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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:34 pm
Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4034

-Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto -

Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4035-1

• Name: Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto
• Titles: Primo
• Gender: (Male)
• Appearance Age: (26)
• Age: (135)
• Affiliation/Rank: (Shinigami)
• Height: 6'7
• Weight: 229lbs

• Appearance Description: He comes off as a mid twenty year-old and how somebody who didn't have a care in the world would appear. Unshaven stubble lines his chin and cheeks, the hair that is near three inches in length sits on top of his head is mostly unkempt and shaggy, the rest of his hair has been faded down to a near buzz at the base. The blonde strands of hair runs out the tips highlighted over the dark brown natural color. His facial expressions are rather bland, mostly with a stare of distant worries on a blank canvas, the half opened eyes read, “I'm here but I don't care”. A non-properly healed injury to his nose has left the bridge slightly curving from the right out and into the left, almost unnoticeable unless studied with some extended focus of attention on the curvature. His natural bone structure in the face was well refined, the cheek bones and jaw line has the clearest of definition.

• Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)

Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4036-1

• Personality: "Empty mind"
His personality ever since arriving in the soul society was not the same as his personality when he was a human. He now would much rather just sit around, be lazy, people watch, and daydream. He does not care very much when people speak to him, often times being short in responses or simply brushing them off.

When referring to his nature of optimistic or pessimistic, his glass is not present because he could care less about the glass and the contents of liquid which it held. His exertion level is near zero, be most effective by exerting the least amount. Still embedded into his gene structure is an act for selflessness, he can't help but to put others before him when the time comes for it.

• Likes: He is very fond of morning fog, awaking from sleep before the sun rises to catch a glimpse of its silent beauty; this is the only joy in the seireitei he would ever reveal. be lazy, people watch, and daydream.

• Dislikes: Primo has never been one to dislike much but every now and then he cannot stand an overbearing individual who talks way too much for their own good. Beyond that he has very little to dislike or let bother him too much.

Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4038-1

• History: (Born as Matthew Jacob Cohwin in the world of the living, he was a respected member of his community. Not in a political or power way, but in the manner humans should respect good nature people. His neighbors constantly would strike up conversations and ask for his help. Developing in life at an early age he found himself with a wife and two daughters by the age of 20, he owned a repair facility that pretty much could fix anything, also establishing a well secured future for himself and family. The good years went by with not a care in the world, until he found himself watching his family taken away in a fatal car crash. The family man had his perfect life taken away, in the next few years he didn't feel much to live for, though he too would have an untimely death being caught between a police shootout in a convenient store.

He was a heavy practitioner of the Iaidō style as well as kendo in his former life right up until the death of his family. Soon it carried over when he arrived in Soul Society. Since he had no family or friends, he found only his solitude in his heavy teachings of remember just the quickening he would experience when practicing Iaido along with Kendo. Though his training was never fully complete he could only go over the basic knowledge and fully establish it as concrete evidence that he once knew.

The days, weeks and months that Primo felt while arriving in Soul Society have always plagued him as it was his dreams that seem to haunt and take hold onto him with each night fall, but being that he was very new then and still felt the urge to never settle kept him to travel all over the different districts to explore a new adventure for he was rescued by an unnamed shinigami back when he was mourning the death of his family.

Primo’s journey was only just beginning for he lives to once again find those answers that have plagued him all these years.

Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4039-1

• Reiatsu Color: fluorescent brown

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name:: Gyokueijoshin (Crystal Goddess)

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:She takes on the form of what her name reflects; though Primo was rather discouraged finding out that the origins of his Zanpakutō spirit was female, rather hesitant in accepting her. Proving herself had been easy, showing Primo she was to be rather powerful and strong. She is not what you would call normal in any sense, her body is fixated to a mass of spiny crystals in which the upper body protrudes from, a large pair of crystal wings sits on her back; spanning a near fifteen feet from tip-to-tip. She is not inanimate by all means, but she has never shown herself to move from the perch of the crystal mound. Her voice is very ethereal and mystic, only speaking in what sounds like whispers.

