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Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:43 am

The Vizards are a hybrid race that take both the aspects of a Hollow and Shinigami into one fused being. Making them quite inverse from the Arrancar, who obtained Shinigami-like powers by ripping their mask off. With most Vizard beginning as Shinigami, it's commonly noted that they do not appear to go through any sort of physical change when said subjects aren't using their hollowfied powers. Ultimately making them identical to Shinigami when their Vizard powers are deactivated. (Though, it is possible to sometimes pick up on them if there is variations in their spiritual energy.) There can be exceptions to this rule, but overall, they will usually retain their human appearance.

Now, in order to awaken their hollow powers? They generally don a mask in order to release their Vizard attributes. This grants them access to both their Zanpukto Spirit's power and strength form their Inner Hollow to make them, more often then not, immensely more effective then Shinigami on their level. Thus, with two beings behind their back, Vizards generally see great strides in their powers. It's typically mentioned that they see many great augmentations to them. From the physical, spiritual and advancements to their powers. It's also quite possible for them to gain some additional powers, but only if their Inner Hollow had any inverted versions of their power. Such as someone who controlled water somehow gaining the ability to generate contaminated Black water from their Inner Hollow that could infect it's intended targets.

Sequentially, the process of becoming a Vizard is called "Hollowfication" and the different methods of Hollowfication are mentioned below.

How To Become a Vizard

Iramasha Gems: Another way to become a Hollow through the use of gem's is by going to Iramasha Island and finding their gems. You see, The Iramasha have thousands of different gems placed on their island that can do various things such as teleportion, enhancing one's power, sealing and etc. It would not be impossible to find a Gem that could unite a Shinigami Spirit with a Hollow Spirit to undergo a similar process in which the Hogyoku did for the original Vizard.

Hōgyoku: One of the most rare ways to become a Vizard is through the Hogyoku. The Hōgyoku possesses a strange ability to transform a Shinigami into a perfect Hollow-Shinigami Hybrid. This is how the Vizard Corps Leader, Zin Yuudeshi, had became a Vizard himself. And in fact, as of now, is the only owner of the gem. So the only one to become a Vizard through this means is to go through him. In addition to that, it appears that the Corps Leader has discovered a way to make, what he dubs, "Evolved Vizards". Through the Hogyoku's materialization and Zin's willpower, he has crafted bodily modifications that allowed Vizards spawn from the Hogyoku to gain some basic Arrancar traits; such as Soindo, Pesquisa and even a Negación field. This will require a Grand Master Hollow control, however.

Infection: One of the most common way's in the 25th century to become a Vizard is through infection. Infections can happen by being sickened by a virus that can potentially create an inner hollow inside most Shinigami. It begins to fester, flourish and grow until a full grown Hollow is created within your soul. When this happens, you must fight this powerful beast within your inner world or risk it turning you into a full fledge Hollow. These are typically spread in area's that have increased amounts of Hollow or Arrancar activity, spread through the air by bottling up the virus and spreading it via a smog or other ways, which aren't limited to the ones listed. Additionally, you can also get injected by having Hollow DNA injected into your body through risky experiments that attempt to fuse your soul with one.

Birthing: It is possible for some Vizards to be birthed into becoming one. For this to occur, one of the main paternal units most have been transformed into a Vizard themselves. Then, by the time the child is able to realize their Shinigami powers, they'll generally have latent hollow energies that transform into an Inner Hollow thanks to parent passing on their own hollow's particles into the child and having a mixture between hereditary Vizard creation and infection taking place with their children. This has heavily been noted in the Yuudeshi Clan, mainly in the branch of the clan that Zin Yuudeshi leads. As, from what he has documented, some of his children were able to unlock Vizard powers from the start based on this reasoning.

Sealing: This is a rather new way to become a Vizard, but a method none the less. With more people learning how to use seal's, it's not that uncommon to find out that Shinigami have had Hollow's sealed into their bodies through ritual's, Demon Spell's , Kidō moves, Demon Spells, Universal Tools from human's and so on and so forth. This method is the best for gaining more control over the hollow in the long run. Why is that? Well, take a look at Ziamichi for starter. Being distant relatives of Vizards, it's very easy to use them as an example. So, when their spirits are sealed? In some cases, they end up making it a one way street. Ensuring, that in some situations, it's a one way street between the host and the spirit. Or, in other cases, it will at least stop the spirit from trying to possess the medium so much.

Absorption: A rather radical way to become a Vizard, some Shinigami have taken it upon themselves to absorb other Hollow. This can work by creating some sort of way for the Holllow to be transported into a Shinigami's Inner World and then the Shinigami doing the battle with the Hollow in order to make it's powers his own. The rolls can also be reversed if a powerful Hollow absorbs a Shinigami and they have to fight the Hollow in their own inner world. Though, should this method fail? It's quite possible for the Shinigami to either turn fully into a Hollow or transform themselves into an Arrancar. Therefore, there is alot riding on the outcome of that battle in their inner world. These effects may also be negated if, at some point, the Shinigami is able to eject the hollow from their body before they submit or dominate the hollow.

