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Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:13 pm

Iriko Crow
The Dragon of the North, Seiryuu
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Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow (BUBBLES) [Approved 0-2++/0-1-] Image3681-1

Name: Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow
Titles: Walt Whitman, Captain of Squad Five, Bubbles, Iki-chan
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 19-22
Age: 444
Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13

Appearance Description:

Iriko is a young looking man, who seems to be close to adulthood but not there yet. He has long, dark hair, which tends to fall over his left eye, allowing his other eye to view things at all times. His eyebrows are rather dark, noticeable on his face. His clothing is not the ordinary Captain's garb, but his own variation of it that is light blue in color, with a much bigger opening in the chest reminiscent of past variations of the uniform. His cloak is his pants as well, although he wears a simple pair of underwear around his waist beneath the cloak itself. He constantly wears a thin orange obi sash around his waist, which is threaded in between the sleeves of his garb.

Around his throat he wears a necklace, which descends into what looks to be a thick bamboo pipe. However, this is a container, not a pipe, and is filled with a strange liquid. It is held fast by a loop on the inside of the chest of his garb, meaning that his own chest up to his hair is completely void of anything that would conceal it. Around his feet he wears a simple pair of sandals, although this is often obscured by the fact that his garb reaches down to his feet themselves. His hands and feet are rather small and delicate, but they have toned muscles. His entire frame seems rather wirey, but it is in fact raw, lean muscle. On the right side of his neck, he has a tattoo of a bubble, roughly an inch in diameter, which shines as a bubble would in the light.

Appearance Picture:


Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow (BUBBLES) [Approved 0-2++/0-1-] Image3682-1


Iriko understands very, very well what his totemic animal spirit is. He is much like a slug, in form and action. As far as his body goes, he only moves when he desires to, meaning that there are times when he just doesn't feel like moving at all. However, he is greatly reinvigorated by rain, as this is the only time when he feels actually hyper, and this nature of him pulls a complete three sixty when his body is moist.

However, he understands his duty as a shinigami as well. He is loyal towards the Gotei, even if he doesn't always act like it, and he considers the duty of cleansing hollow to be a completely noble one, an effort worth performing. However, more then that, he enjoys using the magic of the Shinigami the most out of everything.

Motherf#ckin' Sorcerer
He is a sorcerer, by all definition of the word. He enjoy susing magic to accomplish his own goals, magic being relevant to his own spiritual energy and the use of Kidō. However, he also has the personality traits that a generic sorcerer would have. He is extremely intelligent, using his intelligence against those who he considers to be worth the effort on, and keeping his mouth shut towards those whom he doesn't considers worth his time. He is an extremely observant individual; there is very little which gets past his gaze, and indeed he can be considered one of the few who fully realizes just how screwed up the Gotei 13 really is, and fails to subscribe to their ideology, even if he is a member of their organization.

Bubble Affinity
He also has a rather peculiar affinity with bubbles. Bubbles to him represent life in and of itself. It can grow ,and grow, and grow. However, once it has grown too far, it will inevitably pop itself. However, there isnot just this fact. This is also the fact of other outside forces popping bubbles. In and of himself, Iriko has a rather bad habit of seeing his own life like a bubble. He is constantly growing within it, and he knows that eventually, it is going to pop, and he is going to be ruined. This means that half the time, he is scared of advancing his very own life. He is generally able to overcome this fear, but it is still there in the darkness of his psyche.

However, the true thing that affects him about this trait would definitely be the outside interference part. He is very much a solo individual. He does not allow other people within his bubble with him, conceptually. This means that he would never be the kind of person to accept something like a co-captaincy, or to allow himself to be assisted in a core aspect during an actual battle. There is only one person who has ever gotten within his bubble; and that is also the only person who has ever made him feel self-loathing about himself in regards to. Oh, he also loves using bubbles, as he has many attacks based off of them in addition to other things.

Crow Family
However, he is a member of the Crow family as well. As such, he respects the way of the blade and generally admires and respects those who are competent wielders of it. However, at the same time, he despises slightly his family name, as it is the one thing which prevents him from receiving the only thing that ever gave him a fiery passion. However, he does not despise the people whom bear the name itself, and as such he does not mind being a Dragon, insofar as he is never forced to try to defend the name.

Because of his aforementioned traits considering his own psychology and his lack of overtness, he tends to be a bit much of a loner. Now, does he actually like this? Not really. IN fact, he usually feels rather sad about not being able to have anyone around him that he can take comfort in. However, because he is not a very outgoing person, he generally tends to end up alone, without anyone else. As such, typically he can be found by himself., and typically feels a great amount of loneliness within him.

Admirer of Beauty
However, he also does rather like beautiful things, and is rather poetic about things that he sees. This is mostly because he has had a lot of time to think about his art form and literature, and as such there are entire sections of the Shinigami library with his works in them, ranging from political things, to poems, to haikus, to sonnets, ranging on subjects varying from Hollows to Vasto Lorde to the old head captain Yamamoto to the beauty of a zanpaktou; he is afraid of absolutely no subject. In fact, he has been called the "Walt Whitman" of the Gotei 13 because of his extensive range of subjects, the likes of which are not generally approached and are considered highly controversial.

Harmonica Player
He also quite enjoys the art of music a great deal. To him, music is a perfect expression; it shows the emotions of an individual, as well as the ideas that they want to express. However, to him, the only thing that he has ever felt comfortable playing is his harmonica. However, if it goes without cleaning, he will literally play it until whole droplets of goop are falling from its side, a mixture of the air around it and saliva from his mouth. However, he is extremely skilled at his harmonica, and has even played a renedition of "Through the Fire and the Flames"'s guitar part on it in the past.

Broken Past
However, there is one being that he has problems approaching. This is his only thing that he has ever felt passion about, Tiamat… who he is also related to. He wants to be able to protect her and be able to care fo rher, but she is not comfortable with it. Before that point, he had been a bit more of an outgoing person; however, since the time when they broke off from each other, he has descended into a downwards spiral, and very rarely comes out of it. In addition, he has a strange inability to see flames properly any longer, and can get extremely riled up if he feels there are too many of them near him, but also can act like he doesn't care about them. He is also extremely touchy on this topic, and will opt not to speak about it if he can, or else simply reply that he doesn't desire to talk about it.

However, if anyone were to ever to try to harm her, Spiritually, Physically, or Mentally, he would destroy them without a second thought, no matter their affiliation.

However, when he does meet someone that he has feelings for and loves, he is extremely, extremely loyal towards them. He doesn't care about anything that's wrong with them, since he knows it would be highly hypocritical for him to believe such things about any other person when he himself is the most disgusting being that he is able to think of. His love is deep and meaningful, as he approaches it from all sides of himself, from his music, to his writing, to his actions and speech.

Low Self-Esteem
However, at the same time, he really does have low self-esteem. Most of the time, he sees through the eyes of others due to his observant nature and sees himself as mostly disgusting through them, leading to his loner nature. He doesn't have much pride in his body, at least for himself. The one scratch of pride in him is towards his Kidō, as that is the skill that he himself brought up to its maxmum level.

However, when e does communicate with others, he acts polite for the most part, but he will occasionally allow his own wit to come through, which is the one spice to his otherwise sluggish nature. His observations into things are what generates most of his wit and allows him to make astute observations about things that most people would not notice.

Typically, it is extremely difficult to make him mad about something. Normally, he will treat others with a calm politeness, and treats essentially everyone with the respect that they are due. He doesn't hate people, as he realizes that there is no point in feeling that kind of emotion towards another person, a useless emotion. On the same coin, he tries his best to make sure that he doesn’t make people around him mad at him.

Likes: Bubbles, Tiamat, fire, slime, rainbows, rain, harmonica, art, literature, Gotei 13.

Dislikes: The name "Crow", fire, bad literature, insults, accusations, Gotei 13.

Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow (BUBBLES) [Approved 0-2++/0-1-] Image3683-1


Birth in the Soul Society
When he was born, the entire world was dark, suddenly followed by light. He was born into the Soul Society itself, birthed to a too young mother and a too young father. His mother died during his birth as a result of a miscarriage; he had come out far too early. Despite the fact that he had slid right out without issue, his mother never recovered from the pains of her labor, as if there was something immensely wrong in her system; it was because of this that she eventually died.

As a small child, Iriko as named by the father who soon after left him roamed the soul society. He actually ate things, an activity that was undertaken mostly by theft on rainy days. He never got along with any of the other stray children in the society; he much preferred the silent company of nature and thinking to himself, writing.

Discovery of Powers and Academy
However, the way he acted eventually got him attention. It did not take long for him to eventually be discovered and turned into the authorities, who began to test him to see why it was that he grew hungry. During their investigation, they watched with estranged eyes as the boy blew bubbles, literal bubbles, clapping to himself as the bubbles changed into different shapes.

Very quickly, they sent him to the academy. There, he learned what it meant to be a shinigami. For the very first time, he was forced to interact with other people. He found them fascinating, looking at them with a scientist's curiosity and often times writing about his experiences there. While there, he picked up both writing and playing the harmonica, the oly instrument that he truly felt comfortable with. His entire staying within the Gotei's system, however, felt empty.

