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Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] I_vote_lcapTopics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] I_voting_barTopics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] I_vote_rcap 
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Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] WEc5VW2Topic: The Darkness Over New Orleans[WW4 Start Event]

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Song: Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia! - Artist: Pokemon OR/AS

Chaos, destruction, and death.

The day that he despised and hoped never would come, had. So, with a heavy sigh, Henrex stepped into the field of chaos that America had become. Drawing Yume no Jitsugen, a gift from a very...questionable source, Henrex turned the weapon to its 'brush mode', and preemptively began to draw various characters all over his body, writing out the words for "Zangerin" on his arms, legs, and back, while having a single inscription of the word "Tenran" on his chest, all with blue ink.

Hadō #78, and Hadō #58, respectively. Preparing himself for the conflict to come, the man's hand rested on his sword as he stepped through the rubble of the various toppled buildings. Admittedly a bit far behind Kuro, he began to pick up the pace, soon rocketing off at Mach speeds, using his control over the air in order to push away whatever was in his way, living or non-living. Drawing closer and closer to the familiar signature of his co-Captain, Henrex pressed onward.

Sliding to a stop next to his fellow commander, a soft smile passed over his face. For the first time, the man that had helped him reach where he was now, he was his equal, and for the first time -- they would fight side-by-side. Drawing his Zanpakuto and holding Yume no Jitsugen in his other hand, Henrex readied himself for what was to come.

The steps that he heard and the voice that came after made the Captain grimace. Turning toward the sound, Henrex stared at the golden-haired man now standing before him. Leaving his stance open, Henrex remained silent as Tsubasa declared his reasoning for standing in front of them today. The sky began to dim as thunder roared in the sky, clouds gathering and rain beginning to fall.

If he were being honest? He was disappointed.

To think that someone that used to be the Head Captain of the Gotei would stoop so low, all for the sake of searching for a family member. Looking over the area around them, Henrex knew that with Tsubasa in the way, they wouldn't be able to get far. So, tapping into the Aether Stone that Cirno crafted and bestowed to him, Henrex spread the influence of Cassiel's Confinement to the Gotei soldiers around him.

Through this, he granted them the brief ability to, in essence, phase through physical matter, rendering their bodies invisible and giving them an opportunity to get away from Tsubasa and continue their objective. So, turning back to Tsubasa, Henrex finally spoke:

"I'm giving you one chance, Tsubasa. Leave now, and you will not be harmed."

Coding By: [THEFROST]
Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] WEc5VW2Topic: [Ziamichi] Kitarune Astillon [APPROVED; 2-5/2-5] [Hazard Ranking: D]

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Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] 6EdIfMt


Natural Talent: One of the most important parts of Kitarune's skill set is her natural talent, particularly in swordsmanship in her human life, and, during the afterlife, Kido. During her time as a human, Kitarune always had a natural affinity towards the art of the sword, capable of wielding it without much issue and understanding most of the basic martial arts revolving around the blade, taking her little time to learn them on a very base level. Over time she was able to continue advancing her skill with swords, a skill that wasn't entirely lost after death. Though nowhere near the same level that it was before, Kitarune is still very capable with a sword.

During her time with Katsuhiko in the Rukongai and his dojo, the basic movements of Kendo came as second nature to her, allowing her to remember the martial art and master it once again. Furthermore, another aspect she showed innate talent in would be energy control, something she picked up much later after she had become a Plus and, by extension nowadays, Shinigami. With this, Kitarune was able to get a grasp on the concept of energy control much faster than other Shinigami, and, as a result, was able to use the knowledge of the different terminology of energy from Katsuhiko to accelerate her learning. As time went on and as she was on her own in the Wastelands, she honed this skill to manifest into the Kido skill that she has today.

Speed: Speed is one of the more important skills that Kitarune possesses, arguably one of her most important general skills. Due to her low durability, this is both a given and a necessity. As a result of her Avian Physiology like Henrex, her bone structure is much lighter to compensate for it and allows her to reach higher speeds easier and with much less effort. This can be supplemented with energy to go even higher, but, at her base, movement is one of the key points of her speed. It allows her to maneuver the battlefield and keep at a range where her spells would be the most effective and allows her to move out of the way whenever needed.

The second application of this would be her focus on reaction speed. While not nearly as talented as she is in movement speed, Kitarune is still very capable of processing events in front of her. For her, this became an important skill to hone as she learned more about the potential of her Zanpakuto and where her main talents, skills, and proficients lie. It works well with her abilities and allows her to use this processing to discern what her next move should be; whether it be what spell to weave or what her next literal move is.

Strength: With most of her proficiency laying in the realm of energy usage and control, Strength is another area that is, at most, average. While she is capable of reaching moderate levels of power, her main skill is, again, with energy. At the base level, her strength isn't anything particularly amazing. But, she is capable of using her immense energy control to boost her strength beyond this, but at the cost of her not being able to handle the backlash of such power, a very short time limit of how long this kind of enhanced strength can last, as well as a much higher energy cost as a result.

Durability: Generally speaking, Kitarune isn't the most durable girl. In addition to the trade-off of being able to handle and reach higher levels of speeds and process events in front of her faster, this left her with a very lackluster defense. While she can cast barriers and shields to bolster her defense or prevent attacks from reaching her, at her core, she isn't sturdy by a long shot. So, it can be rather easy to break her bones and damage her overall. However, this also has caused her to think of additional ways to circumvent this, with the use of her demonic spirit and her skill in magic.

Martial/Weapon Skill: When it comes to the use of weapons, Kitarune isn't the best. While she has had experience with different weapons in the past and has been able to grow experienced and accustomed to them, certain ones shine above the rest. Firstly, it should be noted that staff-type weapons are Kitarune's bread and butter. Polearms and other melee weapons with long-range are the ones that Kitarune have noted to have exceptional proficiency, as it is the closest resemblance to her Zanpakuto, and so, it is something that could be considered muscle memory, as the similarity between the two is something that allowed her to pick up the weapon and wield it with ease. But, at its base, Kitarune's skill in most weapons can be boiled down to average.

Kido: The magic of the Shinigami is likely Kitarune's strongest and most refined skill. Upon entering into Shin'o Academy, it was evident that this was her strongest suit. To put things simply, it comes as second nature to control her energy and exert it in the form of Kido. As a result of this, it became something that she was able to refine and progress and allow her to reach new heights. This has allowed her to cast spells without incantations, infuse more energy into her Kido to boost the power, as well as being able to cast multiple Bakudo and Hadō spells in quick succession. As a result of this, the concept of magic was something that became rather heavily emphasized on for her Zanpakuto -- adding even more for her to learn, and more limits to breakthrough.

Zanjutsu: In likeness to her Kido skill, Kitarune's natural talent and practice in the art of the sword has made this one of her greatest skills alongside the art of magic. Before unlocking her Shikai and discovering the true nature of her Zanpakuto, Kitarune wielded it as a basic katana for the longest time during her time in the Rukongai and while honing that base skill in Katsuhiko's dojo. As a result of this, it wasn't hard for Kitarune to adapt and understand the mechanisms of the Shinigami's way of the sword, allowing her to master the basics of Zanjutsu within a short time. Additionally, the true nature of her Zanpakuto allowed her to reach new heights with the skill and merge the principles of her various styles into her new style of fighting.

Hakuda: Her weakest skill, without question. While she can defend herself against opponents equally lacking in skill in this area, one of the main weaknesses of Kitarune when it comes to this is her lack of a formal style and her very "roughhouse" style of fighting that she normally uses, due to her time in the Rukongai, teaching herself how to fight to properly defend herself. Extremely unpolished stances, terrible footwork, with predictable and unrefined movements. With all of this and a very reckless abandon when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, it isn't hard for someone to best Kitarune in this area.

Hoho: While she does have a basis in speed, Kitarune's main forte comes from her general speed. As a result of this, her Flash Step is rather average. She's capable of using it multiple times in succession before having to rest and can leap rather high distances without many steps. However, something that is somewhat unique about her Flash Step would be the near-instant nature. With her level of energy control, it's easy for Kitarune to be able to summon the energy to perform the technique in rapid succession between two steps, ask well as easy for her to be able to use it without much if any delay and without any initial movement.


Avian Physiology: Excerpt from Henrex's App: As a man who has wings, it should not come as a surprise that the rest of his body would be that of an avian. However, this has noted to provide a bit more of a downside, rather than having positives. To begin things, this is something that heavily affects Henrex's skeletal system. For one, it makes his bones fairly hollow. This means that Henrex's skeleton is a lot weaker than normal, which causes his bones to be injured a lot easier. This is something that does not affect his skill sheets, but rather, just makes him a bit more susceptible to damage. While he makes up for this with the Cybermind plating that his skeletal system is surrounded with -- along with other protections -- this also has a slight upside. This also allows Henrex to move a lot faster, as his weight is slightly decreased from this.

