essentially be used as a power supply so that equipment can have more energy to draw from. Since, you see, Project Accelerator has it's own mini-generator that takes power from the Yuudeshi Network, Shadin's surroundings and sometimes Shadin himself in order to be used to further fuel Shadin's envadvours whenever he needs to call upon the collar's power anywhere down the line. That feature of Project Accelerator is made possible by very small holes that suck up reishi, limited amounts of energy, converted energy that is gathered from the Yuudeshi Towers and so on.

Stabilizer: As mentioned in the purpose of Project Accelerator, the neural link around Shadin's neck is often used a method to make sure Shadin's body can equalize all the different types of powers, calculations, stress and mental fatigue he tends to suffer. So, as an example of this function of Project Accelerator is used, if Shadin happened to be using Imaginary Computation during battle and was beginning to overload himself with it; this electrode would send a WARNING message near the corner of Shadin's vision in order to alert him he is pushing himself too hard. If he chooses to disregard this warning and continue on his path of self destruction, then against Shadin's own will, Project Accelerator will shut down Imaginary Computation in order to preserve Shadin's well-being. In more extreme circumstances, if his entire physical health is at risk, Project Accelerator can even shut down all of his powers in order to make sure that strength is used for extending Shadin's life. However, in that case, Shadin has more of an option to heed that recommendation or not.

Additionally, the stabilizing function of Project Accelerator can also be used for Shadin's mental state as he started to realize how ill he is beginning to become in the realm of Mental Health. The Collar will monitor the inside's of Shadin's body in order to read any sort of negative signal it gives off. This is done by making use of the many different internal computing systems installed inside of his body, accessing his Cyber Brain and controlling the nanobots that are constantly being made or stored inside of his body.By making use of all these different resources, if Shadin's mental state begins to slip into an uncontrollable state, it will automatically apply a series of electrotherapy treatments in order to equalize his mind. Some of the effects of this include: numbing most amounts of pain on his body if he is under critical stress from an opponent so it can lessen the drawbacks of him having a rather frail body when it comes to direct damage, adjusting his neurological senses in case he sustains any damage to deep brain simulators; which is used to lower the effects of his Cyberbrain if that thing should malfunction, improving his overall strength and joints in order to increase reaction time and it can be used to repair any sort of tissue damage by Enhances microcirculation and protein synthesis in order to heal most wounds made on Shadin's body.

Furthermore, Project Accelerator's stabilizing trait is also utilized to be a decent medical device. For example, if Shadin's heart rate started to slow down or was cut off entirely by an opponent, it could be used to jump shock Shadin's heart into working again by giving it the electrical stimulation it needs in order to reboot itself in a sense and keep the heart moving. Similar to when someone goes under cardiac arrest and requires an external defibrillator. It's also used in order to alert Shadin of any irregulaties going on in his body, sends notices to any type of healing characters or NPC's in the area to be on stand-by if Shadin is suffering through something critical and can even channel energy flowing through the air in order to heal limited bits of Shadin's body such as scrapes, bruises, burns and so on.

So, while the stabilizing is a great tool for Shadin, it also leaves him at a disadvantage in some situations. For example, if this collar were to suffer damage or total destruction, Shadin could possibly suffer the effects of anything it prevented. Extreme mental distress, being more suitable to his frail body when it comes to physical attack's, not having Project Accelerator to monitor to prevent Shadin from over using his powers and not being able to utilzie to make scanning his body easier on his Cyberbrain. Therefore, it is important that Shadin tries to avoid any sort of heavy damage to the collar or else things could get ugly pretty quick for him in some circumstances if he doesn't summon the inner will power to preserve himself.

Unlocking Awaken State: As you can probably tell, this is one of the main functions of Project Accelerator. Since Shadin cannot naturally do this transformation without serious strain, limitations and conflict from his demon blood, Project Accelerator was crafted in order to help him achieve this state with much less effort, more free reign to utilize these powers and with lessened side effects of going into this state. So, the first step into making use of this nifty piece of equipment is by making sure the collar around Shadin's neck works in conjunction with The Sky Flame Shadin has come into contact with. If this is equipped on Shadin at any time, that automatically makes this whole process more simple as it balances out all the kinks in the method to obtain his angelhood. Though, it should be noted that it isn't required in order for Shadin to unlock his Semi-Angel State with Project Accelerator; it just makes the transformation less straining on Shadin and the device itself.

