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by Shinryu
on Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:47 pm
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Topic: Cross Division Sparring
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Cross Division Sparring

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How interesting, he was anticipating and setting movements ahead of time. He had to admit, it was interesting to see him try to manipulate the situation to his advantage. He came down for a strike on his shoulder and as it made an effort to arrive, Shin's necrotic Eshi surrounded his shoulder in a thin veil for a moment, acting as a barrier upon the moment of contact, before dissipating as contact ended. Yahiko wouldn't immediately notice the deadened flesh, muscles, tendon and nerves but a few moments after, the area around his Achilles heel and ankle would be temporarily necrotized, the areas around it would feel as if they were on fire. "My colors, you say? I'd be paying attention to your colors more than my own, to be honest." Shin said with a smirk, letting that idea linger for a moment.

Shin figured as suddenly vanished in a Shunpo. His movements suddenly created multiple pulses of reiryoku with feints that seemed like strong strikes that were aimed at his left side. Aiming strikes at left side with sharp feints seeming like grab attempts within Utsusemis before his Kamereon suddenly appeared at his right side at an angle that would force Yahiko to move using this right foot to avoid, sharpening his reiryoku on his index finger and creating a very tiny point and thrusting it towards Yahiko's shoulder, with the intent of cutting the bracchial nerve and into the joint. At the same time, Shin's lips uttered these words. "Bakudo #73: Tozansho." As those words left his lips, the ground beneath them and the area immediately surrounding them was surrounded in the shape of an inverted pyramid. However, the most noticeable thing to notice about it however wasn't it's size, which was smaller than normal at 20meters in diameter, but also was that it was a pale green of his Eshi, meaning contact with it would be necrotic as well as Shin after the jabbing finger strike would follow up with a forward palm strike intending to knock Yahiko into the wall.

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by Henrex
on Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:09 pm
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Topic: Blood N' Guts: Face Your God Damn Fears [Erna/Henrex]
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Blood N' Guts: Face Your God Damn Fears [Erna/Henrex]



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The wounds that would come would be nothing that Henrex wouldn't be expecting. The aura that the Fallen Angel seared through his skin like paper, with Henrex sending voltage throughout his body in order to cause his regeneration to be forced to higher speeds, causing the burns to be healing just as quickly as they were being created. However, this was not to say that this wasn't tolling on him, physically.

Only a few seconds and with little attacks after closing in on Erna, Henrex would be moving backward, allowing himself to be pushed away by the gust of wind as his own influence over the wind took hold, forcing the current to change its direction, now causing him to fly to the left. Yet, his speed would be dampened as his body was forced to the ground form the sudden change in gravity.

A loud crack sounded out from his body, and Henrex felt a small, numbing jolt of pain flicker throughout his body, and the half-breed shuddered in response to it, coughing up a mouthful of saliva and blood as a result. His eyes slowly opened as he felt a new feeling course over his body from the enjoyment that his body burned with from the initial blow and damage that it inflicted on him. But, her words had most certainly reached him.

Therefore, it would cause Henrex's next attacks to be presented with a greater deal of ferocity. While there was still quite a deal of hesitation there, Erna would be able to notice that there was a moderate deal of progress that Henrex had made from before.

The man rose to his feet and raised an arm from his side. The lightning that began to spew and disperse away from its target would be harnessed by the mental command issued by the avian. His hand clenched into a fist, and the bolts would immediately alter their course as Henrex refueled them with more of his energy, allowing the bolts to reach their maximum potential once again as they would attempt to crash into Erna once more from all four cardinal directions.

Sticking a finger into the air, the electricity would soon find itself retreating from the Angel as they soon retreated to the sky, forming together into a single mass of azure blue light. His arm dropped, and the lightning would drop down from the sky at Mach 2 speeds. Meanwhile, Henrex would be conjuring more and more lightning from his weapon, sending them out to form themselves into replicas of himself that would stand with him.

As Erna formed the massive arm which threatened to crush him where he stood and split the world open, Henrex would simply place his hand down on the ground as two letters of kanji grew to monstrous sizes, and it would spell one word:

Yomi (黄泉, World Of Darkness)

As it grew to its maximum size, a large, black orb would from the center of the letter. The moment that it formed, Erna would find everything in a half-mile radius being sucked into the center of that orb. Furthermore, Erna would notice that her sight would be obscured, as the blindness of the ability would quickly take effect after the pull of the orb would begin. If Erna were to touch the orb, she would find herself immediately blasted back with an immense burst of damage, along with this blindness retaining itself for three extra posts.

Ergo, it would attempt to force Erna to rely solely on her senses for the time being, even if she didn't touch the orb. There would still be the initial blindness that she would have to face. Thus, Henrex would be one to take full advantage of this as he began moving once more, the clones of himself dispersing around Erna.

These clones would eventually find themselves at very odd and random positions as they quickly disappeared, reforming into shuriken made of various elements, spread out across the areas that the clones had previously been in. Water, lightning, ice...hundreds of these shurikens would now be surrounding Erna as they all converged on her. Furthermore, a large torrent of air would begin to pull those same weapons towards Erna at rapid speeds, before Henrex would stretch his arm out to the side.

Azure light began to form around his hand as a massive blade jettisoned out from his hand as his willpower manifested into none other than his Personal Tulpa, Ken no kibō (剣の希望, Hope Of The Sword)! Swinging the massive weapon at the Fallen Angel, Henrex would before a large assortment of slashes aimed towards Erna. Yet, there would be one final attack that Henrex would use as of this time.

"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, the flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

Spreading his index and middle finger out, before making a pushing motion with his hand, Henrex would fire off two concentrated blasts of spiritual energy at Erna. As he had a cap of up to Hadō #90 with his current skill in Kido, it would be rather simple for him to fire off a single use of Hadō #73, Soren Sokatsui.

So, upon lowering his hand, Henrex remained on his guard, ready for whatever Erna had that she would throw at him.

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by Viz
on Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:05 am
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Topic: The Clash for the Second Division
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The Clash for the Second Division

Zen felt quite unstable. He could feel his core make up shift as this, thing, formed. He had to do something. This thing was consuming the very make up of the soul society to fuel itself, it was going to be a big explosion.

The instant Zen moved it went off, along with the explosion there was a loud base note. In an instnat the explosion was contained in a large sphere of sound.

Zen could be seen, extending both arms, holding his intricate, gold conductor's baton towards the explosion. He could be heard panting as sound returned to the world, keeping this explosion at pay taking incredible focus. He knew he couldn't hold it forever, something as strong as at least a Hadō #96 was something that he couldn't stand up against it. He could possibly survive the explosion with some quick thinking, but somewhere deep inside of him told him he had to prove himself to Izanagi.

He felt that it could be very difficult to use his spiritual techniques, but he had to do something to stop this thing! He felt the strong explosion push against his sound, it becoming larger as the seconds passed by. Then he had an idea.

"Oh chains of the ocean! Encase my foes and snuff out their light! Drown them with your waters!" As he was saying the incantation blue ribbons of water started to cover the contained explosion. They interlocked and wrapped around the orb, forming a light blue orb around it. Zen had decided to combine three kido together. #63 Sajo Sabaku, #73 Tozansho, and his own special Kido Coral Maelstrom. This would create an orb of water that would try and clamp down on the explosion, trying to contain it. Holding concentration on both of them ex extremely taxing, Izanagi could feel the Captains spiritual pressure start to waver as all the effects started to drain him.