• Inner World: A mountainous region, his place resides deep within a gorge. The landscape is a winter land; snow covers everything in the region. Covering the forest of pine trees and blanketing the soft ground, the walls are the rocky structures of the mountains. At one end is a large clearing; backed up against the mountainside is his Zanpakutō spirit.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : Wielding a basic katana which holds nothing special in its sealed appearance though one could not that Primo’s blade itself looks dull and worn down almost as if it appears that it cannot even cut if swung towards anything. But it’s more of a reflection of how he wants others to perceive him. The sheathe itself is wrapped up in a dirty cloth that drapes down from the very end all the way up to where it ties the blade itself into the sheathe. Having gold plated guard where the handle and steel meet with some sort of swirl of designs etched into it. Upon greater look one could see the faces it carries that seem to be Primo’s loved ones somehow carried onto it.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: The only one affinity Primo could be sure he’s capable of its his usage withdrawing his weapon with such speeds and cutting down his target enough to know that not an average to avid kendo user could simply take his eye off of or they risk losing that limb in the process. It’s the speed at which he can draw his weapon from and cut down with such precision and sheathe it back up that makes Primo a deadly warrior that can only get stronger because the potential he has is uncanny.

• Release: (What you have to say in order to release into Shikai. Try to be original please!)

• Shikai Description: (Your character or your sword's new appearance. The appearance is totally up to you.)

• Shikai Abilities: (What are the abilities your Shikai has? Do not overpower your shikai.)

• Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

• Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)


Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4041-1

• PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

• Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

• Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4037-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills

•Willpower/Determination: Adept

•Mental Deduction: Adept

•Pain Endurance: Adept

•Focus: Adept


Enjiuu “Primo” Kuramoto [APPROVED 4-5] Image4040-1-1

• Roleplay Sample:

Act I

It was a restless night for Maeda, he knew what the next days coming ahead would bring. In class, most of the students had been very excited about, he on the other hand, cringed at the thought. The class had finally learned enough of the theory, now was time to apply the theory, combat. Maeda knew the next few months could be some rough times to come.

Michiko's routinely morning greet was absent today, there was no cheerful greet for the morning hours. As Maeda peered out his window at the clouds, he could only pass the thoughts of swordplay and Michiko. 'This is not normal for her, maybe I should go check up on her.' Bringing himself to his feet, he walked out into the main room. Michiko was not preparing her morning rice. He peeked down the hallway, 'Hmmm, her door is open, but that other is closed.' He turned back around to see if her sandals were at the door. They too, were missing.

It was close to the time for him to be walking off to class, he went back to his room and prepared himself for class. After putting on his kosode, he glanced over to the corner of the room. Standing up by its lonesome, a wooden katana. Maeda walked over to it, 'I hope my partner will go easy on me.' He reached down and took up the wooden katana. He swung the sword up, resting it over his shoulder.

As he strolled through the academy grounds, he could see other students with their wooden katanas. Every student that held one was showing it off to their friends. Maeda noticed that some students had went as far to decorate their wooden katanas. Other students were displaying their excitement to fight, most of them completely ready for the training. His morning walk was a bit longer today, as the class would be meeting at Taiki's training grounds. When Maeda reached the training grounds, he noticed a lot of the class had already showed up, he even thought he would be the first to show up at the time he left.

The entrance to the training grounds was a large rectangular building. The longer sides had fixed walls with windows at evenly spaced intervals, and the shorter sides had been left completely open. The roof was a wedge design with a rather steep grade, the sides almost near impossible to stand on. The building in total was sixty feet by forty. Maeda walked past the students outside and into the building, the rest of the class was inside in anticipation for the sword training.

Maeda noticed Taiki was talking with some of the student, and noticed Michiko seated halfway down the building. Her face had no expression on it with her eyes closed. She was sitting alone and waiting for the class to begin. As he was walking over to Michiko, the academy bell had begun to ring. The students outside the building were rushing in and the late students were running even faster. Maeda tried to get over to Michiko, but students near her were taking a seat next to her, he had to sit down where he ended his walk.

As the class sat around Instructor Taiki, he spoke out to his class, carrying his Zanpakutō today. “I know class that this is the time period most students look forward to the most.” He slowly began to draw out his sword, “In my class, if you do not give everything with your sword, then you do not belong here.” He quickened his moves and struck a stance. His sword at head level, tip pointing down. “This object you are wielding, is not a tool.” He quickly turned over his sword and sliced it vertically towards the ground. “It is yours to control outcomes.” He brought his sword back up to waist level pointing the tip upward. “Your results are only as good as you let them be.” Quickly turning his blade over and slashing it upwards, bending his right knee and extending the left leg back. “Trust in my swordsmanship, in turn, you shall exceed in yours.” He brought the sword down, traditionally raising as he sheathed away his steel.

