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Mon Jan 10, 2022 11:51 am
High-Spec Human Racial Information ZNoAPLL


While there are many specific subdivisions of humans in the world of Platinum Hearts, with codified and uniform sets of powers according to their race, the vast majority of humans do not abide by any of these distinctions. For many humans, their powers are something completely individualized, whether this be something they were simply born with or a specialized powerset that they alone have honed and developed. Regardless of the source, these humans, whose powers are wholly their own, are the High-Spec Humans.


Power Control: The ability to use one's powers effectively and efficiently. This skill is basically the amount of control a Human has over their own powers. While pretty self explanatory, those with lower levels in this skill will have less control over their powers and can even find them to be weaker than intended. On the flip side, those with higher levels will have a much more refined control over their powers and can even find them to be slightly stronger than intended. Now, it is important to note that the strength of a power is not the only determining factor here. For example, if a human had a power that caused a lot of destruction, but was unable to control it well or even consciously scale it back, then they would still be around the lower levels of this skill.
○ Untrained: At this level of skill, one can expect to have quite literally no control over their powers, outside of perhaps the ability to actually activate them. Someone at this level may find their abilities do just as much damage to themselves and their surroundings as they do to the intended target, and some may simply be unable to even decide when their powers are active or not.

○ Beginner: Having reached the Beginner level, one is capable of utilizing their powers in straightforward ways. More elaborate or taxing abilities may still fall outside their control, and it is unlikely that they are able to manipulate their powers into any more creative applications, but they also are no longer liable to harm themselves from a basic usage.

○ Adept: At this stage, one can expect to begin developing alternative usages of their powerset, and to have a more firm handle on destructive applications of their powers. Someone with explosive powers might be able to direct an explosion into a specific shape, for example, but it is unlikely that they could prevent it from influencing any specific targets in the blast radius, or explode something very small and specific without collateral damage.

○ Advanced: From here, unique applications of simple powers become far more prevalent, as the user gains a grasp of their power such that they will not lose control of any powers except those which are exceptionally unruly. Specific targets can likely be kept from being harmed by a large scale attack, or one might be able to use control of a specific material to control things which have said material as part of their makeup.

○ Elite: The peak of most people's ability to control their powers, those at this level are able to effortlessly keep their powers in check, and can control the size, scope, destructive potential, or any other factor of their powers. Additionally, their ability to manipulate them into new and improvised applications is such that they can likely develop what might nearly be called new powers when pressed into a dire situation.

○ Master: Having passed the scope of normal capabilities, a Master of Power Control has such a grasp of their power that they do not need to even think to quite drastically control it. Someone at this level would be capable, for instance, of utilizing control over earth to manipulate bones, using the calcium within. Any concern about loss of control has completely dissipated at this stage, and in fact those at Master level are likely capable of influencing the abilities of others if their central power is significantly similar.

○ Grand Master: A Grand Master of Power Control sees their powers as nothing more than a framework for new abilities to be created on the fly, and they are quite likely so skilled in versatile application that they have a wide array of powers that would actively baffle a passing observer. Of course, these are still connected by the central throughline of the user's central powers, but those at this level know the exact limitations and potential of what their powers can influence, and are able to easily reach anywhere in that sphere.

Physical Augmentation: The ability for a human to increase their physical abilities past the limitations of their body, this is crucial for those who intend to fight using their body itself rather than relying on other powers or external tools. At the lower end, one can already begin to see the user's body exceed normal human limits, and higher end users of this skill can reach physical levels which are often seen only in myths and legends of old.
○ Untrained: Those with Untrained Physical Augmentation have no ability to infuse their spiritual energy into their body for any particular benefit. They may be able to manipulate energy externally, but their actual flesh and blood will always be the same as any normal human's.

○ Beginner: Having begun to utilize this skill, a High-Spec Human is typically capable of infusing their spiritual powers into their body at the most basic level. They may be able to strengthen or toughen their body by subtle degrees, enough to surpass an powerless human but by no means reaching the level of the highly powered. At this level, utilizing specifics of their powerset is unlikely, due simply to their lack of mastery.

