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  • Name Of Character: Doctor Kabuto Hebi
  • Link To Character Profile: Kabuto Hebi
  • Reasons For Upgrading:

    He's my main antagonist.
    He's been growing and being active in several different threads, such as with Suzu and Rin.
    He participated in Madness City.
    He's fighting in Paris and attempting to get more power there.
    He's fighting in New York City against another 0 tier.
    He must have created some amount of progress just by virtue of who he is of a scientist.

    What Are You Upgrading:

    Tier to 0-2+.
    Race Control to Master

    Madness Wavelength
    This is a… newer development of the Doctor's. What this does is creates a constant, pulsating feeling around his body, altering the way in which his spiritual pressure acts. This is normally dormant, and is used by Dr. Hebi himself, Yang, and occasionally Undertaker, depending on the situation. Now, as for what it does, that is extremely simple. The Madness Wavelength replicates the field of madness that once surrounded the Madness City, Antartica. When a being enters within this field, their entire body becomes changed, and their psyche quickly follows suit.

    While this may not produce black blood, it does trigger the same effects as the field itself. Anyone who becomes scared, or weakened in this barrier; meaning that if they have a high enough focus/willpower/determination to resist its effects or are simply apathetic to fear, will not be affected by it. However, for those who are, the wavelength will cause quite a difference. The very concept of fear becomes recognizable to the person, as well as slightly altering their behavioral patterns. This is because of how the soul reacts to Dr. Hebi's wavelength; by meeting with it and changing, the wavelength makes it so that the target has their behavioral patterns change. Now, this occurs differently for different people; Dr. Hebi has observed some people become like British gentlemen, others murderous psychos, and still others sadistic nutcases. However, the most predominant trait of this is that it makes them act DIFFERENT, and abandons the concept of fear.

    However, it also fills the target with one other desire as a part of the wavelength, and that is to incite violence. What kind of violence doesn’t really matter, but anyone who is affected by the wavelength will be surrounded with the urge to destroy anything around themselves as quickly as possible. This is because of the wavelength being made with the soul; naturally, the soul defies any wavelengths made with it, but the Madness Wavelength changes how that urge is expressed, making it so that the body displays the violent tendencies instead of the soul rejecting the urges.

    Now, the Doctor himself is immune to this wavelength because he is the one producing it, meaning that he is the perfect model for it, other then the inciting of violence. This means that this ability also does not take him much energy to properly use. Also, he has no control of the wavelength after it leaves his body, meaning that he cannot control what it does after the wavelength is released. The wavelength covers the entire area from where it is released in a gigantic sphere that even travels underground and into sealed buildings and containers, and remains active for three posts after activation.

    Mind Break Serum
    This is an extremely… strange development that the Doctor has created since meeting the being Asmodeus, whom he took the basic concept of this ideal from. Essentially, this is a serum that the doctor himself can slather with his tongue, place within Hebi's fangs, OR even place in the fangs of his many snakes. This serum is able to be generated from the Doctor's very energy, which is what causes it to interact with targets the way that it does.

    The physical aspects of this serum are very elusive. ON close inspection and even medicinal tests, it appears to be nothing more then an aphrodisiac. The material stirs the pleasure centers of the brain, making the person desire even more need for stimulation, and can be highly addictive in large doses. In addition, the serum can spread at an alarmingly fast rate through the body, meaning that from any point on a targets body where it enters, it will affect the mind and nervous systems in a matter of moments.

    Now, the spiritual aspect of this serum is what makes it so dangerous. The very serum has the energy of the Doctor placed within it. This energy, when injected into the body of a subject, also causes their very soul to feel utter ecstasy all throughout it. However, it is also adds in properties which are addictive to the very soul. Once the serum has been applied, nothing short of burning away its remains from the beings very soul will cause it to ever permanently disappear. This means that until that happens, the soul will never be able to forget what the serum felt like and enhances the addictivity of it; even going through things like rehabilitation will not be able to remove the target, and not even the Doctor himself has a cure for it.