Inner Hollow Section

The Inner Hollow: On this site, the Inner Hollow can differ greatly amongst the Vizard Population in this day and age. Unlike Ichigo's, some Inner Hollow's have been noted as looking rather different then the host. For instance, Aisu Anzai discovered that his Inner Hollow took more after his powers and Zanpukto spirit; rather then Aisu's physical appearance. Thus, this means that an Inner Hollow will, if they don't take after the Shinigami, have their looks associated with something else that is related to the host. However, as rare as it is, sometimes Inner Hollow's can look entirely different then the host. As with the case of Zin Yuudeshi having an Inner Hollow that just barely resembled him. So, in this regard, most types of Inner Hollow's can vary greatly from Vizard to Vizard. Ultimately meaning that they'll have a very diverse set of personalities as well.

Some Inner Hollow's seek to dominate the persons souls in order to transform them into a full-fledged Hollow or Arrancar hybrid. This is often the case with those who have poor control over their Inner Hollow and allow them to call the shots. These can result in unstable powers and extreme changes in personality during the early stages of becoming a Vizard. Despite that, though, there are other hollow's who simply wish to be left alone. Meaning, some may not want to be associated with the Shinigami at all and will take work to tame their powers. And, although hollow's can vary like people, it seems that it's rather rare to come across those who mutally understand work together; as with the case of Zin Yuudeshi and his Inner Hollow. Though, these aren't absolute terms. The only thing that's certain is that there must be some sort of a connection, even if it's a negative one, to really utilize much of a Vizards hollowfied powers.

It doesn't matter how this connection, bond, relationship or acknowledge is contained; but it is required for there to at least have one contact with said Inner Hollow. Rather it be with Vizards choose to suppress their Inner Hollow to keep it from taking over, with others choose to take them head-on and show them who is the boss of their own body or those who maybe decide to come to an understanding and work together with the Inner Hollow. In the end, some sort of battle, as with the one they had to obtain their Zanputko Spirit, must take place and eventually they'll be able to use their Inner Hollow's powers.

Inner Hollow Powers: Often times, an Inner Hollow's power can reflect whatever power your Shinigami has. Being that they are of the same soul, if nothing else, they can have an exact duplicate of said Shinigami's strengths. However, in other cases, it's possibly for them to either have darkened or inverted versions of the Zanpukto's abilities. For instance, if one had the power to summon electricity with their Shikai? Then, in the Inner Hollow's case, they'd be able to create some form of twisted lightning that was black in color and possessed the ability to infect those in which it hits; causing severe damage to them spiritually and lowering the health of their soul chain. This is bit a simple example, but a good one none the less. Another instance, in terms of inversion, would be having an Inner Hollow who could take ice related power and expand on it, in a more skilled manner then the Shinigami, in order to begin lowering the tempature within a given area and having ice skin. Thus, in short, you should focus on having your Inner Hollow's powers. As, by the time they dawn their mask, they'll typically have this as well.

The Vizard Mask Section

Masked Formation: Generally, with this new generation of Vizards, mask creation can deviate quite a bit. By this, we mean that the mask that they are granted when they summon their Inner Hollow's can have alot of variables that determine it's appearance. An instance of this occurring would be if a fire based users were able to bring forth a mask that was engulfed entirely in fire. Obviously, his flame attributes played a big factor in that mask appearance. Meanwhile, a different fire user can simply have tribal-like markings in their mask that seem to look like flames. Argo, these perks are ultimately left up to the user (you) to decide. Some Vizards have even been noted as being able to completely custom fit their mask. That is, have such a great control their hollowedifed powers, that they can even change the outward presence of their mask upon will. It's also been documented that it's also possible for the mask, such as in Ichigo's case, to change based on taming or further development of their Vizard powers.

Vizard Powers: The dawning of a mask is simply the activation process that a Vizard goes through when summoning their Inner Hollow. When this occurs, The Vizard will generally see a good surge in energy. Most of the time? They'll see overall increases in their body ranging from the spiritual, increased amounts of energy, physically augmentation and more advanced techniques and abilities for their powers to use. Basic examples of this would be amplified strength in order to smash through opponents more easily, boosted speed that is needed to keep up with faster targets and heightened durability through Mask Protection in order to ignore some heavy blows. Those who are further along the line can apply these physical augmentations to other senses such as sight, perception and so on as they further develop their power augmentation with more mastery and skill over their hollowfied states or powers.

The other primary factor in this is that also generally gain hollow based powers. Meaning, this new generation of Vizards holds the capacity to not only perform cero's, but also utilize Garganta more easily, some levels of regeneration and some basic levels of power that a hollow can perform. Ultimately allowing them to make use of the hollow skill sheet in order to so. Examples of this would be using Garganta to swallow some attacks, applying their regeneration in order to regrow limbs and their acid to burn through certain material. Alongside that, the last primary attribute that occurs when a Vizard dawns their mask is that they can generally use their Inner Hollow's power. So, if they had an electric power? It's very possible for them to conjure up some sort of Black Lightning that had special proprieties to it; such as this dark lightning being able to stun attacks and neutralize them.

With that said, a general idea of how to use the Vizard's power should be gathered from this.

Mask Limits: Since there is so much power being generated from a Vizard when they dawn their mask, there is generally a limit to how long they can sustain themselves in their augmented state. So posted below are the time limits for how long such a transformation can sustain itself.

Upper 0 Tier (0-3+ and above): 35 posts until their mask is shattered.
Lower 0 Tier (0-3 and below): 30 posts until their mask is shattered.
1 Tier: 20 posts until their mask is shattered.
2 Tier: 10 posts until their mask is shattered.
3 Tier: 5 posts until their mask is shattered.
4 Tier: 2 posts until their mask is shattered.
5 Tier: 0 posts until their mask is shattered.

