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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Demetrius Moonspell [APPROVED, 2-5+] Empty Demetrius Moonspell [APPROVED, 2-5+]

Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:29 am
The Madness Commences

Demetrius Moonspell [APPROVED, 2-5+] 2zzj9eu

☼Name☼ Demetrius Moonspell

☼Nickname☼ The Mad Hatter

☼Age☼ Unknown

☼Organization☼ Rogue

☼Physical Description☼ Many a man has tried to dress the hatter. His madness cannot be deemed as anything more then of the moment, silver locks that resemble the moon fall to cover one side of his face completely. Eyes like red wine, light up each side of his face. A grin that is kept on this lips at all times is almost something some came to question. When did one so mad walk through the cycle, of life and death. He dresses in a strange way most of the time, the Hatter can dress a more special way at times. He doesn't appear to be in his right mind, often looking over how other people are dressed in disgust at times. For example, once he saw a woman wearing not matching shoes and pushed her into traffic. It's believed that this was one of his off days, were no sweets were available for him.

A Look Through the Looking Glass

☼Mad☼ To say that the Hatter is playing with a half a full deck, is something that is often said. Marbles are lost for this man, he doesn't see things commonly and is often so mad to quote off little things that may bother people. Despite not knowing them, he creates little nicknames putting kun, san, and chan on at the end of each sentence for the names. Being known simply as the mad one, his personality despite being simply mad is very simple. He's nuts and well he'll face 1000 to keep 1 interesting person safe, but he's not one for conflict and often will make up some interesting line to why he can't do it. This isn't to say he isn't strong, Demetrius has a monster like strength in him that isn't to be underestimated. Some believe him to be so insane because of his powers and what he is capable of. Despite his utter madness, he is a sharp mind able to see through most things with the greatest ease.

☼Love of Sweets☼ He carries a fork around with him, to steal sweets that interest him. Candy, things such as that always interested him. He'll often be seen with a lollipop or cake, walking around with it. Along with a glass of tea, his smile is always seen while eating. This is one of the few joys the Mad Hatter has, he doesn't seem angry in a way that is dangerous when the sweets are ruined. He just seems to act bothered by it to an insane level. His love of sweets, will often cause him problems. He calls people candies at time naming them depending on how much he likes them. The man's sense of left and right are most certainly backwards. A look through the looking glass shows, that this man's senses are all but distorted and messed up.

☼Eccentric☼ This is pry the one thing when he's quote normal unquote. This is something that's very easily noticed, he's always on the move. Standing still isn't a thing he's good at, often walking around someone though not really looking them over. He does it to objects as well, sometimes he'll play with their hair and whisper little things. Part of his insanity is linked to someone named Alice, Cheshire, and The White Rabbit. He seems to be talking about them frequently to himself, "Oh where are you my dearest Alice, you simply must tell me why a Raven is like a writing desk." Things of this nature are often implied when dealing with him. He calls hollows his little candies, though sometimes he calls people this. Only when he doesn't seem to care much. Only a couple names have ever come from him, those have included Alice, Cheshire, and The Rabbit.

An Interview with Madness

Me: "What do you think of Sosuke Aizen, his minions and the goals they set out to achieve."

Demetrius: "Oh..Sos-uke..Ai-zen...Hm such a nasty little candy he something like a rotten one on the ground.." Demetrius chuckles a bit his grin unable to be hidden.

Me: "What do you think of working for an organization."

Demetrius: "..Hm..working for an organization, not likely..they have no candies that interest me..besides..I need to find Alice and Cheshire, they are gonna tell me why a Raven is like a writing desk:" He smiles licking at a piece of candy, before sucking on it softly between his lips.

Me: "Why is a Raven like a writing desk, what does that even mean sir."

Demetrius: "Oh, didn't you know. I don't have the foggiest clue, hehee..That's why Alice is gonna tell me when I find her.."

