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I. Basic Information

» Name: Byakuya Kuchiki
» Alias: 28th Head of the Kuchiki Family, Former Captain of the Sixth Division
» Age: ???
» Appears: ~Late 20s, early 30s
» Birthday: January 31st
» Gender: Male
» Height: 6’0”
» Weight: 160

» Appearance Written: He often wears white headpieces, called kenseikan (牽星箝, Pulled Star Insert; Viz "Pull Star Silence"), that symbolize his nobility. Normally, he keeps three on top of his head and two on the side, though may switch to having a similar headpiece on the back of his head. He is often seen wearing his family heirloom, a white scarf woven by Ginpaku Kazahana no Uzuginu, considered worth ten mansions inside the Seireitei. Finally, he wears fingerless, white tekkō, that only cover the back of his hands.

» Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Rank/Position: None
» Specialty: All Shinigami Arts, except Hakuda

» Sexual Orientation: Straight
» Relationship Status: Single
» Attraction:

» Association:

The Kuchiki Clan: Byakuya’s family holds most of his loyalty, no matter how they test his patience. Byakuya works to keep the Kuchiki at the status and power they have been for centuries. With recent leadership of the Gotei United diminishing the importance of his bloodline, Byakuya has been challenged on a professional and personal level to maintain his family’s authority and lifestyle.

The Gotei Thirteen: Byakuya’s loyalty was and is to the Gotei Thirteen. He sees this reconstruction into the Gotei United as an insult to history and tradition. If the Gotei Thirteen is ever to return, Byakuya may return with it.

Other Associations:

I. Personality

» Personality: As a man of noble status, Byakuya carries himself well. His perfect posture and serious demeanor make him seem unapproachable, and in many ways, he is. Byakuya is a man of few words, choosing rarely to participate in any decent conversation beyond the needs of his family and goals. His stoic nature, along with the aristocratic aura that surrounds him, give others little opening to approach. In other ways, however, Byakuya can show softer sides of himself, including the silent pride he once had in his adoptive sister, Rukia, and the unexpected, but endearing, creation of a green seaweed character named Wakame Ambassador.

Byakuya currently finds great issue with the changes that have come to the Gotei and Seireitei in the last century. With the pointed decreased in noble power, the Kuchiki Family has seen negative outcomes that Byakuya must take care of. Their power being taken from them by those obviously attempting to usurp noble power and direct it elsewhere is not something he plans to continue dealing with. This change is a blatant disregard of history and tradition, while also disrespecting the noble houses that have existed for centuries prior. He is currently unsure how to turn the tides in noble favor, but he will take a chance that presents itself.

Byakuya is a prideful man. He does not take insults well, and is known to react in anger if he or what he cares for comes under attack. Sometimes the smallest of slights can trigger small bursts of anger and verbal retaliation from him, but he mostly keeps his cool. In fact, his level-headed behavior is something he’s known for. His anger comes off calm. He doesn’t raise his voice or show much emotion at all. He expresses himself through action, which makes it difficult to tell whether Byakuya is ever happy or not. In recent years, the stress of his family’s diminishing authority and the Gotei reconstruction leave him on the edge of his patience.

Mentioned before was the pride Byakuya “once had” in his adoptive-sister. Whether her intention or not, Byakuya sees Rukia’s lack of involvement with the Kuchiki Family as a betrayal. She has turned her back on the family that took her in over a hundred and fifty years ago, and therefore, has betrayed him, her sister, and the family as a whole. Whether this feeling is founded, Byakuya is unsure, but has little interest in interacting with Rukia. He also feels she has no right to call herself a Kuchiki when she has so blatantly and carelessly turned her back on them. Public image has always been important in nobility, and Rukia’s stance is clearly noted.

