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Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:14 am
Three Voices Inside My Head...
Schrödinger Yuudeshi



» Name: Schrödinger Yuudeshi
» Titles: Schro (Nick-name), The Cheetah From Hell, Mr. Kittykins (Hideo, Young Yuudeshis), Little Cat Dude (CB), The Messenger of the Yuudeshi.
» Age: 15-17 from age 420
» Gender: You would think None but he's actually Male.
» Affiliation/Rank: The Yuudeshi Clan

» Shifter Appearance Written:

>w< Face >w<
Schrodinger's face is a most odd thing. His eyes are wide and red, constantly curious and open to everything. He has short, but noticable eyelashes; due to the layout of his facial structure. His nose is small and perky on his face; and his lips end curved upwards. His lips themselves are small, but his mouth is medium sized. His tongue is rough, like a cat's, and his teeth are curved and pointed like a cat's. His hair flows in locks downwards from his head, going past the base of his head but not quite reaching his shoulders, leveling outwards like a ruffled animal.

He does not have regular ears; instead, he has two large black cat's ears, although they are prone to change color based on how he is feeling. Black means he's normal; blond means he's in heat or playful, red means he's embarassed, dark red means he's really angry, and brown means that he's sad. In addition, the ears are extremely sensitive, poking at them makes him hiss, and rubbing them feels very pleasurable to him.

>w< Uniform >w<
Down from his normal sized neck, he wears a soldiers uniform; specifically that of a Junior Warrant Officer's. This is his standard uniform while he's at work; although it can sometimes change, it's the thing he likes to wear the most. It is army green in color, with a blue kneckerchief over the collar. It has two dark blue lapels on either shoulder.

One each side of his chest there is a breast pocket; and slung around his right lapel there is a phanny pack that he stores his messages in. The uniform is short sleeved; and around each hand he wears a powder white glove. He keeps these over his hands for several reasons; only taking them off when he's not at work. He wears blue shorts that complete the outfit, the same blue as his kneckerchief and lapels.

Down from his knees he wears black socks, which end in black boots. Around his waist is a black belt, and on his left arm he wears a band around the end of his sleeve, a red and black band with a symbol of buddhism on the center. It's buddhism. Seriously. This comprimises his uniform.

>w< Body >w<
His head is overall small; the same goes for his neck, which is very lithe. He has an average sized chest for someone who looks his age; his shoulders aren't very far spread apart, as he is still somewhat boyish. In addition, his voice is both melodic and higher toned; easy to listen to and never aggressive. His arms are spindly and weak looking.

He has strangely large equipment due to his birthright of a Yuudeshi, abnormally large for someone of his age. His behind is small, like a boy's. His waist is small, and his legs are extremely thin and nearly girlish. His feet are extremely small, but are very maneuverable even in his large shoes. His muscles and joints are finely tuned; despite their appearance. This compromises his physical body.

>w< Movements >w<
He is an extremely expressive individual; always bouncing around at all times. His body is extremely acrobatic, and leaps around whenever he's trying to explain his messages. He nearly always has a smile on his face of some kind; whether devious or welcoming or just being catty. He also can move like a cat, getting on his hands and feet and running about, priming his legs like a cat's look. He also enjoys to stretch quite a lot, stretching himself out on chairs, people, the ground, anything he can. He also quite likes to be pet and can even purr.

>W< Tail >W<
You may be asking, WHY DOESN'T HE HAVE A TAIL? Well, the truth is, he normally doesn't have one. Until he starts activating his demon powers, at which point it extends out from the top of the back of his shorts, extending from half of Schro's height to twice his own.

The tail is extremely sensitive; grabbing onto it renders his body unable to move a muscle, and it has the same kind of sensitivity and traits that his ears do, changing colors for each of the emotions as well as being extremely sensitive. The way to a Schro's heart, you see, is through his stomach, his ears, and his tail.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written:
» True  Appearance Picture:


”W-what the hell are you?!?!”

>w< Personality >w< :

>w< Laid Back >w<
Schro is extremely laid back. He is very, very rarely serious about anything. He makes jokes all the time, chuckles at lots of things, and is even very lazy. He'll often forget unimportant things, like where he left his weapons or where the Yuudeshi residence is sometimes, although he'll always remember in the end.

He doesn't like being scolded when this happens, but typically tends to recover easily from it, either borrowing what he needs from someone else or just forgetting about it. He's kinda forgetful, but only about the unimportant stuff. The important stuff, like who he needs to deliver messages to and from, he always does completely perfectly.

>w< Shoot The Messenger, Please >w<
Schro doesn't hold grudges against anyone. He'll smile to his enemies and their allies, and will even be friendly towards them. Hell, they could blow his head off; what does he care? Sure it'll hurt like a b!tch; but it's not like he's not already feeling that every single day of his life, due to his nature of being who he is. As such, it is extremely difficult to anger him or do more than frustrate him; it is very rarely that he actually feels rage towards something.

>w< BE THE CAT >w<
He is extremely cat like in motion and belief. He loves the smell of catnip, which has the dual effects of cocaine and an aphrodisiac for him, which makes him very loopy and influencable. In addition, he is easily distracted, having very little focus towards anything that isn't his goal.

So much as waving a ball in front of him to speak can cause him to lose his train of thought and follow the ball with his eyes, his ears twitching. In addition, he'll often make cat sounds to show emotion, as well as having random urges to glomp hug friends and family. He's just extremely friendly, although this has another side.

When he is angered, he becomes extremely random; impossible to follow and extremely precise. He plays with his prey, messing with them before finishing them off in the most violent way physically possible.

owO Self Respect? What's that taste like? Owo
He has no self respect for himself. Of course, it's extremely rude to insult him; as he never does anything mean or threatening to anyone by nature. However, he does nothing to ever defend himself, in word or deed, when assaulted unless he is told to.

He is extremely good at taking orders, never questioning them and just taking them out. He doesn't care much for himself; except for his cat instincts desires to mate, he doesn't have much interest in his own body. He's much more interested in watching what happens to others and carrying out his duties as he is instructed to.

=w= Involvement =w=
This also means that he typically will not embroil himself in a conflict unless ordered to. He may have plenty of power himself; but he chooses not to use it for the most part. So, while he may be extremely powerful, he doesn't do much at all with his power. One could almost call him humble; the only thing he really wants to do in this world is deliver messages, greet people, and do as the assistant of the family does, and tidy up.

.w. Technology .w.
Technology baffles poor Schro. He may have phantom tech, but it was designed for him to help him do his job, not of his own designs. In addition, he has problems understanding dealing with technology of all types. He could be defeated by a remote control, for failing to find the play button. However, this is when he's not using his instincts.

When his instincts are active and he attempts to use technology, he will generally succeeded at it due to his genes, even understanding complicated concepts such as computer code and electrical currents.

=w= Sexuality =w=
Schro is completely straight, having the strong affinity for women that his progenist does. He usually dislikes it when any guy other than those in his own family touches his ears or tail; whereas he'll mess with and tease any girls that he sees.

In addition, he loves messing with tough guy's dates, easily swaying them with his personality while their dates get pissed off and feel helpless because again, who would hit this face? However, he has yet to find his special shecat in this world; and knows he will have to keep searching if he is to find one to spend the rest of his non-existence with.

Gggggggggggggggggggggggggvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbbbbbbbb is what he sounds like when someone massages his ears or tail.

>w< Son-like >w<
To all the members of the Yuudeshi Clan older than himself, he behaves like a son towards. He completely obeys Shadin without any questions whatsoever; likes to hang out with Zin and get free crack, which he quite likes, and slightly fears but mostly respects Hideo.

He'll also try to protect his family, although he'll mostly fail, if he knows that they are going to be attacked when it is not their time. Again, though, he usually remains strictly non-involvement, as he knows he would hurt his family's pride if he tried to interject in a lot of the cases they run into every day. In addition, he does his chores meticulously, but loves missions.

He is technically German. He is a natural speaker of the language, as well as Japanesse and English, due to his parentage. He speaks all other languages with a slight German accent, and loves to sing German songs. He existed after Nazism; as such, he knows very little about it, and he wears a Buddhist symbol for peace on one arm. IT'S BUDDHIST I SAY!

oWo Cunning oWo
He is inherently cunning. He can find his way to smooth talk quite a few things; as well as communicate well. He has a good vocabulary, and is also quite good at convincing people of things, even if they aren't the truth. However, he is generally considered trust-worthy, and thus keeps his cunningness normally under wraps until he needs it to solve complicated puzzles and algorithms and such. His mind power is actually quite high; after all, he can manipulate many parts of many tails simultaneously without blinking an eyes, as well as having his experience as a universal messenger under his belt.

» Likes: Cats, Women, Small children, doing missions.

» Dislikes: Men touching his sensitive spots, failing, being trapped in Hideo's THE CAGE, doing trivial things.

”W-What... exactly... IS he...?” “I'm not sure... human, shinigami, demon...? ...but it's nothing like this world has ever seen before!”
» History

.w. Parents .w.

Schrödinger's parents were a great-grandson of Shadin Yuudeshi (displayed above), known as Scholism, and the offspring of the mythical figure Mina Harker, from the story Dracula, using water as her substitute for blood. The idea of her offspring formed a corporeal body, which was captured by Nazi Germany and used to attempt to create Vampires. However, they pretty much completely failed. The offspring of Shadin, who was mildly gifted with powers similar to that of a very weak Oni Chiita, went into the great world war before the demons and hollows began spawning like mad all over the planet. While fighting in Germany, he was captured by a squadron that had the remains of the original squadron of the team who had Mina Harker's demon-child with them. The two met together, and were imprisoned together.

They fell in a strange kind of love; thanks to the attraction of the naturally powerful Yuudeshi Genes, as well as she being the only female being nearby, they began to look to one another for support. They agreed not to have children, because they didn't want their predicament to happen to a small child. Unfortunately, their captors.poisoned their drinks with ALCOHOL. Because of Scho's addled brain and the sway of his Yuudeshi Genes, young Miss Harker literally had kittens. Specifically, she had three kittens. However, two of them instantly exploded as they came out of the womb and their bodies and soul were removed from existence, completely ripped away from the possibility of them ever existing in any form.

As the child came out of the womb, his dark red eyes opened for the first time, blinking as two ears atop his head moved into relaxed position, like those of a cat as he yawned. He made no noise or crying, merely yawned with a mewl before blinking as two strange men entered the room. One looked like a strange man, one who Schrödinger quickly shrugged away from, fear in his eyes as the man pulled out three foot long pistols, aiming them at his parents as he shot his father dead in the head before he could react, dropping Schrödinger into the hay of the cell. Then, the man pointed the gun at his greatly weakened mother, pulling the trigger again as she was fell, dead.

His eyes looked up innocently, blinking as the second man walked up to him, a tall man in a lab coat as he picked up Schrödinger, smiling as he began to laugh. His laugh grew deeper and deeper as he pulled out a strange syringe, holding it above Schrödinger's stomach as he sank the tip of the needle in, pressing as the bright purple liquid within sank deep within Schrödinger's veins.

The young child merely watched, his tiny arms on either side as he then was subjected to the worst hell imaginable. He could feel as his cells were trying to divide, to make him into a Ziamichi as his father had been. His father had split his weak demonic side and his normal shinigami sides into two different spirits, the shinigami side dominating. However, the injection into his body stopped this process, as Schrödinger suddenly screamed out in pain as his cells were infused back together, his very body beginning to twitch and shake. His excretory functions lost control of themselves, as he lost bodily fluid from every concievable orifice on his body, blood even spurting out in massive amounts from the umbilical cord that had just been shot off by the man standing behind the lab coated one.

Eventually, it all stopped, as the infant Schrödinger went unconscious. The laughing man held him in his arms, barely able to believe it. They had accomplished their goal; they had finally made a being that could stand to be its own existence. A slap in the face and a scorn to the laws of reality themselves; a being that could survive what no other one conceivable could. His body had traits unlike any other being in existence. He had the traits of a vampire and a human from his mother. He had the influences of demons and shinigami from his father. Finally, the serum given to him had fused all of his different types of being; making him just one being, an unholy hybrid the likes of which the planes of existence had never seen before.

Schrödinger's first years of life were spent with him learning how to be a soldier. They trained him in discipline, breaking him in and out of any will he might have had. They tested his power, quickly having him master his Soul Evolutions. Before the age of ten, he had already managed to go into Black Iscariot. He was their top weapon; however, he wasn't clear for battle. The war outside was going badly; the remnant troops weren't cleared to release him because their paranoid leaders were afraid of what he could do. However, at this age, all Schrödinger could really do was shoot people. And he really didn't like having to shoot people a lot of the time. He had to be ordered into it, most of the time rather fiercely. They quickly developed his vampiric side as well, forcing him to drink the blood of those he would kill after the first... incident.

Once he had reached the age of nine, his fangs had fully grown in. One day, out of nowhere when he was left alone in his cell, a nurse went in to check on him as she did once every three days. Gradually, the scientists who worked for the group began to notice a strange pattern. The nurse would always decline anyone else to visit Schrödinger, and would often be unfocused for a day after each meeting. Her condition steadily began to worsen, as she was obviously experiencing bloodloss. However, she would not let the doctor's treat her.

The whole time, Schrödinger was steadily draining her. Every once in a while he would lose his control, and when she would look into his eyes he would subconsciously snare her with his vampiric nature. She would hold him up to her neck, he would brush her hair aside and then insert his pinpricks of fangs into her neck, not using his poison because he failed to understand how to, drinking heartily of her blood. Of course, as a nine-year-old, he didn't need to drink that much blood; but still, it began wearing her down over time. This is what locked him into the three day cycle; after three days of not receiving blood, he realized he would go into a hunters state. Luckily, it was always a woman who came to check up on him; and as a result, he began to develop a kind of taste for them, or more accurately, a kind of soft spot.

She passed away before he became ten years of age, although not completely. She changed, rather, during that time. She died, yes, but she changed. Surprisingly, she was still a virgin, as she had chosen to become a nurse and work for the men as opposed to the alternatives that had been possible. After she had died, she came back to the door again, her body perfect once more. However, opening the door was not Schrödinger, as her newly vampirized body had expected, but rather the man with the pistols once more. He held up the pistol straight to her forehead, his gaze unchanging as he pulled the trigger, blowing her away into nothing more than a pool of blood on the ground.

From that point forwards, the scientists always made sure that Schrödinger had a constant supply of blood. As such, by the time he was ten he had Black Iscariot, and his vampiric traits unlocked. He was never told of his heritage; and as such, had no idea of his lineage or what he truly was. They taught him German, of course, and all the national pride of Germany in their songs and ways of working. He became completely German, although he always wondered about his parents. In his day to day life, he was worked on to attempt to find his different abilities. Eventually, they found his Onyx Prophet Form.

Schrödinger's then-young and inexperienced body couldn't take the stress. It was just unable to. The immense amount of pain of nine years of this pain caused his entire body to overload. As it did so, the force behind demon world began to sense it. Something was atoning for it; something was greatly affecting its presence. Its gaze turned to Schrödinger as the young tomcat's body was completely encovered in the massive amounts of energy, the scientists watching before at long last, his body gave out, and they quickly raced to try and get his soul...

=w= First Death =w=
However, the scientists failed. The force of Za Koa energy awakened within Schrödinger, teleporting his soul down, deep down into its bowels. He soon awakened, blinking as he awoke in what felt very soft. He had never before known the sensation of a bed as he rose up, the walls around him totally red. He had no idea where he was; or what he was doing here. He soon heard footsteps, his cat ears sticking up as some very strange looking fellows burst in, all holding terrible looking weapons. He slightly shrunk back, blinking and letting out a meow as the troop slowly moved forwards.

However, before he realized what was going on, five tails rose out of his back, pointing squarely at the throat of each of the demons as they suddenly froze, completely. Schrödinger quickly noticed that he was, for all intents and purposes... completely naked, except for some patches of fur and a big patch over his crotch area, concealing his manhood. The demons slowly backed away, having sniffed his aura and recognizing the smell. They were the elite guard of Touketsu Himself; workers in the palace of the demon royalty. However, there was a problem; Schrödinger's power felt like that of one of the strongest of their number. It had not been an extremely long time since he had left them, and the demons could clearly recognize the aura of Oni Chiita, the mighty Cheetah demon who wielded Absolute Fire, which burned to death anything that touched it.

They backed off, as a simple body approached Schrödinger. The body asked who he was, and it was in a way that Schrödinger had never heard before. However, he realized quickly that he understood it. He was informed that he was in the ward for the Demon King's elite guards, one never inhabited by those of lesser blood. The residents loved their home, recognizing it as a source of pride and destroyign anyone who tried to violate their sacred place. However, the body could quickly tell of Schrödinger's lineage, telling him that he was the offspring of one of Demon World's most powerful warriors.

All this made Schrödinger's head spin, as he had never heard of demons before or anything of the like. He just decided to trust the body who told him all these things, before widening his eyes. "...Vater..." He muttered, as most of the guards began to walk away, as the body inquired about what he said. "...Iche... habe... einen.... vater..."(I have a father) He said simply, almost in a daze as the body told him that he was allowed to stay where he was as long as he desired to and rest. He nodded, still feeling off-base by a lot. After all, he had just died and gone through the pain of death. He quickly noted that the marks on his hands were gone, and began to settle back into the bed. It was strange; for the first time in his life, he felt like the world was right.

He felt safe for once. He also felt almost... like he was home. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was like this place was drawing itself to him, almost into him; he was a being like no other. His demonic side had shown itself, and he would never be quite the same.

That night, Schrödinger had nightmares. Or rather, for those three nights; as he had a lot of need to sleep. In his sleep he met a being, one much, much larger than himself. The being merely looked down at him, having used the conection of Za Koa energy to bring the two together. For an entire day within his inner world, the being was silent. The second day, the being began to speak, instilling within Schrödinger the knowledge of who he was, the knowledge of his heritage, and who he really was and always had been all along. The young cat listened carefully; but this time, he believed everything the being said. He knew now; he was a demon, one that had been harmed immensely by those who had raised him. The third day, as the twilight hour approached, was not one that Schrödinger had been expecting. He realized, as that midnight hour began, that the being before him was his Vater; the one and the only Oni Chiita.

As the seconds passed, Oni Chiita began to roar. The roar began getting louder and louder, as Schrödinger began to break out in a cold sweat. His body shivered and shook as out of his backside slid a sixth tail; as his body became enveloped in a strange aura. Then, he gasped out as a seventh tail easily slid from deep within him, flailing out as Oni Chiita watched impsassively, his roar continuing in volume as Schrödinger threw his hands out, falling to the ground as he attempted to understand what his body was going through, before he became unable to think; as his mind was overcome by instinct, an eighth tail coming out from the base of his spine as his eyes became completeloy bright red, his body changing as he himself began to change. His entire body grew biger, as Oni Chiita's roar began to subside, now watching the growing hybrid. In his eyes was the light of amusement; after all, he had finally found a spawn of the man he was sealed within who had nearly completely inherited a form like that of his own.

However, he was quite unprepared for what happened next. Schrödinger's body charged out, slamming into him and biting his Vater as hard as he could. Which was pretty freaking hard. The two beings aura's clashed, as Oni Chiita realized that he had no control over this form whatsoever. So, for the third day, they did battle within the Inner World of Schrödinger. All the time, a strange, very light being watched them from his vantage point at the top of the Inner World's structure, watching as the two completely destroyed hundreds of panels below. It took him twenty three hours, but Oni Chiita was finally able to subdue Schrödinger. The whimpering being beneath the massive cat's paw began to change again, as Oni Chiita picked him up, holding Schrödinger before himself. The young cat was sleeping peacefully in Oni Chiita's paw, curled up with a smile on his face, five tails on his back once more.