Once they reach the limit of their mask? Then, chances are, they will not be able to use their hollow powers for the duration of the thread. This can be prevented, however, if they simply stop using it for a certain amount of post before reaching that limit. For instance, if a Vizard was up to 29 post on a 0-3 level? If they stopped just before the 30, then they could lower it back down to 28 post and make two usable post before breaking their limit if they donned their masked. This is because there is a one post restoration period. It would eventually return them back to their 30 post limit if they had waited that long or whatever limit they stopped.

A Vizard's Resurrección

What Is a Resurrección for Vizards: As you may or may not know, a Resurrección usually returns the essence of an Arrancar's offensive Hollow abilities to their humanoid bodies. However, unlike Arrancar, the Vizard's Resurrección is a bit different. Firstly, only some of the most exceptional Vizards are really able to obtain a Ress State. Therefore, this cap is generally around 0-3 tier. Then, once this requirement is met, a Vizards Inner Hollow seems to advance to a point where they have evolved their bodies to obtain Arrancar-Like powers. This transformation is known as "Evolución" and is exclusive only to Inner Hollow. However, unlike regular Arrancar, Evolución based Inner Hollow's only have half the strength they'd have if they were a regular Arrancar. Still making themselves Hollow's, but granting them enough lee-way to possess a Resurrección that the Vizard is is able to pick up on.

Bringing us to the point that most Vizards, by this point, should have advanced Hollow Control for access into this state and Master to see full benefits. This is because it requires a great deal of skill to control and is not something easily tamed. Since they are drawing the maximum amount of strength from their Inner Hollow's Evolución, this is essentially another beings full potential they are bringing to the surface. Thus, by simple logic, in order to force someone else to your will? You'll generally need some sort of willpower, strength or asset in order to pull this off. Should they not have at least advanced Hollow Control? Then chances are they will descend into a Ahuecado Estado, otherwise known as a Hollowed Form. That will be explained later, but is ultimately when the Inner Hollow is able to assert full control over the Shinigami and bring them to a devastatingly high state of power. One that is, in rare cases, stronger then the Resurrección State; if only based on their chaotic or destructive natures.

Leaving those who are able to tame their Inner Hollow to such an extent with a Resurrección. And, with the general theme of Vizard's assets, they'll generally put a Vizard in peak physical condition. Why is that? Well, it generally takes a the Inner Hollow's Resurrección and merges it together with their Bankai; making an all around stronger being. To have a comparison? This state is equivalent to the Final Bankai Ichigo had displayed against his Final fight with Aizen. Which is why a Ress State is the pinnacle of Vizard power. As, in other words, this is simply their Final Form. Allowing the Vizard to have hefty increases in their overall power, strength, energy, mental awareness and abilities; but possibly bringing forth new powers for their Inner Hollow to use. For instance, while in Resurrección, it's very possible a Vizard to make use of Soindo. While, those on the rarer end, have been noted as displaying things like Hierro; such as with Vizards spawned from the Hogyoku in Zin Yuudeshi's possession.

Alongside that, with the flow of Resurrección, it's possible to form completely new abilities that are related to their powers while in this transcended state. Though, there is a catch to this. The additional ability does not come from the Shinigami, but rather the Inner Hollow tapping into their Arrancar-Based attributes. Meaning, that if an Inner Hollow had the ability to produce Black Lightning? Then in Ress, they could possibly conjure up some sort of Darkness Manipulation in order to produce things such as "Black Cero", "Shadow" versions of the Shinigami's powerset and so on.

But, like with every great release, there comes a major drawback. The Resurrección for Vizards generally has a set time limit. Below are the limits that it can last...

0-3 Level Vizards: Most 0-3's can hold their Ress state for roughly three post on average and a five post maxium.
0-2 Level Vizards: All 0-2's can stand to be in their Ress State for around five post on average and seven post maxium.
0-1 Level Vizards: Although unheard of at this point, a 0-1 Vizard can stand to be in their res state for seven post and have a ten post maxium.

...and, like with their Mask Shattering, once a Vizard's time is up? They'll generally be severely fatigued for the duration of the thread and would be restricted to their base form; with some higher-end users having some limited capacity of their Shikai in extreme circumstances.

Making a Resurrección a last resort for most Vizards.

The Hollowed Form

Hollowed Form: This is the state that most Vizards take when the Hollow is in the process of possessing of them or fully takes over them. Often, this occurs as a result of the Inner Hollow takes a dominant footing in the Vizard. If this is allowed to transpire, then generally the Inner Hollow will see a massive boost in power and proceed down the path of fully transforming the Shinigami's body into a hollow. This can happen for a multitude of reasons that are listed below.

During The Hollowfication Process: On average, during Hollowfication, the Shinigami is going through the task of fighting against their Inner Hollow in order to tame power. This usually takes place in the host's Inner World and has been noted as lasting upwards of one hundred minutes. For older Vizards, the time limit was much lower to win their Inner Battle, but it appears this generation of Vizards following the Aizen Arc have a different set of rules. Never the less, for the time being, their outward bodies will generally begin to transform into hollow's until either said Shinigami runs out of time, they lose or ultimately end up dying. Therefore, during this brief time, Hollow Forms can generally be seen. They've been displayed having the capacity to use the Shinigami's Zanpukto, being extremely unpredictable and using their hollowfied and augmentative powers in more skilled ways then the Shinigami is generally able to do with their dawned mask.

