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Thu Jun 01, 2023 9:02 pm
Fullbringer Racial Information S6oSXYw

Note: Due to the situation of Bleach: Platinum Hearts having existed prior to Tite Kubo's release of the Fullbringer arc in Bleach, the fullbringers of the setting are not 1:1 to the depiction of the fullbringers in the arc. Efforts have been made to adapt some of Kubo's content to the race on the site though.

What Are They?
Fullbringers are a specific offshoot of High-Spec Humans whose powers are not inherently sourced from their own spiritual energy. In fact, the powers of a fullbringer are the opposite of their own body--while they themselves have a perfectly healthy soul, their powers instead come from a sliver of Hollow power within them. This leaves them in an exceptionally unusual position, and their abilities are similarly unique when compared to other humans.

How To Become A Fullbringer?
Becoming a fullbringer is generally not something that one chooses, and the process for one's creation is fairly specifica. When a child is subjected to an exceptional amount of Hollow energy while still within the womb (typically through a Hollow attacking their mother), this energy takes root within their soul and eventually becomes the basis for their fullbringer abilities.

Theoretically speaking, such an absolute immersion in Hollow energy could possibly happen to an adult as well, and in such a case, this person could become a fullbringer. However, it is vitally important to understand that such an intense amount of Hollow energy into a human soul will typically not allow for survival; rather, it will simply kill the human in question and create a hollow. This approach should be treated as a narrative device for active characters to develop if that is intended, rather than as a piece of history to justify a character’s strength.

Powers & Traits
As supernatural beings they possess a couple of characteristics which are inherent to their race.

Spirit Manipulation While all High-Spec Humans have the capacity to control objects and the world around them by flooding it with their spiritual energy, fullbringers achieve a similar feat through different means. Fullbringers, instead, are capable of manipulating the fundamental spiritual energy which permeates all things, and do not need to put their own personal spirit into anything to control it.

Power Sharing: Due to the similar nature of their powers, all fullbringers are capable of willingly sharing their power with other fullbringers. It should be noted that this "sharing" is far closer to "giving," however. A fullbringer who gives their power to another has no way of actually taking it back if they so wish, and are wholly reliant on the other fullbringer to return it. Similarly, a fullbringer who receives another fullbringer's power can simply treat it as if it is their own, with no worry that it will treat its new user as an outsider.

Hollow Affinity: Due to their powers being from a hollow origin, a fullbringer tends to develop a lot faster when they are in the realm of Hueco Mundo as opposed to anywhere else. This provides no mechanical benefits and is purely here for the sake of narrative purposes.


Fullbring Affinity: This skill represents the fullbringer's fondness for a particular object, most fullbringers will generally only possess one affinity which is an object they have had in their possession and which has developed attachment with. These experiences that the object accumulates through trials and their life is able to be drawn out by their innate power of drawing out the spirit of an object which then takes the form of their personal fullbring.

Untrained: At this stage, the fullbringer has no object they have a fondness for.

Beginner: At this stage, the fullbringer has only one object of affinity. Their affinity is incomplete and unstable, they have yet to complete the training process. The fullbringer's affinity has a boost of 150% to its abilities.

Adept: At this stage, the fullbringer has only one object of affinity. They have completed the basic training, and the affinity in question has become stable albeit a simple state which has yet to unlock its potential. The fullbringer's affinity has a boost of 300% to its abilities.

Advanced: At this stage, the fullbringer may demonstrate two objects of affinity but a theme must be shared between them ie. a sword and shield, left arm and right arm. The affinity can be called "complete". Their affinity is not just stable but developed to a point where it has reached its potential. The fullbringer's affinity has a boost of 500% to its abilities.

Elite: At this stage, the fullbringer possesses an "evolved affinity". An evolved affinity has undergone many experiences and grown past its completed form. It is at this stage where most fullbringers have reached the limit of their affinity. The fullbringer's affinity has a boost of 800% to its abilities.

Master: At this stage, the fullbringer's affinity has grown past its limitations. The fullbringer may expand their affinity to surrounding themes, for example a fullbringer whose affinity is a sword may expand out into encompassing "knights, shields, weapons, and/or armours". The fullbringer's affinity has a boost of 1250% to its abilities.

Grand Master: At this stage, the fullbringer may showcase a general fondness rather than an affinity for a specific object such as drawing the affecting anything they find cute or cool with their affinity. The fullbringer's affinity has a boost of 1750% to its abilities.

Full Manifestation: Also referred to as Full Manifestation Art. Whereas their affinity dictates their personal fullbring attributes. This is the broad control of spiritual energy that all fullbringer's display. All fullbringers can manipulate the spirit contained in matter. Everything within the world has undergone an experience whether that is a chair or a glass of water. That chair was once a tree, which was cut down and manufactured into a chair which in turn was sat on by people and has its own history.

This history is the spirit which fullbringers can take advantage of to manipulate the object in a couple of ways such as moving the object by pulling on its spirit or altering its characteristics such as changing its shape. A fullbringer does this with their physical body as opposed to their spirit which means it is not dependent on their spirit class but their stamina, only with training and excersing of this trait will a fullbringer cultivate it.

Another factor to consider is that a fullbringer can only interact with the matter they are made of so if they are in their physical body then they will only be apply this to kishi (physical matter), if they are outside of their body, a plus that has passed on, or their body has been converted to a spiritual one then the fullbringer's full manifestation art will apply to reishi (spiritual matter) instead.

Untrained: At this stage the fullbringer is unable to manipulate the spirit in the environment to any capacity.

Beginner: At this stage the fullbringer is able to manipulate the movements or characteristics of an single object by interacting with its spirit. In the case of manipulating its movements, the fullbringer can do simple actions such as push/pull and in the case of altering characteristics the fullbringer must physically touch the object and can only alter one property. A beginner can only apply their full manifestation on one object at a time.