In any case, once the ring has hopefully been secured, Shadin's body will instantly be numbed of all pain for a duration of time ranging from one to five post in order to ignore any painful effects of ascending. This is performed by simply shutting off all of his pain receptors for the time being using his electric based powers. Next, The Collar begins to make use of the Yuudeshi Network's energy or the host's Inner Power in order to begin crafting an unknown force that is meant to be injected into the user. Once inside, this force will be used to force out more of the host's humanity in order to make the awakening process possible. This is necessary because Shadin's humanity is so far buried underneath his Shinigami and Demon powers that it's rather difficult for Shadin to do on his own without a bit of external help. Therefore, this strange energy is used in order to essentially "turbo" charge his humanity's power to be on par with the Shinigami/Demon's dominance over his body in order to make them all balanced. Even then, in some cases, Shadin even lowers those halves of his body to make totally sure they are all equal; going on to power himself up later when ascended in Semi-Angel State.

Securing that part of the transformation process, Project Accelerator will then summon the computation ability of Shadin's Cyber Brain in order to override all functions during the overall process of transforming into his Semi-Angel State. What this translates into is that a decent sized chunk of Shadin's computation is used in order to maintain his body's health, keep the side effects of it at bay for the time being and to correct any type of errors in his energy. Errors being too much demon energy seeping out, not enough human energy being generated, not putting enough resources into maintaining his overall body and so on and so forth. Finally, when all is said and done, the stability feature of Project Accelerator when used in conjunction with The Sky Flame will be used in order to make sure Shadin is fit enough in order to use this newly found power.

Now, hopefully in his newly found awakened state, the special material of Shadin's collar will begin to place a series of microscopic seals across his entire body that are protected with holy energy in order to keep too much of his demon force from seeking out, purifying it in order to be used with all of the racial energies stored inside of his body and make use of more of his full potential. These seals are used in order to minimize the drawbacks of his Semi Angel State such as extreme strain being placed on his body, trying to maintain the balance of power between all the forces and it being a rather easy way to lose some of his power if he isn't careful with how he makes use of his powers while in this holy state. Thus, with all of that said, this function in Project Accelerator should allow Shadin the means in order to make use of his humanity alongside his Demon/Shinigami sides in order to craft a form stronger then even his Kijunsui State.

The Yuudeshi Connection

This is rather simple compared to most of the Yuudeshi Network. During the past few months of 2411, there has been construction within The Soul Society to create The Yuudeshi Towers and Network there in order to prevent what happened on Earth during the Kokuryuteshi's invasion. The project is now complete and in order to make use of both Networks, Shadin has spent his own money creating a series of spire's throughout the Dangai Precipice World. Each of them project a barrier strong enough to even make it difficult for 0 tier's to destroy them without putting effort or at least some time into it; and by then, the entire Network on both sides of the world will be alerted. The Soul Society and Earth. Along with that, there is also a heavy series of Gotei 13, Yayjuu and Vizard Corps members guarding this pathway in order to protect it from any intruders.

The Yuudeshi Network

The Yuudeshi Network was funded by The Yayjuu, The Hashiamatsujiyuu and The Vizard Corps. It is a massive virtual network hosted on one of the many super computers that helps supports the Yuudeshi Towers. The data within contains info on many criminals, surveillance footage from Karakura Central and other cities, alerts for every city on Earth, a contact ability where the people connect can message at other in real time during crisis situations or to add more data to the network and even helps Shadin in his calculating and processing abilities.

This network has many benefits that it can be used for. Mainly those in The Yayjuu, The Hashiamatsujiyuu and The Vizard Corps have access to this information along with those in the command centers for The Yuudeshi Towers.

The Yuudeshi Islands

The Yuudeshi Islands are used to harvest energy for the globe in order to help all the cities throughout the current crisis on Earth, distribute reitsu to soldiers in need who help protect the planet and they are used in order for Shadin to harness Fire Water. You see, when Shadin Fully Awakens with the help of the Yuudeshi Network, he has the ability to control every single bit of electricity on Earth. When this happens, he can redirect some of that energy to the islands and from there they would be used as facilities in order to heat up most of the oceans on Earth and use the salt inside of the water in order to create Fire Water. Once that happens, all of the Islands will begin shooting a concentrated radio wave at the salt water which would release energy; thus, you have a form of limitless energy to use for the time they are active with Shadin's ability.