Instructor Taiki walked over to the wall of the building, in step he told the class, “Now, for the first lesson, show me what you already know.” He took a seat at the wall, brushed his hair away from his face and looked out over the class. “The person standing in front of you is your enemy, there are no pads in battle. If you get hit, you will feel the real pain of battle. Just remember the person you are facing more than likely has more knowledge of battle than you.” You could see some of the students began to squirm at his words, the words were direct. “First up!”

Maeda began to breathe a bit more vigorously, 'Not first, not first, please don't pick me first.' When Taiki called the two students up, he let out a big sigh of relief. He looked over at Michiko, she had her eyes closed with her head bowed down. Her mood seemed to be the same. The sound of wood hitting wood brought Maeda's attention back to the students in combat. As the battles ended, Taiki called the next two. The fourth round was an interesting one, the student that had been called up to fight was the student most others followed. Maeda didn't know the kid, but the rest of the class did.

Maeda looked over at Instructor Taiki, he lifted his head and called the next student. “You will be fighting against, Michiko Mari.”

The student already standing groaned out, “Come on teach, I want that big dog over there, not some wimpy little girl.”

“Enough of that!” Taiki yelled out.

Maeda watched Michiko as she began to stand up, her eyes were still closed and her head was bowed down as she walked.

Taiki spoke out again towards the student, “Besides the fact, if you can't beat this wimpy little girl, what makes you think that big dog over there would not rip you limb from limb?” The class began to laugh and the student grunted even louder.

Michiko now stood in front of the kid, opening her eyes, she lifted her head up. The kid stared her down, looking unimpressed. Michiko bowed before the student, he did not return the honor.

In arrogance the student spoke to Michiko, insulting her, “So, should I go easy on you, or maybe you should just go sit back down?”

Taiki yelled out, “Then let it began!”

As Michiko took a quick step back, the student grabbed up his wooden katana in defense. Michiko was still holding on to her sword with one hand, she appeared to be very calm.

The student taunted her again, “Well you know we don't have all day here, you are starting to bore me.”

Michiko had an unimpressed expression, she was obviously not afraid of the student. As he twitched his body, the strike was coming soon. The student leaped towards Michiko, she too ran forward. When they met, their swords smacked each other, the wooden sound ringing out. Michiko running through the attack turned quickly on her right step, the other student was much slower to react. She was already in full spring as he was just facing her. He put his sword up to start a swing, but her dexterity was to much for him. She evaded him, ducking low to his left side, she swung the wooden katana at his abdomen. It hit his left side with a lot of force, as it thumped his body, he groan holding his side and kneeling to one knee. Some students started to make whispering comments

“That concludes the round, please return to your spots.” Instructor Taiki spoke out.

Michiko stood in front of the losing student and bowed for respect, he was clearly infuriated by losing a sword battle against a woman. In a rage he jumped to his feet and began a charge. In the moment of an instance Instructor Taiki phased out of reality, reappearing next to his student. Taiki grabbed the students wooden katana in mid-swing, then he unsheathed his Zanpakutō, raising it to the view of the student, but not pointing it at him.

“This is your first offense, do not make yourself dishonorable after losing honorably.” Calmly speaking to his student. Releasing the students wooden katana, he walked back over to his spot, knelt down and began to call the next students for battle.

A few more battles had come and finished, Maeda noticed that everyone else but him had been up to fight. 'I wonder why he is choosing me last.' The thought pasted his mind as he looked out at the other students. 'There is nobody left but me, what does Taiki have in store for me.' He drew his attention towards the instructor.

“Well, it looks like everyone here has competed in a battle except for one. Maeda Hatsuharu, your opponent will be me.” Instructor Taiki said as he raised up his hand. There was some chatter among the students. Taiki brought himself up to his feet, “Do not worry though, I will fight you at the level I expect you to be at.” He reached behind him, his wooden katana rest upon the wall behind him, it was a dark and sleek, black wooden sword.

Maeda stood up shortly after and walked towards the center of the room. They both arrived facing each other in the starting locations. As they bowed to each, the academy bell began to rang out. Looking into each others eyes, both were determined to stay and cross swords. Students began to leave the building, some groaned in disappoint to not see their instructor fight. Others were talking about Michiko and how she took out the top expected student.

Maeda and Taiki both stood there, motionless, staring at each other. Taiki spoke out, “I'm glad you stayed for this.”

