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 A Sudden Interest [OPEN]

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Subject Post 31PostSubject: Re: A Sudden Interest [OPEN]   A Sudden Interest [OPEN] - Page 4 EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 9:13 am

Artist: Shiro Sagisu - Song: Encirclement Battle - Word Count: 1979 -

Gray Hiashi, a young male that had his own blood splattered across the ground, bones shattered, nerves fried, was still standing before the likes of Shadin, but he won't be standing for long. Before he was able to attack Shadin, a black circle appeared at the centre of the air, before raining down blades that may attempt to stab him. But, Gray wouldn't hesitate to break the bones of those dared to stop his attempts to fight against the likes of the white-haired man. Even with his current situation, he could still avoid the blades from piercing his flesh, but he is real pissed at the dragon that was flying, a damn wuss who couldn't even tell what's right or wrong. His hands reached out, allowing the blade to pierce through his very palm, almost reaching his chest that may proven damaging enough to him. With no experience with weapons, he gripped his hand together to form a fist, a swing towards one of the incoming blades could shatter it into pieces, but the damage he had took, Gray wasn't fast enough and had allowed the rest of the blades pierce through his skin and flesh, falling down against the ground.

His legs and arm, although being stabbed through, he could still forcefully move them but it would hurt like hell for him. In the process of healing, he had open the gap between one of his eye, a blast was advancing towards the direction where Gray was at. Thinking that he could override the D.E.S Choker if he were to eat that, he proceeded to open his mouth, but the beast appeared, simply.. Just simply, stopping the black blast with his bare hands. With some specific reasons, Gray felt like he disgraced his own pride, as well as his family's name, for being defeated by a mere beast that placed him down on his knees with just a few attacks. One thing hitted his mind, just one. I ain't giving up that easily to this asswipe.

His anger began to boil slowly, as he was lying down before the ground. With his abilities being restricted, he may have to depend on his natural strength in order to pull this damn choker out of his neck, but with a small portion of spiritual energy left, it would almost be impossible, but depending on the circumstances, he may be able to forcefully rip the shit out of the D.E.S Choker from his neck if he tried. Suddenly, a wave of white energy had bursted itself towards him, eventually throwing Gray across the air before landing. TCCU Clones began to march out towards his already-injured body, and attempting to shove him into the truck which will put him into custody for a temporary while. A smirk was revealed across his face, gripping against one of the clone's face and swung the body in circles to smack away any nearby TCCU Clones that may try to get near him, before releasing his grip from the clone's face, that may throw the victim across the air. His eyes shifted towards shadin, staring menancingly with anger, "Do you think i'll be brought down into knees and be lying down? Well, NOT UNTIL ONE OF US ARE DOWN TO THE KNEES, IT IS EITHER YOU OR ME, BECAUSE I FUCKING SWORE, I'LL RIP THE FUCK OUTTA YOUR EYEBALLS!!!.

Grinding his teeth with the look of a man being boiled completely with anger, Gray knew that until he is being placed down to an unconcious state, he isn't staying down like a good little brat. First thing's first, he has to rip the choker off of his neck, otherwise he will be unable to go full power against this fucker that had locked this 'power restricting' collar that may prevent him from going into any state, or using any sort of abilities. Before that, his hands took a strong grip against the truck and rose it up above the air. While his eyes was still aiming against Shadin, Gray threw the truck across the air and towards the white-haired beast, before lunging himself backwards. "PREPARE TO WITNESS THE SHIT OF YOUR LIFE, ASSWIPE."

[ Change Tracks ]

One of his hands reached out from the choker that was locked against his neck, taking a grip on it strong enough so he won't be slipping his hand off from it during the pull. Wihout hesitating, he began to forcefully pull the choker off from his neck with all of his might, attempting to rip the choker off of his neck if it means fatally wounding himself even more than his very own limits. Grinding his teeth again, and bursted himself into a roar as his spiritual energy began to flow out from his body, wildly and possibly, it may confuse the choker itself by adjusting the wave patterns of his spiritual energy located within his body, through leaving his spiritual energy wild enough to change its wave patterns randomly. Gripping even tighter, Gray attempts to crush the collar into dust in order to force the choker into a malfunctioning state which will enable him to rip off from D.E.S Choker. Though, depending on the circumstances, if he were unable to remove the D.E.S Choker still, Gray would be placed into an unconcious state and finally ending [ the thread ] due to overusing the limitations of his energy and forcefully sustaining the damages taken beyond most victim's limits when it comes to Shadin's attacks.