    However, he can sate it. When the target has received enough of the serum, their entire soul will feel content with it, and not require any more for a period varying between seven and thirty days. The effects never weaken, and in the darkest corners of the mind, even the most innocent of actions will remind the afflicted of its presence, either by causing them a yearning for it or by physically causing a phenomenon in their body to occur, such as a tingling down their spine, or ghost touches. Either way, the only way to obtain more of this serum is through the Doctor himself, and has uses varying from eliciting cooperation to torture to just make himself laugh. It is also a favorite of Sange to include in his blood attacks, which apply the effect of the serum as well.

    This serum is very much connected to the Doctor's manipulative tendencies, and causes him to wiggle more then perhaps anything else he has ever designed, because it gives the target pleasure while causing them to desire their own manipulation. A truly evil tool, but one that the Doctor will use if he finds the purpose justifiable. And for him, justifying things is not a hard task to accomplish.

    Unstable Mode

    This state of Dr. Hebi is when he has completely lost all ability to reason any longer, descending completely into the basest form of Yang. However, this form has some major flaws, including the fact that the Doctor can no longer control himself at all. He will attack anything and everything that passes him in this form; whether it is friend or foe holds no consequence to his mind. He has no qualms towards performing any action, no matter how heinous, and everything he does that is against societal norms pleases him. However, in this form, the Doctor cannot use any of Mu's abilities, as he refuses to help this state of the Doctor.

    Madness Energy
    The Doctor becomes able to use the very fabric of Madness, turning it into a veritable energy source. However, his madness is not like most; his madness involves simply freeing one's self. Whenever the Doctor is around a person who has lost the normal cognitive ability to think rationally - people like Justin Washi, and to a lesser extent, Moonie Iramasha - transform the product of Dr. Hebi's energy, causing it to multiply while in the presence of such individuals.

    However, the amount that he is aided by this changes dramatically dependent on WHY the target has reached that point of insanity, in addition to the level of inability to rationally think. For instance, around someone like Justin Washi, his energy would grow exponentially. However, around someone like Katana, who was born and bred the way she is, there would be little to no additional effect.

    As for the uses of this "energy". Really, the energy is the internal usage of the Doctor, meaning that he has it because of the fact that his own energy evolves into this energy. Basically, anything that this energy touches becomes damaged through its very soul, making it more difficult to be able to process rational things, like providing a kind of interference between the concept of rationality and the afflicted target.

    However, Madness Energy also constitutes another trait. It within itself is EXTREMELY volatile. Anything that it comes into contact with can cause it to explode with the force of over 3000 kilograms of dynamite per square inch. This makes the energy immensely damaging, although the Doctor has a hard time controlling this immense blast force as it will sometimes go off while he is trying to wield it.

    Body That Defies Rationality
    In addition, while in Unstable Mode, the Doctor's level of rational thought greatly descends as well. However, this concept spreads throughout the entirety of his body, making it very hard for every aspect of himself to comply with "the norm". As such, even his body defies what is logical, moving in ways that should be completely and utterly impossible, stretching and shifting in whatever way is necessary for the situation. Anything that he does defies the societal norm, which means that he also, in this form is wildly unpredictable. IN fact, that's another ability of this form, it literally CANNOT be predicted. Whenever a person tries to estimate where he's going to go or what he's going to do, they will find that they literally are not able to think of where it is possible for him to go.

    However, the ability is not just constituted as thus. Anything pertaining to the Doctor's future also becomes equally imperceptible. In scrying efforts, his entire body reads only as static for 100 meters around himself in anything that allows the user to look ahead into the future, as well as greatly lowering their general accuracy of anything within that space.

    Sickening Body
    In this form, his body becomes much, much stronger. His speed becomes immense, his durability skyrockets, and his strength is, by his calculations, incalculable. His entire body is amped up by his own increased energy, as well as the Madness Energy that now flows through his body. His physical stats are quite unexpected, as he looks as far as bodily structure is considered no different then from before the transformation occurred.