Swapping: With Vizards who appear to have a Grand Mastery level of control, they can choose to willingly transform into their Hollowed State at any time. They may not be in control of it, but they've generally worked out arrangements, deals or understandings with their Inner Hollow to warrant them giving their bodies to the Inner Hollow. This has been noted with Zin Yuudeshi paving out a mutual agreement amongst the both of them in order to ensure their own survival, if nothing else. So, these types of Vizards with such control over their Inner Hollow appear to have a much less side effects from transforming into their Hollowed Forms and face less danger then those who are forced into this state of being with less control over their Inner Hollow.

Near Death Circumstances: In some cases, when the Vizard is on the verge of dying, the Inner Hollow has been known to possess the Shinigami in order to ensure it's own survival. When this occurs, the Vizard becomes significantly healed, as the Inner Hollow is substituting their body for it's own. In addition to that, they'll also see a massive augmentation as their powers become much more fierce, increased in striking power and more brutal then previously. And, with all of the adrenaline pumping in such a case, Inner Hollow's are generally their strongest while transforming into a Hollowed State when their life is danger. As, they are putting everything they've got into protecting their well being and seeking to do anything in order to terminate whatever target has endangered their life and called for such a power to be unleashed into the world. Making it unwise to underestimate a Hollowed Form when one is pushed to the edge of their limits.

Mental Instability: On some occasions, a Hollowed Form has been called upon when the Vizard in question has gone through periods of mental trauma. Examples of this occurring would be some subjects have entered onto to war fields, only to find that their family, friends and loved ones were dead or on the verge of Death from enemy forces. In this scenario? Some Vizards have been noted as losing all rational sense and allowing their Inner Hollow to take control in order to bring about it's chaotic power to obliterate their opponents. Another instance of an unstable Mental State being a factor in awakening a Hollowed Form is if the Vizard had allowed the opponent to get in their head. Say if they were in an extremely stressed state because the target imprisoned something or someone the Vizard held dear to them? If pushed far enough, the Vizard would succumb to the stress and ultimately allow the Inner Hollow to take over and smash through the target, if they can help it, with it's beastly power.

Additionally, there is something called a Mature Hollow form for more powerful Vizards. After obtaining a Evolución upon reaching 0-3, some Inner Hollow's have obtained a more refined version of their Hollow Form when they take over. One of the more documented examples a fully grown Hollowfied Form would be Ichigo Kurosaki's fight against Ulquiorra in Hueco Mundo. He was displayed as having what is believed to be a Matured Hollow Form. During the duration in his Inner Hollow had control, it appeared that it was completely different in terms of looks, personality and strength from his former, immature Hollow Form that he tapped into during his training with the Vizards. Leading most to assume that this new generation of Vizards will typically see similar instances of advanced hollow forms after unlocking the capacity to obtain a Resurrección. Zin Yuudeshi has even stated that he believes these forms are more lethal then Resurrección, if only for the truly destructive nature that most hollow's appear to have and their knowledge of Arrancar/Hollow techniques after reaching such a point.

What Happens When An Inner Hollow Wins

This section is meant to explain the possibilities of what can occur if an Inner Hollow is able to take over the Vizard. Please note, the outcomes of these are not just limited to the ones below. As, with a little imagination, just about anything can happen. But, for the most part? These results seen as the most common result of an Inner Hollow taking full control and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Setting Themselves Free: In some cases, Inner Hollow's have been reported as releasing themselves from the Shinigami's control when they are able to fully take command of their body. By this, they no longer desired to be enslaved for them and usually end up expelling themselves from the host's body. If this occurs? Then, nine times out of ten, they'll generally lose most of their Hollowfied Powers. There have been cases where the Shinigami was able to retain some of the darkened abilities that their Inner Hollow may have had, but they'd never be able to use the augmentation or any hollow-based powers again. Regressing them back to Shinigami and leaving them spared for the most part.

Evolved Hollow: Should a Vizard lose their Inner Battle? Then chances are...they'll transform into a Transcended Hollow Form. This usually occurs when a Shinigami is now going through the process of losing control of their body and gradually becoming a full born Hollow. If allowed to develop further, it's been documented that they are transformed into "Evolución". As stated previously, this transcendence is exclusive only to Inner Hollow. They are able to obtain roughly half the strength of an average Arrancar with their own Resurrección. However, should they fully be able to consume a Shinigami's body or soul? Then they'd be given the needed resources to go through "Estado Evolución ", meaning Hollowed Evolution.

These are very similar to Arrancar, but with a major difference. Generally, Evolución based Hollow's do not go on to form their own Zanpukto, but rather, they take the former Zanpukto of the Shinigami whom they possessed for their own power and gain the Shinigami Skill Sheet. Truly making them an inverted version of the Vizards as, in most cases, they'll either have their former host become their Inner Shinigami or substitute them for their Zanpukto Spirit. They are able to use all of their powers, the inverted powers from the Inner Hollow and release into a Resurrección. Making it very unwise to end up losing against your Inner Hollow in this scenario.