These Islands have multiple Gotei 13 Members, Yayjuu Members, Vizard Corp Members and Hashiamatsujiyuu members guarding them along with a large number of clones from the SCU Unit. If there should ever be an intruder on the island who does not have authorized access, the Island itself will begin to attack the threat as it has multiple weapons built in that can attack with enough force that rivals a Grand Ray Cero. If that fails, all of the people guarding the island will begin to descend on the threat until it is eliminated.

To protect itself against aerial threats, The Yuudeshi Islands also have the same type of barrier that the cities on dry land have to protect themselves against The Hollow and Demon threat. Most weak or moderate Demon's, Arrancar and Hollow alike would not be able to enter these islands without someone knowing.

Apart from that, The Yuudeshi Islands also have multiple Super Computers that aid in Shadin's processing and calculating abilities along with supporting the Yuudeshi Network. There are also many stations within these islands that are trying to create a new set of clones that are used purely for power, calculating, processing and energy harvesting. It's unknown what the status of this project is, however.

The Yuudeshi Towers

The Yuudeshi towers are a set of over a thousand steel towers mass produced over every single section of Karakura Central with The Yayjuu and Super Human Task Force symbols on them. It was founded through connections with The Hashiamatsujiyuu and their leader, The Vizard Crops and their leader, funds from The Yayjuu and permission from the Special Human Task Force located in Sukai Karakura. It was a one year project, but eventually after months of testing, experiments and development, The Yuudeshi Towers was made.

Now, as for what these towers do, these are meant to collect, absorb, harness and process all sorts of electricity and reitsu particles produced through out every par of Karakura Central and a few places outside of it. Rather it comes from the electricity produced in cars, buildings, gadgets, lightening or even some attack's. If it's made from electricity, the towers will find a way to gather that electricity through a set of jet-like engines hidden on a top deck within each the towers that has multiple devices behind it that suck up the energy.

Apart from that, these towers are also connected to multiple Super Computers that is controlled by a command center somewhere within Karakura Central that control just how much energy The Towers consume. On any given day it will be within a normal mode where it consumes enough energy to sustain itself and make it steadily stronger. In heightened alert situations, The Towers will begin to consume more energy to make Shadin and the Yuudeshi Towers stronger. Finally, when a full alert is issued, all the restraints are lifted and everything that can be used to power these towers will be converted into energy for Shadin and his allies of his choosing to use.

As for how it is used, the energy connected is sent directly towards Shadin's location with a tracing device he implanted within his Zanpukto that helps guides the power directly to his body. If it is used at full power, Shadin's electric manipulation can reach truly frightening levels. It is calculated that he has the possibility of even fighting against an entire army single handedly at The Yuudeshi's Maximum power in Crisis Situations.

The processing and calculating already done by Shadin's Zanpukto, mixed together with his brain through a special microchip inserted into it, is also accelerated to the point where it is equal to multiple super computers connected. This means he has the ability to actually take his time in battle by calculating all his attack's, researching opponents faces or names in the Yuudeshi networks database in order to get an idea who they are, judge how much reitsu or lightening he will need, look at thousands of places in Karakura Central through the Yuudeshi Network or electricity already available in the city and an unfathomable number of calculations that reach into the Quadrillions.

Not only that, but he can use the energy already available and spread it out to his teammates across Karakura Central to help them in battle. These will temporarily boost calculations tier up one level until the technique is over with. They will even gain a bit of an ability to control electricity thanks to the processing and calculations Shadin's Zanpukto, The Yuudeshi Netowrk, The Yuudeshi Towers and Shadin's brain does.

The Yuudeshi Towers are also used or can be used to power many things within Karakura Central. It can turbo charge weapons, people and people if the power is guided correctly by a professional or Shadin himself. They can also be powered by people donating reitsu, electricity, energy and other resources at the main command station located within Karakura Central.

In the end, though, The Yuudeshi Towers have made Shadin into Karakura Central's own weapon for war related purposes.