The Writings on the Wall

☼Natural Speed☼ Far faster then most people predict of the one whom has bathed in madness itself for so long, stewing in it. But from this he's gotten naturally fast at a level that is above average. Able to avoid things and read them extremely well, this has made him a true master of madness. However despite being someone who runs away from conflicts more then he remains to fight them the Mad Hatter has become a great fighter in his years. Truly amazing is his skill in running away, many will try to argue his lack of courage. But his response has always been like this. " Buhbye Candies, see you around..maybe I eat you later." It's just the way he's been, the Hatter is simply a man of multiple talents. From years of fleeing conflicts with that line, he seems to be faster then average by one point. Making him appear to move quicker then what anyone would expect from him

☼Natural Weapons Specialist☼ he's shown a high level of skills with weapons, able to disarm and switch to another weapon with the slightest ease. He's shown a great swordsmanship that's never been seen before, but this was before his madness. Now his style has become even stranger then when he once fought, his art of fighting seems so odd. People mistake it for a weak style at first, before ending up cut up candies. This is the way the man made his life work when he was wandering around. Searching for Alice when she went missing, he fought with many people as his marbles slowly deserter by alphabetical order. But this wasn't like other skills, he didn't care for fighting either. So he liked Kidō better and seemed to have great skill in that field alone.

☼Natural Kidō Specialist☼ His skills in Kidō have been considered absolute madness, he doesn't appear to think much of the act of using his hands or fighting close though being good at it. The Hatter seems to again like to avoid combat when he can, but he's pushed into a fight he doesn't much mind using some really strange kidos he's made for the fact of. Madness is something that most people don't really understand, The Hatter believes and tells them they should really be good little candy and leave him alone. Because once he fits them for a hat, they may just..lose their him.

☼Exodus☼ A spell that the Hatter made, it's truly simple this spell conjures swords from around the enemy, though the distance is rather important. They must have been touched by the Hatter once this thread, they also must be within 5 meters of the Hatter. The use of this move allows him to make blades that look similar to sewing needles, they are able to do just that. They sew the target with threads, that are later used by the Hatter. To channel attacks from his book of odd spells, but he must of made contact with them. Otherwise this spell has no effect what so ever. Now those who are knitted and have the ropes, may or may not notice them depending on how well their character is at paying attention. The threads are small and are almost like those used for sewing, so they are only connected to the Hatter's hand, one could use this against him.

☼Mad Hat☼ He's got a spell that makes a hat come up in front of him, It mainly takes a blast of energy and fires it back sending it back at the enemy who shot it. This doesn't work on physical attacks not to mention it fires the attack back instantly after taking it all in. This move is only usable once per thread, The energy will be shot back at double the power it had when fired at the object previously. One could over whelm it, by firing more then one. Only one blast may be absorbed at a time.

☼Cheshire's Trick☼ This is a spell he built that is stronger then Kyokko in it's vanishing properties. Though the rules are more strict then people would know, if it's him the problems are simple. He must remain still and not make any sounds for him it's a challenge. Now to use it on objects, he must make contact with them. With his right hand, making them go poof and completely vanish, he's able to remember where they are. Not to mention doing this really confuses the enemies, which is all part of his style of madness. This may only be used on objects, it's vanishing skills don't last for long though. Just 4 turns then the object reappears.

☼Red Queen's Cards☼ Despite an odd style of fighting, the Hatter seems to use cards. These have been specially set up, they can explode at times. Others are able to slice, it depends highly on how he applies his energy to each card. They are able to be changed around to do different things. Some may stick and go bomb, due to the make of the card. It's all depending on how he wants to fight, it's all part of the style he's invented through simply being inventive with his madness. Exploding card is obvious in it's effect, once thrown depending on the time limit set on it, the card explodes on the target causing some damages. The sticky card will be one of the ones that sticks a target to an area, though it can be avoided and removed. It will take a single turn to remove the contents, depending on number of cards used and strength. A master in strength will only be contained 1 turn, the limit goes up as strength goes down. 2 for advanced. Flash card will be like a flash bang, taking out ears and eyes of those caught peaking at the card.