As Schrödinger woke up, the body was sitting by his bedside, his eyes staring directly at Schrödinger. Schro's head tilted to the side as he came to the realization that the body was watching him. He inquired how long the body had been watching him, to which the body responded that it had been watching him ever since he had fallen asleep. Flabbergasted, Schrödinger thanked the stranger, nearly getting out of bed. However, he was quickly stopped by the body, which simply put a finger on top of his head. The sheer amount of power that touched Schrödinger then froze him in place, before he quickly slammed back on the mattress, his chest heaving. The body apologized, before getting out a book, asking if Schrödinger had ever heard a bedtime story before. Schrödinger replied that he had not, and the being seemed overjoyed at the thought of being the first person to tell him one.

Soon, he fell asleep once again, his eyes closing as he was welcomed back inside the dreamland that was his mind. He reappeared in that Inner World once again, still not entirely sure what he was doing here. However, as he was standing there, a being flew down from the sky, slamming into the ground before him. Schrödinger's eyes had widened as he was tossed back, his feet quickly assuming battle position as he threw his arms up to defend himself. The body of the being that had attacked him was swaying side to side, as Schrödinger felt ready to run away. However, as the being began to lean to his right, it vanished, Schrödinger able to catch only a hint of the ear of what looked like a rabbit as it reappeared behind Schrödinger, one leg swinging out as it caught underneath Schrödinger. The cat gasped as he began to fall back, flailing his arms before he slammed back into the platform.

He awoke in a cold sweat the, to find the being still staring at him. The being held out a bowl of soup to him, which Schrödinger reached for and drink right down. When he looked back into the bowl, he noticed it was a bright red in color. He felt a curious sensation, as his mind suddenly was opened wide. Inside of it flowed a force; a force unlike anything other. Schrödinger could almost feel it attaching itself to his soul, as the Will of Za Koa locked Schrödinger Yuudeshi's form away from all outside influences. At this time, Schrödinger had had no idea whatsoever what he would be called to do. This serum, however, did not hurt Schrödinger whatsoever… what-so-ever.

However, it did do something peculiar. It triggered the inside of Schrödinger's body, as his soul began to infuse with his physical body given to him by his parents, as per the Final Rule of Space Time. Suddenly, he was no longer laying in a warm bed. Instead, he was now in a strange place inhabited bytraditional pJapanesse housing… Not that Schrödinger knew that. In fact, he didn't even know what housing was; he just saw a hole bunch of strange looking structures before himself. He quickly reached a hand behind himself, blinking as his tails were gone .He nearly started crying from how upset he was at the loss of his new appendages and as he wished after them, he blinked. In his hand he could feel one, as he turned his head, staring down at the tail flapping around behind him, a smile quickly growing across his face. Tail on his back, Schrödinger looked back at the forest, and decided to go towards the Atarashii Settlement than the Seireitei. After all, he could feel the monster inside of him still; he was going to need blood soon, and he didn't want to disturb those poor folks…

As he began to walk through the forest, he was eventually began to grow tired. He remembered his training, looking up at the trees around himself as he picked out one and leaped up nimbly with his physically enhanced body, quickly making his place on top of the branch. He then closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he prepared to sleep.

The next morning, Schrödinger was shocked. Looking at hi body, he realized it as no longer the ten year old body he had used to know. It was now the body of an older teenager, and as he felt the sides of his face he could fell his face totally smooth. However, not so was for his arms and les, which had before been bare. Now, they were covered with hair, as a normal boy's were. His shoulders were wider than before, and his body was taller.He had aged, as his mind had, thanks to the serum. However, little to his knowledge he would be locked in this form, as this was to be his normal appearance from then on.

He looked at himself the, realizing he was also fully clothed. It was a strange form he had taken; some weird combination of a man and a mouse. He remembered the information relayed to him by his Vater, as his tail began to sway. Suddenly, his body changed, as his clothing began to change. Along his legs appeared a pair of army shorts, a belt around his waist. Around his front he gained the uniform of a Junior Warrant Officer, a smaller version of the one that the man with the very long pistols had worn. However, he didn't bother with the hat; he didn't particularly want one. He also added his own touch; a tie around his neck, very loose in texture. He yawned then, letting out a deep, tired yawn like that of a cat. Out of his pants he felt a wriggling, blushing for a moment from the sensation of the

>w< First Crush >w<
After learning his Shikai, Schrödinger met his very first crush, resulting in his first ever persona split.

VwV Coming of Age VwV
Having learned of his first two chi forms, Schrödinger finally was able to return to Earth once more.

=w= Messenger of the Yuudeshi =w=
After his cybermind came online, he fully realized the potential of Schrödinger's Computation, mastering his bankai as well as his third human form.

xwx A Rogue Cat xwx
He was turned rogue, wandering the world at his own post after having achieved his third Chi stage, and then soon after setting out to learn more about his DE Berserk form. Unfortunately, no one liked him in either forms while he was like that; so he decided to go away until he had it under control. In the process, he learned of his Hybrid Forms, mastering them both.

=w= Return and Accatence =w=
Returning to the Yuudeshi Clan, he was now fully prepared to resume his daily life, which has placed him into the present day.

Each to the Other Calling Out With Dread...

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Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:02 pm
The First Voice Asked Me For My Soul...
Schrödinger Yuudeshi


Demonic Powers

Demonic Natural Abilities:


OWO The Nature of the Chiita OWO
He is THE CHEETAH DEMON. In other words, he has another form of his body in his demon skills alone, allowing him to unlock different abilities. The different abilities are the below racial abilities of demons, since he is otherwise unable to use these abilities. It should be noted that this is a B Class form, explained in the Human section. Anything above this in his racial abilities he can use without entering the Nature of the Chiita. In addition, his tail turns into Absolute Fire, as explained below, and he gains a second tail of Absolute Fire, as long as his body that thrash all about.


OWO Claw-Point Reiatsu OWO
Just like his “Father” - or as he likes to call him, Vater - Oni Chiita, Schrödinger has slightly inherited the immense quality of Reiatsu that his ancestor had. However, his is contained in a much smaller body; meaning that his suffocating, deadly power is only extended in a two foot radius of his body.

However, because it is so small, like a claw compared to a horn, it keeps the effects of his benefactors; extremely weak tiers of four or less could find themselves unable to breathe or even move when this close to him, or else feel themselves becoming sluggish from the massive amount of close range pressure.

In addition, it burns up the oxygen around himself, making it unbreathable to anyone nearby and giving him an aura of flame, consistently roasting at 300 degrees Celsius around him for as far as his reiatsu extends while he is in this form, roughly two feet away from his body, allowing himself to ignite Absolute Flame within and from it.

=W= Nine Lives Regeneration =W=
He has high speed regeneration in this form, as his body no longer dies upon loss of a vital organ or even his brain. Anything that is the size of an arm or smaller can be healed near instantly for a small fraction of Schro's reiatsu, in addition to recovering serious damage over the course of an entire post. However, if he is killed or chooses to relinquish Nine Lives Regeneration, he is able to die upon attack.

OwO Absolute Fox-Fire OwO
This is the fire that Schro generates around himself and his tails are made of. The fire is black in color, and anything that Schro manipulates it into hitting will burn with af ire that will break down what it has touched, totally consuming it until it is no more. It has some special traits; it does not need oxygen or friction to keep burning.

In other words, water and ice fail to quench it, and taking oxygen from it has no effect meaning it also cannot just be blown out. To be stopped, one must dodge the fire, seal it away, or figure out some kind of Kidō or significantly powerful spell to stop it. If you try to quench it with reiatsu, it will start burning the reiatsu up and follow the trail back to its source, making it a bad idea to try to stop it in this way.

Schrödinger can release a massive wave of this stuff from his body all at once, destroying hundreds of weaker hollows, demons, humans, and other lower caste beings; leaving a massive trail of carnage and yet, nothing whatsoever in its path as the flame burns on anything, buildings, roads, light sources, people, cars, fur, everything until not even ash is left.

>W> Tail Works >W>
Once he has unlocked his second tail, Schrödinger is able to unlock his Tailed forms, his Adjustable Demon States. Each form of having a tail means that he must have that many tails released and equipped to use them. So if he had three tails unlocked, but lost one after using a Mouth Cannon, he could not use Fox-Flame-Storm until he regrew the third tail the next post.

However, this does not neccessairily mean that he can only go up in one form per post; each time he releases more of his sealed energy, another tail comes out. This means that he could go from two to seven tails in a single post, none the wiser since he's not “regenerating” tails, but rather unlocking the stored power already. In addition, his tailed abilities are compiling; once he can use an ability, he can sue it for any higher tailed form.

Unique Demonic Abilities:

=w= Hell Leave =w=
Whenever he is killed, Schrödinger's soul descends down into Demon World. On the surface, the Curse traits of his demon heritage consume his dead body, compeletely removing it from existence. He remains in demon world for up to two months; visiting his elders or just looking around Demon World. Then, whenever he chooses, he raises back up to the surface, reinserted in reality through Za Koa and reappearing as his normal self in any space he desires.

The time that has passed in the world outside of Demon World can be anytime he chooses from a moment to two months; but he usually goes up in a moment as he knows he is needed. Yes, he feels pain when he dies; but it is very short lasting. In addition, he can choose to activate Hell Leave at any time himself; it literally rots his soul and the body he is currently inhabitating, so even if he is sealed he will rise up once again after using Hell Leave.

It is an instinctive part of himself; he always knows that it is there as it is written into his DNA to be able to use it. To prevent him from using it is next to impossible; you would have to literally alter the make-up of his DNA, then take away the power from his core of being. Not technically impossible, but statistically extremely unlikely.

.w. Internal Prevention .w.
In addition, getting within Schrödinger's body is extremely difficult. At all times, he has a conscious feel of every part of his body, even down to his reiatsu field and his soul. Anything that so much as enters these things, whether friend or foe, becomes attacked with a combination of Curse energy and Absolute Fox-Fire.

This causes 99.99999% of things that would enter his body burn away into nothingness; a prevention instituted by Demon World after his first death to make sure that his body is never inhabitated by another and taken over; for this to happen would be disasterous. The only reason that the Demon World residents, as well as most other high level beings in other planes, is because of his personality; if it were anything else, they would immediately have him destroyed.

?W? Will of Za Koa ?W?
His “Vater (Father)” was once an Elite warrior of Touketsu; as such, Schrödinger has inherited a large amount of influence from his Vater (Father).

As such, an insanely immense amount of power lies within Schrödinger's body. To keep him from becoming an unstable element that would harm the very fabric of existence and unbalance much of reality, the Will of Za Koa itself after Schrödinger first died rewrote his genetic code to make it so that his essence could not be easily interfered with.

Even upper class beings are hesitant to mess with Schrödinger; he is a messenger, used to being in a lower echelon and not noticeable to them in the first place, but if they do, and to most who closely examine him, Schrödinger naturally gives off an extremely malicious reiatsu field; his normal personality is still very bright; but his true power is much darker than his personality, much like that of his Vaters.

OWO Mouth Cannon OWO
This is Schrödinger's Boru Shi. By opening his mouth wide, one tailled Schrödinger can firea cannon blast from his mouth large enough to level a mountain. The energy expands from his mouth, creating a shield of Absolute Fox-Fire around himself to keep it from blowing him away along with it.

It stops out roughly 120 yards from where his mouth releases it, expanding in its center to envelope all around its center like a massive explosion, starting out as a tiny beam before expanding into a massive explosion that can easily consume a city block. However, Schrödinger can only fire one of these for each tail he has on his backside; after firing one a tail falls off.

=w= Tail Generation =w=
Whenever he has lost a tail, Schrödinger must take a post to regrow it. His tails are his symbols of power of release in his Demon Forms; for each one he grows, his overall power level increases as he taps more and more into his inner power.

Getting rid of his tails either takes seperating the space between his tails and his pants, or else making him use too much power and once and having them fall off naturally until they regrow. He gains the energy to regrow them by using Death Energy's Breakdown effect, as explained below.

Tailed Demon States

OwOx3 Three Tail Appearance OwOx3
As Schrödinger enters into his Third Tailed form, his body begins to truly unlock its demonic potential. The first and most obvious change of this is the fact that a third tail grows out of his backside, all of his tails growing to one and a half times the complete length of his body. In addition, his cat ears begin to grow as well, extending to twice their normal rate and doubling in sensitivity. In addition, the field of his spiritual pressure grows to twice its former size, four feet of influence around his body.

=w=x3 Three Tail Benefits =w=x3

OwO Fox-Flame-Storm OwO
By throwing both of his hands back and widening his eyes to center his energy, Schro is able to release a collected part of energy from his body and release a firestorm of energy from himself. This energy spirals around Schrödinger, 20 feet in diameter from his body and fifty feet in height, a giant sphere of destruction made of Absolute Fox-Fire that damages everything it effects first with a giant burst of energy that damages the target, then severe Absolute Fox-Fire that spreads quickly, finally slowing down as it turns into normal Absolute Fox-Fire, burning at its standard rate and not the accelerated.

(w( Hell Rend )w)
The Affinity of Hell on a battlefield naturally increases the power levels of demons there; the tough part is bringing it onto the battlefield. The first time that Schro can start bringing the Affinity of Hell onto a battlefield is when he has unlocked his third tail.

This is a passive effect, that makes it so that wherever Absolute Fox-Fire burns, some small part of Hell appears in the burnt place, as the very air turns into a dark shade of crimson, and begins emitting an ominous aura. This aura can be dispelled by purifying the area it was in, or by going into the area and taking a small amount of damage by absorbing the Hell Rend into one's self.

Xwx Tailikinesis xwX
Schrödinger's tails gain a unique property; anything that Schrödinger's energy has washed over, whether it is his Absolute Fox-Fire, normal reiatsu, or just his area of power, can be effected and moved by his tail. The energy around the target that the tails point at solidifies and becomes able to move the target wherever the tail tips are pointing.

The target becomes lifted by the energy, gravity no longer effecting it as Schro's energy nullifies the normal effects of gravity around the target. Then, Schro's tail pointing at them is the controller of the energy surrounding the target, meaning wherever it poitns the energy, and thus the target, moves in that direction. He can move things that have a surface area of less than 200 feet and weigh less than 500 pounds. Each of these numbers, however, increases by 50 for each tail that he grows past third.

In addition, each tail can only manipulate one object at a time, making them somewhat limited. However, that also means that if Schro has five tails, he can move up to five different things simultaneously. If he picks someone up with this, they can stop it by dispersing Schrödinger's energy around them, which causes them to stop being influenced by it.

OwOx4 FourTail Appearance OwOx4
A fourth tail grows out of Schro's backside, as all the tails grow to two times his size. In addition, they become extremely flexible; more like tentacles than actual tails, as they do not become thicker as they grow, and have extremely sensitivity to the desires of Schro's body, giving them a full range of flexibility.

In addition, around each hand Absolute Fox-Fire begins to appear, creating claws from his second knuckles to six inches from the tips of his fingers, as well as on his toes, ripping and burning his gloves and boots away. In addition, the field around him grows to eight feet around himself, as well as increasing in potency and having the probability to knock out most three tiers who enter it.

=w=x4 Four Tail Benefits =w=x4

(W( Fox Claws )W)
The Claws that extend from Schrödinger's hands are heritage from his Vater; and have several unique traits. Firstly, they are extremely sharp; Seki-seki stone melts underneath their scratch, not to mention materials like steel and diamond. In addition, the claws have a special kind of Rending effect on any space they hit; they apply the same effects as Hell Rend to any locations that they slash; as they are made of Absolute Fox-Fire.

However, they themselves cannot spread the fire; they merely burn whatever the claws come into contact with. This means that they can slash through most energy attacks, spreading fire out from them that doesn't spread any father than Schro chooses for them to, allowing him to slice through most energy attacks as well as light up areas where the claws slash due to Hell Rend. In addition, the claws still burn whatever they touch with Absolute Fox-Fire; which makes them so dangerous, as they can slash through many levels of defense, even bisecting weaker opponents with a few slashes, due to how Schrödinger can extend the rending length of the claws all the way past the back of his arm.

OwO Lightning Speed OwO
This is one trait that Schrödinger has as a result of his union of heritages; not just his Vater. He becomes extremely fast in this form, his body able to accelerate in Hell fields from zero to over a thousand miles per hour in under a second.

This also means that normally he can go from 0 to 200 in under a second; his maximum normal speed becomes 2,000 mph; and 10,000 mph in Hell Zones. In addition, the faster he goes, the more his flames burn; he leaves an actual trail of flame where he has been. In addition, his Absolute Fox-Fire begins to spread twice as fast in this form, an added bonus as his overall speed is increased.

.w. Hell Dislocation .w.
This is a kind of battlefield setting ability that Schrödinger possesses. To activate this ability, Schrödinger must create an extremely potent sphere of Za Koa energy in front of himself. Then, he releases the power of the sphere, as it explodes outwards, washing over everything it touches to a crimson red hue. This brings the presence of hell onto a battlefield for 200 yards in every direction from where Schrödinger originally releases it.

However, this is not hell rend. Opponents cannot simply make its presence vanish by absorbing damage; in fact, this field isn't even damaging. It even allows other energies to go right through it, merely burning away any trails left behind, only energy, not normal things.. In addition, it remains active for three posts until it fades again. Hell Rend is also unable to be used in this area; so it does limit Schrödinger somewhat.

OwOx5 Five Tail Appearance OwOx5
As Schrödinger enters into his fifth tail, he really starts to change. From Fifth tail onwards, Schrödinger is in an A class form, no longer B class. First, his eyes turn totally red, a much darker red than before, his pupils vanishing beneath all the red.

Second, his fifth tail grows out of his backside, wriggling out of his pants as all of his tails grow to four times his normal size. However, they are prone to curling up in this state as to not be overly long, and allow Schrödinger to fight properly.

Third, his clothes are incinerated from his body, leaving him totally nude as dark red spots of fur scattered along his body begin to form. A good sized crop also appears around his crotch, making him at least slightly decent as the hair down there merely changes color and grows. In addition, the hair on his head changes to the same dark red color, rising up from his head as if a force is possessing it.

His claws grow to over two feet in length, becoming very curved. His aura also grows to 16 feet around himself in all directions, even able to give two tiers some hassle if they are not careful. Finally, in front of his mouth appears a very sharp set of fangs, twice the size of his normal teeth but that open and close as his mouth does.

=w=x5= Five Tail Benefits =w=x5

OwO Fangs of the Chiita OwO
The Fangs that Schrödinger grows in front of his mouth are made of solid Absoltue Fox-Fire. They have similar traits to his claws. They burn what they touch with the fire, but it doesn't spread. They can grow to larger fangs if he desires before chomping.

In addition, they can fire cero sized blasts of Za Koa energy quite easily; acting as conduits for the energy. Finally, their bite is extremely strong; they can munch holes through the ground to make tunnels, or through a house and bite it in half.

=W= Living Artillery =W=
His fangs also give him access to a new ability, Living Artillery. By opening his mouth up towards the sky, he is able to fire blasts of Absolute Fox-Fire. These blasts redirect themselves while in the sky, before locking onto the target that Schrödinger has chosen for them.

