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The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
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The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_lcapThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_voting_barThe Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] I_vote_rcap 
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 The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS]

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The Danava Demon Race [NEW SUB-RACE OF DEMONS] WqGhLRI

Danava Demon's

This thread is going to help you understand a relatively new race (only new to the forum) of demon's. In the following below you will find out what are Danava , how they work, their origins, powers and release forms. We hope we'll give you an informed decision by the time this explanation of them is complete and you'll be ready to create one of these nifty demon's for your own use.

What Are Danava & Where Do They Come From

The Danava are a very special sub-class of Demon's that date back as far as the beginning of the universe. The very first one of these creatures to emerge from the void? Well, none other then the demon god himself: Deveta. As explained by him, all Danava are typically created from various sorts of concepts throughout the universe, different types of thoughts being brought into the world around them, elemental properties from nature and some are even capable of being born from imaginary tales; such as fictional stories. No matter how you slice it or dice, one of these methods will ensure a demonic little beast will come into the universe. Thus, in the following sub-sections below, you will find how this occurs for Danava demon's. Rather you ere born from Einstein's Theory of relativity; or perhaps maybe you were born from the concept of "Truth"? You'll find the answers needed soon enough.



Typical Danava Birth: From what Touketsu is understand, this type of Danava is among one of the most common among their population. Thus, for every concept, idea, perception or theory there is? There is possibly a Danava waiting to be birthed into the world. But, how is this process done? Well, that's quite simple, really. For most Danava born this way, there is a boundless world called "Nidhana". Nidhana hidden in nearly every possible place where lingering thoughts existence. It is all intertwined, connected and infused together; despite it being placed in most worlds where consciousness exist. Think of it as a massive grid encompassing every sort of dimension it is and this concept becomes somewhat easier to understand for their birthing place. In any case, through this grid-like network, the Nidhana begins to gather, collect and decipher many sorts of thought patterns, belief systems, conceptions, the physical/metaphysical laws in which allow these worlds to exist; until eventually? It all collides together into physical beings in which the NIdhana produces naturally.

Now, before we get further into the birthing process, it is worth noting that the Nidhana also has a mind of it's own. So, for the record, Nidhana is both a female and planetary mass at the same time. With her origins, she is able to easily craft a physical body for herself while still being attached to "The Nidhana World". What's more, she sometimes removes certain thoughts, beliefs or concepts that would otherwise be too much for even a massive being like Nidhana, Za Koa or Touketsu himself to create. This would run along the lines of imaginary characters whom possess infinite powers, abstracts that deal with absolute beings, concepts that would surpass the Demon God in power and so on. So, from this information, it is not possible to craft something from the Nidhana realm or your own mind in order to create a Danava who had "Infinite Skills, Infinite Powers, Infinite Knowledge, Absolute Being, Perfection" and so on. (So, basically anything that falls under "God Mod", "Meta Game" or "Power Play")

With that explained, we can get into the actual birthing process of Danava. Nidhana takes all the collected thoughts she is able to gather from the grid network and is able to process, analyze and then convert all this material into an actual soul. Once this transformation occurs, she then places them within various sections of her world in order to incubate them, let these thoughts mature and eventually disburse them throughout the galaxy for them to thrive in their own way.

Thus, this is the traditional method of making a Danava demon for the most part.

Abnormal Birth's: It is possible for Danava to be born outside of Nidhana. In fact, the very first case of this happening as with Touketsu. As soon as the universe was brought into existence? It appeared that the Demon God was as well. Therefore, there is reason to assume that some Danava can essentially be created from nothing. This phenomena most likely occurs because sometimes the thought material does not need Nidhana to bring itself into existence if the concept, origin, abstract, idea or whatever else have you is strong enough on it's own. Thus, by colliding with all sorts of physical and metaphysical particles within the air around them, sometimes Danava Demon's can just randomly be brought into creation. However, it is worth noting that if they die, often times their body ends up recycled in Nidhana.

Rituals: This would need the use of a Sacrifical Incantation. Essentially, it is possible for you to craft your vary own Danava Demon, but you'll often need to sacrifice something for it. Rather it be your energy, time, resources, blood, belongings or anything else of value. Once that is taken out of the way, you can then begin to the process of accessing the Nidhana realm and start work formulating your demon. This is often how people in the past were able to summon all sorts of ghouls, creatures and other strange occurrences in the form of satanic rituals that became relatively noticed in the late 20th century and early 21st century through wuigi boards, goat sacrifices and things of that nature. In any case, a Ritual made Danava is often a manifestation over time that dwells within your subconscious mind. By delving into your subconscious to obtain the information you want to bring out in this demon, you are essentially exploring your own inner self and projecting your thoughts into the world around you in the shape of a physical body.

