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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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by Ottozeo
on Sun Oct 31, 2021 1:52 pm
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Topic: Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life [Flash back, Tento/Hanako]
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Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life [Flash back, Tento/Hanako]

Tento nodded at Hanako's question. Yes, he would like a rundown of the Kido spell Sho. It was indeed true that he knew everything about the level one Kido spell Sho, or at least everything that Tento read about it in instruction notes or the words his teacher told them in their lecture on it while instructing his class about the beginner spell. But that was not the point in Tento's actions. Sure, it was always good to go over the basics, to make them second nature or instincts for they were jumping off points to more advanced moves and techniques. That was and would always be true, and normally that would be the point. However, his question was aimed at conversating with Hanako. He was confident that Hanako knew what she was doing with these level of spells, given her ease and the confidence Tento perceived from her during her casting. But each kido spell type was different, and part of the action of doing spells, were the understanding one had with them. So doing it, was his way of seeing how comfortable she was in the information with Sho, and hopefully a way to gain insight of her feelings with higher level kido spells in some way.

In truth, there was also the small talk. The overall topic may have been meaningless for the purpose of training, but it was a possible tool for Tento when getting to know people. In this case Hanako. She was the Ice Queen, from the words and opinions of the students around him. Why was that? This was a slow light chip to look deeper to him, a bonding strategy for examining and managing the personal distance between him and Hanako. Attempting to see or create some definition between them as they were still fairly new acquaintances.

He watched her shrug as they walked, the upperclass women looking at him side ways before giving a light shrug of her shoulders. He nodded along as she spoke, her explanation clear and showed she knew exactly what Sho was. A simple attack spell that used kinetic force to deal damage. She mentioned another spell, something called Shakkaho. It was one that he had never heard about before, given that he was still only exposed to the most basic spells. He thus assumed that the spell must been a higher level Hadō spell, how much about was an unknown thing tho. It did involve some type of element though, that was good to know at least. And you had to use the whole hand, unlike Sho where you just used index finger. "Okay I gotcha".

Soon they finally entered the corridor leading to the shooting range. The walk not taking long at all. The next stage of Tento's and Hanako's workout was ready to continue! It was a joy to see that the range was empty. More targets to practice on, less people to worry about. He did not mind people, it was good and worked to his benefit when he had more people to train against. However, when focusing on a one on one case, or trying to focus on improving within a group or duo, the less number of people meant less chance of distraction or a slow down.

There it was, a large empty room, backstops and some targets. Circles and dummies. When Hanako spoke an excited smirk came upon his face. A gesture to the targets, that was what he took as his cue to go first. He deiced to go for one of the circular targets. With a short shuffle of his legs he was in front of his target, his body squared. "Okay, I'll go first and you give me some feedback from what you see??". With a short sigh Tento began, raising up a single index finger, he let the incantaition flow from him as his small amount of Reishi went to work. "Gather before me, thrust at my foe, separate us with one blow, Hadō #1, Sho!". At the tip of his finger, a small amount of Reiryoku gathered, the energy flashing with a quick flicker of light as the energy force from the thrust moved. The kinetic force barely hitting the circle target and hitting it back a inch or two.
by Ame no ko
on Mon Oct 11, 2021 1:05 pm
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Topic: Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life [Flash back, Tento/Hanako]
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Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life [Flash back, Tento/Hanako]

The Big Woman

Hanako Yamada

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Tento's answer actually made Hanako's eyebrows rise one or two millimeters. She actually hadn't expected him to go along with it. But he did, he had courage and determination. It was something she could respect. Only years later would it show how big courage and determination would become as pillars of her own personal world.

"Okay. Then let's go." Hanako said.

Even if she wanted to, she wouldn't know how to speak her thoughts about Tento's courage out loud. It was one thing she actually sucked even worse at than kido: conversation, and in extension all social interactions. She never practiced it either. She didn't even possess any clothes next to her Shihakushos and some sportswear.

However, the right corner of her mouth curled up just the tiniest bit and her eyes were a tad brighter and less icy than before. Maybe Tento could recognize it, maybe not, but Hanako in fact warmed up a little bit. Still, it was going from a global ice age to a particularly harsh winter, but it was something.