Then, they fire directly downwards, growing in size as they descend. Finally, they smash into the ground, creating a 12 foot blast radius around where the target was, igniting the area with Absolute Fox-Fire and doing explosive damage as well as burning anything the blast comes into contact with.

OWO Spontaneous Seal Release OWO
Schrödinger gains the ability to use the patches of red fur that now cover around his body in different shapes to use as releasers of energy. Whenever he activates them, the shapes glow a much brighter red then before, before firing out a blast that is a mix of Death Energy Breakdown, Absolute Fox-Fire, and Za Koa energy.

As such, anything that this blast comes into contact with is exploded, burned, and then broken down. In addition, any energy attacks that the blasts from these seals makes contact with that get affected by the Breakdown reabsorb the energy that was broken down through the seals, using it to replenish Schrödinger's strength and even possibly heal him if he decides to use the energy as such.

OwOx6 Six Tail Appearance OwOx6
As Schrödinger enters into his sixth tailed form, his entire body undergoes noticeable changes. Firstly, he grows the sixth tail from his backside, as his tails begin to grow huge, eight times the length of his body. All over his body, the patche of fur start to continue their growth, completely covering him from head to toe in the dark red hair.

His claws grow to four feet in front of him, the field covering his body extends to 32 feet from his location, making it difficult for even 2 tiers to breathe and move around properly without being weighted down. In addition, the teeth in front of his face change to 4 times the size of his own mouth, becoming quite large in front of him. His tails also become roughly twice as thick as before.

=w=x6 Six Tail Benefits =w=x6

Collosus Strength:
In this form, Schrödinger's muscles beneath the fur coat he now sports become completely ripped; in addition to the fact that he can now bench press over 5,000, he can also create punches and kicks with an extreme amount of force. A blow from him in this state could bring a building down; and this applies to his tails as well. They have become thicker, more ripped. He can hold off up assaults of up to over seven angles thanks to them, as well as use them to nearly shield his entire body.

)W) Claw Creation (W(
This is a new trait that Schro gains. By throwing out his arm, or even without doing it, he can will a strand of his Absolute Fox-Fire to take shape. This gains the traits of his Claws and Fangs; the fire burns what it touches but doesn't ignite. However, the strand can be stretched for up to 300 feet away from Schro's aura, and even formed from within his aura.

These take the shape of long arms with claws at the end of them; and can take shape from his own hands or from any other part of his body. Also, due to the fact that he can create and manipulate many of these at once, they can be quite a destructive agent, capable of spreading wide-scale damage to anything near Schro if he choose to release many of them in a frenzy of attacks.

[w[ Increased Tail Regeneration ]w]
After he has reached the sixth tail, the amount of energy that Schro regularly absorbs becomes more than double that of any of his normal tailed states. As such, he regains enough energy from the space around him in the form of transformed reishi through Death Energy's Breakdown effect that he can now grow up to two tails per post.

This also means that he is recovering faster; however this also has a downside. If the opponent somehow manages to drain him of his breakdown effect's stealing, he'll begin to overburn on his energy due to how much it takes to maintain his form. That's the great weakness that comes along with this heightened level of power.

OwO Explosion-Ception OwO
As described above, Schrödinger begins to use much more energy in this state. This is because any explosive attacks he uses, including Absolute Fox-Fire, Za Koa energy, or his own reiatsu, all start having explosive attacks WITHIN the explosive attacks. The first explosive goes off like normal, being whatever size and dealing whatever damage.

Then, the second explosion triggers just where the first one was exploded from, with a blast radius two-thirds the size of the first. The second explosion also has some unique traits. First, it is triggered by Schrödinger's mind, so it can linger for a post or less before it has to explode without his consent. Secondly, if there is hell space around where the second explosive is, the second charge hides within the influence of hell, invisible to the eye and all but the most precise reiatsu sensors, before Schrödinger triggers it and it explodes spectacularly.

.w. Sanity .w.
Schrödinger, as he approaches his most primal natures, begins to lose his rather well held sanity, the line between primal and personality beginning to blur. He begins to perform small random acts of destruction, although he can still focus on his main target.

He can still somewhat speak, although his voice begins to sound much deeper and scratchier than before, like a demon from a horror movie. Finally, his tails will sometimes randomly shoot out and begin attacking things just for the sake of attacking them; as if Schrödinger has no control over this impulse.

OwOx7 Seven Tail Appearance OwOx7
Schrödinger truly begins to lose the pieces of himself that make him who he is, as he enters the second to most primal of his states. His body begins to change, growing to four times its normal size, his body fitting his claws and opening his mouth wide as the fangs go inside of his mouth, becoming extremely powerful chompers.

The claws become properly fitting on his hands, which are more like paws now in their size, bigger than oil drums. His seventh tail grows quickly out of the mess of crimson fur that he has on the outside, as it begins glowing a bright red. The tails become truly massive, becoming four times their original thickness and sixty-four times the original height of Schrödinger's body in length, almost a fitting size.

In addition, his flaming aura reaches over two thousand degrees farenheit, his eyes begin to leak Absolute Fox-Fire, and his hair becomes a large mane of dark red hair.

=w=x7 Seven Tail Benefits =w=x7

.w. Immense Power .w.
The amount of power that Seven-Tailed Schrödinger wields is... beyond immense. This level of Schrödinger could wipe out a city the size of New York before calming down from a frenzy. His raw reiatsu field around himself, made of fire, becomes enough that it is even a hassle for one tiers; not to mention the burning damage that anyone would face that's fighting him.

His energy attacks as well become extremely powerful; it is highly advised not to be within the blast radius of his energy attacks, as they begin to contain a mix of Absolute Fox-Fire, DE Breakdown, Za Koa Energy, and his rieatsu. In addition, his physical strength more than doubles that of what it was before; as well as his overall durability increasing with his size.

He could take a nuclear back and get up with minor bruising. He is NOT someone to mess around with in this form. An example of his extraordinary strength are in his tails; a single blow from them can make a skyscraper act as if it were a tower of legos that had just had a wrecking ball thrown into.

OWO Regrowth Burn OWO
In this form, Schrödinger's Absolute Fox-Fire takes on a new edge of effectiveness. Anything that it burns from a soul, such as an arm, leg, ear, or even weapon that their soul has created, becomes greviously burned from their soul. The fire literally burns out the essence of the created thing from the fabric of reality; although there are ways around this.

If one were to have their arm burned off, they could regrow a second arm that was just one percent different than the former and regrow. However, this usually takes a mental deduction skill of at least advanced to effectively figure out; the true power of this is what it can do to things bound to the soul, such as created weapons. When these weapons are burned away, or a creature bound to the person's soul, they become unable to be recreated, burned from the fabric of reality permanently.

This has the same effect of the arm discussed above; they can still create something similar, but never the exact equal from that point onwards. (PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR THINGS THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED PERMANENT CHANGES TO A CHARACTER)

?w? Hell Passage ?w?
This form of Schrödinger gains an extended form of Hell Dislocation. It reaches out for five hundred yards around Schrödinger as he releases it, the influence of Hell-space spreading to all this space. However, that is not its only ability. After two posts of its creation, Schrödinger has a choice.

He can either activate the second effect of Hell Passage, or explode the space in a massive attack that pretty much obliterates everything that was occupied in the space where the Hell Passage was with the force of ten atomic warheads; he himself dying in the process and being sent away through Hell Leave. However, the second effect of Hell Passage... is by far the scarier of the two options.

The space that Hell Passage occupies becomes a literal gate, throwing everything within it through reality as they appear in actual Hell. This space is the Ancestral Training Grounds of the Family of Chiita. The move itself does not provide a way out of Hell, either, as it fades after it has teleported all of its contents to Hell. This includes buildings, innocent people who die near instantly upon entering hellscape, The change happens next to instantly; first a pull happens on all in the space, than almost instantaneously afterwards the entire space vanishes.

Once the pull happens, the targets are locked into that reality and thus cannot escape by changing dimensions, and have to escape using their own speed.

.w. Madness .w.
Schrödinger begins to lose most of his sanity in this form. He begins to kill almost everything that he can see to drain their Death Energy fields, fulfilling the immense power needs of this form while it is in any reality but Hell.

In Hell, he doesn't need to constantly drain energy from other sources to keep himself going; Hell naturally provides him with the energy he requires to use this form and Eighttails. He only vaguely focuses his target, typically noticing them because they are doing the most damage to him, which enrages him and causes him to fight back. Against them.

Eight Tail Appearance
Eight Tails is Schrödinger's final demon form. It is the closest to that of his father, Oni Chiita's, actual form. His body grows to eight times what it was before, twenty four times his orignal body size as he grows larger than a house.

His fur thickens even further as a massive tail spurts from the base of his spine, seventy times the thickness of the original tails and proportioned to Schrödinger's new size. These tails, however, still maintain their old flexibility. Finally, his eyes turn completely red.

The aura he gives off becomes all consuming, spreading out for a mile in every direction around himself. In addition, the field has become Absolute Fox-Fire; completely and utterly dangerous to anyone around him.

Eight Tail Benefits

This is Schrödinger's final demon form; usable exclusively in hell space due to how much energy is needed to maintain it. As such, it emphasizes the abilities of Oni Chiita. While it may not reach his Vater's level of power, he nearly reaches three fourths of it while in this form, as he also has an immense amount of speed for such a complex form.

His durability is extremely impressive, able to take several large attacks before he truly starts to feel their effects; his high-speed regeneration reacts quick enough to help him if he needs it. His raw strength also becomes absolutely unbelievable; his tails are able to slam into the ground hard enough to rupture a small city, or going full strength could easily decimate a city the size of Philidelphia in a matter of moments.

Finally, his reiatsu field he gives off is as potent as it could ever possibly be; no longer a Claw-Point, but rather a true energy field, it suppresses and presses against anything within its radius, even felt by the strongest of persons. Finally, after three-four posts of being in Chiita Form, Schrödinger's body begins to break down before he dies in a massive explosion, his aura field igniting and exploding along with his dead body, creating a gigantic explosion that could break through the earth's crust if it was done on the planet itself, visible from space.

:C Loss of Sanity :C
While in this form, Schrödinger completely loses his sanity. He becomes a ravenous beast, overusing his power and destroying absolutely everything in his path. This is why he is only able to activate this form in Hell; it gives him enough energy that he can activate the form, as otherwise he would have to create a large hell space around his battlefield for him to activate this form.

He attacks absolutely everything alive; nothing is safe from this large, deadly demon. He'll attack and destroy friend or foe; it makes no difference to him, and he'll devour any and every thing that he comes upon in need for energy. The very hell-space around his body is constantly breaking down to suppply him energy. This also reveals his major weakness with this form.

He uses so much energy, and so quickly, that the best way to stop him is to prepare a large attack and time it just right, so that it hits him after he has used up a large amount of his power, strainnig himself immensely in the process and making him immobilized, as he is very prone to do thanks to his loss of sanity. So while this is one of his greatest forms, power-wise, he is more prone to lose in it than any other A-Class form.

Death Energy

DE Class
2nd Class

DE Powers

OwO Breakdown OwO
This is a trait that Schrödinger uses to a great extent, especially whenever he dies. He is able to manipulate this ability as his Death Energy specialty, using it to do a significant number of things. It can be broken down into three uses; it gives a component of how he travels in his Schrödinger way, a component of getting rid of and protecting his dead bodies, and allowing him to access outside energies he otherwise wouldn't be able to access, although his hertiage allows for it.

xwx Necromancy xwx
Schrödinger has a unique form of Necromancy. The more tails that he has on his back, the stronger of beings he can bring back to life, all the way to lower two tiers with his sixth tail, when he has enough sanity to maintain the energy. However, he can't bring back anything stronger than 1 tier.

?w? Invisible Death Energy Field And Lack Of Death Barrier ?w?
Due to how Schrödinger's soul never truly dies but goes on hell leave's, he has a unique type of DE Field. This field cannot even be seen by others who possess Death Energy unless Schrödinger grants them the ability tos ee it by temporarily merging his DE Force with theirs.

Otherwise, it is completely undetectable; because of the fact that Schrödinger is technically permanently dead, this keeps other forces from being able to drain his DE field, as it is bound to his soul naturally and does not become manipulable by other beings. As such, he can't make his field harden in a shield, otherwise it would be visible to the forces around himself. However, he can also use his field in a special manner as well, as he can still take energy into it.

=w= Semi-Immortality =w=
As a combination of his normal demon adjustable states and the seeming Semi-immortality that he is given via his Death Energy, Schrödinger's body never ages. However, it is more than just that. He has no need to breathe; in fact, the inside of his body lacks anything but his life blood.

This means he has no need to breathe or use the bathroom; unless he chooses to. He can alter his Semi-Immortality to allow himself to do normal actions as well. In addition, while he is in DE Merge Form and up, he is able to revert his body to heal any injuries he may sustain for the most part; nigh near-obliteration, of course.

xWx The Dead Shall Fear The Living xWx
This is the truly unique trait of Schrödinger's DE Field. Because he permanently, at all times, has both extreme care about everything he does and yet doesn't. As such, any time he kills something with his DE Field through Breakdown, he absorbs their soul into his Invisible DE Field, allowing himself to summon them back from it. If he swallows their physical body, or just their soul, his DE Field forms a physical body for them to spawn from.

As long as Schrödinger himself is not weaker in the tier max of the other, he can summon as many of them as he has eaten. Whenever he eats something ,he surrounds them with his DE Breakdown, dragging them into shadowy pockets of his DE Field. The hard part, though, is that he must have their actual soul to do this. That means that unless he kills them by dragging them into his DE Field, he cannot create anything in their likeness.

This does imply their entire soul. If it's only a piece, or just one of multiple souls, it will do no good, only being drawn into Schrödinger's own body. In addition, their power is seperate from his. Although he may have completely taken over their minds to make them like puppets, he can often leave their original personalities intact as well; in fact he can never truly turn them off. However, after his Field has devoured them, they are permanently linked to the strange existence of Schrödinger's soul, as their own souls are driven into a state of Hell Leave along with him; whenever he comes out of hell, they follow into his invisible DE Field as well.

Finally; it is not possible for them to take over from his inside, as if the soul is not completely absorbed it is lit with Absolute Fire, completely consuming it. The drawbacks of this are pretty simple; while he may not gain their power, their power is linked to Schrödinger's own. If they use up their normal power and go over what they normally would, they begin using up Schródinger's own power.

In addition, if one of them is beaten and destroyed while outside of his body, they are destroyed for good, leaving their connection from Schrödinger and returning to the soul cycle, so they are by no means permanent.

Finally, Schrödinger cannot share in their abilities; so while he may be able to get many... “friends” through this, it is still a rather limited ability and just gives Schrödinger some manpower or people to talk to, as well as a good way to finish off enemies and have them serve him. Except for Demons. If he catches them, they're stuck to him until another demon slays them forever, completely obliterating their soul. This is also true for anything that has its soul obliterated.

Again, REALLY good thing he tends not to involve himself.

Merge State

DE Merge Appearance

Schrödinger's basic appearance is altered, meaning that his hair in any B Class form and all of his C Class becomes long and wispy. If he is only in Merge, than this is his exact appearance, in addition to his neko ears remaining in place as well as the ability to grow his tails. This is a B Class form.

DE Merge Powers

=w= Contingent Summon =w=
Five of the souls that Schrödinger has in his body from his special version of Necromancy the Dead shall fear the Living, all come out at once. All around Schrödinger himself appears a barrier, extremely durable as his Death Energy field becomes visible and manipulateable. The dangerosus part about this form is that if he doesn't act careful about it, others can steal a fraction of his Death Energy field after dying like this.

Stealing Schrödinger's energy gives an absolutely MASSIVE amount of power to a Death Energy user, although they gain none of his benefits, they simply gain an insane amount of energy.

-w- Yuudeshi Connection -w-
There is one final thing that Schrödinger can use with this form. Because he is a Yuudeshi who uses Death Energy, he is able to summon up death energy and transmit it to a fellow person with Yuudeshi Blood, enabling them and waking them up to the Death Energy around themselves. However, this is a secret ability that only Schrödinger is aware he has; he hasn't made it publicized that he has this ability. In addition, not even Shadin is aware that he has this ability.

Berserk State

Berserk State Appearance 

This form is an A-Class, one that completely takes away his ears. His body becomes lithe and the gray skin tone of his Merge; however, his hair becomes short and spiked, and his body looks much more like a hand to hand fighter, moving with reckless abandon and just seeming very dangerous overall.

Berserk Enhancements 

+W+ Insane Spiritual Pressure and Strengthen +W+
His spiritual pressure and strength goes off the scales in this form. Buildings are next to nothing to him, his sterngth able to pick up and throw skyscrapers. In addition, his spiritual pressure and Absolute Fox-Fire being generated off himself burns up all the oxygen in a hundred foot radius, making it difficult for most beings around him to so much breathe, much less fight properly.

+w+ Speed +w+
He gains the ability to physically turn parts of his body into Absolute Fox-Fire, making himself extremely dangerous to most other beings as he can now move an insanely high rate of speed, as this meanas he can move within a hundred foot radius of himself at all times ue to his insane spiritual pressure in this state.

+W+ Berserker Fighting +W+
His fighting styles in this style are berserker like; sadistic and extremely potent, he seeks to destroy everything around himself as best as he can. Whether the opponent is expecting it or not doesn't matter to him; he will fight like an absolute animal to try and destroy them. His eyes are constantly swimming around in his skull, as he wipes out even the ground in his path. Absolute Fox-Fire exudes from his body at all times, and in this stage he has one other ability.

+w+Berserker Seal +w+
However, as this form is so extremely dangerous, the force that makes sure nothing can enter his body to take advantage of it creates a field around himself that is as large as his own spiritual energy. He cannot exit this field, meaning that for 100 feet around the spot where he enters Berserk state he cannot leave; although this doesn't prevent his attacks from leaving this field. However, as long as the opponent can get out of the field, they can easily escape from his Berserker mode. However, that also means that his berserker form searches for other things that he CAN reach and destroy, so it is also a risky maneuver to just leave him.

Berserk Details

Schrödinger's Berserk form is the most representative of what Oni Chiita was when he was an Elite Warrior of Touketsu. Forcing him into his Berserk Form is immensely difficult. What it takes is an immense act of hypocrisy that so goes against the very nature of what he believes of the person that he is physically unable to stand it any longer. He does whatever he can to utterly obliterate the source of the hypocrisy.

However, after entering this form, the only things that he can see are hypocrites. It takes either the intervention of a high ranking Yuudeshi or another First Class Death Energy user to take away all of his chaotic Death Energy and cause him to fall into his normal state. This form requires both the seriousness of an event or a mini even and permission between Schrödinger's owner and the hypocrite who originally snaps him. There is one other thing that can stop him without him being essentially beaten into submission. That is his berserk form encountering someone who is pure of heart. Someone that not even he can find fault with. And he is extremely f#cking sensitive to hypocrisy.

Vampiric Attributes

Schrödinger's mother was an artificial vampire. As such, he has inherited some of her vampiric traits. These traits are all C Class; although he doesn't usually have much use for them, unless he is using them in a specific circumstance.

Vwv Vampiric Immortality vwV
His body is mostly immortal because of the fact that he is an artificial vampire. The Death Energy's Semi-immortality helps with this, but Schrödinger's main body maintenance comes from this. It is because of this that he no longer ages; it is also because of this that he appears to not have gone through puberty. This does not mean he himself is immortal; however, it does make his body permanently young and without scars or other marks. 