But if the choker was finally removed, Gray would be back into action. Although, he won't be holding back this time. Before lunging himself towards Shadin, Gray would first place the choker into his mouth, which looks a little disgusting for him to actually eat a 'dirty' choker that many had touched, used and placed against before, but it is a matter of time to bring the white-haired beast down. Since the D.E.S Choker requires, like any other appliances, an electrical energy that flows within its wires, chips, hard disk and programs in order to function, which has come into this. With one swallow, the electrical energy that had provided for the D.E.S Choker to work would fuse together with his flames. Regardless the amount of electrical energy that has within the choker itself, as long as there are presence of electricity, it would be enough to power up his body and flames drastically. Of course, almost everyone would know that using electricity against a master electric-user would almost be rendered pointless to do so, but it doesn't mean it could put him away.

Although, Shadin wasn't the only one he is targeting for, as skiel, or elisha is also the person he is targeting as well. Shifting his attention towards female, it was boiling with anger, "I've never thought a wuss like you would retreat. You're just running away from the fucking reality, thus this is why you retreat. I would know what to do to protect someone i care for. We don't run, we don't hide, we charge, we fight. If you know that fucking woman is important to you, you shall know what 'protect' means, instead of retreating like a damn bitch. Of course, unless you negotiate, this man wouldn't attack you. But if he wasn't a negotiating type, You'll be as good as dead right now. But since you're willing to help this fucker, i have no choice to put you down to size or knock you down."

"And You! White haired shithead, you want a damn fight? Oh, with hell i am pleasured to provide you that. I ain't sitting down like a good little brat until you knock the fuck me out from this battlefield. I don't give a flying fuck if you think i'm a dumbass or some mighty bitch who just simply enter the battlefield and fight against the impossible. If you think you're doing the right thing, then go ahead. I'll just open that gap between your eyes and make you realise.. You're doing the fuck it wrong."

[ Another Track Changes ]

"But since i'm full and up, i am obliged to send greetings and a goodbye to your face with my damn FIST! SO BUCKLE UP FOR THE HIT!

His flames' layers was being swirled around by the electricity that is flowing within the powered flames, which it seems to him that it won't last long for his current condition. He wouldn't attempt to breathe out a blast of flames and electricity as he knew it would take time, and before he may be able to release it, he is soon gone from the battlefield, so he is going take this bastard on with melee. He first lunged himself towards the female dragon, charging his fist with the fusion of flames and electricity before implanting it against the female's stomach. If it were to be on contact directly, a burst of fire and electricity would blast off from her back, and of course, it might wound elisha severely if the force given is enough together with his boosted strength by the electricity, but if it missed, a huge blast of fire and electricity would burst to the front, and wounding those are in the way of the blast. Of course, the blast itself would support his speed towards the white-haired beast, Shadin, attempting to slam against shadin's head with fused fire and electricity on his fist, powerful enough to send crack against the ground and collapsing any buildings nearby within the vicnicity of the force from the punch.

After the punch was given, he proceeds to send off weak blasts of flames through rapidly punching the white-haired beast, before striking down his fist through a charged blast against the beast that could rip the ground below of where Gray had fired at. The recoil from the blast could push him up above the mid-air, grinning as his spiritual energy was about to run out due to the amount of firepower from the electricity that boosted his flames could sap his energy like a damn sponge. Placing his hands together, a large blade appeared, appearing to be 10 times the size of Gray, with electricity swirling across the blade that was created through the flames that rivals against the flames of a pure dragon. Hopefully, the final strike against this white-haired beast could finally end this. "I forgot to ask your fucking name! My name's Gray Hiashi. Tell me your damn name so i can remember it until to my fucking graveyard if i were to die in this damned battlefield."

