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Fri Feb 18, 2022 7:56 pm

This is a brief guide to running hybridisation of races on Bleach: Platinum Hearts, it will cover an overview of how they come to be, the restrictions and limitations as well as how they are mechanically handled in terms of the site.

How To Become A Hybrid?
On Platinum Hearts there are a couple of ways to become a hybrid; ranging from being as simple as having mixed-heritage by being naturally born of different races or experimentation to acquire hybrid features from other races. Mechanically, regardless of the route that is taken to become or make a hybrid they will abide by the same representation.

The greater dilution between races, or the more races you try to incorporate into your character will overall weaken how much they can display and additionally, make them far more unstable. Two races are the most stable form of hybridisation, three is possible however it will be highly unstable and more likely be a negative on your character moreso than any kind of advantage due to so many racial attributes clashing with each other. Additionally, three is the most one can achieve. To be further beyond such as trying to become a Quadbrid creates such a dissonance and dilution within their being that they will not be able to demonstrate any of the attributes that make up those four races to any real capacity.

So with that said, let's go into how one can go about making a hybrid.

Hybrid Pathways
There are two ways to approach making a Hybrid on Platinum Hearts.

Base Skill Sheet + Additional Racial Attributes
The first way is more beneficial to characters which have a more dominant side to their status such as a shinigami that has acquired quincy abilities through experimentation, this would manifest as them using the only the shinigami skill sheet and having some quincy attributes or adjacent abilities written into their application.

This pathway would allow an individual to possess powers from their other race although it would not be mechanically scaling or developing in tandem with a skill compared to the second method and overall be considered just a unique ability they have.

Example: For this example we are using a hypothetical Ichigo, where a player wanted to note his Quincy heritage. In this case, Blut is not one of his racial skills and he uses the Shinigami skills. Instead, Blut is included as an ability in his application which notes his heritage but he does not receive the benefit of having a skill for it scale off.

Shinigami Skills

Blut: Due to his mixed heritage, there is some capacity for Ichigo to demonstrate Blut. He is able to use it to harden his skin and protect him from incoming damage to some capacity. This is purely instinctual and something that occurs without thinking and so he cannot properly control it, only occurring in moments of great hardship.

Mixed Skill Sheet
This is the second pathway involves a player essentially building a unique skill sheet out of their racial mix-up. Unlike before were the character's dominant race is the skill sheet and they have less focus on their other piece of heritage this one will likely include some racial skills from the races that make them up.

Example: Using our prior example of a hypothetical Ichigo, this approach would more accurately be shown as this, in this case Ichigo does not utilise much of his quincy heritage and so only one skill is put onto his sheet while he retains three other skills from the shinigami sheet.

Hybrid Skills

However, moving away from Ichigo as our example with this pathway there is any number of ways that a player can utilise this. Ultimately, any array of skills can be meshed into the hybrid's skill sheet out of the four total ones.

Races That Cannot Hybrid
For the sake of ease, this is a small list of the races that cannot be hybridised due to the nature of them.

Overall These races cannot hybrid in any capacity.


Incompatible These races cannot hybrid as a result of incompatibility.

Arrancar/Hollow & Shinigami - Will either result in just becoming an Arrancar or a Vizard.
Quincy & Arrancar/Hollow - Quincy cannot tolerate hollow reiryoku, would result in death or no change.
Vizard & Ziamichi - The two spirits would only merge or clash until death/eviction; resulting in no change or becoming the other rather than a mix of both.


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