Maeda replied back, “I don't normally think of doing such a thing, though you are my instructor.”

A cheerful and happy voice cheered on, “You can do it Maeda!” Maeda turned his attention to the voice, it was Michiko. She was still sitting in the same spot, “I believe in you!” She waved her hand in the air.

Maeda was a bit startled by the sight of Michiko still there. He brought his attention back to Taiki, they both readied their stance. Maeda was first to make the move. He stepped forward raising up his sword, he began the swing down. Taiki blocked the attacked, quickly side stepping he swung his wooden katana towards neck, restraining the swing he stopped it inches from his neck. Maeda took a staggering step back.

As instructor Taiki took up his stance, “I told you I'm fighting you at the level I expect you to fight.”

Maeda groaned at the statement, he went back in for a second swing, this time it was directed towards the left side of Taiki's mid-section. Taiki parried the attack with ease, taking a leaping step to the right, he swung his blade at Maeda's mid-section, again stopping it inches from his body. Maeda felt the wooden katana brush the hair on his body, he jumped back from the instructor.

Taiki began to sheathe away his wooden katana under his belt. “Don't worry, those who haven't had much training with the sword will struggle their first battle.”

“I don't like the idea of a fight, period.” Maeda lowered down his wooden katana. He looked over towards Michiko, she was coming up to her feet.

Taiki began to chuckle, “Not fighting would be ideal, but is sometimes unavoidable. We will improve your skills.” Taiki began to walk out of the building, when he reached the edge of the flooring, he stopped and turned back towards Maeda. “Next week I think I will show you both the art basic art of Hohou, Shoho Shunpo.” He began to walk as he turned himself around, disappearing out of sight behind the building.

Michiko jumped up hugging Maeda around the neck. She joyfully smiled at him, “You did get beat pretty badly, at least nobody else but me saw it. Your secret is safe with me.” She winked at Maeda. “But you know, if you need some help with your Zanjutsu, I can give you some pointers.”

Maeda chuckled a bit, he looked down at her. “Yeah, I believe you could show me a thing or two about Zanjutsu. How about we take a walk, okay?”

Michiko acknowledge him by nodding, they started wondering about the academy. Michiko was holding on to Maeda's right arm as he lead them around. They walked together in silence, words did not have to be spoken among them. The mood between them was always pleasant, Michiko seemed to be at ease when she was around Maeda. He too, seemed to be at ease around Michiko.

Maeda was leading them to the garden, he had planned to show her the cherry tree in the academy garden. The trees in the garden wrestled with each other in the slight breeze, the sunlight flickered on the pathways through their branches. Michiko was a amazed at the beauty the garden had to offer. Their stroll through the garden was still in silence. When they reached the central area, Michiko let go of Maeda, quickly ran onto the grass and laid down.

She laid down face up under tree branches, Michiko finally spoke out. “This is so beautiful, I had no idea this was even here.”

Maeda began to chuckle himself, 'I guess he was right about most students not knowing about this place.' He walked over and sat down next to her facing the tree. “I thought you should see this place.”

Michiko's mood was a bit more pleasant than the time they watched the sunset. “I appreciate you showing me this place, this certainly is beautiful.”

Maeda raised his head, looking up at the branches of the tree. “Where did you learn your Zanjutsu skills from?”

Michiko sat up, “I was trained with a sword very young at age. I didn't really have the choice to say no either. I trained for a lot of my early years in the Soul Society.” There was a bit of sorrow within her voice. “I don't want to ruin things here, let's not talk about it.”

“I understand.”

Act II
Learn the ropes, kid

When the morning sun came, it glistened through the fog in the air. Maeda was just getting up, as the sun broke the horizon. He noticed the sun illuminating the sky through his window as he lay there on the floor. The experience of yesterday still in his head, how easily the instructor was able to evade his attacks. The grace in which he moved the sword, something that Maeda was fascinated by. He also couldn't help but think about Michiko, how well she handled herself against possibly the most promising student of the class.

Maeda brought himself up and walked over to his window, he unlatched the window opening it up. The morning air had a slight brisk to it, the fog chilled it to a pleasant feel. He enjoyed the brisk morning air. Everything outside had seemed so still, no students were up yet for their classes. Maeda was collecting his thoughts breathing in the morning air.