He kept very current with the Gotei's news, and was accepted into the top class. However, he didn't particularly care for the classes themselves; he typically passed them without having to try very hard at all. However, what he WAS interested in was exploring himself. He excelled far past his peers, becoming the first person in his class to discover his shikai and bond with his zanpaktou, leading to the smallest zanpaktou in his entire class. Indeed, it was something that he was made fun of for, until he learned how to make his zanpaktou as big as a small building wile still in school.

After discovering his shikai, which he never activated around others, he began to look for other pursuits. Eventually, he came upon Kidō, and dived into his studies. Amazingly, while still in school, he began to develop his very own Kidō and implement them with his own styles, something generally thought to be unheard of.

Meeting of Kairibi Aikagota
However, his studies into Kidō eventually caused him to meet a person the likes of which he would never know another. He met her while in his days at the academy, while researching Kidō. However, his research was aimed totally towards the intricate, difficult to utilize offensive parts of it, the sealing parts, the parts used in battle.

On the other hand, this girl used things that were much different. She focused on the things that would support the people around her, a kind of person the likes of which he had never known. For the first time ever, he engaged another person in direct conversation, and the two of them began talking to one another about the craft.

He continually saw her, as they kept encountering one another during research. He began to feel attracted towards her; she was unlike any other person he had ever met, and began to even write things about her, things that he began to wish he could show her, but never felt comfortable doing so.

When it finally became time to graduate, he learned that she was interested in joining the fifth squad, a squad that had a slew of not so great people in it since Aizen's attack. Having no better idea of what to choose himself, he followed her into the squad as well, where he began as a seated officer.

As a result, the two of them remained close, having become best friends in their time spent with one another. However, he realiezd that he needed to keep a small amount of distance from her, as he realized that he had many things to learn still about the Gotei 13, and wanted to keep himself at his sharpest, delving hard back into his Kidō and his abilities, coming up with things that he was sure she would find absolutely disgusting, so he kept to himself about them.

Becoming a Lieutenant
However, both of their progressions caused them to come into close contact with one another again. They both took over the position of Squad Five's lieutenant spot, making it so that they had to have a co-lieutenancy, something the likes of which he would never, ever have considered doing with another person other then her.

Over time, he began to feel himself becoming utterly, completely at ease around her. He felt no worries, no fear when he was in her presence. He could show her anything and it felt like she understood, or at the very least didn't drive him away for it. He began to feel that attraction again, and felt it in stronger force than it had ever been before.

Finally, after a very long time and countless thoughts, he wrote her a book. At the very end of the book was his confession to her, and two days later when he walked into work he was greeted with the greatest embrace of his entire life.

The time of his life after that found him being extremely satisfied. He was enjoying his life completely, more then he ever had before. He had everything that he felt like he wanted. He was happy with his relationship with her, with his writings that were often about her, and became a much more outgoing person. He changed from a dull slug to a warm winter dragon, as he could never fully shake his loner-like ways but they did begin to thaw.

That was the true core of it; he began to thaw. It was during this time of his life that he began to develop his bankai, a procedure which he finally felt comfortable doing. She was the only one who he felt fine with showing his taming of it, as the productions were horrifying and ugly. As he would begin to tame it, it forced him to turn into an utterly massive, disgusting slug, something that made most people retch simply from being around. However, she withstood it, even withstood the aura of disgust that came with it.

It was because of this that he continued to develop and grow. He continued to love his life and the way that he was living it. He eventually came to a mastery of his bankai, able to keep his human form and maintain it, an accomplishment that freed him once again to work on Kidō, his second love only after her, and become an extraordinarily talented shinigami.

Discovering Lineage
However, that all changed the day that during his research, he found something. Amongst the records of the souls admitted into the Soul Society, he found a single name, the name of Crow. That worried him, as he began to realize that he had ancestry, somewhere. He slightly disliked the name itself, as his father had abandoned him when he was so young, but it would soon become immensely different from his perspective when not only he, but Kairibi were approached.

The people who approached them explained to them that they were truly members of a family named Crow. Both of them were. When he heard this, Iriko didn't know how to react. Kairibi began to slightly distance herself from him, as if she had become uncomfortable in his presence. As such, in a last ditch attempt to try to make them comfortable around each other, he decided to join with the Dragons along with her.

Depressive Joining
However, the joining of their organization proved to do nothing. He started to become bitter, as she would barely spend time with him any longer, even when he became extremely close towards gaining the captain position. As such, one of the happiest times of his life became one of the coldest, and he began to fall into a steep depressoin, even though they were technically still together.

He began to burn the poetry and other things that he had written, his very nature having become cold, trying to warm himself. He began to realize that his bubble had been popped by an outside influence, and there was nothing that he could do it. Night after night after going through the day that he felt could never be colder, he would burn more and more of them, only the writings he had created of her remaining, everything else about beauty going up in flames in the small quarters that he maintained all alone now, before at last she called on him.

Cold Shoulder
She told him that they could not be with one another, as she just couldn't take the thought of them being related. This sent him completely over the edge; without warning, his entire body had changed, turning from his human form into that of a gigantic slug, completely crushing the barracks that the two of them had inhabited forever after learning that she was planning to change squads, and the only tail on his back glowed flame red as he threw it backwards, his entire body quaking as it slammed into the special treasure chest that he had kept hidden so that he would burn nothing within it, all of his writings and works of her, as his tail slammed into it, papers flying everywhere as they were consumed by fiery bubbles that grew and burst all around the tail, completely incinerating them before his body began to change, and a massive bubble appeared around his sobbing body as it began to rise upwards, he did not even say goodbye.

After he had left, he went to the human world. He felt like there was honestly no point left in living, like he had no reason to stay alive any longer, and spent his days tracking down hollows, brutally destroying them. He could not even look at a pen, he could not even look at a crow, and he could not even look at a harmonica without sliming up in the worst way.

The times after he originally began slaying hllows turn dark. He still to this day has no idea what occurred in that time to himself or those around him; mentally, he was just so depraved that he could not form the proper thoughts to remember things. However, after some time, months later, he began to feel himself staring at a flame, his lifeless eyes without feeling, without emotion, having no idea what he was doing, simply staring at it, as that's where he marks his current life from, staring at that fire with the most void expression on his face, a cold fascination that lacked the very essence of life before he heard a voice.

The flame on the right side of his neck he could feel burning, and only two words, two words that brought him out of his darkness and forced into a light, making him realize that once again, he was needed.

Come back.

Return to Captaincy
He returned to the Gotei 13, a more then fitting candidate. In his interview, he became a captain by being approved by those who had remembered him while he was still in the Gotei, as well as his desire towards supporting the Gotei in and of itself. He met Tiamat in a captain's meeting soon after, but could not bring himself to speak to her, or anyone else. He became a complete introvert, performing his duty and communicating with anyone he needed to, but for the most part remaining a completely loner, leading him awkwardly to the present day.


Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow (BUBBLES) [Approved 0-2++/0-1-] Image3687-1

PhatomTech: He does not have phantom tech.

Phantom Tech Abilities: Not Available.

Phantom Tech Powers: Not Available.


Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow (BUBBLES) [Approved 0-2++/0-1-] Image3686-1

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Grandmaster

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill:  Grandmaster

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Grandmaster
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept


Iriko Puzyri-Teimei Crow (BUBBLES) [Approved 0-2++/0-1-] Image3685-1

Roleplay Sample:

Everything was so worthless, I didn't deserve this…

The male thought ot himself, staring at the flame in front of him. However, the mark on the side of his neck was not reacting; there was no communication being sent his way. She knew very well what he was doing, and more importantly, knew why he was doing it. The odds… No, I suppose in this case it is the gods, not the odds… hate me… He thought to himself, curling tighter into his little ball as his eyes clenched tightly together, his right hand gripping tightly on the material that covered his knee. The cloak that he wore did nothing to keep him warm, he felt; the only thing that could provide that was flame, in and of itself.

He quickly began to move, then, his body shifting as he raised his gaze up, looking around desperately before grabbing another leather bound book, not even bothering to looka t the name Meditations on Bubbles, before he threw it cover first into the giant fire before himself, a single droplet of sky blue material appearing from his eyes, joining a solid visor of the same that had gathered on his face since long before. I cannot fault her…. I cannot fault her… I cannot fault her… His thoughts became a rapidly descending spiral, his spiritual pressure turning into a single speck of what its original power was, him not even caring what was around him, the change in weather not even able to overcome the roaring flames of his own work that he had created, as he gripped both of his legs, knowig that he was not, by any circumstances, alright…

Setting: 2 Weeks Post-Departure from the Soul Society
"I am going to exterminate you." He stated simply to his opponent, staring at the face of the hollow before him, watching as it turned its head. His blue cloak was already soaked in blood; so much blood. He had lost count of the hundreds of hollows that he had destroyed at this point, but their blood had completely covered his garb, changing its color and making it a dark piece of clothing instead of the calm blue that had once presided within it.

