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 The Vast Voi (Upgrade)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Vast Voi (Upgrade)   The Vast Voi (Upgrade) EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 6:50 am

  • Name Of Character: Mjesec Võrgukliendid
  • Link To Character Profile: The Moon Iramasha
  • Reasons For Upgrading:

    He is one of my main characters, one of my most used, and one of the ones that I have the absolute most fun with out of all of my characters. He's performed many battles and literally earth changing incidents in some cases, such as the moon that's now in the air over Poland, for better or worse. He's made new allies, new enemies, tested the true extent of his powers, been forced into a corner and destroyed by someone that made him go to the absolute limit of what his body could perform, and found that sometimes his power just isn't enough, despite the massive amount of raw power that his body possesses.

    Completely finished Threads
    You better Believe Moon! (Moonie vs Sasuke)
    Torment Me Until I Go Mooning Insane! (Moonie vs Verathius)

    Extremely Well-in Progress Fights
    Rematch! The Moon's Rays and a Blood Stained Night! (Moonie vs Logan, Round Two)
    The Moonless Void (Moonie vs Stefan)
    Cats versus Dogs (Moonie vs Yoruichi)

    Recently Started
    Waiting Voi The Gates of Dawn. (Moonie vs Kimmimaro)

    What Are You Upgrading:

    Tier Upgrade

    Nature Energy to Grandmaster

    Chaotic Ascension, a form I've been waiting to reveal for more than half a year when the time was right.

    Chaotic Ascension: Hyper

    Moonie's body is peculiar. Most of the time, he uses solely Nature Iramasha energy. However, there is still Chaos Energy inside of his body. Due to the sheer nature of his body, the energy is very large in mass. Now, it is rare, but Moonie CAN let that Chaos Energy out, as he has been training with it recently to learn how to use it better. The first thing he cound out that he could do with it was releasing it all over his body, making his skin like that of a person, a human being. As such, maintaining it is no longer a power; it is like the skin of an Iramasha, totally natural to the Moon Iramasha. While in this form he can still use Mun, Blas, and Gravity, as well as his other forms, because both his Nature Forms as well as his Chaos Ascension are merely releases of powers that he alerady has within his body. Having lived on the Moon, where Chaos Energy was scarce, Moonie didn't have much of a chance to learn about how to use this energy. His Chaos Ascension therefore has only been able for him to work on since he came to Earth, and is therefore incomplete.

    While not very apparent in his Hyper form, by using Chaos Ascension Moonie's sanity begins to be lowered. His eyesight becomes steadily redder while he is in Chaos Ascension, losing 2% of his sanity per post while he is in Hyper state. His madness is one of irritation; the more irritated he is the more violent he becomes, until Moonie becomes totally unable to tell friend from foe. There is very little that can be done once he reaches insanity like this. The only one able to manage it so far was James, who froze Moonie solid when he was training this form after coming to Iramasha island.

    Green Aura
    Moonie's chaos energy takes on a green color, and begins to slightly emanate from his body once he enters Hyper Moonie. Already, it is easy to see that Moonie has access to a large amount of Chaos Energy, even in his Hyper mode. His energy is so bright that it has also been known to make glare in the eyes of his opponents, which makes it difficult for them to see Moonie or even the attacks themselves that he is throwing at them. Finally, his Chaos Energy attacks cannot be merged with Blast energy, although they CAN be merged with his Gravity.

    Eraser Cannon
    This is the only named Technique that Moonie has come up with that he uses in his Hyper mode. Eraser Cannon. By closing his hand, a massive amount of chaos energy flows into his fist, before he throws his hand forwards. This releases the energy, which flares a great amount of bright green as it leaves his hand, the light going all around the opponent and making it so that they are unable to see anything other then the green light, which is why it is called Eraser Cannon. Then, the energy makes contact with them, before exploding extremely violently, with enough strength to topple buildings and consume houses.

    Chaotic Defense
    Moonie's defensive potential rises as his body is increased. The Chaos Energy forms an extra layer of armor around Moonie's body, making it extremely hard to penetrate his body the higher he goes in his Ascension forms and making it practically impossible for normal human weapons to harm him at this stage.

    Speed Increase
    When Moonie's Chaos Energy is used, his entire body has Chaos Energy running through it, allowing his body to move at speeds over one hundred and fifty miles per hour, allowing him to at last be able to deal with people who have slightly faster speed then him. Those that out league him he is able to deal with still, but he cannot hope to match their speed.

    Chaotic Ascension: Arisen

    Arisen Moonie's hair changes to a color similar to his normal hair color, but with Hyper Moonie's hair length, as his level of Chaos Energy rises exponentially. His man-skirt transforms completely, the sheer amount of chaos energy melting it into a single red garment wrapped around his legs, and around his feet his sandals change into a pair of boots, much more suited for kicking into opponents then the sandals that he normally wears. Finally, the golden band made of Chaos Energy around his head breaks off, intiating the change between Hyper and Arisen.

