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The Shirazumi-rengokai (白泉連合会; Lit. "Shirazumi Federation") is an organized crime and defense group headed by Tsubine Shirazumi. The Shirazumi-rengokai is a yakuza-like group based in the 1st ward of District 66 of West Rukongai—Shōjin (咲志; Blossoming Hopes). This was created by Tsubine, and aside from a brief two-year break for a mourning period, has been consistently led by him as well. Its influence within the district is second-to-none, and the people within openly welcome and defend the group.

The Shirazumi-rengokai has multiple smaller families operating under it, most of which are involved in both the defense and "maintenance" of the district. Defense of the district is simple. Most members are trained in basic fighting (usually with a spear) to defend against the threats. Although not nearly as trained as Shinigami from the academy, many members have enough training to be somewhat of a threat en-masse.

Maintenance is split again into two duties: income and upkeep. Income is where the Shirazumi-rengokai has its run-ins with the actual law. Racketeering is common—all residents pay a tax that helps support the upkeep and defense. If payment is not made, the residents are "encouraged" to pay or to leave. Smaller families under the Shirazumi-rengokai operate brothels, gambling dens, and the like to also bring in money. Upkeep comes into play mostly by supporting larger community projects such as rebuilding after disasters.

The Shirazumi-rengokai follows a simplified version of the traditional oyabun-kobun relationship seen within the yakuza in the World of the Living. Except for the Chairman and the lowest members, everyone within the Shirazumi-rengokai is both an oyabun and a kobun. For example, an underboss is oyabun, or "boss," to the members of their family while being the kobun, or "underling," to the Senior Advisor. The oyabun oversees and takes responsibility for his kobun while the kobun learns from and does not tarnish the reputation of the oyabun.

Miscellaneous Information

Alignment: Neutral
Location: District 66 of West Rukongai—Shōjin
Why Join: The Shirazumi-rengokai operates under a simple edict: if there is to be crime, have it be organized. The Shirazumi-rengokai accepts all who are wanting to do better by themselves, have nowhere to go, or just want to better their neighborhood. Their goal is the betterment and protection of the Rukongai beyond and alongside what Central 320 is doing. There is also a strict rule of brothership and family within the Shirazumi-rengokai. If you are lost and alone, they'll gladly take you in and make you feel as though you're part of a family.


Members: The Shirazumi-rengokai has approximately 700 "members," although this number also includes regular employees from the businesses it owns as well.

Businesses and Income: The Shirazumi-rengokai owns about 20 different legitimate businesses. These include restaurants and grocers, two construction companies, and a small theater. They also either own or collect protection money from the illicit (or at least very shady) businesses such as high-risk loans, gambling dens, and brothels. There is no explicit and blanket prohibition on drug-dealing, but the overall policy is "sell only to the current addicts" as a form of medical care. They also own a small fight club that is usually used to settle dispute within the family.

Territory: The Shirazumi-rengokai practically controls all of District 66 West. They still pay whatever taxes Central 320 pays and mostly obeys the laws. Their headquarters is in the 1st Ward of 66 West and is a manor where the current Chairman lives. There are smaller offices throughout the District that act as collection points and have limited living arrangements.

Allied Groups and People
This is a list of the people currently allied with the Shirazumi-rengokai without joining the group.


The hierarchy of the group is simple. The Chairman is the head of the organization. They have absolute authority within the organization. The Junior Chairman acts as the Chairman's second-in-command. They act as a go-between for the Chairman and the Senior Advisors (see below for further explanation). They also are a personal advisor for the Chairman. The Headquarters Chief and Vice Headquarters Chief are in charge of the protection and duties specifically around the headquarters of the group. They are also the muscle of the Chairman and act as his personal guard when he is away from the manor.

The various families that have sworn allegiance to the Shirazumi-rengokai have a family head. For the Shirazumi-rengokai, the position is called a Senior Advisor. They are the highest authority within their respective families, but they all answer to the Chairman and Junior Chairman. Beneath the Senior Advisor is the Underboss. There may be more than one Underboss per family. That is up to the discretion of the Senior Advisor.

Other positions may be added in the future, such as a secretary for the Chairman. Suggestions are welcome.


Chairman: Tsubine Shirazumi

Junior Chairman:

Headquarters Chief: Sozen Katagiri
Vice-Headquarters Chief:
HQ Soldiers:

Example Family: Kitano Family
Senior Advisor: Yūsaku Kitano
Underboss: Akira Fuse
Members: Daigō Hanada


Character Application

Character Name: [This.]
Application Link: [Here.]
Position Requested: [Self-explanatory]
Feats & Qualifications: [Any feats you want to mention.]
Extra Notes: [Got anything else you want to add?]
[b][center]Character Application[/center][/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b] [This.]
[b]Application Link:[/b] [Here.]
[b]Position Requested:[/b] [Self-explanatory]
[b]Feats & Qualifications:[/b] [Any feats you want to mention.]
[b]Extra Notes:[/b] [Got anything else you want to add?]


Family Application

Family Name: [This.]
Senior Advisor: [Name of the current head of this family]
Specialization: [Does this family specialize in some way?]
Extra Notes: [Got anything else you want to add?]

[b][center]Family Application[/center][/b]
[b]Family Name:[/b] [This.]
[b]Senior Advisor:[/b] [Name of the current head of this family]
[b]Specialization:[/b] [Does this family specialize in some way?]
[b]Extra Notes:[/b] [Got anything else you want to add?]

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