The man reached into te small bamboo pot on his midriff, pulling out a pipe and drawing it t ohis lips. His gaze was shaky, and he felt like a burn-out going for one last shot; but the truth of the matter was, he was just far too excited for what was about to happen to care, the massive downpour of rain around them anobvoius sign of his extremely messed up emotions. "Prepare… to… die…" He said simply, as his cheeks moved, air from his lungs flowing out of his body and into the pipe, before reaching the bubbly substance on the end, as streams after streams of pure bubbles began to flow out around his target, circling around and around them, Iriko still staring directly at the hollow.

The hollow looked about itself, obviously confused. However, it wasn't quite prepared for what was going to happen as one of the bubbles seemed to be blown by a gust of wind, touching its arm as it completely severed the limb from its body, the buble not popping as he held the pipe at his side again, gripping it between his fingers, opening his only visible eye wide as his smile widened on his face, turning into something absolutely insane as he shot towards the hollow, his right arm flashing as he struck it across the hollow's chest, feeling the bubble blade that had formed from his pipe's tip slamming into the chest, cutting a deep gash in it as the blood splashed onto him.

"YES, YES! I am going to fight you until I can get this pain out! It doesn't matter as long as I can't feel that pain, as long as I can't FEEL THIS PAIN!!" He roared at the hollow, his right arm swinging as it slammed into the hollow's remaining arm, cutting it cleanly from its body as he reached around, rabbing a bubble as it turned into a sword, slamming it firmly into the hollow's shoulder as his right foot pressed on the ground, sidestepping the hollow as he grabbed another bubble, feeling that also turn into a bubble as he slammed it into the hollow's side, before sidestepping once again, grabbing another and repeating the process. Then, without warning, his body vanished, as he hit each and ever one of the bubbles with his own sword, performing shunpo as he reappeared behind the hollow, the smile dimmer but still on his face.

"" Bubble Raid Microcosm." He said simply, sighing out as the blades all began to move. Giant masses of blood splattered out from the hollow as his right hand moved, throwing his bloodied bubble to the side as it popped, the bits and pieces of the bubble scattering, the hollows varying pieces flying everywhere as he looked back, staring down at the only remaining piece of the hollow, the mask, which seemed as if it were trying to regrow itself.

"Hadō Ninety-one." He said simply, calling out the name of the spell as he pointed his finger towards the mask, without warning as massive spears began shooting from his arm, impaling themselves through the mask, dozens of the spears which stuck straight up into the air, before he breathed out, not even a particle of the mask remaining from his utterly massive onslaught. "…?" However, he paused for amoment, before withotu warning blood shot from his lips, trailing don the edge of his mouth as he felt the gooey substance. He blinked, looking down at his torso, and reaizing that he had been hit so hard that he could barely stand.

I've miscalculated… Why did I…? Everything… is… going….


Unknown amounts of time later

The male was staring at the flame. It was a single piece of fire, and he was in a single room, not knowing where the room was, or even caring. He didn't care about anything. He felt empty inside. He felt totally, totally empty within. Both of the marks on his shouldres were ice cold, underused in only God knows how long. Not a single thought went through is mind as his cold, dead eyes stared at the source of warmth. He didn't even seem to have any particular reason for what he was doing, both strange or logical. He was simply doing it.

His expression was totally blank. His hands were held on his kneecaps, staring at the flame as he began to slowly blink, realizing that there were more things that he had missed as he blinked slowly, alotugh more out of necessity then anything having gained his attention.

Reiatsu Color: Sky Blue

Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Roku namekuji (Lit. Six Slugs, 六ナメクジ)

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

It's pretty obvious right off of the bat what Roku namekuji is. Roku namekuji is without a doubt a gigantic slug. It is absolutely massive, towering over most buildings and obviously bigger than Iriko himself. In addition, the beast has six sloppy tails, which it holds up in a taut line behind it , although each of the tails is different and shines with a differen tlight. The one on the far left glows yellow, the one next to that glows red, the one next to that glows a deep blue, the one next to that glows a light blue, the one next to that glows a faint gray, and the one next to that glows a nearly solid black. The glows are not pervasive and can often be overlooked, but they are most certainly there. In addition ot its slimy body, it also has two eyes, which extend out from its head just as a slug's will.

Inner World:

The Inner World of Roku namekuji is a massive forest that is often frequented by flash showers. The inner world is populated by Roku namekuji , hundreds and hundreds of him, which move quickly while the rain is going and are very still when there is no rain. It is a quite, meditative area while there is no rain, but while there is rain there is rapid movements of hundreds of slugs moving in unison.

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

The zanpaktou that Iriko wields is… not a discernible weapon of any kind. However, it is a traditional bubble blower. This means that by putting his mouth to one end of the pipe and blowing air into it while it is primed with liquid from the bottle strung around his neck, it is capable of producing actual bubbles. The pipe itself seems to be made out of some kind of gold-like metal or plastic, with several bends in the pipe that lead out to a trumpeting end.

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Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Offensive Kidō Specialist
The most prevalent trait that he has in regards to being a shinigami is his focus on offensive Kidō. His skill within this area is one of the highest possible for a shinigami to reach because of his focus and desire towards learning it. As such, his offensive Kidō are extremely powerful in nature, and he is extremely skilled in using them, able to utilize them effortlessly without incantation, and when he does use the incantation... Well, that's when you begin to run and NEVER, EVER look behind you.

The Pipe
This pipe that he carries is also his zanpaktou. That's right, his main weapon of choice is a pipe that blows bubbles. However, the nature of the pipe is that he can create things from it. By blowing into the pipe, the pipe shoots out what appears to be a sword made of bubbles. This is how he is able to use his Zapnaktou.

Bubbles of Iriko - The Container
Iriko's bubbles are unlike any other bubbles in any dimension. For one thing, he has perfect control over their shapes, meaning that once he blows a bubble, he can manipulate its appearance to whatever he desires. However, the very nature of the bubbles needs to be defined. The bubbles in and of themselves are made up of his spiritual energy, meaning that he has near perfect manipulation of his own power. However ,this is not the only trait that the bubble shave. The bubbles have exactly one ability that they are able to do no matter what, and that is to gain the sharpness of Iriko's zanpaktou.

This means that his zanpaktou, pipe, has sharpness. Indeed it does, for out of the pipe he can blow a sword of bubbles, meaning that the sword is as sharp as his own zanpaktou would be ,making bubbles that he is able to create extraordinarily sharp. He can summon a feasibly infinite number of bubbles, as they cost next to no spiritual energy whatsoever to use. However, at the same time, they have a drawback. Because they use so little energy, he generally cannot make them extremely large. However, he still does have the option to make them extremely large, which can lead to them being larger then skyscraper buildings if he truly desires them to be, just like some zanpaktou would be.

In addition, his bubbles can become extremely hard to pop if he desires it, as hard to pop as it would be to break his zanpaktou, although he can only make one bubble at a time that hard. However, he can make multiple bubbles as hard as most rocks are, making them act as if they are lightweight and physical objects. However, at the same time, they are weak towards pointed tips, meaning that generally whenever a pointed from all sides tip pokes them, they tend to pop. This means like the end of a spear or sword, but not the blade itself. This also means that a finger cannot pop them, unless he chooses to make them weak enough for the finger to work. On the other hand, he can also make plain old bubbles that he can mold in any shape; he doesn't have to make them extremely sharp and extremely hard. He can just blow bubbles.

The container that his bubbles come out of is level with his stomach at all times, and the special properties of it are that it is the second part of his zanpaktou. This container absorbs his spiritual energy into itself, making it an extremely dense, flowing liquid with which he makes his bubbles. A single dip in this bottle in his sealed state is enough to create dozens of bubbles at once, although he has trouble going much faster then a relaxed motion of dipping and blowing.

Basic Technique - Bubble Raid
This is probably Iriko's most used bubble technique, and this is the ability to form his bubbles into blades and use them as if they are blades. However, the thing with this is that the bubbles form as a massive ring of blades around his target, forming into rows around them . Obviously, because of his control of his bubbles, he can cause the multiple blades to move in any direction that he desires, and due to his high level of intelligence and cranial capacity he is able to move them quite intricately, making them extremely dangerous.

However, this truly illustrates the main power behind his bubbles while he is in sealed, the ability to turn his bubbles into weapons. He can form fully functioning spears, swords, axes, knives, whips… feasibly, eh can arm an entire army, as he can also choose what parts of the bubbles to make sharp and which ones not to.

Basic Technique - Bubble Kidō
However, his bubbles also have one unique trait that he can apply himself, and that is the ability to literally place Kidō INSIDE OF A BUBBLE. By creating a bubble by saying the incantation into his pipe, the bubble comes out with the Kidō sealed inside of it. When the bubble breaks, either by Iriko's will or by outside interference, the Kidō held within shoots out in the direction that he designates when he crafts this bubbles. This can work for any Hadō spells that he uses.

