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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:31 am

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Post Section

1852- - - -

The sky was starry more precisely it was a meteor shower, in which the first of the dead zones took place; it was a half mile in which suddenly everything Nature energy, Spiritual energy, hells energy, heavenly energy, chaos energy; random energy, Naturally Present energies took a nose dive, a huge nose dive. Moments before having a marginal spike, but none the less in 2 seconds flat a hot-spot for supernatural energies: turned into a dead zone, a place that was void "Sterile" of any natural forms of power. It became, like hiroshima or nakisaki at ground zero, void of all forms of energy; from the sky a dome of shredding wind expanded in perfect timing, or too close to be mere coincidence with the current situation.

The Stars lit up the sky in their brilliance; the world was quite quiet, as if in the throws of death. There was no pressure, no energies which can be considered to be, much worse; then the over abundance of energy moments before. What seemed, to trigger this? That is something that would be hard to answer, extremely hard to be perfectly honest. Though it seemed, to have something to do .. with the stars; their candle light brilliance flickering in time with the meteor shower. Things of such magnificence and heart wrenching beauty, that was the stars. Though the grass was blown back tree's where stripped of their leaves; though it was not much due to the cold arid climate; that they lived in.

It was a canvas, of unearthly wind, energies eradicating under its un-natural and unearthly supervision; as if it was a messenger of extinction, or a clean-freak for the mundane. How ever you put it, this was a large; very large displacement which in space visibly could be seen as a tiny, spinning focal point; which spread and got bigger the higher up it went. Of course due to the change in pressure. On the ground though, its existence would only be known to the supernaturally aware, and was focused under the prime viewing point for the astrological event: a meteor shower.

A lone figure was lingering. . . . lingering blood running down her cheeks, staining blond hair which was luminous in the light, she looked like a angel something not of this world. It had been 200 years. . . since she was gone ,destroyed in one of the 1600's witch hunts. Burned at the stake , she had been killed before being born, a child impaled and burned within their mothers womb. But, tonight was different she was . . .smiling smitten by the falling stars, which captivated her with perverse glee, and sickening giddy.

She seemed alight , compulsive and drove by childish ambitions; these stars held some riddle to her, they captivated her. It was something that seemed to have this lone . . figure spellbound; Transfixed by its mystery and beauty. This was a ample way. . of describing this lone girl , who was scary in every regard. Her emotions twinged in the sickeningly ripe fruit of despair; which was tantalizingly present hiding only barely repressed under the surface. Like, the lion in a cage, it was containable but never trainable.

Yet. . for now this girl , was smiling it was by no means a natural smile; it was a sickeningly perverse and sadistic in every manner of the word. It spread across her cheeks like a drawn on line, threatening to split, and rip the upper half of her head from the bottom. The girl, also was, well around 5-4 feet of height, obviously around the age of 10 or 11. She was staring up at the stars.. the meteors humming a eerie lullaby.

She seemed, to still be stained by the flames of her past, but this girl was humming this sad, lullaby; which seemed to smash the gentle nest of happiness it was sickening, traumatizing in its own right. It was coupled with a lack of any energy what so ever, making the twinges of desolation, so complete that it was hard to compare it to anything- anything other then sadness and sin. Those tainting vines which, wind themselves around the reality of life, unable to be escaped even in death. One lives on, after their life is over, in memory or in actions; we all shape history.

This, lone girl is no different, she is standing looking at the stars, humming this lullaby ; the nightmares she's endured she woke up in this world utterly alone, under the stars in the sky. The only thing as immortal as she was; yet here she was despite all odds, a defilement - a error, a phenomena, a freak of nature, a being which went against the concept of life and death. Yes, the world through their actions, had given birth to such a being. Despite the possibilities of such a anomaly being close to none; she was still here.

The stars told a story, one of sadness and one that began at that fateful witch trial, in where her mother was burned with her a babe on the cusp of being born into; the thrall of this barbaric world; to just be cut short. Day and night the stars seemed to fall those three months in 1652- as if they where weeping; weeping for the world is one full of defilement.

She woke up, alone and grew up alone- the stars; they where her family- life was precious and eternal. Two things, she learned yet, never understood it was a time her condition had still been able to be withstood, her body was still young and strong. In it's beginning ; and here it was a tiny lone girl, standing and looking up, at the stars humming this depressing lullaby; a lullaby that seemed to reflect the bad roll of the dice; that her life had gotten.