VwV Heightened Sense VwV
His vampirism has greatly increased his senses, allowing them to be roughly 300 times better than a normal humans at their maximum level. However, Schrödinger is able to adjust the preciseness of the amount, so that someone farting doesn't deafen him or some other kind of related shenanigans of that sort. His reaction time is also quite high because of his vampirism. Also, he can see in the dark. 

VwV Bloodlust VwV
There is one major drawback of his artificial vampirism. After three days of having no blood, Schrödinger's natural mind turns off. His body activates completely his vampiric nature, suppressing all other effects that it can normally, disregarding hell leave and Schrödinger's computation and such. The first human that he encounters like this will fall victim to his bite. Often, he'll wake up soon after swallowing hemo of some kind, before retracting his serum back into himself and apologizing.

However, drinking blood is a very pleasant experience for both himself and the recipient, as his bite also applies an aphrodisiac to the target to prevent pain as well as to prevent them from running. In addition, drinking blood is pure euphoria for Schrödinger; although he normally suppresses this urge. Also, if he finds that he has bitten a male, he will often allow the serum to run its course if they are deflowered; just to rid himself of the shame. His body, even while in its bloodlust state, still prefers women and will only drain a man if it can't find any females within the immediate vicinity. 

VWV Alternate Teeth VWV
Schrödinger has two sets of teeth. His normal ones are all curved, like a cats. However, his very front canine ones are able to extend to up to two inches from their roots in his gums. These teeth are extremely sharp, although they are intended for biting into human flesh, which they are very good at doing.

vWv Power of Suggestion vWv
Schrödinger's eyes have a peculiar effect on humans, as well. If he activates the special power of his eyes, his gaze becomes all that the person can look at, their eyes naturally drawing them to his eyes. Their bodies naturally become stimulated as energy shoots from his eyes to theirs, making their bodies experience hot and colds in specific places as well as give their minds an inclination towards him.

He can often assist this by making something for them to focus on, either his fingers or his tail or something similar to divert their attention after having looked them in the eyes. After breaking eye contact, anything he tells them wil lremain rooted in their subconsciousness; however, they otherwise go out of the trance. For other beings this gaze will often stun them, as it fires power straight from Schrödinger's eyes to their own, shell-shocking them. 

vwv Ghoullify vwv
Whenever Schrödinger bites summon with his actual teeth, pierces through their skin and ingests some of their life force, a special serum he secretes infects their body.

This only works on humans, and not on any other race. The target can also expel or exterminate the secretion on their own if they are powered. However, otherwise, its effect afflicts them. If they are deflowered (Not virgins), their bodies begin to rot, their minds literally turning to jelly as they are possessed by their base instincts to kill for food.

Any other humans that these ghouls bite also are afflicted with the vampiric serum, making them ghouls as well. Schrödinger himself has no control over them other than to keep them from hurting him himself; otherwise, anything they encounter is free game!

VWV Vampirify VWV

However, if he injects the serum into a person who is still a version and of the opposite sex (female), the serum has a different effect. The serum flows through their body, and instead of rotting it and their minds, it perfects it. Their bodies go to its prime, their minds doing the same.

Any scars or flawws on their bodies vanish, completely restoring them. In addition, their bodies become altered further; their senses are greatly improved, their eyes adjust to be able to see in the night, becoming slitted. They also gain the power to be suggestive as Schrödinger is, although it takes some practice.

Finally, they grow fangs of their own, becoming an artificial vampire like he is. However, they also gain the blood-lust; and will greatly desire blood for a few days until after they have settled. Permission must be had if the target is a character. Finally, Schrödinger will only really do this to someone that he knows and trusts; unless he screws up.

It Promised Destruction Was Its Goal...

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The Voice Came In My Head So Sweet...
Schrödinger Yuudeshi


• Reiatsu Color: Dark Red

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: OwO Caledscratch as a weapon, Or King Kazma as his humanoid form is called. He himself chose to tell Schrödinger what he should be called. OwO

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

On his head he has a pair of rabbit ears. Otherwise, he looks exactly like any other human being. Oh, and the fact that he has a rabbits fur. His hair is short cut, being the same type as his fur. He has a small rabbits nose and face. His eyes are small and slanted, like a rabbits. Around his forehead he has a pair of black goggles with gray rims. Similar goggles are on the fingerless gloves that he wears around his wrists. Around his chest he wears a formless red vest, without things in the middle. It has no sleeves, a fighting vest. His pants go down to his ankles, and he doesn't wear any shoes, having only rabbits feet.

• Inner World•

The inner world of King Kazma is one wide white space, inhabited by what looks like a giant white statue. Floating around the statue are cars, buildings, sky scrapers. You name it, it's up there in a human sized form. In addition, it has several risen up platorms that are white in color, upon which he spars with Schrödinger.

The tempreature is perfectly neutral, and the entire space has a great white field tat completely surrounds it. The wall can be cracked, but not pierced. In addition, there is a great red band that goes around the entirety of the space, constantly giving specs about what the inside of Schrödinger is feeling like. Finally, the sky has many fake clouds printed on the white white, making it one great white sphere.


• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance

The name of Schrödinger's trusted blade is Caledscratch, a short tanto blade. Shar on one end and flat on the other, Caledscratch looks like a mix between a kunai knife and a short sword. It has a kunai's rounded out grip, bandaged up to the blade. The curved end goes out below his thumb, with the flat part being level with his thumb.

Along the blade there are strange markings; these are Demon Script for Destruction-Bearer Schrödinger. They consist of, going from his thumb, a curved upwards mark, a dot, a strange curving like lightning that goes around the dot, three points that would for a triangle if lines were drawn between them, a small curved mark, and what looks like two tiny lightning bolts coming from the blade's tip as the patters reach the end. In addition, the blade's edges are both white, as opposed to the core of the blade which is black.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities

=w= Bandage Extension =w=
The bandages around the kunai like guard around Caledscratch are made of Schrödinger's reiatsu energy. That means that he can create more of them from virtually no cost; but he cannot create more if the guard is already fully wrapped. This means that he can undo the bandage and throw Caledscratch, expanding the bandages as it flies. These bandages are quite durable; they can take a sharp medium attack from someone of Schro's own tier without breaking. In addition, they stretch at a rate of 1 1/2 inches per 1 inch, allowing them to stretch by quite a bit.

QwQ Hybrid Technique: Schrödinger's Blade QwQ
Schrödinger's blade shares many unique properties with Schrödinger himself. Primarily, whenever the blade is broken, busted, or otherwise shattered, it turns into dust immediately, fading away.

It is then sent straight to Hell, residing under the training grounds of Schrödinger's demonic ancestors, where it waits for two astral months before returning its essence with Schro's special traits back into his carrier baggy. This usually takes about a post for the blade to return, although it is definitely the same blade as before. In addition, the blade cannot be copied as per the Final Rule.

.w. Telekinetic Bands .w.
The bandages are made of Schro's energy, and as such he can easily manipulate them. He can cause the path of the bandages to change at the speed of his thoughts, not go the speed of thought but rather change direction how he needs them to. This makes it a very effective chasing tool, as the blade has special other properties as well.

oWo Ghost Form and Ghost Sight oWo
The blade also has another special property, and that is its ability to pass through other things. Anything that is not strictly spiritual, such as an energy wall, and is basic, such as a wall in the Gotei or a boulder on earth, can be passed through by Caledscratch's ghost form.

This also applies to its bandages; due to the fact they are spiritual construct just like Caledscratch, it acts like a needle drawing line through the things it passes through. However, while it is in ghost form it is technically not solid; it is non-existent. It's matter has gone into Hell space, into a special case beneath the training grounds of the Family of Chiita.

The imprint that is left on the physical plane is a ghastly dark red outline of the blade itself, and this outline lacks sustenance, being nothing more than an indicator for where the energy is to appear. This also means that the blade is unable to cut or effect anything while it is in ghost form. However, it is quite good at chasing targets; although one can stop it from cutting them by making it so that the ghost blade goes through them rather than the real one by giving a burst of speed that Schrödinger is not expecting, which can throw him off.

However, he normally is very exact about what ghost form does and doesn't travel through, thanks to ghost sight. If someone disrupts the field of the blade while it is in ghost form, the bandages retract quickly to Schrödinger, as the blade reappears in his little baggy. 

Ghost sight is the special ability for Schrödinger to link with his sealed zanpaktou, able to view outside the blade's very tip as if it had an actual eyeball. The vision is granted by the energy field of Schro's that surrounds the blade, meaning that it can easily be disrupted by someone disrupting the field, making him take a second and stop the blade's movement as he reapplies the sight field in front of it.

He can only create the sight field through the blade; he cannot make it anywhere else. Overall, this makes his zanpaktou a great chase weapon; as well as able to perform recon and scout dangerous territory. Finally, the blade itself can move at about a top speed of 200 miles per hour while it is sealed by Schro, and gains the hell bonus of increasing its speed and cutting power by five times if it enters a hell space.

OWO Hybrid Technique: Absolute Fox Blade OWO
This is a hybrid technique that the sealed state of Caledscratch possesses. Schrödinger can make the blade alight with Absolute Fox-Fire by sending the flames down the bandages and along the white part of the blade, which naturally catches to accept the Fox-Fire but does not burn away form having it ignited, as it is counted as a part of Schro.

This gives the blade the ability to light on fire anything that it touches, both burning and igniting anything but Schro himself that it comes into contact with. In addition, when the blade goes into ghost form, the flame travels with the material form of the blade to Hell, before it is summoned back with it after the blade has finished being in ghost state. This also does not reduce the visibility of ghost sight. 

Xwx Hybrid Technique: Blade Cannon xwX
The Absolute Fox Blade, in sealed form, has another additional ability. It is able to release the flame around it, much like how Schrödinger uses up all the energy of a tail, in one large burst of energy. The blast that comes out of the tip of the blade is much like Schro's own Mouth Cannon, although it only has roughly half of the power that Schro's attack does.

In addition, the blade's attack can be used spontaneously, with no warning other than the initial laser that it fires out. After the blast has occurred, the blade behind the blast shatters into microsized pieces, before turning completely into dust. The blast is made out of Absolute Fire, making it very dangerous.


Werden mein Klinge, King Kazma! (Become my weapon, King Kazma!)

Shikai Description

Schrödinger's shikai has a strange appearance. The sealed blade converges in on itself, becoming nothing more than a complete handle, like that of a police flashlight, rounded with a hole at the top, surrounded again with bandages. On the base there are five buttons, one for the thumb and four for the fingers. The one for the thumb is large and red; pressing it activates his shikai's form.

The other four are marked LAWL. Each one of these buttons has a different effect, and all of them can be pressed at once. When the large button is pressed, a blade of what looks like light extends from the base, bright red in color. This construct is made out of energy, can be sharpened or dulled with Schrödinger's mind and reiatsu energy in a matter of seconds, and is a solid construct, able to shift forms.

It could be a blade one second, a dagger the next, a chain and scythe… you name it, it can come out of that base if Schrödinger can manipulate his energy into that shape. Of course it won't get the effects of whatever it's shaped as ,but for whatever the shape does for the object; finally, the objects mass cannot exceed 10 cubic feet in size.

Shikai Abilities:

.w. Sealed .w.

The traits of his sealed form extend to his shikai. When his item's returning is disturbed, it appears in his bag without the thumb's button being deployed.

Owo Hybrid Technique: LAWL System owO

The LAWL system is what Schrödinger's shikai runs on. Essentially, each button triggers Schrödinger's energy into a different form. Lightning, Air, Water, and Light(Or Fire). Each button can be flicked on and off at any time, either with Schrödinger hitting the button or manipulating it with his mind, as it has a permanent connection with him.

Each element grants that element's power to the blade. He can also gain traits of up to two of the buttons pressed at once. Any more activated than two disables the traits given to him, only giving his weapon of sharpened energy bonus effects. Finally, all four of them of them must be activated at once for Schrödinger to initiate bankai.

All of them are either Bases or Amplifiers; Bases are the construct of the element and the Amplifiers add additional elemental damage effects to the base. When three are activated, the weapon takes one Base and uses the other two as Amplifiers. 

vWv Lightning vWv: The first button of the LAWL system, Lightning draws from Schrödinger's ancestry of Shadin. When this button is pressed, his weapons become almost like they are infused with the essence of stun guns. Touching them to an enemy causes them to have an immense amount of electricity pass through their body, up to 400,000,000 volts a second, enough to fry an emu into ashes upon contact.

In addition, Schrödinger can fire lightning bolts from the tip of his blade, bending them with his will to strike literally lightning fast at his enemies. The lightning style is an Amplifier; except when combined with Light because it is then that it becomes a Base. 


OwowO Lightning Dash OwowO
Schrödinger is able to transmute himself into a series of sparks and flashes, moving near instantaneously to his desired location. It is possible to stop his path by placing physical objects in his path, as this requires him to change his position, or by creating a lightning drawing fixture of some sort or using a lightning drawing power.

This will cause Schrödinger to move and appear on whatever it is that drew him, not able to be drawn into anything, but on top of it. Which can lead to some quite frankly awkward situations if he's not careful.

qwq Lightning Spawn qwq
Schrödinger's body becomes able to transmit electricity. If one touches him while this field is on, they are struck with roughly half of the amount of power his weapon shocks with. In addition, it has one other handy ability. It can create dead locks of friction on anything, letting Schrödinger climb and maneuver perfectly fine on nearly any normal surface; he can even run and break properly on an ice rink if he has this activated. 

OWO Lightning Bird OWO
In addition, Schrödinger's total amount of speed also increases exponentially. His body begins moving at a rapid pace, his normal pace accelerating as if his body were moving on fast forwards by five times. His reaction speed is greatly enhanced, as well as his coordination. For high-speed fighting, this is the form for Schrödinger to grab.

|w| Lightning Rod |w|
He can create a straight cylindrical object in his hand, making it as long as he wishes. It is made of solidified electricity, meaning it is very durable. When it hits the ground, it stops moving, period. It will never be able to be shifted from the stop but for from Schro or the ground beneath it breaking. He can hold it and touch it, but to do so for anyone else would burn them. It maintains its shape for 2 posts before dissipating and takes a small amount of energy. 

OwO Static Wave OwO
Schro charges a decent amount of energy into either both hands or one, not a lot, but not very little, and points his hand at the enemy. From the hand or hands he fires off a force of electricity that blows away everything in an area backwards, away from him. He is also pushed back by the wave, depending on how strong he makes it and if he wants it to. 

=w= Air =w=
The next set of traits are ones that Schrödinger inherited from Oni Chiita; well, the first of the two. Air fuels fire, cuts down pillas, sweeps away everything in a massive wave of destruction. However, it is also light, and full of infinite possibilities. The style of Air is a Base.

When Schrödinger activates this element, the inside of his blade looks as if there is a tornado within it. Truly, this gives a good idea what the blade can now do. By swinging it around, Schrödinger is able to spawn small tornados that shoot out towards his opponents, cutting and slicing at them with their air and holding them in place with the current.

In addition, the faster the slash that spawns the attack, the faster the cycle of air is that flies around. Finally, when infused with another element, the tornados take on the effects of the other element (or elements). It is the Base of Water style as well; creating freezing or super-heated tornados and clouds. 


=W= Air of Breath =W=
In this state, Schrödinger gains the ability to float about freely. Interestingly, as long as he has the traits of Air, he cannot be slowed down by something specifcally lowering his element of speed (So a ball and chain would still work), and prevents the effects of gravity altering near him from effecting him.

His free floating is always a bit awkward at first, as he's not accustomed to just floating, and sometimes will randomly grab onto nearby objects to try and steady himself until he gets his bearings.

=w= Air Assistance =w=
In addition, wind resistance on his weapon and self has no effect, as the air energy around himself counters it out. This means that he can freely move in heavy wind storms, as well as increasing his general attack speed by allowing his weapon to fly effortlessly through the air. 

OWO Hybrid Technique: Absolute Fire Storm OWO
Using just his body, Schrödinger gains the ability to light air around himself with Absolute Fox-Fire, before firing it out in a wind construct from any point on his body. This means he can create slashes of wind that are lit blaze by the fire, and when they hit something it lights the target ablaze as well.

In addition, he can use his mind to manipulate the path of the attack, causing it to constantly move about. He can also use this control to split it into other flaming wind attacks, up to one hundred of them with him being able to move accurately. To be able to consciously manipulate more than that, he has to be standing completely still and not focusing on other abilities. The maximum amount he can generate at once is 5,000 slashes. 

owO Water Owo
Water is probably the strongest of the elements that Schrödinger controls through the LAWL system. This is because it gives him some of the primary traits that he gained from his mother; as such, it is quite a peculiar kind of water manipulation.

This style is a Base; except with the style of Air, where it typically becomes an Amplifier. When equipped to his blade, it allows it to use three different styles. The first of the styles makes the inside of the blade look like water streaming through a crystallized form of ice. Whatever the blade touches in this case is covered over in a five foot area of ice. This means that if he hit someone's sword with it, it would typically cause the sword to be frozen all the way down to the persons hand; possibly to their shoulder if it is a shortsword.

However, should he hit something like a rock with it, not only would the rock completely freeze over, but a crystalized ice structure would fire out from the point of contact for the rest of the unused area. The second form it uses makes it look as if the inside of his weapon is a jet of flowing water, majestic and powerful. Swinging the weapon like this allows for a jet of water to fire out, slamming into whatever it hits with 120,000,000 pounds of direct force, the equivalent of a bulldozer landing on them. In addition, he can use the weapon to manipulate the jet of water, pointing at the end of the jet and manipulating where it goes with his mind.

The final form causes the inside of his blade to become very puffy and wispy. Whenever he swings his weapon like this, extremely hot water shoots out, burning anything that is five feet in front of it. Then, the water turns into a cloud that is solid enough to be stepped on. This cloud can be infused with other elements; if it is combined with Air, it becomes a superheated cloud; hurting any who step on it. If fused with light, it becomes a flaming cloud damaging anything that gets near it and burning them. If it is infused with lightning, it becomes like a floating puff of stun gun. 


}w} Mirror Clones {w{
Schrödinger can emit a bodily fluid from his body, any of the five humors he desires, his body regenerating whatever he uses. The fluid forms into a marionette looking object, spawning two eyes at its head. Whatever makes eye contact with these is the target of the ability. The eyes of the marionette turn into the eye color and scelera of whatever looks at it, before changing its shape so that its outline is like that of what looked at it; up to 20 feet in area can be copied.

Anything larger will just cause the marionette to look like a shrunken version of what looked at it. Then, the marionette gains color, before it looks exactly like what made eye contact with it, as long as it is able to be copied. It becomes a 3-4 in power of the thing it copied; assuming they were at least 3-4 tier. IF they were less than that, it becomes 2 sub-tiers lower (Original: 5-2, Copy: 5-4). It gains an imprint of that beings energy, being for all intents and purposes that being, except in its level of power. At least on the outside.

On the inside it has none of the mental prowess of the being, as it is nothing more than Schrödinger's doll. Without his influence it can do nothing, turning back into the bodily fluid with which it was created. Finally, it copies any abilities that the one it has copied could use at that level of power. This excludes being able to release, as well as any abilities that would make it stronger that it was spawned as (Such as a power that broke down other energy to increase its tier), and the abilities that it does gain remain locked at that level of power.