Hanako assumed the stance of the spell, pointing the index and middle finger of her right hand at Tento. She carefully and articulately voiced the full incantation, before she finished with a "Bakudo #1: Sai!"

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by Ottozeo
on Wed Oct 06, 2021 2:58 pm
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Topic: Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life [Flash back, Tento/Hanako]
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Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life [Flash back, Tento/Hanako]

As Tento sat next to Hanako he was itching to get to it. Whatever book Hanako had it was better than what he had. He only had the voice of the instructors and teacher's in his head and the notes he took from the sessions so far . There were no books for them, the teacher's decided that the first years were not going to go far due to the capabilities of the this year's students. Tento did not know that little fact though. He had only the knowledge that they were learning out of book at the pace the teacher's decided.

That energetic opinion may have not been shared with Hanako though. A sigh escaped her, a sign for anyone that could see from afar that she probably did not like the idea of going to so for a kido practice section given her seniority in the school, but with Tento's observation over the parts of their conversation and the little ticks, hints, and signals in her body and voice, Tento had a feeling that Hanako was indeed nervous about the art of kido. Why exactly and what the implication was was something on another matter.

Whether it was, Hanako was ready to start, her putting the book down and getting up showed that. It was time to start the warm up session using a level 1 kido. Getting up and walking away a few meters. Tento got up from the bench as well and was about to follow along Hanako when she turned around and told him something he was absolutely not expecting. "HUH? You want me cast a spell on you?? I thought we were going somewhere else to do target practice on... well okay...if you are sure".

Tento would wait for Hanako to give him the go ahead again, a reassurance that she really wanted to do this. "Lock in place their will with no trace, Bakudo #1, Sai!". As Tento spoke these words he took out his left hand and in a swift motion pointed his index and middle finger toward Hanako. Remembering the advice given to him in class, he would let his spirit energy flow through him. A soft spark being inside before it shot out from the point of his extended fingers, as the spells went out to restrain the Upperclasswoman.
by Mirja Eeola
on Sat Sep 04, 2021 7:51 am
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Topic: Forever Onwards
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Forever Onwards

The Grand Witch

Hannah Chiza

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Two miles off the coast of Japan, stood a woman. A platform of Reiatsu supported her from the roiling waves, and a stick held in her hands. The stick was pointed outwards, and then she spoke.


Lines of energy ran through the stick and blasted out the tip, though the stick itself was warped and cracked from the energy. Exhaling in dissatisfaction, she'd discard the stick and draw another one, apparently having a dozen stuffed in the back of her belt. Feeling the energy within her, she would focus on it as it flowed out of her and into the stick. Stripping away that which was not needed, she left only what was required. A sort of natural, spiritual lubricant that helped the easy casting of Kido. Most people used it, to a point that it had become so ubiquitous nobody noticed or thought any different.

But Hannah had made Gen-Kido for thinking differently, and so now would be no different. Filling herself with just the right amount needed, she would direct it out in front of her.


The sea was again churned by the power of Hannah's Kido. She never really had anything else in life, but this. And her singular focus was rewarded with a stick that didn't shatter under the force. Of course, Hadō #1 was hardly anything to crow about, and so she'd step it up a bit. Going through the motions again, she'd fill herself up and direct it outwards.


the sea around her evaporated in a blast of energy, and though the stick was looking a little worse for wear, it had not broken even under the considerably extra strain of the higher numbered Kido. Still, she'd prepared for that and spun it in her hand. This, finally getting out and working on Kido again after so long, was lovely.

"Reach out and pin down, strike from the storm and become a thousand things from the origin of one. Bakudo #62, Hyapporankan" Hannah gave a full incantation this time along with her new technique, launching a fence post that exploded into a hundred about the same time that the stick dissolved into wood shavings.

That stick was discarded and a third drawn. The second was damaged from the previous casting, so maybe if she....let' go mad, shall we?~

This, was a lot of energy to work with. Stripping this down to the base took a while, but she always knew that there would be experience and work going into mastering this so she could do it in a moment while casting the Kido...she'd subtly wrap herself in an Adamant Kiss just in case something went wrong, and then incanted while modifying the energy.