Exploding Card.
Sticky Card.
Flash Card

☼Bubble Gum Energy☼ A trick that he learned during his years wandering, he's able to stick his energy in a form similar to bubble gum. Making it pull objects towards him or people, this is something that he can normally hide. But now days he doesn't really bother once he gets them, now to attach it to someone or something he must point at them and have them be perfectly still. However when stuck where he goes they go and it does go the other way as well. This may be cut, though it will take some effort to cut it the right way. Because this stuff is extremely sticky, think of it as bubble gum in your hair.

Think of it this way when gum is stuck to an object, it's hard to remove but not impossible. It will take some effort, the gum will come off. Now pointing at his target will take it a couple moments to get there, 1 turn of no motion. Once the gum is stuck though removing it is another matter. He may only use the bubble gum one at a time.

A glimpse into the Madness

The hatter sipped some of his tea walking, he was looking around for candy. It seemed as though this day was going to be one of those that were just so boring, no candies to be found. No delicious little sweets for him to eat. Not to mention those mean old hollow candies have been following him for a couple days, The Hatter grinned a bit before sipping his tea and setting down on what appeared to be nothing, the table he sat it on was completely invisible. " dear little candies, plan to prevent me from running and won't let me find Alice..ah...such a shame..Let's fit you for a lovely top hat..My dearest candies." The Hatter no sooner finished his sentence before, vanishing and leaving his cup of tea behind. Such a waste of good tea and cake, he was truly going to miss it. He tapped the hollow on it's shoulder, the creature was a Gillian class so very easy to toy with. Touching it with his left hand, he got about five meters after letting his digits touch along the other hollows. " seems my candies, need a good switching..Exodus.." Sewing needles of blue began to form, knitting the hollows together, he smiled a bit. Pulling out his sword, he grinned giving his top hat a pull off to give a slight bow. "Let's play Candies you look so pretty knitted together like that..ah let's see a nice wide top hat..should do."

Vanishing forward again, having used a shunpo. He pokes the hollows several times with the blade. Killing two easily before raising his left hand up. The near invisible threads, glistening almost in the light as they showed. Mumbled something under his breath, he spoke now grinning as he seemed to lean on his sword's hilt. "Say, do you know why a Raven is like a writing desk?" He grinned leaning on his sword while the hollow tried to break itself free of his grasp, he chuckled a bit laughing out loud. "Ah..I suppose only Alice would know, what a pointless candy you are..Bye bye.." Lighting shot across the threads, moving to the hollow and killing it. He chuckled, before stretching and walking away. His sword became a cane again, what he walked around with. His art form of sword fighting seemed to be fencing though something was odd. He'd been standing straight instead of sideways, grinning hysterically as he fought. "Ah what a waste of good candy, I simply must go find more..cake and tea, maybe some candies to interest me."

Once Upon a Time

Much like any good yarn, we start at the beginning. A calm and peaceful day in the Fall. A baby's cry heard through the corridors of the home, though no name is truly known now or later. The cries of Demetrius Moonspell the Mad Hatter. The boy who'd been a normal child, happy and laughing. With an unnatural love of sweets, that carried over to people. His family were wealthy and fine clothing makers, some nobles even considered them the finest in the land. The son was said to be a a prodigy of the arts of clothing. Able to design fine fabrics and work his miracles with them even at a youthful age. But even then, he was Mad as a Hatter. As time went his families works had begun to become a bit stranger, he suffered from some odd things. Imaginary friends were the people he'd become friends with. Though most mocked him, his skills as the finest Hatter and clothing maker were out of this world. Though he doesn't remember much, his family had locked him in a tower. Trying to keep his nature hidden, having him make clothing. But it happened, one day he got his Zanpakutō. Becoming able to fight, though he didn't much want too. He asked them where Alice was, because he needed to know why a Raven is like a Writing Desk. He killed several people including his parents, though one should be aware. They didn't care about Demetrius in the slightest, they only saw him as a profit.