Wihout wasting any longer than a few seconds, he lunged himself towards Shadin with his fullest speed, as once he got close to the white-haired beast, he swung his blade towards him, "LIGHTNING DRAGON'S ELECTRIC BLADE!". Hitting whoever that's standing against the blade's way, it would be destructive enough to be able to split the road into half, collapsing the front buildings of its way into dusts and mortally wounding those are caught in it. Since its fused with electricity, the white-haired man, whom was an electric user, may probably drastically weakened the damage of the blade if given enough time by negating the electricity from the flames, but it depends on the circumstances. For now, the ability that Gray had used, which absolutely drained off every tiny bits of spiritual energy that he has, in exchange of firing off a weapon with that large amount of size. That's it, he was at his very limits and could never continue anymore. The electricity from his body had vanished, and his flames were extinguished from his body.

Hopefully, it could at least, mortally wound that beast. He would attempt to try and save the wolf from the beast's grip, but he couldn't lift a finger through that massive energy taken from his body, and slowly, he closed his eyes before falling unconcious. He was.. very.. damn.. tired..

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Subject Post 32PostSubject: Re: A Sudden Interest [OPEN]   A Sudden Interest [OPEN] - Page 4 EmptyTue Jul 02, 2013 1:50 pm

-O Elisha O-
-O The NekoMetal Dragonholder O-

Skiel stood still as Gray rushed towards him, Gray’s fist surrounded by flames and electricity. As he closed in on Skiel, Skiel moved, a burst of air pushing her to the side and behind Gray, ending up behind his head. His clawed hand went out, clasping around Gray’s skull as she spoke softly to him.

“I’m sorry if I kill you.”

With that said, Skiel concentrated as hard as he could. If his concentration slipped even slightly, she would for sure fry Gray’s brain, he had to be perfect here. With this concentration, a surge of electricity surged down his arm and towards Gray’s skull. However, he was targeting very specific areas of his brain, and had his concentration been successful, Gray would lose consciousness. Skiel had targeted specific areas of the brain, effectively shutting down the conscious parts of his brain. With that done, she pushed Gray to the ground, flipping over and landing on one leg. Panting heavily, his fists clenched as tightly as possible, he opened his mouth and screamed at the TCCU clones.

“Restrain me now, please!!! God damn it, do it now!!! Do it before I lose control of her body!!!!”

His body was shaking heavily, the scales retreating slowly, sometimes stopping in a jerking motion. It was clear that he was trying to give the TCCU clones enough time before Elisha returned. He knew she would be extremely angry when she did, and he would need time to calm her down. He fell to the ground, his wings disappearing as the transformation slowly dissipated. Then, it was over, the final scale gone, and Elisha back in control.


Electricity crackled and sparkled around her as her eyes looked on and up at Shadin. If someone hadn’t restrained her yet, she would fly up towards Shadin as fast as she could, opening up her mouth, a huge bolt of electricity firing from her mouth towards Shadin in a fit of pure rage. Otherwise, had she been restrained, she would flail around angrily, trying to get away from them.



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Subject Post 33PostSubject: Re: A Sudden Interest [OPEN]   A Sudden Interest [OPEN] - Page 4 EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 9:24 am

this Rushing feeling the cold setting in, was this it? That void was filled that stream finally waded through, was this the final time he could stare into that blue abyss they called the sky? ..... fuck. The coursing energy ripped through his body the dark matter within his body tried to fight the oncoming reiatsu trying to hold it back as it fought to contain him, why was he so fucking weak? why couldn't he beat it? The thoughts raced through the mans mind the burning sensation gripped his core as the electricity raced within him moving to his voice box he could feel the burning .... he could feel. For so long he never even acknowledged pain he had never seen what others had felt, so closed in all he could really feel was free. As he managed to look around his head slowly turning to look upon this landscape this irreparable loss was all but crushing down on him. The other kid was trying to rise to his feet, trying his hardest to get up despite the guards despite the damn girl who stood in his path. All wolf could help thinking is how much these 2 persistent bastards would've gotten along. There was a cold feeling in his hands, looking down upon it now he knew it didn't matter but couldn't stop himself from laughing a bit about it. In some ways wolf knew this was the end, he cringed alittle as the lighting course through his innards catching over his major organs, despite the dark matter trying its hardest to fix what was there this other energy held it back..... so cold.