Adept: At this stage the fullbringer is able to manipulate the movements and characteristics of a single object by interacting with its spirit. The movements remain simple but the alteration may be applied from a distance at this stage. An adept user of full manifestation can only apply it to a single object at a time.

Advanced: At this stage the fullbringer is able to manipulate a handful of objects in their general vicinity but the potency is weakened the more they spread their abilities. They are able to do more precise movements, alter from afar and apply multiple changes to the objects' characteristics if they so wish.

Elite: At this stage the fullbringer is able to manipulate their general vicinity, even extending it to the formless such as the air around them. Their control over movements is at the stage where their feats are comparable to a competent telekinetic and their control over the characteristics of objects compete with the feats of alchemy.

Master: At this stage the fullbringer demonstrates the unique ability to force the object to retain the changes done to it through full manifestation as opposed to wearing off over time. They are so skilled that they can begin to breach past the restriction of their body and begin to exert their influence over the opposite matter ie. controlling reishi despite being in a living body.

Grand Master: At this stage the fullbringer is essentially displaying miracles through their ability to interact with the spirit of matter. It would not be out of the question for a fullbringer of this level to begin to show a precise use of matter manipulation by controlling the particles that make up the world around them. The material world essentially bends to their whims.

Bringer Light: The high-speed movement technique utilised by the fullbringers. It differs from most conventional means of high-speed movement due to it being dependent on manipulating the environment to accomplish the feats. For example when a fullbringer launches themselves in a dash they will be pulling on matter they are standing on to make it function like a rubberband, and another trait that distinguishes the fullbringer's high-speed movement from the other races is that they can apply this outside of pure movement techniques at any stage of mastery such as using the air around their arms to make a punch accelerated beyond human capabilities to empower it.

Untrained: The fullbringer is unable to utilise bringer light in any capacity.

Beginner: At this stage a fullbringer is able to utilise bringer light to enhance their speed. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that overexertion of their abilities would cause it to lapse and they hurt themselves in the process. They are competent with the basics.

Adept: At this stage a fullbringer is able to use bringer light to reliably travel, speed up a punch to surprise an opponent. They might be able to do a simple variation or unique technique but it is relatively limited compared to those with greater experience.

Advanced: At this stage a fullbringer has reached the upper levels of a bringer light user, at this level one can begin to start doing more advanced techniques such as applying afterimages to create speed clones or techniques which are fast enough to interfere with a person's senses from the speed at what it is executed.

Elite: At this stage a fullbringer has hit the accepted peak of bringer light, they are among the best. They're able to make adjustments to their bringer light on the fly, developing unique variations here and there. Jumping between the fight as a blur for those who can't keep up or being almost undetectable by how fast they can move.

Master: At thise stage a fullbringer has become a true master of bringer light, and the quickness in which they are able to unleash their attacks will make them revered as a legend in the art of high-speed movement. Their attacks occur in a blur to their opponents with every punch, kick, and step leaving their opponent's pressured.

Grand Master: At this level a fullbringer is capable of utilizing bringer light at a level of mastery that can be considered flawless to those less skilled. Their proficiency allows them to use this skill as easy as one would breath, being able to utilize it an innumerable amount of times as they please without worry of failure they can almost appear to be teleporting around the battlefield with the way they move.

Hollow Factor: Due to their powers being of hollow origin, all fullbringers possess an inherent hollow factor which can grow with the fullbringer. This can vary amongst fullbringers but their reiatsu carries a distinct hollow influence which can be sensed when they are using their powers but some users of fullbring can take this a step further and begin to show actual hollow attributes being cultivated in them to acquire powers of a hollow ranging from their acidic touch, regenerative qualities, and even their ability to consume souls.

Untrained: At this stage a fullbringer gains no attributes from their hollow factor.

Beginner: At this stage a fullbringer displays some minor hollow qualities such as a keen spiritual sense, some attributes of their bodies are more robust but nothing that is necessarily superhuman.

Adept: At this stage a fullbringer's hollow attributes are more refined. Their tracking ability is more reliable at tracking targets, even those trying to suppress their presence. A fullbringer can also utilize the acidic properties of a hollow through their body for offensive and defensive purposes, though this can still be dangerous if they overexert themselves.

Advanced: At this stage a fullbringer's has honed their hollow factor to a degree where even low-level regeneration is now possible. Though fatal wounds cannot be regenerated in order to prevent death, a major wound can still be repaired through the expenditure of energy and a little bit of time. It is at this level that a fullbringer also gains the ability to separate a soul from its body through contact, assuming the soul (spirit class) is weaker than the fullbringer’s own.

Elite: At this stage a fullbringer’s is capable of utilizing basic cero and bala, though they cannot alter their functions in any meaningful capacity. They are capable of traveling between the realms using Kumon. They possess a greater regeneration factor to the point they can now reliably heal major damage in a combat situation at the cost of expending energy, and as long as they are not mortal wounds.

Master: At this stage a fullbringer has become so in tune with their hollow attributes that they may consume the spirit within all objects to empower themselves, or even souls of weak individuals. Most objects carry within them a negligible amount of spirit at best, and this is not a method of pushing their limits; it is just a way of restoring their energy. Techniques such as Negacion are within their grasp to acquire as well.

Grand Master: At this stage a fullbringer has blurred the line between human and hollow, and has exceptional mastery of Hollow techniques at an even higher level. However they actually display this level of power is, realistically speaking, not something that can be universally quantified. Suffice to say, however, that their Hollow nature is completely and absolutely within their control, to manipulate and draw upon.


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