There are a few things to note, however. The first is that it usually takes TIME. Sure, anyone can create a few hell spawns here and there, but if you don't take the time to personally dedicate to a Danava? Well, it simply won't be of much use to you if you plan on using it for combat. Touketsu even believes the reason why he was so strong is because there must have been an obscene amount of time for his energy to thrive in some sort of "Void' prior to his creation; leaving him to believe his body had long been forged before he had obtained consciousness in the big bang. Thus, the more time spent in a Danava, the more potential or strength it has. On average, one hundred hours is usually needed to at least have some sort of hell spawn. Second, it is never wise to create a Danava in your own image. In most cases it will most likely create a disorder and it will bind a part of your ego to it. So, if you destroy it, it's very possible to lose apart of yourself or if it gets killed. Third, this Danava may know everything you do, access memories you do not even recall, memorize everything you've done up until it's creation to the letter and essentially act as your subconscious in some cases. Fourth, the more you make, the more you will need to fine tune into their creation. Ye' may also begin to feel heavily drained, energy lowering and overall focus jaded as these things take quite a bit of mental energy in large numbers or in extremely powerful entities. Only you and your Danava know the limits.

Lastly, and most importantly, Danava forged this way CAN evolve past your need. At Stage One, they are typically just your familiars who do your bidding, question nothing and move at your whim. Stage Two is a semi-independent being that has the potential to perform complex task, repetitive duties and actually interact with you more then the former stage. Their powers, abilities and knowledge also tends to go up in this stage and is typically where most people feel safe. The third stage is often where that barrier passed and where their complexity, power and knowledge have reached a point where they are no longer servants who work for you, but an equal you partner with. Thus, they'll typically form their own opinions, become their own people and have the potential to all but leave you if you are unable to tame them or they surpass you in strength. Lastly, Stage Four is typically the most powerful incarnation. These are beings that are comparable to Touketsu in some aspects as they no longer need power from outside sources to continue their resource, they very dangerous in terms of strength and you will usually end up working for them rather then the other way around.

Thus, with that said, be very cautious in creating a Danava this way. It could benefit could not.

Organic Birth: It is quite possible for a Danava Demon to be born through two people having sexual intercourse. However, unlike most demon's, Danava Demon's will almost always take after the Danava Parent rather then turning into a hybrid. It is possible for them to retain some powers from their non-Danava parent if this happens, BUT their overall racial heritage will be that of a Danava Demon as their gene's are usually dominant. What's more, it's even possible for some Dual-Style Danava's to be born through this method by taking on the parents concept, while going on to make their own as they grow older. For example, if their parent were based off the concept of nature? They could probably inheret that, while at the same time going on to become a Danava Demon forged from whatever life experiences they have down the road; such as having a power concept based around willpower from the hardships they suffered through life. In even rarer case, it may even be possible for Triple Style to be obtained from having both parents concepts and their own, but this is extremely difficult to accomplish and will be covered later on.

Recycle: No matter how a Danava demon is birthed, when they die? Typically their bodies remains, energy or some fragment of their former selves, before the soul is split from the body, is sent back into the Nidhana realm. When this occurs, Nidhana herself rebirths this lost attachment and tends to either: create a new version of that Danava, recreate that Danava or simply seal it off to never be used again. Those whom are ones whose bodies are too unstable, untamable and otherwise unsafe to put back into the stream of life. So, Nidhana simply sends them off into a section of NIdhana where they can find their own version of peace or ideal world. At any rate, this can result in some Danava concepts never dying. For instance, if you killed a Danava whose origin was fire? Well, you could kill that person's soul, but another Danava would swiftly take it place. Thus, in a sense, some Danava-Types can never die. They are simply "Reborn", in a sense.



Power Origins: If you are a Danava, more often then not, your power will often come from something that resides within yourself. Rather it be the origin of your concept, something that has occurred within your past, mental scars of the past or how you truly envision your inner self; anything similar to this will give the foundation to your Danava's powers. So, let's take a Danava birthed from the concept of "fire". This person would most likely have a power set that originates from flames. So, it is possible for them to control fire, heat and extreme temperatures. They could also craft abilities that grant them resistance to fire/heat/extreme climates, craft extreme trails of fire that obliterate their opponents and grant them control of the elements around them. Thus, you can see where our next example will be going.