If the clone is injured, it will bleed as the normal one it copied; thus it can also die. If what he's trying to copy is unable to be copied, it gains the appearance of that being, but none of their abilities.

Schrödinger is able to create a wave at his feet, either using it to shoot up into the air or fire himself forwards. He can also ride the wave he creates, making it massive in size before rolling it towards an enemy and crushing them. He can also change the wave into the shape of a bulldozer, as well as making it completely frozen before smashing.

In addition, he can make it superheated to 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit, using his control over water to keep it at that temperature. He can also activate it in the air to give him a kind of moon-jump effect, creating small waves from his feet that he can jump off of to get higher and higher in the air, as well as riding them around to get to different places quickly.

Finally, this allows him to walk and even jump on water, which allows him to use it in the first place. It uses very little energy, as it's only creating the water, and he controls the rest of it after creation with his mind. 

!w! Massive Flood !w!
By clapping his hands together, he creates a ring of water that flows all around him. Then , he releases a massive amount of his energy, turning it into water and projecting it through the ring around him. He guides it forwards at certain point, and the water flows out at the target, completely pushing away and running into and crashing down on whatever it is that it hits in the process. 

!W! Massive Whirlpool !W!
Then, he turns both hands horizontal, the palms facing one another as he horizontally claps them. The water he has spawned begins to flow around itself, creating a massive, 50 by 50 foot whirlpool in front of him. It drags anything within it to the center and downwards, the pull being quite strong due to the sheer size of the whirlpool.

OWO Massive Waterspout OWO
He moves his hands away from one another, making fists with them and pointing the knuckles parallel to one another. Then, he raises the pinkies of each hand, before meeting the tips of both the uplifted pinkies, his second level of knuckles making contact.

The entire whirlpool suddenly undergoes a change, as the direction of the water flow suddenly FLIPS. It draws out anything that's at the bottom of the whirlpool, and sends it exploding out the top, followed by all the water. Therefore, anything caught in the whirlpool slamming into the ground, then followed up by the sheer weight of 50 by 50 cubic feet of water slamming on top of them, completely dousing the entire area around them. 

OwO Light OwO
The light element does exactly what it says it does; it makes the inside of his weapons appear to be inhabited by a whitish-red light, almost pink in color. However, it does act like normal fire.

Whenever the weapon is moved, it can be made to fire out a pinkish, laser-like blast of light straight forwards. Anything enveloped by the light becomes enveloped in pink fire, over 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit in heat. When used with the lightning style, it turns the lightning into pink lightning, setting anything ablaze that the lightning shocks, as it is an Amplifier. 


}W} Hybrid Technique: Foxy Light }W}
By generating power in his hands, he can merge the Absolute Fox-Fire and the Light energy together. This way, when he fires his laser at opponents, they start burning alive with Absolute Fox-Fire as opposed to the normal. This is a high energy laser, and as such is extremely dangerous.

It is also quite difficult to dodge, as the laser moves at the light speed that his normal ones do. However, there is something interesting about this; if the fire, or the beam that his weapon gives off, hits a reflective surface, the beam is deflected. This means that if a character has or finds a mirror and puts it precisely vertical, the light beam would hit it and be reflected right back at Schrödinger, making it very easy for someone to harm him through his own attack. 

'w' Fire/Lava Walk 'w'
While this style is engaged, Schrödinger gains the ability to move as if he is using rocket flight. Flames jet from his feet, carrying him extremely fast to his destination. It also gives him the ability to do something like throwing out his leg to the side an release a jet of flame, shotting him over to the other side to get him out of the way of an attack. Also, because his feet become so accustomed to the jets of flame, he can walk on fire and lava as long as it does no exceed 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

OwO Fireworks OwO
In this form, he can throw out fireworks from his hands. The heat they give off cannot exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can be very pretty, because Schrödinger can make them virtually any shape and size that he wants. They can also be used as flares.


Du bist mein Körper, King Kazma, Hiraishin! (You are my body, King Kazma, Lightning Bird King!)

Bankai Description

After entering this state, Schrödinger takes on several traits of King Kazma. His cat's ears become like those of a bunny; and he gains all the traits of King Kazma's appearance, but for two; he keeps his own hair and his own eye color. He gains an awesome fighting vest, goggles around his neck, and street fighter pants; as well as many bandages.

Finally, one other noticeable trait becomes clear on his body. His right hand sparks with electricity; his left seems to have what looks like a mini-tornado around it. His right foot has a large chunk of ice around the pant leg; and his right foot looks as if it is on fire with a pinkish colored flame. Bankai is A Class Full.

Bankai Abilities

XwX A-Class Aggressive Fighting Spirit XwX
Schrödinger gains a truly frightening fighting spirit. That is to say, he has an increased will to do battle. However, this body has some limits. First, after he's activated it, he can't turn it off as long as an enemy is nearby (That is to say, someone his body registers as an enemy), and can't use any of his abilities with the exception of Hell Leave that are outside of his bankai.

This includes Death Energy Breakdown; meaning any energy that he has when he enters bankai is all that he has. This makes his Bankai one of his weakest forms; and one of the times when he can truly be soundly defeated. However, his fighting spirit more than makes up for the possibility of his loss in battle.

He is given a new kind of focus, paying complete attention to everything around himself at all times, initiating every one of his senses at all times to make sure he is alright. You could almost say that this form contains all the force of Schrödinger's desire to engage when he is normally unable to.

.W. Kung-Fu .W.
Perhaps a bit cliché, but speaking of his Asian heritage, Kazma Hiraishin gives Schrödinger an immense understanding of the inner complexities of the art of Kung Fu. His Bankai's body is able to process any moves that Schrödinger desires to exert, as King Kazma's body is more than used to all of those kinds of moves.

It is also apparent in the way he moves that he knows some kick-boxing, and normal boxing as well. Either way, in this form Schrödinger becomes a master of hakuda and hand to hand, making him very dangerous to close range fighters.

oWo Increased Combat Abilities oWo
In this form, King Kazma's body is used. As such, Schrödinger gains many physical attributes that he otherwise wouldn't possess in a humanoid body. Interestingly, this form is his most human-like, despite appearances. His speed in this form is lightning fast; moving with the speed of a cheetah and rabbit combined and multiplied many times over.

It also has some punch behind its hits; he can easily shatter most barriers and defenses with a single punch, as his strength in this form is considered completely physical and without spiritual influence. Finally, he can take quite a beating before he is KO'ed, or killed.

\W\ Right Flash Fist \W\
His right hand continually has a circuit of electricity running through it. When his right hand makes contact with something, it releases a bursting field of electricity; not shocking, but releasing a magnetic force wave that throws the opponent back. In addition, their bodies become magnetized; if they get near anything magnetic for a post after having been hit by the flash fist, they are drawn to the object and slam into it, held by the strong force of magnetism.

The harder that Schrödinger hits them, the stronger the magnetic field is. This means that if he hits someone with all he has, and they go flying but due to their durability are unhurt; should they come near something metallic their body will become very tightly bound to that thing. Finally, this only counts for things down to the bottom of his palm; the rest of his arm does not have the force in it.

/W/ Left Flying Fist /W/
Whenever his left fist makes contact with something, a great burst of wind forms around Schrödinger and whatever he hit, throwing them up into the air. This does not include basic surfaces such as the earth itself or an entire building; however, it is possible for Schrödinger to create a floating battlefield around himself and the opponent by smashing into the ground. Additionally, he can punch objects that are not ridiculous in size to have a great burst of wind form beneath them as well as himself, which causes the both of them to be thrown up into the air.

This is handy for sending someone into midair combat, as well as handy for getting them out of a certain area. As Schrödinger cannot naturally float in this form, he must use this to help get himself into the air. Also, it can only push upwards; no other direction. He can also catch and touch things with this hand without the effect activating; unlike his right hand which just blows everything away. Finally, like the right hand, the wind effect only happens down to the base of his palm, so his left elbow for instance would not activate the effect.

\W\ Right Frozen Foot \W\
Contrary to the name, the ice is actually frozen around the bottom of his shins, at the base of his pantleg. This hunk of ice is similar to a very lightweight shield. It is nearly impossible to shatter; taking the kind of strength that would level a city in one attack to break it apart. However, it is stuck on that space on his leg; so it is easy to get around him using it as a shield by merely attacking two places at once on him simultaneously. 

\w/ Left Flaming Foot \w/
His left foot, up to his heel, is on fire. The purpose of this foot is to release a constant stream of flame, giving Schrödinger speed and allowing him to fly about the air. While this foot can't get him off the ground, he can jump or use his left hand to get him airborne. From there, his foot is able to suspend him in the air, releasing flames at over four hundred degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

He can maneuver through the air by angling this foot; something he is able to do skillfully due to his enhanced fighting spirit and presence of mind. Finally, he can initiate the foot to increase his base running speed, propelling him forwards or even using it to throw himself out of the way to perform a dodge. The jet is three feet in length from the base of his foot, although his entire foot is constantly that temperature, making it so that just stepping on wood would set it ablaze and Schrödinger's pants on fire. Not good. 

OWO Combat of the Warrior OWO
Finally is King Kazma's last resort; the Combat of the Warrior. When Schrödinger has King Kazma activate this ability, he most often realizes that he is going to die. When it has been activated, a line appears on the ground before Schrödinger between his opponent and himself. Then, that line flips 90 degrees, in an instantaneous amount of time, creating what looks like a massive burn mark in the ground surrounding Schrödinger and his opponent.

An orange field appears around the pair, before glowing extremely bright… and vanishing, taking the two beings with itself. The field takes them into Schrödinger's inner world, Oz. He takes the place of King Kazma, his power exactly the same as before he traveled into the inner world. In from of the opponent appears a great plaque; which reads LOCKED and »Continue on it, one frame with words atop of the other. LOCKED has a gray background with a yellow border; the other option is bright red and without a border. Schrödinger's inner world has a couple of rules to it; First, there is no dimensional or reality warping.

This includes from Schrödinger; his computation is 100% disabled here. Second, the space is finite in its area of 1000 by 1000 feet, before there is non-existence where neither combatant can go. Third, the only way out is by killing Schrödinger. The rule of the field is that this is the only possible way to leave the barrier.

When Schrödinger Yuudeshi loses all of his life force, the field dissipates and releases the opponent into the exact space they had existed in before… even if it means putting them in the middle of a dirt pile and moving the dirt out of the way to make room. In any case, they go back to where they were. Time in Schrödinger's world counts as the same as the time in the real world; as this move is primarily used as a stall tactic. Finally, there is the final effect of the field.

As there is no reality changing within it, it takes a week for its plane of existence to breakdown after Schrödinger's death before he can go on Hell Leave, effectively removing him from anywhere for an entire week. To begin the fight with Schrödinger to get out, an opponent merely must make contact with the »Continue button.


Schrödinger's PhantomTech

Schrödinger has a phantomtech brain installed, a special customized one for his unique hybridity that is crafted by the Yuudeshi family.

Phantom Tech Abilities

0w0 Cybermind 0w0
Schrödinger has a rather unusual cybermind. His cybermind is completely untraceable; it leaves no mraks on anything it makes contact with or gathers, and doesn't seem to radiate any energy that would indicate it. This is because it has the property of Schrödinger; it both does and doesn't exist at the same time.

As such, hacking it is essentially impossible; unless the entire Yuudeshi Network, with which it is hooked up with, was taken over. Even then, Schrödinger would only have to disconnect after a failed hacking attempt to prevent his mind from being effected.

+w+ Artificial Nerve Endings +w+
His nerve endings have also been altered, hooking them up to his cybermind. Interestingly, it has three settings for receiving pain; either letting the pain through, simply receiving an error message that goes into Schrödinger's thought process, or by switching the pain to pleasure. Kind of a really awkward setting, that last one, but hey. The one exception to this is his feline traits; his tail and ears are permanently sensitive.

0W0 Gremlin 0W0
Schrödinger's unique abilities granted to him by the Schrödinger's Computation allow him to go places no ordinary other mortal could. This includes physically placing his existence into electrical systems. He can enter the system with his body, although this means that his body won't be on the material plane, and can mess around with essentially everything within the electrical system.

However, it does have a flaw; he cannot take complete control of whatever he enters into. Some part of it at the very least will remain aware of its function and carry it out. This means that Schrödinger can't take complete control over anything, or anyone. However, for all its usefulness, Schrödinger doesn't quite like using this ability to mess with people. He prefers playing with his other talents, if possible.


This is a piece of equipment that Hideo Yuudeshi installed into Schrödinger's cybermind (through quite a bout of tomfoolery and other shenanigans to get it in there) that is quite possibly the only failsafe way to stop Schrödinger. When it is activated, a pink field appears all around Schrödinger, before hardening and shrinking into a cube like shape. So long as he is within this Cage, Schrödinger is unable to use any kind of spiritual abilities other than keeping himself in our plane of existence.

This also means that it will not affect anyone else but Schrödinger; anyone else would just hit a wall. The Cage also has another special trait; it acts as a hole in reality, meaning that if anyone were to attack it or punch it, the attack would literally appear on the other side of the cage, not hitting the cage itself. This is because of the Final Rule; there must be 1 Schrödinger in existence, so the Cage keeps him in existence but removes him from reality where he can turn himself on and off. Simple, right? The only ones who can activate this are Hideo and Shadin Yuudeshi.

0w0 Electrical Generators 0w0
Installed in his hands and feet, Schrödinger has a four small boxes imbedded into his soul. These are electrical generators, which he manipulates with his cybermind. Each is capable of generating 30,000 watts of electricity a second; which he can then release in the form of an electrical shock or to electrify a close range fist or foot.

He can also use the implants to manipulate electricity, able to literally catch electricity in his hands and then return it outwards, or break it down using DE Breakdown. The sparks around his hands and feet are more than visible when he activates this equipment, so it is easy to tell when he's using it. Finally, he cannot use this while in a class B using his demon nature or death energy. It is simply not compatible. Finally, he cannot use this with any A Class forms. 

+W+ Yuudeshi Network Reference +W+
Schrödinger essentially has unlimited access to the Yuudeshi Network, mostly because he'd just go wherever he wanted in it anyway if he wasn't allowed to. Although THE CAGE was made to prevent this, once the Yuudeshi Network reached past just their dimension it was given up trying to stop Schrödinger. So, essentially if it is on the Yuudeshi Network in some way, shape, or form, Schrödinger can access it and look up any information that is related to it near instantaneously.

This includes checking on people, the legends of things, what Schrödinger has to do, and etc. Needless to say, Shadin's quite exhausted from all the cat p0rn that Schrödinger manages to get crammed into random niches in the system, but at least it's all females.

-w- Self-Breakdown Switch -w-
This is a cybernetic enhancement that Schrödinger developed all on his own in his mind. Or rather, that the very fabric of reality decided to add. There can only be one Schrödinger in reality. As such, whenever he dies, his life force leaves his body and his soul goes on hell leave, his very soul's energy breaks down his body with Death Energy's Breakdown.

It causes every single part of Schrödinger's physical or spiritual self in whatever plane he was killed to be completely consumed, leaving no traces whatsoever, not even the marrow of bones or drops of blood. This is essentially just a gigantic switch inside of his cybermind, and when it is flipped his body is completely destroyed. 

+W= Schrödinger's box bag =W+
Schrödinger's phanny pack is held right on his hip. However, while this may seem the normal phanny pack of a Junior Warrant Officer, it is in fact hooked up to Schrödinger's cybermind. It is like one of KJ's Cubes; however, instead of being that kind of storage device, this one is perfectly linked with Schrödinger's mind so that when someone reaches a hand in, only the item he chooses will be found.

This includes his zanpaktou, which through the phantomtech is linked to his bag, allowing it to go there whenever it needs to. In addition ,the bag is linked to him just like many of his other items; when he dies, it decays with him and is sent down to hell with him and comes back up with him. It also can appear in totally random places as per Schrödinger's will.

OwO Cat Control Collars OwO
Inside of Schrödinger's Bag, he possesses a strange set of collars. They are all military brown in color, and all have adjustable straps. Essentially, whenever he loops one around a totally, one-hundred percent normal and not spiritual cat's neck, he is able to form a mind link with them that allows him to communicate with them and even control their actions, as a cat's mind is not a complicated place.

If they are not a completely normal cat, the collar will do nothing but let Schrödinger speak to them. However, he can easily maintain many of these collars at once; after all, a cat's mind is not a complicated thing to control. His control can easily be broken by making damage to the collar, which is simply made of leather. They are also made out of Schrödinger's reiatsu, so when he is killed these also fade away. He communicates with them using his cybermind, and can even link his senses with that of the memories of the cat and the cat itself. 

-w- Schrödinger's Collar -w-
There is one other precaution that Schrödinger has had placed on himself by Hideo. Beneath the collar of his military uniform, there is band of colorless, transparent energy. This band constantly sends information to the Yuudeshi Network, to a file that only Schrödinger's superiors can access. Not even the cat himself can access these.

These tell literally EVERYTHING about Schrödinger, from the amount of blood in his body, to a frame of his current bodily position, how empty his stomach is, to how aroused he is. All of these are constantly being monitored and recorded… except for when he has taken a Hell Leave. Then all the informational statistics just read HELL LEAVE.

However, when Schrödinger is in any other plane, his vitals can always be monitored. This collar is linked to his cybermind and he himself cannot disable it. The one thing it cannot do is collect a video feed of what's around him or the sounds of what's around him.

Phantom Tech Powers

Schrödinger's Computation

Schrödinger's Computation takes properties from several different areas to achieve an overall effect. In essence and for the use of practicality, its uses boil down to Schcrödinger chucking a bucket over a baseball, and pulling the bucket off to reveal a live grenade, picking it up and chucking at an enemy.

Alternatively, he could use it to throw a trash can downwards over a cat, and having Shadin Yuudeshi appearing where the cat used to be. This also plays the biggest role as to why he can go to many places instantly, including other people's subconsciousnesses. That is the very simple, although scary description of what happens when this ability is used. However, as with all abilities of great power, this one has a great deal of components that go into it.

The first thing is the things that the Herr Doctor Schrödinger himself discovered about reality and quantum physics. Without going into great lengths about it, he proved that if you placed a box over a cat with a tube of radiation, there was no way to tell if the cat was alive or dead.

Therefore, the cat must both be dead and alive at the same time, as until you open the box you can't tell if either is true; you cannot prove one or the other until the box is opened, and therefore must assume one or the other. But, since you're able to assume both at the same time, then they both must be true.

Therefore, this provides the ground work for Schrödinger's ability. By surrounding an object with a shot of Schrödinger's computation, in essence Schrödinger's own reiatsu, Schrödinger is able to choose a determinant for the object. If the object is underneath a container, then he is able to switch it out for another object as it canot be proven that the object was in there until the container is removed.

In addition, this allows Schrödinger to literally exist anywhere in any realm at any given moment; there can only be one of him, yes, because it is true that there is only one individual named Schrödinger Yuudeshi in the vast realms as per the Final Proof, but there is no way to quite prove where he is until he goes into B Class.


So long as he is in C Class, Schrödinger has no determined location. In fact, he doesn’t even have a set existence, in any class. He is both existent and non-existent at the same time; his body's ability over Schrödinger's Computation allowing him to choose for him to exist. As such, reality bending powers and even abilities effecting the existence of things are totally useless on Schrödinger; only because of the nature of this ability.

