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 [Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+]

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The Hohl Arquero
The Quincy Vizards

[Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+] Bab5279a51fd7a53d4cf36a56713e3b9_zps4314c0e9

The Basics
Little things to make up you

Character Name: Carmen Heidenreich
Appearance Age: 23
Age: 345
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Hohl Type: Quincy-Based :: Absorbed Arrancar
Reiatsu Colour: Purple, Blue, Deep-Purple Blue
Alliance: -
Position: -

The Details
Getting to know the deepest parts of you

[Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+] 3cb543bb796c4f3fbad653211206d3e5_zps4b277618

Appearance: Carmen is not necessarily ugly per say; she has a lot of hidden beauty. However, she tends to hide that behind her anxious face, and her need to keep herself hidden; the girl's long strands of purple hair seems to become messy and all over the place quite often. She has a bust of at least D, and seems to hit somewhere around 5'5. She wears a nurse's apron most of the time, and keeps hiding herself from others. Her right leg is wrapped up in bandages, and her left knee always has a band-aid, and her shoes are small white things; it's usually obvious that one could say she is a nurse type of person, wearing scrubs under her apron. But she needs inefficient as one, so the girl is often called an amateur. The fact that her hair tends to hide her face, and that she hides behind things, and with her small stature, the girl becomes extremely elusive it seems.

However, there's a strange change over Carmen's appearance when she starts using her powers. Generally, it's only the shade of her hair turning into a dark blue, and her eyes shifting to a bright blue rather then the magenta purple that they normally are. However, using a bit of Reiyoku, it becomes obvious that there are many changes; for one, Carmen's body isn't so hunched or trying to hide itself, standing proudly her 5'5 height. She tends to use Reiyoku on her clothes to make them into her official uniform, but otherwise can be seen in a Seifuku, when she pleases. This seems to be a total differences from her natural self, whom is really a cowardly girl, but like this, she seems strong and confident.

Personality: Carmen is a girl that is generally scared of about everything. Nervous, and easily moved to tears, she seems to hold a deeply rooted fear to everything. But most of all, she fears her own powers; where as most of her fears are a quiet, shy fear, mostly with her running away, the fear that is associated to her powers is greater. In fact, this fear towards her own powers turns Carmen into a violent psychopath, doing everything to stop the use of her powers. Because of this really submissive nature towards everything but the use of her powers, she is easily taken advantage of. Although she fears her powers to that point, she can overcome it if she needs to use them for someone special. Those that she loves do give her courage, but otherwise, she's just a really scared, jumpy sort of person.

Almost called hyper-nervous by people she's worked with, the girl has an eye for detail, and a knowledge of the medical field. Although she worked as a nurse from time to time, she doesn't really know much, and is considered an old fashion nurse. She is also very clumsy, which often results into injuries, and her being bandaged up or having bruises and what not everywhere. She is really sensitive, and cries a lot; when she's happy, sad, mad, insane, comforting. Just about anywhere, she cries. But the girl has a good sense of right and wrong, and won't abandon her friends; Carmen may cling to them however, and she prefers hiding behind others then confronting things herself. A push-over, she always seems to shrink when there's conflict, and generally seems soft-spoken. But she can become active and loud, if she's passionate about something; this was something she had to learn whilst she was modeling. But in all? Carmen is a good girl, if not a bit reluctant with the daily life of a Quincy.

However, it becomes obvious when she starts using her powers, that Carmen is actually pretty frightening; her sense of right and wrong remain, but she becomes calm and smiling, almost like an idol. She has this ability to charm people, and make them at ease, and feels very powerful on some levels. In fact, the rare few that knew Carmen before her change would say this was how she was normally; level-headed, capable of extreme logic and strategy, and more so, the unyielding strength to take down the people in her way. There was something unsettling about how she didn't seem swayed by emotions, but rather took on all of her jobs like a professional idol would smile towards people. It was all in a day's work; and that strength, that pure force of character made her entirely too efficient. This seems to all resurface when she begins to use her powers however, explaining the shift in her appearance and such.

