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  • The Living Realm

    The focal point of the setting, the World of the Living is much like the world we’re currently familiar with, although torn by war and seeing some level of advancement in both standard technology and spiritual understanding as time marched to the future. From the earth itself, to the stretches of the Kishi universe, this is what it encompasses.
    Asia, Africa, Europe, The Americas, Other Locations
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  • The Soul Society

    Known by many as the afterlife, the Soul Society is a sprawling realm filled with pure souls overseen by the Gotei. From the walled city of the Seireitei to the wilds of the farthest Rukongai districts, both cities and places of nature alike exist in this realm. Only souls are able to enter and may not be permitted to leave unless enlisted among the ranks of the Shinigami. Given a proper way through the Garganta can give other beings such as Hollows access to this realm, only the bravest or most foolish of invaders would dare to with the extreme risk to their lives.
    Seireitei, Rukongai
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  • Hueco Mundo

    The land of Hollows, this vast and seemingly endless desert realm cloaked by an eternal night is host to majority of Menos class hollows who have retreated to this realm, often due to human souls alone being insufficient to satiate their hunger. Though the realm completely lacks the typical base necessities for life such as water, sunlight, or plants, differing terrains and odd structural phenomena are present, from crystal trees and unforgiving cliffs, to deserted ruins. Strength, broadly, is often the determiner of power and control here, though every group of hollow has their own ways.
    Forest of Menos
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  • Alternate Settings

    Inner worlds, separated spaces, or even just for-fun stuff, this board is for threads that don't take place in a usual setting or time.
    Miscellaneous Roleplay Board, The Time Chamber: Past Role Play Section, The Arena
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