I. History

» History:

Bleach Canon History:

World War Three:
A few months after Aizen was killed, there was a large increase of hollow activity coming out of Africa. A large number of attacks on civilian populations caused the deployment of many shinigami to handle the sudden threat. However, the constant influx of hollow caused a major imbalance in the cycle, forcing the Gotei Thirteen to exterminate souls of the Rukongai to re-balance the number of souls in each realm. It was when the number of reported spiritually aware humans drastically increased that Byakuya took mental note. He did not yet participate in anything, allowing lesser shinigami to do their jobs, until the real focus of Ender’s army became clear. Byakuya found himself on the battlefield, combating the demon incursion that threatened more than just the balance of the soul cycle when they targeted the Oken. The demons he fought were able to defeat him, overwhelming him with numbers before he was forced to retreat from the battlefield, something he regrets to this day. However, the war came to an end when Captain Commander Yamamoto sacrificed himself in a battle with their King. With no leader, the demon forces fell to chaos and their threat was non-existent and the realms were allowed to recover.

An Unwelcome Change:
About ten years ago, the Soul Society’s circumstances became corrupt. The Captain Commander of the time, Iriko, completely sold out the Soul Society and allowed an infestation of Demons to inhabit the Soul Society and share the realm with Shinigami. This act was completely unforgivable to many, especially those preferring to respect the traditions and laws of the Soul Society. Because of this corruption, there was an exodus of members from the Gotei Thirteen, including some Captains and Lieutenants. Byakuya was one of these people to remove himself from such disgrace. When the Gotei Thirteen was brought back together, it was not the same. Under the leadership of Ibiki Suika, the new Head Captain, it was renamed “The Gotei United.” While Byakuya thought to return to the position he held for so long, the new leadership was not up to his standards, so he held off. He did not regret this decision either, as the complete disrespect to nobility, their history, and their authority made it clear that there was a bias succeeding in pushing them out. With this more than irritating change, Byakuya chose not to join the newly formed Gotei United and focused on maintaining his family.

Love is Long and Lost:
One of the worst parts of first love, is how strong it holds a piece of your heart. For Byakuya, this was no different. When Hisana, his first love and wife, succumb to illness, a piece of Byakuya was forever surrendered to the past. So, when word came that someone bearing Hisana’s resemblance, even claiming her name, had appeared in the Seireitei, Byakuya found the information unbelievable. He first thought the rumor may have been a cruel prank, one he would crush all the way down a line to the original creator for daring to use his wife’s name. However, when the rumor was confirmed by his own eyes, there was no denying it. Before he walked through the door, he hardened himself, making no assumptions of what lied beyond. Then he opened the door and saw her, and every ounce of his will was used to keep the rush of emotion he felt in his heart hidden expertly behind his eyes. Upon conversing with this woman, Byakauya made it very clear that she was an arrancar, she was not Hisana Kuchiki, she could not claim the Kuchiki name. The decision was final. He was not the one who made it, but he would not argue it.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Immense Spiritual Power:
As an individual who has taken the time to rigorously train and hone his power, Byakuya Kuchiki has obtained an immense amount of energy over his lifetime. He has more energy than expected of someone at Captain level. Byakuya’s level of spiritual power allows him to fight for long periods of time, to enhance his abilities mid-battle, and has given him the ability to master multiple of the shinigami arts. Byakuya’s spiritual pressure can be felt from great distances. He has also been known to use the spiritual pressure that his energy level creates to crush those weaker than him, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, and often causing them to sweat out of fear. His spiritual prowess, combined with this combat and tactical ability, have placed Byakuya among the most formidable shinigami alive.

Superior Speed:
Byakuya is a man who values not being struck by his enemy. This led him to focusing on his mobility. He has trained his body to move quickly. He can cover large distances in short amounts of time. His reflexes are superior to many, allowing him to both dodge, block, and counter incoming attacks. His impressive speed also allows him to make attacks at higher speeds, giving him quite the advantage in combat. Though most would say Byakuya has reached the peak of what a shinigami are capable of, he has no intention to stop his progression. The mastery of his speed is what is going to allow him to reach new heights in both zanjutsu and hoho, so his focus on pushing the limits of his speed is important.