Take a Danava who doesn't have a origin or concept to fall back on; they were purely crafted from thought alone. Depending on their creator's mental state, anything they have endured in the past or their life experiences; something will shape the path of this Danava's powers. If this Danava had happened to endure something like a broken heart? They would probably have a power set that includes, in this example, the ability to bypass, shatter or otherwise destroy various concepts. Say this Danava had appoarhced something like a barrier? Through their power origin, they would use their "broken" heart in order to crack, shatter and ultimately "Break" through the barrier. As rough as that sounds, things in their past greatly influence and can sometimes change their powers. So, going with this example still, if the demon had found true happiness? Well, their powerset might change. Instead of breaking, their powerset might be based upon "mending together". So, going back to the barrier situation, this Danava Demon could ultimately have a power that allows himself to fix his energy frequency in order to match the barrier's output in order to simply phase through it.

So, with all of that said, a basic understanding of how to formulate your Danava's Base Powersets should be understood. They will always be based upon either: What they are, who they are, life experiences, origins, scars of the past, their creator or anything else similar to this.

Multi-Origin: This term refers to a Danava Demon who has the capacity to possess more the one power origin within themselves. Often times it comes about as a result of simply reversing a concept that has an opposite meaning or purpose. A standard case of this would be one such Danava whom had the origin of "holiness". In this example, their main attributes would be related to divine or holy based abilities such as purification, tapping into life energy and so on. However, what is the opposite of divinity? The devil, evil or down right satanic. Thus, in this instance, the Danava in question is quite capable of reversing that set into a hellish power. Ultimately resulting in them being able to perform feats such as corrupting beings with their negative influence, decaying varying energies with their infernal strength and gaining an augmentative boost when in settings where wicked actions are constantly taking place; such as in war situation where mass killing is nothing but a average passing.

Therefore, as you can see in the presentation above, that's generally how achieving a Multi-Origin comes about...most of the time. Alternative methods to coming into this type of power are through genetics. That it, hereditary origins are quite possible within the world of Danava. Say for instance the parent of a Danava had the concept of "Fire" while her offspring had "Lightning". In this instance, the descendant would receive his parent's origin while having his own at the same time. Rarer cases also include the second parent. So, going back to our Lightning Danava, it may be possible for him to have been bestowed his father's concept of "wind" in order to mold that in his multi-origin powers. However, once someone starts to have more then two origins associated with them, the first two are generally the strongest, while the next two or three are moderate in proficiency and skill. And, if possible, a Six-Origin Danava would probably have their last two sets be the weakest out of all.

In addition to that, those with more then one origin may need to invest in a Eternal Partner as mentioned below. This is because that while they may have more then one origin and that they may be able to control multiple powers at once, it's a rather risky gamble. Why is this? Well, the more origins that are stacked onto to a Danava, the more unstable the body becomes when trying to use them all at the same time. This is because it has to repeat the entire process of obtaining an Atma Vatou, crafting different forms for the Danava and trying to balance the flow of power within them. Thus, it's very simple to manage one or two different origins, though there may still be some difficulties with managing two origins at the same time in combat. However, it becomes another story when more then that is added to a Danava. The body becomes very overloaded with the demands coming from all the origins and the user typically chooses to either one or two powers at a time.

In some cases, Danava can use more then that, but they often run have high risk associated with them. Things such as temporarily or permanently becoming mentally deranged can occur because of the extreme amount of stress on their mind from trying to mentally control these powers. This can lead to homicidal tendacies, complete changes in personality, amnesia and in some cases? Total madness. But don't think the mental effects aren't just limited to that. Typically, the more dominant traits in crazed Danava like rage or personality changes are commonly reported. So there is a plethora of unreported or unheard of alterations to a Danava's mental state because of using Mulit-Origin. Though, the dangers aren't alone mental. Other risk can include physical changes as well. Ranging from injury to the body, extreme strain from using too many powers and even the possibility for death or coma from abusing them too much. In addition to that, some Danava may simply lose control of their powers if they can't master them and run the risk of harming those around them and themselves.

Thus, from the cases given above, most simply choose to have Eternal Partner(s) and obtain a Phyuja Rājya; which is a stabilized state in which Danava can use all of their powers to it's peak potential and the addition of any mulit-origin strengths. Yet, some do not want to bother with it as they run their own set of risk by birthing that sort of creature into their soul. And so, others just swift back and forth between the different power sets they have with multi-origin.