Eventually something was going to give. Hopefully he had weakened the explosion.
by Shinryu
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:23 pm
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Topic: << Insanity - The Fall of The White Road Gate >>
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<< Insanity - The Fall of The White Road Gate >>

Meanwhile, as this all occurred, Shinryu was out in the Rukongai, looking for differing individuals and trying to see if any potential individuals could make a good addition to the Shino Academy, like he was once ago. And then, the individual struck at the gate before being intercepted by Tsubasa. How dull, Shin wanted to learn more about this intruder but with Tsubasa here, he'd be dead in a minute or two, tops. Tsubasa was always so eager to erase enemies before learning anything about them. It really put a sour taste in Shin's mouth. He couldn't do much about it but still prepared just in case something interesting happened as he cracked his neck.

"Bankai. Zettai Shibo Aijin."

Shin's attire swiftly morphed into a black haiori and he surveyed the surroundings. Everyone seemed to have cleared out aside from the combatants. And Shin in particular merely observed the situation before him, before shrugging his shoulders. Tsubasa would probably not even make this interesting, just poof, no more dumbass. How dull, this could have been an interesting occurrence. Shin couldn't do much about it however as shortly enough, he placed his hands on the Ground and in a moment, erected a large pyramid of the Bakudo #73 Tozansho, followed by another layered directly around it. The internal one however, was a dullish grey green as it was infused with his necrotic reiatsu, the outer one merely meant to protect the idiots that would try and touch it as Shin surrounded the entire 100yd radius around them with these barriers. Any physical contact with the Green reiatsu in question would cause the flesh to die and go black as Shin simply sat down and observed the situation as his form began to vanish along with his Reiatsu, cloaking himself with Kyokko and his profound Reiatsu hiding capacities. Shin would simply observe and wait for the right moment to act, if there was even going to be one, while containing the area of destruction to the 100yd perimeter he manifested.
by Rokuro
on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:34 am
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Topic: The End of Words [CLOSED COMBAT: Nix + Isane vs Saca Dila][The Black World Arc Event Series]
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The End of Words [CLOSED COMBAT: Nix + Isane vs Saca Dila][The Black World Arc Event Series]

Shiro Sagisu - Diamond Dust Rebellion - Invasion / Word Count: 1540

Isane was never so afraid before. Not in the face of the Exequias, not during the incursion of Sousuke Aizen, not even when being at the mercy of the unquestionably frightening Tres Espada, Tia Harribel. Some would call it a tactical retreat, but she knew better. She ran away, utilizing the most advanced flash steps she knew to gain distance from her advesary and hide between the pillars of an abandoned, roofless warehouse, to hide her tattered body and the shame that goes with it.

*This is horrible...I...I'm just no match for 'that'! The records of the Onmitsukido were frightening enough, but this...this makes no sense! Why is it so much stronger? Isn't it supposed to be an inversion of sorts? I don't understand..."


A cold night dawned upon the maligned Karakura Town. With both Kora A'ina of Soul Society having been subdued and the mirror dimension crumbling away, the undefeated Saca Dila poured over to the realms still affected - much to the misfortune of the inhabitants. It only took half an hour before alarming reports reached the Gotei 13, as multiple Shinigami Saca Dila seem to have migrated to the Earth Realm, including Karakura Town. Some of them reportedly reached Vice Captain levels of reiatsu, presenting a vast threat to anyone who would cross their path, and their rampage would not come to an end until they were subdued by force.

Isane was sent out on a special mission aiding the containment squad with the backing of Relief Team 7, focusing on civilian casualties. The leadership knew that while the members of the relief squads were able to handle themselves in the case of a Hollow incursion, they were no match for something that boasted the power of a Lieutenant. Protection of similar level was needed.

The Senkaimon opened over a remote area of Old Karakura town. The defenses against an onslaught were the scarcest here, meaning that it was quite likely for the reverse entities to migrate here. The containment teams spread out in swift succession - if it were for the conflict to escalate, containing collateral damage would be paramount. It was known that the Saca Dila were drawn to their original hosts, and while most of them weren't identified yet, the teams mostly took up positions in large, abandoned buildings so that the havoc their fights unleashed would be muted down, not endangering the unfortunate souls that still had to linger around these parts. After only quarter of an hour procuring victims of the attacks, the hastily set up relief camp was already hosting several dozen wounded humans and pluses. Most of the latter wouldn't even remember their transition to the afterlife - a horrifying prospect, making Konsou and the explanation thereof difficult and tedious. Hysteria was rampant all over the place, when a band of Shinigami darted out of an alley, screaming. They all wore the relief packs of the 4th, but weren't carrying any injured. Their faces spoke of true horror. They were fleeing from something.
"Help! Lieutenant-sama! We are under a-"

Their cry for help was to be cut short. A loud shout echoed through the alley. It came from behind them, and bore a ringing of true, unveiled malice. "Hadō # 32, Oukasen!" A flash as bright as the light of the midday sun filled the area, and the destructive spell carved a path of destruction amongst the gathering. It reached almost a quarter of a mile in length - the Shinigami caught in the blast were reduced to nothing but smoldering remains. Anything that lay in its path was devastated, including half a dozen injured, before the silver-haired Vice Captain could even try to stop its rampage.

"Bakudo #39: Enkousen!" she screamed, after bravely flash-stepping into the path of the Hadō. The shield barely held, splitting the golden wave in two before cracking in the middle. Despite being a low level spell, it felt like it came from a Captain. Soon, a tall figure emerged from the direction the spell was shot from. A figure that resembled hers to a frightening level.

"Swords! Fuyuki, Matsuoka, Isobe - let's go!" Isane shouted valiantly, drawing her Zanpakutō after making sure no other intruders were in the area. The junior officers followed her command, and they lounged at the intruder in unison. Their flash-steps were coordinated and their strikes precise - it was truly a marvel to watch the Fourth refute their unjust label. They were briefed extensively on the enemies they'd face of course. But the sight they were about to see stopped their swords at just the critical moment.

"Out of my way, mongrels" the Saca Dila of Isane shouted in a warped voice, before her movements exploded into a whirlwind of violence. She blocked the fettered strike of Fuyuki with her bare hand, retaliating in the fraction of a second. Her fingers sank deep into his abdomen, releasing a spray of blood and mangled guts. Matsuoka managed to get a shallow cut onto her shoulder, but received a roundhouse kick to the head in turn. The impact itself almost sounded like a thunderclap, slamming the seated officer into a column of reinforced concrete with a broken neck. Isobe didn't even manage to finish his attack - with a flick of her three-pronged sword a hail of blackened ice darts pierced his body. He let go of his sword and clutched the jagged shards, bending over in pain...

And Isane froze down, paralyzed by the vicious reiatsu the creature expelled. As the last one of her comrades fell down, she met her gaze finally - and only by staring into the bottomless, black eyes she could finally understand why this incursion was so terrifying.
*This...this can't be happening...*

"It is YOU that I alone! I wondered how many of these pawns I had to cut down to finally get to you." Isane didn't answer. As soon as she regained her composure, she used Shunpo to gain distance from the creature. Without avail. The Saca Dila followed suit, matching - no, surpassing her speed. "Don't you dare make a face like that, you worm." She tried to block her spinning kick with Bakudo #8: Seki, but the force of it was just too much for her feeble defense to deflect. The Kido shattered with a barely audible noise - the creature's leg rammed itself right into her side, sending her flying just like it did with Matsuoka. The Saca Dila looked to the side - a frown passed her pallid lips as she raised her hand to finish off the relief camp in an instant.

"As soft as ever. Tch. Do you think I'll let you off with a warning like that snotty ryoka did on Sokyoku Hill? Maybe this will get you fired up. Hyoga Seiran."

A desperate flash step, and Isane placed herself in the path of the blooming river of frost unfolding just in front of her. Just below the wave, four converging lines shimmered, extending rapidly into a glimmering inverted pyramid, sealing the Hadō away inside.