"Boil O'Seas. Crack O'Earth. Sunder, O'Heaven. The Five Great Dragon Kings arise from their slumber and with their coming, the world trembles. For it's end has come. Hadō 99: Goryūtenmetsu"

Even with shadow casting, that was too much for the stick, and it violently exploded, sending high speed wood shards across the sea, followed quickly by a shockwave of reiatsu power smashing the sea into pieces. The barrier Hannah put up managed to survive, since it was only an overload rather than a true and proper casting.

"Yea. I can do this" Hannah muttered to herself with a gentle smile, teleporting home with a Kūkanten'i. All that was left is some daily training to get the specifics down.

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by Gamma
on Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:34 am
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Topic: Alvah: Demon of Attrition (Jefferson Shindig)
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Alvah: Demon of Attrition (Jefferson Shindig)

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"I'm not done with you!!"

To hell with stealth, she kicked off and chased him down to take advantage of her agility, footwork and overall speed with her shunko to augment it all. All she had to do was not get hit and hit him more, so far he hadn't demonstrated anything in the way of magic that suggested a lot of versatility in that area and she was going to take full advantage of it.

"Hadō #1: Sho!"

Her hand touched the flat of his sword, a small moment to prepare and send it staggering away with the sudden burst of outward force. Hopefully it would get sent flying out of his grip but he was pretty strong so she didn't count on it. An opening was nice though and so the tiny form of Yugiri sidestepped around his torso and underneath the arm she had just made fly away to put her palm on the side of his chest.

"Rashoumon.. KEN!"

Her hand turned like she was turning a door knob and as her hand turned it would feel like she was trying to force his lungs and heart to turn over by following the motion of her hand and be crushed under the stress applied. Normally she'd need to grab him from both sides and pull outwards to try and play tug of war with the heart in an act reminiscent of opening a temple gate but Yugiri was bastardising it with shunko to try and get quick results.

She would dub this... Door Opening Palm later.

by Gamma
on Thu Apr 15, 2021 9:47 am
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Topic: Shin'ō Academy
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Shin'ō Academy

Shin'ō Academy

The academy was founded approximately 2700 years ago. It is not under the direct control of Central 46.

The Academy was once called the Shinigami Academy. It was then changed to the Spiritual Arts Academy when it developed into an institute for the next generation of the Kidō Corps and the Onmitsukidō, as well as the Shinigami of the Gotei 13. However, it is still referred to as Shinigami Academy in Rukongai. Due to the coalition forming and the creation of the Gotei United, where all three sects have become one. It now serves as an instutute to create the next generation of shinigami for the Soul Society as a whole.

The Academy is a sprawling, multiple story building with architecture similar to that of Seireitei. It has an open courtyard, many classrooms, dormitories and practice areas for Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hohō, and Kidō.

Eligibility: Applicants to the academy must pass an entrance exam in order to be admitted, and likely must demonstrate that they have some reiatsu. The entrance exam is open to any and all who wish to apply. The social classes of the applicants can range from nobles and residents of the more hospitable districts of Rukongai to its more barbaric outer regions.

The results of the entrance exam are used to divide up the successful applicants into different classes, with those who obtain the highest grades being placed in the first class. At the start of the academic year, there is a welcoming ceremony for the new students. If an applicant fails the exam, it may be taken again.

Curriculum: The Academy's curriculum is taught over six years, though exceptionally gifted students have been known to graduate from the academy in less time than this. In addition to a more general education, the pupils are taught how to control and make use of their reiatsu, as well as the four major Shinigami combat forms: Hakuda, Hohō, Kidō, and Zanjutsu.

Students also learn how to perform Soul Burials, how to communicate with the spirit of their Zanpakutō and are prepared for the general duties of a Shinigami. Upon completing the Academy's curriculum, a student will then be given the option of joining a division within the Gotei United, though some may wish to pursue other avenues such as the Rukongai's Police Force, Sakutaiso.

In addition, due to the sweeping reforms of Captain Commander Abalia Kyoraku-Hayden, the curriculum is modified to also provide souls an opportunity to pursue more scholastic approaches beyond the ways of the Shinigami, such as exploration of subjects such as history and the worlds to encourage independent thinking and development. As a result the curriculum is quite mixed.

