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Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:06 pm
| Z I A M I C H I |


Name: Kanna Aikotsuki
Gender: Female
Age: 351
Age Appearance: 18
The Host Race: Shinigami

Appearance: After the transformation, Kanna's entire look changed dramatically. There was a time where she was young, beautiful, and almost angelic, but with everything that happened in her life, she let herself go. She aged quicker than she should have and now that all those years of torment have been taken away from her physical appearance, she has the silkiest of glowing white hair. Her eyes are a light and almost magical looking blue. Her feminine physique has returned and she no longer looks like a muscle bound woman. She's small, slender, and delicate. She is now a mere five foot four in height, having shrunk three inches. She also weighs a mere one twenty and most of it being in her well defined chest.

Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 1-2+] 2_zps219a2bd5





Cautious: Kanna is not one to immediately trust someone. She keeps a close eye on anyone new, and hardly ever gives them the benefit of the doubt. Until they show that she can trust them, she will consider them just another person, if not an enemy. During situations, she always has her guard up, keeping herself alert just in case of attacks or betrayals. She doesn't like the idea of falling into a trap, so she isn't one to let her guard down.

Caring: Although her cautious nature makes others think that she doesn't care about people, that is the complete opposite of who she really is. Even if she does not trust someone, she believes that every life is worth something and will do her best to keep the person alive if they are hurt, happy if they are sad, and sane/calm if they are stressed. This does not mean she will let them into her life or tell them anything about her, but she will care enough to help them out a bit.

Honest: Kanna is a VERY honest person. She will tell someone the complete truth without any regard for the feelings or how they would react. If someone asks her a question, she will tell them the truth. The only exception to this rule is when someone asks her to keep it a secret. If someone tells her something in private, but does NOT ask her to keep it to herself and someone else asks about it, she will tell them.

Distant/To Herself: Kanna doesn't consider anyone a 'true friend'. She doesn't tell anyone anything about her unless they ask. She usually keeps things to herself. She doesn't tell stories, gossip, or brag about anything. She always seems cold and uncaring, very rarely showing any emotion to anyone. The way she looks at it, is if someone wanted to know, they would ask. She wasn't going to be the person to walk up to another and spill her life story.

• Likes: She enjoys anything that has to do with water, such as streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, pools, etc. Just because she likes water doesn't mean she likes different forms of it. Ice and steam she doesn't care about. Just water. Currently, their are three people she has taken a slight interest in. It doesn't mean she gives half a damn about them. She has only spent a decent amount of time in their presence to get to know them and realized that they aren't one hundred percent bad. (Kaminari Hatakeyama, Kuro Okami, and Snopy Saika)

• Dislikes: Betrayal is on the top of her hate list. Liars is right under that, but in a way those can obviously go with each other. She isn't fond of any reptile and has a fear of snakes. Kanna absolutely hates it if someone says that they understand what she's going through, or that they are similar to her, or anything along those lines. If someone does it, she usually thinks about an easy way to hurt or murder them, although will rarely act on those thoughts.




Life On Earth (August 16, 2062 – September 23, 2085): Kanna was born on August 16th of the year 2062 in Tokyo, Japan. She was a normal girl, leading a normal life until she turned seven her Father was transferred and sent to the United States for his job. Moving there was slightly hard on her. She had to take special classes to learn English, and at times was made fun of for being slightly different. At the age of fourteen, she entered her Freshman year of High School and lived the cliché of Asian's being smarter and dedicated to their studies. She was number one in school and graduated with honors and as the Valedictorian.

Immediately going to college, just like her father wanted and practically pressured her to do, she met a man named Micheal and soon began to care deeply about him. He had tan skin, was 6'3” in height, well built, dark hair, and chocolate brown eyes. After a week of constant flirting, he asked her out and they two went on a lovely date together. After a few more dates, they finally became a couple and were going steady. Six months into the relationship, she found out she was pregnant and he asked her to marry him. She happily said yes and began discussing plans to move in with one another.