"Bakudo #73: Touzansho!"
"Koujutsu Eisho? That's more like it. But observe...and despair."

Cracks began to line the barrier, and it shattered within a moment's notice. Isane expected this however and responded in kind. It was enough to break the attack's momentum."Hadō #58: Tenran!" the Vice Captain shouted, extending her palms towards the fearsome creature, blasting the wave of frost right back at her. She seemed surprised for a moment, but just as her feet submerged into the blue ripple, she flashed away, to the top of a concrete pillar.

"So much effort to save their worthless lives. You'll have nothing left to fight me, if you continue like this."
"Shut your heartless beast..." she said, her voice starting to fail her. A glance to the back revealed that the remaining members of her squad were already at work, bravely seeing to the evacuation of the survivors as fast as they could. She however started wavering...she knew it was impossible to keep up like this.


"This is Vice Captain Isane Kotetsu, requesting permission for limit release in the face of overwhelming force! Please, answer!"
"...Uh, Vice Captain-san? What's the situation down there?"
"I ain't got time to file a report! We are losing people as we speak! Hurry up, damnit! "
" it that bad? Hang on...Permission for limit release granted. Take care down there!"
"I'll try...thanks."

She could barely move her legs anymore. It wasn't rocket science to figure out why breathing was so excruciating either; her swiftly administered Kaidou was insufficient to provide relief to the pain of several broken ribs. The voice of her tormentor grew closer however. There wasn't much time.

"A beast, hm? Pathetic fool...when will you finally understand, that I am what you should be, you miserable piece of trash?!"

The creature shattered the pillar she hid behind with a single sweep of her leg. Isane barely managed to dodge, flashing to the base of the next concrete monolith. And as the two finally faced off on even footing, their swords were drawn almost simultaneously, followed by a hauntingly synchronized battle cry only a select few would know.


A voice rang in the dark depths of her mind... "Isane" ...while the swords grew two additional blades each..."Let me protect you, Isane".


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by Shinryu
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:58 am
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Topic: Shinryu VS Artorias Erobern [Platinum Hearts Tournament Arc]
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Shinryu VS Artorias Erobern [Platinum Hearts Tournament Arc]

Shinryu noticed as his opponent made motions and stumbled to keep himself going. Pushing himself. Shinryu also knew he couldn't keep this up much longer either but, seeing how much it took him to break through everything, Shin knew the best possible strategy for this moment as his opponent charged towards him. And then he hurled his sword at him and it hit him along his right shoulder, breaking his Shikai and gauging through his shoulder is it passed through his arm. If his arm was useless before, it certainly was now as it bled profusely.

"Bakudo #73: Tozansho."

And with that initiated, Shinryu surrounded himself with a pyramid shaped barrier along with his opponent. Shin coughed up a little bit of blood as he exerted himself in this fashion and as his vision began to blur slightly. This was alot of Kido to use in a short period for him but he knew this was the only way to go about it. His opponent then came in for a downward slash towards him and was a now or never type of moment.

"Bakudo #61: Rikojikuro."

And in that instant, the finger he kept pointing at his target formed a flash, before a series of six, yellow rods launched towards him. Intending on impaling him through and into the barrier. Even without the barrier, they would severely restrict movement, pinning him against the wall was just an extra measure Shin was hoping would pan out if he hit him. Shin coughed up some more blood as he dropped to one knee, completely spent and exhausted. He wasn't sure how much more he could put out if this didn't work.
by Shinryu
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:20 am
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Topic: Shinryu VS Artorias Erobern [Platinum Hearts Tournament Arc]
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Shinryu VS Artorias Erobern [Platinum Hearts Tournament Arc]

Why isn't he slowing down?

He is. This is just his last push it seems.

Shin jumped back to dodge the stabbing blows but a single vertical slash from above came downward, forcing Shin to his knees as rose a single hand to block it. The force on the blow making the ground underneath him crack slightly as he tried to hold on but felt the immense strength. Even Shin's own strength was faltering in this condition. And without Shunko to utilize to reinforce it, he really only had one option to utilize. Moving his arm to the side, the deflected the blade to hit on the other side of him, the swing of the blade in question dislocating Shin's right shoulder as he rolled to his left and pressed his hand to the ground.

"Bakudo #73: Tozansho."

And with that, Shin would form a triangle shaped barrier around his target. Using his own strategy against him for a different reason. Now with only one arm to use, Shin pondered his options. But knowing the damage he did to the guy, Shin knew his own option was to force him to exhaust himself or strain himself to death. With the fungus and the parasite in place, that left Shin only needing to physically restrain his target so much that he'd be forced to harm himself with overusing his own energy to free himself. Tozansho would be difficult to break through with physical power alone and it would buy some time. But just to be sure.

"Bakudo #63: Sajo Sabaku. Now stay put Demmy-san."

Under his target's location, the yellow rope would swirl around his target, aiming at ensnaring and securing him. In addition to this, the barrier would further make him need to strain himself. While having the brute strength to rip through both was possible, He wasn't entirely convinced his opponent had that kind of strength. And if he used reinforced blows, he would hurt himself further. Shin stood up and took a step back, while keeping his left ringer pointed at his target should the need arise. His arm seared with pain the entire time as he tried his best to ignore it, though he couldn't lie that it hurt like a bitch. More importantly, the drain from earlier meant he could use only two more Kido before being at his limit.
by Shinryu
on Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:34 pm
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Topic: Shinryu VS Artorias Erobern [Platinum Hearts Tournament Arc]
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Shinryu VS Artorias Erobern [Platinum Hearts Tournament Arc]

Shin-kun. I still need a little more time to figure this out.

Came the call from Shibo Aijin to him as he put a hand on the slashing blade coming towards him.

"Bakudo #73: Tozansho."

And while the blade came at him, it was quickly engulfed in a pyramid shaped barrier as the Tozansho barrier hit him in the chest and knocked him backwards and upwards as he pushed up on impact. The barrier protecting him from the blade's edge though leaving a large bruise on his ribs as he Shunpo'd up a few floors to gain a better vantage point. The barrier then began to dissolve under the mist that was forming as did the shelves when the lights came out. His blood being dissolved and the control over it, along with it eating his barrier only proved it was a controllable, dangerous energy that he had to by time to deal with. Shin noticed that stairs and some floors were dissolving away as well, meaning this would be short-lived it would seem. Interesting level of control but Shin was bored with this already. Very generic acid ability.

"Is that all you can do? All seems fairly basic to me."

Shinryu called out. They were both biding their time it would seem and it came to just be a war of Shin revealing all his opponents abilities before acting accordingly. Something was interesting though. Blocking the blood only confirmed Shin's suspicions: That metal had more to it that appearances allowed it would seem. For the time being he knew it dissolved reishi which left using long range bakudo as a non option. Until Shibo Aijin resolved her antiagent, he'd simply have to make things interesting. Shinryu had a general sense of where his opponent was and knew the dissolve timing of the acid in question. If it was large enough in volume, it would reach the ground or his opponent before fully dissolving. And once it made contact with his target, the acid would be a nonfactor once it seeded. Then again, it wouldn't matter much in a few moments when it was figured out anyway but, Shin didn't have to buy some time so, from the floor above, He began to spit out globs of his blood pouring from his mouth towards where this guy was. Maybe he'd hit him, maybe he wouldn't. Didn't matter much. All Shin had to do was get some onto him for it to matter. Or he could buy some useful time.

(Senchineru post 2, Sekai-teki Hayariyamai attempt.)
by Pockeh
on Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:08 pm
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Topic: [THE KIDO MASTERLIST] (Outdated, do not use)
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[THE KIDO MASTERLIST] (Outdated, do not use)


This will be the list of all Kido Techniques on the site, both Canon and Custom. This list will be composed in the way of all kido being in order by number and in the following format.

