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Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:45 pm

Artist: Kajiura Yuki - Song: Wierd Place - Word Count: 1,006
“A god who cannot share his name to ants is a forgotten god; I am Hanako Iramasha Junior. As much you do, I too cannot allow this slavery, but if it is you see this as the path, and then there is no way for me to convince you otherwise.” Hanako replies to the red-haired god whose eyes are very peculiar. Judging solely on his appearance, it is hard to tell if he is a superhuman or someone else, but with how he claims to be a god, Hanako can only assume that he is very strong and omnipotent in capabilities. Hanako places her hands together in a prayer as she recites, “Trinity Persona, First Stage.”

Most certainly that is a power as a silhouette glow oozes out and covers Hanako’s entire form, but what would be mystifying was its absent presence as Hanako originally shown no sign of spiritual pressure and has literally no spiritual presence on her, rendering any spiritual senses useless in detecting her, so the so-called god would have use exploit visual, audio, physical, taste and smell to detect her. Even when the power is clearly in front of the god, Hanako shows no sign of spiritual influence as the environment is not affected, not even the reishi and air currents are shown to be affected by her transformation. As the transformation ends, the glow sinks back into her body and reveals her new form to be a honey-blond-haired that extends down to her upper-back, petite woman with closed eyes, a well-developed, peach-skinned body and a pink hair ribbon over her crown. What is donned upon her body was a golden tank-top with a yellow bird sprawling over the front, a pair of stone-washed jeans, a pair of work boots and a pair of black, fingerless fighting gloves with red panels of unknown, solid material. Knowing that she just changed her outfit in front of male opponent, she did not blush or feel embarrassed as she speaks nonchalantly to let him know of no trickery yet, “Just a change of clothes, so no mystical qualities added or changed other than the physical benefits you would perceive by eyes only.”

The reason for her eyes to be closed was to make a preparation for an ability that relates to her senses. As a grandmaster martial artist, she has disciplined senses that allows her to see things in three-sixty degree angle by using her hearing, feeling, smell, and instinct. More in depth to her version of such ability was her connection to the Planet, which throughout this time was absent as Hanako can immediately tell that she is in trouble should the man attack as she needed time to reconnect herself to the Planet or the environment around her to reintroduce her senses to the senses of this battlefield. Perhaps at the very least, she could initially sense up to ten feet, but for each post, she can see ten feet further as she gradually acquires insight of the surrounding mentally. “Form can never be determined from the eyes of the king of souls, spare all you can to help me! Vision of the predator!” Hanako cites as she keeps her eyes closed while nothing happens.
Sensing that the man is not going to initiate the fight, Hanako can guess that he has a counterattack waiting for her and there is no telling if this fight was timed or not. With the rocky platforms orbiting one huge platform, at least Hanako does not have to worry about civilians getting in the way, so she can use her higher forms if she must. For now, Hanako needs time to gain more insights about her field of combat and can only hope that the man would not attack so soon. She shifts her feet with her left foot facing out to her left and her right foot facing forward to the man as her legs are bent slightly, her right arm curl into an acute angle pointing up while her left arm is curled over her midsection where both of her hands are leveled with her breasts and curled into a pair of fists. It is all a waiting game now as there is a chance that the man would attack, but Hanako will be waiting with a counterattack prepared.

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Faith Vs. Steel (Hanako vs. Nagato) Empty Re: Faith Vs. Steel (Hanako vs. Nagato)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:26 pm

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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