What was shall never be, and what is shall die.

even with his destroyed means of speech he still managed to drift out those words, as cracked and lost as they may be he knew this was the time to repeat it, the words his mother spoke as she burned, the words his mentor spoke just before he pierced wolfs head with a bullet, speak of irony. he felt his hands drop as the electricity raced over his heart, the blood was now dripping from his mouth, probably the effect of destroying his organs if he guessed anything. He'd always imagined dying by the hands of someone more powerful than he, he who presented insults to provoke someone to truly fight with their all to lash out and show their truly animalistic side. His fingers were twitching a lot the lightning in him probably sending jolts out .... or maybe he was afraid. For all the love of fighting for all the love of death this was it? needles to say all this damn thinking could only bring a smile to his face, even when he had come so far ..... he was still nothing. The speck within the wind, the dust under our feet and even the rain upon our faces they all stood awaiting him.

His head hurt, all this thinking was bad for him ... no this wasn't thought or even the remembrance of the past ... this was something else. In his whole body he knew it was the final straw, the wind touched his skin and wolf knew it was the nail that was closing his coffin, his brain stood at the wake of Shadin's electricity. Wolf could see the life flashing through his eyes, those he knew his friends he all but cherished. training, his academy days, the fights of the past all of it the senseless destruction wolf now say almost brought a tear to his eye as he knew that his mark had been settle on the earth, die and leave the graveyard littered with ash. It was all fading becoming nothing but the pure black. As the pulsating stopped as did the very core that fueled his life the dark matter was strangling on itself dying, his eyes glossed over as his lips fell back from that irrepressible smile to blankness. Life was fading and as his final felling gripped, a hand touching his waist his lips moved for one last sentence before the consciousness faded and the body was destroyed and wolf .... died.

save me.

the blood split upon the ground as the body was torn in 2 the men surrounded the landscape but they need not worry all life from the dog was gone all the longing strength nothing. What was shall never be, and what is shall die, the words live and loved by a man named Wolf .... a real king of mutts..... a Lionus.


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Subject Post 34PostSubject: Re: A Sudden Interest [OPEN]   A Sudden Interest [OPEN] - Page 4 EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 8:21 am

Artist: Burn7 - Song: Remnant - Word Count: 2243
So this was how it was all crumbling down? Not with a yell, but with a whimper. Ah well, that's how all things went down when one went against the might which dwells within The Mind of God. When the fresh smell of a dead corpse riddled the battlefield like an overpowering misama, it signaled that Shadin had indeed achieve one of his objectives in terminating the target which endangered Karakura. Though, with the night still howling with chaos, it was apparent that this freight train of insanity had not ended yet. Before dealing with the remains of Wolf Lionus's deceased body, The White Haired Male noticed that two remaining participants in this street brawl were still actively trying to engage The Beast of Karakura in battle. Tilting his head to the side, he eased off his previously psychotic expression and had a rather irritated expression transition back into his face while sucking his teeth in disgust. He figured this would have been over with the death of their supposed ally, but it seems not.

Switching to the internal view of the TCCU Clones dealing with the stubborn Sugiura, via The Yuudeshi's Cyberbrain being connected to theirs, he was able to see first hand the male's defiance of his authority. Apparently, from the footage he was witnessing, this guy clearly didn't understand what it meant to give-up. Therefore, Shadin would have to educate on him on what it meant to surrender once more. After most of the TCCU Clones were thrown about it, he shouted a strange, encoded message that sounded otherworldly to most in the area. Only Last Order or anyone involved in the Yuudeshi Network experiments would have any idea what it meant. However, the meaning behind it was much more significant. It was essentially an order given to all clones and associates in the Yuudeshi Project to stand-down, move back and let Shadin himself handle this problem and personally escort him down into the pits of hell within the depths of Karakura Central.

