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[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] Empty [Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-]

Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:27 pm

Tiamat Crow
The Dragon of the South, Suzaku

[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFIns_zps4f495ba5

[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFSSemi_zpsc0a941c6
The Profile
The details to let you inside

Character Name: Kairibi Aikagotai Yazaki | Tiamat Crow
Appearance Age: 14 [Sealed], 17 [Semi-Sealed], 24 [Unsealed]
Age: 424
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual sorta.
Alliance: Gotei 13
Position: Captain of Squad 4, Former Vice-Captain Squad 5

[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFPersonality_zps04ff7566
The In-Depth Analysis
Formation of the Vermillion

The many faces of the mirrors

Appearance: Tiamat has several different apperances, due to the very nature of how she works her outward traits. The fact that she uses her Absolute Seal and the Semi-Released states allow her to adapt different outward apperances; why? Because her traits tend to reflect how close she is to the actual her that she sealed away with these things. However, one thing is certain; on her lower back, there is a birthmark; with pants on, it looks like a half a moon; but unconvered, it shows a single wing. This was a burn mark, the only clue to her heritage.

When she is in her Absolute Seal form, AS for short, Tiamat looks like a small child. Standing at 4'5, she seems like a small tiny runt. Her hair, a lighter purple, almost magenta color, is really, really short, touching barely the sides of her neck. She likes to twist her bangs in a curl, and or just chuck it to one side. She wears barretts in her hair as well. She tends to have a scowl on her face, and her body is very childish; flat chested too. Her clothing tend to be butch and male like in apperance; like suits, and ties, and jackets and what not. She prefers the lighter shades, and just often looks like a little boy; but sometimes she wears a skirt.. just to keep people guessing. The only reason you can tell she's female is her very high pitched voice. Even then, it's difficult, due to the age look placing her really young; it makes people surprised, but it's necessary for the total safety of the people around her.

Tiamat has a Semi-Released form; this form allows her to access around half of her power total. It has a more heightened form; it looks, rather then being ten, more so around the age of 16-18. She has a bust this time, about a C cup's worth, and her height reaches 5'5. She grew an entire foot from one release to the next; which makes her a bit more normal sized to others. She looks much more female here, choosing a bit more form fitting clothes, typically a school uniform, or a leather bound armor like look. She wears skirts and leggings, and her hair is longer now, about to her lower back, if not a bit more depending on how she feels it that day. She does noticeably wear gloves however, which is a defining mark, and she seems to have a fuller, brighter face then a sullen one. However, she tends to keep her clothing of a closed colour, when she's in armor, preffering tamer colours to blend well, and bright colours otherwise, as if to flaunt her existence a little bit.

And then finally, there's Tiamat's Non-Restricted form; it litterally frees her body of every restriction she's put in place for her powers, and thus her look returns to the most familiar to those that knew her before; her tall, svelte body of a 24 year old female. Her cleavage reaches D cup, for the curious ones, and her body is slim, but with a bit of muscle. She seems strong, and her clothing tends to be a white top that shows her stomach, and pants with one leg ripped to the calf. Her body is smooth and well formed, and probably much more attractive then most. Her long purple hair is tied with a simple white ribbon. She also has a looped belt on her waist and wears leg guards as well, to protect her legs. She seems a lot more mature, and slightly serious, but still has the innocent face once in a while.

The traits that I have fostered

Personality: Tiamat is an odd person; there's often a clash with her personality. Generally she can be called a hot-head; she often jumps into things without fully thinking them through, and works generally off her impulses then logical thoughts. She prefers to live in the moment, burn brightly and crash the fuck hard. She doesn't really like to take things easy, but she can if she has to; the girl isn't really stone solid in her ways. She just prefers living like a burst of fire; it's more rewarding to her that way. She prefers things to be in an easy, burst type of setting, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy a more settled, or longing type of setting. That's what makes her odd; she doesn't need her preferences to be happy, but just naturally tends to be that way. That's probably what makes her so varied and so interesting as a Crow. Her entire countenance tends to shift from one place to the other, and is like a reflection of colours; you ain't sure what you get each time. This is generally her attitude in Non-Restricted, but there are minor changes in between her forms suprisingly.

Relatively, in her Absolute Seal form, Tiamat is like a brat; a bit childish, she allows herself to be a bit more.. loose then she normally would be. She can be a bit of a bitch, and she has no problem telling people when they're being more then unwanted. Particularly blunt, she also seems to not really care for people, despite the fact that anyone with two bits of common sense would realize that she does care if she goes as far as to seal most of her powers to be around them. She seems to detest people that take things for granted, and often goes out of her way to make those types miserable. She plays a couple more jokes, and just generally acts a lot more childish in this form, because she can get away with it. So tantrums, and fake crying, along with cute clinging and demanding things is kind of common of a AS Tiamat.

In her Semi-Released form, Tiamat tries to present herself better; but she ends up being a bit girlish and fun loving most of the time anyways. She doesn't necessarily want to get entangled in weird things, and seems to react at pervert things when concerning her objects. Otherwise, she prefers to just go with the flow, and might be a bit more easy going like this then most other forms. Rather, she seems to have more teenaged interests, such as partying, boys, flirting, and well general fun stuff. She likes accessories, and just seems to be a lot more girly in general. She prefers to be a typical teenager, worrying about minor things. She's pretty smart and catches up, but generally is a lot more open to people in general, and isn't afraid to drag people into maybe risk taking things. After all, she likes to get her blood pumping.. so some days it gets interesting.

Although Tiamat herself is still relatively playful no matter what; able to be serious when it counts, and highly intelligent, as she can devise measures to defend via positions, or how to support a many different type of people, she can easily get into the thick of things without much of a change. She has a sort of charm or charisma, that makes her easy to deal with for anyone. She offers smiles, and love almost freely, but sometimes seems a bit restricted in what she really thinks. She can be scarily blunt, and is often possessive of the people she loves; and she's often shameless, stripping them if needed.

However, that seems to be different around Iriko; she gets flustered, she loses her words, she often runs away from him. She also seems to be a lot more shy, and many call her cute like that when she's dealing with him; it's strange, but it's like she still loves him.. regardless of her issues concerning blood and incest. She really has a phobia for that, and has a hard time digesting it; but she has enough willpower to get over it for others.. but towards herself? It makes her quickly react, and sometimes over react. The girl is also no stranger to physically beating people, due to embarassement or something else like that. In all, Tiamat is a bit tsundere when she wants to be.. and just generally a fire cracker to be around with.

Suprisingly, Tiamat is almost a savant in Kidō; this is surprising, but considering her intelligence for defensive aspects, her easy adaptability to support anyone, and most of all the fact that she can easily flow into a situation and make herself a place, she is considered a genius. The girl managed to obtain a vice captain position, regardless of knowing her shikai or not. Tiamat is able to easily read the flow of attacks, battle, and patterns of people; her extreme analysis is only to defend, although a smidgeon of it can be produced when she's being offensive. Generally, Tiamat is a defender not an attack; but she's not slouch either, as she put herself through rigorous training to get where she is at today. Her body and mind are more then adept at keeping up defensively, making her a well balanced fighter; however, her major qualities is in her supporting skills. She has the capability of making amazing things with her Kidō, as her high levels of intelligence bring her far above the general crowd; this can even integrate into her sword play as well. This just gives another dimension to Tiamat, as few really get to understand this part of her.