Right when everything seemed perfect for Kanna, a woman by the name of Nicole showed up at her doorstep yelling and screaming. On this day, Micheal was with her, and Nicole revealed that Micheal and her had been dating for a year and she had no clue until he forgot his cell phone what had truly been going on. Both were furious, but when Nicole found out she was pregnant she apologized for the way everything went on and left them be. Although it took a while, she was beginning to trust Micheal again, especially since they had brought a beautiful baby girl named Natalie into the world. After that, everything went downhill. Micheal became extremely abusive, treating her like she was nothing. He forced her to stay home, cook, clean, take care of the baby, and when she did something he did not like, he would yell and chase her around the house. Once he caught her, she'd beg him not to, but he would still hit her, beating her black and blue and purposely avoiding spots that would show when she had her clothes on. This was something Kanna never told anyone. Not the police, not her family, no one. She kept the secret until the day she died.

Two months before her twenty third birthday, on June 8, 2085, she received a call from a young woman who was asking about her relationship with Micheal. She explained that he was her husband and the woman quickly responded with angry screams, telling her that the two of them had been dating for eight months and that she had a baby on the way. Heartbroken and emotionally drained, Kanna decided that it was time for her and her daughter to leave and return to Japan to start a new life where she was born. She filed for divorce, which angered Micheal, but he never got a chance to put a hand on her again. She made sure of that by constantly carrying mace with her. The first time he tried, she did not hesitate to spray mace in his eyes and kick him in the groin. A week later, after filing for divorce and succeeding in the custody case, she hopped and the pride of her life hopped on a plane to Tokyo.

Unfortunately this flight was not going to end well. A storm had hit and before they could get a warning, they were miles out. The pilot tried to turn the plane around like he was ordered to, but the storm got worse quicker than they expected. They hit way too much turbulence and soon lost control. The plan dove nose first into the ocean below and there were no survivors. Everyone on the flight was pronounced dead on September 23, 2085.

Life In The Soul Society (September 23, 2085 – January 4, 2100): Arriving in the Soul Society, she was separated from her daughter. For months she searched, asking around about new souls that had arrived and if any of them was a little girl fitting Natalie's description. She found nothing until she ran across a man with a sword. He told her that he knew where the child was and that he could take her to her daughter. Excited and hopeful she followed him without question. She was lead to a large house where a large amount of people were living. When she went in, she got the feeling that it was going to be a very bad idea. All the men were dirty, drunk, and rude. It reminded her of those movies she saw when she was alive. This was obviously a trap.

Kanna began backing off and went to run, but a few men blocked her way of the door. Being backed into a corner by a few obvious perverts, she felt helpless. It was only by chance of very good fortune that someone ran through the door yelling, “HOLLOW ATTACK!”. At first she didn't understand, but she learned rather quickly. A large creature with a white mask began ravaging the village that she was in and killing anyone it got it's hands on. She ran as fast as she could, being one of the few lucky ones to escape. Soon, she found a few children that had also escaped and were hiding out in a cave. They were scared and alone, so she decided to take care of them. She traveled with them until they came across another village and decided to call this place home.

They were welcomed with open arms and got to know everyone rather quickly. In this place, she met and soon fell in love with a shopkeeper. She also met a young girl that she ended up calling a best friend. She was happy for a while until a few years later. She walked in to the shop, having come home early from helping out some of the children, and saw her so-called best friend and boyfriend kissing one another. Caught and embarrassed, they attempted to apologize, but she just shook her head and waved a hand at them, showing that she truly did not care. She had enough of this in her life time and was not going to deal with it.