The same is true for where he can go in C Class; so long as it cannot be proven where Schrödinger is, then there's no reason he could exist in front of you, behind you, on the other side of the planet to you, or even in your own conscious or subconscious.

Which, considering entering someone's subconscious allows him to read their mind at their speed of thought and even communicate to the person nigh instantly through this, makes it a hell of a useful ability. Even mind blocking him is difficult; as again, there is no way to prove that he's actually inside your head, playing with your shards of memories like they're yarnballs.

His mastery over Schrödinger's computation gives him one other factor that must be explained. Whenever he uses it on another object or person, the stress of using the computation raises by roughly two hundred times. For himself, it is really not that difficult to use. On other things? Quite hard. The things that he can switch out for work on a specific system of values.

The first requirement for transferal is mass; the mass of the object being switched out must be equal to or greater than the one that Schrödinger is getting. The other requirement something can fill is trading out actual life. This is extremely, extremely difficult for Schrödinger to do, often rendering him unable of moving for a post afterwards, and prevents him from using the Computation to move himself for three.

Essentially, life has infinite worth; therefore, the mass of the living being being switched out for the other does not matter, as again life is infinite. For all intents and purposes, life's infinite is not greater than all other life's infinite. 

In addition, there is what happens to the object being switched out for. It trades places with the thing it's switching with, morphing into the exact shape of the thing as per the rules of reality. Even if it was true that the object at point in the point in the four-dimensional plane at point xyz had d shape, then Schrödinger can switch it out with object P with shape e and reality will alter it to be shape d, using Schrödinger's energy as a conduit. It is easier for him to switch objects with similar shapes than others.

However, there is yet ANOTHER factor one must take in consideration for Schrödinger to be able to use this. He must have the understanding of the thing that he is switching out for. What he is using in the switch does not matter; but he must have an understanding of what he's switching for.

Normally he gets this understanding from the Yuudeshi network or through extensive observation of an object, normally taking two to three posts before he completely understands what he's viewing. Therefore, anything that he does not have an intricate understanding of, he cannot switch an object out for. 

Schrödinger's Theorem's (What he calls his abilities that use Schrödinger's Computation) are proofs in their own right. Whenever he uses it, the thing he is using is either verified as true or false. This is proven through his own alteration of reality; and until he alters that reality with the true or false, everything remains exactly the same.

Interestingly, this gives him one other ability; the ability to reverse an alternate on reality, reverse a truth that was forced upon the metaphysical plan and reverse it. However, he can only do this once before his entire body rots away from DE Breakdown, dying from the effort and initiating a Hell Leave. 

However, Schrödinger has one small, tiny hole in his own logic. The fact is that if he understood something very well, something very, very well, it is possible for him to swap out that object with another. Doing this creates a hole in time space where his right arm is, making it look as if from his elbow down has vanished, leaving a giant black hole in his arm.

This allows for the thing that he is imagining to be possible to be possible to happen, as where his arm was forms the thing he was switching out. It does not form into the shape of his arm, but rather falls from the spot his arm was, as it has been switched out.

So, through the power of Schrödinger's Computation, Schrödinger's own energy can make things true or false. This is a unique trait of his energy; anything else which attempted to do it would be unable to, as they lack Schrödinger's unique traits of being permanently dead and alive at the same time.

Once again, this trait is given to Schrödinger again through the computation. His energy makes it so that it is impossible to prove anything about Schrödinger; without it he is dead and goes on Hell Leave. With his energy it's impossible to prove whether he's alive or not, as there is a giant logic hole in anyone trying to prove he exists.

His very soul is made up of the energy that is Schrödinger's computation. He's impossible to prove; making his abilities uncopyable or transferable in any way, shape, or form, through contract, energy adaption, or any other such ability. 

So again, Schrödinger's Computation allows Schrödinger to do the following; but they have limitations. He can be anywhere in any realm of existence at any time; although only in C Class, due to how the energy he gives off in B and up forms allows his location to be proven by mathematics; if there is someone nearby who is able to deduce this.

He can teleport any item he can desire or imagine to himself as long as it cannot be proven that the object is not where he deems it to be; UNLESS someone is able to verify that the target object or person cannot be in that space. In addition, he cannot move an object if it is being touched by a being with a soul; these items are being proven to exist in a space, thus they could not exist in another at that instance in time.

Also, the larger an item is, the amount of energy that Schrödinger has to exert rises exponentially, as he has to have reality deem that the switching-out object is now the shape of the one it is being switched for. Finally, to teleport people and objects, he must have an immense understanding of that object. He must understand whatever he's summoning's very nature.

This means either having a very deep connection with someone, such as his family, having an immense amount of information about them (such as someone hooked up to the Yuudeshi Network), or must have an intricate understading of the nature of what he's summoning.

This means understanding the very nature of something like a brick, how the concrete was formed and hardened, the efficient rectangular shape, and how great they link together. Thus, he would be able to summon… A BRICK! Finally, he can't create holes in reality. Reality hates that and will smite him for it before he can do it and send him on hell leave.

It Said "You're Dead Is That Not Neat?"

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Another Voice Came To Call...
Schrödinger Yuudeshi


Schrödinger's Humanity

Natural Attributes

EwE Physical Fighting Prowess EwE
Schrödinger is actually very skilled at hand to hand combat because of King Kazma, who taught him everything he needed to know about how to do battle with his hands and feet. He is extremely flexible, able to react simply to other things attacking him with his pure adrenaline. He knows how to box very well, although not as well as he can in the super natural prowess of his bankai.

~w~ German Singing ~w~
He knows a wide variety of German songs, including the former national anthems form all periods of time. He can sing them all in tune, and will often do so out of nowhere at times. In addition, he speaks perfect German in a German accent, as well as Japanese and English..

|w| Military Discipline |w|
His discipline as a person is extremely high. Of course, most of the tiem he doesn't act like a pesron. Most of the time he acts like a cat. However, when he's asked by someone he respects to focus, he does so excellently. He can even march, although he's not as good at that as he is at just keeping himself completely rigid.

» Racial Powers:

owO Soul Detection: Human Hunter Owo
His soul detection is quite high for a normal person. However, it works for something specific; human souls. This is releated to his artificial vampirism. Even though he lacks an actual anima sone; he still can use soul detection because it seeks out others who do have a soul stone or other human powers. It also works similarly with blood; if he smells human blood, he can find the owner, even if they aren't nearby.

» Evolution Powers:

!w! Final Rule Of Space Time !w!
Reality has decreed that Schrödinger can be the only one like Schrödinger. He is an anomaly; however, it allows him to exist because he must exist. However, there is no possible way for another person to take Schrödinger's powers, anything other than his energy; it simply will not happen. Reality itself also deems there can be the only Schrödinger in existence; no clones can ever be created, as they merely turn to dust from reality refusing to allow them to exist.

This also relates to any of Schrödinger's progeny; they will not have any of his abilities. Perhaps modified versions; but never the same. In addition, Reality has its use of the Class System on his forms to keep him from overbalancing and causing an insane amount of energy being able to be released in any realm. C Class is his sealed self; without any forms being activated. He can use the traits from all C Class at any time; unless his forms disable them.

B Class he can have up to three class of activated at once. He can then choose to unlock one A Class form from one of the B Classes, meaning that at his full power he can have one 1 A Class and 2 B Classes active at once; depending on if the A Class form allows other forms to be active. If the A Class Form DOESN'T allow other forms at all, it is called an A Class Full.

List of B Classes
Demon Tails 1-4
Death Energy Merge
Soul State Evolution Stage 1
False Awakening

A Class Partial
Demon Tails 5-6
Death Energy Berserk
Soul State Evolution Stage 2
True Awakening

A Class Full
Demon Tails 7-8
Soul State Evolution Stage 3
Fully Awakened
Demon Shinigami Teenager

OwO Hybrid Technique: WINGS OwO
Schrödinger's human side has a peculiar effect on his artificial vampire powers. When he deploys his natural born wings, which would normally look like bat's wings, his human nature gets in the way of them. Instead, a pair of branch like, completely alien looking wings appear on his back.

Black in color, these wings manage to make Schrödinger be able to move at all times as if he is flapping the wings in a particular direction, or else just hovering. However, they do not actually flap, just stick there on his back. If the branches are shattered, as they are rather brittle, they disintegrate from Schrödinger's back for at least a post, sealed away back within him.

Ewe Hybrid Technique: Nekomimi switch! (Cat ear switch) ewE
This is a hybrid technique because normally, it would only work on humans. However, due to the many different kinds of races mixed into his being, it can work on anyone with a human base as well as demons. This means that if they were human at some point in their lives, this will work on them.

To activate this, Schrödinger has to rub around his own ears for a few moments. Then, his energy releases a shockwave all around himself, an invisible wave that like himself, exists but does not at the same time. Then, on top of all female heads affected by the energy, in a 20 yard radius, gain a pair of cat ears on their heads, as well as a tail growing out of the bottom of their spinal cords.

Both of these spots become extremely sensitive, briefly causing very precise sensations to go through the persons body when they are touched in one of the created places; essentially, giving them the same kinds of sensitivities Schrödinger has. Also, this does not apply to traps who are actually males; the original human detection part of the conditions uses the information it gains to also establish gender.

This change dissipates an hour after the person has left the 20 yard radius of Schrödinger. Only the people who are effected by the original pulse in Schrödinger's range are effected by this.

=w= Spectacular Change! =w=
This move is very similar to cat ear switch; it also deploys a burst of his energy in a 20 foot radius, effecting all with human origins near himself. However, this one makes an internal change; alterating ad accelerating ones hormones. Essentially, everyone but Schrödinger himself and those few who recognize his energy and can overpower it on their bodies and stop this change, are turned into females.

This isn't an illusion; they are physically changed for the time when the energy is in them. Schrödinger has ths because a lot of the time he's more comfortable around a group of girls than a group of guys; he's simplistic and that's just how he is. Unlike Nekomimi Switch, however, as soon as they leave his radius they turn completely back to normal. The energy is not malicious; as suchw hen it leaves it restores the body back to its original state (And occasionally does more than that by accident).

.w. Half-Cat Form .w.
Schrödinger has TRIED to find a way to turn himself into a full-blown cat naturally. However, he just can't get himself there yet; as such, he can only about halfway transform himself. This turns him into the size of a cat, and bends his knees naturally to make them more like a cat's.

He gains paws on his hands and feet, and fur grows on his back and the sides of his body as his clothes vanish. However, no fur grows past his waist, leaving his stomach and chest bare of hair as well as his face; although fur covers the rest of him. However, he can still act much like a cat in this form; very much like a cat.

ewe Humanized Armor ewe

Schrödinger's "Humanized Armor" would be better described as a biker gangers jacket. It looks very much like something a punk would wear; however, it looks absolutely ridiculous on Schrödinger. However, the jacket gives Schrödinger a very distinct benefit; it completely conceals his energies underneath the jacket and makes him feel sensed as a totally anonymous; each time it is made, a completely different aura is given off from Schrödinger; a simple, human one that is constantly changing every time he takes and puts on the jacket, made of his reishi. However, should he use any abilities outside of his Chi and Soul States, the energy is easily identifiable as Schrödinger's distinct brand.


Schrödinger's Soul States

Black Crusader

Soul State Evolution Stage 1: Black Crusader Appearance

The first of Schrödinger's Soul States, Black Crusader makes a noticeable change in Schrödinger's appearance. His black jacket changes to a purple obi, completely encompassing his upper body.

Around his legs he gains a pair of purple cloth pants, completely covering up his body. Around his head appears a helmet, pointed on one end and round in the back, with two sharp points sticking up for his ears. In the helmet there are two small eye holes, allowing Schrödinger's glowing red eyes to look out of it.

Black Crusader Abilities

{w{ Shadow Walk }w}
In this form, Schrödinger is easily able to see in the dark. That is, the dark within 10 feet of himself. He has an interesting ability while he's in the dark; he is constantly able to see around himself for ten feet. However, if there is light in his Shadow Walk's area, he is unable to see where the light is.

Furthermore, Shadow Walk is a setting of his helmet, which Schrödinger can turn on and off at will with his mind. Finally, he still has the abilities of Humanized Armor in this form, meaning he can still use the other classes if he wants but if he does his position will be revealed.

OwO Claws OwO
Schrödinger gains a different kind of claws in this form. These claws are a foot long in size and come out from the shadow armor he wears. They have curved ends that allows them to hook into anything they make contact with. There are three on each one of Schrödinger's hands, and one on each of his feet.

They are made of his reiatsu; and they aren't used primarily for attacking. Rather, they are used to hook into things to allow Schrödinger additional mobility. The tips of the claws have adjustable sharpness; as such they can easily catch into something and suspend Schrödinger from that point. In addition, they are strong enough to hold up the weight of several cars, so Schrödinger can easily hold himself up with one hand.

OWO Knives OWO
Schrödinger uses Knives as his main battle tool in Black Crusader; simply from the sheer amount of them that he can summon in a stream. He can almost literally spawn a giant wave of knives in front of himself, all quite sharp, using his own energy.

However, they have a limiting property; after making contact with something, they cut into it like a normal knife, but then their energy dissipates. These work great for assassinations; or just to make long range attacks against an enemy. They take next to no energy to create; although he's limited to four hundred a post; and they cannot exceed 6 inches in length.

Ebony Iscariot

Soul State Evolution Stage 2: Ebony Iscariot Appearance

In this form, Schrödinger's helmet evaporates off of his head. His eyes remain brightly red as his body changes. He physically grows older, his body's age changing as his shoulders get wider, his voice deeper, his muscles larger and his adam's apple sticking out. Finally, the last addition to his wardrobe appears; as he grows a long priests gown, before his Buddhist Symbol of peace appears around the chest of his fabric. The rest of his clothing grows to adopt this development. His body now gives off a different aura; one that is different than his normal, yes, but one that stays the same no matter how many times this form is entered and exited. He also can still use knives.

Ebony Iscariot Abilities
OwO Hypocrisy and Destiny OwO
In this form, Caledscratch changes into a gun form, whether it is in shikai or not; and is able to use its own properties; the gun's name is Hypocrisy. However, it also gains a new trait. Whenever the bullets that it fires, made of Schrödinger's energy, hit something, it causes the Buddhist Symbol of peace to appear on wherever they hit.

This mark is the set for the activation of his other gun, Destiny. Destiny emerges from the black priestly cloak that he wears; taking the place of his ability to make claws. Whenever Destiny's bullets hit the mark set by Hypocrisy, two outcomes can happen, depending on where the mark is. If the mark is on a being, then Schrödinger is able to view whatever their sol will view for ten seconds in advance.

This essentially binds Schrödinger's senses to the opponents; but even on a metaphysical level so he can tell what they are doing with things even on a metaphysical plane. This gives him some warning of whatever they may do; and allow him to act in such a way that does not interrupt the action, as he knows that the action will occur exactly how he sees it no matter what he tries to do to stop it. However, he can change the possible results of the action.

To remove the effects is very simple; simply washing reishi over one's self and removing the mark. However, this can be made difficult by the fact that these marks give off very, very little energy themselves to indicate where they are; and the fact that they are only an inch in diameter. The other outcome is when these bullets hit the ground or something other than a living being. Schrödinger becomes able to see anything directly away from the surface up to 5 seconds into the future. However, he can change anything he sees through these; as what is about to happen is only the most likely possible outcome. Oh, and another thing to remember. The bullets hurt like a b!tch.

.w. Special State .w.
While he is in this state, Schrödinger doesn't care about hypocrisies. As such, it is impossible for him to enter Berserk State for a day after he activates Ebony Iscariot. However, this also shows the state's other special ability. Schrödinger can substitute his human abilities for a day as well to switch in another type of energy other than death energy; up to a Class A (not full through this ability).

This means that he could have shikai and awakened going, and then switch into five tailed form in exchange for not being able to use his Soul State related abilities for twenty four hours. In addition, the change is straight to the Class A form, without having to go throuh anything else to reach it. The exception Is bankai; as that's first off a Class A Full as well as incompatible with other forms.

Onyx Prophet

Soul State Evolution Stage 3: Onyx Prophet Appearance
When Schrödinger enters Onyx Prophet, his body changes completely. On his back appears a great cross, extremely heavy and brown in color. The Buddhist Symbol on his chest elongates so that it goes through every part of his clothing, before it begins to spiral all around his clothes. On his head appears a flat hat with a mediumly long brim, a quite disheartening view as his hair becoming much longer than before. Finally, his cheeks become shrunken inside of his face and on each hand and through each foot appear a giant nail, rammed through his limb and bleeding his blood out.

Soul State Evolution Stage 3: Onyx Prophet Abilities
Xwx Stone Nails xwx
These nails are Schrödinger's anima stones, normally latent in the pit of his stomach. When he releases this form, his Anima Stones release themselves from his stomach, impaling him in his appendages. These cause a very curious effect to occur. Schrödinger is rooted to the spot where his feet are, as the nails have locked him in place. The ones on his hands begin emit a massive amount of energy, causing his arms to be consumed by a black light. He seems extremely weakened in this state, a crucified being who cannot escape, made to atone for his sins.

.w. The Prophet .w.
In this form, Schrödinger's entire soul is laid bare. The sins of his corrupted existence that is a mockery to existence itself weighs itself on him, making it so that he cannot run or even move. However, those are not the only sins that he is atoning for. Int his state, he takes on all the blame of his progeny; the whole weight of the judgment against demons, as well as the judgment against the Third Reich for its sins.

For fifty feet around, existence itself seems to deny him, turning everything within the space monochrome. His hair becomes a single splash of white against a wall of black, his skin tone a dull gray. His entire body, as well as his soul, goes under an immense amount of pain as the sins tear away completely all of his shields; his demon energy gone, the cybermind in his head running out of power, Caledscratch breaking and turning into dust.

The pain is so great that it causes tears to fall from Schrödinger's eyes onto the ground, his miserable face unable to move or run from the immense amounts of pain. The very meaning of Justice wraps itself around him, throttling his very essence as a living being. However, there is one thing he will never do while in this state. He will never try to die to escape it. He'll desire escape, able only to think about the pain of the sins as he is barely able to hold himself with his own strength.

A quantum anomaly, as long as Schrödinger is alive he is constantly sinning. As such, the longer it has been since he enters this form, the longer he undergoes this immense pain. Every thread he goes through without going into this form adds another entire post he must go through this misery. However, if it goes past ten threads without doing this action, his soul can no longer take it.

Either he is consumed for the sins he and all demonkind have committed, losing his very consciousness as a being and becoming nothing more than a set of imaginary numbers, or his soul becomes so corrupt that he cuts off his own life and removes himself from existence, the entire fabric of space, from people's memories, his physical actions done on earth, and everything all the way to any children he may have.

After all, there can at most be one Schrödinger in existence. That includes through time. He will be gone forever.

Most of all, Schrödinger uses this form to keep himself from being removed from existence. It restores his humanity, so to speak; it causes him a great deal of pain to go on this way, but it's why he has such a distaste towards anything negative towards other people.

OWO Humanification OWO
There is, interestingly, something Schrödinger can do after he has completely going through this form. After its time limit is over Schrödinger has the ability to choose this option. By selecting it, he alters the existence around him, the corrupted monochrome existence. His body becomes younger, and younger, until he becomes nothing more than a ten year old, powerless child.

The interesting part? Anyone else within his corrupted existence is rendered the same. His corrupted existence becomes something of a huge flaw given by existence. Anyone who enters his field is rendered to nothing more than a child, as existence completely denies them any power or abilities they have, keeping their being alive through the rules of the field. This existence counteracts and automatically nullifies any existences that act against it; nullifying them into non existence.