The long road to the days ahead

History: Tiamat was born as a younger sister to Jaeden Crow. She was a good baby, sleeping properly and whining very little. It became a bit troublesome; for when she was just a babe, she landed on a branding iron for their weapons. How she got in there is a mystery, but the burn remained on her for life. Her life was pretty happy regardless, until she was around ten years old; she was left at a daycare, and well.. her parents never came for her. Neither did her big brother. The girl waited there for three days, but then she began to walk to try and find her way home. Of course, she didn't find it; and thus she got lost pretty fast. She was hungry, she was lonely, and wandering further, and further into the Rukongai, she found herself in one of the lowest districts. Her body was tired, and she collapsed; nobody wanted to save a poor girl that had just collapsed. However, a curious girl wandered up to her, and dragged her off, to the rest of her family. That was when Tiamat was adopted into the Yazaki family; she spent a long time with them, and was really happy; the small child couldn't remember her parents, or even her name. So they named her Kairibi Aikagotai. However, she added the Yazaki after, beause she desperately wanted to belong to the family. Her best friend and sister was Yoma's mother; however, they were both found and brought into the academy for Shinigami, since they learned a Kidō or two from what people were saying.

Where as her sister excelled, Tiamat didn't do so well with classes. She hated interacting with people, and often ran off to the libraries, preferring to read on things that Kidō could do. She felt bitter at the Shinigami for seperating them, and didn't want to learn anything they tried to teach her. She did take a formless zanpaktou, and trained with it daily; because despite her anger at the Shinigami, a sword was something to defend herself with, right? So if she learned how to use it.. she could quit this place, and run off with it. The girl really felt bitter at the entirety of the classes. She never wanted to be found, she wanted to protect and defend; so slowly, the Academy started to realize her potential, and let her dive right into the complex learnings of the blade and Kidō. She never wanted to do their upright training, and Hakuda didn't interest her, neither did moving fast. What the hell was the point of learning these things, if all it got you was nowhere if someone defended right? That was her goal, as she sought to find the answer. Her developments in Kidō and Zanjutsu were almost awe-inspiring; the beautiful dance of her blade that never struck by itself, and the form of the Kidō that seemed to invade the very concepts of imagination; in balance, Tiamat was extremely specialized, and yet.. there was something just amazing about that.

One day, an encounter would change her life. She met Iriko Puzyri-Teimei. He was a male, much like her, specializing into Kidō; however, his path was to strike at others with it. She disagreed with that logic, but began to talk to him; and soon found easily that he could keep up with her. That in itself was rare, and made something inside of Tiamat's heart tingle. She wanted to keep talking to someone, for the first time in her life; and perhaps, that was the only reason she remained with the Gotei. Was to see this person, immersed into Kidō ressearch as she; she knew if she left, she would not be able to talk to this person, and it saddened her. She couldn't help it; Tiamat would often craft a lot of her Kidō's names for things she felt for Iriko. It was her hobby; naming things like that. But she felt herself developping a rivalry with him; although it was one sided, she always worked hard to find a counter to his attacks, making her a complete stand still for the both of them. But what he was doing interested her.. so sometimes she looked into it.

They were graduating from the academy; enthusiastically, she wanted to join the 5th Squad. Why? Because they had a reputation for their Kidō users. However, the squad wasn't getting many recruits, since it was one of the squads that was faced with the trauma of Aizen. Not like Tiamat cared; she wanted to get into it! And surprisingly Iriko followed her; but his higher grades meant that he got to start as a seated officier.. and she was on the bottom rung. He was one of her best friends; but he began to become distant as they joined the squad. He would work so often, and it worried her; it felt like he was drifting away from her, like a sort of lantern on a stream; slowly Tiamat realized that's not what she wanted. She wanted to be by his side, to become stronger for him; her determination began a blazing path, as she worked her body and soul to the bone, to get stronger. However, her Zanpaktou never responded to her; and her frustration was mounting. It was rumoured that he would be a vice-captain before long, and this frustrated the girl; to the point she chucked her Zanpaktou across the room, hearing it clatter to the ground.

That frustration however, became a well of creative source; it was known as the aggressive period for those that may remember Tiamat. She began developping offensive moves, and then counter-offensives, and then counter-measures, and then passive-agressive Kidō. This slew of Kidō was scary; she was able to make such Kidō on the ranks that one was instantly thought of as forbidden. It was just that suddenly powerful; for it was a sort of Kidō that nobody would want to see. And yet, more and more, her Kidō became not really varied, but powerful; she refined concepts, added new ideas, and soon had stages of Kidō. Her room was filled to the brimm with such things; that's when she had a sort of exhibition match against a squad's lieutenant. Tiamat had scanned the stands, and saw no Iriko.. but did it matter? Tiamat never even used her blade, or released a Shikai; the entire fight was on Kidō, as she began to use them in chains, and successions that made people almost wonder. Why was this girl still a simple member? She was promoted to a seated officer, and yet.. next time, she took on a former captain candidate. This was one of the people that failed to become captains, but were still about Lieutenant level.

Needless to say, she trounced them faster then anyone ever had. That's when it was decided that she would become a vice-captain; however, someone was already being promoted to that spot. When told who it was, her eyes lit up; and she agreed to have a co-lieutenancy. And surprisingly, he did as well. Finally; she had made it to his side again, made it to where they could be together. But.. Tiamat felt shy. She wasn't sure how to treat him, and just stayed herself; but she kept her feelings locked in a box. Slowly, he began to show her things; slug like things that he thought disgusting, but in a way.. they were kinda cute. Sure they were slimy, but slowly, she understood uses for it; sure it might make her all icky but.. there was a sort of innocent fun in it too. But after a long time, he gave her a book; taking it, and confused, Tiamat read it. That night even.

What was in it touched her. The feelings she had.. those that she locked away. She cried that day, and then the next she walked into work; but Iriko was no where. She looked worried, and maybe a bit sickly; so she was sent home. And she cried some more, and then slowly, she felt better; it wasn't a sadness. Just a sort of anxious few moments; and she arrived so early that day. Tiamat was nervous, but seeing Iriko walk through the door, her chest burst; the feelings poured forth out of her, and she just hugged Iriko tightly. She couldn't let him go, regardless of the fact she was crying, or that he might be worried. She answered his feelings right back, letting him feel the love that was invading her very bones, causing her to tingle from the tip of her toes to the top of her head.

And then together, they worked. Slowly, Iriko showed her more things inside; and her body felt like she was on fire all the time. But it was good; she even handled his bankai. It was so.. gross.. unclean.. just.. the disgust! But Tiamat bit her lip, and set herself straight; no way she was going to lose to such a thing! She felt so right, being with Iriko; like all of the pieces of her were fine. There was still something bothering her, but it didn't matter; she felt herself almost rise in a platform of.. something else. And yet, she still hadn't discovered her Zanpaktou; but the daily Kidō she generated were amazing. Together, they were a great tag team; she was a strong shinigami, and several times she debated on tossing her Zanpaktou to the side, and work solely on Kidō. Only Iriko understood how much of a struggle she had with that thought; the blade was as much as a part of her then her life; and yet.. it wasn't useful. But she still trained with it, daily; she was quickly becoming a master, as it gave her a physical outlet for when Kidō was.. frustrating to say the least. But yet... to many it felt as if Tiamat's potential was stymied by something.

One day, Iriko seemed a bit more stressed then usual. He told her about the name Crow, and she listened; he didn't really like it, but Tiamat still loved him all the same. Yet, slowly, they were being approached; by people. She brushed them off typically, and even once violently. That's when another one came; this one was named Jaeden Crow. And he came to tell Iriko that he was part of the Crow family, their cousin. Tiamat was fine with that, and patted him on the head; but something caught Jaeden's eye. Almost instrusively, he asked her to see all of it; but the girl thought nothing of it, and just pulled down her pants to a point. Seeng the mark, he also told her that she was his little sister. Tiamat's heart suddenly sunk. Incest.. sibblings.. cousins.. it wasn't right. She remembered that ideal, and that suddenly threw a monkey wrench in everything; she could barely stand to be around Iriko due to her thoughts, and she didn't want to hurt him with all of the things that filled her.