The sound of a knocking began at his door, “Oooooo Maeda!” It was Michiko in her bright mood. “I'm going to make some breakfast, do you want some?”

Maeda was a bit startled, “That would be great.”

“Mmkay.” The muffled sound of her voice could be heard.

Maeda dressed himself ready for class, Michiko called from the main room. “Hey! Come get breakfast!”

Maeda finished up with his attire and strolled out into the main room. Michiko was already seated and the table was already set, her bright and cheerful smile always greeting. Joining her at his seat, grabbing up his bowl.

There normally was not a lot of chatter during their morning breakfast, though Maeda had something on his mind. “Do you know what the instructor was talking about when he said he wanted to teach us the basic Hohou?”

Michiko stopped herself from eating, swallowing down her food. “I only know that you can like move really really fast, but I don't know how it is performed.” She began to stare off out the window, “I think he used a form of it when he stopped his student from attacking me.”

Maeda didn't say anything, he scratched the back of his neck with his left hand. Placing the empty bowl down on the table with his right. It was nearing the hour in which they would be leaving for class. Michiko stood to gather the empty bowls, taking them both into the other room. Maeda always had an awkward feeling during these moments, he sat waiting for her morning after morning.

The walk to class was a bit more sublime, their conversation was filled with talk about the academy and the Soul Society as a whole.

When they arrived at class, most of the class had already showed up. Tension was in the air as they showed up together, most students had their eye inconspicuously watching their presence. Their movements were watched particularly close. Instructor Taiki was seated at his spot against the wall, waiting for the ring of the academy bell. Only a few moments later the bell had began to ring, class was now officially beginning.

Today was a mere practice of typical kendo techniques and drills, nothing spectacular, but a necessary practice. The instructor ended class early, but wanted Maeda and Michiko to stay after.

Taiki was standing at the edge of the building, motioning for them to follow. Together they all walked a few feet behind the building, there was a large square pond. Inside the pond were pillars of stone that were arranged in rows, all spaced evenly from one side to the other. Each circular pillar had a diameter of three feet, therir spacing was ten feet apart from one pillar to the next in all directions. They stopped a few feet from the edge of the pond.

Taiki walked up to the edge of the pond and looked down at the water. He leaped forward and his appearance phased out, then reappeared on the first pillar. “This is Shunpo, the essentials of Hohou.” He leaped off to the pillar at his left, disappearing from sight, and reappearing on top the pillar. “Focus your movements to the next object.” Jumping to his right, he reappeared on the next pillar, leaped backwards and materialized on the next pillar behind him. “This is Shunpo.” He began to step from pillar to pillar, until finally stopping in front of Maeda and Michiko.

He adjusted his glasses with his left hand, grabbing it by the arm. “Now you two try.” He went over and sat under the only tree within the immediate area. He closed his eyes and began to meditate.

Maeda looked over at Michiko, he noticed she seemed more focused at the new task at hand. She concentrated a bit then ran forward, leaping into the air, disappearing from sight and reappearing at the first stone pillar. Almost losing her balance, she readjusted her weight catching herself. Coming to a rest she looked back, joyfully smiling at Maeda while waving her arm frantically in the air. Taiki was still motionless, seated under the tree.

Maeda began to believe that he, too, would be able to accomplish such a feat. Readying himself, he bend down, and launched himself forward. Running in a full sprint he neared the ledge, leaping off his right foot, he could feel that he didn't do something right. Reaching out for the pillar his body fell out of the air, splashing down into the pond below. Michiko couldn't help herself and began to laugh at Maeda's misfortune.

Bringing himself head above water, “Yeah, you just keep laughing there.” Maeda splashed her with water.

“Hey! I didn't want to get wet!” She yelled leaping into the air, reappearing on the main ground. Still getting a bit of a giggle at Maeda in the water.

The trial and error went on for another hour, Michiko attempted the Shunpo a couple more times. Meeting both failure and success. Maeda was still struggling to get it right, while swimming in the water, he was starting to get a little frustrated. After he pulled himself out of the pond and back onto land, Taiki offered some words.

“Don't get upset, keep yourself calm for now, focusing your next step to the pillar.” His words came with no motion.

“Alright.” Maeda responded, following with a deep breath.

Looking down at the water, then over to the first pillar, Maeda seemed a little more deep in concentration. A light breeze swept down the field, the tree in which Taiki sat under fluttered a bit, the water began to ripple from the agitation.