Life In The Seireitei (Febuaray 1, 2100 – Current Time): Kanna soon left the village that she had called home for fifteen years. She followed the rumors of this place called the Seireitei and soon found it. Doing her best to get permission to enter, she finally succeeded. Upon entry, she met a few Shinigami and asked them about this place and how she would be able to become one. She was slightly upset when she found out about 'Spiritual Pressure', feeling that she did not have any. They asked her if she ever got hungry and her reply was a confused, “Of course...” They told her that was a sign of having Spiritual Pressure and that all she would have to do is practice it and then join Shino Academy.

It took her a while, but she was able to join after some serious practice. It was almost as if she had never died. She loved to study and learn new things. She didn't mind the harder work, and most of the time loved learning about all of this. When she was alive, she loved the idea of their being a world where people had powers, so this was fun for her. She was a quick learner in school and realized that she seemed to have a easy time learning Kidō. Her hand to hand combat wasn't too bad either, although her Flash Step and Swordsmanship weren't the best, so she made sure to practice them daily, in hopes of becoming stronger.

People didn't seem to like her very much, but others took to her quite well. She didn't call anyone a friend, nor did she try to make friends. She kept to her studies. When someone would ask her a question, her brutal honesty often pushed them away. This made some people dislike her, but in her mind, if people could see that it was just the way she was and STILL stuck around to get to know her, then they might be worth her time. This logic might seem flawed to some, but with the constant lies and betrayal she had to deal with in her life, she felt it was the best way of protecting her heart, even if she seemed cold and distant.

After a lot of hard work, practice, and training, that day finally came. She learned the name of her Zanpakutō and was going to graduate. Finally she would have the chance to become a Shinigami and protect people that needed it. She was going to fight to keep people safe, and even though this was her dream, she soon found out that it might not be so easy...

A New Chapter

After joining the Gotei 13, a lot of things has happened to Kanna. She met a young girl named Kathrine who immediately admired her for everything. Kanna didn't understand why this girl liked her so much, but it wasn't bad at all. It even made her feel like she was slightly important, as if being the Lieutenant of Squad Four wasn't enough. After that she became acquainted with another young girl who was so innocent and childish, that she sort of thought of her as a daughter, even though she was old enough to be her sister. This girl was named Kaminari Hatakeyama. Her innocent nature immediately appealed to Kanna. Usually Kanna would push people off and treat them like she didn't care, but this girl was different. Her child-like personality allowed Kanna to open up rather quickly and even ended up giving advice to Kaminari's boyfriend. Kuro Okami was a lot like Kaminari, adding on the obsession with pancakes. He randomly came to her for help, asking her to teach him about relationships and things that go a bit deeper than that, sex. Of course Kanna bluntly explained everything, but now feels sligtly guilty for likely scarring the poor guy.

After a while, her skill in Kidō was noted within the Gotei and she was asked to train a young member. His name was Snopy Saika. This guy was so beyond her normal, she never thought that she'd end up falling in love with him, but she did. Him, his blond hair, two colored eyes, and rather intelligent mind took over Kanna's heart after accidentally admitting to his love for her. At first she didn't know how to react, it was confusing and hard to grasp, but after a lot of talking and Snopy's determination to show he truly cared, she finally said it back. She almost couldn't help it. He had even come to her one night and stayed with her after she witnessed something horrible. Him just being there made her feel so much better. Although their relationship is STILL new, she has this strong feeling within the pit of her gut that he is THE one. She just hopes it stays that way. Even with everything they have gone through, there is something she has kept from him the entire time. An instance in her life that has messed with her mind for years, and that was when her ex husband beat her so badly. Those memories, although she usually can push them back, still haunt her to this day. And very recently it showed....