Origin Based Tools

Origin Swap: This is an ability mostly for those who invest in Multi-Origins. Mostly used by those who have not yet acquired a Phyuja Rājya, or have a Phyuja Rājya and have over three concepts; an Origin Swap allows a Danava Demon to simply swap out primary powers in battle. So, for a case and point, let's take a Danava who happens to have "Happiness" and "Sorrow" mixed in with their origin. Ordinarily, their Happiness would be the primary power and most focused set. However, if they perform a Origin Swap in combat, they can swap out functionalities and make it their main power until they do another Origin Swap. It's all rather similar to flipping one switch off, and turning on another primary switch. All of this occurs mentally and most Multi-Origin Danava can do this on a whim in order to better balance out their powers.

Atma Vatou: What is an Atma Vatou? You can think of this as all sorts of equipment, physical partners, special abilities, tools, weapons, armor or any other sort of mechanism that is related to the Danava Demon's power/origin/concept/past. So, to provide a foundation on to make this, I'll give you a sample of how this is usually done for a Danava Demon. Say you have a Danava Demon based around the concept of "war". Well, this Demon Would have Atma Vatou that is related to that. They would be able to craft all sorts of swords, daggers, knives, tanks, grenades, bullets and guns from thier origin. Then, in order to release them, they'd probably have some sort of release phrase to go along with it. In order to summon their army of tanks? Well, it would probably go along the lines of this: "Come forth and conquer, Atma Vatou forged from the blood of war!" Thus, with that example had, each Atma Vatou will typically have it's own unique release phrase that will often relate to how it was forged and ultimately having "Atma Vatou" somewhere in it. (Come forth, Atma Vatou created from lust! Roll about, Atma Vatou birhted from the Earth! Strike 'em dead, Atma Vatou of the Sky! etc)

It's also worth noting that they can have/summon more then just one Atma Vatou at a time. However, it varies from tier to tier. So, from this guide below, you should figure out how many Atma Vatou your character can have at any given time.

Tier 5: 0 Atma Vatou (Per Power Origin)
Tier 4: 2 Atma Vatou (Per Power Origin)
Tier 3: 4 Atma Vatou (Per Power Origin)
Tier 2: 6 Atma Vatou (Per Power Origin)
Tier 1: 8 Atma Vatou (Per Power Origin)
Tier 0: 10 Atma Vatou (Per Power Origin)

Obtaining an Atma Vatou & More: In order to craft, forge or obtain an Atma Vatou? A demon must first begin to understand their origins. This means they must have a understanding of what their general power set is based off. Thus, all sorts of mental training, physical training and self-discovery may be needed in order to eventually figure it out. Once that moment arrives where they finally understand what they are? That is the moment where they are finally able to create Atma Vatou at their leisure. While, at the same time, their powers will often have something enhanced about them from this self-discovery. If they came to realize they were a Danava forged from Kinetic Energy? Then it would be possible for them to apply this aspect in every little thing they do by enhancing their speed, enhaincg their reaction time, how fast they recover and so on. It will also allow them the needed key to grant them access into their release forms. (It's worth noting that sometimes their concepts can sometimes come to them as a mental intitatuion or a "Eureka Moment".)

Naming Atma Vatou: You can choose not to give your Atma Vatou a name, but often giving it one allows it to become even more effective and ultimately reach it's full potential by acknowledging it's existence; similar to how shinigami's Kidō become more powerful when giving their Kidō special enchantments. However, in order to obtain a name, you must first realize something about yourself. For instance, going back to our war demon, he could possibly come to the conclusion that the reason why he crafted his Atma Vatou made from Gerandes is so that he can destroy, obliterate and decimate anything that would otherwise upset his inner world, tread upon his land and ultimately lay waste to his peace. Therefore, based on these facts, he would most likely come to terms with this and name his Atma Vatou "Nani mo Doro"; meaning "Nothing Road" in Japanese. Based on himself, his Atma Vatou will always be sure to use the best of it's ability in order to ensure nothing is left of his target to secure our Danava Demon's peace of mind. It's even be possible to be granted additional abilities for each said Atma Vatou as each piece of your inner self is unlocked; such as with our War Danava being able to generate grenade explosions without his Atma Vatou or his Atma Vatou being granted some new ability.

