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 The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade)   The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade) EmptySat Apr 06, 2013 12:27 pm

  • Name Of Character: Colin Washi
  • Link To Character Profile: The New Rumble King
  • Reasons For Upgrading:

    Dude's fought Mana flipping Mana Ashvaton. Also new position as head of the Vizard Corps. Also still active despite his age as a character. Also needs to have Washi Mode written out since he has gained it. This is for Rumble Mode, another mode which handles the preliminaries for how Washi mode will work, so I need this first.

    What Are You Upgrading:

    1. Tier upgrade

    2. Adding of RUMBLE ELEMENT

    Rumble Avaces (Rumble Bird)

    Basically, Rumble Mode is when Colin begins to truly draw in the outside power of his environment and send it into one thing. That's what it truly comes down to, although the specifics are a bit more picky then that general area. For example, he can only use momentum or wind-based attacks as fuel for this technique.

    Essentially, this technique allows Colin to manipulate the momentum of things surrounding him. Everything within his spiritual pressure, whether it’s a person, a thing, or even a process, he can speed it up using this ability. Now how exactly does this work?

    Well, in the time that Colin has used Rapido Avaces, he has come to the understanding of how the very concept of momentum works, this concept that has been a part of his life more then anything else. This might also be called his Concept Control. His mind has become able to simultaneously read the momentums and basic speeds of absolutely everything in a two hundred radius around himself, a full control around his body that he watches at all times.

    However, now, Colin is able to apply the fact of Rapido Avaces to other things. He calls this the Rumble Mode of Rapido Avaces, because it allows for a variety of things. It has two modes, one mode for slowing and another for acceleration, which he can alternate between at any time he desires.

    When he is accelerating, his target begins to move wherever their current momentum at a variable speed faster, a speed which Colin is able to determine. This can have a variety of affects, whether it results in them over shooting, or possibly accidently slamming into something, or otherwise throw them in a way that they aren't expecting. The energy for this is provided by Colin himself, who runs his energy around the opponent in the direction that they are currently going. His energy flows around their body, causing them to move faster and accelerate beyond their normal speed. This principle can also be applied to objects and attacks as well, essentially anything which uses speed as a determinant.

    When he is decelerating, the way the technique is quite different. The acceleration has to go somewhere, and where it goes is into Colin's body. Basically, his energy goes around the target just like when accelerating it; however, in this case, his energy begins to move backwards, causing the target to slow down exponentially. Resisting it can be very difficult, although Colin cannot bring the opponent down to a full stop. This is because of the fact that the movement requires some motion, meaning that without motion it cannot gain anything.

    However, the force that it resists has to go somewhere, as generally it causes a massive amount of wind. When this happens, the very air itself around the target slows it down, but the wind has to go somewhere as it follows the path of the energy. So, where it goes is normally into Colin's feet. It can go into other parts of his body, but his feet are his favorite place for the wind to go, because of his highly durable boots.

    Now, what exactly does this ability DO? Put simply, it makes the target slow down or speed up, the same linear way they were before, and just cause their acceleration to be decreased. This effect can easily be resisted by the thing going faster or attempting to dispel the energy around it, but this in itself is also very difficult. The energy is meant to make things grow faster, meaning that it will only make attempts to dispel it increase or decrease in its own speed, unable to touch the force that is causing the acceleration or deceleration that they are being influenced by.

    3. Adding of RUMBLE MODE

    Rumble Mode

    Now, this is a form that can ONLY be activated by use of Rumble Avaces, the energy around Colin which allows him to slow down or speed up his target. Essentially, this effect occurs when Colin has dragged in more wind energy then his body is supposed to be able to maintain, overloading his body from the massive amount of energy. This massive collection of energy begins to affect his body, and changes his basic appearance.

    His hair shortens, the tips of it cut and made extremely thin, and changes to the Green color of his energy like when he enters bankai. His clothing is shredded and formed into a thin cloak that covers his torso, in addition to his pants becoming relaxed like pajamas. For such a form, his energy output is a grand total of… zero. This form gives out no energy, or battle prowess, or ANYTHING.

    Lack of Energy
    In this form, Colin completely loses all of his passive energy, meaning that to anything which detects energy he registers as completely zero. However, this is truly because all of his energy has changed, becoming Rumble energy. Rumble energy cannot be simply detected, as the purpose of rumble energy is not to passively exist. This means that while Colin seems to have no energy whatsoever, because of what he has activated he truly has far more energy then normal. Rumble energy has to have this property so that Colin can still use his absorption abilities with Rumble Avaces ,which allows him to still draw in energy, and use it for any process that he desires.

    Rumble Wave
    Whoever, there is also another new things that Colin can do when he activates his Rumble Mode, and that is the Rumble Wave. Basically, this turns Colin's energy into a disruptive wave, which shoots out in front of it, activating all of its properties on anything that it touches. Basically, what Rumble energy does is dispel. Just like it dispels itself to make it possible for him to carry all of his energy within him, it can be used on things outside of himself.

    Whenever his energy makes contact with a foreign object, it disperse things. First off, it dispels the realm which it has the absolute greatest amount of effect on; speed. This energy causes momentum that it touches when manipulated by Colin in this way to be completely dispelled, making it so that object loses ALL of its momentum. It can no longer move at all.