Many have wondered why, hollows were found all over the little modest home. But the Mad Hatter was no where to be found, where he went wasn't really sure by anyone. Rumors spread he'd been around the North Rukongai the babe had gone and began living in a peaceful of existence fighting now and then. But he seemed almost absolutely searching for something that may or may not even be real. People noticed the fact that he walked around with a cane. This happened to be his swords sealed form, he'd changed it to fit his desire to appear more or less differently. He tore up the fabrics of the Japanese culture, having a large dislike for it's look. Madness doesn't conform to a style were his exact words with a grin. He'd been running for a while now, fighting against several strong enemies. Sending most to the abyss with a top hat. He seems to be looking for Alice and Chess, his friends from childhood. He speaks in unsolvable riddles, with a grin. His childhood had gone by in that tower, till he grew so strong they couldn't hold him anymore. It's not as though he cannot control his powers, in fact some say that the Hatter has a refined control that is so precise that people must be careful of that more then anything. Raising a glass of tea over a sword is his only thing, often in his adult life he sat out and observed conflicts. Rarely getting involved in them, because he saw no reason to be a hero for they were so over dramatic.

The Hatter simply isn't interested in wars and fighting that comes from those who wish to be here. He dreams of wonderland, for that is the place Alice and Chess have gone too. Why he can't join them has often bothered him. But the Mad Hatter never does let people see the side of him besides the Madness, grinning like a psychotic man on the biggest high of his life. While he enjoys the candies he's come in contact with, finding ways to be more Mad then before he locates them. The mad Hatter is a wandering fool, but isn't to be underestimated. He's known for his nature by many of the rumors, he finds amusement in those that do come seeking to employ him. At one time a person had paid for the Hatter's services. He aided her mostly because of her name, she was named Alice. He thought perhaps she was Alice he knew. Though she knew not the answer to his riddle, perhaps she'd forgotten was all. When helping her he killed thousands of hollows. He destroyed a large number of Gillians and above in the Forest of Menos. It was her families idea for a journey there.

Upon his arrival things were easy, his sword wasn't really needed for these. The Mad Hatter could only grin a bit, wondering where Chess had gone now. But oh well, bathing in the slaying of these hollow candies was the easiest way he knew how to keep going. Moving himself away from this massacre of hollows, he seemed to go back with Alice. Till he learned that Alice wasn't her real name, she'd been sent by an organization. To look over his skills, if he was a threat he needed to die. What came next was of no real shock, she attempted to kill him. Her and several others, but she'd not seen what the Hatter could really do. He'd been holding cords to them the entire time when they attacked. His grin faded, for the first time in so long. He glanced down at them without anything really showing. He'd been using several Kidō most of the time when he fought, the time against the Menos. It was simply using his sword to kill them

He slew them all, before going to the Organization for toying with him. The Mad Hatter used a large spell on the place. Deciding to blast the place with a level 90 Kidō, leveling the entire Organization. Killing the leader as well before going back into his journey. Vanishing completely, the Kidō used wasn't one that was used often by him either, he decided to go ahead and use 91 to deal with the base and blew the thing into a billion pieces, though afterwards he complained about how messy this was. He wandered away from the destruction he caused, seeming to simply walk away from this without really giving a damn. The Mad Hatter's legend was something building among people from here he used to live, they spoke of the finest in the land. But a tad touched in the head perhaps they were right. He was touched in the head, but it made him the Hatter. A man without an equal thus far, without an Alice or a Chess as well. He seemed to be aimless in this search for Wonderland.

He wandered in the sands of Hueco Mundo for a time, he killed Arrancar as well. Slaying a large number of them, very least it was large for the amount of them that existed. He never did much care for them, though, they were very snappy dressers and had such a fancy style about them. He'd invited one for tea and cake, but simply got blasted at by a red light. It was so very rude, the creature had no table manners at all. So he educated it, the Arrancar had pleaded for mercy before being taken out for being such a bad piece of candy. He was almost appearing like an adult at this time, but he was still simply a teenager who was mad out of his skull. He'd been left in Hueco Mundo after a trip there with another paying customer. Perhaps just best to lock the old loon up they thought, well they left him to his devices and the Hatter found a way to open his own portals up to get around. He left that place with a bit of a slow walk. Turning around after four years here and giving a bow. Before leaving Hueco Mundo for the Living world , would be fun to begin anew.