Their Inner World & Partner

Conceptual World: A Conceptual World is a place that is crafted within a Danava after obtaining their Origin Power. Unlike a Shinigami's Inner World, a Danava Demon's Conceptual World is mostly based upon the different Origins of power that are linked to them. For instance, say you had a Danava Demon whose Power Origin was "Strength". If this had turned out to be the case, then they would most likely have a Conceptual World that would be filled with many open spaces, deserts and mountain ranges in order to train. If we added a Multi-Power Origin to this? Then this might change a bit. An example of this would be if the "Strength" based Danava had inherited a "Fire" concept from it's parents. If this were to occur, then the Danava's Conceptual World would be an extremely hot place. With this extension there should be all sorts of volcano's, flaming forest and even the sky itself may turn a red or become entirely engulfed in the flames of this Danava's soul that burn valiantly with his strength. Thus, from the example given above, most Danava's Conceptual World's work like this.

There is also an additional perk to a Danava's Conceptual World. This is often where their "Eternal Partner" seems to rest. Therefore, many sorts of talks, battles and other run-in's with their Origin Power's Partner may occur here. In addition to that, Danava Demon's are also capable of summoning various parts of their Conceptual World into the material plane with a technique called "Rilīja"; which means Release in Hindi. Going back to our Dual-Origin Danava, if he were to use his "Rilīja"? He would tap into the vast temperatures in his inner world in order to melt the vicinity around him or use it's flames in combat somehow. Another showcase of Rilīja would be someone who had the concept of "Water" as their Origin Power and summoned immense tidal waves onto the the field with. These two examples are just some of the ways a Danava Demon's Rilija and Conceptual World can be used.

Eternal Partner: As Shinigami have Zanpakutō Spirits that are bound to their weapons, Danava Demon's have Eternal Partners which associated with themselves and the origins of their powers. Typical this occurs from the moment they obtain their origin or power and their partner is birthed into existence within the recesses of their mind. However, unlike Zanpakutō Spirits, rather then reflecting the user's heart or soul; they take very strongly to the concept, origin or power the user happens to take on upon discovering the depths of themselves. So if there were to be a fire based Danava? Chances are that their Eternal Partner would most likely be some sort of fiery persona; being hot-headed, irritable and a quick thinker. And, as to further separate them from a Shinigami's Zanpakutō, most Danava do not need or require one. Meaning, there are some instances where a Danava will simply not have a Eternal Partner because they either did not desire one, others may not be able to sustain it's existence, few choose destroyed it before it flourished or some simply had no need for it.

But, despite all that, there is one instance where a Eternal Partner may be forced. This is when a Danava takes the place of a previously slain Danava Concept. Say that the spirit of fire had been killed by someone. Should another Danava take his concept? It may be fully possible for him to be reborn within that new Danava's body and become his Eternal Partner. Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, outside of that? Not all Danava Demon's are required to have an Eternal Partner. As, regardless of rather or not they opt to keep one, most Danava can still use whichever power origin they may have associated with their body. Yet, if one should choose to have this partner? Then it will take them to a higher state of power then most others who refuse to use them. Working similar to the mechanics of a Vizard's Inner Hollow, an Eternal Partner is a separate being that lives within the host of the Danava. Should the host in question be able to otherwise tame, enslave, force, work together or come to a comprise with the Partner in question or the Partner willing lets them use their power? Then they'll be able to type into what is known as a "Phyuja Rājya", which means Fused State in Hindi.

Regardless of what form a Danava happens to be in, if one is able to obtain a Phyjua Rayja, then it will take all of the previously existing energy from the host together with the power of the Eternal Partner in order to ultimately fuse the Danava Demon with their origin and augment their racial strengths, mental states, physical being and origin powers. Unfortunately, there can be extreme variables in this. For instance, for those with Multi-Origin? There is a possibility of having an Eternal Partner that is the embodiment of all the enfused origins linked together and associated with the Danava Host. In other cases? There could be a circumstance of having an Eternal Soul for each Origin of Power the Danava may have. Or, It's also very possible for two beings to harbor four sets; with one Embodiment withholding two and the other embodiment holding the last pair. No matter how it's done, Mufti-Origin Danava's have it the hardest when it comes to Phyjua Rayja, but often the biggest payouts as well. And, in some cases, their may need to be "Caṛhā Saṅgalita", which means Ascended Fusion and may be needed for those who have four or more Origin associated with them and is on par with a Vizard's resurrection.