Hearing that Snopy was sick and had been acting strangely, Kanna left the confines of the Seireitei and headed to his house out in the Rukongai. She didn't understand why he needed a house out there or why he had not told her about it, but that wasn't the first thing on her mind. When she arrived, he attempted to act like he was okay, but Kanna knew better. When it was apparent that she knew something was wrong, Snopy took her down into a well fortified basement and asked her to watch over him while he visited his inner world. She agreed, he went in, and not long after that he began changing. Kanna immediately realized what was happening to him and was forced to fight to keep him at bay. The man she had come to love was now attacking her and trying to violently take her life. With the adrenaline pumping through her veins everything seemed fine, but after he had broken through multiple Kidō and thwarted her attempts to detain him without harming him, she began to freak out more than she let on. There was even a moment that she completely gave up and was going to allow him to kill her, but something snapped in her mind to change that idea. She continued fighting and soon after that he returned to normal. Unfortunately, the damage had been done. Kanna's mind had been warped by the fear and horror she felt as she relived the memories in which her ex beat her. Unable to take it, she faked a smile and left...



Ziamichi Spirit Name: Aurora Cloven

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:

Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 1-2+] 118_zps10d4b80c

Ziamichi Personality: Aurora is a very calm in all aspects of the word. She is always silent, even if she does want to speak to someone. If she does talk, it's only if she is spoken to or if it's towards her younger sister. Aurora is a willing submissive. If someone asks her to do something, she'll likely do it without arguing. She cares deeply for other people, whether she knows them or not. She always gives the benefit of the doubt and sticks up for the 'little guy'.

Ziamichi History: Aurora died on the same day as her sister in a horrible house fire. Her sister was sick and while the two of them were home alone, Aurora had to take care of her. Accidentally leaving a rag on the stove, the kitchen caught fire while no one was there to quickly put it out. It spread and spread until finally it consumed most of the house. During the time it was spreading, Aurora was out in the garden. She noticed the smoke, panicked, and ran inside to save her younger sister from the flames. By the time she got there, her sister had died of smoke inhalation. Feeling so guilty about what she had allowed to happen, she didn't even try to escape the fire and died with her sister on that day. The both of them, while plus's, were constantly with each other until finally a Shinigami came and sent them to the Soul Society. Aurora was willing, but her sister was so attached to their home she tried to fight it. Since she was practically forced into the Soul Society by a Shinigami, her sister hated and despised their very existence in the world while Aurora understood the need for them. Aurora was then forced to live the rest of her time in the Soul Society watching over her vengeance seeking sister. Her sister constantly trapped weaker Shinigami and attempted to harm them, and Aurora was always there to stop it.

Aurora's sister wanted to become more powerful to make sure that she and Aurora would always be safe, so she asked an Angel Iramasha to grant her and her sister whatever power they could. She promised to not use the power for anything evil and to make sure that she protected others. Granted powers, both Aurora and her sister began to practice. Aurora soon realized that she was given the power to return anything to a former state. For example, if someone bought a new sword, but used it for ten years, she could literally turn back time on the sword and it would be like new. There were a few more uses this power granted her as well. Her sister on the other hand was able to gain the power to shape-shift her body into anything she wanted it to. She could turn her arms into blades, her legs into metal, and really change her appearance into almost anything. If she wanted to, she could disguise herself as a tree. Unfortunately, Aurora's sister did not keep her promise when it comes to helping people and began using the power given to her badly. She began attacking people a lot more, especially Shinigami. Of course, Aurora did her best to be there on time and prevent her from doing anything stupid.

One day, Aurora was a bit to late in stopping her sister and found her standing over a horribly wounded Shinigami, ready to make the final blow. Guilty at what she had done, her sister ran off and left Aurora to tend to the dying Shinigami. The woman was bleeding profusely and it didn't look like there was any sign of stopping it. With her sister gone and this woman dying in front of her, she begged for forgiveness. She saw a single tear dropping down the dying woman's eyes, even though the woman was unconscious. Feeling overwhelmingly guilty, Aurora did the only thing she felt she could do. She offered herself to the dying woman and sealed away her own spirit inside of her. In this process, the woman's body instantly healed and changed completely. Aurora hadn't thought about it before, but she could have tried to return the woman's body back to the way it was before her sister had attacked, but she had never mastered the power to use on living creatures. The last time she tried it, it backfired and the person disappeared forever, along with the memories that other people shared with that person, so she decided against it. Now, she keeps completely silent within the woman that she has sealed herself away in. This woman, who she now knows is named Kanna Aikotsuki, doesn't even know that she is there. The most Kanna can tell is that her energy has shifted a bit and Nobuye, her Zanpakutō spirit, seems to be a bit happier.