Adhering to this strange call he had echoed throughout the battlefield, most of the miniature clones were seen scrambling around in packs; yelling things about the big boss, aka Shadin, telling them to move back and take cover. Issuing orders over a wide-scale network within the region, The Beast of Karakura gave additional orders to retrieve Wolf Lionus's body. He wanted that thing sealed up, patched up, all body parts retrieved and his corpse sent downtown to be processed and to be processed by the proper authorities; along with the moron's next of kin and the Gotei 13 being informed of his untimely demise at the ends of his own stupidity to jump in such a fight. As in Shadin's mind, you live like a idiot? You'll die like a idiot. With that said, the male gave a swift movement of his right hand; directing large sums of his own energy to produce a barrier across most TCCU Clones, Last Order and even the corpse of The Mad Hound to protect them from what was about to go down in the last duration of this brawl they were having.

"You still insist on having the balls to oppose me in my own domain? Fine then, I'll grant to the privilege of feeling my force head-first. From now on, you are on the One-Way Road to Destruction. This is not a comprise, a proposal, a contract, an entreaty, a cordance, a compromise, or a capitulation. I'm going to fucking butcher any sense of the word "FIGHT" from your mind and end this. This is the end of your life as you knew it, punk." Those words striking the area like a billowing clap of thunder, this showed that The Yuudeshi had meant business in the strong tone of voice in which he spoke and uttered each and every sentence. Eyes now set on the dragon Sugiura, it was time to show him what it meant to fight The Mind of God. "Useless. You are clearly running out of ideas and getting desperate to pull if you sincerely think that'll do any good." Placing his right hand upwards in the air, he activated his control of momentum to swiftly stop the truck when it got within Shadin's field of range.

Directing the vehicle to be placed in a nearby ally to assist with the efforts to deport Lionus Wolf's corpse to The Yayjuu base, most of The Beast's focus had been set on Gray. "All I'm paying witness to is a child waiting to be put in time out." Slowly walking towards the direction of The Dragon Sugiura, Shadin noticed that the male before him had been attempting to rip the collar off from him and supposedly manipulate it. Having a rather large smirk transition into view across his lips, he knew this action was going to be futile from this moment onward. Cleaning out his right ear the index finger of his right hand, he took an irritated sigh once more and proceeded to activate the nano-based functions of The DES Choker. Based on the fact the nanobots which were injected into Gray's stream as apart of the first capacities of the restricting device, they were steadily going to work making a strong effort to clog up collections of spiritual energy to otherwise prevent the release of Gray's powers that required some sort of spiritual or otherworldly energy. (This is stated in the DES Choker equipment)

Furthermore, seeing how they weren't electric based, but rather, produced by spiritual energy...they weren't effected in the least by Gray's tirade. While the choker itself was beginning to become slightly damaged, and may in fact have been destroyed if weren't Shadin himself weren't here, the fact that he was standing here....put a wrench in those plans. Little did Gray know these machines were together by Shadin himself, and fed quite nicely from his spiritual energy and most of their actions had been processed through his own Cyberbrain a large percentage of the time. So, with him combating Gray directly, it was quite a simple feat for him to reinforce the effects of the choker by simply releasing a large flow of his spiritual energy into the choker to swiftly repair it's functions, and in fact, make it even stronger than before to put a stop to Gray's rebellion against him.

"C'mon, does that big mouth of yours ever run out of gas?" Tilting his head to the side, the grin in Shadin's face grew ever larger as he figured he had the male corned at this point. Without having the needed electricity to boost the power of his flames, and with the fact looming over Gray's head that the DES Choker itself was becoming stronger in it's functioning power thanks to Shadin, there was a strong chance that the release of this attack may be crippled to the point where it would cause a significantly lowered amount of damage to the likes of Elisha; if it released at all in the first place. The next objective to deal with, in Shadin's mind, would be the apparent strike Gray was trying to aim for by punching Shadin in the face. Activating the I.E. Field around him, he'd let out a victorious laugh as he attempted to reflect Gray's own punch against him. By manipulating the field of momentum around the youth being generated with his speed at which he flung at Shadin, it was all but child's play to invert the direction of his swing.