Note: When I organized the Custom Kido, I went from the last page to the most recent page, getting things chronologically. For this reason, if a Kido has a number that conflicts with the number of a Canon or Custom Kido that came before it, I simply put it under "Unknown Number". If you see one of your kido on the Unknown Number list and would like to assign it to an untaken number, just let me know and I'll make the appropriate changes.

Note #2: Before using one of these Kido in a thread, check to make sure it's a Kido that your character can use. If it's too high of a level for them, or if its specific to only one practitioner, do not use that kido.

Note #3(Added by Wan):The url hyperlink for each custom kido keys off the "Hadō" or "Bakudo" not the name of the kido itself.

Canon Kido
Custom Kido

Let's get started.


Known Numbers

Unknown Numbers


Known Numbers

Unknown Numbers





by Shinryu
on Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:02 am
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Topic: Kimoi, Shinryu [Approved 1-3]
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Kimoi, Shinryu [Approved 1-3]

Shinigami Template

Topics tagged under 73 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP  Green-185501072

Basic Information

- Name: Kimoi, Shinryu
- Titles: Captain of the 2nd Division
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: Looks early twenties, roughly 23
- Age: 700
- Affiliation/Rank: Captain of the Second Division. While Loyal to his Fellow shinigami, Shinryu is often loyal to his life mission of learning. Everything. Often at the expense of people's trust.

- Appearance Picture:

Topics tagged under 73 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP  Green_by_torheit_die_katze-d32fxjk

- Appearance Description:

Physical Traits

Shinryu is rather tall for a Shinigami, standing at approximstely 6'4 though, due his standard low crouch and slouched stance he has, many often think he is around 5'10 or so until he stands up fully. His skin is a pale tone with a slight purple hue around his nose and chin. Shinryu despite his height, doesn't have a highly built or muscular frame and has unusually long legs and arms, making him appear lanky when he is fully standing up and making the long length of his sheath for his Zanpakutō when he is fully standing seem proportional to his body. Shinryu has small, oval shaped ears and small for his size though, slightly proportional feet that never point straight but point out to each side. Shinryu is one of the few shinigame who only wears shoes when it's formally requested, a pair of black tabi that he keeps in his cloak's attire.

Shinryu's hair is his most notable feature, being a lime green. The hair is straight with slightly wavy tips that curl outward from his forehead. His bangs reach slightly below his nose and can sometimes hide his eyes until he chooses to reveal them. The hair in the back of his head reaches down to being slightly below his shoulders and curls to a narrow point. Some say it's cut this way and others think it's a unique ponytail but honestly for Shinryu, he's never stylied his hair a day in his life. Shinryu's other notable feature is his soft, wide light, golden amber eyes. With hues of gold, amber, and red mixed in, Shinryu has often been told his eyes are rare and beautiful to behold and it has often caught him much female attention to his chagrin.


Shinryu most notably has two attires. He is often seen walking around in nothing more than a brown robe with a v neck. The color of this brown Robe is often called 'Shin's Brown' as quite simply, most don't remember the actual color nor color when Shinryu corrects them when he says it's 'mahogoney'. Color scheme is something many Shinigami do not care for it would seem. Most importantly, is the very long sleeves of the robe, which extend a foot and a half beyond his hand and with enough space in his robe, Shinryu can hide and switch hands for his Zanpakutō without revealing this effort. When on a mission or in combat however is when what's below his robe is revealed if he believes the fight will require effort from himself. And his under layer is nothing complex either, being nothing more than a pair of black pants. More specifically, the pants for a gi, as well as a pair of black ninja tabi. While he does own the Omitsukido top to his pants, he only wears them when ordered and as such, keeps it in the same place as his shoes when it's ordered of him. He does however, have a series of indent scars in his back from his acquiring his Shikai from Shibo Aijin, peppered along the entire span of his back, shoulders, and thighs.

Shinryu is notorious for carrying a nearly endless supply of candies and snacks in his robes, which he is almost always ready to munch on.



- Personality:

Obnoxious: One of Shin's most notable traits is consistency at being completely rude and unnecesarily ignorant to those around him. While it seems like he is naturally this way, this is actual an intentional trait of his. Shin greatly enjoys taunting others to react in order to learn what makes them react in certain ways. That way should he ever be in a disadvantageous situation with or against such individual, he can just utilize their given reactions against them in order to predict and read their actions.

Observant: Shinryu is obscenely observant of details. Whether it be a senseline detail such as a taste, smell, sound, feeling or sight, or an emotional gauge of the personalities of those around him, even as far as observing the very small actions and reactions of those he spars against and is in combat against. He then takes everything he learns as such and after some time, memorizes it. Movement patterns, which side is dominate, weather patterns, or useless facts. There is no such thing as useless information to Shin.

Curious: Shin's foundational trait one could say is his need to know everything. Literally. He has an obsession with knowledge and learning of all types. To such a degree that he will often prolong combat just to see if an opponent can actually do more or learn more from them. In the event he feels he has nothing left to learn from an opponent, is when he will swiftly eliminate them. However, his curiousity spans to more than just combat. He literally will observe every detail he can about an individual and even provoke them just to see what is their range of reactions.

Captain of Nicknames: Shin is the world's captain of nicknames, not even a given title or at least not yet. However, both as a provocative measure and because of his insistence to address those around him in a manner that's easy to memorize and associate with a set of information he has given to memory about them, he will often spawn for them a nickname. Usually a fairly insulting one originally purely for his own curiousity on how they handle exposure to such a name.

Manipulator: Part of having to know everything and share little requires one to have strong, manipulative tendencies. These have further honed themselves into a dominant trait of Shin's. Because his need is borderline on psychosis, Shin see no error in his methods of manipulating the minds and relationships of those around him in order to aspire new information about them. Shin will result to almost any measure in this sense and is often more silve-tongued than most suspect should something arise that threatens his need to acquire information.

Secretive: In addition to needing to know everything, Shin rarely divulges unnecessary information about himself and moreso about his combat abilities, unless absolutely necessary. Shin himself understands that knowledge is power and he doesn't have the luxury to afford sharing such power with others unless the situation calls for it.

Prankster: Part of his obnoxious, playful nature relies on using often intricate pranks and rouses in order to see if he can spark a reaction from an individual. Shin considers these pranks to be more along the lines of a 'social experiment' and as such, deems them a part of his duty, despite actions to the contrary often seeming more destructive than constructive.

Egotistical: Shin's large wealth of knowledge and firm belief that knowledge is power has lead him to believe that as he learns more, he just becomes better than those around him. While he understands physically that may not always be the case but he is able to safely assume that at all times, he is more knowledgeable than his peers, especially about his peers and as such, is their superior. He is on this pedestal not because of nobility or arrogance but simply because he put in the work to acquire this knowledge and with it, he is superior until someone comes along that knows more.

Captain of Random Facts: Because Shin has an obscene wealth of knoweldge, Shin often feels a need to share it. He also however knows knowledge has power so more often than not, he chooses the information he shares carefully. And generally speaking to most, what he chooses to share will often seem nonsensical. And without any real purpose or meaning though for Shin, sharing this information is the first sign of him showing you any amount of respect, as how could one trust someone with real information if they can't even handle the abundance of mundane information around them?

Gay: A large part of Shin's persona and something that is currently kept secret from all except Shibo Aijin, is the fact that he is gay. This was the major current driving force between the mild wedge between himself and Shibo Aijin even, as her 'advances' are not met because he isn't attracted to women, versus not being attracted to her. Nowadays, they think of themselves more as brother and sister with this understanding in mind.


