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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Empty Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1]

Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:21 pm
Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3678

Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3681-1

Name: Dansen Sukamada
Titles: N/A
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 22
Age: 532
Affiliation/Rank: Soul Society

Appearance Description: While standing at about 5'11 Dansen weighs just about 145lbs while most of the weight come from muscles Dansen is not exactly ripped but simply more athletic than anything else. With having dirty blonde hair with traces of slight browning at the edges Dansen's look seems a bit strange but his hair is on thing that he refuses to change due to his feel on a striking nature being rather important to keep in ones look. Though he does like his hair he does not tend to care for it well and as such he does not really have any sort of style for it other than a sort of bed head or an unkempt look.

Dansen's body has not been damaged nearly as much as usually befits a Shinigami, while he does have a long thin scar of the side of his right arm and shoulder that connects across his body he does not have many other noted scars which has been a sort of disappointment to the Shinigami who had hoped he could have some really action.While he does not have any more scars Dansen does have a large burn on the right side of his sternum that seemed to have come from something other than fire. Though he does not have other scars he does have rather piercing blue eyes that are notable to those in his presence.

In the Seireitei Dansen wears a Shihakusho that is held rather loosely on his body, underneath this the Shinigami wears a undershirt and bandaging over his right side unless he needs the extra movement where he would then remove it to grant him extra mobility. While he has his Zanpakutō with him he holds it in his sleeve to avoid any mishaps as well as to keep it close to his person when he needs it as he can launch a surprise attack on those who are rambling on. In the human world his appearance is more or less dressing for convenience he wears sleeveless shirt and usually form fitting jeans or 3/4 length shorts so he can be comfortable and prepared for any situation.

Appearance Picture:

Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3682-1

Personality: Dansen enjoys himself in near every aspect of what he does, his outlook is less focused on the negative and more on what he sees as interesting, whether it be a strong opponent and new revelation or just a piece of unexpected news Dansen usually acts as if a child seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Though this persona can be grating for some others could see it as a way of motivation especially in serious situations. Though that does not mean that he cannot be serious as he can be known to become rather angry or even dark in the presence of someone who he finds unsettling his actions can become different accordingly and his actions made seem strange for those who are not use to such a side of the Shinigami.

More than that Dansen's love for fighting can become extremely apparent to anyone who knows him, though he is based on the protection of souls and human alike he cannot stand it when he cannot fight someone who he sees as strong or worth a battle so much so that he will look to extend a battle if he finds it fun feeling that he can get much more experience from such actions. This seems to follow on a seeming death wish that Dansen can exhibit, his actions can almost be seen as suicidal in some cases where he would not stop fighting unless he was asked to by and ally or superior or if he felt the fight was too important to be left up to his own stamina to win.

Though this love can be viewed as somewhat childish Dansen is unwelcoming to talking things out and being civil with enemies he'd rather solve it through wit and his will to fight, he views fighting as an ultimate form of expression and that a lot more can be solved through fighting than talking. This may seems like Dansen is bloodthirsty but in fact he would very rarely kill a person or enemy as he would find it disappointing if he would not be able to fight that person again so they could get better and show him some more power.

Likes:For the most part Dansen enjoys training and fighting though he's not above having a good time and enjoys drinking and eating, specifically he enjoys having meals that are quite unlike what most would see as food that would be edible such as meat having such things as syrup on it or mixing mayonnaise in with ramen for a stronger taste to the vegetables and the meat in the broth. He enjoys other acts like playing games from poker to board games though he tends to have a dislike for Shogi and chess as well as having some interest in reading up on the latest novel or manga that has taken his interest.

Dislikes: His dislikes include such things as the lull before a battle and having to sit in a discuss things in a committee, he has a dislike of those that would kill others mostly due to it being a waste of a good fight if someone ends up dying for nothing he has a problem with those that tend to take thing easy when there is work to be done but for the most part can live with such laziness. A big dislike is someone who does not fight to their fullest in his presence as he feels someone holding back is like an insult to those that they fought as they did not take it seriously.

Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3683-1

History: Born in the 20th century Dansen was born in a fairly well off family, however the young lad born into the family was known to have quite a rebellious streak even when he was at the age of 3 or 4 the young lad was known to go through tirades that his parents did not understand, they believed that this acting up would go away with age, little did they know that the boy would only get worse through his youth then into his teens. As Dansen was brought into school he was known as a blue-eyed menace having fights and causing distress to those around him nothing seemingly calmed the young man down more than fighting or causing a ruckus, as such he was ostracized by most as a menace and a bully.

Not understanding how to deal with their son's attitude his parents brought Dansen to a boxing gym hoping that it would calm his rather confrontational nature. This for a part did work but in most cases it seemingly only led to Dansen being able to have an outlet in the way of people lining up to fight him as a young student known for having vicious fights and seriously damaging those he was in the ring with the boy seemingly did not have much of a chance of being a nice guy as he grew up. However his nature slowly changed as he began to go to the boxing gym every few days, he would start to become less focused on the anger that was inside him and more on the fight itself, with boxing the young teen was able to fight and notice the raw dance-like nature that occurred in a battle between boxers.

His attitude had started to change as Dansen left middle-school but the young lad who entered highschool was still known for his rather vicious nature and therefore he was not the most popular kid however the boy was not focused on any such thing as highschool and instead was focusing on the life he was hoping to leave outside as a boxer in the future however such a life was not in the cards for the young teen. It happened in an instant, at the age of 17 a thief entered his home while he just got back from school, the criminal had no care for the boy living there, not his dreams, ambitions or wants and needs he gunned the young man down as he stood. And with that death came Dansen's period as a spirit.

For a few years there were tales of those who could see spirits coming upon a young man in his teens, they would not the seeming sadness that was surrounding him before the ghastly creature would disappear or move to make what seemed like an attack at them. Dansen's anger and sorrow had made him near enough a demi hollow, the chains of his sadness keeping him grounded to his nearby home that had been long since abandoned by his parents leaving him with nothing. The wandering spirit made it so other souls would avoid the area due to its dark nature however it was one fateful day that a Shinigami rolled into the city and went hunting for the creature seemingly leading hollows to have a large frequency in the area.

Demi-hollows were hard to track as such the Shinigami would spend days searching for the area where the most paranormal activity occurred, when he got their he would find the spirit he had searched for was that unlike others in the area. Near enough a simple being of unlimited and unrestricted rage the soul lashed out at the Shinigami, he tried to hold it down with Kidō but its anger mixed with spiritual energy broke through the spells and tried to rip the death god in two. After what seemed like hours fighting the shinigami managed to hold the spirit down, by cutting its right arm near enough off but where the Zanpakutō cut the soul's body burned and healed quickly leaving only a scar and a burn from the attack. With a Konso the Shinigami managed to deal with the creature but with this shift into the afterlife only caused more problems for those in the Rukongai.

Dansen awoke in district 79 known for its murder and crime rate the location was a known battle ground where those who did not fight, died. The boy had no memory of his coming to the Soul Society and luckily that was something Dansen was not above, for the next 20 years battle after battle to the death lead to a weary soul as the young man say nothing but anger and pain, finding no enjoyment in the fighting to the death that the Soul Society had brought him into. One day after hours of fighting with fist and sword Dansen walked away from the fighting that had been his life for years feeling no regret, no sadness, no anger, nothing.

Upon coming to the higher districts the young soul made his way by acting as a ghost someone who was neither heard or seen simply doing menial tasks while keeping himself out of trouble however he came upon an older soul one day on a delivery being harassed, the younger thugs were dealt with quickly but Dansen let them go with their lives feeling it as pointless to kill them, it was then that he was praised by the man. For the first time Dansen was surprised, he did not understand why someone would praise him fighting someone when he knew that the old man needed to be protected he simply saw a chance to fight.

The old man gave the young soul some words of advice "Your will to fight can be used to protect as well as to serve your own needs." The words seemingly did not mean much to Dansen but he did not dismiss them immediately, instead he saw what his life would be if he kept acting as a stagehand never getting involved and just watching from the sidelines. He had decided he did not like the way his life would be if he did not do something, upon feeling this he felt the only way to protect and destroy as well as find some meaning in his power was to go to the only place that would accept those who wanted to fight, the Shinigami.

