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State Of The World - Circa 2110s [REQUIRED READING FOR LORE] Empty State Of The World - Circa 2110s [REQUIRED READING FOR LORE]

Wed Jan 31, 2024 3:55 pm
State Of The World - Circa 2110s [REQUIRED READING FOR LORE] H5rXlYb


Roughly one-hundred years have passed since the war, spiritual awareness now regarded as normal a sense as smell or touch, studies and advancements around the spiritual slowed due to the wounds of the world caused by the ravaging demons and voracious hollows, but steadily picked up speed once again. The earth held it’s scars; the eastern hemisphere filled with wastelands and instabilities that have been exploited on occasion, the countries of Africa weakened and torn, the world population itself having suffered a considerable drop it never recovered from, interaction with spiritual entities and phenomena an uncommon, but highly aware occurrence in the perceptions of the public.

Just as it felt the world had found it’s new sense of normalcy, ill fate reared it’s ugly head - the Demons descended upon the World of the Living once more, a new generation of chaos orchestrated by their Queen - Mana Asthavon. An ill-prepared for threat, the demonic hordes descended upon and began taking territories into their grasp in the early 2110s.

Their plague wasn’t destruction so much as it was infestation, reaching their forces into every crack and crevice that they could fill and dominate; from taking the United States and much of Europe, to even seizing land in Hueco Mundo to garner hollow forces and eventually become the organization known broadly as Shadow Fall, sowing seeds of chaos and unrest upon the populace they held heavy hand over.

Other organizations and major forces showed face at this time of crisis, too:

The Kokuryuteshi, an organization who posed opposition to the Gotei and Shinigami’s idea of order, held much of the east save for a few countries and Japan’s being safeguarded by the newly instated spiritual nexus of the world - Karakura Central. Rather than be another victim of Shadow Fall’s encroachment upon the living, they found mutual ground and considered themselves allies.

Monsuta, a pack of rogue vizards excommunicated from Soul Society and spiritually powerful humans ostracized due to their gifts whom banned together to form a mercenarial organization, friend of none but connected to many. In recent years, they had partaken in acts of terrorism for the sake of revenge and gain, but remained as free, radical agents roaming the world and finding sanctuary only with one another.

The Vandenreich, after centuries of hiding in the shadows to cultivate the remains of their people, reemerged in response to this threat against humanity, rallying any of their stray remnants to rejoin them so they may forge an effort against this sowing of chaos.

Karakura Central, rebuilt from the ashes of what was previously the destroyed Karakura Town, remains as the current Juureichi (Important Spiritual Ground), and consequently is a major draw and development point for spiritual phenomena. Many have come to this city to study the spiritual, in need due to the development of spiritual power, and otherwise to shelter from the dangerous outside. Developments were made to arm the city against Hollows and the Demonic alike in reaction to the activity in the west.

Vastime, a militaristic force and country formed from the efforts to stabilize and unite the peoples of the African continent still left in disarray due to the high amount of hollow activity. As a statement of strength, they built their capital upon what was thought to be the origin point of the invasion one-hundred years ago.

Though the Gotei remained largely unresponsive to this spread of chaos as it was insubstantial to the balance, they were given reason to join the fray by way of the Demonic Incursion - prideful and invasive were Shadow Fall, who rose up and sought to do to Soul Society what they were successfully executing upon the World of the Living. The losses that occurred prior alongside weak leadership almost led to the dissolution of the Gotei and the destruction of the Seireitei as a whole, but the forces were fended off and from the rubble, the Gotei United was born, motivated by yet another historic incident to change their very structure, garnering a movement to strike back at those who sought to destabilize them.

The strife of the world was but kindling, awaiting a spark to set a blaze: for war.

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