Yet, she ended up hurting him anyways; they were still together, and day by day, she had to run further; she loved Iriko to be honest. But that love was sinful, and she couldn't indulge in it; it wouldn't be right. Shortly after, she was offered a spot as a Dragon; the Dragon of the South specifically. Suzaku. It felt right, and she accepted it; but further, and further from Iriko she drifted. She couldn't let herself indulge in sin; that was wrong. She wanted to.. but her mind knew it was wrong. Even when he joined the Dragons.. she couldn't. She tried to bury it, and still be together; but it felt like a bitter taste in her mouth. She felt.. wrong. There was something inherantly wrong about it, and soon, she called on him. Tiamat couldn't stare at him in the eye; so she stared in the ground. She had also decided to switch squads; she didn't want.. to be around him anymore. It was without a warning; his entire body just seemed to switch, as he became monstrous. Perhaps for the first time, Tiamat was afraid; he broke her barriers with the sheer pain he exhibited; it was painful.

That was the night he just left, without a good-bye; and Tiamat realized.. she needed to learn. She needed to become stronger. Yet something stopped her. She realized with shock.. that she was pregnant. The tears the wettened her eyes, as she had longed to tell him; and yet.. Iriko was no where. Then.. she had been ready to accept the sin, for the sake of the children. Unable to bear the shame, she ran to her sister; her sister that.. she had not really talked to for a long time. But with open arms, she was accepted. And slowly, as the two went through a pregnancy, they joked with each other. And maybe.. Tiamat could be a house wife. She birthed her children, beautiful twins, and loved them from the bottom of her heart. She didn't put her seal on them, because.. she wanted to spare them that silence. And yet, she never expected something; a shinigami came with a demand for her to return.. or face execution. Choosing to be an absent parent, and sending money when she could, the girl returned to the gotei, where she was faced with a challenge for her position. She had to fight.. and she had to train up, for war was in the air.

Her entire time was thrown into her training; the blade became one with her. Then she was shipped out as a defensive unit. The war.. the invasions. It was all the darkness out there, as Tiamat demanded to be sent as a battle medic instead; and in those fields.. she saw horrors. She fought with the humans, uncaring how they thought of her; she was holed up in some random region, a random country. It was beastly hot, and yet.. Tiamat was comfortable. Soon, she began to learn things; her mind expanded, and righted herself; the blade began to shimmer. As if.. as if her wounded, confused heart called out to it. ''Please.. I can't stand being powerless like that again!'' she cried to the blade. The lights shimmered, danced and beckoned. Without warning, light burst; and flames rose, dancing as if purifying the land. That was the first time that Tiamat met her Zanpakto Spirit. And yet.. she wasn't a normal spirit; Tiamat's soul was too unstable to form a reliable Zanpaktou spirit. And thus, out of mercy.. she appeared to the soul that was crying out.

Her name was Hayagami Hime no Mikoto. She stayed with Tiamat; something about the girl was calling out to the goddess. And slowly, the two bonded, discovering a shikai; but again, Tiamat was weird in the fact that Hayagami was not her true Zanpaktou spirit; rather, she inhabited the blade in which Tiamat was using. It was a blade she picked up, and when it had shattered, forged it into her zanpaktou with a sealing Kidō. As such.. there was something truly amazing, as Tiamat's shikai was discovered.. and mastered realtively quickly, due to the ever changing nature of the ability. And yet. it wasn't enough; she still lost people, they still died. Tiamat dove into her soul, and obtained her bankai; Hayagami Hime was a bit frustrated, but she was also happy that Tiamat had shown such will to find her own power; and in mere moments, Tiamat was a full shinigami. Her power was amazing, as she stunned many in the region she had been sent in; she didn't let a single person fall in front of her, and fought to hell if they did. There was just something amazing about Tiamat.

Yet.. it wasn't enough. She began experimenting Kidō on herself, nobody having the common sense to stop her; to the point that it became unbearable. She changed a bit of her own structure, to the point that if she remained as she was, she would set the world on fire. Reigning in her powers, she began to understand that perhaps she had been unwise in wishing to obtain more; and slowly, she moved things to their proper place. But the war was over; she was sent back to the Gotei, exhausted, scarred, and changed. They allowed her rest and light duty work, preferring to spend her time with her family; as Jaeden had adopted a cute son, and she wanted to just spend time with the family she had lost long ago. But yet.. it felt empty. It felt like something was missing. And deep, deep in the night, feeling the tears on her face.. she remembered. Their fire bond, as she stared at the candle light in front of her. It was like she could feel the emptiness, but the sadness that inhabited Iriko; she longed for him. Just to see his face once. She couldn't speak; using that ability.. she couldn't. What if he was happy?

For many nights, the woman debated. Was it right? Was it something she should do? And one night, she woke from a nightmare. Lighting the candle, she felt her heart sway; she couldn't hold it back. Only two words came out; but it seemed it was all that was needed. The next day, Iriko was back in Soul Society. And that made her happy; he even became a captain.. and she took over the 4th squad when their captain was no longer active. They met in a captain's meeting soon after, and yet.. he didn't speak to her. Had she hurt him that much? That very thought was painful, as she saw something for the first time; how he shut people out before she opened him. That very pain.. it felt like her heart was breaking in half. But now.. she couldn't live with the sin. But she loved him. Every week, she made a new Kidō, and sent some money to her sister; the reason why was murky to her, since she knew it was for something before the war. But she didn't protest the issue; it felt.. wrong to do so. Though she still questioned it sometimes. And yet.. there was still odd things.

However, the woman repressed her Shikai for the most part and her Bankai. Why? Because she wanted to prove that a captain didn't need those things to be great; choosing to focus on her Kidō extensively. But she knew she would work on her Shikai and Bankai more some day.. she just needed the right motivation. To this day.. she still.. even though she had taken a slew of lovers.. she couldn't get Iriko out of her heart. Or her head for that matter. So she just had to take steps forward. But.. could Tiamat do that? Or would she fall back to him? Yet.. that didn't sound bad at all..

Not bat at all.

[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFPowers_zps72e804bb
The Data Report
The powers from Summer and Flame.

Passive Traits: Tiamat has fostered passive traits over her time training her Kidō and her powers. This has led to a many traits that was developed before she began tapping into her Zanpaktou, due to her amazing ability with Kidō.

圧力 | Atsuryoku | Pressure
-- This one of Tiamat's worst passives. Why called worst? Because she cannot control it in any shape or form. Due to Tiamat's strange use of Kidō, she has developed a different way to use it. This has built up her energy tanks to a large degree, allowing her quite more then any others of her own level. However, there is one problem; due to the nature and way that she focuses her Reiatsu, it has a side-effect of subconciously leaking, and distorting the world around Tiamat. In fact, this ability is often what follows her like a stigma, a curse that is said to be thrown on her. Tiamat has no control over how much of her subconcious energies escape, thus forming a ''pressure.'' In fact, her pressure is present in all of her states, and is the most crushing in her Non-Restricted form.

The Pressure in itself, is more easily described as a continous flow of subconcious energy that forms to the subconcious thoughts of the owner. Relatively, these thoughts slowly materialize in the energy and from there, the application of the energy to the area distorts it to the nature of those thoughts. In most cases, it takes on Tiamat's natural fire affinities, and begins to slowly rot, decay, dry out and then incinerate the area. This simply makes Tiamat very dangerous if she should be in her full form, due to the lack of control over the leak of her subconcious power. Due to the fact that her energy reserves are vast, this makes the pressure that much more dangerous, as it is even further vast, due to mixing and distorting the area's energy as well, by osmosis. Simply said, it may take Tiamat a simple 3 posts in her NR form to set the entire area aflamme. Relatively, this pressure is also deadly to beings, and affects each one different; the higher their willpower, the longer they can endure it. However, if left on too long, it may as well begin to act like a sunspot; and effectively burn everything away in a hot flash of fire. However, Tiamat never lets it carry on to that level.