History: Carmen was born to her parents on a bright and sunny day. Born at high noon, it was a healthy, beautiful baby girl that was born to the two Quincies; they were really proud of their baby girl. She was raised as a normal human, as both of her parents were trying to spare her their lives; but the World War around them was getting more and more violent.. so they had to move her out to the city, away from the country side. It became a fight for survival, considering all of the hollows that sought to kill their daughter for her cute, adorable, child self. So eventually she ended up having to learn some self-defense; that's when her parents showed her the ability of Blut Vene, to not allow her to be killed easily. They trained her vicariously to defend herself, as she was more vulnerable as a child; but they let her go to school, and she slowly began to learn life as per say. She graduated at the top of her class, and with a lot of friends, and then began to notice something strange; she wasn't aging beyond what she looked like at 18. Confused, she looked up to her parents, whom then told her everything about them; and promised to teach her how to do their racial things, if she wanted.

She accepted, and thus began hard training, even as she attended college. She graduated, looking very young and just claimed ''asian genetics.'' But her parents were fine with it; and Carmen became an excellent quincy. However, more often then not, she noticed that they arrived too late; as if her parents were doing something each time to prevent them from arriving in time. She ended confronting them about it, and she learned that they wished to keep the soul cycle to an acceptable level; and her, knowing that this went against their duties as quincies, did the simplest of things. When they went to sleep, she slipped up and slit their throats, packing up her things, and left, taking hold of her parent's assets, as they became spirits. She would not.. let them do so any longer; and so keeping an eye on them, she saw her mother get taken by hollows, and her father sent to Soul Society. She didn't hate Shinigami's, but she hated people that dared be all uptitty about saving those that were in front of them.

So she began her mission, helping to clean up some parts of town; however, she wasn't that much of a dent.. just a vigilante. As she noted the Yuudeshi network being put through the city, she disliked that idea, and thus moved to a small town, becoming their guardian. It was small, out of the way, and maybe had 20 people. She protected them as much as she could, going out for supplies, and being the guard more or less. However, one day, an Arrancar came into town; so she fought him, after evacuating everyone but a child. The child was taken by the intruder, and used as hostage; and yet, she looked into their eyes, and they smiled. So without hesitation, she shot the child, and the arrancar; but at the least second, the negative being threw the child away, and dodged her arrow. It slashed her, and she felt it was fatal; it was almost instant. The girl, for all of her powers, was easily defeated. She refused, however, to take it lying down. The girl let out a howl, and suddenly, her Reiyoku lashed out, the girl beginning to absorb everything she could.. and that included hte Arrancar, that didn't count on her strength. Without warning, she had absorbed them, and then she felt a sort of upheave.

The girl felt a rapid change in her body; it was painful. Suddenly, all the souls that were compressed in the arrancar, flashed hotly through her body. Her powers rampaged, and she just ran into the forest, away from the settlement. The pain was blinding; she doesn't remember much of that time but visions of red, and the feeling of being torn inside out. But she woke up, sometime later on the outskirts of somewhere.. alone.. frightened. She never wanted to use her powers; her powers felt painful. Letting out soft noises of pain, a random hollow tried to lynch her, as she curled up against a tree. But that's when he came.. he saved her, offering his hand to her. Carmen couldn't help but fall in love with this man. However, she knew she couldn't go to his place; and such... began to search for her own race on earth. She loved, and wanted to visit him.. but she needed to find her home first. Rather.. those that were like her. Perhaps.. she'd find a meaning of family this time?

The Powers
The reasons you are still in this fight even now.