It was created through a collaboration with The Vizard Corps, The The Hashiamatsujiyuu, Funds from the two of them along with The Yayjuu and the permission from the Special Human Task Force.

The Yuudeshi Grid

The Yuudeshi Grid is a massive series of magical, physical and spiritual based wiring across the global infrastructure across almost every city in and around Earth. It is in most buildings, most electronics sold publicly (I.E. not characters personal equipment), the various power grids throughout Earth, satellite in space and almost every source you can think of that is related to electricity in the 25th century. These wires are able to withstand the onslaught of explosions similar to Radioactive's Atomic Blast, able to withstand reaitsu from the likes of of KIn Iramasha or Asheli Clix and in general are a pain to deal with one if one is trying to destroy them in a physical sense. However, apart from that, their main focus is to provide energy to Japan's shining hope; Karakura Central. And more importantly, be used amongst The Yayjuu, The Vanguard, The Vizard Corps and ultimately...The Yuudeshi Network.

You see, in times of crisis, The Yuudeshi Grid has the potential to suck up all varying types of electricity from a large variety of places that is common place in the 25th century together with other plants throughout the globe that carry plasma energy, nuclear energy from nuclear fusion and nuclear power plants, fire energy from power that is generated to cool these stations down, centers that contain vast amounts of spiritual energy donated to them by citizens or generated through experiments and so on and so forth. All of this serves as one massive hub that is connected within a chamber underneath the command center of The Yuudeshi Network within Karakura Central that utilizes it very carefully in times of war.

And, for how it is transferred? Most types of known natural elements are transferred rapidly throughout these series of tubes; sometimes causing large scale blackouts if Shadin decides to take too much electricity; but there is a squadron of men amongst The Yayjuu, Vizard Corps and Vanguard that are deployed in these cities that consist of many electrical based users restoring power in these areas with the help of the SCU Unit. Meanwhile, most spiritually made elements are teleported throughout a series of wormholes created with the vast amount of energy that The Yuudeshi Grid generates from taking all these resources. It can be performed naturally, which would require more power, or it can be done with Kidō directly from Shadin himself and directed towards it's desired locations with the calculations of his Super Processor and The Yuudeshi Network.

Therefore, that leads us to how all of this power is used. The power gathered from The Yuudeshi Grid is then used to enhance the energy and powers of all Earth based orgs soldiers alongside their allies, it can be used to hyper charge various weapons or attacks or people, other times it used to put highly powerful and complex layer based shields across Earth's city in case of another London based Attack and on an extreme level, it's even possible for The Yudueshi Grid to shield Earth itself from outer space attacks by taking that barrier concept to a higher level and applying all that energy around Earth to form a protective layer.

Thus, there are many simple and complex uses for The Yuudeshi Grid, but it is mostly reliant on The Yuudeshi Command Center within Karakura Central. Without it, The Yuudeshi Network or Shadin telling these wires what to do, it is ultimately nothing more then a collection of very hard to cut wires that just happen to be over all of planet Earth.

Note 1: The funding, research and equipment was forged with the help of The Vanguard, The Vizard Corps, The Yayjuu, The Yuudeshi Clan and other varying funders in order to better the chances of Earth withstanding another London based attack when that time comes. Along with that, with Shaidn Yuudeshi being one of the most influential figures on Earth for protecting it all these years and being world renown for The Yuudeshi Network, it's only natural that some of the Earth's superpowers would lend him this power to use in war time situations for the betterment, protection and survival of planet Earth and it's citizens.

Note 2: This is mainly for events, critical level threats to Earth or Karakura Central and things of this nature. It is NOT to be used leisurely and will most often require some type of meeting to use fully such as with the Yuudeshi Network being used at full power.


E d u c a t i o n

Elementary School: Shadin barely passed elementary school education due to the fact he was constantly moving from home to home. He soaked up what little knowledge he could, but during this period he was more concerned about trying to live through his own life then bother with school. In the end, though, he eventually graduated.

Middle School: During this phase of his life, Shadin began to stable out more in terms of home and personal life despite being busy with the Gotei 13 in the last two years or so of middle school. He passed with average grades and eventually went on to highschool. Nothing special about this, just an average thinker during this phase.