Furthermore, Henrex's body receives several natural boosts as a result of this. The first thing that is boosted would be Henrex's senses. While this mainly excludes touch and taste, Henrex's hearing, sight, and sense of smell are increased to exponential levels, with him being able to hear and smell things from miles away, while his sight is only enhanced by being completely 20/20. So, while his senses are not extremely boosted, they most certainly are not normal. Another thing that would be his increased lung capacity. This is something that grants Henrex a much larger range of how long he can hold his breath, or even going as far as to keep his lungs constantly filled with air.

Stillness in Motion: As a way to make literal meaning of the Chinese proverb, this ability is, simply put, regaining energy. By drawing from the spiritual energy and particles in the area, she can fill her energy capacity. Through this, Kitarune can rapidly increase the rate at which her energy is refilled, allowing her to have a seemingly “unlimited” pool of energy for her to tap into. However, this is simply not the case. Kitarune can regenerate energy from this, but this by no means makes it unlimited in any way. This does have its limits -- being that Kitarune cannot move at all while she is doing this. Even if so much as a single finger were to twitch, the concentration would be broken, and she would have to wait for a post before being able to perform this again, and it would take her three full posts to get to the maximum capacity of energy.

The Sibling's Bond: This is a passive ability that Kitarune possesses, and directly connects to her brother, Henrex. This, in essence, is what binds the two together as siblings, and what truly defines their connection together. Upon activation (something that will need IC progression to occur, as it's currently inactive), Henrex and Kitarune will be able to connect, mentally. As a result of this, they will be able to transmit thoughts to each other, and they can detect and read each other's emotions, no matter the distance. Even if they were entire dimensions apart, they would still be able to create this connection. Furthermore, this allows them to have the innate knowledge of where the other one is, and -- if the other permits -- they can use this to "picture" the environment around them, allowing them to gain a semblance of where they are, and what it looks like. This can also occur when it comes to sharing memories, as the events will be projected into the other's mindscape. As children, they often used this skill to pass secrets to one another, or just to tell the other what they were thinking. However, now that they have both matured immensely, this is capable of so, so much more.


Zanpakutô Name: Jugenro (呪源路, "The Way of Magic's Source")

Inner World:

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance:

Sealed Zanpakutô Power

Zanpakuto Manipulation: One of the applications that Kitarune's energy control and manipulation of said energy is the control that this gives her over the shape and size of her Zanpakuto. It's a very small, basic power, retained in every form that she mainly uses for either small adjustments to her Zanpakuto, or to change its form entirely, with a single post in between changes, whether full-form or small adjustments.


Shikai Release Phrase: "Enchant, Jugenro!"

@Rawk wrote:
Meaning: This name is actually fairly difficult to translate neatly into English, but I think it comes across very well in Japanese. Speaking literally, the kanji together would be "spell source path," but the choice of kanji and their order play into the thematic, particularly when taken alongside the Bankai name (which we will get to). "呪源," the "jugen" here, is a play on the phrase "水源," pronounced "suigen" and referring to a fountainhead, the source of a river. The kanji 水, for water, has been replaced with 呪, the kanji for a spell (or curse). The imagery evoked in this particular wordplay, then, would be a source of magic or spellcraft that was akin to a river's source. 路, pronounced "ro," is an antiquated method of referring to a path or road. While one can take this word to mean a very literal road, it can also be taken as a belief, practice, or set of principles. Therefore, all together as 呪源路, "Jugenro," the meaning implied is more akin to "The Way of Magic's Source."

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities

  • Will of the Magus: One of the first abilities that Kitarune learned about her Zanpakuto Spirit, especially when it came to honing the powers, was learning more about the spirit within the sword and how to manifest it into the real world. With her unwavering will and dedication, Kitarune can summon her Zanpakuto Spirit to the physical world. However, while in Shikai, she is only capable of summoning them for about 2-3 turns and having to wait for six posts afterward.

Arm of the Magus: The core of her Zanpakuto, put simply is magic itself. This ability is meant to show her creativity, utilizing her natural talent for Kido and Zanjutsu in a manner that allows her to create different forms of magic with her Zanpakuto's powers. A prime example of this would be Elemental Magic, the bread and butter of her list of magics. For her, this type of magic deals with the basic elements of the world: fire, water, wind, earth, and even stretching out to some of the concepts of the environment and the world, light, and darkness.

All of these are exceedingly versatile, allowing for Kitarune to create a variety of different forms of this power, such as using this to send a fireball towards an enemy, create a veil of shadow in a select area, or create a flash of light to blind an enemy. All of these stem from an additive power to this, Kido Manipulation. Due to her extensive research and eventual knowledge in Kido, it wasn't hard for Kitarune to learn about the potential modifications to a spell and develop it as an ability.

With this, she takes the base form of a spell, for example, #54, Haien, and alters the form and shape of it to create a massive fireball or create a set of fiery eruptions from the ground. Or, taking something like Hadō #11, Tsuzuri Raiden, and increasing the power of it to cause more damage and be more on par with the more powerful Hadō spells such as Soren Sokatsui. This knowledge and ability in Kido allow her to have a lot of creative freedom to make spells both as potent, or as weak as she needs them to be.


Magic Circles: Above everything else, this is the main technique of Kitarune's Zanpakuto. By compressing her spiritual energy into a single area of focus, she can create a purple circle in any location within two miles of her, of which she can control all properties of it -- an example being the size. This allows her to focus her magic into this specific area and allowing it to be much more powerful than it would have been on its own. Furthermore, as stated before, these act as enhancements to her magic. While she can cast spells without the use of circles, the added refinement of her energy alongside the circles naturally makes her magic slightly more powerful, as well as her Kido. Were she to not use these, her spells would be about 5% weaker.

Additionally, it should be noted that these are very easy to create, as they require little to no energy to form, along with the fact that they can also be stacked on top of one another to create vastly more powerful spells (though this would cause them to cost more energy). Another application of these would be summoning them around her hands to enhance her strength and serve as made-due weapons. During this, they would boost her strength at a single level, halting at Elite. Any attempt above that would give a 30% boost. So, it should be obvious that these are a very common form of combat with Kitarune, as they are one of the most versatile techniques that she has.


Spell Link: One of the many tricks that Kitarune learned to perform during her time in the Wastelands and learning Kido was the ability to link her spells with one another. Similarly to "Nijū Eishō", or Twofold Incantation, this is performed with two spells, though this is notably different due to it not only being able to utilize two separate spells, even without incantation but also two of the same spell to save time. There are notable strengths and weaknesses of this technique, the first being that this allows the second spell release to be cast for only half the energy cost, but also reducing its overall power to around 60-70%. Furthermore, this can only be used twice before having to wait for three posts to perform this again.

Conduit: As a Zanpakuto is an extension of the Shinigami's power, Kitarune can use the weapon as a catalyst for her base powers. While she is capable of utilizing Kido with her hands and without her Zanpakuto, utilizing her Zanpakuto as a conduit has a unique effect on her spells. By channeling the energy through her staff instead of her body, Kitarune can cause her the Kido generated from the staff to have a small increase in power -- around 5-10% -- to make them slightly stronger and hit harder, at the cost of control and energy of a spell ten levels higher, capping off at Kido spells of #80 and below. Furthermore, one of the key effects of this technique is that it also bolsters the general effects of the spell in question.

If it were a fire spell, it would burn hotter. An electric-based spell, it would have a higher voltage and give a much more powerful shock. This also is true for spells that are based around the forces of the world, such as impact spells hitting with more kinetic force and sharp, piercing spells and attacks being able to deal more damage to defenses and being able to pierce through targets better. However, while these are what amounts to a direct upgrade to her regular spells, channeling them through her Zanpakuto like this can cause a much higher energy cost and causes a longer cooldown both in between spells and in terms of downtime, making the recommended amount of times she uses this be around 2-3 times before waiting for 3-4 posts to conserve energy.

Reflective Ward: Upon activating Shikai, Kitarune gains a small passive barrier around her body, barely visible. This barrier around her allows her to directly weaken the effects of other magics used against her. Aether Magic, Demon Magic, Kido, anything inherently magic in nature will generally be less effective against her in terms of damage. It will cause her to take around 20-30% less damage from other magics while this is active. Otherwise, this would last for around two to three posts, with a four to five post cooldown. This can only be used three times and can be shattered by two hits of a Hadō #80 or above spell, requiring a four turn cooldown between uses, lasting as a max duration of eight posts.

Furthermore, something else that should be noted about this is that it doesn't absorb the energy of incoming magic, or negate the attacks by nature, it simply dulls the potency of energy when it comes in contact with the barrier, causing the overall attack to be weakened. Additionally, this does have some level of influence over basic energy and energy attacks, although much less powerful, only able to negate up to 10-20% while in Shikai. Finally, this effect is bolstered when she enters Bankai, allowing her to weaken the effects of magic up to 50-55%, with basic energy attacks up to 25% at max.