Racial Powers:

|| Pure-Blood Quincy Origin ||
-- Carmen was a pure-blooded quincy before the unfortunate accident that occurred to her. This means that she had a high capability of using the Quincy weaponry and capabilities; she has not lost this, but is rather trying to bury it by elaborating on the new-found arrancar like capability which she has found. Thus, she feels like an Arrancar to most people that she meets, should they manage to sense her spiritual presence. Carmen is highly efficient with her quincy energies, thus allowing her to infuse, once she learned how to, most of her hand to hand capabilities, and even her arrancar based abilities, with the quincy only skill of completely destroying a hollow. However, due to her evolution, this can now be applied to any and ALL soul-based beings that she may encounter, and even beings with high spiritual presence, such as Evolved humans. She can use this to sever, cut, destroy, eradicate the spiritual aspect of however is fighting her; and this makes her dangerous, as she still has a large mastery of her quincy skills, being able to mix them with the arrancar traits she gained. As such, she can use Hirenkyaku and Sonido together to create a flexible mobility to herself, or fuse her arrows with Cero levels of destruction. This makes Carmen very hard to fight, because she can easily marry her Quincy side and her Hohl Arquero sides. However, as she suppresses most of her quincy powers, she tends to hesitate in fighting.

|| Reishi Absorption ||
-- Carmen is a quincy; as such, she can absorb Reishi from the area around her to power herself and her arrows. As a quincy, she easily can gather massive amounts of energy in order to power herself. Carmen is really good in this department, hence her enhanced form of this called Osmosis. However, she is still capable of using it in a quincy manner, and easily can draw energy from her surroundings if needed.

|| Intense Spiritual Power ||
-- Carmen is a quincy; therefore she has a large amount of spiritual power, considering the fact that she has the capability of forming a bow and modifying it on the fly. She in fact has somewhere around twice the usual amount of spiritual power at her level, due to her special subrace having absorbed an Arrancar within her. This gives her a large field of flexibility in which to use her powers; but her amount is not infinite, necessitating the replenishment of her energy with the area or rest or other some such methods. She can carry up to three times her capacity if needed, making her potent to absorb other energies to help people lower their power when she has to.

|| Extreme Spiritual Awareness ||
-- Carmen has a sensitivity for sensing spiritual things; this makes her more likely to sense not only Hollows, which she can do very well naturally, but other races like Shinigami, Vizards, Arrancar and Sugiura's amongst others. Her awareness is such that it is hard to trick her sense, letting her track and discover even the most secretive of people; there is one thing, however, that makes Carmen unique. She can even sense Quincies. This is very difficult, as it is not obvious when one is a quincy, however, Carmen can sense the light capability of absorption, allowing her to track whom is absorbing Reiatsu in an area, like a quincy would. This allows her to easily find quincies by reading the disrupted flows of Reiatsu around her; as Carmen can translate her sensing into actually seeing currents of Reiatsu when she wants to. However, on a general scale, she is very hard to surprise sensing wise, unless she is preoccupied with something else.

|| Blut ||
-- Carmen is not that proficient with Blut, considering that she generally finishes off her opponents before they have a chance to strike; or she used to. Her use of Blut tends to be more towards the Blut Arterie, thus giving her more attack power. She does know how to use Blut Vene, but rather avoids it, preferring to take injuries if someone should by-pass her defenses, which rarely doesn't happen.. however, nowadays, one could say she is definitely learning how to use Blut Vene on instinct, due to mostly rejecting and submerging her quincy powers.

|| Arrancar Capabilities ||
-- Carmen has access to Bala and Cero, both arrancar/hollow abilities. They form a vat of energy that can be shot for immensely destructive results; however, Bala is smaller, but can be shot at 20 times the speed of Cero. Carmen can use these in conjunction with her arrows, or form them as simple blasts. However, she has created one or two that are unique to herself, and her situation, thus making her capable of manipulating the Bala and the Cero with a mastery that few would see outside of an Espada Arrancar. She has also gained the utility of other arrancar moves, such as Perquisa, Sonido, Hierro and the Arrancar's ability to regenerate, and can mix them in her normal fighting style, in an effort to supress her Quincy powers.

|| Hohl Arquero Mutation ||
-- Carmen, as a Hohl Arquero, despite not knowing it herself, is capable of manipulating her body in light ways. This manipulation allows her to access features that the arrancar half of her, and subsequently, it's former hollow self, has used. This means she can shift parts of her appearance to grow wings, claws, whatever they had. But Carmen has little to no knowledge of this yet, as she has yet to fully explore her Arrancar self. There are suggestions that she may be able to become temporarily an Arrancar, but Carmen hasn't explored this as of yet.