There are also uses of her Pressure in a more conscious state, such as spirital pressure when trying to defeat an opponent. Because of Tiamat's uniqueness, she can harness a large amount of her own energy. Her pressure typically makes it even hard to control her movements; any brusque or sudden movements in her Non-Restricted form causes craters to appear. These craters are sizeable in nature, about as large as a typical barn. So Tiamat, when in her NR form, has to make soft, deliberate movements, as the harsher movements may very well change the landscape accidentally. This pressure can also be used to concentrate the heat in an area, raising it, to the point where she can make a desert look like the artic in compairision. Relatively, by using her pressure conciously, she enforces a wordless use of spirit energy/pressure, making her easily sensed by even a 5 tier, if she is in her Non-restrictive form. In her Semi-Restricted form, which the pressure activates when she forcefully hits something, can be sensed easily by a 2 tier, due to how high it is in energy. The heat she uses is less hot, but still dangerous. People have been incinerated in a flash before this pressure before.

熱の体 | Netsu no Karada | Body of Heat
-- Tiamat's body is strangely abnormal. Probably in the fact that she tried to nullify any weakness to fire, she has also accidentally modified some of her body's make-up; her body body heat is well above average on the human being. Even in her Absolute Seal form, she still has a high body temperature. She's typically a good 20-30 degrees higher in her Absolute form, making people feel uncomfortable sweaty when they touch her. In her semi released form, her body is about 100-150 degrees higher then a normal human body; easily able to burn people if they touch her carelessly. The burns are around Second degree level, and if one's durability is below adept, third degree. In her Non Restricted form, her body temperature is easily comparable to a really, really dangerous furnace; it's about 450-500 degrees higher then normal, allowing her to melt a variety of things, including some of the weaker metals. In general, this heat is what's on the surface, never mind her inner body heat. This was produced as a side effect of absorbing flames into her body. This is a natural heat; she doesn't necessarily control it, but she developed a seal in order to do so, so that she doesn't accidentally burn everything around her.

鬼道の巨匠 | Kidō no Kyoshou | Master of Kidō
-- Tiamat has an extreme knowledge of Kidō; she was churning out new Kidō concepts constantly; one a day for several pairs of years. The way that Tiamat can understand, format, and more so disassemble Kidō on a level that few dare obtain. She is a master at several ways of Kidō combat; Eishouhaki, Ninjuu Eishou and Koujutsu Eishou. She also has created several versions of her own Kidō combat; along with a mastery in both Bakudo and Kaido and with decent knowledge of Hadō. In all, Tiamat was capable of becoming a vice-captain under the power of her Kidō alone, regardless of having access to shikai or not.

Types of Kidō
縛道 Bakudo [Way of Binding] Is the form of Kidō that has two classifications; Seals and Barriers. However, one may even consider a third category in General, as the Bakudo are generally anything that may give a tactical advantage in battle, such as boosts, communications, tracking, and much more. Bakudo is based mostly around supporting one's own combat abilities, and often help move around to get into position for the offensive; as such when Barriers are used and Seals as well. However, this is how a typical Shinigami uses Bakudo; Tiamat has evolved far beyond this. Due to her little use of Hadō, and offensive measures in general, the girl has developped Bakudo on a ridiculous scale. She uses it to defend, to attack, to actually seal much on the level of Iramasha's or Demon's and more so, is capable of using Bakudo as a pure force of it's own. Where as Shinigami prefer to surprise attack with Kidō, Tiamat simply is capable of using it straight up. Bakudo is part of her specialties; she easily preforms most Bakudo without hesitation. She speciales in Barriers more then Seals or the General category however; her defensive capabilities are noted as quite strong with her Bakudo.

回道 Kaido [Turning Way] is the form of healing Kidō. Whilst healing Kidō in general form, does not have incantations, specific spells or even names, Tiamat has begun to change this on a radical level for herself. By setting names, she gives the Kaido power; and thus she began to branch out the healing techniques, using primarily concepts for absorbing, fixing, connecting, and more so the flow of a Reiatsu inside of a person. These things allow Tiamat to figure out how to use advanced concepts of Kaido to heal not only Shinigami, but Vizard's inner hollow, Iramasha and others that may be allies. This is because the flow of energy is the same, along with the concepts of the Kaido; therefore, Tiamat can adapt to several different types of energy in order to heal them; this makes it much more efficient for her to use these abilities.

破道 Hadō [Way of Destruction] is the form of attacking Kidō. Now this is the one that Tiamat is the least best in; but she is not retarded with it either. She does have some offensive Kidō, and has created concepts for Iriko and other shinigamis to use, but other wise, she hasn't really indulged. But she isn't a slouch; her Hadō are still pretty powerful on sheer power alone, even if she isn't the most refined of users.

Incantation Classes
-- Incantation Classes are basically methods of how Kidō are spoken or activated. There are three basic clases, but Tiamat, innovating Kidō for herself, has managed to create some additional ones. These incantation classes are basically the method to invoke Kidō, and in same cases can strengthen or improve them in many different ways.

詠唱破棄 Eishouyaki [Incantation Abandonment] is the first, and most commonly thought of method by master Kidō users. This is the total abandonment of an incantation, and using the Kidō without any sort of word cue apart from the name. However, the disadvantage is that this makes the Kidō much weaker then it was originally; even masters cannot bring out the full strength with this format. Weaker users might not have enough power to even be able to control it, and thus have it explode in their faces. This is a method able to be used by anyone, but those that are better Kidō users can do amazing things with it if needed.

二重詠唱 Nijuu Eishou [Twofold Incantation] is the second method to use. Often, it is done by those with a good understanding and control of Kidō; power doesn't really matter here but rather concentration. This is because the user will incant two different Kidō simultaneously; this is to save time on multiple Kidō casts, along with confusing the opponent by using bits and pieces of Kidō to confuse the double lash. Although at Tiamat's level, this doesn't effect her due to her great knowledge of Kidō, letting her easily see the components and effects. However, this type of incantation is a bit slow, and may hamper Kidō effectiveness.

後述詠唱 Koujutsu Eishou [Spoken After Incantation] is the third known shinigami method. However, it is very rare as it requires intensive knowledge of Kidō to accomplish; by reciting the incantation after the Kidō has been initiated, one may strengthen it. This is mostly used towards barriers and seals; however, typically a user cannot easily overturn the Kidō, in the case of needing more strength, one may use this method. By repeatedly repeating the incantation, they strengthen the Kidō more so; relatively, strengthening the Kidō by repeating the incation is adding the original strength of the Kidō to the Kidō again. Simply put, one adds another layer of the Kidō; thus repeating the incantation after casting once upgrades the Kidō to twice it's strength, so on and so forth.

連鎖詠唱 Rensa Eishou [Chain Incantation] is one of Tiamat's custom method of incantation. After a while, she found that even with Nijuu Eishou, sending out multiple Kidō was time consuming, and effort consuming. So she began to use this technique; it works more efficiently with custom Kidō, due to her having input something in their nature to make it work, however it can be done with old Kidō as well. Simply, instead of reciting two incantations, Tiamat recites only the activation keyword; however, she needs to make a single line before hand combining words from all of the Kidō incantations that she uses. Sometimes the sentence makes no sense; however, she needs the key activating word in the second line, as stated before. She need not to say the name due to this method. This way of making it easy to hybrid the Kidō together, in order to activate a few of them at once, often helps in both defensive, and offensive capabilities. This also helps with Tiamat's custom Kaido, due to giving them incantations and names as well.