    Perverse Edotensei
    In this form, he can also form a special type of Edotensei. By summoning the coffin just like normal, the Doctor then opens it using Madness Energy, of which he has a substantial amount of just because of himself in this form. Once this happens, the coffin opens wide, revealing the Edotensei. However, the Edotensei is nothing like it was before. For one thing, its actions defy all reason, acting just as mad as the Doctor does in this state. However, this is not the only change that happens with the Edotensei.

    In addition, the Edo can now reach the rank of 0-2 if its original rank was that or higher. However, again, it has the exact same madness as the Doctor does, except for one fact. The Edotensei will not purposely get in the Doctor's way… as he is the one and only thing that the Edotensei fears. Similarly, the Doctor will never attack the Edotensei, as it does not register to him as any kind of threat .

    Unaffected by Illusions
    In addition, because of the perception control granted to him because of his concept, the Doctor becomes 100% immune to illusions of any nature, from anything of lies, to make-up, to powers. He gains complete immunity. He sees the world exactly the way it is, and then twists it in his own way. This means that even though eh can see everything plainly, he cannot register it as truly existing because of the crazed state of mind that he has entered. This nullifies anything which in its base terms is classified as an "illusion" as "false" or as "not the truth".

    As such, if the true-ness of the thing is at least 99% of a being/thing's normalcy (including the fabric of existence for power-fueled illusions and situation normalcy), he can see the true-ness as it always is. As such, because of these two things, he could see a board being pulled out of the ground and thrown at him, as that doesn't have the base term of it being false. However, a creation of Amelia, for example, he would see right through, as that is registered as completely false.

    Screams of Madness
    Finally, there are the screams which the Doctor emits while int his form. Anything which hears these screams, or even his disturbingly pitched laughs, becomes affected by their ability. Anything which experiences them is automatically inflicted with the Doctor's Madness Wavelength, whether they are able to sense it or not. Those with high energy detection are able to notice the increase in energy around their ears when the Doctor's wavelength interacts with their soul and attempts to affect them. However, the difference is that as long as the Doctor does not already have them infected with the wavelength, they are able to resist the effects of it by using their own energy to stop it. However ,the Madness Wavelength will slowly begin to creep through any energies that attempt to stop it, unnoticeable.

    If the being, having an absolutely immense amount of detection, manages to notice the Madness Energy slowly slipping through, they are able to reinforce their senses with more energy. However, otherwise, they will become unaffected by it based on how high their Willpower and Focus are. If either of those statistics is underneath Adept, the person is affected gradually, not even noticing the energy slowly worming its way into their head over the course of about 3 posts. For those with levels that are under Advanced but above Adept, the madness will begin to affect them to the point where they are unable to sense it completely after about 6 posts. For those with under grand-master but above Advanced ratings as their lowest of the two, they will gradually lose their sanity over the course of 10 posts. Finally, those with both Grandmaster Focus and Determination, while immune to the madness wavelength in this way, become specific targets of the Doctor and his madness, as he completely rejects their reality in a philosophical way while he is in this state.

    Sanity Hunter
    When the Doctor uses this technique, Hebi's entire blade changes shape. Without warning, what looks like the same material that constructs the soul force lightning completely covers around it, before forming a new shape. It looks like a blue bar, which curves once on either side, going for a couple feet, and then curving one final time, ending in points. The entirety of the blade is still extremely sharp, enhanced even more so then before, perhaps, because of the fact that the blade is now made up of the condensed form of the Doctor's disruptive wavelength. When this scythe hits something, another effect takes place. It automatically expels from whatever it touches the spiritual body of the target, removing it completely from any corporeal form it may have.

    This means that if a soul or a demon is in a gigai or the hollow's gigai, then when they are hit with this ability they are literally ejected from the body itself. This ability is extremely hard to resist; as there are many tools which naturally eject souls from these kinds of containers. As such, it is very rare for a being to resist the effect of corporeal ejection. In addition, the damaging aspects of the attack can also harm the target. What are the damaging aspects? Well, those wold be the sheer cutting force which the blade possesses, as well as the huge amounts of energy that slam into them with incalculable force. Finally is when the blade hits into a solid, corporeal object; in addition to the effects of removing anything spiritual from the object, it also creates a massive explosion, an eruption as you would, that tries to erupt and destroy everything around it.