Skill Sheet

Power Augmentation: As most people know, Vizards gain an additional source of power upon the day they become one with their inner hollow. Thus, with their Shinigami and Hollow powers working together in one body the accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of. Therefore, the higher your skill level is in this area, the more hollow powers you will learn, the overall strength of your Vizard will increase and in some extreme cases you may learn moves Arrancar know such as with Zin on his Grand Master level of Power Augmentation.
  • Untrained
    A Vizard who is untrained in piwer augmentation typically will have no relationship with their inner hollow, or their inner hollow is so weak that there is no amount of relative power to be gained from them. When an untrained in Power Augmentation lowers their mask, they receive next to no general buffs or access to hollow powers. At most, they may receive a tiny uptick in their overalll supply of energy, but not enough for even the user to typically notice. A Vizard with a power augmentation at the untrained level may not even realize that they are themselves actually a Vizard, or it could be much harder for others to identify that person as a Vizard.

  • Beginner
    A Vizard of beginner-level power augmentation has begun to see the effects that can be gained by using their Vizard in combat. While they may not have perfect control, or their hollow is still relatively weak, donning their mask does have some amount of influence on how effective the Vizard is in battle. In addition, it is possible at this level for a Vizard to attempt to use minor/more basic abilities, such as Cero. But while the user may have gained access to the bottom level of the power that can be granted by one's inner hollow, they do not gain much other than this small concession.

  • Adept
    A Vizard who has achieved the rank of Adept in their power augmentatoin has a decent idea of how their Inner Hollow functions, of what kinds of powers they gain from it. They are typically able to receive a noticeable boost when they enter into their masked state, and it is at this point that they can usually begin to experiment with the abilities granted by their inner hollow. However, because they have gained a decent measure of their abilities, they also have begun to risk the hollow taking over at a greater rate, especially if they are experimenting with the capacities of power they gain from wearing their mask.

  • Advanced
    When a Vizard has reaches this level of power with their mask, they will become much more fierce while their mask has been equipped. They will tend to gain augmentations similar to whatever it is their inner hollow specializees in - for some, that means greatly enhanced speed, or stanima, or strength. This may even extend to other physical traits, such as reflexes or keeping track of multiple items simultaneously. In addition, an Advanced rank of Power Augmentation means that experimenting with one's inner hollow's abilities becomes much easier than previously. This is the stage at which the individual hollow that the Vizard has will begin to grant them particular abilities that correspond to any inner hollow powers they have, and then the Vizard can begin developing them further.

  • Elite
    At this point, the user's buffs from their inner hollow from entering into their masked state become a complete transformation. Their bodies typically begin outputting significant spiritual force, almost all of their typical offensive and movement based stats skyrocketing in effectiveness. The transformation is so dramatic that those around the Vizard may actually mistake them for an Arrancar or extraordinarily powerful hollow, due to the amount of hollow-like energy flooding around their body. Little if any of their inner hollow's custom abilities have been unexplored at this point.

  • Master
    For the vast majority of Vizard, this is the height at which Power Augmentation can reach when one's inner hollow is involved. When the user becomes a master of power augmentation, it becomes clear that they are more than just a typical Shinigami. Their inner hollow's power radiates along with their own, and they passively receive a a buff to their strength, available energy, and speed.

    In some ways, it is actually more comfortable for a Master of Power Augmentation to fight with their mask on instead of off. Because of the constant presence of that power increase, it can start to feel a bit like a leash tugging one forward by their neck non-stop. Once the mask is lowered, that power comes flooding out to the surface, the individual's muscle mass visibly increasing to some extent, the amount of raw energy they radiate typically unable to be contained, alerting others to their presence the same way that a hollow does. It is also at this point that the general powers and abilities granted by the hollow become much easier for the Vizard to mix with their own abilities, or their Zanpakuto's, depending on if they can make the two cooperate.

  • Grand Master
    At this point, the fact that the Vizard is 'drawing power' from their inner hollow changes. They no longer simply draw power; they own it as if it were their own, and it synchronizes with their energy flawlessly. For each Vizard, the Grandmaster rank for Power Manipulation will display itself in its own unique ways. A couple of consistencies are that: the user needs no permission from their inner hollow to use any of their traits or abilities. They can infuse their own attacks with their hollow's power, even if they have next to no experience in that particular combination of energies. The Vizard's energy floods the battlefield when they begin fighting, and their aura can potentially alter the landscape around them.

Cero/Bala: Cero's are highly explosive energy-based attacks that can be shot off from almost any part of a Vizard's body. This is something is tradiationally only for Hollow or Arrancar, but the Vizards have learned this ability as time has passed on and even the most basic Vizard knows Cero and Bala. . Therefore, the higher you are in this field, the more powerful, precise and quicker your cero's or bala's become. Along with that, those with higher skills in Cero can charge their blasts faster and begin to learn varying custom Cero's. (I.E. learning how to make an ice based cero or fire based cero; one of the most common variants.)
  • Untrained
    When this type of Vizard attempts to create a Cero, the attempt will be so uncontrolled that the attack is just as likely to blow up in their face, if they even have enough energy to do that to themselves. Typically, for this to happen, a Vizard has next to no training either by themselves, no advice given to them for forming these by their hollow or others, or is simply completely disinterested in cero, to the point of not wanting to learn anything about them. Typically, this is an indicator of spiritual energy deficiency; most individuals who have any interest in Kido or similar spiritual constructs tend to welcome the addition of cero and bala into their arsenal. For the untrained Vizard, cero is not simply foreign; it is typically completely unwanted by the user.