Mist of the Lethe: Likely one of the most standout spells that Kitarune has in her arsenal. By generating a thin, sweet-smelling purple mist in a half-mile radius, Kitarune can cause two set effects in the immediate area: drowsiness and forgetfulness. Most NPCs in the area will feel these effects almost immediately and begin to have their actions slowed, whereas other characters will have significantly more resistance, depending on their Willpower and Focus. Adept and lower will begin to feel the effects of sluggishness within the span of the first post, with the second or third post being long enough for them to fall asleep and be out of commission for the rest of the thread.

Advanced would take much longer to feel the direct effects, though the initial dizziness and sluggishness would still be in effect. It would take around three to four posts for them to begin to feel the drowsiness in full effect, and another post after that for them to fall asleep. Elite and higher would be able to resist the effect completely, [strike]but, in exchange, would feel the sluggish and dizziness effects much more than others
. This would cause them to have visual difficulties, and make it harder focusing on the task at hand. This lasts for three posts, with a four-post cooldown.

The Warp spell being used

Warp: Warp is one of the most simple spells that Kitarune possesses. A personal variation of the Shinigami's Senkaimon, Kitarune uses this to travel anywhere in the multiple, more specifically and commonly used to travel between dimensions. No matter if it's Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, or the Demon World, the Warp spell allows her to transport herself or others into any dimension of her choosing, at her own risk. Furthermore, it should also be noted that this does include being able to transport anywhere in that dimension that isn't directly and explicitly stated to prevent teleportation such as this. But, as a final note, it should be noted that this has almost zero applications in combat, outside of transporting people in and out of the battlefield. This is due to the portals and the general time it takes for the portals to form and teleport people being far too long to be practical in combat. Therefore, this does not have a direct cooldown or limitation for that reason.[/strike]

Hundred-Layer Magic Circles: As her main form of combat is the use of magic circles to focus her magic into a specific area to condense, contain, and increase the destructive power in said area, Kitarune needed to find a way to improve this technique. To do that, Kitarune discovered the ability to "layer" her magic circles on top of one another to increase their power. Doing this allowed her to reach some of the greatest heights that her magic circles were capable of in that state and create levels of power and influence that she had never thought possible before.

The first thing to be noted about Hundred-Layer Magic Circles would be the very broad nature of the ability itself. While the limits in this form are quite apparent at 100, it is by no means the only way that she can utilize this stacking. The Hundred-Layers act as a limiter of how far she can bolster her magical spells from both her Zanpakuto and her Kido spells. The next thing that should be noted is the scaling energy cost and the time needed to form them. While all of her spells can be launched within a post, the more circles that she ends up stacking increases the amount of time that she will need before actually firing the spell before her turn is over.

The next point, energy cost, is that the more magic circles that Kitarune stacks on a single spell, the bigger the energy cost. Ergo, should she use a consistent amount of full-power, Hundred-Layer Magic Circle spells, it would cause her energy reserves to be quickly tired out. So, she makes certain not to use the full-powered spells constantly, as she's well aware of this limitation and uses the flexibility of the ability to get around it, while still making sure that she is capable without those "trump cards."

  • Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Kido Empowerment: With most of her skill and finesse coming from her skill in manipulating Kido, this "sub-spell" for her layered magic circles is focused on making even some of the weakest spells in her arsenal applicable in any situation and powerful in their own right. As said in the base power, this allows her to stack up to one-hundred magic circles to empower any Kido spell she chooses to cast, drastically increasing the amount of power that it contains, and allowing certain Kido to become deadly and fatal in their own right.

    For example, she could cause a spell as weak as Hadō #1, Sho, to turn into a powerful blast of kinetic force capable of leveling a building. However, this does share the drawbacks that the base power has. Firstly, the energy cost. The energy cost has a lot of variables, such as the amount of power put into it, the number of the spell, and how many circles that she uses to empower it. The higher the spell, the higher the amount of energy that she uses, on-top of the energy that she uses to both create and stack the magic circles. This, in turn, causes her to increase the cooldown time, scaling from something as small as a single post, all the way up to a five to six post cooldown.

  • Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Bound Discharge: As her main form of magic is elemental, one of the elements that she can put into overdrive with the use of magic circles is lightning. By layering up to one-hundred magic circles, Kitarune can create an electrical spell that allows her to potentially reach levels of destruction that only some of the highest levels of Kido could cause before. By pointing her staff forward, she can unleash a powerful blast of lightning capable of equaling Kido levels 70 at maximum magic circles and maximum output.

    After unleashing this blast, a series of magic circles will appear in a line in front of her in an attempt to track her opponent as a series of lightning bolts strike the magic circles in sequence. Each circle reaches around ten to twenty feet in length, totaling the amount of distance covered by this line of attack to around half a mile. However, the more power she can put into these attacks, the more range she can cover, at the cost of more energy being used, giving her a pretty heavy drawback when it comes to this.

  • Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Abolition Phoenix: Using Hadō #54, Haien, as a base, Kitarune casts Haien through a purple magic circle in front of her, unleashing the spell in the form of a large phoenix-shaped blast of energy. As it travels, the blast ignites and melts away, turning the blast of energy into a colossal, burning phoenix that singes the ground, causing a small explosion of fire upon contact. Like the previous spells, this is also modifiable in how many magic circles are used to give a full range of how many levels of influence and power this, with the maximum power of this being able to be around the level of Hadō #70. Due to the massive drain that this can create for Kitarune, this is restricted to two to three uses in a turn, before being restricted for six turns afterward.

  • Hundred-Layer Magic Circle - Orchid Wind: Named after the Kido it's based on, Orchid Wind is, for the most part, an augmented and modified version of Hadō #58, Tenran. By creating a magic circle and causing it to spin at rapid speeds, Kitarune can use this time to layer the magic circles on the spell to increase the power during the casting time. Whenever she decides to stop the spinning, Kitarune can unleash a powerful funnel of spiritual energy and air at an opponent, generating from her staff and traveling in a straight line. This can also be modified, using multiple magic circles in tandem to create multiple smaller whirlwinds, with a more wide-spread effect, rather than everything being focused in a single circle. Like the other spells, this is also restricted to 2-3 posts, before going on a six post cooldown.


Bankai Name: Jugenro - Hakkakusu (呪源路 八角州, The Way of Magic's Source - Eight Angle Sandbar)

@Rawk wrote:
Meaning: ...Now, onto the Bankai. Continuing with the thematic of a river, 八角州, "Hakkakusu," is a play on the phrase 三角州, which refers to a river delta. The literal translation of the term would roughly be "three angle sandbar," but in changing the first kanji to 八, it becomes "eight angle sandbar." Eight is something of an important number in subjects of wisdom, seen most prominently in the Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism. By adding this number to the many branching paths of a river delta, there is the implication of a more enlightened design to said branches.

Bankai Release Phrase: “Cast a spell unto the heavens, Jugenro - Hakkakusu!”

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities

The Archmage: When Kitarune enters Bankai, the first thing that changes would be a tremendous boost in power in her magical prowess, allowing her Kido Modification, and Empowerment spells to be taken to an even further degree. This allows her to boost Kido spells to even the limits of the Kido library's power, and even beyond that with the addition of magic circles, leaving her a dangerous foe to fight. Furthermore, there is an additional passive effect that Kitarune gains when she is in this state. To combat against others who share a similar skill or talent as she does, Kitarune gains an improved version of her Shikai ability, "Reflective Ward". Just by being in this second release state, Kitarune emits a shield around herself that functions the same as the aforementioned: resisting the damage of other magics used against her, this time by around 45%.

This allows her a great deal of magical resistance to this who might end up using Kido, or other forms of wizardry against her, but, like Reflective Ward, this shares many of its downsides. While it is capable of weakening any magic that impacts this shield, it is by no means a permanent effect. Like before, three high-powered spells (i.e, an all-out attack from someone of a similar tier, or something akin to two spells of #80 and below) can break this shield and leave her open, but the shield will automatically restore itself within a five post period, while also being limited to three uses and a max duration of eight posts.

Temporal Magic: The first form of new magic that Kitarune gains while in Bankai, this allows her to manipulate the concept of time in her way. Unlike Reality Magic, this -- along with Spatial Magic -- allows her to directly affect another person. Using this, Kitarune can freeze the flow of "time" in another person or object, freezing the energy in said person/object. In a person, this would cause the flow of energy to slow down, making energy-based attacks be slow and difficult to unleash (20%). On the other hand, however, Kitarune can apply the reverse, affecting allies and speeding up the flow of time in their bodies (also 20%). During this period, allies would be able to perform energy-based attacks much easier and faster. These effects begin to fade in two posts, fully dissipating by the third post and going on a five post cooldown.