Bubble Commune Seal
This is a very special seal that he is able to create with his energy. When Iriko uses this, he marks the person who is the target of this ability on their very soul. This creates a bubble-shaped tattoo on the right side of the neck of the person that he is targeting, and becomes impossible to remove except when the person dies. The seal maintains itself by using an extremely tiny amount of reiatsu, so much so that the only person who can detect the draw it is performing is the person who it is attached to, and they have the option to not accept the seal. Once they choose to stop giving it energy, it will fade until they give it permission once again, as they will always have the option to reactivate it.

Now, as for what this does. This is a constant commune line with Iriko himself. When a target of this ability creates verbal vibrations near bubbles, the seal reacts, and transmits those things being said to Iriko's mind. In similarity, as long as the seal detects bubbles nearby, Iriko is able to commune back with the person. This is a connection formed by the spiritual bases in the target's neck and the one in Iriko's own. They act like two independent radio towers that send signals back and forth to one another. This means that if the signal is deflected by something, then the person being transmitted to cannot receive it, meaning that the communication can be blocked.

Finally, Iriko is able to turn this off as well. He can stop the signal from reaching his mind, and he knows when a certain person keeps sending him signals. The Commune Seal triggers once the target gets within five feet of a bubble, which means that he can also randomly pick up small signals that have proven awkward in the past.

Current Holders of the Seal:

Slime Production
In this form, he has a small amount of what he will be able of using later. While sealed, he can produce the slime… The slime. The slime is a substance that only his body can produce. Green in color, it covers whatever it touches and sticks to it extremely resolutely. The friction granted by the slime is 0, meaning that once it sticks to something it will not move. It is impossible to remove using natural methods such as shampoo or washing machines.

His slime is made up of his spiritual energy, meaning that even in his base form he can produce copious amounts of it. He can form it on any part of his body, and generally uses it to move around in places that he would have no chance of being able to move around otherwise. However, he also has the ability to turn off the zero friction, making it so that he can maneuver around his slime. In addition, the slime is edible, and when cooked is considered to be quite the delicacy. Naturally, he never eats his own slime unless he has absolutely no other choice, but a person could feasibly live off of his slime, as it has great nutritional value and contains both liquid and solid in its composition, fulfilling all the needs of a body. However, for him, it would be like drinking your own piss. .. This is also the form that his bodily waste takes, for future reference, but it lacks any nutrional value whatsoever when produced naturally from his body.

Precipitation Control
Even while in sealed form, he has a strange ability to control the precipitation around himself. This means that if he desires it, he can make the immediate area around him turn into snow, or start raining. However, this is a gradual process, not so much an active ability as a passive one. The precipitation shows his collective mood. If he is in a certain mood for an extended period of time, his surroundings will reflect that. If he feels an active emotion, such as rage or joy, then the precipiation around him will be foggy or rainy. If he feels a passive emotion, such as aggression or sadness, the area around him can become a downpour or stale air. The emotions work like this.

Excitement - Light Rain
Happiness - Fog
Aggression - Downpour
Sadness/Despair - No precipitation whatsoever
Indifference - Light Snow
Determination - Hail
Hope/Positive Thinking - Mild Snow
High - Clouds at ground level

Sealing Spit
This is the ability that he considers to be something that even he isn't very comfortable using. Whenever his spit touches a surface, as in saliva produced from his mouth, it sticks with an immense amount of force, almost like his slime. However, the difference is that once his saliva connects with something, it falls down around whatever it touches, making it so that whatever it has touched becomes encased in the spit. This spit is extremely hard, making it so that anything that it encases has a very difficult time maneuvering around the spittle. His body is able to create copious amounts of saliva, and he has to turn this ability on and off so that his saliva doesn't spread all over things. However, when he becomes distracted, his spittle hardens again.

The reason this doesn't choke his insides is that while it is inside his mouth it is still moist and unexposed to open air, meaning that he is not affected by it. However, by opening his mouth, he can feasibly cause a large amount of it to form in his mouth and create a mouthguard. In addition, if non hardened saliva makes contact with hardened saliva, the hardened saliva will break and shatter, removing it from wherever it was stuck to. He can turn this ability consciously on or off.

Bubble Transport
He also has a very interesting ability. He can create a bubble that surrounds around his entire body, and use it to transport himself. This means that he can float around and shield himself in a bubble, making it so that anything which touches the bubble has to break the bubble before it can affect him. However, at the same time, this bubble can move just as before when it was light as air, meaning that he can use it to transport himself. He can also use it to transport others, by trapping them in bubbles. However, the bubbles that are used for transportation of persons are extraordinarily weak on the inside, meaning that if the person has a desire for it to pop, it will immediately pop unless Iriko himself is still within the bubble.

Bubble Force
Bubble Force is the other modification he can produce on his bubbles while in his sealed state. Blowing extra spiritual energy into his bubbles causes them to be able to produce another effect. When they pop, they release a wave of force around themselves, destabilizing anything that they come into contact with and trying to knock into the targeted thing with a great amount of force.

Release: Baburu,Roku Namekuji! ((バブル、六ナメクジ) Bubble, Six Slugs!)

Shikai Description:
This form of Iriko Is not that different then his sealed state. The most noticeable difference in this form is the growth of what looks like two eye sockets that rise out of his head, a couple inches above his eyes and in his hair. These are not actually eyes; but they resemble the feelers of a slug that allow it to sense what is happening in its surroundings. These are extraordinarily sensitive, and are the only change in appearance that he goes through when he enters shikai.

Shikai Abilities:

Bubble Physiology
While in this form, his entire body's natural traits change. His body acts almost as if it and of itself were a bubble, in the fact of how light he becomes. He becomes able to float around as if he himself were a bubble, able to be blown by a single speck of wind if he allows himself to be. However, at the same time, he is able to make himself so that he is not blown away or affected by it, making it so that he can stay in whatever he location he would like for as long as he would like, or allow himself to simply drift into the wind.

However, this symbolizes his new physiology the best. In reality, his body has become much lighter then before, moving effortlessly and quickly, at a rather high pace. In addition, his body becomes very slippery, making it very difficult to hit him straight on as most physical things merely slip off of him, in addition to the fact that he can slide about randomly on the ground if he so chooses.

Slime Vision
In this form, he becomes much better at producing and utilizing the slime in his body. Such a trait is his ability to use Slime Vision, an ability that links his spiritual energy with any of the spiritual energy used in his slime, and allows him to experience the five senses through the slime. This means that the slime in and of itself becomes a transmitter for his vision, which helps in his ability to observe things.

Slime Formations
This is the core ability that he gains in his shikai, the ability to form his Slime into different shapes. This means that he can manipulate his slime after it has been formed, increasing its friction enough so that he can form it into shapes> However, more the this, he can form it into objects and use them to his advantage. For example, by shooting a rod of slime out of his hands and activating its zero friction, he can slam the rod into the side of a building and use it to stick directly onto the sheer face, allowing for great maneuverability.

Corrosive Slime
This is an additive to his slime, one which changes its color. To use this slime, Iriko must consciously activate it. This makes the slime change from a green to a brown color, meaning that anything which comes into contact with a brown slime triggers this effect, though the slime is rather obvious after you learn its ability.

Within the slime forms a great amount of corrosive acid. This means that anything that the slime comes into contact with it begins to produce this acid onto, making it break down. This is in exception to Iriko himself, who is unaffected by the corrosive effects of the brown slime. The brown slime's power is quite strong; they can chew through solid diamonds if given a few seconds. The true danger of this slime, however, is when one forgets specks of it that fall on the body or clothes, as it will eat straight through these given enough time, and become a painful hassle. In addition, he can produce both normal and brown slime at the same time.

Freezing Slime
This is a completely different slime then the Corrosive Slime. This slime takes the appearance of an icy-bluish substance, almost gray in color. However, anything that this slime comes into contact with is visibly changed. As this slime passes over a solid object, the object becomes covered in ice. However, this ice is not normal ice; it has absolutely no friction on it for any person other then Iriko himself. This means that if he threw out his hands and produced a massive amount of this slime over a large area, that area would hold anyone who stepped onto it fast there, even after they removed the slime itself; they would have to completely burn away the ice as well, as it is made out of his spiritual energy.

However, the ice has one other effect. Because it is made out of his spiritual energy, Iriko can cause the ice to begin to blow his bubbles out of them. In fact, by putting a hand on one part of the ice, he can literally transmit Kidō through it that rise up out of the bubbles, allowing them to be used in completely new ways then the typical.

Expendable Slime
This is a completely different kind of slime. This slime sometimes is produced from his body instead of his normal slime. This slime is slightly twinged red inc color, and only is produced around things which he feels excitement towards, such as fire. When this slime is burned, it releases the physical form of LSD in and of itself into the air, affecting any and all who smell it just as the drug would, which often leads to clouds... lots and los of clouds. In addition, it is extremely flammable, raising temperatures of flames that touch it by a ratio of 25% of their original temperature, as well as increasing their rate of spreading by up to 40%, depending on how much fire there is.

Bubble Gum
IN this form, he becomes able to produce bubbles from his mouth alone, only needing the pipe to focus them if he so desires. However, in shikai he gains one other ability as well. This ability is the fact that he can also use Kidō and place them within his bubbles without needing to say their names, which allows him to produce widely varied Kidō all at once as he no longer needs to say the words. However, at the same time, he has to make sure to extremely focus himself to use multiple Kidō simultaneously. It should still be noted that the Kidō he produces is still offensive, he has to say defensive ones out loud to even use them.