His sense of time was all off, though he wasn't really sure. He heard about a nasty candy named Sosuke Aizen, trying to cause issues. Something about a big old uprising going on, he never really played well with others. So perhaps it was for the best, he and the Gotei 13 had crossed paths before. They went their way he went his. Moving along a better route, he didn't find many customers anymore looking for a good hatting. But that was rare, how many people in the Human world wore the lovely top hats and clothing anymore. He never did really like this world, it took him a while to begin dealing with what he wanted, but studying the subject of realms and traveling. He got it right, beginning to work towards opening a portal back home. Because the way the Shinigami used often was so annoying. But he did end up using it anyways much to his displeasure. The sweeper was also a bit early, they had a lovely conversation in his opinion.

Here is where our Journey begins, a new life among the lovely candies of the Rukongai.

The Blade is Drawn

☼Zanpakutō Name☼ The Vorpal Blade

☼Zanpakutō Appearance☼ The Zanpakutō takes the form of an Englishman's cane though around the end it seems to be a to be nothing but a metal ball. He walks around with it in hand all the time, his sword is been remade form it's original form to make him comfortable. The metal appears to black around the sword's cane like form. Once removed from it, the weapon appears to be rather straight forward and sharp. The sword looks extremely fancy and refined, appearing to be a highly good blade.

☼Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance☼
Demetrius Moonspell [APPROVED, 2-5+] 2q84y9u

☼Zanpakutō Shikai Appearance☼ The sword is green, it's got a purple center. Appearing the shine with an interesting glow around it's form giving it a polished look as he carries it. The weapon fits into his hand very well with a grip, helping him hold it better. The blades hilt has a refined grip and seem's to of been tailor made to make the holding of the weapon easier on the wield's hand, though this is part of the great changes that come with the weapons growth.

☼Inner World☼ His Inner world appears to be a House, with a table set with cakes and tea. It's appearing to be a rather smashing Tea party for the Hatter it's hard to say why his world looks this way, but it always has. His Zanpakutō spirit herself finds it rather amusing. That if he'd been different, she'd pry of gotten extremely bored and left him. Hatter and his Zanpakutō seem to share a fairly good relationship that is hard to be defined by anything short of family or lovers, they are close as the two can be. Sometimes if need be she releases her self to help him. Coming to the living world around to take a gander at what the problem is.

☼Zanpakutō Shikai Powers☼ The Vorpal Blade's power is special and differnet, it allows a user to act within the realms of reality. Moving their sword through time and space to come to another location, truthfully they may move things as well. But with the Vorpal Blade, it's limited to the sword alone in Shikai. THe blade is able to let's say for example he's 5 meters away, he puts his sword into the dimension and cuts right. A larger version of his blade will come out and try to cut you from your right to left. His sword's power is basically this, he's able to making his sword come from odd angles and slash at you. Blocking and avoid this is rather simple, making certain one watches there step when fighitng him is all that is really required. The power can be blocked, he cannot simply make his sword come out of two different objects. For example, if he stabs a wall and something not like the wall is behind you. The sword will not come out of that location, it's simply picky that way. However another fault of the blade, when cutting through the fabric it will either come out regular size. Or large like a giants weapon, this is largely unknown to the Hatter as to why, but it seems to just be.

For example, let's say I swung my sword and it cut into reality then. It would look as though the blade was plunged in something. It would then emerge, behind you and come out as a larger blade. Now this effect only happens every other post. The blade will be smaller and regular size during it's first release stab. Now doing this does take a toll, but this is the only power the sword has. Now avoiding this is possible, because those with any sense of touch will notice it. After a cut and the sword is removed, nothing has happened to where it was stabbed into time and space. The range of effectiveness for his sword is 10 meters. Outside that he won't be able to use it's effects for long range combat.

☼Zanpakutō Shikai Release Command☼ Come Forth, Vorpal Blade.

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda:Beginner

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Demetrius Moonspell [APPROVED, 2-5+] Empty Re: Demetrius Moonspell [APPROVED, 2-5+]

Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:53 am
Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

Comments/Notes: ''Myan myan? There's a mad hatter, yes there is~''
Tier: 2-5+
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