Spatial Magic: The second magic that Kitarune attains in Bankai, spatial manipulation. As the name entails, this allows her to briefly alter the properties of space around her to a maximum of three miles. At its core, this allows her to briefly disturb the space of something, either physical or spiritual to achieve a variety of effects. This can go as far as to swap the locations of two things occupying a different space. One of the main uses for this would be the ability to "prevent" regeneration, in a sense. By tapping into this power, Kitarune can use this to cut through the body and disrupt the space between the body and the limb, moving it to a separate space. With this, regeneration can't activate normally, as the limb technically isn't "removed", it merely occupies is in a different space, and can still move and function normally. However, this requires Kitarune to actually "cut" someone with this. Furthermore, this can only be done once before going on a five post cooldown.

Spatial Magic Scale (Kido)
Beginner: Half-mile
Adept: One mile
Advanced: Mile and a half
Elite: Two miles
Master: Two and a half
Grand Master: Three miles

Solar Magic - Sunbreaker: Solar Magic isn't as much of a new form of magic as it is a highly advanced form of her original fire magic. As per the name, this allows her fire magic to reach new and higher levels of heat (15% fire-based spell damage increase while decreasing Bakudo proficiency by 40%), enough so that it could be considered to be drawing energy and heat from the sun itself. To do this, Kitarune must gather energy from the world, heating it and combining it with a fire-based Kido as a base, such as Shakkaho, Sokatsui, or Soren Sokatsui to create a physical form for the spell. This advanced form of magic is the basis for the penultimate spell of Kitarune's fire-based magic: Apocalyptic Blaze.

Thousand-Layer Magic Circles: The ultimate form of Kitarune's magic circles, only accessible while in Bankai. As it is an augmented form of the previous two incarnations of the ability, there is little that has changed. With her now being able to layer up to a thousand magic circles on top of one another to achieve even greater levels of power to modify and augment her Kido spells with, her magic becomes incredibly powerful, costly, and dangerous. The power of her spells has increased to titanic proportions, with her spells reaching only singular usage limits before going on cooldown as a drawback to this, as well as a massively increased energy cost.

  • Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Apocalyptic Blaze: The strongest of Kitarune's fire magic, and the signature of her Thousand-Layer Magic Circles. By creating hundreds of magic circles in the air her opponent -- all of which are already layered to further increase its power to absurd proportions -- Kitarune can use two spells as a base for this spell. The first being Shakkaho, causing a large ball of red energy forms above the circles, before crashing to the ground, passing through the circles as it goes, empowering the spell as it falls. When it reaches the ground, it sets off a tremendous explosion in a three-mile radius around it.

    Immediately afterward, Kitarune can utilize the second Kido spell used as a base, Haien, to manipulate the flames in the ensuing explosion, altering them to both start spreading at an incredibly fast rate, as well as taking on the properties of the spell they are based on. By doing this, anyone caught up in the flames will find their regeneration taking more energy to utilize to their fullest potential, as well as said regeneration being much slower than normal. However, due to the immense power of this spell, it is only able to be used once, and after that, it will be unusable for the rest of the thread due to the immense energy costs.

  • Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - God Thrust: While this spell does not have nearly the amount of area-of-effect that her other spells have, Kitarune is still able to use the compressed form of the spell to cause a great deal of damage. By using the first Hadō spell as a base, Sho, Kitarune can channel this into either her staff, her hand, or another magic circle as she layers the others on top of it. By pointing a finger, thrusting her staff or sword forward, or by using some other means of casting, Kitarune mixes in Byakurai in order to increase the damage, and add to the effects.

    Both of these spells combined create a spell of kinetic force and electricity, capable of piercing most kinds of defense -- albeit over a small area -- and push an opponent backward with the force of an F1 tornado. However, what makes this spell different than most others is that due to the negligible energy costs of the two spells used for this, God Thrust is one of the very few spells that can be used in rapid succession, though to do so, Kitarune needs to lower the power of the spell. Furthermore, even without using it in rapid succession, this spell is still capable of being used multiple times before going on cooldown, totaling around three times, before going on a four-post cooldown.

  • Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Arc Ring: Arc Ring is one of the simplest spells in her Bankai's arsenal, as it isn't modifying the existing spell as much as the others. By gathering and channeling energy into her staff, Kitarune can utilize Zangerin as the base spell, augmenting it with her base powers in order to unleash a slash of energy from the weapon within the immediate vicinity with enough power to level multiple buildings. However, the very nature of this spell is a weakness. By gathering energy and concentrating it into her staff, as well as using Zangerin as a base, this gives the two heavy restrictions of energy consumption, as well as being able to only use this within a very short range, being around three feet.

  • Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Drums of Raijin: The strongest of Kitarune's electric magic, and one of the most taxing. By using Hadō #88, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō as the core for this spell, Kitarune layers all of the magic circles at the end of her staff, empowering the already present energy and modifying the effects of the spell. Instead of firing a single large beam of spiritual and electrical energy, Kitarune is able to take a post to compress the beam into three large orbs of energy that she can release from her staff, one per post. Each of them is able to create a dome-shaped explosion (something that can be turned on her by attacking the orb), expanding outward with electrical and spiritual energy at around fifty feet in size, each. This can only be used twice in a thread, with a six post cooldown in between.

  • Thousand-Layer Magic Circle - Magus Infinite: When it comes to many release forms, there is always a technique or power that is meant to show the absolute pinnacle of their power. For Kitarune, this is Magus Infinite. To begin this spell, Kitarune needs to channel a large amount of energy into her magic circles, something that takes a post to fully charge, creating one for each type of magic as she layers other circles on top of another to give it even further power, before creating a singular one over the rest, larger than the others, stretching out at around three and a half miles in total.

    After the circles have finished forming, almost immediately after, a massive eruption of elemental, conceptual, and spiritual energy occurs, capable of causing a variety of effects within; electrocution, burning, slowing down the flow of energy within the body through the added effects of her temporal magic, and tampering with healing powers through her spatial magic's natural disruption capabilities. However, due to the power of this spell with how many forms of magic it combines together, it comes as no surprise that the energy drain for this spell is absurd, capable of draining Kitarune's energy supply almost entirely if not used properly, leaving it with only a single use per thread.

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Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] WEc5VW2Topic: The Clash for the Second Division

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Search in: Second Division: Kido Corps/Medicine/Healing   Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] FiwaoqcSubject: The Clash for the Second Division    Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] EmptyWed Apr 05, 2017 3:06 pm
After the words decided the beginning of the fight things went quiet. Deathly quiet. Nothing could be heard. Well only one thing. Zen's voice. It was coming from everywhere, no discernible source. He simply moved out of the way of both incoming kido. The gravity did tug at him slowing him down a tad, but he simply reappeared behind Izanagi. With an open palm he would attempt to hit his challenger's back. A hit strong enough to send him flying into the air. Zen had no need to use his Zanpakuto in a very long time, he spent his time focusing on kido, but he was quite the expert in hand to hand fighting, and his lithe frame covered up the massive strength that laid hidden inside.

"Kido are much weaker when you can't make the incantations properly. You have knocked them down to one word, quite commendable." His voice coming from all directions.

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, twist and destroy" he said as blue flames circled infront of him before releasing a massive twister of flames into the sky. This was a combination of Hadō #33 and #58. The combination created a massive whirlwind of flames that was headed directly towards Izanagi. To add insult to injury Zen wasn't on the ground anymore. He appeared behind Izanagi once more. He pointed his Zanpakuto at Izanagi blasting him with a silent, but bone crushing sound that would further push him into the flames.

Of course his bones wouldnt be crushed instantly, that would take time. But he would feel the pain down to his core. And thats what Zen wanted to do. Of course he was going to fight him, but deep inside Zen was quite the sadist. If Izanagi wanted a fight, he was going to give him one. But it was going to be slow and painful. As the thoughts came to Zen's mind his eyes narrowed and his eyes turned a crimson red. Eyes that could strike fear into anyone that looked at them.
Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] WEc5VW2Topic: Shocking Training! Young Captain vs. Old Captain: Can an old dog learn new tricks?

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Search in: Forest, Rivers, and Lakes   Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] FiwaoqcSubject: Shocking Training! Young Captain vs. Old Captain: Can an old dog learn new tricks?    Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] EmptySun Feb 14, 2016 8:52 pm
Zen chuckled at the way the young captain spoke and acted. He acted as if he was wise beyond his yeas, which could be true, age is merely a number and wisdom doesnt always follow the aged. It was nice to hear that Carter was taking a break from all the paper work one would think that shinigami get to go on all the cool missions and kill hollows and demons, but it wasnt like that all the time. There was so much paperwork. Now that there was more technology there isnt so much physical paperwork, but in the past there was.