Gotei 13 Academy: Despite not having to go through this program, Shadin did happen to read various books, talk with various teachers and get advice from veteran Shinigami from time to time. Nothing too complex since he was more focused on fighting, but he did learn a thing or two during this period.

High School: At this point, he was a rouge from the Gotei 13 and thus had more time to focus on Shadin. However, more often then not, he was goofing off with his pals, flirting with girls, fighting hollow's in Karakura or just not doing any work. The only reason why he even passed is due to some special friends he knew in school.

Home Education: Since he never really bothered with trying to finish any type of school program, ever since the day he graduated High School Shadin has simply been teaching himself through means of the internet, books, friends, advice and so on and so forth. He's soaked up alot of street smarts, information, knowledge and etc from doing research on his own.

The Yuudeshi Network: Thanks to the Super Processor implanted in his skull, Shadin has access to almost all the information available on the internet, in databases, from his clones and etc. As such, technically, you could say Shadin is an extreme genius, but only by Artificial Means.


M o n e y & L a n d

Wealth: As it stands now, Shadin is the league of one of the most richest people in the world thanks to all his rewards, battles, investments and Organizations. Thus, Shadin has access to a large stock pile of money he usually throws at some of his lesser problems, members, fees for destruction, The Yayjuu and many other needs. When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, Shadin spends a large percentage of his profits on things other then himself.

Land: Shadin owns most of the locations where The Yuudeshi Islands take place along with various small homes scattered across the globe. He is also owner of the entire base The Yayjuu calls home. It's a main factor in where most of Shadin's money goes to keep the place up and running.


R e l a t i o n s h i p s


Father: Hideki Yuudesi: Former Captain of Squad 7 (Currently sealed in his body and hates for sealing Oni Chiita/Himself inside of his body to fulfill his own plans)
Mother: Haruko Yuudeshi: Former Captain of Squad 8
Brothers: Zin Yuudesh and Tohru Yuudeshi
Sisters: Misaka Yuudeshi and Revy Yuudeshi
Spouse: Midori Surigara
Children: Sharu Yuudeshi and Kishina Yuudeshi


Trust Level 1: Iori Surigara, Ikarumi, Kenshin Yuudai, Kitty Yuudai, Misaiko Surigara, Sapphire Yuudai
Trust Level 2: Kisuke Urahara, Havoc, Seika, Yorouichi, Sho Sora, Tetsu, Ritsuka, Tsubine, Snow, Alexia
Trust Level 3: Agito Wajima, Radioactive, Thoma, Shugosha
Trust Level 4: Sam Berry, Sora, Ammy Luung, Sakuya
Trust Level 5: Hiro Arjan, Shinoshi Yasaba, Listy Surigara, Johnathan Walker


Former Captain: Byakuya Kuchiki
Former Lieutenants: Renji Abari (defeated in combat to become VC)
Yayjuu Members: Himiko minazuki, Silvia, Ryder, Urufu
Civilians: Shugosha (former pet); Ketsu Iramasha; Halo Iramasha, Miko Iramasha, Tsuna Iramasha, Urufu, Kadane


Personal: Kin Iramasha (Former Brother; but not by blood), Hime, Touketsu, Asheli Clixx
Former Friends: Kuro Mikoto
Inner Demon: Oni Chiita
Job-Related: All of the Kokuryuteshi, Nuevo Espada and Demon World


Humans: Nike, Ikki, Joey
Shinigami: KJ Yunashi
Vizards: Loki Arjani
Iramashas: Eiji Iramasha
Surigara: Baiken, Juubei


R a n k s & J o b s


Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi

The Start

Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
Homeless Youth

The Birth

Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
Newborn Ziamichi
Squad 6 Member

The Gotei Slaughter

Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
Vice Captain

Nero Arc

Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
Karakura Defender
Former Vice Captain

Ender Arc

Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
Former Vice Captain
Powerful Ziamichi
Karakura Defender

Post Ender Arc

The Yayju Leader And Founder
Former Vice Captain
Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
Extremely Powerful Ziamichi
Karakura Defender

The War Against The Soul King Arc

The Yayju Leader And Founder
Yuudeshi Member
Former Vice Captain
Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
One Of The Most Powerful Ziamichi In The World
Most Wanted by The Kokuryuteshi
Karakura Defender