  • Beginner
    A beginner of using Cero and bala typically has fired at least one in their lifetime successfully. It means that they have had the opportunity to loose a Cero, no matter what kind of degree of control it had. Typically, a user of Cero at this level will not have the ability to manipulate it in any deep or more meaningful ways. At this level, the most important thing for a vizard to do in regards to their Cero is to continue training up its power. A beginner in Cero is unlikely to be able to loose more than a single solid Cero within a post, or may end up exhausting themselves if they try to output too much at once.

  • Adept
    An adept in Cero and Bala has become used to the act of firing them. They generally do not exhaust themselves from a single blast, and generally know their limits when they do release their power in such explosive waves. In addition, this is when a vizard can begin to experiment with how they use their cero and bala, at least slightly. This is more usual for bala, as they are smaller and easier to produce. Their cero also tend to have more force behind them, typically, and they can comfortably fire between two and three such blasts per post, though it may come at significant cost to their energy reserves. Also, the adept in Cero and Bala tends to use their energy blasts more efficiently, due to their greater level of experience with energy attacks as a whole.

  • Advanced
    A Vizard practitioner of Cero and Bala at this level has fired off their fair share of the destructive blasts, and has a decent amount of experience with using them in battle. Typically, they have been forced into situations where they had to be adaptive - possibly using their Cero as a defensive buffer, or trying to manipulate the course or trajectory of their bala, firing them off with multiple paths and timings to attempt to hit their target in a more meaningful way. Additionally, if their inner hollow has any unique properties that pass through to the Vizard, such as a trait that makes attacks more explosive, these unique properties will begin to show themselves within the Vizard's cero. Firing off three or four Cero a post comfortably is well within the feasible range of this skilled level of Vizard. Additionally, the Vizard is more likely to understand their own energy reserves, making it less likely that their inner hollow is able to take over from overspending themselves, energy-wise.

  • Elite
    By this level, the Vizard's level of control over their cero, the amount of energy they can output, and how often they can use their Cero are all forces to be reckoned with. They can cause significant damage to the environment with their use of explosive energy attacks, and any unique properties that their inner hollow would have towards energy attacks expresses itself in most of the energy attacks utilized. In addition, this tends to be the point at which things like alternate cero-firing points can be experimented with, or things like trying to incorporate effects granted by a Shinigami's zanpakuto can start being experimented with.

  • Master
    It should be assumed that when facing a Vizard who has a Master ranking in using Cero and Bala, that their available stores of energy are beyond the scope of most supernatural beings. Using cero is as natural for this kind of Vizard as throwing a punch. More than that, though, is their level of control. Doing things like turning the cero into a contained beam of destruction, making it stop at a certain point, or effortlessly firing off a wave of bala from every point on their bosy. These are just examples of specializations that a Master in Cero/Bala usage could master. The greatest difference between this level and Elite is the raw ease for the Vizard in creating these attacks. Also, at this point the user can easily fire off cero and bala even without their mask on, and can choose between using their own energy for it or their Inner Hollow's.

  • Grand Master
    If a Vizard develops their cero and bala skill to the level of Grandmaster, they will typically be unmatched in their own specializations of how they use the energy attacks granted by their inner hollow. They understand the root principles behind how Cero works, what makes it tick, how to output it, how to make that output stop, and they understand these things on an instinctual level. Essentially, whatever violent act that they put their mind to they can produce at least adeptly within the first few attempts. Each vizard with this rank will develop their own intimate understanding of it, and so the exact interpretation of this level of skill may vary.

Mask Protection: What is Mask Protection? Well, Mask Protection occurs when a Vizard Dawns it's mask and begins the task of fighting. While taking hits from certain opponents, body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations or by Zin Yuudeshi when he first transformed into his Vizard state during the Ender Arc. As the years went on, this eventually turned into the Vizard's own version of Hierro. Therefore, the higher your level is with Mask Protection, the more blows your character will be able to ignore. The lower your skill level is, the more these blows become apparent.
  • Untrained
    This level of Mask Protection tends to be... difficult to achieve. Here are a couple of factors which could lead to an untrained level of Mask Protection: a suicidal and completely untrained inner hollow an inner hollow based entirely on offense with no regard for their own health, a purposeful sacrifice made by the Vizard controlling their inner holloe to the point of refusing to allow any energy or skill to be employed towards Mask Protection as a matter of principle. Now, each of these scenarios is rather extreme, and what it comes back to is that the untrained in mask protection receives no defensive buffs from their hollow, with or without their mask on. They gain no increased tolerance to pain, and every bit of damage they take remains unaffected by their inner hollow.

  • Beginner
    Just starting out on the smallest degree of mask protection. The amount of damage that a Vizard with beginner Mask Protection can take with their mask on as opposed to off is slightly higher. For instance, it's possible for minor wounds to be easier for them to shrug off, or for their bodies to take slightly less damage than they had previously.

  • Adept
    When an adept in Mask Protection is wearing their mask, they are become noticeably more difficult to put down. A Vizard with this trait donning their mask will find that previous wounds become easier to work through, and that successive wounds do not feel as if they have quite as much 'oomph' as before. Additionally, it becomes more difficult to break parts of a vizard's body when they have this level of Mask Protection. For those more situated towards close combat, they may even begin to understand this trait further, noticing how dealing with their inner hollow makes them feel. However, as with Power Augmentation at this rating, if the user is not careful of the potential risk of misuse of this trait, it may come back to bite them. Coming out of the masked state may prove to be overwhelmingly exhausting, and if they are also in emotional turmoil, it may aid the hollow in taking over.