Mastered Swordsman:
Byakuya Kuchiki is a master swordsman. As a shinigami that has trained himself to be reliant on his zanpakuto in combat, he refined his skill with a blade to a degree that many wish they could reach. His skill and finesse with a blade is awe inspiring. His attacks are extremely fast, insanely accurate, and impressively executed. If needed, Byakuya can use more than one sword at a time, able to attack and defend without problems while using both hands. Of course, this element of battle normally only occurs when utilizing a specific ability in his bankai. Either way, no person who sees him in combat would consider Byakuya a push over. H has honed his skill with a blade to the point of mastering multiple styles of swordsmanship, including kendo, shinkendo, and iaijutsu, though the last two are recent additions. Byakuya’s focus on swordsmanship will always lean toward the shinigami style zanjutsu because that is the style of his people and home.

Impressive Physical Prowess:
Though Byakuya does not focus on increasing his durability as much as other skills, his training and overall experience in battle has increased his ability to not only take hits, but recover from them and keep moving. He has shown the ability to be struck, stabbed, or cut multiple times and still keep fighting.

A method of fighting Byakuya takes advantage of is overwhelming his opponent. What better way to do that than with physical strength? Byakuya has taken extra time, especially in the last two to three decades, to advance his strength, a skill that he used to neglect in favor for speed. Now, he’s gotten his strength to a level he approves of and feels he has perfectly refined his combat ability.

Byakuya has a lot of stamina and endurance, which lets him fight for an extensive amount of time, and allows him to even push beyond what others would consider normal limits. It’s difficult to push Byakuya to being out of breath or make him break a sweat. Rarely does he show his exhaustion, even if he is feeling it.

Indomitable Will:
Byakuya is a man of strong will and determination. His resolve is impressive, pushing him forward through some of the hardest obstacles a person can face. His will prevents him from being manipulated or tempted by others, allowing him to resist abilities that would try to do so too. With his will, Byakuya can push through immense amounts of pain, even if he must cause the pain to himself.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Hohō Elite:
It’s clear that Byakuya has demonstrated a true mastery of the art of hohō. He has not only perfected shunpo to a degree that elevates his own pride, but he has also mastered other known techniques within the art, such as Utsusemi, Senka, and the Speed Clones. Byakuya greatly values mobility in fighting, especially when not utilizing the power of his zanpakuto. His preference to not get hit is why he focuses on his speed and hohō ability. On many occasions, he has completely outclassed his opponents with hohō, especially when utilizing shunpo specifically. Above all things, Byakuya is clearly a master of the hohō technique, shunpo, since he can use it repeatedly through out a combat without getting tired. His shunpo is accurate and fast, making him little more than a blur to an opponent that can even keep up.

Kidō Elite:
Byakuya’s skill in kidō is truly excellent and there is no doubting his mastery of it. There have been numerous times that Byakuya has demonstrated a keen and vast knowledge of kidō. He can cast all known kidō, including some forbidden, though he wouldn’t dare break those laws. He has displayed his ability to cast kidō without incantation, while using the incantation after the fact, and two-fold incantation without breaking a sweat. All of his kidō are accurate, stable, and impressively powerful, making him a force to be feared on the battlefield. He creates no separation between hadō and bakudō because he has mastered them equally. His knowledge of kidō has allowed him to completely manipulate a battlefield through the creation of barriers, the ability to incapacitate, or the sheer destruction he can cause. He uses kidō to create an advantage for himself, preventing his opponents from fully understanding, or predicting, what he will do next.

Master of Zanjutsu:
Byakuya’s main combat focus has been and will always be zanjutsu because of how it affects the usage of ones zanpakuto. He achieved bankai over a century ago, and has done an excessive amount of work in order to expand it over the years since then. Byakuya’s bond with Senbonzakura is another form of proof of his mastery of zanjutsu. The bond the two share is one of master and servant, but shows a deep respect. This bond is what aided in the advancement of Byakuya’s power over the years, and why his zanpakuto is so deadly. Byakuya’s pride in the power of his zanpakuto has encouraged him to go a step beyond what is expected, or even considered normal. He has mastered his bankai and enhanced it beyond what others would expect: this is how his extra forms, Senkei, Gōkei, and Shūkei: Hakuteiken were developed. Each time you think he’s beaten, there is another form his bankai can take in order to greatly enhance his abilities in battle.