For the next six years Dansen trained in the arts of Zanjutsu, Kidō and the other arts of the Shinigami, while he excelled at the Zanjutsu his skill for Kidō was near enough non-existent due to both lack of interest and lack of patience for the art as standing around and firing spells was not 'for him'. Besides this he was still skilled in the art of combat outdoing most with his previous time as a fighter and his sheer fighting spirit it was a long run in the six years but he graduated as a unranked officer.

Now as a Shinigami Dansen took on an act of cheerful ignorance in order to protect himself from problems as well as to protect those around him while still having the urge to fight and battle trying to look for the ultimate battle where he can fight and ultimately enjoy his last days with battle.


Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3684-1

Reiatsu Color: White with a crimson outline

Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Hateshinai Tatakai

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: The creature residing in Dansen's blade takes the appearance of a shadowy cloaked male, that is until Dansen tries to make contact with it then the cloak will fade away revealing a bloodthirsty and heavily battered spirit. The Zanpakutō itself has long hair down to its knees that interchanges color from white to red to yellow in varying circumstances and depending on its mood and for what Dansen calls it for.

When not being confronted the spirit keeps it form of the cloaked soul with less hair only reaching it shoulders and will be less injured, though from the length of the cloak that covers its entire body it is hard to tell the spirit's condition from simply looking at it though upon coming to contact with it the appearance changes making it hard to determine this form appearance and differences.

The personality of the spirit while in its different forms are polls apart, the first form is seemingly somber and does not converse with anything simply ignoring things unless he is confronted by another. The other form is similar to Dansen in a way but unlike its user it has no problems with killing finding killing in battle as the ultimate gift someone could give to another, it is also antagonistic to Dansen and will fight with him constantly upon the two coming in contact unless forced to stop by his partner for more important matters.

Inner World:The world of the Zanpakutō is a barren and destroyed wasteland, craters dot the surface of the world as many swords lie in the wake of a seemingly infinite battlefield all coming to one point where there lies a massive blade looming over the field seemingly larger than most skyscrapers the blistering winds and signs of battle can be found everywhere in this world, Hateshinai can be found near enough anywhere in this place making it a search to find him as well as a difficult act in its own right.

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : In its sealed state the sword is a smaller katana the blade has no sheen and has a deep blue grip along with a bright iron guard. The blade is about 18 pounds for its entirety while the blade sized is around 15 to 16. Its size allows for Dansen to hold it within his Shihakushō and have it on his person and on guard at most times other wise it would be held in its navy colored sheath for easier use and pick-up.

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: For the sealed state of the blade Hateshinai's power comes from its power to cause more damage from the flat of the blade and upon being struck with the hilt of the blade it can release a large amount of reiatsu at the enemy it hit.

Release: Break the Limits Hateshinai Tatakai!

Shikai Description: The blade disappears and now the weapons takes the appearance of gauntlets on Dansen's hands they seemed to be fused with his body and have a letter/number in the orb that each has on them, this figure is determinate to the ability of the shikai and Dansen's uses of power.

For reference -;10;11_chlwogur0910.jpg?type=w3

Shikai Abilities: Dansen's power while in Shikai is to grant himself an extreme boost of strength and power and endurance while under its influence, this power comes in ranks from U, meaning unranked to the number 5 having his power being released from its limits and near doubled what it would originally be each of the ranks makes Dansen's reiatsu more and more visible until the spirit energy itself becomes physically damaging. This power does come at a price though each level of the shikai makes Dansen stronger but also drains huge amounts of stamina and life force leaving him weakened when the effect of each level is timed out leaving him near enough defenseless unless he can reach his next level of power, this ability unfortunate leaves Dansen, someone who finds it disrespectful to not fight at your all in with an issue as the releasing of all the levels at the same time could lead to near enough death when the time-limit is reached.