  • Advanced
    The Vizard of this level in Mask Protection has been through a fair amount of damage in their time. Their Masked State is more than used to receiving beatings, and having to deal with shrugging off blows, and having to keep fighting. An advanced in Mask Protection would feasibly be able to don their mask after losing a limb, and still manage to get back up to keep fighting. It's even possible that traits of their inner hollow begin to show while their mask is on throughout their body, nowhere near the level of Ressercion but definitely noticeable. It is not uncommon for an Advanced in Mask Protection to be able to endure huge individual blows. They may become exhausted from such attacks, but their bodies are much better at withstanding them. This trait still carries the potential danger of allowing for the Vizard to overextend themselves. Because the bonuses will typically only be granted while the mask is on, a Vizard may end up in a trapped situation; let their mask fall off and suffer their body being unable to keep up with the damage it has sustained any longer, or keep fighting while they are drained and risk the hollow taking over while they are in such a drained state.

  • Elite
    At this stage, a Vizard takes on greatly decreased damage while their mask is worn. It even starts to become possible for their body to very slowly heal damage that it has undergone, while the mask is donned. Even a Vizard that has sustained heavy damage and would otherwise be unconscious will be brought back up to some form of fighting-fit by donning their mask in this state. Granted, they may not live much longer after the mask has been put on, but it will definitely help them get back up, their pain slowing them down less, and future damage being minimized significantly. Halting a Vizard with elite mask protection while their mask is on requires a great deal of force. It also becomes easier for the Vizard to react if they receive a warning of danger from their Inner Hollow, whether or not they have their mask donned.

  • Master
    For this kind of Vizard, opponents may find it a bit difficult to leverage meaningful damage even without their mask on. The Inner Hollow's protection becomes passive for them, although it uses the Shinigami's own energy typically to protect them while they do not have their mask on. This overall makes it more difficult to stagger a Vizard with pain while they are sealed, and most minor attacks fail to register properly on their body, due to their protection expending energy to minimize it to nearly negligible levels.

    Once the mask goes on, though, the Vizard's form changes completely. Minor additions from their inner hollow dot along their body, the fabric of their skin changing to become more like their hollow, texture-wise. It becomes difficult for moderate powered attacks to register propeely on them, and keeping them down for an extended periods of time while they are conscious is almost impossible. Pain becomes unfelt, except for the most painful of experiences. A Vizard like this could have half their physical body blown away, and they would keep going, keep fighting using their other half.

  • Grand Master
    This skill is the most difficult to reach for an individual vizard. Typically, only those truly obsessed with taking damage, or those who depend solely on defensively overwhelming their opponents can reach this rank. As a result, most individuals who have this rank have little to no interest in having violently efficient attacks. They must also have a strong amount of Hollow Control, typically at least Elite. This is because the hollow will not be able to be impressed enough to exert this much effort to defending their host. Typically, a Vizard who reaches this level also nerds a strong background in energy manipulation of any kind, as utilizing their own energy to mix with their hollow's is a fundamental part of this skill.

    A Grandmaster of Mask Protection has a hard time understanding damage inflicted upon their body. Their energy tries violently to interact with and erase any foreign influence trying to affect its host, weakening at least a little bit most special effects inflicted upon the Vizard. They do not feel pain in their masked state; if anything excessively extraordinary happens to them, their inner hollow will inform them of the damage. They feel little even with their mask off. They take singificantly less damage from nearly all manners of attacks. Even those which they have a described weakness to have their damage mitigated slightly. This level of Vizard can typically choose to keep getting back up and engaging whatever is hurting them until they are dead. Even mental effects are resisted slightly at this level, as the Inner Hollow will attempt to protect the mind of their host from assault.

Hollow Control: Hollow Control refers to how much control your Vizard has over their inner hollow. If it is on the lower spectrum of it, it may be somewhat difficult for your Vizard to use their higher powers. However, if you reach somewhere in the Master area, it may even be possible to befriend your inner Hollow as it appears Zin Yuudeshi and thus learned techniques that rival even the Arrancar's own abilities.
  • Untrained
    Woe oft befalls the Vizard with an untrained rating in Hollow Control. They have no barrier to stop their inner hollow from taking over any time that it desires to, and have no control over what powers or abilities their inner hollow allows for them to control or have influence over. They have no consistent line of communication with their inner hollow, and in all likelihood cannot even don their mask by themselves. If an untrained in hollow control is not able to stabilize and improve to at least a beginner, it is highly likely that they will wind up completely consumed by their inner hollow.

  • Beginner
    A beginner in Hollow Control has had a successful interaction with their hollow at least once. Those with this skill ranking tend to lie between those who have just begun to discover how their masks work, to those who are just starting to get to know their inner hollow a little bit. Typically, they will not have a great amount of influence over the Hollow's actions, and will not be able to force much out of them. Every moment that they have their mask on will be a challenge for this type of Vizard. Each post that they keep their mask on for longer than they can maintain introduces a huge mounting risk for the Vizard to lose control. In addition, they have little resistance to the Hollow being able to take over if the Vizard their focus, and may not be able to reclaim their body if they lose control of it in this manner.

