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Wish Acquisition And Use Guide Empty Wish Acquisition And Use Guide

Tue Feb 06, 2024 5:26 am
Wish Acquisition And Use Guide H9b1rgU

Hello everyone! This guide is meant to inform you of the new wish system and how to acquire said wishes. Use this as a guideline for how to operate with the new system! It’s a big change, so we would want to avoid confusion.


The Story Arc System

As a means to encourage you, the community, to create your own events or overarching stories, we have decided to attach wishes to the Story Arc system. If you were a main player in running a successful arc, or had considerable activity or presence within an arc, then you are given a choice between bringing any of your Arc Characters into a normal character status, or to receive a wish. You must pick one if staff has determined to give you a wish, and you can only receive one wish per story arc.

Additionally, site plot is defined as a plot that affects the entire site. As in, it must be something that everyone is at least hearing about, a noteworthy event that would reach the ears or concern of the majority. Events are not site plots, but may be the trigger for a site plot.


Of course, as we want this to be an incentive for the community to engage more with each other, we also have a merit-based path for acquisition. If you come to us with a compelling argument as to why a person should deserve a wish, be it they wrote an excellent series of threads or worked hard on something and you want to give them recognition for that, in addition have three other people agree with you, then that person gets a wish! You can only vouch for a person to receive a wish once every six months.


Penalties are pretty much a mark indicating you have failed to either properly follow up with an event, or behave in a way that is conducive to the environment we are trying to foster. Depending on how you receive one of these, you cannot receive a wish. There are two different types of penalties:

Story Arc Penalties, where you are unable to receive a wish for the remainder of the arc.
Merit Penalties, where you are unable to receive a wish for six months.

Ways you can get a penalty are…

  • Failure to communicate inactivity during cooperative events
  • Coercion; the action of trying to pressure people into vouching for you
  • Gaming The System; the action of intentional exploitation in order to receive wishes at an otherwise unnatural frequency.

For a better picture, here’s a few scenarios to help you figure out what’s considered a penalty:

Scenario 1

Person A is running an event thread, with Persons B and C as participants. Person A is unable to continue the event due to personal life matters, such as being ill or burnt out. Person A tells Persons B and C that unfortunately, they cannot continue the event as of now due to this issue, apologize, and try to work something out that would work out favorably for Persons B and C.

Person A WILL NOT be penalized.

Scenario 2

Person A is running an event thread, with Persons B and C as participants. However, Person A has elected to stop posting for this event thread, and instead has directed activity elsewhere. Persons B and C are left with no idea of when the event will continue, and perhaps even attempts to contact Person A fall on deaf ears. Interest in the event dies out.

Person A WILL be penalized.

Scenario 3

Person A worked hard to write a compelling narrative for their character for a good chunk of the year, so Person B wants them to get a wish for their efforts. Person B writes up a full reasoning with what Person A did, and why they should receive a wish. Persons C,D, and F all express agreement with this reasoning, and staff take the determination from there.

NEITHER will be penalized.

Scenario 4

Person A thinks they deserve a wish, surely they worked hard all year for it, but no one has come forth to vouch for them. Person A begins DMing several members in an attempt to push one of them to write a reasoning and to also vouch for them, regardless of how the individual members feel. One of these members approach staff, and tells them Person A has been pushing them to make a decision they didn’t fully agree to.

Person A WILL be penalized.

Scenario 5

Person A thinks they deserve a wish, they worked pretty hard, but nobody has come forth to vouch for them. Person A begins DMing people they believe would take interest in their threads, presenting their writing to several parties. While not insisting upon it, they ask if said parties would consider vouching for them. After several days, a reasoning is posted, and other members agree with them.

Person A WILL NOT be penalized.


These lists are meant to be a reference for what kind of ideas would require a wish, and hopefully give you a basis for your own. Keep in mind that although most ideas will get through with a wish, staff is not obligated to grant every wish if it’s been determined to be too broad or otherwise not acceptable without sufficient reasoning for it.

Typically impossible things can be wished for, such as…
  • Raising a skill’s level to Master
  • Soul King Pieces (Limited)
  • Creating a Vasto Lorde Hollow
  • Unique Releases
  • Resources
  • Dual Zanpakuto (Two distinct sealed swords; not two swords in Shikai/Bankai)

Things that you ideally shouldn’t or don’t really need a wish for are…

  • Ideas that could be accomplished with extra activity
  • Massive/short leaps in skill level without some form of narrative reasoning
  • Starting a faction/organization
  • Establishing setting-appropriate lore
  • Creating a new race
  • Using a wish solely to fuel someone else's plot

Disclaimer: Both lists are more suggestion than they are hard requirements, so those of you wondering about the shouldn'ts/don'ts, don't take them as a 'can't'; these are the most common pitfalls one may fall into when trying to imagine what requires a wish, and this is just to help break up misconceptions around that. You are always free to run ideas by a staff member to be totally sure if something requires a wish or just needs a good effort. Ideally, you shouldn't have to use a wish on your idea!

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