Limit Rankings

Rank U:Strength remains at original power Shikai activation state
Rank 1:Strength increased by 15% normal capacity 10 minute (5 posts) time limit 2-post recharge
Rank 2: Strength and endurance increased to 30% above capacity 8 minute (4 post) limit 3-post recharge
Rank 3: Power, strength and endurance increased by 50% above capacity 6 minute (3-post) limit. Techniques activated at this level, 4-post recharge
Rank 4:Unknown
Rank 5:Unknown

. [Shikai]
Name:Blade Hands [Ha No Te] (Passive ability)
Active upon using Rank 3:Upon reaching Rank 3 Dansen's gauntlets have the power to cut and pierce through a opponent similarly to a Zanpakutō blade, the damage caused is dependent on the amount of force that Dansen uses on his fists. The effect of such an ability however is that upon release anything touched by Dansen's hands would be cut on contact including the user. Small cuts would be made upon touching items of clothing or other objects, such items that could survive a blow from a Zanpakutō would otherwise be unaffected by such a touch. As this power becomes active upon release the stronger the user's skills are the more effect it will have upon the intended target

Name:Force Cut [Chikara No Kire]
Active upon using Rank 3:Using the reiatsu formed from the release of his Shikai Dansen can form a ball of spiritual and physical pressure to be fired from one of his hands at the target, this attack can be seen but is launched at a high speed reaching a distance up to 8 meters in the direction of firing causing the target or anything it hit on contact to be cut by the force of what seems to be the blade of Hateshinai. The strength of the blast is determined by the time given to charge, a full charged blow can cause a deep wound though interrupting the attack or throwing it early will diminish the damage dealt to the target, once fully charged the move can be held up to 2 post before diminishing though the hand being used to hold it cannot be used for another attack. Moreover the attack can be dodged by those with extreme speed as the launch speed is only one rank above the user's current skill.
Charge time:1 post to fully charge another to shoot
Cooldown: Adds to the cooldown of Rank 3 by 1 post

Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)


Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3687-1

PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

Phantom Tech Abilities: N/A
Phantom Tech Powers: N/A


Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3686-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Beginner
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction:Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus:Advanced

Dansen Sukamada [Shinigami] Finished [Approved - 4-1] Image3685-1

Roleplay Sample: Dansen made his apologies to the manager at the restaurant first claiming he never meant to kick up a fuss he only wanted to crack out the kink in his wrist that had been there for a good hour now, the manager seemingly unsettled around the two gentlemen in front of him, especially Naito he took the apology and made his excuses to move on. Dansen turned to Naito whose questioning on Dansen's views were seemingly more argumentative than what he had hoped, seemingly his elder did not like the notion of leaving things to chance he enjoyed a sense of control and clarity in everything he did. Dansen had to shake his head on his rather opposing thought on the matter, he did not wish to claim that Naito was wrong in his thinking anyone could have their opinion on the matters of how life should work, Naito simply enjoyed being in the captain seat and controlling every moment and situation he could try. "Sorry, but if you are not a fan of chance or 'fate' then choosing to take on Kendo or even trying to get stronger in general is simply leaving yourself open to be taken aback by how the world can shock you." Dansen stopped to eat a portion of his meal then continued. "In combat you can't expect to have all the situations just fall into place, more than that you can't just rely on yourself to know what is needed for all of those around you if you take on the task of controlling everyone you will end up not having enough to beat someone who sees the event roll out in front of them and then plans around them." Dansen took another bite of raw fish then finished up. "You can't expect to control the forces of nature like chance encounters, fights or even the slip ups of human error. If you try you'll end up dead." Dansen gave his two cents for Naito comments only for Naito to praise his truthfulness when being asked about his views. "A person's ideals are their strength lose them and you have no drive to evolve."

Naito then made another query to Dansen on the aid he had given to the student and his expectations with the student that he had aided. "You're wondering if I expect him to aid me? Well if he becomes stronger then maybe, but more than what I did was I gave him a reason to grow and better himself, no one wants to be weak enough that they must be protected right? I want to create the bonds that can create strength for those who have yet to understand they had the potential to take it for themselves." Dansen finished up his meal and sighed a bit when he realized he had been filled to bursting from his journey to search for better food establishments. Naito took on a cold glare as he looked down at his knife he then made good on a few choice words on Dansen's Kendo skills, Dansen wanted to ease his elder's worries so he did try to tell him in the only way he could when fighting. "Don't worry I don't expect to waste away in the corner, I hate to lose unless my opponent is really good." Dansen tilted his head towards Naito and took on a serious stare to meet his own "And also, if you thought that you opinion of me was all I cared about on the Kendo team then I feel you may be a bit off, when I fight I do it to better myself or to look to better others I don't need much of a pep boost other than that." Dansen finished up with that and waited on the Sliver-haired chef to make his next move waiting in anticipation in the little game of ideals chess they were playing.

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