Hakuda Practitioner:
Byakuya is at the level a captain should be for hand-to-hand combat. He can use his energy to fortify his body and enhance the strength of his attacks. However, this is not his focus in combat. He can defend himself just fine and is considered capable in the art. You would not come to him for advanced training.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name:
Senbonzakura (千本桜, Thousand Cherry Blossoms)

» Zanpakutō Spirit:
[Spirit Class 2 | Hazard A] Byakuya Kuchiki Senbonzakura

Senbonzakura mirrors a hidden version of his master, Byakuya. Senbonzakura can be calm and collected in battle, able to focus on his goals and block out distractions. In casual situations, however, he shows an almost childish nature that refers to his own mistakes as “spilled milk,” while being harsh and critical of others people. Senbonzakura has an impulsive and impatient nature, since he has been seen making decisions that would put others in danger because he thinks it is a good idea at the time. His impatience shows in his refusals to wait and be calm, even when important events are unfolding. The only thing that keeps him in line is Byakuya, someone he truly does seem to admire and respect.

» Inner World:
[Spirit Class 2 | Hazard A] Byakuya Kuchiki Byakuya_Inner_World_Small

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

[Spirit Class 2 | Hazard A] Byakuya Kuchiki Zan_Small

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power:

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Scatter

» Shikai Release Action: Byakuya holds his blade in front of his face.

» Shikai Appearance:
[Spirit Class 2 | Hazard A] Byakuya Kuchiki Shikai_ni8ffGiE3u9iaTtCfhdWPm

The blade breaks apart and scatters into a thousand tiny blade fragments that float away from the hilt, leaving only the hilt of Byakuya’s zanpakuto. The blades reflect the light, making each resemble the petals of sakura blossom trees.

» Shikai Abilities:
Senbonzakura’s shikai creates a thousand tiny, sharp blades that look like cherry blossom petals. The thousands of blades that are created by Byakuya’s shikai can be controlled by swinging his hilt. The fragmented blades follow his commands, able to be used both offensively and defensively, cutting his enemies and shielding himself or his allies. The blades of Senbonzakura can reach a maximum of forty-five meters from the hilt and move at speed equal to his if he is controlling them with the hilt. If he’s not, they move at a speed one level below his own.

Byakuya has a strong enough understanding of his shikai that he can bring the blades together to form solid constructs. In order to protect Byakuya from his own power, Senbonzakura possesses a “Hurtless Area,” where the blades cannot come within approximately 35 inches from his body, unless he chooses to allow blades through. When used, the blade-petals move at speeds equal to his own. If someone wants to interrupt the scattering of his blade, this is possible by striking the blade with enough energy to disrupt his control. To do this, a character must be equal to or greater than his tier or zanjutsu level. It should also be noted that those with the capability to do so can figure out ways to prevent the scattering of his blade, such as Yoruichi using cloth to stop him during the Soul Society arc.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name:
Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
(千本桜景厳, Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms)

» Bankai Release Action:
Byakuya holds his zanpakuto out in front of him, the tip toward the ground, and drops it. The sword phases into the ground and ripples of energy flow out from it.

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:
Senbonzakura Kageyoshi creates a thousand large blades that appear to each side of Byakuya in two long rows that go back as far is needed to create them. Just like in his shikai, each of these blades scatters apart into an amount of tiny blades that is considered to be in the hundreds of billions, mostly described as “countless.” Byakuya can use these petals for attack and defense. He can protect himself or other people. There are so many blades that Byakuya can create solid objects of large size or many smaller objects. Just like in shikai, his bankai has his “Hurtless Area,” where the blades cannot come within approximately thirty-five inches from his body, unless he allows the blades in. In his bankai, however, these countless blades can be controlled mentally, or with the palms of his hands. If he’s just controlling them mentally, the blades move at a speed equal to his. If his hands are used, the blades speed is increased by one hundred percent. During his bankai, a fraction of the blades are always located behind Byakuya, giving him a shield from sudden attacks and making sure he has some blades close to him at all times.