However, it still renders Schrödinger and all other beings that enter it into powerless versions of themselves. They still have their weapons bound to their soul, but these weapons have no abilities. Meaning Schrödinger still has Caledscratch, but it lacks any ghost abilities or fox fire and is the size of a kitchen knife. Once someone leaves this field, they are turned completely back to normal; unless they go back into the field again.

Interestingly, this is one of the few times that Schrödinger can be killed for good. However, this is true for any being that enters the field; no abilities can be used here, and if their beings are slain within the corrupt existence the existence renders null and void anything that would happen from their death, removing everything physical about them from existence.

Unlike Schrödinger, however, people remember the person slain in this manner; although that person's being is destroyed otherwise. Any abilities that people shoot at the barrier, or try to throw into it other than beings themselves, are nullified by the barrier. As a ten year old, specifically a powerless ten year old, this does not mean that the person is returned to how they were when they were ten years old; it means that they are literally have the skill and reflexes and body of a human child born before the year 2000, in other words pretty much powerless.

If they manage to kill Schrödinger, then his body dies in his own corrupted existence, eaten alive by it and it alone before it vanishes, leaving normal existence unharmed. However, after three posts, the corrupted existence envelops Schrödinger, killing him and restoring his abilities simultaneously, no time between it deactivating and Schrödinger's powers returning, as he is killed by the corrupt existence and sent into a Hell Leave.

Schrödinger reserves this form for extremely, extremely powerful opponents that he cannot hope to stall and do battle with any other way. Finally, he himself cannot use any other abilities either, as per the rules of his corrupted existence. This field, although it presents the greatest opportunity to slay Schrödinger; is a grand bet, but a dangerous one for both sides!


Chi Powers


Information: If you need any help understanding Chi, please click this thread and read all the information.


Chi Powers

Falsch Erwachen

OwO Hybrid Technique: Falsch Erwachen (False Awakening) OwO
Most of the time, Schrödinger does not seem to have any chi powers whatsoever. In fact, it is true that he lacks them; as they do not exist on him most of the time. However, this is truly a falsehood and yet truth; as it is also true that he does have them. Essentially, he is able to turn the truth of him having Chi Abilities on and off.

This means that he can unlock his Chi abilities through his Schrödinger's Computation, meaning that he has to unlock a B Class form just to so much as use his abilities. However, after he has unlocked them, his entire body begins to slowly change as his cat ears stand upright on his head, all the teeth in his mouth becoming curved and his body temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius, making him extremely cold to the touch and making frost on whatever he happens to touch. This isn't a true awakening form; although it will often feel like it to those that feel it.

Owo Universal Tool: Frozen Claws owO
Within his warrant officer's pouch, it becomes true that he can pull out a new kind of weapon. By reaching in with his chi, he's able to pull out a special set of claws. These claws are crystal blue in color, and are constantly emitting a blue aura. When Schrödinger puts these claws around his hands, the four of them on each hand that fit on his hands like a glove, the aura they emit multiplies by five times, becoming obvious that it is extremely cold.

Whenever Schrödinger touches something with these claws, a large amount of chi energy is released from them. Anything this chi energy makes contact with is now able to be frozen.Schrödinger has a control over his own Chi Ice, and as such can make it as large or as cold or as concentrated as he desires. However, the ice is normal ice; he cannot make it more than 300 degrees below zero Celsius, and each second a claw touches something a maximum of 200 square feet of ice in chi energy can be released.

Interestingly, it is possible to literally rip the claws off of him by removing them from his body if you (SUDDENLY, SECOND PERSON 8D) can catch him, and other chi users can also use them to channel their own chi energy.

OwO Hybrid Technique: Absolute-Frozen Claws OwO
If he has his Absolute-Fox Fire Claws activated at the same time that he puts on his Frozen Claws, or else he activates his fire claws after equipping his Frozen Claws. Doing this to his claws makes a unique effect appear on them; the ice they deal becomes unaffected by fire or heat. They cannot be heated and melted any longer, immune to the effects of heat.

However, the ice can still be shattered by using sheer force on it to break it, which means the force of fire-based attacks might crack the ice, but not melt it at all. This is because the ice becomes infused with the properties of Schrödinger's Absolute Fox-Fire, a flame that can't be put out by any kind of temperature decrease or lack of oxygen. As such, the flame passes on its properties to the ice, making it so that it can't be affected by temperature changes other than the one Schrödinger gives them either.

=w=Yang Surge: Ice Sakibo =w=
This is the most focused burst of power that Schrödinger can emit from himself. He creates balls of power in both hands, which he can then point out to launch his chi in beams of ice. Like all other Yang Surges, it deals a heavy amount of damage of force upon impact; but it is more than that.

Wherever his beams go drops the air temperature in that zone by 200 degrees for the next 3 posts, an completely freezes any surfaces that it touches in a solid inch of ice. Anywhere that Schrödinger goes that has this status effect on it or this ice on it increases his speed by 3 times; or anything made of his energy that he uses on it.

This means that if he had his second tail on and his Falsch Erwachen, and fired off an Ice Sakibo out of one hand and succeeded that with a blast of demon fire from the other, the fire would be greatly accelerated and travel much faster to its destination, although its power would remain much the same. The energy and Schro are sped up in the area as long as the temperature is at least slightly reduced from normal because of his energy.

Finally, any souls that are killed by his Yang Surge, instead of the chance of them becoming hollows is reduced, they are instead completely frozen until a shinigami comes to send them to the next world, and the Konso melts the ice around their soul.

OWO Hybrid Technique: Flaming Ice Spear OWO
Schrödinger can form with the power of his Chi energy a special being, spawning it from his hand as it turns into a strange pawed being that can float. It looks like a miniature human fused with a cat, which he calls Fis. Fis is the whole power of his false awakening; as such, once Fis is released, Schrödinger cannot use any chi traits. However, Fis is highly sentient, has his own regenerative capabilities with the capability to come back from almost nothing due to his small size, and act of his own accord. Fis is essentially like another Shikai Caledscratch; however, without all the cool powers. It is just a tool; a tool that can fire off an Ice Sakibo one time per post. This means that it can form itself into any kind of short range weapon Schrödinger might need, including a sword, a rapier, a hammer, a spear, etc.

QwQ Yin Surge: Black Ice Blast QwQ
Schrödinger's Yin Surge is much unlike his yang. Instead of firing an ice-related blast that shines everything it passes through, this Black Ice Blast darkens any area that it touches. This darkened blast hits with as much force as Ice Sakibo. No sound or vibrations of the air molecules can be made in the dark space, which is due to the fact that the lingering chi energy is literally holding the molecules in place together, refusing to allow them to be moved. This hold over the molecules can be broken with one's energy, if they are strong enough; just until they are removed, the hold over the molecules stays.

QWQ Hybrid Technique: Demon Tunnel QWQ
In any of Schrödinger's demon states, he can activate a unique ability while he has Black Ice active. By making contact with one part of the Black Ice, his body can travel along it to another piece of it, so long as he is touching the stuff to begin with. This move happens near instantouesly, and the amount of time difference between transportation a few feet and a square miles is very small.

owo Geppo Schrö-dinga style owo
Geppo is when Schrödinger wants to be verrry quiet and sneaky like, acting for The Yuudeshi Clan. It gives him the ability to use the released form of a flash step even without going deeper into his shinigami powers, as this one grows stronger as his forms do. In addition,Schrödinger's geppo is unique in the fact that he can also use it while standing still, to make his entire body vibrate at a high rate of speed. He's not sure what to do with this; but he figures he'll do something with it eventually

-w- Hybrid Technique: Silent Step -w-
This is Schrödinger's most used flash-step like ability. This fuses the essences of Geppo and Shunpo, making it so that Schrödinger can move soundlessly at a high rate of speed. Interestingly, it is not just silently for the step itself; any noise that Schrödinger would make while using Silent Step is nullified by it, although he can still hear outside noise perfectly fine. It makes his body like a one-way conductor for sound; you can take it in, but not put it out. This also applies to anything he is making contact with at the time of his Silent Step.

ewe Tekkai: Forearm Guards ewe
Schrödinger's chi is special; it seems to work very well with his bankai. This technique is special because it is the only outside technique that Schrödinger can use that is not of his bankai with his bankai. What this does is focus chi on his forearm muscles, forming extremely hard red plates made of chi energy. These forearm guards are helpful for hand to hand fighting, or for when Schrödinger is using his claws, as he often does while he's using his chi energy.


Awakened Appearance
Schrödinger's awakened appearance looks much like H. Schro's; or Polykin's. His hair turns blue, as well as his ears; his tail quickly following suit. However, he also gains an almost... icy feeling chill around his body, one that most would want to run away from. This icy feeling chill isn't felt by him, and he often doesn't realize when other people are worried by it because he himself cannot feel it.

Awakened Powers

OwO Fighting Style: CATurizing CATastrophe OwO
In this form, his fighting style becomes very much like a predator on the prowl. To activate his Awakened form, Schrödinger needs two things out; Fis and his Ice Claws on his hands. His Ice claws then fuse to his hands, doubling in length, and Fis fuses into his body. This causes him to gain his appearance, as well as unlocking his mind towards this fighting style. This fighting style is very limber, focusing on powerful kicks and swipes of claws, as well as making one's self very difficult to hit by bending any part of the body possible to avoid injuries.

eWe Chilled Aura eWe
His aura in this form is quite... well, chilly to say the least. However, it is more than that; much more. It has a form of momentum control that is unique to Schrödinger; as it has a fusion with his Schrödinger's Computation that says that if the opponent cannot mathematically prove what speed they are going, then they could technically be going much less fast. However, due to the amount of energy that it would take to continually sustain that much of an energy field, Schrödinger's aura is set to ten feet around him and slows down everything else by exactly 20%. No more, no less. In addition, the total amount of slow-down that any one target can have can be no more than 80%.

.w. Freezing Touch .w.
Schrödinger's touch in this form also applies an interesting effect. Anything that his hands make contact with, for a foot away from the point of connection, his energy spreads through. This reduces the speed of whatever he touches by 60%, although the effects only last for two posts. However, if the opponent or whatever he effects is not significantly ready for the changes, then whatever he touches could potentially throw them off and possibly cause them to fall down or otherwise lose their balance from their entire body not going the exact same way. This can be removed also by heating up the afflicted area, or just removing the effected parts.

owo Freezing Ray owo
Schrödinger can turn his hands into the shapes of pistols, pointing out his thumbs straight up and his pointer finger forwards, acting like his other fingers are gripping around an invisible clip. These are the closest things that Schrödinger owns to guns, other than Hypocrisy and the like.

However, with his fingers like this, he can fire icy bullets at objects and targets, causing them to hit with the force of a sniper bullet with full metal jackets, along with Schrödinger's energy. Then, his bullets activate another effect; for one foot around the point of impact, the momentum of the things they made contact with is slowed by 40% for a post. He can use different rates of fire with these pistols, either by using burst fire, or semi/fully automatic. He is also accurate to up to 1000 yards away.

=w= Icy Lick =w=
In addition, there is one other part of Schrödinger's body that has this curious effect. However, this one only works on living beings. In addition, when this one is used, it slows the entire form and body of the one affected by 70%. What this is is when Schrödinger licks something while in this form. His tongue is the greatest concentration of his chi energy on his body, which is why it makes sense that that is what slows down the most at the highest rate of effectiveness. Of course, he very rarely uses this. He doesn't particularly like licking things; especially male things. He would never use this on a guy. Quite possibly on a girl, though.

Fully Awakened: Frost Deity

Frost Deity Appearance
In his fully Awakened state, Schrödinger honestly looks like a frozen form of Polykin that went super-saiyan. His entire body gains a small amount of frost, and a frosted facemask closes over his mouth and nose, leaving only his now blue eyes looking out. His hair stands straight up on end, as his entire body becomes filled with the power of one who is Fully Awakened. Naturally, this is a Class A Full, and cannot be used with any other abilities.

Frost Deity Powers

OWO Frost Deity OWO
This form is activated simply by releasing all of Schrödinger's chi power within himself, completely giving his existence to it. This turns his body into a totally powerful machine; but it comes at a cost. It is literally like a machine, a frozen one. His personality vanishes, replaced by a cold shell of his normal self. This shell always completes his goal, removing his enemies, before he is brought to his climax. He has no physical desires in this form, nor can he be properly communicated with, as he no longer speaks.

=w= Chill Power =w=
Fully Awakened Schrödinger has almost the power of a demi-god. Granted, an extremely weak demi-god, but one none the less. In this form, he can create massive waves of ice just by glancing in the direction that he desires, his speed and strength increase phenomenally, and he becomes more difficult to successfully hit because he has iced armor surrounding his body now. In addition, his aura extends out to 40 feet around himself, and his aura slows things down by up to 50% only by itself. He also has the abilities from his Awakening as well; although they are all boosted. He can slow up to 90% of something's momentum.

owo Winter's Touch owo
The advanced form of Freezing Touch, Winter's Touch freezes for 30 feet around the touch and slows the momentum of what it comes into contact with by 50%. However, it also goes one step further. It reduces the potential speed of whatever it touches as well; affecting the kinetic energy of what it comes into contact with. It causes it so that the effect of increasing the speed of one's self is reduced by 20% of what is planned to increase.

So, if a character was going 100 miles per hour, got touched by Frost Deity Schrödinger, they would have their speed reduced to 50 miles per hour. If they tried to increase their speed by 100 to get faster again, they would only increase their speed by 80 miles per hour and have a total speed of 130 instead of 150. Winter's Touch, however, only lasts for a single post after the effect has occurred.

=w= Jack's Gun =w=
In this form, whenever Schrödinger's hands form into Freeze Rays, a large blue sniper rifle forms around his hands, turning his hands into large guns. Instead of bullets, these guns fire Yang Surges in large quantities. He can also adjust the fire rate of the guns as well, meaning he could make a stream of fire similar to a Cero Metrella that blew away everything in his path and froze it, allowing him to passively increase his fire rate and number of attacks by using its speed up effect. Due to the fact that he has a mask around his face, he can no longer use Icy Lick.

xwx The Frosted Truth xwx
The reason that this form can do all of these attributes and use so much energy as it does without using DE Breakdown is because of how it works. This form is literally what a mature Schrödinger could potentially be like; as it is not yet proven what he will look like in the future. This one has his own energy stores, enough to sustain his own attacks. That's what makes this form so scary; no longer does it rely on outside sources of energy, but it performs combat completely on its own, self-sufficient from any outside influences.

However, this independence comes at a cost. As this is not what Schrödinger normally is, after three posts of being in this form its power passes away. It leaves Schrödinger, as his existence becomes frozen. He leaves the plane of reality, stuck in a frozen state of non-existence for over six months, the longest amount of time that he can be away. Then, he is finally thawed out and sent back on his way into a Hell Leave, where he has to recover from the shock of such cold ice for at least another month.


Schrödinger's Stats!

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Advanced
  • Demon Magic: Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

Death Energy Skills
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Advanced
  • Breakdown Skill: Master
  • Necromancy Strength: Advanced
  • DE Barrier: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Advanced
  • Soul Sorcery: Advanced
  • Soul Dash: Advanced
  • Soul Detection: Master

Chi Skills
  • Geppo: Advanced
  • Vindeca: Adept
  • Tekkai: Beginner
  • Yang Surge: Master


Schrödinger's Adventure!!!

Role Play Sample
(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

This Voice.. Asked For What I Was Alive At All...

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Schrödinger Yuudeshi

Persona Split
Schrödinger has a strange body. And his body is strange because of what he can do through Persona Split. Persona Split takes his existence and deems that it exists in up to three different sectors at once. This is because his body has the abilities of three separate people; as he is a hybrid. Each body is only 1/3 of the power of the original body, and they are unable use abilities outside of their recognized space. Except for Schrödinger's Computation, Will of Za Koa, and the Self-Breakdown Switch; all of them can use the Computation, and has the Breakdown Switch inside them, as it is what allows them to split at all by deeming that it cannot be proven that there are not 3 parts of the 1 Schrödinger alive in existence, and keeps them from being messed with as per the Will of Za Koa. This also means they can use the C Class traits of Schrödinger's Computation. Once one of the Personas is killed, however, Schrödinger is unable to use their abilities again until he has gone on a Hell Leave. It is true that they all share one conscious; so whatever one observes or deduces all three know. Whenever he splits, he must split D. Schro out first; although he can choose what his other body becomes. By only splitting himself once, he reduces his total effectiveness to 66% of his maximum, as he has to become one of the other Schro's himself. Also, each Schrödinger can choose only one B Class to follow, and only one of the three can at any time enter into an A Class. Should one turn into an A Class Full, the other two stop existing as Schrödinger regains his full consciousness in that body. Finally, he can only achieve Hybrid techniques in this state by the two Schro's working together. Interestingly, each of the Schrödinger's can also have their own romantic considerations, as they technically become different consciousness, although one. None of the different states can use Hybrid Abilities.

The first body is the one that has the most raw power in all of Schrödinger; his Demon Side, known as D. Schro (Demon/Death Schrödinger), or Zeke. His demon form has all his basic and natural abilities demon abilities, along with Death Energy manipulation. He is the only one with a DE Field out of the Personas, and it maintains the properties of the original. Essentially, his powers directly rip themselves from the main body from the demon and death energy sections. Interesingly, to kill the personas and make them unable to keep fighting, one needs to only kill D. Schro; as he has Hell Leave, which forces all the personas to leave the area as Schrödinger descends into hell as one being. In addition, D. Schro naturally activates the Self-Breakdown Switch on any of the Schrödinger personas that die. D. Schro likes messing with H. Schro but considers him his friend but has a bitter rivalry with S. Schro. He is extremely hasty and overreactive; even turning to violence. However, he has extremely good instincts, even when it comes to people.

The second body is the most intelligent out of the group. This one has King Kazma within him, as well as most of Schrödinger's Phantom Tech. This body is known as S. Schro (Shinigami Schrödinger), or Solomon. S. Schro has Schrödinger's Zanpaktou, and his cybermind. He can activate up to his shikai, normally; and this is what he tends to use the most. S. Schro has the most weapon skill out of the Schro's as well, which helps him use his shikai. However, he cannot make his blade so that it can pass through walls any longer; as he lacks the Demon Traits necessary to use Schrödinger ancestral home. He hates D. Schro with a passion, although he regards H. Schro as most likely his best friend. He is kind and sociable, although he has a bit of a shy streak.

The third body is the most sympathetic of the Schros. This one has the Soul State powers and Schrödinger's neutral reiatsu. He also has Schro's Chi Powers and his natural human abilities. This body is known as H. Schro (Human Schrödinger), or Polykin (Polythemus) . H. Schro has the Frozen Claws, as well as a lack of the false form of his chi. In this state, the Falsch form becomes just more traits of C Class, and Awakening becomes a B Class while Full Awakening remains an A Class Full. However, the soul states keep their normal classifications. H. Schro thiks that D. Schro is his great friend although he doesn't completely trust him, and is very good friends with S. Schro. He himself isn't a very intelligent individual; only about average. He is very sympathetic towards other things, and doesn't allow anything in front of him to be harmed for the wrong reasons, using his power only as a Pacifist can. Yes, he's a pacifist. Just not a very good one.