'Okay, you can do this now. Focus yourself, it's not difficult.' Brought himself to a ready position, sprinting towards the pond. Leaping into the air, he felt the world beneath him slow down, everything seemed motionless. The pillar was now obtainable, seeing it approach quickly before him. His body lowered down, planting his foot onto the pillar, his body reappeared. Taking a leap to his right for main land, his body blurred out of sight. The agitated water was not moving, though the ripples were there they seemed to stand still. Gliding over the water, the main land was fast approaching. Lowering his foot down to stop himself, his body reappeared over the land before coming to a standing rest.

Instructor Taiki began to clap. “Well done you two.” His clapping seized and he began to stand up, giving a slight grunt to help himself up. “I really am impressed you all had picked it up so quickly. Just shows how skilled you both are in Hohou.” Taiki yawned and stretched out his arms. “Well, I need to get to my paperwork, unfortunately it is something I need to do.” He waved farewell to them as he walked back towards the academy.

Michiko ran in full sprint at Maeda, meeting him with a tackle. Unaware of her there was no time for him to prepare, catching him off-guard, they both fell down to the ground. Michiko was over joyed with emotion, couldn't help herself from laughing out loud and congratulating them both on the feat accomplished.

The walk home was more exciting for Michiko, still on high performing the Shunpo. Maeda too, was excited, but kept himself content. For Michiko, it was dancing joyfully, laughter, and teasing Maeda to get him excited. Knowing her plans, Maeda gave in to smiling and laughing, more-so at Michiko than their accomplishments.

As Maeda lay there, staring at the ceiling, he began to think of Shinohara. His thoughts were heavy and deep.


The class was in session today, although to began some new training. Taiki stood in front of his students who were all seated.

Taiki calmly spoke out to his students, “Today we will be demonstrating Kidō practices. Nothing to difficult of course, but enough to challenge your skills.” He turned around to face down the field, there were eight stone pillars all in a line, standing ten feet tall, and about forty feet away. “Focus on the pillar, our target, imagine an area around it burning.” He raised up his left arm, directly out in front of him, wrist straight with the palm facing down. “After you have focused it, release it! Rotating Fire, Burn the soul of thee. Hadō #3 Shyukaho!” Taiki flipped his wrist up with his palm facing the pillar.

Around the two center pillars, a swirl of fire began to dance up from the ground, engulfing the area around the two pillars. The heat radiated from the area was immense, causing most students to shield their faces from the heat. The area of fire flickered for a moment, then dissipated into the air. Taiki lowered down his arm and turned back to face his students.

“If some of you can get that on the first try, I shall be impressed. Now the first group, step up and try it.”He walked over to the side of the firing line.

Maeda was part of the second group, he watched on as some of the students attempted the Kidō maneuver. Most students were failing to accomplish, after a few minutes Taiki called for the group to switch. Maeda stepped up, he was on the end. He concentrated on his pillar, lifting up his right arm.

Speaking the script, “Rotating Fire, Burn the soul of thee. Hadō #3 Shyukaho.” Flipping his wrist upward facing the palm at his pillar, a small fire began to swirl around it. The flame grew in size a bit. The students at the firing line were in awe at the dancing flames. For a few moments the flames danced around the pillar, the heat was not strong. As fast as they were summoned, the flames quickly dissipated.

Amongst all the students, there was a slight chatter between students. Maeda stood motionless for a few moments. Taiki began to clap his hand, “Well, what an interesting spectacle we just witnessed. Students continue to practice.”

The students continued to practice the technique, a few students manage to get a small flame to appear, but not at the pillars. Michiko herself even struggled to perform the Kidō maneuver, also failing.

When the class came to a close, most students went about their business and filed themselves off. Michiko was overjoyed at Maeda's ability to use the Kidō spell on the first try. Giving him more than enough hugs for such a situations.

Taiki approached them both, “I would have never expected you as a Kidō user, who knew, am I right?”

Taiki could not hold in his urge to laugh, he burst out into laughter for some reason. Both Maeda and Michiko could only stare at him as he laughed. Both of them were rather puzzled at his laughter.

“Um, instructor?” Michiko shyly speaking to Taiki.

Continuing to laugh Taiki started to catch himself, breathing in heavily on some of his words. “Oh no no no, it's okay. Don't worry about a thing, I just......Never-mind.” Finally calming himself down, “It was a great success for you today Maeda. I have a meeting I need to attend, I will see you two in class again.”