    Corpus Experimental (Experimental Body)
    This is a strange move of the Doctor's, alright. When he holds Hebi vertical, pointing the bottom of the scythe downwards, he can then use the body to manifest his energy, creating a whirlwind of chaos energy around himself that rapidly takes a real form. This body grows around him, becoming a large, amorphous blob. On top fo this blob appears another blob, an amorphous blob with the appearance of eyes and what loos like two screws through its head. In addition, it has small little stubby arms that go up from its torso to its head, like its stressing out over something. This collection of amorphous blobs can still move and react to things, but very slowly. The true effect of it is to act like a barrier. When it is activated, the Doctor's energy becomes a corporeal shield around him.

    This body has some special properties, as well. The very material that it is made out of isn't normal chaos energy. This chaos energy is extremely flame retardant, as well as explosive retardant, meaning that those two elements aren't able to wound it much at all. Anything that is a blade is able to cut through it, yes, but it is extremely difficult to slash across its body. It is extremely easy to stab through it, but slashing is difficult. In addition, the molecules that make up the experimental form are bound together stronger then diamonds, which is what gives it its extremely high levels of resistance.

    Nonexistent Thought Process (NTP)
    The Nonexistent Thought Process is a theorem that the Doctor himself came up with, although he never believed he would ever implement it. Essentially, the massive amount of thought that the Doctor would be able to perform in this form would cause his mortal mind to explode from the sheer volume of thought at the speed with which he is able to process it. So, his mind compensates by by producing the concept of Nonexistent Thought Process.

    Essentially, the Doctor's mind is completely void of all thoughts and thinking when this is activated. This means that he does not think about anything at all, strictly speaking, but at the same time thinks of everything at an even higher rate then before. Essentially, his thought process moves onto a plane higher then the normal confines of reality. Then, whenever his thought process realizes there is something he should know, it feeds the information directly to his mind. This is what produces the effect of his mind having no real thoughts, and is also what contributes to him being unpredictable.

    Stitched Body
    However, this form does have one extremely potent weakness. This is the fact that his entire body is completely stitched together to be able to make it stay alive. When he enters this form, his body attempts to transcend to a higher state despite his madness, attempting to become that like an Angel Iramasha once again, following the Soul King. However, the problem with that is that his entire body, and truly his entire being, is against that idea. As such, when this form is triggered, his entire body becomes covered by stitches; his very clothing becomes held together by stitches.

    These stitches are created by himself, meaning that if he were to run out of energy, the stitches would fade away into nothingness. In addition, this has rendered his body very weak, physically, making it possible to break him with a severe enough blow. Now, he is not weak in the idea of him being easy to damage. Rather, once some part of him is damaged, the damage spreads extremely rapidly, harming him far more then it would normally. This means that if so much as one part of his body is destroyed, kicked off from the rest of his form, he could lose an entire half of his body, and half of the energy supplies that he has, just like that. The easiest way to defeat the Doctor while he is in this state is to break open enough of his body that he completely vanishes, his energy completely removed from the material plane of existence., leaving only the near indestructible Hebi behind, before it becomes covered in smoke, returning back to its designated place.


    After he is forced to reform after this has occurred, the Doctor's entire body has to go through intense surgery on his own body, as Hebi has to physically throw up new pieces of his original body. The Doctor must then restructure back his form, using the part of his soul within Hebi to reform his consciousness. This means that his entire body has no energy at all any longer after he reforms, and he cannot even begin to restore energy until after he has completed his body once again. This means that until after his entire body has been reformed, he is utterly and completely helpless, without even Hebi in his body once again.

    Now normally, this process can take between three months and a year to complete, as the Doctor also has to retrieve his whole identity from Heaven again, no small task in the slightest. Finally, his mind cannot run any of the processes that it needs to, meaning that there are indeed several things which halt or go wrong after this happens, which means that there can be in some cases dire consequences for the Doctor to lose while in this form.



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