After splitting, the same number of Personas that were split must embrace one another. This means that if two Schros hug, it won't trigger refusion unless there were only two to begin with. If there were three, all three have to embrace at once to return to the mass of consciousness that is Schrödinger Yuudeshi, unless one of them is killed. If this is the case, either they all go on Hell Leave or the remaining two fuse together, but lack the abilities lost from the third until they go back on a hell leave to become one conscious again.

OWO Schwerer Katze Gustav Mode (Heavy Cat Gustav) OWO
This is a mix of Schrödinger's human and demon energy. When he fuses them together and infuses them into his right arm, his arm completely changes. The arm grows much bigger than it normally seems possible, growing over twenty feet in size. His arm then widens, becoming like a massive cannon at the end of his elbow. How large is this cannon? Well, the barrel is large enough to literally fit a minivan in. This is modeled after the Schrewer Gustav, the largest cannon ever created in human history by Nazi Germany; a Wunderwaffe. It forms bullets using Schrödinger's enrgy, and is aimed with the advanced senses granted to him by his vampiric sight. He can fire a new shell every five seconds, a definite improvement over the original Gustav's 30-45 minutes. After asingle post, his arm rescinds into his body once more, shedding the cannon barrel onto the gorund and putting the reishi used to form it back into the area around Schrödinger. The bullets have the devastating power of a Schwerer Gustav; the sheer amount of FORCE to break through seven meters of solid concrete completely, and sends cracks up to 30 meters though it from there.

OWO Hybrid Elemental Technique: Absolute FrostCurrent OWO
Schrödinger's knoweldge of ice and electricity has allowed him the use of Frost current. Essentially, frost current is a high velocity electric current bouncing and accelerating within a deceptively thin-looking veil of frost, which is composed of thousands of individual structures made of the crystal-like ice. The ice aspect acts like a tuning fork for the electricity, as the current is trying to escape at all tiems, but ends up constantly bouncing withint he special ice, and the friction that is created puts out an overall output in a current three times the amount that is being put in.

Schrödinger can create this ice in a variety of ways, but his favorite way is in an electricity rich cloud of ice, which reaches a radisus of five hundred feet or so of the general vicinity that Schrödinger is in. The weight of the cold cloud also adds to the opponent, slowing them down. This ice is produced through an inverse method of making Absolute Fox-Fire, although it is unable to break things down. This attack works for roughly four posts.

When within the field for these 4 turn periods if a foe, you will gain what’s called “Dead weight” And “Static Shock” these two affects induced by the icy electricity charged cloud have two affects which gradually will build over these four turns. For every turn in it, what happens is speed and maneuverability of the foe will be sapped by 4%, each turn to max out at; 16% total. Now, of course once a foe exits the vicinity they will begin to “Thaw and de-static” which will take as many turns as the foe lingered in the affected area, In short if you stay in it for 3 turns, it takes 3 turns after being out of the moves influence to return to normal speed and maneuverability levels.

Electricity Trapper: There’s another thing, electrical attacks or lightning, based energies used within the affected area of this move; will find themselves marginally chipped away at, and used to extend for every 3 lightning attacks, the length that AbsoluteFrost Current stays in play, this of course is limited to extending it at max by 3 turns. Added on to this, within the field area lightning or electricity element attacks will find themselves hitting with 20% weaker power levels then when first leaving the creators hand, or then intended. Because just like schrodingers own electricity becomes trapped in the fog, which is how; I may add this move is charged in the first place. It will also trap a smidget of an alien energy source of lightning/electricity element base thus weakening those element-type moves by 20% when in this veil.

Final surge: If schrodinger so wishes though, he can by “Turning on the heat” Evaporate any and all magical ice, that is in the stage of forming, lingering or thawing, by the fact that the ice is the inverse of absolute fox fire. As such, it can be heated up, and become the real deal, though not with its break down potency. When this happens ice becomes scalding water, inflicting burn’s and minor cell destruction. But that’s not the sting in this move at all, schro’s current depending on how much he puts in, is focused on the surrounding targeted foe’s which , are now being scalded by water. By using water’s principle it creates steam rising up, turning the once status hindering move, into a severe electrical surge field for a split second, this releases all power stolen, so 20% per electrical attack added on with power in comparison to the foe who it was taken from. Plus the residue energy present in the move, meaning every turn it becomes 25% weaker when final surge is brought by. This move, will weaken armor for 2 turns, by 7%, by the flux of turning once colder than cold ice, into scalding skin blisteringly hot supernatural boiling/steam inducing water.

After affects: After final surge is used, this move becomes dormant and takes 5 turns or 4 +1 because of the final surge mode being used. De-static and thaw still will be in play, so it will take if a foe was in the field of the move for 3 turns then final surge was induced, it would still take 3 turns to return speed and maneuverability to normal. Also, schro after this, will be unable to use final surge until 1 turn after this move is used again, as it takes at least 1 turn for this ice and lightning/fire combo to set in. This move works as long, as you found yourself in schrodingers absolutefrostcurrent for a duration of a turn.

Power Flux: Within the surge, if caught in the field itself, you will be hit by 2x the average amount of damage from this skill, as the water still amplifies the current, though it will be 25% weaker or only 75% power, if hit outside by the electrical homing affect.

OwO Hybrid Techinque: Demon Translation OwO
Because of his links to demons and human society both he has gained a unique ability. Whenever he hears demon tongue, his mouth moves totally on its own, as he repeats in an immensely deep voice what was said so that all beings can theoretically understand what the meaning was. Or at least, humans, shinigamis, and demons can. Everyone else.. There's about a 20% chance.

-w- Hybrid Technique: Demon Kidō Sorcery -w-
Although he is REALLY not skilled at magicks, Schrödinger has the unique abilities of being able to use Demon Magic, Kidō, and Soul Sorcery. However, again; he's like a cat and not very interested or skilled in magic. His Kidō spells are permanently 20 less than their possible max because of the way he is, with his hybrid body and what not.

The way he is, however, has done one very unique thing to his body, and that's giving him the ability to use Demon Kidō Sorcery. He is able to combine Demon Magic and Kidō through Soul Sorcery in order to make spells with a wide variety of effects; as thanks to Demon Magic and Soul Sorcery the amount of spells he can use is near infinite. This is actually something Schrödinger learned watching Yuudeshi Network footage of Zin, who seemed to be able to make Kidō on the spot whenever he needed to, and they could do just about any effect that he desired. Schrödinger knew these Kidō were not on record; he knew because he looked them up. So he had to deduce that somehow Zin was able to come up with these totally on his own, without prior leraning, meaning that he was able to come up with spells on the spot.

Now, Schro wasn't stupid. After just a little bit (I SWEAR JUST A LITTLE) of research, he remembered that Demon Magic, as well as Soul Sorcery, could be customized into performing whatever effects the caster desired. Thanks to Schrödinger's Computation, Schro already had a bit of experience with having to understand how things could exist or did exist; but now, instead of understanding physical objects, he realized that it would take learning concepts. This is something that he still has trouble with today.

Essentially, Schrödinger can use Demon Kidō Sorcery to come up with effects for things through magic depending on situations… but nothing he himself has to figure out is really that powerful. Very rarely does something he figure out come out of himself very powerful; 90% of the time it's not even enough for whatever goal Schrödinger was aiming for. However, pre-made abilities of the Kidō/Demon/Soul Sorcery variety he can usually cast at a level above their normal effectiveness, as he can imbibe different kinds of magic into them to make them stronger than normal.

.w. Hybrid Elemental Technique: Purge .w.
Convert: This is the principle of both lawl and the absolute frost current, through convert they are characteristically combined, and converted into the new base of the purge system. For the base aspects see L.A.W.L system but for the recent added on material read this section of schrodingers application. This system is grandfathered in and made new, with new affects and techniques in this class b hybrid form. It retains aspects from both, but generates new ones in the skill below.

Gun : Unlike the lawl system, the purge system creates a endless imaginative store of any kind of gun that you can think of. It is done through fluid manipulation just like in the lawl system. Unlike it though, schro’s gun size, and type immediately affects the power, skill and strength of the power that’s been put into it in the first place. Meaning if he pulls out a bazooka, you should get the hell out of there.

Heavy grade 3: This is the strongest gun type, it can be fired once every 3 turns. Though once firing this gun, only grade 1 can be used for a few turns as this grade is comparable to one shot finisher intended level skills, though slightly weaker; it fires once and this is your huge stuff like antitank grade stuff, once fired this grade of attack will smash through weaker defenses with ease, and will give challenge to those with masters in durability due to the raw offensive might. But, due to the fact this nasty energy bomb, can be of absolute frost current, or absolute frost fire. And the lawl system, it is quite the nasty shock, final surge is fashioned in here as a burst mode, which is the granddaddy of all attacks for grade 3. It would be what you would use, against a mountain sized enemy, or to level huge amounts of space.
Because of this, these guns give themselves away when being made, it causes huge energy spikes I mean massive ones when they are brought into creation. Then these usually have scopes, and once fired will literally hiss and fall apart, because the power fired I dare say, is more than most things can handle.

Example: A prime example of this, would be like a bazooka ; or rocket launchers or basically things which generally are only one shot due to how much power is in them. But for this example, a Panzerschreck or an anti-tank gun, these where one shot; bazooka comparable devices which in their day caused soldiers to go crying to their mommies.

Medium: Grade 2: This is the normal gun type , these are your small rpg’s and big machine guns, here you have a sub class of automatic, and semi, then shot gun. The difference is, a semi-auto would fire 20 shots and is 20% weaker than the shot gun type. Automatic fires 40 and is 30% weaker than the shot gun. The shot gun fires only 10 shots a turn, though these are comparatively stronger than most of the other types that can be used. These run again on the Same system set up as the heavy guns though they cannot use Final surge’s burst type, they use a 50% power micro surge which only works on contact and has no lingering affects other than turning from ice to scaldingly hot electricity packed pain.

Example Shot gun type: Ok, an example of this would be a world war 2, Trench gun; these are generally 1 bullet fired then having to be reloaded or had up to 10 shots in a magazine (more than likely not though) These pack quite the punch, and have potential to punch through weak armor until it either looses velocity or something too hard to go through gets in the way, generally its also associated with a wicked nasty kick.
Example Semi-Automatic: A prime example would be a Beretta they are harder hitting then a fully automatic gun, but they also are faster at shooting then a shot gun would be and generally fire in burst rounds , each having a slightly delay between them.
Example automatic: An example would be a Thompson , for automatic, it fires at high speeds though, is weaker in punch compared to the semi and shot gun types. These also , automatically reload so there is no delay between .

Light: Grade 1: These are the weakest, here you have the fully automatic only class which spam 200strikes a post at 60% weaker than the grade 2, of course it still is advised to watch out for grade 1. As they can still cause some serious damage; Since unlike the higher grades here, you get the cluster bomb addition, which allows the accumulative of what can at max be fired from the gun, which instead of being in the turn is delivered in one blindingly fast shot. Though it does make it so the guns are next to useless until the beginning of the next turn, which is why it is best to use it for timed precision attacks which are supplementing a stronger grade attack. It cannot be used though until 2 turns passed at the least if the grade 3’s final surge was used.

Example: Light Machine gun: These fire extremely fast, though have little to no kick with them, are the fastest in firing rate, and weakest in the power packed behind the bullet itself.

Hybrid Form 1: Demonic Shinigami Teenager
This is quite a… strange form. In this form, Schrödinger gains a black cloak, black gloves, and black boots. His demeanor changes away from that of a cat as his ears stick straight into the air, sticking up through holes in his new cowl that goes around his head. In his hands, Caledscratch changes into a rainbow glowing scythe in his hands, two feet long with a foot long blade. Nine tails appear behind himself, and his eyes change to a slitted, bright blue.

Demonic Shinigami Teenager
This form is a strange mix; it has all of Schrödinger's separate forms within it, although they are at their maximum power of all three combined. However ,as per the rules of Life ,the universe, and Everything, he can't have all the forms at once, so instead his body sends them into different styles. Schrödinger is able to utilize these styles and switch from them once a post. However, this form is sealed form a seal from the Yuudeshi family, which takes the form of a great Buddhist symbol for peace on Schrödinger's belly. It can only be removed by a Head of the family placing their hand over it and dripping their own blood over it, which releases the seal.

However, this power comes at a price. After 4.2 posts, the form seals itself once more within Schrödinger, and his very existence is wiped from every plane of existence for two whole months, where his soul is tortured in the endless space dimensional continuum on the edge of the universe. He often will not speak for days after returning .

Duśmana Hunter
This is Schrödinger's new scythe. When Schrödinger enters DSRT, he gains this scythe from Caledscratch, and he fully embraces his shinigami heritage when choosing this style. He wields the scythe with an insane amount of ease, swinging it in multiple directions simultaneously. He can parry hundreds of attacks at once with this tool, small though it is. He can even cut right through energy attacks, absorbing them with a small amount of Breakdown to separate them from his scythe as they pass. In addition, he becomes able to cast most kinds of Kidō up to level 90; although he is banned from any other kind of magic using. He can only use his natural demon traits in this form, other than his shinigami powers. His flash step becomes prominent and fully unlocked in this form, quite hassle even for those who are very skilled in the art.

42 Slash
This is a slash that puts Schrödinger's very EXISTENCE behind the attack, making it extremely, extremely powerful. It rips through very nearly anything it touches; whether it be concepts, people, or an otherwise insurmountable force, Schrödinger's 42 Slash will usually cut them down. However, it comes at the price of accelerating his time in this form, making it run past its limit and blowing Schrödinger's existence away for another 2 months of non-existence, turning the form off as his existence is wiped rom the plane of existence. Essentially, anything it comes into contact with has its own existence attacked; and if the attack is successful, the existence vanishes along with Schrödinger's for 2 months. Finally, when 42 Slash is activated, the scythe in Schrödinger's hands grows to have a six foot long pole and a twelve foot long blade.

Nine Schwänzen
These are the tails on Schrödinger's back. When he activates this style, his entire body emits the deadly aura of demons, but only around himself. His mind is completely his own, but he has more power behind him than in his Eight Tailed Form. The problem with this style, however, is that it uses up 2 whole posts for every 1 that he has it active. However, its destructive power is absolutely amazing; his tails no longer fall off when he uses attacks, and that alone should tip off his opponents this form means really serious business. What makes this superior to 8 Tails is the fact that Schrödinger keeps his small size; and gets an immense boost in speed. He retains all the raw power, strength, energy amount, defensive and regenerating capabilities, and other parts of his 8 Tails; but he is no longer a slow giant.

42 Cannon
This technique, like 42 Slash, instantly times out Schrödinger. However, it works differently. Because of the nature of Nine Schwänzen, while this attack has the sheer amount of force to level a city the size of New York, it is compressed into a blast in front of Schrödinger 50 feet by 50 feet in front of himslef. This attack does noting to the target's existence ;it just is n immense amount of force that usually blows the target to bits, or at least incapacitates them.

Hand a Mano
This style of Schrödinger focuses solely on his hands and feet. When he chooses this style, Schrödinger's cat ears change to those of a rabbit sticking straight up out of his head. However, this form has one other thing tat he must worry about; and that's the fact that it places the cross on his back as well when he chooses this style. However, one benefit he has now that he didn't before is that he is no longer injured or damaged from the cross; rather, the existence he has when this form is active rules that these effects do not happen on him. Because thse effects no longer occur, Schrödinger is able to fully use the potential of this form, extremely fast, durable, and strong. However, he cannot form energy constructs and attack with them; he just can't. It's imposible for the Hand a Mano style to.

42 Punch
To set this ability ready to be used, Schrödinger must take the cross off of his back. In addition, he can only stay within five feet of the cross after setting it down, and if he goes out of that radius, his soul is wiped from existence for two months. However, within the five foot space around the cross, a curious effect can occur. Schrödinger cannot be actiely damaged. His body becomes very temporarily immune to negative effects. This state lasts for the post that it was created before shattering in a huge climax, becoming a wormhole that only can suck in Schrödinger, wiping him from existence for the two months. It's rather easy to stop this; just make Schrödinger try to overstep his boundaries and he loses.

Hybrid Form 2: Raikou

In this state, Schrödinger's raw power level escalates, but then becomes fixed and just a little over nine thousand, having about the same amount of power as Schrödinger's Five-Tailed Form. However, what it does is it removes Schrödinger's true form and enters him into onemuch more demonic. However, this demonic form ain't your typcical kitty. For one, it has the body of a cheetah demon, and for two, is constantly sparkingw ith electricity. It also seems to have blue lines running up and down it as well.

Storm's Call
By fusing together his demon energy and the lightning of his shikai, Schrödinger is able to fire a bolt of black lightning from his mouth tat shoots up into the air, penetrating a cloud. The energy spreads through the atmosphere of the nearby location, causing more clouds to form. Then, a storm begins the form with the black lightning cracking back down to mark the storm's beginning, being the first bolt of the storm. This storm gets wilder and more ferocious each post that Schrödinger is in Raikou form, improving by about 20% each time.

Schrödinger can activate a sudden burst of speed, causing him to shoot his body whatever direction he chooses at an extremely fast rate. Hiseneryg shoots through his body like lightning, causing it to accelerate beyond its norm. However, due to the fact that it takes much concentration, Schrödinger must be in this form for at least a post before he's able to use extreme speed.

In this form, Schrödinger has a mite bit of control over electricity in his immediate area. By mite, this means that he has a small area of control, roughly two hundred feet around himself. However, this field gives him a distinct advantage. For one thing, he can guide electricity how he pleases through the area, for one. And for two, if someone uses electric attacks on Schrödinger, Schro can either wrest hold of the attack and deflect it, or else use the static in the air around the attack to redirect it slightly, causing it to miss Schrödinger completely. This is what normally happens, so long as the lightning/electricity isn't enchanted special.

Thisis a massive wave of electiricty that Schrödinger can cause to appear fromall around himself. Whatever this filed comes into contact withasit spreads out is shocked fairly badly. The closer you are to Schrödinger, the harder it shocks with a higher amount of voltage. In addition, anything that is shocked by this technique, Schrödinger can instantly teleport to them thanks to the shocks in their body. After all, it IS his energy, he's simply following it. This also means he knows where the afflicted person's location is, using the electricity in them as a kind of tracker up to two posts after this is used. The field loses its power completely and becomes so much static after extending past 300 feet away from Schrödinger.

Zap Cannon
The final technique of Raikou Schrödinger, Zap Cannon is exacly what it sounds like. Yup. A massive mouth cannon-style attack that is charged the same way, fired the same way, but fires out a giant wave of extremely high powered electricity after it has released an indication shot. Unlike the mouth cannon, however, the Zap Cannon goes around anything that it comes into contact with, shocking it from all sides with an immense amount of electricity.


  • Personality: DONE!
  • History: NOT STARTED!
  • Demon Traits: DONE!
  • Death Energy: DONE!
  • Shinigami Traits: DONE!
  • Phantomtech: DONE!
  • Human Traits: DONE!
  • Soul Evolution: DONE!
  • Chi: DONE!
  • Skill Sheets: LOLWUT!
  • RP Sample: POSSIBLY!

Done = Finished!
In Progress = Something Exists!
Not Started = Not Even Started Yet!

8/9 Important Objectives Achieved!
0/2 Miscellaneous Objectives Achieved!
8/11 Total Objectives Achieved!
1/9 Important Objectives Not Started!

(1:20 pm Saturday, Novermber 17th, 2012)
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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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