Background History

- History:

Shinryu came into existence as a Plus a long time ago, despite how old he looks even for a Shinigami. Born in the 70th district of the Rukongai, Shinryu grew up in a rather vicious area that was often run amuk by thugs and rogue Shinigami attempting to gain control of the weaker souls to feel strong. Shinryu grew up with his 'mother'. While he only knew her as a mother figure, never knowing her name, he grew to love her. However, her time with Shinryu was short as upon reaching the age of 20, a rogue Asauchi Shinigami named Zanma with a group of thugs entered their community. Making demands of the community and beating those that disagreed and fleeing when any sign of the Gotei 13 tried to appear. However a year after they arrived, his mother had enough and refused to give them the last of their food. The result was a Zanpakutō straight through her chest. Zanma laughed in Shinryu's face before asking him if he was next.

Instead, Shinryu shocked the man by feigning hatred for his mother and thanking the rogue and was enlisted to be apart of his crew. Shinryu determined that day however that the individual would die by his hands, no matter the cost. Even if it meant alienating everyone else, he would gain the trust and learn the weaknesses of his enemy and strike when the moment came for his vengeance. And thus, Shinryu spent decades a part of this rogue's, nearly seventy to be precise, eventually becoming his second in command. They spent many years wrecking havoc as Shinryu trained himself and studied his target. Until a moment when an unseated officer of the Second Division came in to 'clean up the gang controlling the 70th' and was surprised to learn it was a rogue Shinigami. However, as Shinryu and Zanma stood there, ready to strike, was when the moment came. Shinryu in a fit of rage and decades of waiting caused him to swiftly come behind Zanma. And before he could react, Shinryu snapped his neck. And in that moment, the Shinigami that claimed to help the area offered Shinryu a deal. He would bring him to the Shino Academy if he, in return, let him take the credit for Shinryu's actions.

Shinryu entered the Academy at the somewhat young age of 90, while not truly a prodigy he showed great promise, and showed above prodigy levels of advancement in Hakuda and as the Shinigami determined that brought him in, seemed fit to be used within the Onmitsukido. As such, Shinryu's time within the Academy is what interested his teachers the most. Shinryu wasn't lazy however, Shinryu would rarely perform demonstrations, often opting to instead of demonstrating what he learned of combat to wait until the professor got irritated and tried to strike him, before defending with another technique entirely that wasn't taught to him. It was determined by his professor's that he preferred to not reveal his abilities and learn about his targets. They also noted how he came to learn these newer techniques: By manipulating older students who had been there longer to display them to him. With these facts in mind, they determined it best Shinryu graduate at his 4th year there. When Shinryu was officially gifted his Zanpakutō upon Graduation is when it first took it's base sealed form it has today, this intriguing his teachers as it indicated that he was already etching his soul into his Zanpakutō.

Shinryu's placement into the Onmitsukido didn't immediately receive notice or praise. As Shinryu would often not be flashy or show off what he was capable of, he was often thought of just being nothing more than like the others and as such, Shinryu spent time learning, honing and observing. When he destroyed the man who killed his mother, he learned the value of observing and gaining power before making an action and thus, carved it into his being as his method of acting. It was this process he used to constantly communicate with his Zanpakutō, who would regularly make advances upon him for being attractive and Shinryu rejecting these advances, would cause her to attack him. For ten years, Shinryu would endure these until one day, in the middle of meditation, Shinryu was surprised by a wave of Gillian. Despite his best efforts, Shinryu was badly battered by the sheer numbers. When his Zanpakutō simply told him to accept her love or he would die, Shinryu finally admitted that he did love her, like a mother, but he could never be attracted to a woman. That revelation made his Zan realize that Shinryu was gay and all this time, only refused the lustful advances but never her love, she told him her name: Shibo Aijin.

Shinryu noted through this as well in general, that his power would grow. So much so that it would be noticed and he preferred to remain in the shadows. And as such, Shinryu honed the control of his Spiritual Pressure over time, learning to condense it in varying fashions and combine it with his Hakuda in order to use Hakuda over using Shibo Aijin due to her abilities lethality lying in it's secret remaining as one. Shinryu would as such, decided against revealing his potential to further advance himself within the ranks of the Onmitsukido, even during the times in which his abilities could be useful, he simply remained hidden and training himself further and further. Even spending time in the Human World at times to understand how it worked. Shinryu became obsessed with knowledge and growth, never letting up and keeping up the guise of weakness, saving his potential over the centuries until recently, where he's beginning to notice that the reason his growth is slow is because he isn't pushing himself and thus, has decided to slowly begin revealing his potential in order to find those that can teach him more and push it.


Background History
- Reiatsu Color: Faint green

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Shibo Aijin (Lit. Death Mistress)

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Topics tagged under 73 on Bleach Platinum Hearts RP  Scorpion_lady_by_gowarudo-d69551d

Shibo Aijin is one who often takes on different appearances depending on her 'mood' however, it is understood by Shinryu that her true appearance is one that honestly frightens him. Her body consists of two halves of different features. Her top half is that of a highly attractive, extremely feminine early 30s woman. Her skin is a light peach like in color of caucasian base with a slight red hue that darkens slightly as it gets lower. Her only clothing she often wears on her upper body is beads and gold bracelets and a gold necklace, often to 'flaunt her features' to Shinryu despite his lack of attraction to them. She has fiery red hair that reaches halfway down her back and is often wavy and used as her only form of 'covering up.'

Around reaching her waistline is where she diverts to her other features. Having the lower body of a scorpion, her form curves out and behind her, creating a centaur-like stature as her legs come out from the side and go behind her, eight isectiod like legs extend from her crimson hue scorpion's abdomen. Curving upwards slightly as it gets towards the last pair of legs and coming from her 'rear' you could say, extends a multiple segment tail that curls upward until it reaches the tip, which contains a large, bulbous venom sac with a curved stinger at it's end. She is able to freely extend and contract the length of her tail to her will.

- Zanpakutō Spirit's Personality:

Sensual: Shibo Aijin is by far, one of the most sexual beings one can ever hope to meet. She almost literally oozes sexuality though that could also be the poison from her tail. She is very seductive in that same manner, very willing and able to use her feminine wiles to speak to Shinryu and get in his head. She is completely open about her hypersexual nature in this regard, often apting to flash Shinryu at all times for no reason at all than just the fun of it.

Attention Whore: When it comes to attention, if you aren't giving it to Shibo Aijin, you're doing it wrong. In her eyes at least anyway, a highly erotic, mostly naked woman should never be ignored. And she often times feel Shinryu likes being ignored, not understanding why he doesn't reveal himself more often aside from combat situations. She also feels at times he will intentionally ignore her just to rile her cage. Regardless, Shibo Aijin demands all the attention. All the time.

Chatterbox: Further to this demanding of information, Shibo Aijin is rarely silent. And often speaks in very long winded speeches and extravagantly portrayed monologues about what usually is just herself. Though she is known to often Help Shinryu sift through information in his brain in tight situations, she is rarely silent often becoming a constant noise in his head.

Hot-tempered: Shibo Aijin is very easy to agitate. If you poke her the wrong way she gets mad. If a breeze blows in at the wrong time she gets mad. If she has one bad hair, it's a bad day for her the rest of the day. Shibo Aijin has both a very grudgy temper and a very quick to act one, often yelling at Shinryu for many different things on an almost constant basis.

Free-spirited: Shibo Aijin is very anti-responsibility and will not engage in any responsibility with only a single exception of portecting Shinryu. Aside from this, Shibo Aijin gives no fucks about such simple things as most responsibilities and will often remind Shinryu of how much they suck anytime he is doing something and attempt to bribe him to do something more fun.