Headmaster: Jushiro Ukitake [Tentatively].
Teachers: Below is a list of notable teachers, whether volunteers or actively engaged in the Academy workings full-time. Their classes and roles are given a brief summary.

Gengorō Ōnabara
Chief Instructor for Class #1: the special accelerated class. Those of exceptional talent and aptitude will find themselves placed within this class, it tackles far more advanced topics and will typically have shinigami come out above average by the end of their tenure.

Liana Unohana
An instructor of multiple fields, Liana fills a substitute role with her flexible skillset and runs numerous specialist courses though she is notably found within the kidō courses as the Captain of the Second Division.

Rukia Kuchiki
Instructor for Kidō, her classes vary from more advanced subjects and accelerated classes in addition to more general ones. Rarely found outside of the Kidō field due to only being part-time as a result of her extra duties within the Gotei United's Seventh Division.

Shishiyuki Koizumi
Instructor for Hakuda. Her classes tend to be more generic with the occasional advanced class. She is held in high regard for the quality of teaching she does however rarely receives praise for it. She has no loyalty to the Gotei United and is consistent.


Shiroi - 3rd year student(?).
Kasumiōji, Eri - 5th year student.
Koizumi, Kasha - 5th year student.
Sawachika, Kyo - 5th year student.

by Rawk
on Sun Apr 04, 2021 10:44 am
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Topic: After-Hours Lessons [Rukia, Shiroi]
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After-Hours Lessons [Rukia, Shiroi]

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"...And that'll be all for today, class. We'll still be talking about the general principles of Bakudo next week, so keep it fresh in your heads. We won't be moving onto Kaido for a while. If you want to try getting ahead of the curve, I'll give out a bit of extra credit to anyone who can manage a Bakudo #1: Sai by the end of the next lesson."

Writing out a few final notes on the blackboard at the head of the lecture hall, Rukia set the chalk down and closed her lesson plan. Not that she'd actually been reading it much to begin with, she knew everything it would say like the back of her own hand. This class was generally pretty good, though there were a couple who seemed like they were getting a little overconfident with how good they were.

"You're alright to go for the day. Enjoy your weekend, everyone."

There was of course still a bit of paperwork to go through, tests that had been taken that she would need to grade later, so naturally Rukia took the time to pack up even as her students filtered out. The few who thought to give her a farewell recieved a smile and a wave with her response. It was always nice seeing who was friendly about these things.


by Gamma
on Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:33 am
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Topic: Timeskip Poll!
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Timeskip Poll!

Firstly, to preface my post. I am voting no.

I also want to mention I feel like I am one of the people that would probably benefit most from the timeskip, though I waited and took time to consider before making my decision due to wanting to contemplate all the points presented and listen to people's discussions.

  • Point #1 [Posting Disparity]
    I believe the timeskip gets most of the value out of people that post quickly and consistently. Something very few of the memberbase can or want to do, like yeah, I can easily RP multiple years worth of development for most of my characters as threads set during that grey area in the period of a couple of months for my plots. I can close out threads in days of making them with a posting partner that can keep that same enthusiasm to post.

    The memberbase is not me though, I am a pretty big autistic outlier for being able to post at such a rate and to be consistent. Using metrics on the sidebar for this month of posting the highest poster who is not staff or has an inflated post count by blitzing with me in succession (Sieg), is Cody at 23 posts and Henrex at 16.

    If 15 to 25 posts is what we consider for an average postcount--since this month does feel slower than previous ones--some of those are definitely claims and site posts which are not actual RP posts as well. In addition to all these posts being spread over multiple ongoing threads.

    There is a massive disparity to expect these timeskip threads to be done in a timespan that isn't very large by the memberbase in a similar amount of time due to either feeling pressured to be done and keep up with everyone or be adverse to actually engaging in the would be future of the site because they are stuck in sorting out their characters' status in this new climate.

    If a member doing roughly one thread a month I would rather that member's thread potentially develop plot and create avenues in the present climate rather than have however many months of people trying to work out where they sit before creating plots that would affect the future "present", post-timeskip.