Custom Powers:

|| Osmosis ||
-- Carmen has a high skill of absorption; however, she's developed something other then just the basic reishi absorbing skills. In fact, Carmen goes above and beyond her natural absorption skill, and is capable of absorbing reiatsu off of other people themselves; as long as they have some spiritual powers, Carmen can absorb a portion of it for herself. What's more, is that whilst she's absorbing this energy, over an amount of time she could learn very basic things from it; such as if she keeps absorbing someone that use ice as their element, she will begin to gain a cold resistance, and maybe even begin to use frost on some of her abilities. However, this would take more then one absorb session; it would take her something along like 20-30. She can use this absorbing technique to bypass needs such as food, and even heal herself with this reiatsu and such. This gives Carmen an easier time to be in battle, due to her being able to absorb and heal and even bypass most of her human needs by sustaining herself on Reiatsu alone.

|| Ninja Touch ||
-- Carmen has developed this ability from her own natural inclination; she can easily make herself small, and even disappear at times. Relatively, Carmen is extremely efficient at being sneaky, and quiet, that many can infer to her as a ninja. She has a good mastery over her body's reactions and noises, and can sneak past some of the most sophisticated security. Unless it's a visual electronic recording device, it is more then likely that Carmen can sneak past it. Guards? They don't see or hear her. Robots? Have a hard time too. Security Cameras? Get her every time unless she does something about it. She has a variety of tricks that she uses to completely, and utterly mask her presence, making her really hard to find if someone should try to find her. This tends to activate subconsciously when she is spooked, causing her suddenly become something like invisible, and then reappearing when she relaxes from sneaking around.

|| Shimmering Self ||
-- Carmen, due to being able to start accessing her inner powers because of learning how to do so due to absorbing an Arrancar, has developed abilities that are outside of a quincy sphere. This is an ability that Carmen had the potential to develop if she hadn't been a quincy. More or less, Carmen has the ability to spread out her own structure, and complete what is known as Phasing. More or less, she can pass through solid objects completely, or as selectively as she desires. More or less, she can control how her body deals with the material world; she can include whatever that she is touching within this function. Also, it does happen it has a set range of 20m if she does decide to use it on the floor and such. However, it is extremely draining to use it on something other then herself, and can't be used in battle other then if it's infused in her arrows or something similar. If attempted to be used on a person, the person may use an equal amount of energy to counter it, and thus nullifying it; however, this applies only on direct use of the person themselves, not against things infused with it.

The Tools
The things that make us step towards victory

Spirit Weapon:

|| Bow of Shattering ||
-- Carmen's spirit weapon is a bow, surprisingly to all. It has a beautiful form, and is made up with crystalline looking Reiatsu; her Reiatsu's colour is a mix of blue and purple. The shape of the bow looks like fragments of crystals and such; it's eye catching, and elegant in it's own way. This color scheme requires for her to use her cross at the center of the Reishi construct; as such, it seems to be easily tied to her, as it comes from from her neck. Her arrows look a lot like the bow, crystalline in structure and beauty; sometimes they can glow depending on what Carmen does to the arrows themselves. The bow itself has a few unique abilities, different then most quincies due to Carmen's unique nature.