Water Manipulation
In addition, when he enters Shikai Iriko gains a relatively high amount of water control. This means that he is able to manipulate water with his mind, although if he uses his pipe as a focus by pointing it at the source he desires to maneuver it is able to act much faster. The water he manipulates can be a large amount in size, and can get hot enough that it turns into steam and becomes uncontrollable as well as change into Ice, which is also uncontrollable while in this form. However, he can still indicate a target and transform the water into ice, leading to such things as flying icicles.

It should be noted that Iriko cannot control water that is in the air itself, only from actual pools or sources of water itself, like puddles, streams, lakes, or the ocean. He can also not manipulate water with as many complex organic components such as blood are minutely in effect. This means that while he can throw a fish in water around, he could not cause the fish to explode by manipulating its blood.

This is the true formation of his Shikai's core power, the creation of Sluggy. Sluggy is the only companion that Iriko currently has whom eh trusts completely. This little slug is more then just important; it is also an extremely valuable ally. For one thing, Sluggy can act just like his pipe, focusing any of his abilities towards what he is indicating.

Sluggy is and of itself exactly what it sounds like, a slug. It is a large, white slug, which is produced from the slime that comes from around Iriko's body. Sluggy can also produce the same things that Iriko himself can produce, although not in the same amounts. This means that it can produce everything that he is able to use while in shikai, from his corrosive slime to his bubbles to even… other Sluggys.

However, Sluggy is not Iriko. While it can move on the no-friction areas and has the same immunities as Iriko himself, they do not have ability to perfectly coordinate their efforts just like him. While being moist speeds them up a good bit, they are still generally very slow in how they act, and perform their most helpful tasks by slowly reaching a destination over time or by spitting. Finally, they cannot use Kidō.

That is correct, Sluggy's true power is the ability to multiply itself. By using a source of Iriko's energy, such as coming into contact with a bubble or touching the no-friction ice that Iriko can make, Sluggy is able to multiply itself. The multiplied Sluggys act just like the original Sluggy, acting like a focus for the abilities of Iriko. He can maintain up to one hundred different Sluggys with his mental fortifications as they are, as they still need to be guided by him as they are made up of his spiritual energy.

Liquid Sight
While in this form, Iriko gains two little eye looking things on top of his head. These are the sensors that most slugs have instead of eyes, and they are extremely, EXTREMELY sensitive. Cutting one of these off will for the most part incapacitate Iriko for an entire post, despite how fragile they are. However, they also give him a small benefit. Firstly, they allow everything that he has to contact to keep working, from his Water Manipulation to Sluggy, to work properly; if they are both cut off, his abilities are sharply declined and things he was controlling are destroyed in their immediate forms. His body is also not very tough, so the easiest way to defeat Iriko is to just head straight at him and try to injure him as much as possible.

Disgust Aura
Iriko does however have a pretty severe drawback to this form. That is the Disgust Aura. This is what his Spiritual energy changes into, taking on the traits of the very essence of slug and slime. Basically, anyone who feels Iriko's spiritual pressure int his state are not pressed down from it like when met by most captain spiritual pressures. Instead, they experience a massive amount of disgust. The only ones who are immune to this are those who have received the Bubble Commune Seal; all others just have an inclination towards feeling disgust towards Iriko in his shikai form.

Massive Reiatsu
However, when he enters into Shikai, his reiatsu absolutely skyrockets. Because of his immense studies of Kidō, he knows extremely well how to utilize his reiatsu to maximize output to the extreme amount, making enough for him to even feasibly create his own city out of nothing but bubbles. Overall, his reaitsu is used towards focusing attacks at objects and fueling the rather large needs of his abilities, meaning that he has immensely deep power well for his reiatsu.

Bubaru 1
Finally, Shikai is when he has enough energy to use his very first custom Kidō, known as Bubaru 1. What Bubaru 1 does is it sends out a massive wave of energy out of the user's sword, finger, or pipe. However, what this energy does is when it beings to approach the indicated target, it changes, turning into a field of bubbles that completely surrounds the target. These bubbles are all solid, meaning that anything which touches them bounces back off of them, and are extraordinarily durable. When the user indicates, the bubbles then explode, releasing a massive amount of spiritual force all towards a single point, causing very large amounts of damage to one spot, and can extremely damage whatever is within the bubble field.

Bankai Release: Fukusu no kiho Roku Namekuji! ((複数の気泡、六ナメクジ) Multiple Bubbles, Six Slugs!)

Bankai Description:
When he enters bankai, an extremely peculiar sensation overtakes his body. His entire body twitches, and out of the base of his spine flow no less then six different trails of slime. This slime begins to bubble, before forming six different tail like things coming down from the base of his spine. Each one of these glows a different color and has a different base color. The one on the far right relevant to his point of view is light yellow in color. The one next to that is red, and the one next to that is a dark blue. Next to that one is a lighter blue, and next to that is a light gray. Finally, the last tail is completely black in color, unlike the other ones which are a lighter tone or somewhat relevant to white; this one is completely black and emits a dark aura. In addition, his body begins to secrete slime instead of sweat. Finally, the sensitive eye things on his head change into dragon's horns.

Bankai Abilities:

Kidō Slime
When he enters this state, his body becomes able to produce another new kind of slime. However, t his slime is literally able to be any color that a Kidō is. This is because this slime and of itself contains Kidō. This means that the slime itself is able of releasing Kidō that has been placed within it, just like the bubbles themselves are able to. This makes an entire new dimension of strategy for Iriko, who uses the energy that he has put into the slime to perform great tactical feats against opponents, as he can feasibly release anything that is a offensive Kidō from these containers.

Rainbow Manipulation
This is without a doubt the most interesting power that he gains while in bankai. He literally gains the ability to manipulate rainbows. What he does is he becomes so well acquainted with how the element of water works that he can detect how it fragments light, making it so that he can draw rainbows out of droplets of water. Now, for these rainbows to become solid out of the water/bubbles he needs to use his own reiatsu, but the rainbows that he produces and manipulates have rather extraordinary effects.

The rainbows themselves can slam into a target, and the special trait about the rainbows is that they are made up of light. This means that they move at an extremely fast pace towards their target, damaging it severely as the rainbow collects the entirety of itself before exploding from the reiatsu within it. The rainbows move not at the speed of light, as they are weighed down by the reiatsu, but at an extraordinarily fast pace that can reach over fifty times the speed of sound in an instant, an absolutely massive amount of speed. However, once again, this is a manipulation. This means that he can also form the rainbows into objects, as well as things like weapons, extending the condensed rainbows towards a target.

However, if he holds a rainbow for more then a few seconds, it triggers its natural effects, making it so that it explodes on HIM. He can only hold the rainbow back for a small amount of time before it is forced to shoot forwards from whatever it is touching, exploding.

Bubble Crafting
In this form, his level of bubble manipulation also reaches its peak. By using his mind, he can craft his bubbles, so intricately with one another that he can literally make bubble clothing out of them, weaving the tiny, microscopic bubbles in with one another to make cloth. Now, the true power of this intricacy is the fact that when he applies his other effects to his bubbles, they become positively deadly, making it so that a single wave of his hand could release several different Kidō and blades towards the opponent, dealing massive amounts of effects towards whatever it is he is indicating.

Resistance Traits
In addition, he is able to make his slime and bubbles able to adapt to different things. This means that these traits fail to affect the bubbles and slime when he chooses to activate this, and it applies to even bubbles and slime that have been already released, as the horns on his head deem them to be. This makes the bubbles and slimes very resistant to that element/thing that he has selected, making it so that it can resist weak to moderate attempts made by those elements.

Current Resistance Settings:

Rainbow Road
This has to deal with his Rainbow Manipulation, as described above. What he can do, one single time per Bankai release, he can crate a solid ROAD made out of the rainbow. This road can be a finger length to a full blown road. However, what makes this special is that whatever comes into contact with the road, whatever its size is, is sent trailing down it, meaning that they are sent flying, throwing them far away from their original spot. This means that the user of the Rainbow Road can instantly travel very long distance because of how the Rainbow Road works, as it carries them to their destination almost instantly. However, if they take too long to be carried by the rainbow, it will explode while carrying them, resulting in an extraordinary amount of damage. However, a being must consciously allow itself to be carried by the Rainbow Road, meaning that it cannot be used as a weapon but only for transportation.

Bubble Ocean
While in this form, he reaches the peak of his bubble abilities. He becomes able to create literal miles of pure bubbles ,changing an entire landscape as a result of the utterly massive amounts of bubbles, making an entire area extremely dangerous to approach, with the force of a hydrogen bomb's amount of bubbles in an area, overwhelming and slashing at everything. This is why bubbles are so utterly terrifying as an attack type, and why he typically doesn’t full unload on anyone; the resulting damage is typically terrific in nature.