"I remember. Back in my day we had to carry so much paper. Now with technology that has been drastically cut down. No more 200 pound stacks of paper." he said with a chuckle. "And I wouldnt say that you found this place by mistake Captain Carter. This lake has a history of drawing people to it." Zen reached down into his right pant pocket and pulled out a long, deep blue conductors baton. From the feel of it Carter would know that this was Zen's Zanakuto. Zen turned around, his back to Carter, holing his Zanpakutō in the air smiling at it.

"This is the place where I was finally able to listen to Aurora. Not once, but twice. Im sure you know what that means." He was clearly referring to achieving his Shikai and Bankai here. It was quite odd indeed. One would say that it was probably just coincidence, but to Zen it couldnt have been pure chance, there was something about this lake that was connected to him and his Zan, but he needed to figure it out.

With his back still turned to the new captain he looked at the lake as he spoke "The lake probably called to you as well, perhaps to make both of us stronger." In the blink of an eye he flash stepped away, back to the center of the lake, looking at the captain on the shore. He hovered his Zanpakutō in the air before lightly tapping it, causing it to spin in the air. He lightly grabbed it stopping it, as he said "Hadō #58: Tenran"

As he finished those words a widening blast of wind was fired from his spot. As it went over the lake, it picked up water from the lake, creating a swirling storm of wind and water.
Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] WEc5VW2Topic: Zen's Kido (Finished)

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Search in: Approved Kidō   Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] FiwaoqcSubject: Zen's Kido (Finished)    Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] EmptyFri Jan 29, 2016 10:59 pm
Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Q83eKaM

» Kido Spell Name: Galaxy Chorus
» Kido Spell Type: Hadō
» Kido Spell Usage: It can be used by anyone after training.
»Kido Number [Optional]: It has no number, but power wise it is around #60
»Kido Incantation: “Gates to the heaves open wide and marvel us with your song!”

» Kido Spell Effects: As the incantation is started a 50 foot disk of reiatsu, matching the casters reiatsu color, starts forming and slowly rotating. The caster then makes circles with their finger to increase the speed of the spinning disk. The faster it spins the brighter it glows. Once the desired speed is achieved the reiatsu is released and takes the form of small stars, no larger than 1 foot in diameter. While individually they do not cause much damage the danger comes in their sheer numbers. Depending on the Kido ability of the caster it could range from hundreds of stars to thousands, creating a terrible star shower.
» Notes:N/A

Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Q83eKaM

» Kido Spell Name: Coral Maelstrom
» Kido Spell Type: Hadō
» Kido Spell Usage: Anyone can learn it after training.
»Kido Number [Optional]: It has no number, but power wise it is around #60
»Kido Incantation: “Feel the power of the raging seas!”

» Kido Spell Effects: As the incantation starts a torrent of water surrounds the caster. From the water comes out branching coral that grows out toward the opponent. The coral acts as a funnel for the water that is propelled at great pressure. The range of the coral channel is a maximum of 25 feet. If the target is at a larger distance the water will keep traveling in the direction that the coral last pointed it towards. As the water moves the coral is destroyed, forming a torrent of pressurized water and sharp shards. It has a maximum range of 100 feet.

» Notes: N/A

Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Q83eKaM

» Kido Spell Name: Sakura Turbulence
» Kido Spell Type: Bakudo
» Kido Spell Usage: Anyone can learn it after training.
»Kido Number [Optional]: It has no number, but power wise it is around #60
»Kido Incantation: “Dance for me Cherry Blossoms”

» Kido Spell Effects: A 50 foot tall cherry blossom tree with a black trunk and branches in full bloom forms behind the caster. The tree then loses its petals as a 60 MPH gale blows in a 50 wide by 200 foot long area. This gale blows forwards for 2 posts. Any magical, spirit, or ability effects that have a lower power rating compared to a #50 kido are blow away and negated by the wind.

» Notes: N/A

Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Q83eKaM

» Kido Spell Name: Scarlet Prominence
» Kido Spell Type: Hadō
» Kido Spell Usage: Anyone can learn after training.
»Kido Number [Optional]: It has no number, but power wise it is around #60
»Kido Incantation: “Burn O’ Flames!”

» Kido Spell Effects: This kido creates a 50 foot diameter sphere of fire that resembles the sun. It then fires a blast of fire, of the same diameter, in the targets direction.

» Notes: N/A

Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Q83eKaM

» Kido Spell Name: Full Moon Humming
» Kido Spell Type: Bakudo
» Kido Spell Usage: Anyone can learn with training.
»Kido Number [Optional]: It has no number, but power wise it is around #40
»Kido Incantation: “Glitter, O’ Moon!” (Kirakira, Tsuki yo!)

» Kido Spell Effects: A domed barrier resembling he full moon forms in front of the caser. This barrier can stop kido up to #50. It is essentially a Danku for those that can’t access it. Un-like Danku this barrier is mobile and lasts for 2 posts.

» Notes: [Any extra information to add? If not, N/A this section]

Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Q83eKaM

» Kido Spell Name: Pillar of Health
» Kido Spell Type: Bakudo/Healing
» Kido Spell Usage: Anyone can learn with training.
»Kido Number [Optional]: Bakudo #78
»Kido Incantation: “Heavenly pillars, come down and protect the fallen!”
» Kido Spell Effects: This causes 5 pillars to fall from the sky around the intended target, after they fall they create a 20ft tall and wide barrier. This barrier can stop attacks withequivalent force to that of Hadō #58. From the second post onward it begins to heal those inside by 5% each post they are inside. From the third post onward the shield weakens, decreasing the strength needed to destroy it, in kido numbers, by 5. (53, 48, 43, 38, 33, etc.) After 5 posts the healing effect ends and just the barrier remains, but it continues to weaken over time.

» Notes: The incantation is actually longer, but Zen has used the shortened verion fo so long he has forgotten the rest. This essentially makes it exclusive to him and those that are older than him that could have been exposed to it.

Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] WEc5VW2Topic: The End of Words [CLOSED COMBAT: Nix + Isane vs Saca Dila][The Black World Arc Event Series]

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Search in: Black World Arc Board [FINISHED EVENT]   Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] FiwaoqcSubject: The End of Words [CLOSED COMBAT: Nix + Isane vs Saca Dila][The Black World Arc Event Series]    Topics tagged under 58 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 9:34 am

Shiro Sagisu - Diamond Dust Rebellion - Invasion / Word Count: 1540

Isane was never so afraid before. Not in the face of the Exequias, not during the incursion of Sousuke Aizen, not even when being at the mercy of the unquestionably frightening Tres Espada, Tia Harribel. Some would call it a tactical retreat, but she knew better. She ran away, utilizing the most advanced flash steps she knew to gain distance from her advesary and hide between the pillars of an abandoned, roofless warehouse, to hide her tattered body and the shame that goes with it.

*This is horrible...I...I'm just no match for 'that'! The records of the Onmitsukido were frightening enough, but this...this makes no sense! Why is it so much stronger? Isn't it supposed to be an inversion of sorts? I don't understand..."


A cold night dawned upon the maligned Karakura Town. With both Kora A'ina of Soul Society having been subdued and the mirror dimension crumbling away, the undefeated Saca Dila poured over to the realms still affected - much to the misfortune of the inhabitants. It only took half an hour before alarming reports reached the Gotei 13, as multiple Shinigami Saca Dila seem to have migrated to the Earth Realm, including Karakura Town. Some of them reportedly reached Vice Captain levels of reiatsu, presenting a vast threat to anyone who would cross their path, and their rampage would not come to an end until they were subdued by force.

Isane was sent out on a special mission aiding the containment squad with the backing of Relief Team 7, focusing on civilian casualties. The leadership knew that while the members of the relief squads were able to handle themselves in the case of a Hollow incursion, they were no match for something that boasted the power of a Lieutenant. Protection of similar level was needed.

The Senkaimon opened over a remote area of Old Karakura town. The defenses against an onslaught were the scarcest here, meaning that it was quite likely for the reverse entities to migrate here. The containment teams spread out in swift succession - if it were for the conflict to escalate, containing collateral damage would be paramount. It was known that the Saca Dila were drawn to their original hosts, and while most of them weren't identified yet, the teams mostly took up positions in large, abandoned buildings so that the havoc their fights unleashed would be muted down, not endangering the unfortunate souls that still had to linger around these parts. After only quarter of an hour procuring victims of the attacks, the hastily set up relief camp was already hosting several dozen wounded humans and pluses. Most of the latter wouldn't even remember their transition to the afterlife - a horrifying prospect, making Konsou and the explanation thereof difficult and tedious. Hysteria was rampant all over the place, when a band of Shinigami darted out of an alley, screaming. They all wore the relief packs of the 4th, but weren't carrying any injured. Their faces spoke of true horror. They were fleeing from something.
"Help! Lieutenant-sama! We are under a-"

Their cry for help was to be cut short. A loud shout echoed through the alley. It came from behind them, and bore a ringing of true, unveiled malice. "Hadō # 32, Oukasen!" A flash as bright as the light of the midday sun filled the area, and the destructive spell carved a path of destruction amongst the gathering. It reached almost a quarter of a mile in length - the Shinigami caught in the blast were reduced to nothing but smoldering remains. Anything that lay in its path was devastated, including half a dozen injured, before the silver-haired Vice Captain could even try to stop its rampage.