  • Point #2 [Conditional Return]
    I feel I need to stress the timeskip going in such a manner that would be ideal, involves multiple different people taking advantage of the setting to setup a for macro plot to develop.

    I know multiple people have already mentioned their plots, macro and micro, being put in awkward spots by the prospect. I would be no different in this situation. The point being made of 'it can be really good for the site' only applies if the return is greater than the cost. The plots that come of a timeskip must outweigh the plots lost, at least how I see it.

    So, with this as my stance. I do not have faith that the timeskip could be used in such a manner that it would reap more benefit than it costs.That is not to say I don't acknowledge how much easier it is to create a climate that can spur on changes and development on a macro scale through a timeskip.

    This builds on SE's point where most of PH's members are very micro-plot orientated, if the memberbase is largely micro-orientated then I do not see how a timeskip will make these people or circles suddenly change. This timeskip being executed in a really good way, means those circles being less enclosed because timeskipping and people only being focused on their circle will only make development for their circle, not the greater stage of the site.

    I am very much a person that would like to see new things happen and be down to see a timeskip, I do not want a setting though where we are sitting here with our dicks in our hands jerking out how we're situated in the grey area for potentially months rather than actually making things happen in that post-timeskip situation.

  • Point #3 [WW4 Veteran & Staff Member]
    Yeah fuck you, I said it. The amount of work required from this shit happen is a lot and not to rub some lemon in your WW4 wounds or anything for all the people that feel me on it, with that big plot left a sour taste in their mouth. If this timeskip turned out like another WW4, I sure am just going to be really burnt out and would rather just have this current setting until someone eventually breaks some ice and recreates some site global drama and macro engagement.

    WW4 was a massive macro plot opportunity, and I'll stand by the huge mess it was. This actually ties down into my conditional return point, because this is WAY more intensive to make work than WW4 from my perspective as staff and a member.

Edit: An alternative to a timeskip, which I forgot to add in my initial drafting, is instead of a period of going from Point A to Point B it would instead create a dialation between the time that occurs between OOC and IC. For example, a year OOC would translate to two years IC. You're free to discuss this option as it creates more progress of time, without being a technical skip going on but still speeding up the rate that events can reasonably develop.
by Gamma
on Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:44 am
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Topic: I Don't Even Know Who You Are! [Private/Micaiah, Yugiri]
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I Don't Even Know Who You Are! [Private/Micaiah, Yugiri]

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What a pain, it was ineffective and so she dropped it. Giving up the attempt to bombard her with kido but not stopping her actions of running circles in her. She had to somehow divert the attention of Micaiah, get her confused. Something like running circles around her.

Images. The speed of her motion began to leave afterimages in conjunction with her stepping techniques, eventually it appearing as if there was an entire group of her just running circles around Micaiah. All of those intended on keeping her distracted and then came the sound...


The air was full off the sound that seemed reminscent of a horde of crickets. Obnoxiously loud and the switching of Shunko to Shikko made the speed that much harder to keep track off with the technique being Yugiri's own attempt to unite her Hoho and Kido. The sound would be disorientating hopefully and the images would be hard to follow as they ran circles around her and that's when she'd attack from above and silently come down before her foot gave her head a firm axe kick augmented with an attempt to mimick Hadō #1 - Sho to add even more explosive force to the high-velocity kick.

It all came together as a very elaborate way of saying, fuck you.

by Gamma
on Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:17 pm
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Topic: New Years Nightburst !!!! [2019/12/31 - 2020/01/01]
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New Years Nightburst !!!! [2019/12/31 - 2020/01/01]

Imagine not getting twenty posts because I have a life and new year's plans. Oh wait, I can't. Let's go bois.

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Post #3: Tea for Two | Shirohime
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Post #5: Three Easy Steps That Will Always Land You A Job | Nora
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Post #8: To Cross A Cat's Path | Yugiri
Post #9: Organic Insemination | Chifuyu
Post #10: Tea for Two | Shirohime
Post #11: Three Easy Steps That Will Always Land You A Job | Nora
Post #12: Organic Insemination | Chifuyu
Post #13: To Cross A Cat's Path | Yugiri
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Post #16: Family Reunion | Yugiri
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Post #20: To Cross A Cat's Path | Yugiri

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