Ziamichi Powers: Aurora's power is to return things to a previous state. She can make a sword like new or completely break it down to the iron and steel it once was. She can rebuild a torn down house with the wave of a hand. This power can also be used on the living, but it is very dangerous and has the potential to completely backfire. Kanna Aikotsuki is the first and only person that this technique has worked on and it was a complete accident. This is not the same as controlling time. There is no way to go back to a previous day to re-live it. There is only turning an item or person back to the same way they were on that day. For example, if this power was mastered, Aurora would have been able to turn an old woman into a twenty year old again, but she'd still remain in the same time.



Unique Traits: Because of the sealing, Kanna's entire body was reverted back to an old form. She now looks no different than she did when she was alive and still in college. Obviously looking at her other form, she had let herself go. With the depression, beatings, and utter lack of care she has felt over the years it is no wonder that she even looked that decent. Now, with this change and add of power, she looks absolutely wonderful. Her hair has softened, her eyes have brightened, her figure has returned to it's previous feminine state, and she's down right cute.

Aurora's ability has also been given to her. She now has the ability to bring an item or person back to a previous state and time. Just like Aurora, she can make an old sword like new. She doesn't even have to know what the item was like before it became aged or damaged. She only has to use the power and the item tells it's own story by reverted back in time. When doing this on an item, it can be done up to twenty times a day. Doing this on a person or living thing can be completely different. When reverting a person back to what they once were, there is always a risk of it working “too well” and making the person a baby again, or having them completely disappear. The farther back a person goes in time, so does their memories and the memories of the people that knew them. For example, if she made a person go back in time five years, all five years of memories would be erased. She doesn't have the ability to just revert part of an item or person, it has to be the entire thing or nothing at all. Of course, once this power is practiced, she can later advance it to just part of an item/person or even turning back time on a living creature without effecting memories.

Drawbacks: None, the Spirit sealed herself within and has no plans on trying to take Kanna over.

Control: 10



• Reiatsu Color: Blue, Same Color As Her Eyes

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Nobuye

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 1-2+] 224

Nobuye is the same height as Kanna, five foot seven inches. She has a slim athletic build with a nice figure. She has blue eyes, similar to Kanna's and dark blue hair that reaches down past her back. Only half of her hair is tied into a high ponytail, and always seems to have a 'floating' effect. She wears a blue dress, and over it a complimenting darker blue vest with a blue sash tied tightly around her waist.

• Inner World:

Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 1-2+] 27

Nobuye's Inner World Consists of a very large and darkened valley. With three moons that never move and mountains that can never be reached, a thick fog rests along the ground just above six foot high, making it hard if not impossible for anyone to see through. Before Kanna became so mistrusting, the valley was bright and clear of fog, but once she began being so suspicious everything darkened.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 1-2+] Nobuye1

• Sealed Zanpakutō Abilty:

Kizuguchi Shou: Kanna's abilities all center around restoring and protecting. In other words she is a healer and barrier user. When her Zanpakutō is sealed, she still has a single ability to help those in need. If she or someone else is unable to heal a person or they're dying to quickly, she is able to take the wound from the persons body and transfer it to herself. It can only be placed in the exact same spot that the person was wounded in, which in many cases would cause her death, but her body heals slightly faster than most people, so she'll only hope that it's fast enough.