省略詠唱 Shouryaku Eishou [Abreviated Incantation] is a second custom method of incantation, made by Tiamat. Rather then saying words, or entire sentences, she can abbreviate Kidō with simple letters; this way, she has a short casting time, and yet she can still have the full power potential of the Kidō, unlike wordless incantations. This method can be used with Rensa Eishou simultaneously, allowing Tiamat to easily chain long pairs of Kidō with a multitude of effect; however, this only works if they are in the same Kidō family type. However, she can cast several in quick succession; the bonus of this style is that she does not need to voice it. If she can write the letters, she can also cast the Kidō that way as well.

斬術の巨匠 | Zanjutsu no Kyoshou | Master of Zanjutsu
-- Tiamat has great capabilities with her zanpaktou; the ability to manipulate and use her blade is extremely efficient, as when she was not busy with Kidō, she used her blade. This has caused her to develop a strange fighting style; however, she can keep up with masters of Zanjutsu easily. In some cases, she could even possibly take on Grand Masters, due simply to the nature in which she uses her blade. She is not to be underestimated, and easily has a large understand of how a zanpaktou blade works, regardless of it's size.

身代わりの剣 Migawari no Ken [Alternating of Swords] this is a sword style that Tiamat has concieved with her mastery of Zanjutsu. This is a combination of Iaido, and Iaijutsu. Relatively, where Iaido is the entire motion of drawing, cutting, wiping and then sheathing, Iaijutsu is the art of counter attacking. However, both styles easily draw on the compulsion of suprise attacks; and thus, Tiamat found her foothold there. She practiced both arts, but found a suitable art for her that combined both principles; and thus, she created a style that she could use regardless of a sheathed or unsheathed sword. Relatively Migawari no Ken is a technique that centralizes around counter-attacks, defense and then surprise attacks if needed. Relatively, the style easily allows Tiamat to defend, and then attack within that defense. Also added to this knowledge, is the basics of Eskrima, which is the defense of one's self; with those three incorperated into a blade style, it becomes almost frightening. But in basics, Tiamat reacts fast with her blade, manipulating it in all parts in order to come out with the best solution; she also has a variety of knowledge on attacks made by a being and their angles, and can calculate how to nullify and then defend herself. There may be some specialized techniques, but Tiamat has not show any of this in battle as of yet, due to developping this mostly when she was in solitude.

刃の巨匠 | Ha no Kyoshou | Master of Blades
-- This is Tiamat's mastery over blades themselves; where as Zanjutsu judges a Shinigami's use with a sword, this is Tiamat's mark of mastering many blade based weapons, just as scythes, or even her sealed shikai hammer. She can use Migawari no Ken's ideals in practical combat with these weapons, but lacks the sheathing, and unsheathing components of the style, but rather focuses on an active defensive. This relatively allows her to pick up any random bladed weapon, and do well with it, preventing her from being caught flat footed in the case she has no weapons. Her speciality may be her sword, but she has a wicked throwing arm and throwing knives adapatibility.

武道の熟達 | Budou no Jukutatsu | Adept of Martial Arts
-- Tiamat isn't necessarily a weakling when it comes to hand to hand combat; she is not a master, but she has learned many martial arts basics, and incorperates them into her fighting, allowing her to use her blade at odd angles or even more so some of her bladed weapons, like her blade wires, to extreme efficiency. She can hold her own lightly in just hand to hand combat, but shines best with a weapon in her hands if needed. But this doesn't mean she's a slouch; she can still deliver powerful blows due to her precise knowledge of the body.

念頭よく | Nentou Yoku | Mind Well
-- Tiamat has large energy ressources; this is because she trained her mind and her body to handle large amounts of energy all at once. Kidō in itself can be draining a lot in a row, so she began to develop her mind to generate more energy; this created Atsuryoku as an accident. Relatively, Tiamat's energy is porportionate to her rank; however, she has a much bigger source of energy that she uses to sustain her Kidō only. Her mind, in itself, is being used an active source of energy; her thoughts, and her subconcious all begin to work into the process of refining the activity of thought into an energy source for her to use as a weapon. Relatively, this mind energy just takes her thoughts and transforms them into an encoding to use as a supplement for reiatsu for her Kidō. However, the problem with this, is that often after using a large amount of Kidō and once she is out of battle, Tiamat is exhausted to the point that her mind is only doing the basics. It's because of this when she finally goes to sleep, she sleeps harder then diamonds. Nothing can rouse her, not even physical pain; so more often then not, she needs a guard for when she is asleep, due to assassins and what not having an easy job to attack her.

愛撫の炎 | Aibu no Honoo | Flame's Caress
-- Tiamat's primary element is Fire. However, she also has a nature to access and evaluate energy; due to the tampering to her body via her fire seals, she is able to do something a bit ludicrious. Normal people need food and sleep to recover; the same holds true for Tiamat. However, in the case of both, she can replace them with consuming flames. Relatively, how this works, is that she intakes flames that are around, and uses them to power her Reiatsu, and fill her hunger or her need to sleep. This works on any flame; however, flames that may hold supplementary effects will, when consumed, automatically hit Tiamat with their effects. So for example, if someone made a fire that makes people ill, when she absorbs it, Tiamat will become ill. Casually, it can be used as often as Tiamat desires, as long as there are flames nearby; inside of a battle, she can only constantly absorb flames that are not made by a power. Flames made by a power will force this ability to not absorb more flames for 3 posts after each use.

竜眼 ∞ 難解な認知 | Ryuugan ∞ Nankaina Ninchi | Dragon Eyes ∞ Esoteric Perception
-- Tiamat's dragon eyes are very unique; they actually are a sort of enhancement, and have always been present in her life in a passive way. However, only as of late, has she understood exactly what she could do with the potential of her eyes. Unfortunately, the active drains her excessively, as it's still unrefined, however the passive still remains even when the eyes shut down from the passive; because the traits offered are intergrated into her naturally at this point.

Passively, the Nankaina Ninchi give Tiamat a unique perception; she can see the flow of energy in things. In all things, alive or not; this flow is the energy of life, reiatsu. She can see it not only in her own energy but in other's bodies, and even different types of energy. She will never be surprised as long as there is an energy base to the attacks; such things are easily able to be defined and analyzed by Tiamat. The Nankaina Ninchi act like a scanner, reading the flows of the energy and feeding the information into Tiamat's head instantly; due to this, she is able to read, counter, and then imitate magic like abilities. As long as Tiamat understands the core of the ability by it's energy flow, she can copy it in her own way, by using a Kidō. This doesn't give her access to other elements, but it gives her an idea of how it's basic principle works. It just gives her the sight of the flow, and from there she can understand it's functions. This also allows her to see hidden or reclusive energies, or modified ones; relatively, as long as the energy exists, she can see it. This includes energies that are not in the positive scales and are negative in nature, or are special to the user. In a sense, if it powers something, Tiamat can see it, in a sense like an advanced scanner.

Actively, Tiamat's eyes are very draining; however, this is because there's two effects. One is much less draining, and she calls it 屈折 Kussetsu [Refraction]. Basically what Kussetsu does, is when anything energy based touches her own energy, she can input that energy into it, and then change the structure of the energy composing it. Relatively, it doesn't make the attack nulled or negated; rather, Tiamat takes the energy in it, and transforms it into a new purpose or direction. For example, if she catches an iceball, she can turn it into ice spikes that shoot off in the other direction. Relatively, it's not negatively affecting the energy, nor is it positively affecting it; it's simply using Tiamat's own energy to mold it in a different format then it was originally. Relatively, this ability can activate as many times as Tiamat wishes, as long as the source is touching her own energy in a way, and she gazes at it with her eyes. However, using it too many times in quick successions will take a toll on her, so it is often used with counter attacks or abilities that may break what she has already set in motion.