|| Arrows of Variance ||
-- Carmen, due to having become a Hohl Arquero, although she herself doesn't know what she is, has gained an understanding of using her inner reiatsu, along with absorbing exterior reiatsu for her purposes. This means, she can use her own reiatsu in her quincy moves, and thus can apply different, extra natures to her arrows. For example, using her Osmosis skill, if she were to gain some ice attributes, she would be able to add them into her arrows, thus incurring freezing or ice damage along with pure spiritual destruction. This gives Carmen and her arrows a lot more flexibility in a fight. This means she can easily infuse her arrows with any energy concepts she has absorbed or had originally.

|| Shattering ||
-- This is ability that Carmen's bow is named after. Carmen's arrows are extremely more potent then the average quincy; this is because of the extreme training she had begun, and then the one she gave herself. Her arrows are more spiritually potent and thus, when they hit a body with any spiritual energy, the arrow is capable of damaging their spiritual property, and can also strike their material components as the form of an actual arrow; this makes Carmen very likely to use these arrows in any condition. Because she can naturally shatter any spiritual contact on impact with her arrows, such as fireballs and such, and thus can scatter and harm spiritual energy flows with her arrows if they do hit. Relatively, this simply shows that Carmen has enhanced spiritual destruction abilities compared to other quincies, thus allowing her arrows make a large impact.

|| Vow of Guidance ||
-- Carmen is actually quite specialized with her bow; it is to the point that she can use it and her arrows with minimal energy and a lot of shots within a fast frame. However, there is something unique to her; she can actually make her arrows homing. More or less, due to her advanced sensing, she can mark a spiritual presence, and then send her arrow as a homing device, which will chase the marked person until the arrow hits, or it is deflected and such. Rather, it's more accurate to describe these arrows as ''homing until they hit the mark.'' which means anything with the same spiritual wavelength, such as a dummy set up, would work as a deflector. The effective range is something like 5 miles, however, it can go up to 10 miles before fading.

|| Ginrei Kojaku ||
-- Carmen has the ability to give her bow this add on; it transforms into a circle around the shooting area of her bow, allowing her to charge, and send more arrows via this ring. It gives Carmen lee-way into shooting more arrows, somewhere around 900 of them, which may be considered less then a genius, however, this is taking into account the fact that she has not used the spider web like pentacle, and is updating her bow on the fly. So it has less potential, but is still no less impressive when used in battle, considering the efforts she must put into it to get this to work.

Quincy Tools:

|| The Cross ||
-- Carmen's cross is actually formed like St.Peter's cross. This underlies a lot of things from within Carmen. But the cross itself is tied on a silver chain, and is looped around her neck. The cross is big enough to be held in both of Carmen's small hands. However, it becomes obvious that something about it is weird; she can channel her energy to form weapons that will hold the cross onto them, or she could use it as a weapon by itself. The chain of her cross can extend, and retract depending on how much energy she incorporates into it. This makes Carmen have a weapon no matter the situation. The metal that makes up the cross is infused with a particular metal that is keyed into her own energy; so if another but herself tries to take the cross? It will harm them depending on the length of time that they hold onto it; firstly by absorbing a chunk of energy, secondly by beginning to contaminate them with the pure energy of a quincy, and then thirdly beginning to release actual attacks.

|| Bandages of Sealing ||
-- Carmen has begun to understand the concept of applying energy from her quincy self into a more malleable material; needless to say, she has developed a way to apply the complete spiritual destruction that the quincy race has, into a more nullifying aspect. These bandages can restrain abilities that a quincy may not want to have; it can also work partly on another race's abilities, but only diminishes their ability to a more manageable form. More or less, this works on the user's spiritual power, and decreases the ability to a level that may match that user's power, or that user's preferred power output. Relatively, they were made by Carmen specifically for Baltasar, but could be used to train, or have other applications should she choose to do so.