Example: A wound that would heal in ten minutes with the help of a Seated Officer of Squad Four, would heal in 2 minutes if they were helping her. A wound that would heal in 20 minutes without Squad Four's help, would heal in five minutes for her. In some cases, five minutes still isn't enough, so she must choose wisely on whether she wants to save someone or not.

• Release: Raise Your Shield, Nobuye

• Shikai Description: After Releasing her Shikai, a blue energy surrounds her blade in the form of a thick mist. When swinging the blade a blue barrier is created in the form of a half sphere over the bodies of who ever she swings her blade towards.

• Shikai Abilities: When released, Kanna's Shikai allows her to form up to TWO barriers that don't allow any spiritual pressure or physical object through them. A maximum of five people can be in these barriers and be healed at the same time. Those inside begin an accelerated healing process, that will allow them to heal up to 25 times faster than they normally would. Once six people or more are inside, the healing process completely stops, but the barrier will still protect them from outside attacks. The max amount of people that can be in either barrier is ten.

Note: This Is All Excluding Her. She has NO ability to heal herself with her Shikai. She can only stand inside the barrier in hopes that it will hold up. If she is inside the barrier, it's twice as strong as it would be if she were out.

Everything above depends on how many people are actually inside this barrier.

Example: If ONE person is inside the barrier, then they get healed 25 times faster than they normally would. If five people are inside, then they get healed five times faster than they normally would be healed.

Extra Notes: Barriers and people in them CAN NOT be moved without the barrier coming down. If the barrier is attacked she can't move it, it will be hit. Barrier's Can Also Be Layered In Both Shikai And Bankai. [Explanation in Bankai]

Breaking Non-Layered Barrier: [ Depending On Kinds Of Strikes ]
  • Any Tier Lower Than Her Own: 4-5 Strikes
  • Tier Equal To Her Own: 2-4 Strikes
  • A Tier Above Her Own: 1-3 Strikes
  • Two Or More Tiers Above Her Own: 0-1 Strikes

Breaking Layered Barrier: [Depending On Kinds Of Strikes ]
  • Any Tier Lower Than Her Own: 6-10 Strikes
  • Tier Equal To Her Own: 3-5 Strikes
  • A Tier Above Her Own: 2-4 Strikes
  • Two Or More Tiers Above Her Own: 0-3

• Bankai Description: Once Kanna's Bankai is released, the sword transforms into the same blue mist that surrounded the blade when in Shikai. The mist quickly 'absorbs' into her arms, head, neck, and chest, causing everything from the middle of her body and above to shine blue for a a short second. Once light goes out and her body stops shining she is officially in her Bankai. Nothing on her body changes visually.

• Bankai Abilities:

Kanna's bankai is not restricted to only one ability, but instead had multiple. Since her sword is now within her own body, obviously she does not have to swing it around to use her abilities. Instead, these abilities are now controlled by her arms and her hands, some even being instantaneous.

The main ability is to heal and protect from outside attacks. It's the same as her Shikai EXCEPT she can create up to four large barriers that can heal up to ten people at once, and protect up to twenty in each barrier. In both her Bankai and Shikai, people can move freely out of the barriers, but they can't move back inside of course. If they feel that they are healed enough and leave the barrier, she will have to let them back in if they are hurt. Also, if they leave, the people inside will start healing quicker as well.

Barriers Can Also Be Layered: In both her Shikai and her Bankai, she has the ability to take the barriers she creates and put them in front of one another, mesh them together, and make them stronger than what they would have been before. This method is rather taxing and drains her spiritual pressure rather quickly, but she wouldn't use it unless she was only on the defensive and very desperate.