The second active ability, the very draining one, is called 解明 Kaimei [Elucidation]. This ability is only usuable 3 times a thread, and drains 25% of Tiamat's energy reserves each time. The ability in itself is simple and comes in two part; first, for a single post, anything Tiamat lays her eyes on, she can tell energy flows. It increases her eye's output to the point that nothing escapes her; where as before she could generally sense a vizard from a shinigami and see that they had a inner hollow, now she can clear tell the difference between the inner hollow, the shinigami and the zanpaktou spirit. She can clearly see any difference in energy, no matter how minimal, and the base racial nature of that energy; such as she can tell when someone is gigai and using their powers via a weapon proxy. That is the first part of the ability; once that post is over, Tiamat can do the second part. For that post afterwards, Tiamat can directly release, reveal or manipulate the sources of energy she can see. Taking the example with the vizard, she could force them to release their zanpaktou or force them to don their mask via sending a burst of energy into their zanpaktou spirit or inner hollow, unbalancing them and making them lose control. On the flip side, she can also do this on the reverse, and seal away the zanpaktou spirit or inner hollow, thus making the vizard unable to access them. This is all done as long as she has eye contact on the target, along with them in contact with her energy, such as with Kussetsu. However, she may only do one reveal or seal per use of the eyes. Immidiately after using this technique, Tiamat cannot use it for another 5 posts due to exhaustion and strain on her body.

Things to keep in mind: if one can present a strong enough energy burst in which to make the seal go wild, they may unlock what was sealed again. (which is enough energy to a single attack of their own tier.) However, the release is more difficult, as that is an excess of energy; therefore one must dispose of the extra energy via external methods. This can be done on any source of energy as well. In the case of Ziamichi spirits, one will have to use as much energy as the actual spirit itself in order to unlock it. The lock itself weakens 5 posts after put in, and should Tiamat use her eyes to lock something else, the first one will be undone. So for example; if she were to lock an inner hollow, but then lock a ziamichi spirit the next time she can use the eyes, the inner hollow will be released.

Seals: Tiamat, as a Kidō expert, has fooled around with things such as seals and what not. This gave her a myriad of powers not connected to her Zanpaktou in some cases, as the seals tend to be incredibly complex. These seals tend to give passive bonuses, or enhancements to herself as a whole.

絶対印鑑 | Zettai Inka | Absolute Seal
-- This is the seal that Tiamat developed in order to reign in some of her destructive power. This power is often contradictory to her nature as a support character, hence the need to seal it away. But this need became overwhelmingly pressing when Tiamat lost control shortly after she attempted to leave the Gotei, due to her easily incinerating a portion of the Seireitei at that time. This seal's main function is to help stem her overwhelming prescence; simply put, it seals away parts of her powers, and capabilities in order to lower her unconcious leaking pressure. It allows her to travel amongst weaker tiered characters, and also allows her to not accidentally set a large number of things on fire. Relatively, this means regressing towards a certain point in her physical age, as the more supressed her power is, the younger her body shape turns out to be. This is why she has so many varying ages, and her apperance tends to utterly change per age, as it is wanton to do.

There are three states that she may be in due to this seal: The Absolute Seal state, the Semi-Released State and the Non-Restricted State. These three are the only states that this seal offers and each is representative of how much of her power was sealed away.

The Absolute Seal state is the lowest state that Tiamat can enter. Relatively, it is the state in where Tiamat's powers are almost ALL sealed, rendering her somewhere in the range of two tiers below her own. She has enough power to defend herself still, but relatively gave up both her Shikai, and her Bankai in order to keep her energy repressed on itself. This is the typical form that Tiamat assimilates in front of others, in order to gage how much they can take. It is has the youngest apperance due to this, although her skill sheets and her Kidō remain untouched. She looks about 14 years old.

The Semi-Released State is the secondary state that Tiamat can enter. It is relatively a mid-way point; she can acquire Shikai in this state, and generally has a lot more power to spare then the average person. This reduces her to 1 tier below herself, but even then, she's still a bit more powerful then those that tier. She has a lot of strenght, but is not at her full strenght, and this is meant to be her combative testing form, as it often tests people in combat. But the majority of her powers are still sealed, so it is still difficult to actually tell what Tiamat's true strength is. Her apperance is somewhat of 17 years in this state.

The Non-Restricted State is Tiamat's natural state; it is the one state that she was born with. This has her full power on display, not limiting her access to her abilities in anyway; however, the cost of this is that people must often bear the full brunt of her power. But if she should access this form, it means either one is strong enough to bear it, she does not wish to make a long fight, or she is simply very angry. In either case, this state is Tiamat's natural state, and as such, is of her normal tier. She looks her natural age of 24 in this form.

気泡通信 | Kihou Tsuushin | Bubble Communication
-- This is a seal that Iriko has come up with. It was generally used in a way to communicate through bubbles; though, techniqually speaking it was just a way for Iriko to keep in contact with Tiamat.

Iriko wrote:This is a very special seal that he is able to create with his energy. When Iriko uses this, he marks the person who is the target of this ability on their very soul. This creates a bubble-shaped tattoo on the right side of the neck of the person that he is targeting, and becomes impossible to remove except when the person dies. The seal maintains itself by using an extremely tiny amount of reiatsu, so much so that the only person who can detect the draw it is performing is the person who it is attached to, and they have the option to not accept the seal. Once they choose to stop giving it energy, it will fade until they give it permission once again, as they will always have the option to reactivate it.

Now, as for what this does. This is a constant commune line with Iriko himself. When a target of this ability creates verbal vibrations near bubbles, the seal reacts, and transmits those things being said to Iriko's mind. In similarity, as long as the seal detects bubbles nearby, Iriko is able to commune back with the person. This is a connection formed by the spiritual bases in the target's neck and the one in Iriko's own. They act like two independent radio towers that send signals back and forth to one another. This means that if the signal is deflected by something, then the person being transmitted to cannot receive it, meaning that the communication can be blocked.

Finally, Iriko is able to turn this off as well. He can stop the signal from reaching his mind, and he knows when a certain person keeps sending him signals. The Commune Seal triggers once the target gets within five feet of a bubble, which means that he can also randomly pick up small signals that have proven awkward in the past.

炎無線 | Honoo Musen | Flame Radio
-- This is a seal that Tiamat has developped, as if a counter part to Iriko's Kihou Tsuushin. In simple terms, it work much like the aforementioned; however, instead of bubbles, it applies to flames. Such as candles, burners, stoves, etc. As long as it's fire, it can used as a point of communication, which makes it really, really handy in pre-technological suited areas, such as the Gotei or the Suigura Realms. Relatively, the seal is formatted on the right side of the neck, opposite of Iriko's. It marks down on the person's very soul, allowing this ability to remain even if the seal becomes innactive. The seal keeps itself active by the user's choice, and simply takes a tiny fraction of Reiatsu, so minimal that it can even be placed on a 6 tier. The only person that is aware of the seal is the applier, and the one wearing it. Also, it acts much like radio towers, sending signals back and forth in-between the seals. It can be interrupted, but exactly how is not yet definied. Relatively, it cannot be placed without permission either. Tiamat can selectively turn hers off, much like one would do with a cellphone per say. She can also pick up signals as long as a person is within ten feet of a flame, so sometimes, it makes things awkward.