Motherly: Shibo Aijin's most profound trait when important situations come out is her loving, protective nature and nurturing nature. She often admits how horrible of a mother she is in most situations but still will do anything to protect Shinryu. This has lead Shinryu to dub Shibo Aijin instead as a Big Sister, none of the motherly instinct but all of the nature. This while it irritates Shibo Aijin, is one of the few ways Shinryu recognizes her and thus, she also treasures it.

Creepo: Shibo Aijin greatly enjoys creeping people out. She greatly enjoys watching others react to things such as her germ collections or her weird habits or her need to never wear clothing. While part of it is her inherent carelessness, Shibo Aijin also enjoys making others uneasy as well.

- Inner World:

The Outer Realm:

Shibo Aijin's Palace:

- Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance:

Sheath: The Sheath for Shinryu's Zanpakutō takes on the common shape of a Kasa, a simple and narrow sheath that almost appears flat in nature. It is covered in simple black menuki that wrap around it's form and it is approximately 37inches in length. The decorative wrappings around the sheath however, conceal a small blade at the end of the sheath that can be used to swiftly stab an enemy. The blade is approximately 2in in length.

Blade: This is where Shinryu's Zanpakutō takes on a unique nature. Despite the incredible length of his sheath, the actual length of the blade of Shibo Aijin is only 12inches. Much like a Kasa, the hilt is in design the exact same as sheath with a simple black menuki that conceals a small 2in blade in the tip of the hilt. The blade itself is a shining silver with dark red hues. The blade is in design similar to a wakizashi with a slight curve, single edge blade. The design of the sheath and the blade allows it to surprise opponents in the disparity.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:


Shunpo: Shinryu's Shunpo is often at a higher level than those of similar ranking as him within the Onmitsukido. Shinryu's high speed and strong control of his Spiritual Pressure allows him to utilize Shunpo both at high speeds and with precise timing and manipulation of direction to be able to effectively deal with stronger opponents than himself with less skill in this region than himself. Shinryu is able to consistently maintain Shunpo in combat for a period of 6 posts at a time. Shinryu is also capable of utilizing long distance Shunpo with substantial skill, able to cover up to two miles with a single step.

Utsusemi: The practitioner moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage. Shinryu is capable of consistently utilizing this while in combat with minimal stress on himself.

Shunkujiku: A strong variation of infusing his Kido further into his Hakuda. Now even extending to his own Bakudo, allowing Shinryu to focus his Bakudo into his hands and release it upon impact with an opponent. Even if they use a limb to block it will take effect upon them, inflicting the effects of the chosen Bakudo upon his target. However, both without incantation and without even using the Bakudo's name has the price of weakening the Bakudo, often leaving the target able to break free easier than if the Bakudo was used normally. Shinryu is able to apply the effects of his Eshi into his Bakudo as well to increase their potency in this way.

Shunko: Shinryu spent much time trying to hone and learn his Shikai. However, his Zanpakutō had intentionally kept him from doing so out of a weird love and affection for him for a long period of time. Due to this, Shinryu spent much time honing other ways to fight and thus, developed Shunko. It alongside Hakuda are often his preferred form of combat due to the nature of his Zanpakutō. Shinryu is capable of sustaining his Shunko on it's own for 5 posts consecutively at a time before his control of it begins to wane to a degree of putting significant strain on his Spiritual pressure. Also, due to his own development of it and his Bankai, it now possesses the same necrotic effects from Eshi as when his Shikai or Bankai are released.

The overall power of his Shunko is specifically designed for enhancing both his grappling and striking power, giving it destructive force to his grip and strikes comparable to a low-level Bankai. His striking force is capable of dealing significant damage to defensive abilities such as Bakudo or Hiero that are 1 or more ranks lower than Shinryu's and deal moderate damage to them if they are at his rank, each rank one being higher than Shinryu lowering this damage until it's no longer noticeable once one is 2 or more ranks higher than Shinryu. Against Shikai or equivalent tier weapons, Shinryu's Shunko has the capacity to outright break them if one is 1 rank or more lower than himself.

The type of damage Shinryu's Shunko deals is not widespread but rather, focused into a small, concentrated area to further increase it's potency.

Kamereon: A very deceptive and skillful use of Utsusemi Shinryu developed after discovering that an opponent reacting to Utsusemi will often believe they are going to be struck from behind. Using this knowledge of common combat instinct, Shinryu developed a form of Utsusemi involving high speed combat. When Shinryu takes the step to leave the after image, he pulses his Reiatsu where he lands for a split second, before returning to his original location. The pulse made to make the opponent believe more that he is attacking from behind. When returning to his afterimage's location, the damage done to it will appear as if it instantly regenerated rather than it simply being Shinryu's tricky movements and strike them while amidst the confusion.

Hanki: An ability which nullifies an opponent's Kido by hitting it with another one of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements. For Shinryu himself however, this technique is very taxing on himself due to his inexperience with it and thus, can only perform it once every couple minutes(7posts) In addition, the stronger the opponent is, the more additionally taxing it is, often exhausting him(1 recovery post per tier, additional 4 per level). Shinryu is able to at a maximum, only neutralize the attacks of someone who is two levels higher than himself.

Shuntatsu: A unique adaptation of Shunko Shinryu developed due to his own Zanpakutō's stubbornness. Because of the reality that sometimes a bladed weapon is needed over a blunt one that is Shunko, Shinryu focused and honed his Spiritual Pressure to give his Shunko a shape. Specifically that of a blade. However, due to it's intensity, the blade's length is short, only extending an inch from his hand and fingertips. The blade itself is also just a blade that surrounds his hand much like Shunko does, appearing to just be a faint green aura when at maximum strength. Using Shuntatsu, Shinryu can generate a temporary bladed edge as well to his fingertips, the sides of his hand and even to other regions such as his elbows and his feet for a single, piercing strike. This, unlike his Shunko, has no true destructive force but instead, converts it all into slashing and piercing potential. Because of his, the sharpness of his Shuntatsu is comparable to that of his own Bankai, able to pierce Advanced level defenses of those up to 2 ranks higher than him, and Elite defenses of those of the same rank as him.

Bankai acquired Sealed Abilities:

Eshi infuses itself into Shin's Reiatsu, causing him to alter his Kido to have a necrotic effect on contact with either his Bakudo or his Shunko and Shuntatsu.

Senchineru is now constantly active even while in a sealed state, giving Shinryu the capacity to develop immunities while sealed. In addition, while in Bankai, Senchineru's effect becomes instant, resolving and immunizing against any natural toxin swiftly. Any agent or antidote to that agent is available to be accessed via Shin's saliva, blood, or sweat. As a result of this, even against Reiatsu and genetically modified agents, Shin gains an increased resistance to those poisons the longer he is exposed to them, gaining 15% resistance to those agents per post exposure, capping at 60%.


Bakudō #4. Hainawa: Binds enemies with a Reishi rope to stop their movement. Generating a crackling yellow energy rope within his/her hand(s), the practitioner throws it toward the opponent. The energy winds around the opponent's arms and body, immobilizing them.

Bakudo #9. Horin: Using their index and middle fingers, the practitioner generates an orange-hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns, which ensnares and immobilizes the opponent as the tendril wraps around their body. The end of it remains in the hands of the practitioner, allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The tendril can connect with another one of itself, if both have captured a target, and bind them together.

Bakudo #21. Sekienton: As the practitioner places the palms of their hands down on the ground, red smoke bursts forth from the point of contact, swiftly engulfing the surrounding area and briefly obscuring the movements of whomever is within the smoke, allowing for a quick getaway.

Bakudo #26. Kyokkō: Hides the physical form and Reiatsu of the caster by bending light.

Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō: Pointing his/her index finger at the target, the practitioner generates a spark of yellow energy, which summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection and hold them in place. The target is unable to move any part of their body, including the parts which were not struck by the beams. This technique can be used after using Bakudō #4. Hainawa because the six beams of light form from the light already created by Bakudō #4. Hainawa.

Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku: Raising his/her palm up to the target, the practitioner closes his/her hand into a fist and calls forth yellow energy, taking a form of very thick rope, which binds the upper body of the target.

Bakudō #73. Tozanshō: As the spell ignites at a single point, blue energy extends upward to four points and forms an inverted pyramid, which solidifies into a barrier around the caster. The spell is usable around other already active spells. It can be used to trap others inside of it.


Spiritual Stealthing: Shinryu's style of combat often relies on observing his targets movements for times, even at length. Because one cannot always hide from ones targets using cover alone, Shinryu honed a method of reducing his own spiritual pressure to difficult to detect levels by sopressing unused spiritual pressure into miniscule, hard to detect pockets. While he is able to do this in combat, it is far less effective then when focusing on it entirely. It is also a method he uses to not reveal his true spiritual pressure to others. When out of combat, he can reduce it to appear as if non-existant to those with average spiritual sensing capacities. In a combat setting however, it merely appears hard to discern and makes him seem weaker than he is by as much as two power levels. However, it takes Shinryu 1 minute to reduce his levels to noncombat levels(1post). In addition, concealing his Spiritual Pressure prevents him from using Shunko and reduces the strength of Shuntatsu, allowing it to only to be used to block strikes.

Skilled Bakudo User: Being that Shinryu highly prefers to bide his time to observe and analyze his opponents in combat and learn how to deal with them as well as see if they can teach him anything new, Shinryu has become highly efficient in the way of Bakudo for this purpose primarily. In addition, he uses bakudo to stall for time as well as restrain a target if he's prepared to assassinate them if he finds them to require too much effort to try and kill while not subjugated.

High Omnitsukido Hakuda: Shinryu's main form of combat and the singular reason he was even allowed to stay within the Onmitsukido, is his pronounced ability at hand to hand combat. Often able to fight with those who are armed with relative ease, Shinryu is extremely comfortable and proficient in using his hand to hand combat techniques to deal with targets much larger and sometimes even those much stronger than himself in combination with Shunko and Shuntatsu. His pure capacity at Hakuda praised within the Onmitsukido even without many having knowledge of his ability to use Shunko.

Iai: Alongside using the hidden blades of his Zanpakutō, Shinryu has learned extensively into a single sword combat art of Iai. Due to the nature of his Zanpakutō, Shinryu has learned and become highly proficient in the sheathing and unsheathing of his sword in a method of combat, utilizing the blades short length as well to deliver multiple swift, targetted blows before returning the blade to it's sheath.

Assassination: Shinryu's time within the Onmitsukido has given him great expertise and training in the art of swiftly eliminating a target. This is further compounded by his high speed and ability to locate and pinpoint enemy weaknesses to utilize against them.

Swordsmanship: While not his preferred form of combat, Shinryu is still an accomplished swordsman, while his skill with it is lower than his Hakuda, Shinryu has still learned and honed one style of sword combat utilizing the deceptive nature of his Zanpakutō and it's hidden blades.

Combat Analysis: Shinryu's most noted trait within the Onmitsukido and amongst Shinigami in general, is his acute sense of analysis and moreso while under the duress of combat. Shinryu's nature to constantly observe over time eventually leaked over as something he could actually use, being able to observe and thoroughly read into the actions and abilities of his targets at the same capacity in combat as out of combat, combat stresses not deterring him in the slightest. Shinryu is able to learn various things about opponents at a fairly quick pace if exposed to it consequetively and able to memorize an opponent's strengths and weaknesses. He is additionally able to learn patterns and styles opponent's tend to use and act accordingly.(2 posts to learn, 4 to memorize. Double if the ability/power/technique is complex.)

High Omnitsukido Speed: Alongside Shinryu's capacity to observe and analyze his opponent's actions, the other main reason Shinryu is noted within the Onmitsukido is his speed. Even amongst the Onmitsukido, Shinryu is known for being very swift and having sharp reflexes, even if against his superiors he can often use this speed to compensate for his lack of strength or skill. This speed is often associated with his swiftness in making a decision and acting about it but, even when not using Shunpo, Shinryu's average movement and average combat speed is seen as impressive amongst member of the Onmitsukido. And even moreso when compounded with his skillful use of Shunpo and Hoho.

- Release: Subete no mujitsu o osen suru, Shibo Aijin! (Contaminate all innocence, Shibo Aijin!)

Shinryu's release is done by announcing the release of his Zanapakuto while driving the blade into his left hand, causing it to bleed. Clasping his hands together, he lets the blood run over them while dropping the blade to the ground, shattering it in a large, black explosion of black dust that rapidly spin around his hands, forming the Shikai.

- Shikai Description:

The main form of Shibo Aijin's released state is formed into a pair of black gauntlets. The Gauntlets length runs all the way up to Shinryu's shoulders and then culminates at the shoulder into a large, sickle blade that sticks upward with the curve facing outward. These sickle blades are 1 feet long and the blades appearance is jagged and stonelike. The pure black gauntlets are riddled in rough edges and small, roughly spaced spikes. Shinryu's elbows have a small, 4 inch pike on them. Each of Shinryu's knuckles has a small 1 inch spike protruding from it. Most singificantly noticed is the claws at the end of Shinryu's fingertips, forming slightly feline, curved blades that are 4 inches in length.

- Shikai Abilities: Shibo Aijin possesses two profound, signature capacities. Her primary one being that her entire spiritual essense is lethal to anything she deems an enemy to herself or Shinryu. Her lethal spiritual energy is converted into a collection of lethal toxins, bacteria, viruses, funguses and parasites that fester within every single reishi of her being. The nature of each of these beings is differing slightly and unique, making it extremely difficult to defend against or counter. The other capacity is not only Shinryu's immunity to these lethal agents but, them being cultured and stored in his body.

Senchineru: Senchineru is a passive capacity of Shibo Aijin while released. Due to Shibo Aijin storing and cultivating multiple lethal agents within Shinryu's system, Shinryu gains two significant advantages. The primary one being Shinryu having a much stronger immune system than almost any other being, his body able to weaken the effects of even the most complex agents easily. In addition, he is able to study the nature of the agent inside his form. Shinryu gains a 10% resistance to toxic agents per thread of exposure, capping at 40%. In addition, Shinryu is able to cultivate antiagents against any of his own techniques effects.

Sekai-teki Hayariyamai: The second passive component of Shibo Aijin's cultivation is cultivating and creating a one of a kind fungus that is created and generated within Shinryu's red blood cells. While this fungus does nothing for Shinryu while inside him, upon being released from his blood and touching the air, Shinryu's blood will release fungal spores in the area immediately in contact with it. As a result, anyone who is in physical contact with Shinryu's blood will be infected with these fungal spores. While there is no immediate effect, after a period of 2 posts, the spores will cultivate inside the individuals blood. These spores then proceed to release reiatsu spores through the victims sweat. As a result, Shin is able to locate the presence of an individual with these spores released, causing him to be able to track any individual with these spores inside them. After a week, these spores die. This doesn't apply to individuals in another dimension.