In any case, no matter why you choose to have an Eternal Partner, these are very wild beast to have sealed within one's mind. As, unlike Shinigami's Zanapukto Spirit's, these beings often lay within one's mind rather then their soul or heart. This means that depending on the personality of an Eternal Partner, it may be possible to inflect changes on the host they are contained within. An instance of this occurring would be if an Eternal Partner gradually attempted to guide it's host into it's nature of "insanity" by constantly hitting them with nerve senses to simply lose control and go hog wild with their powers; without a concern for themselves, those around them or consequence for their actions. Or, in the opposite, an Eternal Partner whom was forged from "Peace" would attempt to instill a sense of "calmness" within the mind of an otherwise aggressive individual.

Lastly, there is one more important thing to note about Eternal Partners. As not all of them passive, some may actually try to reclaim or possess the Danava in question if they are not strong enough to otherwise subject them to their whim. This could lead to many fights for control over the Danava, instabilities in power until the spirit is otherwise tamed and possible shifts in dominance until a settlement is made. Similar to how a Vizard most tame their Inner Hollow, some Danava may need to do the same for their Eternal Partners should they choose to go down this path. Making a contract like this quite a steep one.



The Diverse Paths

Vividha Rāstōṁ: The Vividha Rastom, meaning Diverse Paths in Hindi. This is just a general term meant to describe the many different paths that a Danava Demon can take. Thus, in the following below, you'll see all of the different Vividha Rāstōṁ that are possible.

The Constant Path

Saca ātmā (सच आत्मा, True Soul): What is Saca Atma? Saca Atma is the constant release of a Danava's power. This relates to the fact that these Danava have no need for a release. As a result, they can easily command or summon their power at a given notice. These are similar to Shinigami who are constantly in their released states or beings who simply have no desire for any sort of transformation. Saca Atma is the best path for those who simply wish to have their power at an arms reach at all given times. In some cases, however, some may have a Saca Atma because they lack the control to otherwise control a release form. This is very true, on an unrelated note, to the Demon Queen Mana. She has tried to ascend past her KQM State, but failed to no avail as she could not control that sort of power boost. In some regards, a Saca Atma works in a similar fashion as that person may have been too powerful to otherwise need or stabilize a release form. It's also possible to gain a Saca Atma simply through choice; as with Iramasha who disband from their Angelic or Demonic forms.

The most notable user of this is, none other, then the Demon God: Deveta.

Note: This can also apply to Danava with more then one origin if they have enough control over them.

Traditional Path

Aliṅgana State (आलिंगन राज्य, Embrace State): Standing for "Embrace State" in Hindi, Alingana State is the first release form for most Danava Demon's. When one is able to open the doors into this transcended state, the first thing most demon's will often see immense leaps in all their physical attributes. From speed, stamina, defense, attack strength; all of their general traits will be increased ten fold. Just imagine, even if your base speed was 150 miles per hour? This would be augmented to the point of reaching Mach Two Speeds. If you weighed two hundred pounds? Your average punching strength would be equal to three short tons, or six thousand pounds. On top of that, even their racial attributes can have the same effect; often making even the most basic release incredibly dangerous if they have nothing else to fall back on.

Though, it is worth noting that this may be varied depending on how much you have mastered this transformed state. Based on the tier system, 2-5 to 2-4 would often be beginners, resulting in a two to three times increase; while those 2-3 to 2-2 would be considered intermediate users of this augmentation and getting a four to five times increase. Going onward, those who are 2-1 to 1-5 will see a hardened release of their Alingana State and see a six to to seven times enhancement in their release. Nearing the end of the line, 1-4 to 1-2's would see a eight to nine times increase; with 1-1's always having a ten times augmentation.

However, this isn't the main purpose of an Alingana State. The primary objective of this release form is to ultimately come to terms with whatever your origin, past, concept or being is. When this transpires, all of the users powers will become easier to use and then become enhanced further beyond that. Thus, if you were a fire user? You could then begin to take your fire usage to the next level by having more fire related abilities, enhancing your current techniques and even having new power altogether; but on the condition that they are related to your base. So, for the fire user, it might be possible for him to control Lava or Solar Energy while in an Alingana State; but it wouldn't be possible for him to control all the elements or something like that.

It's also worth noting that they may also take on more characteristic of whatever background their release form is based on. Fire user? You'll probably have some sort of aura around your body that is fire-like and extremely hot skin that both doubles as defense in order to reduce damage done to the body. Based on war? Your character might have some sort of neat body armor and weaponry. Or how about the concept of shadow's? Your character might be engulfed entirely in darkness or something to that extent.