Breaking Non-Layered Barrier In Bankai: [Depends On Type Of Strike ]
  • Any Tier Lower Than Her Own: 10-15 Strikes
  • Tier Equal To Her Own: 4-6 Strikes
  • A Tier Above Her Own: 2-5 Strikes
  • Two Or More Tiers Above Her Own: 1-3

Breaking Layered Barrier: [Depending On Kinds Of Strikes ]
  • Any Tier Lower Than Her Own: Can't Be Done
  • Tier Equal To Her Own: 4-7 Strikes
  • A Tier Above Her Own: 3-6 Strikes
  • Two Or More Tiers Above Her Own: 2-4

NOTE: The maximum speed for healing is increased to one hundred times a persons norm, only if there is one person inside the barrier. If there are ten people inside, then they can only be healed up to ten times as fast.

The second ability is pretty much automatic. By activating her Bankai, it's already in play. Once the 'mist' from her Zanpakutō is absorbed into the upper part of her body it becomes protected by barriers that are practically unbreakable. Now... Let's say her left leg was cut pretty badly. The barrier that surrounds her left arm would automatically move down to her left leg. It does NOT heal it, only takes away the pain so she could continue fighting, but at the same time takes the barrier for her left arm away, so it is unprotected. Same goes for the other parts of her body. If her stomach is cut, the barrier around her chest will move down for the same effect. The only barrier that does not move is the one around her neck.

The Third And Final Ability of Kanna's Bankai is the fact that the barriers she uses can also be used for attacking. Instead of just blocking attacks from other people, she can switch it around and send a 'barrier' (it's actually more like a thin sheet of Spiritual Pressure sharp enough to slice through buildings and mountains, and the occasional Zanpakutō) towards someone's body to cut or slice them. She can also surround people within her barriers and shrink it's size to crush them. (Of course, depending on the strength of the person, they could escape.) The attacks/barriers can vary in size, speed, and depending on how much Spiritual Pressure she decides to use in it. Larger and faster attacks/barriers can drain her rather quickly.

Special Kidō Skill

After hearing multiple stories from people she knows and even the mission she went on with Snopy Saika, Kanna has come to the conclusion that she wants to advance her healing Kidō to lengths that no one has ever thought of before. By combining certain bakudo and Hadō with the specifics of healing Kidō, she will be able to alter the effects of the Kidō that is cast.

For example: Bakudo Number Four, Hainawa comes out as a lengthy rope to bind an opponent. Let's say someone has a broken leg. Kanna would use Hainawa to wrap around the persons leg to keep it still and the bone in place while, at the same time, it begins to heal the injury as well.

Example Two: A person has been severely hurt, but they keep thrashing around because of the pain and putting pressure on their bodies to hold them down will only cause more damage. Bakudo Number Nine, Geki is a Kidō that surrounds a person with a red light to paralyze them. If this is used, the person will be forced to keep still, but at the same time will be healed and no extra damage caused to their body.

Those stated above are the more simple and easier ones to learn, but many of the Kidō that already exist can later on be altered to a new type of healing Kidō. Certain Kidō will be able to treat certain types of wounds and sicknesses after large amount of study and practice. This technique's process and the ability to use it will only be known by Kanna and those she chooses to teach. No one will even know that she had such an ability under her belt because she will keep it completely secret until she is needed to use it.

Kanna's Custom Kidō

Custom Kidō

  • Name:Chiyupacchi
  • Type: Healing
  • Number: None
  • Effects: Creates a white patch over a designated area on a persons body to completely stop bleeding. Once the patch is placed, it will begin to accelerate the healing process around what ever it is covering. It CANNOT heal bones or anything internally. It heals cuts, scrapes, large gashes, etc... The draw back for this Kidō is that it works off the spiritual pressure of the person it is healing. If the wound is greater than their current amount of spiritual pressure, then it could cause them more harm than good.
  • How To Cast: The caster takes their index finger and draws a square around the wound they wish to cover. Once the square is drawn, the caster holds their palm up to the square and the patch appears over the wound.
  • Incantation: None
  • Notes: Can only be used by Kanna, unless taught by her.