    Mad Rage
    Moonie's stability deteriorates at a faster rate when he geos into Arisen, his sanity going down by 5% every post and becoming more and more prone to violence. However, unlike Hyper and his normal state, he is not very vocal about it. Instead, he simply performs acts of destruction with a more impassive face, unless you send him into a frenzy. If you send him into a frenzy… Well then you're completely screwed. No two ways about it.

    Galactic Eraser Cannon
    When he enters this state, his chaos energy takes on a new trait. Instead of just a bomb of energy, his energy releases in a bomb and then has a large amount of energy pouring behind it. This energy then breaks off from the main beam, going through the air and either attacking the nearby surroundings or the enemy, stacking energy blasts on top of one another. The energy blasts are each as strong as an Eraser Cannon, and can blind the enemy for up to an entire post from the sheer number of them. The center blast is also like a very intense Eraser Cannon, its explosion decimating entire city blocks.

    Further Speed Increase
    His speed also increases as he goes into Arisen state, making it so that he can move at near shunpo levels. This begins making him immensely dangerous, as he becomes able to exert his raw destructive power at a much higher rate, and he is also increasing in destructive potential by releasing his forms. The muscles in his body become more concentrated, tensing up to allow for easier manipulation and faster reaction times.

    Chaotic Ascension: Destruction

    Destruction Moonie's body is unlike any of his previous incarnations. His hair grows long upon his head, rising up even fiercer then when in his Arisen state. His muscles becoem much, much thicker, as his body mass ascends even that of pro wrestlers, even sumo are not as large as he. However, his entire body is thick muscle, as his body fat becomes .02% of his self.

    Insane Determination
    Destruction Moonie's mind is constantly deteriorating at 20% a post, and after five posts, he goes completely insane, destroying everything around him with no semblence of reason or understanding anymore. Anything that gathers his attention becomes utterly and completely destroyed. Or he attempts to make it so, anyway. The bad part is, he normally succeeds in destroying whatever gathers his focus, because while it has his focus he will not stop attacking until either his target or himself if destroyed.

    Galactic Dynamite
    Moonie's final attack form of attacking, Galactic Dynamite is when his entire body becomes covered in a sphere of bright-green chaos energy. Making contact with this chaos energy can often lead to being blown away, as the energy has the nature of concentrating on whatever solid objects it makes contact with and forcibly exploding exactly on the point of contact. What this energy does is super condense itself; the field that Moonie creates around himself easily has the ability to level a city, sometimes and entire district, depending on how much energy he is using. Then, he can shoot this energy off of himself, forcing it to fly at a target. It cannot change directions; and when it makes contact, it extremely violently explodes. Entire mountainsides could be completely obliterated by a single touch of one of these explosives, the moon itself would be half wiped out if Moonie were to focus his blasts on it while on its surface. The destructive power of Moonie in this form is absolutely insane; it is without a doubt his most frightening form.

    Incomprehensible Strength
    In this form, Moonie's strength defies all reason. The density of his muscles is hundreds of times greater even then when he is in his purity form, and buildings and the like are merely toys to him. Mun and nuM's effects even at full power barely effect him; his power can make nearby beings suffocate from the sheer aura of raw force that he lets off. He is even able to break apart large energy attacks with his bare fists alone, causing the energy to shatter from the sheer amount of foce.

    Near-Unbreakable Skin
    His skin becomes exponentially harder when in this state as well, making it so that even reiatsu-piercing weapons are not typically able to break through. In addition, forces such as radiation and chemical breakdowns have very little effect on him; changes in temperature are nigh unnoticable up to 300,000 degrees in any direction from zero. His body can survive through a vast amount of pressure and damage; but there's a problem.

    Nature Cancel
    While he's in this state, he cannot regenerate any longer. Any damage he takes while in this form he is unable to heal. In addition, he cannot intake his element to heal himself while like this. In addition, he becomes extremely inept at using his nature powers, as the chaos energy in his body is overwhelming his natural born gifts and making it so that he cannot use them as he would like.

    Battle Speed
    At last, Moonie's body is able to keep up with semi-fast users of techniques such as shunpo and sonido, as he is able to move his body extremely fast. However, this doesn't put him on the level of the extremely fast; merely the adequately fast, and gives the ability to keep up with most people who aren't going an insane speed. His body is able to accelerate to speeds up to 300 mph in an instant, which is what makes this form so dangerous.

    It is a true machine of destruction.

  • Any Extra Notes: Unlimited Voi Works!


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Vast Voi (Upgrade)   The Vast Voi (Upgrade) EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 3:04 pm

Approved by the way!~

-Kakeru level approval.-

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The Vast Voi (Upgrade)
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