  • Adept
    Typically, at this stage, most take-overs of the Vizard become less commonplace. While they may only be starting to get on proper speaking terms, the hollow generally is aware that their user dominates them, on some level. This can make it significantly easier to maintain the masked state for extended periods of time, or even open up the gateway to training with one's mask with some amount of consistency. In some ways, this is the starting point for most Vizard; once their skill over Hollow Control reaches this level, they become comfortable enough to start working with the inner hollow's strengths, knowing that they will be able to fight off the effects decently well even if the Hollow does manage to take them over.

  • Advanced
    At this point, the Vizard should be more than able to have casual conversations with their inner hollow. This point is also the one at which the Vizard's relationship with their hollow tends to take one of two paths: either towards union and friendship, or towards internal domination. While the Vizard works more towards a union, it is more likely that they will enter into a state where they are possessed or influenced directly by their hollow. However, it starts to become possible at this point for the Hollow to want to work with their Vizard, even potentially giving them advice while they are fighting or other small forms of support. If the user has taken more of a dominating perspective towards their inner hollow, however, they will be significantly less likely to ever lose control to their inner hollow. However, if control is lost, then their inner hollow tends to be much more destructive and violent, acting without reason to try to destroy everything around its host, whether the host thinks of the targets as friend or foe. In either case, this level of Hollow Control allows for the Vizard to easily learn more about how their inner hollow works, and makes developing their various abilities easier.

  • Elite
    As discussed for the Advanced rank, the Elite level of Hollow Control has differing implications based on how the user views their relationship with their inner hollow. A hollow who is in a union like relationship with their Vizard will start to become like a mentor to them, not attempting to take them over at all unless they sincerely believe their host to be in danger. Meanwhile, a subjugated hollow will see their host as a constant, being more like a pet. They may provide advice if directly asked, but will not usually come up with deliberate insights, and it is even still possible for them to display disloyalty from time to time. However, for a subjugated hollow, performing a full takeover becomes next to impossible. If it were to occur, however, the Vizard could become hard-pressed to regain control of their body, even when the thread has ended, due to the nature of their hollow not wanting to go back to that kind of subjugation. In either case, the Vizard has nothing to fear from the hollow in their daily life, and rarely -if ever- has to even think about them when their mask isn't on, if they do not wish to. Typically, gaining this level of experience with controlling one's Inner Hollow is necessary to achieve the level of Ressercion.

  • Master
    A Vizard who has taken the path of just dominating their inner hollow cannot reach this level of control. Neither can a Vizard who tries to purely 'understand' their hollow. Elements of both are required to have the benefits of this rank. The first and foremost benefit is that full takeover ceases to be a negative effect; the inner hollow can take over whenever the user wills it, or id unable to will it themselves. The inner hollow will understand the Vizard's will, doing whatever it takes to finish the job they started before they lost their will.

    For most Vizard, gaining absurdly high marks in the other ranks starts with reaching this level of hollow control. Otherwise, it will take exponentially longer in most cases to reach those levels. This is because the Vizard can force things out of their inner hollow easily at this point. They can use their will to overpower their inner hollow's own, directly accessing powers and abilities that the hollow is not comfortable with them having. Usually, this process starts with them overwhelming the hollow and discovering the hidden trait(s), and then using their ability to overwhelm the hollow to train themselves to use them properly.

    At this level, the Inner Hollow typically also will get along well with the Shinigami's zanpakuto spirit, which can allow for some play between their abilities, and applying traits from either onto how the other functions. Like a fire based inner hollow giving a shinigami with a scythe zanpakuto the ability to project crescent-shaped slashes of flame.

  • Grand Master
    Each Vizard will have a different understanding of the Grandmaster rank of Hollow Control. The translations pf this rank are as numerous as the inner hollows themselves. This is typically the level where abilities even the inner hollow did not know they controlled begin to manifest. Additionally, it's even possible for the wielder to manifest their inner hollow into the physical world at this point, if they develop a technique for it, giving their inner hollow full autonomy. That is just one example of a way that a Vizard could use this rank. Swapping becomes possible, as well.

[b][center][u]Racial Skills[/u][/b][/center]
[list][*][b]Power Augmentation[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Cero:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Mask Protection::[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Hollow Control:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Currently, most Vizards can join the following orgs below:

Primary Vizard Orgs

The Vizard Corps: This is generally where most protagonist and neutral based Vizards appear to join. It is lead by Zin Yuudeshi and appears to have the goal of ensuring the protection of Earth/Karkaura, the intent to train a Vizard's power and ultimately give them a place to call home. For further information, it is recommended that you click the following link and read for yourself.

The Monsuta: This is perceived as the Antagonist based Vizard Organizations and is often called the antithesis to the Vizard Corp. This group is lead by Hakai Chikara and appears to fight alongside Kokuryuteshi, have very destructive goals and ultimately loved by very few. To read more about them, it is recommended that you click the thread and seek out their intentions for yourself and determine if it's the right right.


The Kokuryuteshi
The Rinyūaru
The Yayjuu
Karakura High school
Shadow Fall
The Vizard Database

The following link holds a long list of claimed Vizard mask. This thread was made in order to avoid people having the same mask. Therefore, if someone else has a mask you were looking to take? Then you cannot use it without their permission.

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