Gigant Form - Slug
The most primal nature of his bankai, this happens when he loses control of his emotions. This literally changes him into the appearance of Roku Namekuji, meaning that while he is in tis state he looks like an absolutely gigantic slug. While he is in this form, he can use all of his abilities, but he typically uses his reason, aiming to crush whatever it is that is causing him emotional harm, or else just shutting down completely. He cannot even communicate in this form, as while he can hear things through the sensors that take over the horns on his head, he cannot respond with his mouth as he doesn't understand anything of complexion, meaning that he cannot even use Kidō in this form, only basic slime and bubble types.

The Horns
These are extremely sensitive parts of himself, which act just like his slug bits from before. However, these have developed into MUCH harder horns, which makes them much more difficult to break. In addition, they are much better at focusing his efforts, and show the increase in cranial capacity he has gained in this state. He is able to manipulate many hundred Sluggys, use dozens of different Kidō at the same time, shoots hundreds of thousands of bubbles at once, and truly makes him feel like a slightly ascendant being.

Gigant Form - Ice Dragon
However, he has more then one transformed form. When he has achieved perfect inner harmony with himself, he can release this form. This form changes his body into that of a massive ice dragon with claws and without legs, making him into a thick bodied creature, whose reiatsu stores are even more massive then Iriko's at full power, a being that is an absolute powerhouse, and is his true Dragon form, ascended from the Slug. It can freeze things simply by thinking about it, and its ice is extremely difficult to break. However, that is all that is currently known about it, as it was only achieved one single time in Iriko's life, or death.

Slime Bubbles
Once he has entered Bankai, Iriko gains the ability to use the most complex form of his Bubbles and his slime. He can finally combine the two into one thing, creating the Slime bubbles. These are bubbles that literally contain slime within them, making it so that when the bubbles are popped, the slime inside of them shoots out at the target ,making it completely covered in the sticky substance and probably encasing it in slime, making it almost impossible for the target to move around after that as they cannot produce friction against the slime.

Elemental Bubbles
Finally is the fact that from this point onwards, he is able to use his pipe to perform a completely different effect. He can use it to form bubbles out of things other then water. This is correct; for example, he can put the pipe in fire and begin blowing flame bubbles. This ability is governed by the tails on the back of himself, and these tails make it so that he can manipulate the different elements, which release their element when they come into contact with objects and release their element on the target, in addition to acting just like whatever else element that Iriko has placed into them. In addition, as long as he has six tails, each bubble is not that powerful. However, after starting up his bankai, he can lose his tails either to other people attacking them or he himself detaching them from his body. While this makes it so that he can no longer use that element while in this release of his bankai, it does make whatever tails are remaining more powerful whenever he uses that element, more intense. It should be noted that he can only use pure forms of the element to create bubbles out of it, not something produced by an ability. When he draws the sample of element, he uses his own spiritual energy to increase its mass, which is why larger amounts of the material can emerge from the bubble, and is also why these bubbles take a much higher amount of energy.

Lightning Tail - Yellow
The yellow glowing tail is towards the element of electricity. By putting his pipe up to a bolt of lightning or to an open wire, he collects the electricity within, and can blow it out in the form of a bubble. These release massive shocks when the burst ,cuasing large scale damage to whatever it is that they hit, hurting whatever they hit by shocking them and likely stunning the target.

Red Tail - Fire
The Red Tail allows him to blow bubbles made out of raw flames. The outside of these bubbles are extremely hot, but when these are burst cause the flames to shoot out towards the point of breakage, badly burning whatever it was that broke them.

Dark Blue Tail - Water
This is the typical form of his bubbles, which allow him to use water to create the bubbles .When this is burst ,massive amounts of water shoot out towards the target ,pushing them away by using the force of water against them.

Light Blue Tail - Ice
The Ice Tail creates freezing winds whenever its bubbles are burst. This means that when an ice bubbles is broken, it releases massive amounts of cold air, which washes over everything around it, freezing it and chilling whatever popped it by a good amount.

Dark Gray Tail - Wind
The Dark Gray tail focuses on wind and air, yes, however what the bubbles produced by this target come out as massive amounts of air that are cycling around one another, producing a tornado form the bubble when it is burst, an extremely strong tornado. These take the most energy to use out of the bubbles ,but the results can be spectacular.

Black Tail - Darkness
The Black Tail is different from all the rest. For one thing, it produces a completely black bubble, whereas the others merely glowed their color. In addition, when this one is burst, it does not release a physical thing that attacks the target. Rather ,when this bubble is burst, a massive amount of darkness shoots out of it, completely covering whatever area it was around, making that location unobscurable for 1-4 posts, depending on how much intensity was in that area. In addition, by using this and taking out darkness to form the bubble, Iriko is able to make a source of light in an area that would otherwise be dark.

Gag Aura
In addition, as long as he is in his bankai, he has this trait known as gag aura. Just as before, his reiatsu does not oppressively harm anyone; however, it does make it so that anyone who is subjected to his aura other then those with his Bubble Commune Seal become absolutely disgusted by his aura,, t o the point that it wil force them to gag. After one to two posts of exposure to this, the person will begin to feel the unwavering urge to throw up, and their psyche will relate this physical disgust towards Iriko, and can be resisted by a person using htier own willpower in both cases of not liking Iriko and physically puking. Interestingly, the Gag Aura is multiplied by a factor of four when he enters Gigant Form - Slug, but completely vanishes when he enters Gigant Form - Ice Dragon.

Speed and Power
While in this form, he has so much raw energy that using level ninety Kidō does not even phase him that much, although eh can still feel the drain slightly on his reserves. In addition, his body becomes extremely fast, and can even be difficult to keep up with at times. This is becaues his movements become more awake, more alive while he is in his bankai, like that of a dragon dancing in the rain. However, his Bankai generally takes an absolutely MASSIVE amount of power to maintain due to what it uses, meaning that he can only maintain this state for 3-5 posts before he collapses from complete energy exhaustion, or enters a Gigant Form, which can last about twice as long because the body suits the needs of the energy.

Shikokai - Gaikan no Seiryuu (Form of the North Ice Dragon)

When he enters this form, Iriko and the dragon Seiryuu's forms meld together, becoming one and the some. His horns become frozen over with ice, as well as his arms and legs gaining patches of ice that end in dragon talons. On his back form a set of wings, large and intimidating on his back. His tails all transform into frozen tails, no longer laying flat behind him but able to move and flow about as if constructed by bits of ice interlinked with one another. In addition, his hair becomes a sapphire blue. On the left side of his fake appear a succession of black markings, evidence of his sorcery, shining dully on his face. His hair recedes back so that both of his eyes can be seen, and his body expands slightly in size, becoming less like a teenager's and more like a man's.

Form of the Ice Dragon
So long as he is within his Shikokai, Iriko's well of power is much higher then it has ever been before. Not even his bankai can begin to compete with the power of this form. Just as the rest of his experience shows, the fact that he is an absolute glass cannon is only magnified by the level of this state. This state is so powerful that Iriko has to make a conscious effort that his body does not transform into the form of the Seiryuu in an attempt to properly contain the power level. That is the form meant for this state, but Iriko's unlocking of his Shikokai allows for it to be existing in a smaller, more complete container: Iriko's altered body.

Speed of the Dragon
While in this state, Iriko's speed increases exponentially. He is able to leave afterimages of himself behind as he moves ,and he can use Rainbow Manipulation simply to enable movements, using his mind to calculate the exact specifications that allow for the precise movements of his limbs. The speed is enough that traversing the entirety of the Gotei would only take a few moments for him in this state.

Strength of the Dragon
While in this state, Iriko does not necessarily become any more strong, physically. However, there is one aspect of strength that is improved. While in this form, Iriko's body gains 'stopping power'. This means that if his fist and another's fist were to collide into one another, for example, then his fist would prevent them from moving forwards with an intense amount of force. While he can't push this force forwards, he can use it in his block. His hand might break, but the fact that he's putting the effort forwards will cause this stopping power to emerge and attempt to prevent the other from advancing.

Conceptual Power: Elemental Sage
While he has entered this state, Iriko's mind is able to process things at a level completely unimaginable compared to his other forms. This is due to the fact of the meditation that he has to perform in order to use this form. This acceleration of the mind, the complete clearing of the conscious, allows him to use the entirety of his sorcerer's knowledge to its greatest extent. Within his mind are the elements, and he is able to use and wield these elements into certain attacks which he refers to as Supreme Hadō Absolute magic. This form of Hadō is nothing like the normal ones used by Shinigami, because these Hadō, in addition to being able to combine the various effects of kido and use what is stored within Iriko's mind to create entire new ones, also has the ability of accessing something normal Kido can never hope to reach: Elemental incarnation.

While most Kido create some form of element that is founded by Reishi, Iriko's Supreme Absolute Hadō do not follow this same principle. These magic do not replace anything, they summon the actual elements into the battle. For example, when he uses something with Ice, it creates an absolutely spectacular amount of sheer cold, being summoned and kept in the form he desires by reishi, but is the element itself which he is wielding as a weapon. Now, due to the terrific power he wields, this allows for absolutely tremendous attacks made out of pure element, the base forms of which he refers to as the Roars. This is due to the fact that he is now melded with a dragon, so the base forms of each of his attacks are referred to as the Roar of the x Dragon.