Now, with the benefits out of the way, there are certain demands needed to obtain this release. What are the needed steps in order to achieve this enhanced state of being? They'll need to have understanding their origin, have a decent control over their powers, energy reserves to sustain the transformation and typically at least three to four Atma Vatou to have been created in order to have this form unlocked. However, there is still one final requirement needed to have this ascended transformation. The last task a Danava Demon must undergo is ultimately coming to terms with what they are, who they are, where they came from and their origin. They need to accept, embrace and be totally conscious of what they are. Only then, once all these marks of passage have been obtained, will a Danava Demon Finally have their Aligana State to be used.

Unnata Release ( उन्नत, Advance): This is the second release for most Demon's who have obtained their Aliṅgana State. As most of the primary attributes have been obtained in their former state, the Unnata state is focused on perfecting those and ultimately evolving them. Therefore, some of the first changes one would see is most likely further modifications to their body. Thus, as they transform into the Unnata state, they will most likely dwell further into whatever concept, origin, thought or history they represent. If one were the origin of fire? They'd most likely have their entire body engulfed in flames in order to become the embodiment of this element; perfecting this origin further then in it's previous state while in their former release state. Another example: If one represented a past filled with pain? Then in this transformation, they'd most likely be covered in head to toe in blood, eyes turned red with agony and body covered in physical scars from all the mental pain racing to the surface in order to display just the type of horror they've had to endure in their life.

In any case, after the bodily transformation come, the benefits will quickly follow. One of the first would be further augmentation to themselves. However, unlike the former augmentation process, when one transforms into an Unnata State? The enhancements occur on many varying level's. One of the first and most dramatic levels this would apply to would most likely be a mental front. Amplification of this would result in a better understanding of themselves so that their powers become more potent then in another state before; resulting in more techniques, dramatically strengthened powers/abilities and a control of themselves like other. After all, since the Danava's core is heavily related to their psyche, any changes in this will always result in some sort of adjustment to their powersets; which is apart of the point of this ascended release.

Yet another perk of the mental boost would be that they would have further adapted perception of things on a physical and spiritual level; meaning they'd have a better understanding of how the world is operating around them, swiftly detecting their opponents movements before they even touch them and granting them further advantages over the target in question if a person is smart enough to learn how to use this mental increment. Things that could occur are in increased capacities to adapt and learn, an increased surplus of knowledge and ultimately using their mental strengths to put them over the edge. Rather it be becoming more insane to go with the concept of insanity, being more calm to go with an origin of peacefulness or becoming extremely on edge and on guard if one was originated from combat; there would eventually be the potential to have possible personality changes, alterations or further development of themselves while in this released state that are tied with where they originated from.

Now, on the physical front? They would experience another dramatic increase in that department. Leading to them being able to lift most mountains, decimate small villages with a hard kick, punch straight through steel and other physical attributes such as that. They'll also have the needed durability in order to better stand up to a wide rage of attacks the vary on a physical, spiritual and metaphysical levels. Making them better equipped to deal with blows from a wide area of fighting styles that include, but not limited to: magic based combat, weapon based combat, physical combat and spiritual or energy based combat. Making most who are able to ascend this far a pretty fearsome force to deal with for most type of opponents. As physically? They are able to deal with quite the bit of abuse. Some are worse at this attribute then others, while some are able to take this even further if they were already previously proficient at anything physical or hand-to-hand.

Lastly, the primary focus in this transformed state is to ultimately, as the title says, advance. This means that most Danava can further develop, strengthen or otherwise evolve their powers. One of the main associations that this can include, but not limited to, are: new abilities that are related to their origin. In this instance, someone who had an origin based on "Pain" could conjure up some sort of technique that allowed them to become immune from feeling pain. Or, if someone had an origin related to ice, they could most certainly figure out an ability that allowed them to control the environment around them, in terms of temperature, at least. Either way, if one is planning on doing this, just ensure that it's related to their origin.

The Merged Path

Phyuja Rājya (Fused State): What is Phyuja Rajya? Well, most simply call this a "Fused State". This is because when a Danava Demon unlocks this, they enter a state of being where they can stably use their combined concepts. So, say for instance someone had the origin or concept of "Fire" & "Water". Well, when they obtain a Phyuja Rajya, they are able to steadily use both of these powers without many drawbacks to be heard of. Thus, a Phyuja Rājya is a must for any Danava who happens to have two or more origins, links or concepts attached to their beings. In addition to that, it goes without saying that they'll typically see some sort of augmentation boost. More often then that, a typical two to three times augmentation can be found for Danava who are able to obtain their Phyuja Rajya. However, it usually isn't as intense as their traditional releases. This is because it acts more like a booster; similar to when Vizards are able to dawn their mask to gain additional power from their inner hollow.