"You don't understand when you are outgunned, do you?" Yawning at this point, he was growing quite bothered by these supposed flea-bites by the likes of The Dragon Sugiura. The next series of attacks were all but too predictable in the mind of Shadin. Widening his eyes to activate more abilities, Shadin summoned sphere of white energy produced by his own reishi to otherwise deal the weakened flames and prevent them from causing much damage by having each of the blast cancel each other out. When the ash had settled and Gray took flight upwards into the air, the albino male tilted his head to the side with a sinister smirk yet again when he was asked for his name. These days, it was all but common knowledge to know the likes of The Beast of Karakura. Shadin Yuudeshi, The Yayjuu Founder and Leader. So, for him to be asked for his name was rather amusing and something he hadn't done in awhile.

"Hehehehe, my name? How amusing! I haven't been asked that in ages! Oi, oi! The name of your excuntionatior is Shadin Yuudeshi, The Beast of Karakura and your personal dream crusher!" Condensing the I.E. Field around him once more after he was finished speaking with the likes of Gray, the male proceeded to make a pass at attempting to repel the force of the final attack on the Sugiura. That is, when he had hit the sphere protecting Shadin, it would use an automatic transference of The Beast's momentum through his cyberbrain. From there, that should hold the forces of the impact in bay and, from there, yet another automatic process allowed by his super processor would attempt to reverse the direction of all the combined shocks from this offensive blow and engulf Gray's entire body within it. Being amplified by Shadin's own spiritual energy, this will more than likely put an end to this fight on Gray's end by the estimates The Beast of Karakura was gathering within cyberbrain.

"Too bad, eh?" Noticing that the male was exhausted after this, Shadin could only let out a loud laugh as he deactivated his I.E. Field after noticing a strange burning sensation within his mind. There must have been some sort of computation error occurring and he'd have to repair it later due to constant usage of the field lately. Oh well, these were acceptable loses. Rubbing his nose a bit, he turned his attention back towards the likes of Elisha. Snapping his fingers, he figured his spiritual pressure would be may than enough to restrain her. So by directing large sums of it around The Nature Ziamichi's body, she'd notice a massive increase in the amount of gravity around her. This would be enough to crush her bones, inflict critical damage to her body and essentially constrict her enough so that the TCCU Clones can place a DES Choker around her neck; proceeding to shut off the potency of her powers and then haul her off to The Yayjuu base for further questioning if all went as planned in this attack.

"Please, you don't have a leg to stand on to reach me." Rolling his eyes at Elisha's claims of killing him, he figured this whole mess was more than likely coming to a close. With the Wolf idiot dead, Gray passed out and Elisha under his thumb; everything was drawing to an end. Through his extensive knowledge of the pathways within Karakura, he let out a soft sigh and produced a portal leading to Karakura Maximum Security Prison. "Adios, punk." With one swift kick, he punched Gray in the ribs and hopefully would send him flying through the portal; where the authorities there, with the help of TCCU Clones and other Yajyuu members, would detain him within their bars. Accumulating an in-depth knowledge of the male's body form the nanobots constantly multiplying within his bloodstream, Shadin would be sending blueprints of Gray's body to those within the facility to otherwise deal with him if he should go on to cause an issue behind bars and otherwise quell future problems with him.

Meanwhile, while that was occurring, The TCCU Clones were opening their own wormhole to The Yayjuu's research department for GREMLIN to process Wolf LIonus's body. Perhaps he could make use of whatever this pest had going for him in his body, strip him of any items and otherwise make underhanded deals to profit from The Mad Hound's death. It's a shady business practice, sure, but The Beast of Karakura didn't seem to care much. After all, he ran this city at this point and he felt he could do anything he pleased. It was the least Wolf could do after being such a strain on the citizens of Karakura. One of the finale objectives was to detain the likes of Elisha, and if all had went according to plan with his attempts to restrain her, then a group of TCCU Clones would escort her to the Yayjuu to be questioned further. Essentially leaving her fate in the hands of those in that organization.