Zanpaktou: || Baltasar, Destruction of God ||
-- Carmen's Zanpaktou, gained by her absorbing the Arrancar Valkys Ba'al, is named Baltasar. It has a strange look, as it is a claymore like blade that has a double bladed ax head attached to the hilt. In fact, the sheath containing Baltasar looks to be no bigger then a tanto, as the hilt is the only thing that is presented out of it. When she pulls the blade out by the hilt, it is mostly covered in bandages, still able to cut and do some damage through this sealed covering. The bandages are inscribed with quincy runes, that allows Carmen to keep the blade under control, until she releases it. Once the blade is visible, one can see the color of her reiatsu pulse down a line in the center of the blade; this line is actually a bunch of runes gathered together to encompass the entirety of Baltasar's skills. The zanpaktou has no spirit, but it does have a few abilities that belong to it.

|| Excalibur of Destruction ||
-- This is Baltasar's first, and most powerful ability; this ability is what necessitates the sealing bandages. This ability is simple; whatever the blade touches, it destroys. However, that is simplifying the blade's skill to the barebones; it is in fact much more complex then that. Baltasar can touch a thing, and do a few things depending on what it touches. Nonliving things may be subject to a wide range of effects, all non-elemental, of being destroyed. Such as forming craters, imploding rocks, making a force of kinetic power that pulverizes; you name it. On non-sentient living beings, such as plants, their weakness become able to be used, such as setting a field of grass on fire. On sentient non-human lifeforms, it can become a bit more complex, such as imploding them with blood pressure, or causing wounds such as multiple stabbings. This blade has the hardest time against humanoid sentient beings, such as humans, shinigami's and such.

Why? Because there's too many variants on how to destroy them, once you add in the concept of mind, soul and heart; therefore it is extremely difficult to destroy them in a permanent fashion, due to having too many aspects. This makes it hard for Baltasar to successfully destroy a humanoid being; however, injuring them is easy in this case. However, Baltasar's sealing bandages suppresses this power to where it only effects non-sentient life forms at most, and on a less destructive scale; because unreleased, a simple swing from Baltasar could feasibly render the earth to the core. That's why the blade is generally sealed unless Carmen has permission; the blade can more or less rend into destruction what it touches.

|| Rend of Death ||
-- Baltasar also has a secondary ability, which makes it just as dangerous as the sealing bandages only cover the first ability. It has the ability to sever, or rather, rend whatever it touches. Either the blade, or the ax head, it can preform a severing or rending of a specific thing. Generally, the blade renders the connection between death and the present world; this makes completely and utterly killing something with this touch, such as quincy arrows would do. However, that is an addendum due to Carmen's natural quincy powers. The form in which this blade has severed before becoming Carmen's, was simple; it worked as a sending. More or less, it severed the connection of the target to the present world, sending them to a pathway; this pathway was connected to almost all dimensions, and as such? The soul would be sucked into one of these dimensions. That was the most common use; however, it can sever physical things as well, but requires more of an effort when dealing with humanoid beings, requiring some energy. This rendering or severing affect can be concentrated into energy bursts from the blade, thus rendering them long distance through waves should Carmen choose to do so.

The Forms
The states that show off the filth inside

Ressurection: Destruir, Baltasar

Soul Unification State:

Segunda Etapa:


Soul Expansion State:

Spirit Domain Release: N/A

The Extras
Whatever is left for you to do

[Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+] D90a837ba9530b3320bc1d0a2d70f8d2_zps6ee2c6ca

Roleplay Sample: -

Skill Sheets:

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Quincy Skill Sheet

  • Marksmanship: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Arrancar Skill Sheet
  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

(Arrancar may only add skills to either Hierro OR Regeneration, not both. This is due to incredibly resilient and unbalanced Arrancar that never die creeping around. Whichever skill you do not choose to apply a skill to will be set at Adept or Beginner depending on the character)

a beckoned run away leisure
[Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+] 2dl9RO2v
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Adept.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced.
  • Focus: Adept.

Comments/Notes: Ouch Dangerous weapons = Dangerous Quincy,
Tier: 1-3+

[Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+] GFHHFG_zpsj1vrrfxz
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Archiving This

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[Quincy] Carmen :: Accidental Hohl Aquero [Approved, 1-3+]
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