Though, one of the primary focuses for this transformation seems to be that many Danava prefer to simply merge their powers together. Going back to our Fire & Water concept, one could simply begin to mesh those traits together to form something akin to Fire Water. In this case, the user could conjure up a truly out of this world substance that appeared to be water, but set fire to anything it touches. Or, in the reverse, conjure up techniques that appear to be fire, but actually act as a water based attacks. How they are used are ultimately up to the Danava to question, as there are simply too many possibilities to list here.

Outside of all that, the only requirement to obtain a Phyuja Rājya is the same as Aliṅgana State. They'll need to have a good understanding of their second origin. That means they'll have to really come to terms with what they are, have a good clue as to what the potential of their origin can have and have a good mastery over it. On top of that, a steady energy supply to fuel this secondary source of power may be needed. So their Phyjua Rajya is typically seen around most mid to high end second tier demon's. (So, around 2-3 and upwards) Ye' must also have typically at least three to four Atma Vatou to have been created from that origin. Though, in case of a secondary origin, this may be reduced to at least one to two.

Note: This transformation is mostly for those who have 2-3 concepts tied to them. For those who happen to have 4 classes and up, or look to advance their powers further? This next release may be needed.

Caṛhā Saṅgalita (Ascended Fusion): This has the potential to be one of the strongest Danava States from all of their different assorted forms. This is because, if used on top of their Unnata Release and Phyuja Rājya state, it would be comparable to a Vizard whom had activated their Resurrection form while having their mask previously activated alongside their Bankai state. Thus, with that said, you can see why this state might be often feared amongst even the traditional class of demon's. And, ultimately, why this form is so limited. One of the first few requirements to even be eligible for having a Caṛhā Saṅgalita would be to at least have your Unnata Release acquired. If that has been accomplished, then a Danava Demon would need to have their Phyuja Rājya fully mastered and completely stable. Which means, by the time all of that is done, they should be roughly 0-4+ at the very bare mim. Lastly, this release form is also very beneficial to those whom happen to have four or more concepts attached them. As, with the Phyuja Rājya, it can only cover 2-3 concepts at a time in a stabilized matter. Where, with Ascended Fusion, they are able to manage 4-6 concepts at a given time.

Now, if all of those requirements are met, then one can begin advancing towards their Caṛhā Saṅgalita. One the first advantages it has over it's predecessor, and over any other Danava forms for that matter, is that it is able to create "Sub-Origins". While in this release, associations that may be related to said Danava's primary origins can be formed for up to four sub-origins. Meaning, that if a Danava had a fire origin? It would be possible to conjure up a sub-origin of "Ash" based on it's relation to fire. Or, if one had a origin based off light? Then it would be possible to relate this origin to that of "holiness" or "twilight" if they had a Light and Dark origin associated with them. In fact, sub-origins typically easier to create if they are a fusion of their primary origins. Such as taking the concepts of advancement and release in order to form an Evolutionary type power. The possibilities are far too complex and variable in number to list here, so it's ultimately up to the Danava in question to sort them out the way they desire.

The next gain that this transformation has is the fact that it allows for up to six origins or concepts to be used at a given time with complete harmony. Meaning that one could use everything in their arsenal that they have at full power, full strength and absolute control for the duration they in this transformed state of being. Making this quite possibly an end game move if they are able to have the knowledge, skill, strength, energy and techniques needed to make use of their origins. It's why even traditional demon's tend to fear this release form. Which leads us to the final point of the Caṛhā Saṅgalita for Danava Demon's.

The final perk in this release is that they are typically at their peak power when in this state of being. Argo, their augmentation is roughly by four times of whatever previous form they had happened to be in. This applies to their mental state, physical traits, energy reserves, powers and so on. Allowing most Danava to go all out to their hearts content with all of this excess strength flowing throughout the core of their body. It allows for the advancements of their techniques to be used to the fullest extents, their powers past known limits and break them like shattered glass and put them in prime performance. Therefore, when going this far into their release, there should be no holding back in whatever a Danava sets out to do. As, if you fail to realize the type of strain this kind of power has, you'll ultimately end up wasting your time and having your body tire out from all the energy this release form takes from a Danava. Translating into the fact: it's best to get whatever goal you had mind done while in this form.

Note: Most can only hold this form for six to ten post at a time. So please try to make the best of this release.

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