Eshi: Shibo Aijin's Primary ability is a unique toxin that is stored within the surface of her skin. This toxin however, is only active when charged with Shinryu's spiritual pressure. More importantly, it takes a bit of charging before it takes effect, only able to be used once every 3 posts. However, the poison in question is a very special one. Upon contact with any flesh that isn't Shinryu's, that flesh will instantly decay and die, becoming black and lifeless. If that flesh is a muscle or a nerve, the particular body part they control will be rendered unuseable. In addition, nerves affected suffer a condition called "Dull Afterdeath." Due to the instantaeneous occurance of cell death, any and all cuts by Eshi will not be felt and will feel as if they missed. The only indication of a wound being afflicted will occur a second or two ofter when the burning sensation of the dead flesh kicks in. This cell death is however temporary, only lasting a period of 5 posts on fleshy tissue. On organs however, the effect is permanent and will require treatment.

- Bankai Description:

Zettai Shibo Aijin (Absolute Death Mistress)

Zettai Shibo Aijin is upon Shin first entering Bankai, non-visible. Shin's attire upon entering Bankai becomes a traditional black haiori that is often seen in Bankai, much to Shin's chagrin of it being generic. The weapon itself is both stored within Shin and a part of him, acting as a symbiotic weapon.

The actual form she takes is in the form of 10 1ft long, slightly curved sickle blades that are completely crimson in color, and the form of 200 ovular, 6in long chain links that are obsidian in color. These links are able to be connected in any combination of link patterns at will or to the blades themselves.

- Bankai Abilities:

Zettai Shibo Aijin's form is symbiotic to both Shinryu and to herself. In this it means she can freely move in and out of Shin's body without affect any of his cells due to her matching Shin's own cellular structure. In addition, her links or blades can be fused into each other or compacted into each other up to a single form. Meaning what could appear to be one link can spawn from it several more, so long as the count doesn't exceed the 200 links or 10 blades she possesses. If at any point she is separated from Shin however, she becomes immobile until Shin touches that loose piece once more. Because of this, she must always be in contact with Shin or his spiritual pressure.

Senchineru is now constantly active even while in a sealed state, giving Shinryu the capacity to develop immunities while sealed. In addition, while in Bankai, Senchineru's effect becomes instant, resolving and immunizing against any natural toxin swiftly. Any agent or antidote to that agent is available to be accessed via Shin's saliva, blood, or sweat. As a result of this, even against Reiatsu and genetically modified agents, Shin gains an increased resistance to those poisons the longer he is exposed to them, gaining 15% resistance to those agents per post exposure, capping at 60%.

Eshi while in Bankai applies instantly to all contact with any part of Zettai Shibo Aijin. In addition, Eshi infuses itself into Shin's Reiatsu, causing him to alter his Kido to have a necrotic effect on contact with either his Bakudo or his Shunko and Shuntatsu.

Sekai-teki Hayariyamai while in Bankai now has no incubation period for fungal blooms to occur.

Jisatsu doraibu(Suicide Drive): Shibo Aijin's signature offensive ability is the ability to crack a piece of her consciousness and transfuse it into a viral, airborne contagion. The result of this causes any individual that herself or Shinryu deem a threat to be targeted by it. Shin will do this by evaporating his sweat and blood to have it vaporize into a viral mist. Any part of an individual that remains in contact with the mist too long(2 posts) will gain a cerebral consciousness of it's own that will scream at the victim vividly in their psyche. More importantly, the part afflicted will try to harm it's owner against it's owner's will, trying to kill them at all costs. In addition, if too much of the mist is breathed in (inhaled in 2 separate posts), this effect will trigger in their esophagus and windpipe, both attempting to close and suffocate it's target. Willpower can be used to fight against this technique.

Densen heiki(Contagion Weaponization): Upon entering Bankai, Shinryu gains the capacity to manipulate and alter the chemical or DNA structure of any compound he has previously inoculated himself against. He is able to then alter the contagion method and symptoms of the compound into an entirely new toxin or bioagent. All agents are submitted as Custom Items/weapons and must be approved before use.

Kyōsei o tsūji shinka (Evolution through symbiosis): Zettai Shibo Aijin's most profound ability. While in Bankai, Shin's entire cellular structure of all his cells is restructured. Shinryu's own cells each become sentient and viable single cell organisms with all the traits of fungal, viral, amoebic, parasitic, bacterial, plant, and animallian cell types. Because of this advanced fluididity in cell type and cell advancement, Shinryu's own cells can mutate and evolve upon the infusion of other cell types. As a result while in Bankai only, Shinryu if he consumes a vast enough quantity of a beings flesh, organs or blood or other vital part, can gain access potentially to a racial or unique trait of that beings or beings. All traits acquired start at beginner and incur a 10x amplification on all requirements to improve it. All attempts to acquire an ability must be approved by staff. In addition, due to the evolution being systematic versus conscious, the ability gained is by staff decision as well.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kido: Elite
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Elite

Kyōsei o tsūji shinka Skills

  • Cero: Beginner

  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


Roleplay Sample

- Roleplay Sample:

Bane paid attention to every detail, noted every important action, phrase, and movement. The small things along with the obvious and he learned so much. Both what he already knew and reinforcement of suspicions. Bane knew this child had trust issues, being pulled between the shadowiest organizations on Earth could breed that easily. Even if The Dark Knight didn't agree, his group was a shadow organization. In the public eye, only part of them existed. And the League was by far one of their own, perhaps the one even. He grinned wickedly towards the child as he got into a combat stance and pondered his moves. Even if slight, Bane noticed the preparatory movements the child made before with great swift, he leaped at him and attempted to strike from above, he was attempting a scouting strike.

"Interesting." Bane said as, upon the tiny fist making the slightest contact with his body, his body shifted. His right foot pressed up slightly on the ball as his left rotated very slightly as he maneuvered himself into a perfect position as it hit him. The strike for about a millisecond moved and connected and then, lifted upwards in mid motion, the child eying Bane's movements closely. The child was waiting for something obvious. A movement or positioning that hinted to what he was about to do. And none of that came as the exact second he felt the stinging strike not on his body, Bane rapidly pushed up and slightly jumped upwards and forward, performing a tiny leap on his right foot. More importantly however was what came during the leap as he lifted his head up, presenting his forehead and it impacted directly with the child's thumb. As he continued the motion, he tilted his head just a little more, pushing the thumb out and away from the closed fist. And then while still on his left foot in the leap, with great speed and force, he jumped upwards at an angle as his head was nestled into the joint. And with that motion, Bane's forceful push wrenched the child's thumb back violently with a loud crack before suddenly landing a couple feet from his original position though in the direction Damian was leaping in, closing distance as well. As the child landed, Bane turned towards him.

"You already know that every part of your body is a weapon. And like a weapon, it can be used to kill a target or weaken their defense. Unlike the League and Bruce however, my style of combat is designed to destroy an opponent's offense. For I will always outlast them. And I will always outlast a combat style designed to quickly finish someone. Get your barrings, your next lesson begins now. I will now show you an offensive technique that will be guaranteed to damage and ultimately defeat any of your brothers." He breathed in slowly as he observed the child. Like it or not, he learned the technique through observation. Mastered, no, that would take time. But learned absolutely. He understood the mechanics, implementation, and utility of it and how it favored Bane's method of combat and how it hindered more offensive styles. He cracked his neck once then stood at the ready. "The most important part of any technique is knowledge. Hiding it from your opponent and learning it from your opponent. The disadvantage of's...chosen forms of combat is how open they are. They reveal too much advanced techniques in a short period of time. The most dangerous technique is the one your opponent's do not expect. You know this. They utilize stealth to combat this error. And tools. And yet, I've equaled or defeated them using only my body. There is a reason for this. Many advanced techniques I've utilized were not against them. They weren't needed. They weren't as martially sophisticated as yourself. So, I'll demonstrate to you one of the few techniques I've bothered naming, purely because it was what I used to kill Judomaster. Defend yourself appropriately to the best of your ability."

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