Custom Kidō

  • Name: Zairuatacchi
  • Type: Binding, Defensive
  • Number: None
  • Effects: This Kidō creates a bright blue rope up to twenty feet long. The end of the rope sticks to what ever it touches, while the other end stays attached to the casters finger.
  • How To Cast: Just like Hainawa and Horin, you point your finger towards an object, call it out, and the rope should shoot out at up to two hundred miles per hour.
  • Incantation: None
  • Notes: Can only be used by Kanna, unless taught by her.

Custom Kidō

  • Name: Jinsokutama
  • Type: Offensive
  • Number: None
  • Effects: From the tips of her fingers, excluding her thumbs, very small bullet like balls of spiritual pressure shoot forth at the same speed of a high caliber sniper rifle to pierce whatever they are aimed at.
  • How To Cast: The caster points their fingers towards a target, calls the Kidō out, and like little bullet lasers, they shoot out rapidly, like a machine gun. Since it shoots out eight at at a time, the max it can continuously be shot is five times, making a total of forty bullets being shot. This Kidō can only be used three times a day. (per thread)
  • Incantation: None
  • Notes: Can only be used by Kanna, unless taught by her.

Custom Kidō

  • Name: Teiryuu-tomo (Part One)
  • Type: Defensive
  • Number: None
  • Effects: Creates a cubed barrier that surrounds the caster and anyone, or thing, she is holding onto at that moment. It blocks all attacks matching the skill level of the caster(If the casters Kidō level is adept, it can only block up to adept, anything OF THEIR TIER.). It only lasts for a single post, unless extended (pushed into part two). Part One can be used four times per day/thread, BUT only twice if extended. (This means that if they use it extended, then they could only use part one once more before this Kidō is useless to them.)
  • How To Cast: Say the name. There is no gesture, pose, or hand sign to go with this. You concentrate and say the name.
  • Incantation: None.
  • Notes: First, this barrier can't move with the person casting it. The moment the person moves and they leave the barrier and it comes down. Second, nothing can come in and nothing can leave. If you attempt to attack within the barrier, it will ricochet and end up hurting you. Lastly, it can only be used by Kanna, unless taught by her.

Custom Kidō

  • Name: Teiryuu-tomo Sandangamae (Part Two)
  • Type: Defensive
  • Number: None
  • Effects: The barrier that was previously created when part one was cast has two more appear on the outside of it and then instantly mesh down into the first barrier, combining to increase the strength of the barrier immensely. (Looks like a box, inside of a box, inside of a box. Total of three. And then the two on the outside shrink down and combine with the first.) This barrier can block attacks up to one level above their Kidō level. (If they are adept, they can block attacks up to advanced OF THEIR TIER.) This can only be used once a day/thread and lasts up to two posts. (Also, just because it CAN, doesn't mean it WILL. If the casters spiritual pressure is weak, corrupted, they get distracted, or the opponents attack is of a certain type, or has a certain effect... the barrier CAN be broken from anyone above, equal to, or one sub-tier below the caster's tier. Depending on circumstances, things change.)
  • How To Cast: Part one must be cast first, unless caster is master or grandmaster in Kidō and only a person with advanced Kidō can even attempt part two. If the person is master or grandmaster, they can just call for part two, instead of wasting time with part one, but that weakens the barrier a bit, making it where it only lasts a single post.
  • Incantation: None
  • Notes: First, this barrier can't move with the person casting it. The moment the person moves and they leave the barrier and it comes down. Second, nothing can come in and nothing can leave. If you attempt to attack within the barrier, it will ricochet and end up hurting you. Lastly, it can only be used by Kanna, unless taught by her.



Ziamichi Class:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Advanced
  • Seal Strength: Advanced

Iramasha Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Adept
  • Chaos Warp: Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Styles: Beginner
  • Race Control: Adept

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Application Checklist
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  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Imma even increase her pain endurance to advanced as I feel she has taken enough hits to be able to endure a bit. As an added bonus, Imma bump her up to 1-2+...DAMN IT, she is stronger than Snopy again.
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