    Then, the attack begins to disperse the second thing as its priority; anything which alters time and space. Essentially, it blows a restoring wind on any changes to reality, time itself, and space that it touches, restoring the thing touched to how it was deemed to be originally. This means that Colin can restore things that were altered beyond logical sense or restore things to how they should be as is deemed by reality and existence itself. This also means that Rumble energy is immune to changes in existence because of its own traits, and that his attacks made out of Rumble energy can't be altered in this way. However, this priority when used on other things is not very effective, meaning that it can fail a good amount of the time.

    The third property, however, is rather strong. This is the property that clears away foreign intervention within the area of space and time itself. This means that it can blow away things like demon magic, soul sorcery, sugiuran magic and Kidō by coming into contact with it. These things are dispelled in its wake, and will often blow away physical objects as well and send them flying away. This trait also gives one single benefit to Colin; the Fact of No Caging.

    Fact of No Caging
    This is the true ability of Rumble form that Colin uses. Basically, when he has arrived into Rumble form, it becomes impossible for him to be caged. The definition of "caged" refers ONLY to Colin himself, and doesn't apply to damages made to himself or natural damage that is done to him which makes him unable to move. However, it DOES make it so that things such as limiting his senses, simply do not effect him. This also includes things like trying to slow him down, or seal him in a box. If he is no longer able to move within a space, then he will move through it, no matter what that thing is. This is because of Colin's conceptual being as an Eagle, of freedom; he cannot be caged in and that desire has spread to the Rumble energy that makes up his form.

    This ability also applies to things which try to slow down Colin's attacks that he fuels but perhaps not powers with Rumble energy, which means that things lie his Cero can not be absorbed because of the fact that that would involve them being added to an opponent and caged along with their own energy, which isn't possible, which means that his energy cannot be absorbed. In addition, the Rumble energy cannot be altered by anyone else either ,because as per the laws of its existence it does not exist for others to manipulate.

    Finally, Colin cannot be emotionally bound while he is in this state. If he decides to do something, he will do it, no matter how much he might be raging over it. As long as he has the obligation to fulfill something, even if his dearly beloved were to be captured, he would perform his task, freed from his own emotions. He still has his personality ,and may hate what his body is doing and deeply regret it later, but at that point in time he is not caged by the feelings that he has towards something and will perform as he needs to in order to fulfill his goals.

    Finally, the ability also makes it so that Colin himself can no longer lose to his hollow and his hollow gains an EXTREMELY profound trait. Colin cannot lose to his hollow any longer, since that would imply that Colin himself is trapped by the hollow. On the other hand, his hollow, and even his ZAPNAKTOU, gain the ability that they can no longer be caged inside of Colin. This means that they can choose to freely enter and exit his body as well, although they will not choose to as they are not used to this particular sensation. This is why his Hollow and Zanpaktou can still be used despite the fact that Colin's energy has turned into the traits of Rumble. They maintain the connection they have with Colin's body by choice ,and link with him in order to use their associated abilities.

    At the end ,there should be a notice of why Rumble energy exists in the first place. Colin's concept means that his body would have to release all of its energy at once so that it would be free and not caged inside of him. However, because of Rumble, this is no longer the case, as the energy isn't IN him any more, it simply EXISTS for him to manipulate, which is what makes it such a unique energy type.

    God of the Air
    Colin also truly comes into his own as a manipulator of air. Although this trait he has obtained passively even while not in this form, it is while in this form that its true power comes into observation. Around his body and for a large distance around himself, Colin has full control of the air. This means he can manipulate the air in this space in any way he desires, and use it to his own effects. This is because his spirit finally matches that of air, and he has a more perfect synchrocity with it then any other air user could hope to obtain, because of his Fact of No Caging.

    This concept makes his body emulate the fact of air into a perfect form; Air is made up of molecules that have been freed and move about as they please with no limitations. Colin while in this form has nothing holding him back, being completely un-caged from everything that could limit him, and in spirit becomes one with the air. In body, on the other hand… Well, Colin can now move so fast that his body literally joins the air particles, making it so that he can no longer seen while using minimal effort.

    Rumble King
    There is also the reason he places the energy into his feet. The energy that goes around his feet solidifies, becoming the shape that is truly converting the energy, a large cone at the front of Colin's toes with two slots on the bottom of his feet, like he's wearing skates that someone took the wheels out of. These things around his feet act as Colin's new wings while in this form.

    Now, there may be a question as to "why" as Colin still wears all of his wings when he goes into a form just like normal. However, these boots give the benefit of taking in ALL of the backdraft from what Colin does, including the wake of his own speed, collecting it and turning it into raw energy. These shoes are able to produce ANYTHING that Colin can normally, from his feathers, to cero, to making tornados, to developing a pair of wings, to creating a copy of Soringuiguru out of its tip, to sending out a burst of fire to self-cauterize, anything Colinian these boots have, including a massive line on their outsides that looks like where it was sewn after a tear in reference to the scar that goes down the front of Colin's torso.

  • Any Extra Notes: Caw Mother Flipping Caw


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade)   The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade) EmptySat Apr 06, 2013 12:32 pm

Already discussed this with JJ, Colin Washi is now 0-2+ and the ability has been approved.

The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade) DVNh7M9
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The Eagle God Takes Flight (Upgrade)
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