Post War

The Yayju Leader And Founder
Yuudeshi Clan Leader One
Former Vice Captain
Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
One Of The Most Powerful Ziamichi In The World
Most Wanted by The Kokuryuteshi
Karakura Defender

Present Day

The Yayju Leader And Founder
Leader One Of The Yuudeshi Clan
The Beast Of Karakura Central
Former Vice Captain Of Squad 6
Son Of Captain's Hideki and Haruko Yuudeshi
One Of The Most Powerful Ziamichi In The World
One Of The Most Powerful Fighters In The World
Possible Class X Ziamichi
World Renown Hero
Most Wanted by The Kokuryuteshi
Most Wanted by Sin Fall
Karakura Defender
Kidō 0 User


F i g h t s

The Gotei Slaughter

Teen Shadin VS Renji (Won)
Uncontrolled Teen Demon Shadin VS Yuki Yami & Squad Mates (Won/Killed)

Nero Arc
Shadin VS Unnamed Arrancar (Won)
Shadin VS Misane (Lost)
Shadin VS First Stage Nero (Lost)
Shadin VS Agito (Tie)
Inner Shadin VS Inner Oni Chiita (Won)
Shadin VS Hisane (Lost)
Shadin VS Nero Robots (won)
Demon Shadin Stage 2 VS HIsane (Won)
Shikai Shadin VS Radioactive (Lost)

Ender Arc

Demon Shadin Stage 1 VS Snow (won)
Demon Shadin Stage 1 VS Midori (Won)
Demon Shadin Stage 1 VS Misaiko (Tie)
Demon Shadin Stage 1 VS Ritsuka (x2 Won)
Demon Shadin Stage 2 VS Ritsuka (x2 Won)
Demon Shadin Stage 3 VS Ritsuka and Snow (Won and killed)
Demon Shadin Stage 3 VS Midori (Won)
Demon Shadin Stage 3 VS Misaiko, Midori and Iori (Lost)
Bankai Shadin VS Bankai + Hollow Mask Kuro Mikoto (Lost)
Demon Shadin Stage 2 VS Demon Tohru Stage 2 (Won)
Shadin, Kisuke Urahara and Tsubine VS Hollowfied Zin (Won)
Bankai Shadin VS Bankai Hime (Tie)
Bankai Shadin VS Hell Angel Kin Iramasha (Won)
Bankai Shadin VS Weak Kin Iramasha and Hime (N/A)
Banaki Shadin + Karakura Defenders + Iramasha Clan + Gotei 13 VS Final Form Ender (Won)

Post Ender Arc

Inner Shadin VS Inner Oni Chiita (Won)
Shikai Shadin VS Demon Stage 1 Sharu (Won)

The War Against The Soul King Arc

Shikai Shadin VS Shikai Andrei (Tie)
Demon Stage One + Shiaki Shadin VS Shikai Andrei (Tie)
Shikai + Demon Stage One Shadin VS Hagiwara Toja, Byakuya Kuchiki, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Rukia Kuchiki (Won)
Shadin and Zin VS Ceon (Tie)
Shadin VS Urufu (Won)
Shadin VS Zazabellou (Won)
Bankai + Demon Stage 2 Shadin VS Hime (Won)
Kijunsui Shadin VS Crystal Angel Kin (Tie)
Kijunusi Shadin, Res + Bankai Zin, Iramasha Can, Karakura Defenders, Soul King VS Custom Angel Form Kin Iramasha (Won)

Present Day Arc

Shadin VS Horde of Demon's (Won)
Shadin VS Grimmjow and Marcus (won)
Shikai Shadin VS Grimmjow (Won)
Shadin VS 48 (Won/Killed)
Shadin VS Yako (Won)
Shadin VS Kade (Won/Killed)


Q u o t e s

(To Tsubine)"Oh Tsubine~ You know I just love sitting in the park, enjoying the sun and then having a fuckload of newfags coming in trying to kill me. Tsu, Tsu. You know I love this! It's my favorite hobby nearly being killed everyday! "

(To K-World Troops) "Everyones finally starting to gather for the party. Great, great. At this rate, we'll have enough people to combat this shitty army."

(To Karakura Defenders On Battlefield)"Welcome to Hell's Party: Your seats have been reserved. Enjoy your stay and remember to have as much fun as you possibly can. If not, they'll glady haul you out in a bodybag~!"