"Bakudo #39: Enkousen!" she screamed, after bravely flash-stepping into the path of the Hadō. The shield barely held, splitting the golden wave in two before cracking in the middle. Despite being a low level spell, it felt like it came from a Captain. Soon, a tall figure emerged from the direction the spell was shot from. A figure that resembled hers to a frightening level.

"Swords! Fuyuki, Matsuoka, Isobe - let's go!" Isane shouted valiantly, drawing her Zanpakutō after making sure no other intruders were in the area. The junior officers followed her command, and they lounged at the intruder in unison. Their flash-steps were coordinated and their strikes precise - it was truly a marvel to watch the Fourth refute their unjust label. They were briefed extensively on the enemies they'd face of course. But the sight they were about to see stopped their swords at just the critical moment.

"Out of my way, mongrels" the Saca Dila of Isane shouted in a warped voice, before her movements exploded into a whirlwind of violence. She blocked the fettered strike of Fuyuki with her bare hand, retaliating in the fraction of a second. Her fingers sank deep into his abdomen, releasing a spray of blood and mangled guts. Matsuoka managed to get a shallow cut onto her shoulder, but received a roundhouse kick to the head in turn. The impact itself almost sounded like a thunderclap, slamming the seated officer into a column of reinforced concrete with a broken neck. Isobe didn't even manage to finish his attack - with a flick of her three-pronged sword a hail of blackened ice darts pierced his body. He let go of his sword and clutched the jagged shards, bending over in pain...

And Isane froze down, paralyzed by the vicious reiatsu the creature expelled. As the last one of her comrades fell down, she met her gaze finally - and only by staring into the bottomless, black eyes she could finally understand why this incursion was so terrifying.
*This...this can't be happening...*

"It is YOU that I alone! I wondered how many of these pawns I had to cut down to finally get to you." Isane didn't answer. As soon as she regained her composure, she used Shunpo to gain distance from the creature. Without avail. The Saca Dila followed suit, matching - no, surpassing her speed. "Don't you dare make a face like that, you worm." She tried to block her spinning kick with Bakudo #8: Seki, but the force of it was just too much for her feeble defense to deflect. The Kido shattered with a barely audible noise - the creature's leg rammed itself right into her side, sending her flying just like it did with Matsuoka. The Saca Dila looked to the side - a frown passed her pallid lips as she raised her hand to finish off the relief camp in an instant.

"As soft as ever. Tch. Do you think I'll let you off with a warning like that snotty ryoka did on Sokyoku Hill? Maybe this will get you fired up. Hyoga Seiran."

A desperate flash step, and Isane placed herself in the path of the blooming river of frost unfolding just in front of her. Just below the wave, four converging lines shimmered, extending rapidly into a glimmering inverted pyramid, sealing the Hadō away inside.

"Bakudo #73: Touzansho!"
"Koujutsu Eisho? That's more like it. But observe...and despair."

Cracks began to line the barrier, and it shattered within a moment's notice. Isane expected this however and responded in kind. It was enough to break the attack's momentum."Hadō #58: Tenran!" the Vice Captain shouted, extending her palms towards the fearsome creature, blasting the wave of frost right back at her. She seemed surprised for a moment, but just as her feet submerged into the blue ripple, she flashed away, to the top of a concrete pillar.

"So much effort to save their worthless lives. You'll have nothing left to fight me, if you continue like this."
"Shut your heartless beast..." she said, her voice starting to fail her. A glance to the back revealed that the remaining members of her squad were already at work, bravely seeing to the evacuation of the survivors as fast as they could. She however started wavering...she knew it was impossible to keep up like this.


"This is Vice Captain Isane Kotetsu, requesting permission for limit release in the face of overwhelming force! Please, answer!"
"...Uh, Vice Captain-san? What's the situation down there?"
"I ain't got time to file a report! We are losing people as we speak! Hurry up, damnit! "
" it that bad? Hang on...Permission for limit release granted. Take care down there!"
"I'll try...thanks."

She could barely move her legs anymore. It wasn't rocket science to figure out why breathing was so excruciating either; her swiftly administered Kaidou was insufficient to provide relief to the pain of several broken ribs. The voice of her tormentor grew closer however. There wasn't much time.

"A beast, hm? Pathetic fool...when will you finally understand, that I am what you should be, you miserable piece of trash?!"

The creature shattered the pillar she hid behind with a single sweep of her leg. Isane barely managed to dodge, flashing to the base of the next concrete monolith. And as the two finally faced off on even footing, their swords were drawn almost simultaneously, followed by a hauntingly synchronized battle cry only a select few would know.


A voice rang in the dark depths of her mind... "Isane" ...while the swords grew two additional blades each..."Let me protect you, Isane".


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This will be the list of all Kido Techniques on the site, both Canon and Custom. This list will be composed in the way of all kido being in order by number and in the following format.

Note: When I organized the Custom Kido, I went from the last page to the most recent page, getting things chronologically. For this reason, if a Kido has a number that conflicts with the number of a Canon or Custom Kido that came before it, I simply put it under "Unknown Number". If you see one of your kido on the Unknown Number list and would like to assign it to an untaken number, just let me know and I'll make the appropriate changes.

Note #2: Before using one of these Kido in a thread, check to make sure it's a Kido that your character can use. If it's too high of a level for them, or if its specific to only one practitioner, do not use that kido.

Note #3(Added by Wan):The url hyperlink for each custom kido keys off the "Hadō" or "Bakudo" not the name of the kido itself.

Canon Kido
Custom Kido

Let's get started.


Known Numbers

Unknown Numbers


Known Numbers

Unknown Numbers





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Izuru Kira
Unknown (550+)
Izuru has blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair that is combed into three points, with two in the back of his head and a third combed to cover his left eye. He also wears the standard Shinigami robes and the 3rd Division's lieutenant armband on his left arm. When he was a student at the Shinigami Academy, his hair was shorter and shaggier, with his bangs hanging just above his left eye and he wore the standard blue uniform for the males.


۩P E R S O N A L I T Y۩

Izuru is a gloomy and introspective person, not easily given to socializing with others. He generally appears weak and indifferent, leading many to believe he lacks ability as a leader. As an officer, he does not tend to inspire confidence or boost morale the way other lieutenants do. It should be noted that Izuru's current personality greatly differs from his days in the academy where he was shown to be much happier and slightly mischievous after noting that Shūhei Hisagi had failed his entrance exam twice, whereas Izuru passed at the top of his class, giving him the idea that, in a sense, his talent was greater.
His personality flaws are also assets: his introspection coupled with his tendency to worry makes him indecisive, but it also makes him sensitive to unusual behavior. His loyalty to his comrades inspires him to great efforts in their defense, as seen when Momo Hinamori attacks Gin Ichimaru and again in the anime when Makoto Kibune's attacks endanger other members of the 3rd Division.

Izuru is loyal to both his friends and his duties, perhaps to a fault. Despite the close friendship he shares with Momo Hinamori, Izuru shows that his loyalty knows no boundaries when he defends his captain while she is in a grief-induced rage from her own captain's apparent death. Despite this, he calls himself a "monster" afterwards for raising his sword against her.

During his fight with Abirama Redder, it is revealed that Izuru considers the essence of war to be despair, as exemplified by the symbol of his division, the marigold. He also hates to fight unless prompted or given orders. However, in combat he shows ruthless determination. Izuru has shown himself remorseless with this, beheading an opponent that was pleading for mercy.

It is known that he likes to write haiku, and he was also awarded for one of his pieces by Seireitei Communication, which is as follows: "The persimmon tree bears fruit. Aaah, the persimmon tree bears fruit again this year." His dislike for dried persimmon (a huge difference between him and his former captain) sheds some light on the background of the poem. He likes agar-agar instead. He also writes a serial novel titled "I Want to Apologize to You." It runs in Seireitei Communication and every new chapter begins with a haiku piece. He is also the author of Kira Izuru's Haiku Time. He is on good terms with fellow author Shūhei Hisagi, and in their free time, they participate on gatherings of haiku lovers. Izuru also gives a special lecture of poetry on the Shinigami Academy. It is also known that he is skilled in playing cat's cradle.