From, the beginning of life, to the end of life; she had been never born- she woke up alone, defiled and broken her memories from her human life being of burning and impalement - three months her mother burned ; three months before she died, burning to ash- and she the child, fell into the void and woke up alone below blankets of falling stars, much like the night that was out, tonight. It brought bloodied tears to her eyes, her hands those alabaster hands, slowly rose up to the sky; these stars where her parents. . . her kin, her mother her father they where her everything; the only thing as eternal as she was.

She kept humming that. . detestable lullaby. Which made the earth seem like it was weeping, with her sad, and lonely voice; she was but a child who had to endure such a . . cruel fate for so long; she had not had mommy, daddy, no one;the stars where her parents, and even they where so far away, they where out of her reach; yet where her happiness, her entire world, they where everything to her. Nothing compared to them, it was what she wanted.

By now. . the girl had stopped, and was reaching for the stars, reaching for them hopping up, and down tears trickling from her eyes, those bloodied tears; fell one by one. She wanted to reach and comfort the stars as they fell; they where her family. Yet even they where leaving her alone, they fell without her;it did not matter to them that she was there, waiting for them . By now she had stopped her lullaby , and was reaching for the stars- the stars that always evaded her.

"Mommy, i'm here, i'm here! why don't you, why don't you know i'm here; im waiting for you mommy. I've been alone so long, why do you weep, why do you cry your golden tears mommy. Why, are you sad like me . . .? You , are up there with daddy brother sister, your up there with all of your family. . but me mommy, are you- crying for me? Are, you crying because you don't know where i am mommy?"

The little girl was saying, her voice full of emotion, full of the words that she, wanted to say; she wanted to be loved, to be held.

"Mommy, don't you cry! I'm right here, it may be true i'm not up there in the black .. dome that holds you prisoner. Though, i'm alive! i'm here, in this weird place so don't cry! Don't be sad, i'm here mommy and i come see you when your sad! Be happy, it makes me sad, when your sad; you where what i woke up to see mommy! You and daddy, are my everything so don't cry! I'm a good girl, don't be sad mommy!"

The meteor shower lit up the little girls teary face, her hands reaching up towards the sky, towards the stars she believed to be her family.

"Mommy, please don't cry i love you! With all my heart, i have you in my mind and my heart, i can never forget you, so why are you sad! I'm a good girl, so why are you crying your golden tears, you are there every darkness, when i need you most sure your gone in the light- BUT! you are, there comforting me,in the darkness the time i'm scared, i can just look up at you and daddy!"

now, she was looking, up speaking, still her hands over her heart now, tears flowing like fountains of ruby streams puddling below her feet, her voice was shaking from her emotions; her sadness and distress.

"Daddy, i love you too! You are always there for me! Sure, i'm not there for you to see, but daddy, why do you cry as well, ill join you eventually up there! I love you daddy, you take care of mommy! you are together, watching over me! ! you have been since the very beginning as far back as i can remember!"

She was crying and shaking now, falling to her knee's her voice almost pleading trying to reach, those stars so high up above, her mouth was moving issuing words which cut through silence like knives.

"No matter what, i promised didn't i? I promised i would always be good, i promised daddy so why do you cry? I haven't changed i have not become bad! I'm still your little girl, i always will be your little girl! Now, and forever! So why, why do you continue to cry! Why, are you sad; i don't want you to be sad daddy, i don't like it when your sad!

She continued , her voice quivering like the breeze rustling leaves, her voice showing emotions, that where too deep for a normal person to comprehend, she was tearing herself up with guilt, for not being able to reach them. Her parents, her everything; she could not hold and comfort them.

"Daddy! I can't reach you, I've tried for so long! It's not my fault, i'm still your little girl, i always have, and always will so don't be sad! Don't you cry- I keep my promise! I have done nothing to harm this world, i have been part of it,i never have harmed anything! So why do you cry daddy? Why is mommy crying daddy why are your golden candle light tears falling in the darkness? Tell me daddy, i don't understand why! I don't understand why the darkness is where you cry. Are you afraid i'm alone in the darkness? I'm not! you are there lighting up my way! Don't be sad!

She now, had been shaking crying a mess, but she kept talking to her mommy and daddy, to the stars- which she woke up to see crying, they where her parents. her everything.

"Daddy, i'm still your little flower! I am the magnolia blossom, sweet and gentle; kind and true. I always am your eternal flower i'm here, i always have been! so .. why.. . oh why. . . do you cry!...

She was on her knee's crying .. still. . . as the stars fell. . .

Summarizing Paragraph Section

And this would be where the summarizing paragraph, would go. So look here for the general idea of things if you get lost in the complexity of a post.

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