Now, with all other obstacles put to an end, the only thing left to do was retrieve the likes of Last Order; the only sending him words of encouragement during his rampage across Karakura, the one why he harnessed this lethal strength to slay any whom endangered and the one who seemed so understanding of him during his great time of need. Turning towards her direction, he could not think of the correct words to say, a facial expression to give or any excuses for his actions. The entirety of this night would be scared in both of their minds no doubt, so he simply let out a soft sigh and appeared above her with a questionable expression across his face. Shadin was no doubt glad she was safe, but just what would her response be at this point? Only time could tell...

A Sudden Interest [OPEN] - Page 4 WVMWLOu

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Seishi Yuudeshi, the amazing Last Order!
I'm right here! Seishi, Seishi exclaims whilst pouting at Shadin!
    The struggle was faster then even Seishi wanted it to be; it wasn't often she got to see Shadin kick some, pardon her language, ass up close. The small mousey girl bounced, and disregarding the poor clones, just jumped ahead; like she had last time. But the girl couldn't hold herself back anymore; she wanted to go see Shadin as he'd get rid of.. well rid of the thingie. She knew of course, but hell, she wanted to act innocent and not worry about it, so she did. Her steps landed her very near, as she just looked up at him. Probably.. he had a hard time trying to figure it out. That's how he was; and the girl knew that, as she just gave him the most sheepish of grins. ''I'm proud that you kept the peace! Says Seishi Seishi, but is also a little bit dis pointed that a lot got destroyed. But I know you'll fix all of it! Adds Seishi Seishi to her comment, knowing that he will do his best for this city, and all of their safety!'' she said. She was deliberately avoiding the question that he probably wanted answered; the one about why she had tried to jump in, since it had gotten her hurt. And probably what was the energy she had displayed, the strains that was on her mind that not even the Yuudeshi network would properly get into; but those were questions that she hoped slipped his mind for the moment.

    After all, he had a lot more on his hands then that. Killing a Shinigami from the Gotei 13 was a big deal; yes, he had intruded on Shadin's fight, but that didn't mean kill him; Seishi was perhaps a bit disappointed that he didn't hold back and ended up brutally murdering the poor bastard. But yet, she understood that; understood that was the Beast of Karakura, lurking under the skin of the man named Shadin. And Seishi knew that; she had accepted that fact all of those years ago, and she had chosen her path. The girl was hesitating a moment.. but she just gave into the impulse. Her smaller hands reached out, and bunched into Shadin's shirt; and then she stuck her little body close to his, nuzzling into him. The girl slipped her hands more towards his sides, and just held this strange hug pose. She didn't want to acknowledge her mistake; to acknowledge the fact she had probably worried him in some fashion, had become a burden even if it was a brief moment. She had just decided to give him that small touch of hers; to her, that was enough of an acknowledgement and apology all in one. There was no way she would let herself become a burden on the mind of the man; despite her being unable to join the Yajyuu to be by his side, she still yearned for it. She wanted to be with him in any way that she could be; just to stay by his side forever.

    And yet, if she ever admitted that she was a burden, that would be impossible. She would be given away, taken back, something. There was nothing to describe her most buried fear; a fear she let no one see, not even herself. But this small moment.. that's all she was asking for. Shadin was like a light in the dark for her; something that let her grow and keep going forward, despite everything that had been done to her, for her, because of what she had lived. Her fingers curled up a bit more. She didn't want to let go; she never would. But the girl peeled herself from the male, and just flashed him another of her smiles; the ones that made it seem like every thing was alright. It was just a smile that she reserved just for Shadin; those types of smile that tried to put him at ease, like they've always done. Or like she hoped they did; the small child hoped that it always did what she wanted it to do. The Yuudeshi just let her tongue poke out in a mocking grin to that one TCCU unit - yes, that one asshole one - and then began to go and help out. But, for a moment, she had a feeling; that she should necessarily just.. wander off this time. The brown haired girl just turned a bit, and looked at the white haired male; and wondered.. what was he thinking?

    ''What are you thinking about? Seishi Seishi asks out of pure curiosity.''

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