Roar of the Ice Dragon: Seiryuu no Houkou
Spell Title: Supreme Absolute Hadō Zero: Seiryuu no Houkou

"Beast of Yore,/Hear my Call! /From the Winter's Fiery Breath,/ Hadō Absolute Zero: /Seiryuu no Houkou!"

This form of the Supreme Absolute Hadō uses a blast of pure and complete frost. This frost freezes everything it comes into contact with, freezing the air, freezing the ground, freezing absolutely anything and everything it comes into contact with, creating a massive amount of ice that expands forwards. The ice is ice at the temperature of Absolute Zero, halting any and all particles with the nature of 'no particles moving' by draining all of the energy in an area with the element of ice. This is the most comfortable of all the roars for Iriko to use, and he can use it without Incantation due to the closeness of its concept to his own form.

Roar of the Fire Dragon: Karyuu no Houkou
Spell Title: Supreme Absolute Hadō #100: Karyuu no Houkou

"Beast of Rage,/Hear my Call! /From the Mountain's Magma Breath,/ Supreme Absolute Hadō #100:/ Karyuu no Houkou!"

When this spell is triggered, the absolutely incarnation of pure flame is generated. This attack is like a pure energy that is simply molded as flame with the goal of 'speeding particles up'. This is its one and only actual function, but the damage that it can cause is nothing to scoff at. Because of its nature at having the ability to be absolutely gigantic in size, it can level entire city blocks, leaving nothing but molten ash behind. The temperature of this attack is difficult to calculate, as the energy it constantly fluctuating and constantly rising after it has left iriko's mouth, as it uses even the air around it as fuel, creating a vacuum that is difficult for even him to resist as it burns even the reishi in the air as fuel, using every resource, including things such as Nature and Death energy that are within the area to keep burning. This technique is dangerous for the reason that Iriko cannot stop it once it has begun. After Iriko has used this attack, he has no way of stopping it. This means that this attack is used for emergency purposes only, or for when it is absolutely necessary and the terrain around his body can be disregarded, as far as value goes.

Roar of the Plant Dragon: Moriryu no Houkou
Spell Title: Supreme Absolute Hadō #1: Moriryu no Houkou

"Beast of Instinct,/Hear my Call!/From the Forest's Pure Might,/Supreme Absolute Hadō #1: Moriryu no Houkou!"

This attack forms the pure element of foliage. The resulting attack becomes an absolutely gigantic amount of rapidly expanding tree bark with massive amounts of dense leaves surrounding it, finally with grass growing all over it. This bark is like a massive sphere of pure destruction, expanding rapidly after it leaves Iriko, like a gigantic seed that descends onto the ground, smashing anything under it and assimilating itself in with the land, breaking apart the chains of Reish that Iriko uses to hold it together and proceeding to grow a literal forest on the spot, destroying and re-growing itself with great rapidity, massive amounts of plant life firing off in every direction in order to smash and break anything that it comes into contact with. Whenever it comes into contact with something that will not move for its growth, the entire life force of the attack centers in on that point, bringing in the entire force of the attack to bare for whoever it is that comes into contact with the attack, including Iriko himself, which can make this a difficult attack for even the user to deal with.

Roar of the Sand Dragon: Sunaryu no Houkou
Spell Title: Supreme Absolute Hadō #2: Sunaryu no Houkou

The roar of the Sand Dragon creates a sandstorm from Iriko's mouth. This sandstorm covers over everything that it approaches… and then proceeds to stick to them. From there, it summons the element of Earth, encasing the target in a total shell of raw earth, perfectly packed so tightly that it is as if being encased in diamonds. From there, the sand cuts the opponent in every place that it can as it passes by them, as if thousands of swords pass through the target.

General Disclaimer
These are exampls o the kinds of magics that Iriko can crate. As time passes, it is highly likely that he will work out more, probably right on the spot due to the act that the Male is extremely adaptable, not to mention intelligent enough for his method of summoning to work for various elements.

My World
From the time he unlocked his Shikokai, Iriko has gained the ability to automatically create offensive kido. While the kido that he is able to crate has an immensely wide range of what purposes it can accomplish, how it can work, and the raw power it possesses, at the same time it has a massive limitation. His kido cannot be used in any way that conceptually depends on binding, healing, restraining, or shielding the user in any way. This means that absolutely no defensive actions can be performed with the kido that Iriko can now create.

In addition, when he has entered Shikokai, he does not even require the incantation or statement of the spell. He can simply release it from his hands, and in addition each of the spells that he projects leaves a strange golden trail behind it, in addition to being extremely strong due to the fact that he is now in his Shikokai.

Kami Tonfa
While in this form, Iriko's Zanpaktou changes into two bar-like tonfas. These tonfa are each roughly three feet in length, each going a bit farther than his elbows when his arms are held out straight. However, these tonfas are extraordinarily special. That's because these tonfa are always radiating a mixture of purple, blue, and a hint of gold. These Tonfa have within them a single piece o the Surpassing Law used by the being known as Khala, which makes them extremely powerful.

By themselves, the tonfa are the Zanpaktou of Iriko in his Shikokai state. This means that by themselves they are able to shatter most defenses other than the absolute strongest, and even against them relentless assaults can rapidly beat them down if they are not careful. In addition, the tonfa are extraordinarily agile, almost as if they weigh negative numbers. This means that the tonfa actually rapidly accelerate themselves whenever they are given energy, leading to their speeds being high enough to leave flames in its wake. Indeed, the strange aura they give off is due to them trying to rapidly escape Iriko's grip and shedding off microfilaments of his own hands and reishi, causing the aura around them.

These tonfa have also been influenced by the male's encounter with Khala, the Heart of Devata. They are permanently linked to her conscious, and she is fully aware whenever they have been deployed. After all, they are an extension of Iriko's own arms, and he feels everything through them as if they were a gigantic bundle of nerves. The special trait these tonfa gain from this special relation is a single piece of the Surpassing Law. This means that nothing in nature or logic can stop the Tonfas. Things like gravity manipulation, massive amount of earth, these things are irrelevant to the Tonfas so long as Iriko is wielding them. This means that if an enemy were to summon up miles of rock under Iriko's feet while he has his tonfas on, his body would be able to run straight through the rock as if it didn't exist, before popping out in front of the enemy.

Alternatively, he could smash the rock, and completely obliterate it through Surpassing Law. This means that everything short of supernatural presence and a human will, both of which are not considered to be natural and predetermined, has no effect on the tonfa. This is why the tonfa cannot pass through innocent human beings, as they have a will. In addition, it also cannot auto-bypass things such as Hierro, even though it might be able to be considered 'natural', because it is only determined by its wielders will. However, towards these kinds of defenses, the unique trait of the Tonfas is also extraordinarily powerful, as it uses everything in its power to make the Tonfa stronger in order to damage those defenses when Iriko wills it.

There is more to these tonfa than there appears, however.

Tonfa Extensions
Iriko's Tonfa also have the ability to detatch the ends of them, causing them to drape downwards, revealing a sharp chain being left behind from the tip back to the rod. These whips are able to be used by Iriko to hit the opponent at speeds similar to how the tonfa by themselves move, and make it so that it is like he is wielding four weapons instead of just two, as he also has near-perfect manipulation of them due to them being like extensions of his own body. In addition, each link of the chains are able to produce bubbles, and indeed are covered in his spiritual soap. This means that Iriko can create a veritable ocean in a moment by spinning the chains around at full speed, as the full speed is… considerable.

Breaking Apart
However, just like Iriko, his tonfa have very low durability. If the Tonfa are unable to break through a force that presses against it and the pressing force actually were to deal damage, segments of the tonfa would begin breaking off as if it were a sword. However, this generally does not happen, and the tonfa are nearly as effective blocking tools at close range as they are offensive weapons.

Resistance to Demons
Another unique trait that was gained from his conflict, Iriko in his base form has become highly resistant to the influence of Za-Koa based attacks and demon racial abilities. Furthermore, in his Shikokai, these kinds of things do not seem to affect him or his energy as powerfully as they should, showing about a 60% resistance to them. This means that Akuma Kyodo does very little to hinder his attacks, Shadow Movement is generally able to be see just the same as normal attacks to him, he is unaffected by strikes fueled by Za Koa as if they were not, and Demon Magic and curse effects have little effect on him, so long as he is Shikokai. While in his other forms, they are dramatically weakened, working only at about 60% their normal efficiency.

Total H2O Mastery
Furthermore, Iriko is unable to be affected by water, ice, or wind based attacks, any of which contain H2O. On the other hand, he has total control over H2O within a 100 mile radius from his body while he is his Shikokai, meaning that if he chose to, he could tear the very water molecules out of the air, though he could not manipulate the O2 that most organisms breathe. Furthermore, he has dominant water control over nearly every other being; to take over control of a water source from him in a direct struggle is nearly impossible, and he is able to produce near-infinite amounts of water, ice, steam, and cold air simply from the air around him and his own body. He is also totally aware of all sources of H2O within that 100 mile radius from his form, and can also freely manipulate any of it at any time he wishes, without any indication of manipulation. In addition, this leads to his unique relationship with the concepts of Ice and Water, which he is able to summon forth at any time, such as he did in his battle against Khala, again within that 100 mile radius.