۩B A C K G R O U N D۩


< Child through his Induction as a Shinigami >

Izuru Kira was born into a family of lesser nobility, his parents having been dead since he was young. On the day he first entered into the Shinigami Academy he visited his parent's grave. It is there that he met fellow student Renji Abarai when he fell out a tree onto his parent's burial marker. Renji was scolded by his friend Rukia Kuchiki for falling asleep in the tree. Upon entrance into the academy Izuru was placed in the special accelerated class alongside Renji and Momo Hinamori. Later that day the students engaged in using Hadō in their Kidō class, with Izuru excelling over the rest of his class. However, he was only able to defend against the aggressive nature and fighting style of Renji in their swordsmanship class. While the two were resting underneath a tree Renji and Izuru introduced themselves and struck up a friendship with each other; it was also on this day that 5th Division captain Sōsuke Aizen and his lieutenant Gin Ichimaru came to the academy to inspect the freshman class.
Two months later the class was given leave to go to the world of the living for a training session in Konsō. The training session was to be lead by 6th year student Shūhei Hisagi and two of his classmates, Kanisawa and Aoga. The fact that Hisagi was leading the mission caused a ruckus which prompted Izuru to explain to Renji why Hisagi was so famous. Izuru then noted that he himself, as that year's top student, probably had more talent than Hisagi. The various students were then placed into three-person teams, Izuru and Renji were placed with Momo. The class then set out for the world of the living to begin their training mission.

As the training session was coming to a close, the class was surprised when a Hollow attacked them and killed Kanisawa. When Aoga saw this he went to fight the Hollow, but was also killed. Hisagi then called for all the students to fall back and run for their lives, while he held the Hollow off. When Momo stopped running Izuru asked her why, to which she responded that she didn't understand why they were fleeing, despite Izuru and Renji trying to reason with her she went back to attack the Hollow and save Hisagi. Realizing there was no getting through to her, Izuru and Renji decided that they had to try and help her. Much to the surprise of Hisagi the three of them appeared just in time to block the attacks of the Hollow. Izuru asked for forgiveness in not following Hisagi's orders and then congratulated Momo when she used Hadō #31 Shakkahō. But to their surprise the small victory was cut short by the arrival of many more Hollows. They were then saved by the timely arrival of captain Sōsuke Aizen and lieutenant Gin Ichimaru, who effortlessly took out all the hollows, while the three students stood amazed.

After graduation, Izuru, along with Renji and Momo, was sent to the 5th Division, where he stayed until Gin Ichimaru became captain of the 3rd Division. It is known that Izuru spent some time in the 4th Division, as noted by Shūhei, and the fact that he carries medical implements like shinten, a trait virtually exclusive to members of the 4th Division.

< As a Shinigami >

Izuru is initially seen amidst a group of Shinigami (including fellow lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi) witnessing the arrival of Ichigo Kurosaki and the other Ryoka in Rukongai. He is later seen at a lieutenants meeting being briefed on the injuries of the Gotei 13 by Yasochika Iemura.
Upon Renji's defeat by Ichigo Kurosaki, Renji is brought to a secure location and is watched over by his friends Izuru and Momo Hinamori, lieutenant of the 5th Division. Distraught, Momo asks Izuru to call for the 4th Division medics. Byakuya Kuchiki then appears behind Momo and tells them that there is no need, as Renji is to be thrown in jail. When Momo tries to plead with him, Byakuya plainly tells her that he doesn't want excuses, since Renji was alone when he fought and he has no reason to have lost. Momo asks him how can he say that, but she is stopped by Izuru, who apologizes to Byakuya before a reluctant Momo does the same.

Later when Momo distraught over the apparent murder of Aizen goes to attack 3rd Division captain Gin Ichimaru who she believes to be behind it, she is countered by Izuru. Momo asks him why and he plainly tells her he is the lieutenant of the 3rd Division, he doesn't care what her reason is, he can not allow her to point her sword at his captain. Momo continues to yell at Izuru to move and he continually refuses prompting her to release her Shikai and use its ability against him. Izuru scolds her for using her Shikai and then tries to reason with her, but she just uses another blast on him which causes him to release his own Shikai and move to attack her, they both are countered by the arrival of 10th Division captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya. He orders them to be restrained and to be imprisoned.

While in jail Izuru is distraught and despises himself for raising his sword at Momo who is one of his close friends. He is interrupted by Gin who offers to free him. As Gin and Izuru make there way through Seireitei they are confronted by Hitsugaya, who had determined that Gin was the one behind Izuru's break out and attempts to kill him before Momo has the chance to, but Momo soon shows up and confronts Hitsugaya. When Hitsugaya and Gin square off against each other Izuru is told by Gin to back up unless he wants to die. Hitsugaya tells him that backing up is not enough and that he should leave the area, telling Izuru to not stop running even after they leave his sight. He further warns if Izuru stays anywhere within 7 square miles of the place they are at, he can't guarantee Izuru wont be dragged into the fight. Izuru then witnesses Hitsugaya's release of his Shikai for the first time and is amazed at its power.

During Sōsuke Aizen's plot against Soul Society, Izuru plays a role as a significant, yet clueless, puppet. His loyalty and dedication to following orders are used against him by Gin. In this capacity Izuru is sent to the Central 46 Compound where 10th Division captain Hitsugaya and his lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto are trying to figure out whose behind the deaths of the members of the Central 46. Hitsugaya and Rangiku chase after him with Hitsugaya questioning him if he had massacred the Central 46, but Izuru tells him it wasn't him as he only recently arrived himself. He then asks Hitsugaya if he is doing the smart thing by chasing him instead of protecting Momo. Hitsugaya is confused and asks him what he means by that and Izuru tells him that Momo has left the 10th Division barracks, he further explains how she accomplished the escape. He then tells Hitsugaya that Momo has been following him and Rangiku the entire time. Hitsugaya then has Rangiku face off against Izuru while he goes to find Momo. When Izuru realizes that Rangiku is now after him and Hitsugaya has gone he stops running. When Rangiku asks him if he was done running it explains that he has a mission to keep her there, when she asks who gave him that mission he tells her that Gin did. Rangiku tries to reason with him but Izuru refuses to answer her further, he then tells her that the reason he refuses to answer her is because she is about to die. He then releases his Shikai.

He asks Rangiku if she knows about his Zanpakutō's special ability. Rangiku plainly tells him that she doesn't and she assumes no one does as he has never spoken about it. Izuru explains that in fact his former classmates Renji and Momo know of it but he assures her she will now know it as well. The two face off and Rangiku realizes that her Zanpakutō has become too heavy for her to hold up. Izuru explains the power of his Zanpakutō and tells her how it has affected hers. He notes that she can't carry around that weight. Rangiku explains that if her Zanpakutō is too heavy she just won't carry it. Rangiku then reveals that his weight-affecting Zanpakutō is rendered useless by her Zanpakutō's ability to dissolve into ash. After their fight, Izuru hears from Isane via Bakudō #77 "Tenteikura" that his captain was a traitor. As Rangiku runs off to find Hitsugaya, a defeated Izuru remarks that they promised that they wouldn't hurt Momo. One week later, Izuru visits Rangiku in the 10th division barracks to apologize. The two get drunk and comment on how they don't need Gin in an effort to remove the feeling of betrayal that they both felt, the events of the week before, most likely forgiven.

When Aizen along with his three top Espada attack fake Karakura Town, he along with Yumichika Ayasegawa, Shūhei Hisagi, and Ikkaku Madarame are left to protect the four pillars that keep the real Karakura Town in Soul Society. He begins a battle with one of Baraggan Louisenbairn's Fracción, Abirama Redder. Abirama shows his personality and his form of combat preparation much to the annoyance of Izuru, when he finds out which division Izuru is from he goads him about not seeing through Gin Ichimaru's deceptions calling Izuru weak forcing him to attack the Arrancar. Abirama is happy to see Izuru is now ready for battle and he takes out his Zanpakutō and releases. Abirama becomes a humanoid bird-like creature and comments that though he can fly, his feathers are not ordinary feathers. He explains that they are steel feathers and that they are heavier than rocks. Izuru figures that since they are feathers, none the less they are affected by wind, Izuru then uses Hadō #58 "Tenran" against Abirama only to find his efforts fruitless as the Arrancar counters the spell with ease. Realizing that Izuru has disappeared from view into the building below, Abirama decides to attack the building itself attempting to bring Izuru out by force. When Izuru realizes the attacks will bring the building down with him in it, he leaves and decides to try to evade the Arrancar out in the open. Abirama decides to end the battle and invigorates himself thus increasing his power, he then proceeds to attack Izuru and tears apart a corner of the building in doing so. Izuru plays possum so that he can get in close enough to use his Zanpakutō on the Arrancar's wings causing him to crash through the building due to his tremendous weight. Izuru then explains to him the special ability of his Zanpakutō. When Abirama calls his ability underhanded, Izuru explains to him that war is 'depressing' and that there's 'nothing exciting about it', where as Abirama believed war to be 'fun and honorable'. He explains how his Zanpakutō represents the philosophy of his division the most, out of all Zanpakutō. Izuru then explains why his Zanpakutō is shaped the way it is, and uses it to behead Avirama. As he walks away from Avirama's corpse, he prays that the Arrancar doesn't forgive him. He then uses Shinten to knock out a crazed Yumichika Ayasegawa when Ikkaku Madarame loses his battle.