Forms of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

Senkei: (殲景, Slaughterscape)
[Spirit Class 2 | Hazard A] Byakuya Kuchiki Bankai1

This is the true form of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. This form unites all of the scattered petal-blades into fully completed swords. The completed swords form four layered circles of dozens of floating swords that surround Byakuya and his opponent(s), sealing both of them in and allowing no one else to enter. This form abandons all defense and focuses on Senbonzakura’s offensive capabilities. Though Byakuya can control these blades mentally, he often chooses to summon them to his own hands for melee combat. While in his hands, the swords lose their glow and take the shape of his sealed zanpakuto. The attack power of Senkei is increased because of all the energy being pushed into smaller blades. While the petals would cause smaller cuts to his opponents and don’t really strike deep enough, the swords obviously do more damage and can thoroughly penetrate the body of those they pierce. This form requires Byakuya’s blood to activate.

Gōkei: (吭景, Mawscape)
Byakuya only uses this when he is pushed to doing so because it takes up a lot of power and time from his bankai usage. This form creates a sphere of the petal-blades that swirl around the opponent like a tornado. The blades surround them at all sides, creating a strong spherical barrier with the opponent trapped inside. The sphere then collapses on itself, all the blades flying inward at the target to strike from all sides, leaving little room for escape. It takes three rounds to set this up and one round for the collapse. To start, the first round, Byakuya starts to surround his opponent with blades. If they do not take notice, the second round arrives and the tornado is complete. The third round, the sphere is formed and they are trapped completely, but the sphere can be broken with enough force or power. The fourth round, the blades all move to strike the opponent from all sides, shredding them to pieces. Note that this is meant to be a narrative power. Excluding site events, it will not be used without discussing it with the character owner.

Shūkei: Hakuteiken: (終景: 白帝剣, Endscape: White Imperial Sword)
This form condenses all of Byakuya’s blades into a single, deadly sword, immensely increasing its sharpness and cutting ability. This allows his blade to ignore one level of a person’s durability if his zanjutsu is higher. The blade also cuts through hierro 100% easier than normal. Bright, flowing white wings form on Byakuya’s back, giving him the ability to fly. These wings increase his speed by 50%, allowing him to move and react much quicker. Shūkei: Hakuteiken lasts for three rounds of posting before it ends, resealing his bankai along with it.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Elite
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Elite

Will Skills
» Willpower: Elite
» Deduction: Advanced
» Focus: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Elite
» Kidō: Elite
» Zanjutsu: Elite
» Hakuda: Adept

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

The morning was a much needed calm after recent battles kept Byakuya busy. He was able to finish his paperwork the night before and any business with the Kuchiki was already being managed. This was the first day Byakuya had to himself in a couple weeks, so he planned to relax. Unfortunately for him, he stepped out into his manor’s courtyard when something caught his eye. Someone was trying their best to hide behind one of the bushes. A simple shunpo and Byakuya was behind a young boy he had recently made an acquaintance of.

“What are you doing?” Byakuya asked, startling the boy to his feet.

“Lord Byakuya,” he said, straightening his back, though his voice cracked from the nerves, “I’d like a training session with you!”

“This boy… is determined…” Byakuya thought.

The boy who stood in front of Byakuya had requested time to train with him three times now. Each time Byakuya rejected him, the boy accepted only to promise he would return on a “better day.” This was the fourth time. He was determined, stubborn, and maybe a bit of a reminder of a younger version of himself. He sighed.

“Why exactly should I train you?” Byakuya asked.

The boy’s excitement spiked and he started spouting the common brown-nosing compliments about Byakuya’s strength, skill, and fame. None of this was worth Byakuya’s time. He took a quick glance around the courtyard and regretted dismissing his guards for the next couple of hours. It would have been easier to have the kid taken home instead of dealing with him himself.

“And if I don’t, my dad’s gonna kick my ass again!” the boy said.

That caught his attention. Byakuya brought his gaze back to the boy. He was being pushed into this by his father? Expected. The boy was part of a lesser noble house and rumors of his father’s… resolve had reached the ears of many nobles, including himself. However, Byakuya was not sure how he felt about his “kick my ass” comment. How serious was that supposed to be exactly?

“Boy,” Byakuya said, narrowing his eyes at him, “One hour and we’re done. Be at my Division’s training grounds at three o’clock. Do not waste my time by being late.”


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