It also has another use; it has heat resistance built into it. That means that people can touch Tiamat at no matter what heat she is, and not get affected negatively by it. It also allows it on Tiamat herself, and any other fire user, to control their own surface skin heat; as in to reduce it from harming others, or themselves with the immense amount of heat that may overwhelm them. It can help also, on their own heat resistance towards the nature of other fire attacks; nothing extreme, as the only complete heat nullification is from Tiamat's body heat, but otherwise, they have a slight resistance.

Those with Seals :

Kidō List:

[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFSExtra_zpsc391d3b2
The Conclusive Information
The last of the Data.

Roleplay Sample: -

Skill Sheets:

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

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[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFZan1_zps4aece5d1
The Spirit
The one thing that resides closest to all.

Zanpaktou Spirit Name: 劍神姫の命
Hayagami Hime no Mikoto
Age Apperance: 19
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

To look further into it all

Apperance: Hayagami Hime is a suprisingly beautiful woman; her hair is a vibrant purple, and her eyes are a deep, deep yellow. Her strands reaches to her chest at the least, and her skin is a beautiful, almost peach like white. She stands at about 5'4, and has bandages around her chest, with a black hoodie; the hoodie has designs on it, namely in the form of chains. The edges look like teeth, almost as if she broke out of an insane asylum. One of her shoulders is off, and it goes all the way down to her short shorts, also with the same designs. She has chains on her wrist, and hand cuffs off her belt, a nice wide one. She wears long stocking with butterflies on them, and has long lacy boots. In all, she looks like a more modern girl; but that's because she's lived with the humans for a while.

Personality: Hayagami Hime is a patient person; she isn't necessarily capricious, but she has her moments. As a goddess, she is used to be being served; but she is magnanimous in nature, loving to give for the pleasure of doing so out of her wealth. She has a particularly strong affection for Tiamat, whom stubbornly attempted to reach into her blade for years; and knowing that Tiamat hasn't fully formed her own Zanpaktou, had the intelligence to take advantage of that, and meld herself from the pieces of her seal into the blade. For that, she is grateful; and Tiamat is a suitable host. Hayagami is capable of playing tricks, and sometimes she likes to be selfish, but generally does what she thinks is best for the situation. She is very tactical and often likes to soothe Tiamat's rages by redirecting them at her instead of anybody else. Generally, she prefers to be kind, but can be a little more then aggressive. She may seem distant, and unreachable, but that's because she's not quite sure how to handle herself with people; if asked about her experience in the human world, she will bluntly tell them to mind their own business. Although, she was a NEET for her time there, and thus understands technology. Relatively, she's quite a bit Tsundere.

Inner World: Tiamat's inner world is suited for a princess; having a beautiful castle, a gorgeous view, and anything a lady would want to live her life in, it seems to be a bit more rich and elegant then Tiamat ever lived. Hayagami Hime seems perfectly at home here; the castle's design is more of a gothic element, and seems to be relatively well kept. It has a beautiful architecture, and seems to look much like a cathedral from the Renaissance. However, few get to see further, for they are taken to a lavish black lace'd room, butterflies drifting in the area, and a single, white throne in the middle. That is where people land when first appearing in Tiamat's inner world, regardless of who they are. From there, they must make their way elsewhere.. if need be.

[Shinigami] Tiamat Crow :: Suzaku [APPROVED, 0-3-] TiamatFPowers2_zps1e621b1f
The Releases
Singular blade of worth, achieving untold parallels.

The blade which I am hiding away

Sealed Zanpaktou Appearance: Hayagami, the sealed Zanpaktou, is actually surprisingly different then most. Many would think that her Sealed form is actually her shikai ; this is where they are very, very wrong. However, this was the major difference between Tiamat and most others is that her Zanpaktou actually seems to be insanely complex before hand in design and then reduces itself as she releases. This is a strange situation, but the blade is not a typical blade in it's sealed form. Instead, it looks like an elegant hammer. The tip is formed into a cross like object, with a four cube span with a cube hole in the middle. The shaft is long, and the end is eerily similar to a key. However, this design of hammer seems to be strange; although it looks blut, each edge is sharp, and thus it functions as a multi-directional blade. in fact, the shaft is the only thing that isn't sharp; the key like end, and the hammer like end are BOTH in fact multi-faceted blades. The fact that a shinigami carries this hammer around is odd as well. The entire base color of the weapon is black, with lines of purple and magenta flowing through the hammer-blade in a weird pattern.

Sealed Zanpaktou Powers:

剣の道 | Ken no Michi | Path of Blades
-- This ability within Hayagami is infinitely precious. In essence, it allows Tiamat to switch around her blade's structure. This said, she adapts structures that she is familiar with. In a breath, this means her Zanpaktou does not have a static apperance, but rather can be any blade that she requires at that point in time. This works very well as she releases her forms, as the hammer is best used in her Absolute Seal for, and she can change it to a one handed blade, or a rapier or even a Nodachi. However, she can also take the apperances of her release blades; such as, it can be transformed to LOOK like her Bankai blade. This is done in such an intricate way that it allows her to temporarily fool people, when combined with her Kidō, as to the nature of her releases and forms.
Usable: AS, SR, NR

魔法の配列 | Mahou no Hairetsu | Array of Magic
-- This is a secondary ability offered by Hayagami. In fact, it is an extremely useful ability that aids Tiamat in many, many ways. It basically allows her the use of Kidō without incantation; as long as they are not offensive Kidō. This said, as Tiamat's ability resides primarily in defensive and healing Kidō, gives her an extreme advantage. The gift of Hayagami is allowed for only these abilities; and this light bonus to Tiamat's capabilities is actually one of the minor gifts that Hayagami has granted the woman. However, the problem with this gift, is that it can only be used when the Zanpaktou is sealed. And should Tiamat's Zanpaktou be more then 50 feet away from her, it would also nullfy this passive. However, apart from those conditions? It can work as many times as Tiamat wants.
Usable: SR, NR

加護 | Kago | Divine Protection
-- A part of her adopted name, Tiamat has this ability granted by Hayagami. As long as her Zanpaktou is in a 200 feet radius of her, Tiamat is granted immunity against all demonic based influences. This said, it allows her to surpass someone trying to place a demonic influence on her, such as trying to corrupt her or sway her to their will. It also allows her to resist demonic energy pressure to a point, thus allowing her to often withstand demons when she normally would not be able to. This all based on demonic influences, inferring willpower affecting abilities.
Usable: AS, SR

The first steps into the realm

Shikai Release: 劍神 現れる [Arawareru, Hayagami | Appear, Hayagami]
Shikai Appearance: Tiamat's Shikai is as varied as anything can be; it changes shape depending on the incarnation that she summons it in.
Shikai Powers: Note: Tiamat's Shikai and Bankai are repressed by choice after they were unlocked. So Tiamat currently does not use her shikai apart from the Jigoku no Shuuki and doesn't even use her Bankai. They will be filled in when she does figure them out fully.

魔法少女 | Mahou Shoujo | Magical Girl
-- This is an ulterior form of Tiamat's Shikai, only appearing should she activate it in her AS form. Tiamat speaks the words of her shikai, and before her, a ball of light with a handle will form. Gripping hold of it starts a 1 minute un-interruptable sequence where she transforms into a magical girl like apperance. This gives her 指導の剣 Shidou no Ken [Blade of Guidance], 魔法の服 Mahou no Fuku [Magical Clothing], 魔法の強 Mahou no Tsuyo [Magical Strength], 魔法の標語 Mahou no Hyougo [Magical Catchphrase], 魔法の道徳 Mahou no Doutoku [Magical Morality], 魔法の火 Mahou no Hi [Magical Fire], and 魔法の項目 Mahou no Koumoku [Magical Item]. Relatively, this form is basically AS Tiamat's powers; they are of the same strength if Tiamat were to release her forms, since it was supressed as this Shikai. Relatively, this gives AS Tiamat powers in case she needs them.. and won't suffocate everyone she's near of.