He is seen alongside Shūhei Hisagi, who saves Momo Hinamori from the "pet" of Tier Harribel's Fracción, Ayon. Shūhei orders Izuru to go heal Momo and Rangiku, saying as he is a former 4th Division member, he is the most experienced. Izuru is reluctant, as it was a long time ago, but he takes Momo and Rangiku to a nearby pillar. First, he uses Bakudō #73, "Tozansho". Then he proceeds to heal Rangiku, who is more seriously injured. He asks Hinamori to hang on, but after Ayon dispatches Hisagi and Iba, it moves so as to attack Izuru. Luckily, General Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto intervenes, dispatching the Hollow that caused so much trouble for the lieutenants. He then asks for forgiveness, but is told to keep his barrier firm, for the battle was not over yet. He is then seen watching the battles against the Espada while he heals the injured lieutenants in a protective barrier that is being guarded by the 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura. He later begs Komamura to assist the other captains after Wonderweiss Margela and his companion free Aizen, Tōsen and Ichimaru. He is also seen feeling the battle is lost, just as the Vizard arrive.

Later when the captains are able to outsmart Aizen and Hitsugaya stabs him from behind, Izuru yells that the captains have finally won. Iba tells him he should look happier at this fact. All of a sudden Momo gets up and starts to walk away and Izuru and Iba ask her where she's going but she doesn't answer. Momo then swings her Zanpakutō at them.The two of them are cut down as Momo reveals herself as Aizen and that they were under his complete hypnosis the entire time.

Kira is later seen on the ground. He calls out to his former captain while watching the fight between Ichigo Kurosaki and Gin Ichimaru and then spots Rangiku Matsumoto running towards the fight. Kira screams after her and tries to move forward, but in the process sustains more injures. He keeps screaming after her as Rangiku was only healed to the point that her life could be sustained and nothing more.


Zanpakutô Spirit Name:
Wabisuke (the penitent one)


Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :
Wabisuke is very simple and plain in design. Its normal form is indistinguishable from a plain katana. The cross guard is a normal rectangular one, with only an omega design on the top and bottom half.

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

No Phatom Tech

Omote O Agero (Raise Your Head) Wabisuke

Shikai Description:
When activated, the blade loses its curve and straightens, and where a normal katana would end, Wabisuke's blade makes two 90 degree angles, forming three sides of a square reminiscent of a hook. Even more interestingly, the cutting edge of the blade is on the inside of the angles, not the outside.


Shikai Abilities:
In this form, Wabisuke doubles the weight of any object it strikes. The ability can affect both inanimate objects and living beings, and is cumulative. For example, the first strike on an opponent wielding a 10 lb sword doubles the opposing sword's weight to 20 lbs. If Izuru strikes the sword a second time, the weight of the sword doubles to 40 lbs. Izuru can continue doubling the weight of his opponent's sword indefinitely. After about eight or nine strikes, most opponents would be unable to lift their swords and are brought down to their knees by the weight of their own weapon. Though the potential of this ability is limitless, a small number of strikes to an opponent's blade is usually all that is needed to render them immobile. Its ability makes it look like he is forcing his opponents to bow their heads in apology for a past decision since it brings his opponents to their knees before him. With them immobile, the hook end of his blade can now show its gruesome function: Izuru can decapitate a fallen opponent by holding the square hook beneath his opponent's neck and lifting, like a reverse guillotine


Bankai Description:
Wabisuke ni kussuru (Bow to the penitent one) The Bankai's appears is not too different from the shikai. The only difference is that his blade turns into a double headed voulge like weapon, with the same straitened appearance. It also keeps the square head and the cutting edge on the inside of the blade. The voulge is as high as Izuru's shoulder.


Bankai Abilities:
The bankai has a few abilities, all relating to his shikai's ability.

The First Abillity:

Taijū kontorōru (Weight Control)

This is a passive ability gained when Izuru summons his bankai. With Taijū kontorōru Izuru is now able to fully control the weight of an object his bankai touches. Instead of doubling the weight of the item, Izuru
can now make it as heavy or as light as he wants it (Max would be 100 times it's normal weight and 1/100 of its normal weight, which also becomes cumulative like the shikai) [The practical application of it is to mess up the opponents center of gravity. Since they are so used to the weight of their weapon, once Izuru changes the weight of it, they wont be able to use their weapon properly.]

The Second Abillity:

Taijū no tei kiatsu (Weight Cyclone)

This ability allows Izuru to maximize his area of effect for his bankai. When Izuru wants to use Taijū no tei kiatsu , he begins spinning his Voulge, creating a cyclone towards the sky. The cyclone sends waves of reitsu in a radius of Izuru's choosing (the wider it is the less potent it is). Whatever is trapped in the area of the reitsu (except Izuru himself, because it's his own reitsu) has its weight multiplied by 10.

The Third Abillity:

Jūryō no torappu(Weight Trap) {Event Only}

This is a last resort move, using alot of Izuru's reitsu. It's basically the same as his second ability, but more devastating and temporary. It is most efficiently used when Izuru is surrounded by enemies and needs a quick escape. When he uses this move, Izuru just says Jūryō no torappu and the power is activated for a temporary time. The gist of the power is that after he says the name, a wave of reitsu covers the area and the weights of any object that is within the area covered is magnified enough so anything caught in it cannot move for one turn (full circle of posts)[when they recover, the opponents are in an extreme state of fatigue]. This abillity leaves Izuru so fatigued that he loses the bankai state and returns to his shikai.



Roleplay Sample:

The moon reflected off his blue eyes as the wind began to quiet down. He could hear his heart beating as the noise grew closer. Footsteps all around him. Not shinigami footsteps, but those of hollows. It was not one hollow he was dealing with, but a horde of them. This wouldn't normally be a problem for him, but the situation was not a normal one. Earlier that day, a hollow had attacked a group of children playing in District 20 of East Rukongai. As the hollow was about to make his blow, a blur of black fell from the sky with immense speed. Trailing this blur was something shining that the children could not make out. In an instant it crashed down to the ground, creating a dust cloud in it's wake. The colossal figure of the hollow separated in two and began disintegrating into the air. As the children watched with awe, a figure emerged from the fading dust cloud. He sheathed his zanpakto and looked back towards the children. At first, with a serious face, he said sternly, " You are safe now" , but after a quick second his countenance changed to a more softer expression as he explained to them to go back home.

An hour had passed since that battle and the man headed towards the forest. It was serene and quiet as he walked past the flourishing plant life. Birds whistled sweetly in the air, creating an atmosphere of bliss for the man. As he continued walking he said with a loud voice, "You can come out now", as he had figured that the children were following him. One by one the children came into site as they walked towards him looking down in shame. The man gently spoke, saying, "Children why have you followed me, it's dangerous in the woods at this time." They explained to him that they were in awe of his powers and that they were grateful that he came and rescued them. They wanted to follow him so they could be with him a little longer. As they continued their explanation, sharp shrills erupted from around their position. Flocks of birds swarmed out of the trees above, flying towards somewhere safer. Including those that were scrambling were the children. Once they heard the sound of the hollows they ran into the forest in every possible direction, away from the man. *Crap, why did the have to run, I have to find them before the hollows do*. He ran after where he thought the children were, as the sounds of the hollows began crescendoing.

He was surrounded by the hollows, but at least he managed to find all the boys, but one, and bring them to safety. At that instant, he heard a sharp scream, it was the last boy. He began using shunpo to gain distance towards where the boy was, while managing to avoid the incoming hollows. He was reaching a clearing of the forest, where the moon bathed the field enough that he could see his environment. About twenty paces into the clearing was the boy, but he was not alone. Two hollows had surrounding the unfortunate boy as they began advancing towards him. The man drew out his blade and whispered melancholically, " Raise your head Wabisuke", and with that, he raced into the clearing, hell bent on destroying this two creatures. As he was racing he said with an intesnse fervor, " You will not get this boy's soul you vile beasts. Not as long as Izuru Kira stands before you." And with that he leaped into the air and swung his mighty zanpakto towards the hollows.


۩S K I L L S H E E T۩

{Please do not fill out the following until your character has a tier}

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill:Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō:Advanced
  • Zanjutsu:Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept
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