Divine Dragons
Furthermore, there has developed another level of Iriko's Shikokai since the day inw hich it was awakened. Due to his energy being backwashed into himself and then having Khala's own pumped all throughout his Inner World, his Shikokai has gained what might be called a 'second level'. In addition, what makes this level so utterly strong is the fact that it has a nearly bottomless well of raw energy. This form is absolutely high-class, and the fact that Iriko is slowly gaining control of it shows that the length of time for which he can keep it activated is growing. This state is referred to by Iriko as "Divine Dragon", and it truly deserves its name.

First Dragon: Commander Dragon
The first power of this ability is that it has a unique property of being summoned. While Iriko can activate it by will, it is also automatically activated whenever Soul Society as a whole is threatened. This means that if a case such as Khala attacking were to occur ever again, or Kin were to invade, or something similar, Iriko's body would automatically enter into Divine Dragons, and his body would automatically and instantaneously in that exact moment move to where the threat was to defend the Soul Society. In addition, the First Dragon gives the unique property that it is impossible for this mode of Iriko's to ever be stolen, and is immensely difficult to disable, given how much power would need to be suppressed in order to stop it. Without even a body to fight, his body will remain as a spirit in this form and continue to fight until his body is reformed. This trait is only able to be activated while he is in Divine Dragons; were he to die outside of it, he would truly die, and when he reforms it is without any amount of power for a month afterwards. Finally, his existence is unable to be nullified or negatively effected by abilities, so long as the Seireitei exists. By existence, this is being referred to attacks which would render his very existence nullified, or for example his Kami Tonfa could not be negated in their existence to weaken him, generally. This does not mean that negative effects have no bearing on his body; but the fact that he exists so long as he is in Divine Dragons it is extraordinarily difficult to nullify his fact of existence in any way. He can still be killed; his body and soul may be destroyed, he can bleed out and die, unable to continue supporting his vital functions to where his heart stops... but in that case, the fact that Iriko died still exists, so while he can be killed, it is just very difficult to directly harm his existence. It is a part of Iriko and the Soul Society to the extent that the two's life force is linked together. So long as the Soul Society exists, so two does this form and even Iriko's life. Without even a body to fight, his body will remain as a spirit in this form and continue to fight until his body is reformed. However, if killed outside of the Soul Society, he will be resurrected in the dimensional area just outside of the Soul Society, still in this form.

Second Dragon - Bubbles Dragon
While in this state, Iriko is able to cause bubbles to instantaneously appear within any area that he could see from where he is standing in a 360 degree area. Furthermore, they have all the capabilities of his normal bubbles, meaning they can possess his slime, any kido, forces of pure power, and more. In addition, while in this state, his bubbles are able to be moved at Kido speeds, and can even form into object like shapes and do things like trap an enemy in between themselves or pursue a target. In addition, all of his basic traits and abilities are totally available to him, as well as being intensified to their maximum level.

Finally, this state allows for him to use a unique technique known as "Reverse Bubaru Field". What this does is create a bubble that forms out from Iriko and rapidly pursues a target, attempting to drag them inside of it. Once inside is when the unique ability begins, as it does not fully trigger until they are inside. Once inside, both Iriko and the person whom he targeted become trapped in the area, and the entire force of Iriko's form goes into maintaining this special field. While in this field, powers are negated from Iriko other than his tonfa, and all of the supernatural powers of the target other than their main weapon are negated. This means that if the target is a swordsman, they will retain everything that allows them to use their blades at their top level, but not kido or something similar. If they are a bare-handed fighter, they would retain their strength and speed with their fists, and so on. Other than these two things, one from Iriko and one from the Target, all other abilities from both are completely negated. In addition, the Reverse Bubaru Field remains up until Iriko or his opponent are rendered unconscious, and is for all practical reasons indestructible due to how much raw energy is keeping it together.

Third Dragon - Dragon Reaper
Furthermore, the fact of Shinigami is taken within this form to the absolutely utmost. Iriko's body automatically cleanses any hollow within his area of a 100 mile radius, and if a Vasto Lorde were to stay nearby him, they would be completely dissipated within two posts. Regular hollow are unable to maintain themselves, and Plusses are similar, being automatically Konso'd and sent to the Seireitei. Furthermore, any Shinigami that are anywhere within the radius of Iriko and affiliate themselves as allies of the Seireitei gain a massive amount of increase in their power, making it so that within Shikai states lead to the power of Bankai, and that Bankai are nearly the level of Shikokai simply by being within his presence. Furthermore, Iriko's Zanpaktou becomes automatically reassembling, as well as being able to multiply itself theoretically infinitely. Reishi in the area of his radius also gains the unique property of being disabled of use to anyone who is not at least in some way Shinigami. This means that Quincy cannot manipulate reishi near him, and his radius also completely disallows the summoning of Za Koa to any demon beneath 0 tier so long as it is active. However, it also disallows Holy Energy from the Soul King to Iramasha and Angels below 0 tier as well.

Finally, while in this form, each of Iriko's Shinigami Racial skills is at least raised at the Master Level, and his Base Skills are all Master other than Durability.

Fourth Dragon - Dragon Caster
Furthermore, while in this state, Iriko is able to cast any kido from within the 100 mile radius. This means that his kido can be fired off from any point as if he has just cast it, dozens or even hundreds can be cast at once, and even Bakudo are able to be used, something which is not used by Iriko before this point. This means that he can even cast multiple bakudo on the same target from multiple locations, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the spell. Furthermore, the kido which Iriko is able to cast gain the ability of 'being unable to be countered'. However, this is merely a fancy way of expressing it. In reality, Iriko is able to automatically reproduce kido in the same state that it was before when it is dispelled, meaning that it is as 'if' it were not countered. This does mean that if someone were to drain the energy of the kido for themselves, they would gain energy from it, but the kido would still appear to be there due to Iriko near instantly recreating it. This means if for example, a source which was about to fire off a kido were hit by some kind of sword that killed its source as a kido, the killing would be in essence denied, and the kido would still fire off as normally planned, as Iriko uses the power in this state to recreate the attack near-instantaneously.

Fifth Dragon - Tragic Dragon
The Fifth Dragon is another passive of this state. So long as Iriko is within this state, he is constantly crying golden tears. His entire body feels like it's shooting itself, meaning that his brain is constantly registering pain like being shot like with a shotgun every second this form is initiated. Furthermore, because this form will always be used for the defense of something else, this means that he is taking damage for something he does not deserve. The benefit of this is that damage does not affect him in any way; even attacks that would harm something such as the soul are unable to be felt by his body, meaning that his pain tolerance is essentially perfect, as he is feeling it but it is unable to register the eternal pain that he is going through at all times. In addition, he loses his ability to speak, his words instead being projected into the minds of every person within his 100 miles radius in the form of writing. This Dragon is one of the primary reasons he does not enter this form much, and is one of the primary counterbalances to the power he wields… as it is the pain he would have gone through had he been hit with the full force of the backwash of his energy into his Inner World.

The pain he feels is similar to that of having a kidney stone, a heart attack, every limb on his body ripped off, getting hit by a shotgun blast on every side of his body, his entire body being aflame and a stroke all happening simultaneously. Take that pain and multiply it by ten, and then add on the fact that it never stops happening while he is in this form. That begins to scratch the surface of the amount of constant pain and strain Iriko's body is in.

Sixth Dragon - Poet Dragon
The final fact of this form is that so longa s it is within effect, every pure Shinigami, including those within organizations such as K-World, receive everything that Iriko is experiencing as a constant transmission into their souls through their zanpaktou. This means that Iriko's Sixth Dragon feasibly connects him to every single one of the people who would care about it being used, and shows them exactly what it is that Iriko is doing at any given time. Furthermore, this Dragon prevents any Shinigami that is associated to Seireitei and loyal to Soul Society, truly loyal in their soul, to be unable to be damaged by any attack that is made while Iriko is in this form. Indeed, his body takes all the damage any of those Shinigami would receive in the area for them, transferring the damage onto his own body and soul. However, this effect will only apply to beings within the same thread.

Finally, this form has the unique ability to "Borrow" other Shinigami's zanpaktou. Any Shinigami in the same thread can give Iriko permission to copy their main weapon, allowing for him to create a duplicate of their zanpaktou in the same thread, and with that copy he can perform any actions the original owner could perform, including a Shikokai. He does not gain any outside power from this, instead using his own to wield the Zanpaktou, perhaps due to the fact that he cannot talk to his own. Interestingly, he can even speak directly with the Zanpaktou spirit, as the spirit is not copied, only the actual weapon that is connected to them.

For practical purposes, Poet Dragon allows for Iriko to borrow up to two other Zanpaktou, and in a single thread provide his protection to two other Shinigami, making those two very durable and harder to damage than before as a result.


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