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Wed Nov 29, 2023 11:56 pm
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Trestrellas is a business conglomerate headquartered in former Brazil, founded in 2122 to facilitate a merger between three previously-separate companies; medical research company Whitefeather, technology developer Myriad, and industrial manufacturer Cambronne Heavy Industries. In that time they have grown impressively, though not to such a degree that any would consider it surprising, considering the scope of each company individually. This is thanks in no small part to the former president of Cambronne Heavy Industries, and current CEO of Trestrellas, Francesca Cambronne, whose policies of aggressive growth have proven favorable in the unstable climate of the world at present.

At present, Trestrellas is continuing this policy, but is no longer pursuing other large corporate entities. Rather, their approach is to buy up small, promising companies which lack significant capital of their own, funneling resources into them in order to expedite development and push a wedge into markets rather than simply attempting to subsidize those who already have a place in the industry. It is a risky maneuver, but the projects which have grown out of Trestrellas have yet to fail them.


Currently, most of Trestrellas’ objectives can be said to vary depending on which subsidiary one refers to under their corporate umbrella. However, what one can say without any doubt is that Trestrellas as a singular entity is pursuant to only one thing; absolute market dominance. Trestrellas does not seek to cut deals or attempt to buy out pre-existing competition, and instead will always seek out those who are in need of assistance to make their place in the market.


○ Cambronne Heavy Industries: Considered the crown jewel of Trestrellas’ holdings, Cambronne Heavy Industries specializes in heavy construction equipment manufacturing. However, their recent growth has moved them more toward military manufacturing, which has proven a profitable venture.

○ Whitefeather: A medical technology firm, Whitefeather’s developments are generally practical, lacking any groundbreaking developments but often refining and streamlining those technologies which already exist.

○ Myriad: The oldest company in Trestrellas, Myriad is a well-established software development company, primarily focused on industrial systems and home appliances. However, their merging into Trestrellas has led to more collaboration with the Cambronne Research Institute and Cambronne Heavy Industries, and much of their recent output is aimed at a military or logistical use.

○ Cambronne Research Institute: The most recently founded major company under the Trestrellas umbrella, the Cambronne Research Institute is an engineering firm focused on research and development, and often works hand in hand with Cambronne Heavy Industries to provide them with new concepts to begin producing. While they do work in civilian industries and technologies, much of the most advanced technology from the Institute tends to be military in nature.

○ High-Risk Assets Retrieval: A private security firm which was previously headquartered in Switzerland, they recently relocated to Brazil shortly after the unification of the Holy Roman Empire. Their forces are highly-trained, exceedingly well-equipped, and are known for absolute loyalty to their employers. Their moral standing is perhaps questionable, but their value is certainly not.

○ CA Investments: A finance and investment firm, CA Investments is noted for an extremely clinical, detached and ruthless approach to investments, a willingness to engage in nearly any investment if there is the slimmest of profits to be gained. Their willingness to take risks is rather high, but they hold sufficient capital that this approach has, so far, paid off.


Due to its position as a wide-spanning conglomerate, those in the Trestrellas network can often find themselves set up with whatever it is they might need. If something must be constructed, then Cambronne Heavy Industries can supply the necessary equipment. If an employee is injured, a Whitefeather hospital will gladly see them treated. Those being sent to a dangerous area can request a High-Risk Assets Retrieval detachment, and those who need funding can find it in CA Investments. Put simply, those who do good work for Trestrellas will find their efforts very handily supported.


Francesca Cambronne: CEO of Trestrellas, President of Cambronne Heavy Industries

Sumana: CFO of Trestrellas, President of CA Investments


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