指導の剣 | Shidou no Ken | Blade of Guidance
-- This is the signature weapon of Tiamat's Mahou Shoujo Shikai ability. This is the ball of light with the handle at the start; as she transforms, it becomes a beautiful rapier. The blade is well enough for a young girl to weild it, and it has some nice decorations. It gives off a strange feeling, almost like everything is good and alright in the world. It even slightly glows, a nice soft blue colour, almost like a sort of magical influence. The blade itself is almost awe-ispiring; and this blade only shows during Tiamat's AS shikai; her Shiki for SR and NR are the same. The blade itself seems to be otherworldly; it's ability is rather simple. It functions much like a scanner; the second it touches something, or someone, it scans their energy; on the second strike, it scans their psyche. And on the third strike, it scans their past; none of this information is available to Tiamat. The blade then combines this information, and makes a path; a sort of guidance for Tiamat to help guide them on. Generally, it helps the blade to become attuned to hit the opponent in their weakspots; either it be their energy control, their emotions or something they did before. Generally, it gives different blades for Tiamat to use; all in the name to help someone get over something. However, this all depends on Tiamat's wish; to activate this ability, she must clearly state her intent towards her target, such as ''I will shatter the illusions of your past!'' and other such things. This ability is generally story only, as in an actual battle, it would not work. To compensate for this, it's secondary ability is for actual fighting; it allows Tiamat to, once a post, redirect any of her own attacks, or attacks directed at her, into a single new direction.

魔法の服 | Mahou no Fuku | Magical Clothing
-- This is one component of Tiamat's AS Shikai; her clothing! These clothes are extremely, extremely damage resistant; they don't rip apart on just anything! It takes really strong attacks to rip off these clothes; this said, the clothing itself prevents this! All magical clothing formatted by Tiamat for this ability is litterally reinforced with a multitude of barrier seals. How does this work? With Tiamat's natural Atsuryoku ability, she is able to influence a bit of this Shikai on activation, considering she's sealing all of it's power into it! Therefore, this clothing is able to protect Tiamat; a single scrap can take damage up to her Tier; it basically allows her to be a magical girl that zips and doesn't worry about damage! The fun thing to note about this clothing is that the more that gets ripped off, the stronger the remaining strands get! So a couple scraps covering her nipples and her entrance will be much stronger then the entire outfit put together! Although, it's best to let her keep her clothes; it's much safer for the mind that way.

魔法の強 | Mahou no Tsuyo | Magical Strength
-- This is Tiamat's AS Shikai's best trait; she gains boosts in her strength, speed and agility! Why? Because as a magical girl, if you can't move faster then a ten year old, you're in deep trouble! This allows Tiamat in her AS Shikai to jump to the top of five story buildings, or to run on walls and deflect cars with her sword. Relatively, this boosts up the attributes that she naturally needs as a magical girl in order to complete her mission. This is done mostly by compressing the rest of Atsuryoku into her body, like a live electric source; due to this, it makes it hard to do things that mess with her body, due to the sheer mass of pressure under her skin. It also explains why her blood shoots off like rain even though she doesn't bleed that much.

魔法の標語 | Mahou no Hyougo | Magical Catchphrase
-- Tiamat has the ability to utter a catchphrase! This sentence usually helps bolster whatever she is doing at the time; and it's often over the top cheesy, much like a child would. For example, if she were to be giving a dropkick, she could easily turn it into a ''Crow-Dragon-Dropkick!'' and bolster it's powers by focusing her attention to it. The shikai allows her to enhance such things by exclaiming her attacks outloud, or exclaiming her intentions as a booster for will power; think of it as typical Magical Girl shennanigans. Relatively, they work instantenously, and then dissipate. This can apply only to things that Tiamat herself does; not her allies or enemies.

魔法の道徳 | Mahou no Doutoku | Magical Morality
-- Tiamat's AS Shikai also brings a strange ability with it; absolute morality. Once Tiamat makes up her mind of what is right and wrong, nothing can sway her; this grants her resistance against any will based afflictions, and even against some physical ones. However, this also makes it hard for her to be presuaded out of her courses of actions by others, or other such things. Generally, it means Tiamat is really much more stubborn then normal, and it makes it hard to be able to sway her, or change her mind in any way, shape or form.

魔法の火 | Mahou no Hi | Magical Fire
-- Tiamat also manages to attain access to her fire capabilities; however, in this form they are greatly reduced, and often just show as surpluses to what she is doing. However, these flames are unique amongst all of Tiamat's flames; they do not affect those of a pure heart. Pure heart being relative, it doesn't matter if the person is good, evil or neutral; as long as their heart is set on their path and pure about it, these flames will not affect them. Rather it affects those that lack a strong conviction, have doubts in their hearts about issues, or even rather are flip-floppy about things in general. These flames hurt more so on a spiritual level, but still contain a degree of physical fire; although most of it is spiritual fire in nature. Relatively, they are used as AS Shikai's ultimate trump card; as all of her abilities tend to build to this point and then she smacks down someone to give them greater conviction. Or something like that.

すべての周期 [Subete no Shuuki | Cycle of All]
-- This is Tiamat's main Shikai power; litterally, her shikai works in ''cycles''. Some of these are named and some are yet to be discovered; however, each Cycle has an ability. There are three known platform to these cycles; Tengoku, Rengoku, and Jigoku. These cycles each hold a variation of Tiamat's abilities, and the main element of her Zanpaktou, Fire. True to her name of Suzaku, it relates around three concepts; death, rebirth and life. These aspects make up the totality of the cycles; Tengoku is Life, Rengoku is Rebirth and Jigoku is Death. All of these things however, flow into one another; there are nine segments to each platform. There may be more to develop, but considering that Tiamat's skill does not lie with her blade's abilities, but rather her Kidō, it is quite impressive just how extensive these platforms have become. Each of time tend to assimilate both defensive, restrictive and healing capabilities, along with a parsing of combative abilities. Also, some Hayagamis may ressemble each other in weapon designs; however they each have their own design attached to each other, making each different. But weapon bases may be repeated, due to the fact that Tiamat typically specializes in blades rather then other weapons. As a note; only one Hayagami may be formed at a time; all abilities are remained within that self-same Hayagami, unless it says otherwise.

地獄の周期 [Jigoku no Shuuki | Cycle of Hell]

一つ目の水準: 無精 [Hitotsume no Suijun: Bushou | First Level : Sloth]

二つ目の水準: 妬み [Futatsume no Suijun: Netami | Second Level : Envy]

三つ目の水準: 色情 [Mittsume no Suijun: Shikijou | Third Level : Lust]

四つ目の水準: 欲 [Yottsume no Suijun: Yoku | Fourth Level : Greed]

五つ目の水準: 健啖 [Itsume no Suijun: Kentan | Fifth Level : Gluttony]

六つ目の水準: 怒り [Muttsume no Suijun: Ikari | Sixth Level : Wrath]

七つ目の水準: 誇り [Nanatsume no Suijun: Hokori | Seventh Level : Pride]

八つ目の水準: 不敬 [Yattsume no Suijun: Fukei | Eighth Level : Blasphemy]

九つ目の水準: 絶望 [Kokonotsume no Suijun: Zetsubou | Ninth Level : Despair]

十目の水準: 嫌い [Toome no Suijun: Kirai | Tenth Level : Hate]

Ascension to the highest order

Bankai Release: 嘘神を壊す. 劍神姫の命 現れる [Uso kami o kowasu. Arawareru, Hayagami Hime no Mikoto. | Break the Lying God. Appear, Hayagami Hime no Mikoto.]
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Powers:


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