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Thu Feb 01, 2024 7:22 am
World War 4 [Lore Thread] DFoQbgj


The powers of the worlds were plotting and planning as Shadow Fall’s forces grew in size and confidence, looking as if nothing could stop their chaotic reign over the populace. The people under Shadow Fall’s rule had only a surface level ability to go about their normal lives, antagonisms by the demonic’s free and impulsive spirit were common and usual, much to the dismay of humanity. Though large scale conflict never appeared to break out upon the populaces pressed underfoot, an ever present strain on the minds of the people sowed anxieties, vigilantism in an act of revenge or outrage were not odd occurrences.

But it would be the Gotei who initiated the conflict, starting with smaller-scale stealth operations to break up their strongholds and eventually, their war of revenge kicked into full swing. The hottest flames were undeniably within the Americas, swaths of land rendered naught but battlefields for forces beyond most’s understanding, militias armed against the invaders that took their land and terrorized their neighbors.

The Kokuryuteshi were not idle, reaching in to aid their core ally in any manner possible, as Vastime fought alongside the Gotei in support of their efforts. Monsuta took advantage of the chaos to enact their own, attacking cities and posing an additional threat on top an already hefty toll. It wasn’t until the tragedy of Jefferson, where a shinigami went mad and attacked a civilian populace, that their presence in the Americas became unpopular and feared, the demon’s attempt on the Seireitei being what pulled their forces to other efforts.

Amidst the churn of war, the Vandenreich saw the trade of power occur in a quick succession, the original grandmaster, whom gathered the quincy in the first place to reform this empire, had perished - her successor named Cyrus ast-Auramazda, who would go on to bring the Vandenreich into the fray of conflict, filling the vacuum the Gotei left behind and spearheaded efforts to assisting in North America’s reformations.

As the war spun toward it’s climax, the Kokuryuteshi’s efforts were exhausted and waning against it’s enemies, Shadow Fall beginning to shift in policy and goals due to the mass loss of their forces and ground. Their organization would fall out completely with the sudden death of their king, no will to further their vision remaining, their stranglehold on the east waning as they vanished into the wind.

The Monsuta would finally see retaliation to the heart of their organization situated in Brazil, an attack made in hopes to cease their movements. In a final act of defiance, their leader mustered his strength and turned himself into a bomb, powerful enough to wipe most of Brazil from the face of the earth, the terrorist organization rendered to nothing but dust in the wind and a reminder of their might scarring the world.

Arrancar within Hueco Mundo rebelled against the demonic, driving them from their bases and slaughtering the lot of them, the pristine sands running red in their efforts to crush the infestation.

Though the world was wounded, many major cities destroyed or in the process, the threat abated. Mana Asthavon called for a retreat back to the realm they originated, many of the forces following their queen in tow, but not all - many were still unwilling to budge or cease their fighting, until a final declaration was made: Return, or never come back.

With that, only disorganized stragglers remained in the World of the Living, being snuffed out one by one to this day. The world could rest and recollect, never having to worry about the demonic scourge ever again.

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