(To Andrei)"Could this be the Andrei I've had soooo much about? The Major Boss I face before I'm finally able to reach the Final Boss the game called: My Life? Great, great. I can just skip through all the levels, cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. I know Kin will show up after I defeat you, Andrei. So get ready for the fight of your life!"

(To Hime)"Man, I was hoping you had crooked over or something. I sure in the hell don't wanna see your ugly face around these parts. Seriously, just taking a look at your hideous ass is ruining my fucking fun I was having with this battle. How the hell can you live with yourself, woman? Corrupting my friend to join with Ender's side, leading him to the path of evil, brainwashing him and eventually causing him to create this whole damned situation were in. If I was the judge of this universe, I'd give you as much blame for all this destruction as Kin. If you hadn't appeared that day when Ender first attacked, none of this would have happened. I would still had my best friend by my side, things would be better off and it just be an overall better life then what we have now."

(To Himself)"She has to fucking die's only fair if she shares as much blame as Kin...."


(To Himself) "'I am...nothing but a slave for him to use?"



(To Hitsugaya, Rukia, Byakuya and Toja fighting)"Seriously. SHIT JUST GOT REAL."

(To Kuroi)"Yeah, you are quite pretty. You really shouldn't doubt yourself. After all, the only person in
this world you truly got is yourself and you better love you."

(To Anyone)"I'm a lean, mean, fighting machine!'s why I eat my vegetables!"

(To Grimmjow and Marcus) "Hello There! My name is Shadin Yuudeshi! And you two unlucky lads......YOU TWO UNLUCKY LADS DUN GOOFED! HEAVEN OR HELL, LET'S ROCK!"




(To Deceased 48 "Another day, another kill...fucking shithead..."

(To Himself)"I'm always get dragged into this city's twisted dark side these day's. People never learn
when to quick no matter how many times I kill them..."

(Crowd Of People"...Fucking shitheads..Yesterday I had to deal with so many incidents of low-life thugs trying to kill me, buying off all those bastards, interviews, press conferences and now I gotta deal with THIS bullshit?"

(To SCU Unit & Yuudeshi Network)"It's time to cover the forest with blood and stomp punk's jumping up to get beat down!"

(To Kade)"I'm a little tea-pot, short and stout, Which of the vessels will your blood come out?"

(To Kade in Burning Forest) "Like Smokey the bear says, only YOU can prevent forest fires...."

(To Kade)"Ain't I the one who should be asking the questions around here? Now, I have a question for you. Who comes to mind when they ask who the strongest is in Karakura Central? 9 times out of 10, they'll state that me, The Beast Of Karakura Central, is the, this leads to my own question, why the hell would you raddle the cage in which this beast resides? Honestly, it seems no matter how many times I show you demon's whose boss, more of you pop up out of the woodwork! No matter how many times you damn grunts try, MIRCALE'S WON'T HAPPEN!"

(To Ryder) "Hey man, don't you know that's actually a flat chested girl? It would be rude of ya' to confuse her with a trap! I never knew you could be quite so insensitive, shame on you!"

(To Berry) "Oi, oi, oi! Let's hope you don't knock anymore my lights outs. Haha, you should see the friggin' bills I have to pay off for this place! Shit, if I took anymore damage, I may just have to go around kicking every single piece of threating ass I see to keep us from spending too much money!"

(To Berry) "Then again, if things get tough, I'll just power this whole damned thing myself naturally with my electric powers. After all, that damn network says I have enough juice to power many cities and countries across this entire globe! As for food, we'll get to the fields and start making our own! Just like my people use to do hundreds of years ago"

(To Yayjuu Members) "Cause after all, if you break my shit trying to fuck someone up, I'll be sure to break your bones and fuck YOU up!!!"

(To Alexia) "And out comes Alexia, my purple, kick boxing princess!"

(To Alexia) "Fine, we'd like an order of blood Burgers, blood shakes and hollow fries! Don't get stingy with the blood! Growin' boys gotta eat yanno!"

(To Urufu) "So, what's up doc'?"

E x t r a L i n k s

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Just like Mana, Shadin will be also receiving his tier approval of 0-1.


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Seconding this stamp as well Fully approved 0-1.

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