Act IV

Michiko and Maeda walked back to the their room together, the sun was still in the air, but soon was going to set. When they arrived in their air Maeda went to his room to meditate for a while. Michiko interrupted him a couple times with questions about dinner, it was decided after many questions that tonights meal would fish in a soup served with rice.

The aroma coming from the kitchen was rather strong, he could smell the fish. 'Is she burning it?' The smell was breaking his concentration. 'I can't do this with that smell going on in there.' He got up to walk and check on how things were going, when there was a knock at their front door.

Michiko hearing the knock from the other room, “Come in! Maeda will you greet our guest?”

Maeda begin to scratch the back of his neck with his left hand, then the front door slid open. Standing there was their instructor himself, Taiki. He smiled at the sight of Maeda.

“Welcome sir, what brings you here?” Maeda give an awkward smile.

He stepped into the room, “Well I thought I'd come by and see how my students were doing.” Slipping off his sandals, he walked over to the table and sat down. “Mmmmm, something smells good, what is for dinner?”

Michiko walked out of the kitchen to greet their guest. “Oh my.” She was startled at the sight of the instructor. “Aghhhh, what brings you here tonight instructor?” She was stopped in the doorway.

“Smelling your cooking, maybe you would have an extra bite for me?” He gave her a smell.

'Hopefully he knows what he is getting himself in to.' Maeda sat down at his place at the table.

Michiko was thinking about the situation now, “Ummmm, I think so. Let me go check.” She danced off into the kitchen, the sound of pots could be heard rustling. “Ohhhh yeah! We got enough!” She called out above the noise.

Taiki looked at Maeda and smiled, “Think she is okay in there?”

Maeda smiled back, “Yeah, this happens every night. Don't be worried, I just hope you like her cooking.”

When Maeda finished, Michiko came bursting into the room, a tray with three bowls on it. Placing them in front the instructor and Maeda. She finally set her spot and seated herself.

Taiki turned towards Michiko and smiled, “Smells wonderful.”

She giggled a little bit, “Oh no instructor, it is nothing really. I don't think it would be good enough for the likes of your taste.”

He laughed out loud, “Oh don't be foolish. I will most certainly enjoy.” He picked up his bowl, taking a drink of the broth, then placing some of the fish into his mouth. Maeda watched on as the instructor got his first taste. The instructor stopped chewing, his facial expression was struggling to stay intact.

“Well, it's a bit spicy.” His mouth still full of the food.

Maeda began to chuckle at Taiki's reaction. Michiko was still shoveling down the soup, unaware of anything. Taiki slowly chewed the rest of his bite and swallowed it down. Then he looked towards Maeda, who was still getting a bit of a laugh. Quickly, Taiki took his chopsticks and jabbed them into Maeda's side. Wincing at the sharp pain, Maeda looked back towards Taiki and smiled at him.

Taiki leaned over to whisper something to Maeda, “You should have told me her cooking wasn't great, I would have been ready for it.”

“But it was too funny seeing your reaction, I didn't want to spoil the surprise.” Maeda responded back.

The whispering continued in a heated argument now, Michiko watched on as they talked. When they both realized she was watching them, they both looked over at her and smiled.

Once, all the food was gone, Taiki spoke to them both. “I was proud to see how well you both have picked up the studies in class and the after class practices. I think you both are on the verge of graduating, your marks are high in the class compared to most other students. There are a few ahead of you, but not many. There are some final evaluations and test that will be conducted to determine whether or not you will pass. With that begin said,” Taiki stood up, “Keep up your good work.”

Both Maeda and Michiko bowed thanking the instructor for his words. Michiko got up also to see the instructor out, Maeda grabbed up the bowls on the table. With the bowls in hand, Maeda walked into the kitchen area, he could hear Michiko and the instructor talking, but their voices were too soft and muffled. He sat the bowls down, then he heard the front door close, Michiko came walking into their kitchen.

“Hey don't do that!” Michiko yelled out.

Maeda was startled by her, fumbling around some of the bowls and catching them before they fell to the ground. “I just figured I would clean up for once around here.”

She bumped up against Maeda, scooting him out of the way. “No! I will not have it that way, besides I like doing these kinds of things. I don't know why, but it calms me down.”

As Maeda stood next to her, he watched her clean the bowls. Seeing the smile on her face and heard her humming a tune, Maeda felt the warm feeling inside him.

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