○ Adept: At this point, one can likely find that they are capable of utilizing the actual nature of their spiritual powers to influence their body, at least in subtle ways. Those with fire powers may heat up their body, for instance, or perhaps someone with electricity can become notably faster than others at a similar level of skill. Regardless, their ability to surpass physical limits has improved even in a more general way, and they can likely direct a significant portion of their energy reserves into their body to become more capable at the cost of their spiritual output.

○ Advanced: Those at this level have moved past the simple applications of simply imbuing their body with energy, and are now capable of much more precise manipulation, on top of their heightened potency. Perhaps they can imbue a single arm with tremendous strength before throwing a punch, or turn their hand ice cold before striking a searingly hot opponent. Regardless, their control over these augmentations has grown considerably.

○ Elite: Having reached the top of what would typically be considered achievable, those at this level of physical augmentation can effortlessly apply their powers through the medium of their body. At this stage, their whole body may well feel no different from the powers in themselves, and they can likely apply their powers to even the most miniscule parts of their body to an extreme degree of efficiency. In terms of the more general applications of this skill, one could very likely put the full force of their spiritual power into a physical feat, though of course this would expend that spiritual energy as much as any supernatural feat.

○ Master: Having surpassed the typical limitation of this skill, those who have reached Master level in Physical Augmentation have reached a level of efficiency such that they are capable of applying their spiritual power to physical feats without even needing to fully expend said energy. It is still taxing, of course, but those who channel their powers through their body will find that it is in fact simpler and more efficient to do so than if they utilized their energy in what would be called a more "standard" way.

○ Grand Master: For those who have reached Grand Master in Physical Augmentation, their body is simply a conduit for their energy. The barrier between energy and physical body is all but gone, and it can be assumed that their very body is representative of their energy reserves. They are in a constant state of extreme physical prowess, and they are capable of effortlessly reflecting the more specific nature of their powers through their body.

Spiritual Adaptation: As the Earth is the nexus of all spiritual realms, and has been exposed to the widest array of spiritual energies for countless ages, many humans gifted with power have naturally adapted to this wide array of energies accordingly. This ability reflects the ability to adapt over time to foreign energies, allowing those at a high level to quickly mitigate a good deal of spiritual danger if given enough time to acclimate. Even at the lowest levels, humans tend to have the innate ability to at least slightly adapt to threats and become more resistant to them.
○ Untrained: Those completely untrained in Spiritual Adaptation are few and far between, but it does occur. These people do not have the capacity to acclimate to outside spiritual energies, and as such, their defensive abilities are wholly dependent on their powers.

○ Beginner: At this level, a human's body is capable of slowly but certainly adapting to outside energy, and those who fight them will find that as the fight goes on, their energy is at least a bit less effective. A beginner in this skill will find that they gradually become more resistant to their foe's energy, though even after significant direct contact with it, they are still unable to drastically reduce the danger.

○ Adept: Having become more attuned to the energies of others and of the world around them, those at this level can likely reduce the threat level of dangerous energies to at least a notable degree. Those who fight them for an extended period will likely find that their spells and energy blasts are less effective than they would have been at the start of a fight, and after enough exposure they will quite likely be able to power through a good deal of relatively standard spiritual threats.

○ Advanced: Those at an Advanced level of Spiritual Adaptation are capable of becoming significantly more protected from incoming spiritual attacks after a relatively short amount of time. While they will certainly be as harmed as anyone else by a Cero at the beginning of a fight, after only a short while, one may find that said Cero has become almost more akin to a Bala in its strength.

○ Elite: This is the highest level that most can hope to reach in Spiritual Adaptation, and fittingly, those who have reached it are extremely difficult to battle for extended periods of time. Their body naturally acclimates to spiritual threats after only a short while of exposure, and while they will certainly be as harmed as anyone else by a spiritual attack at the beginning of a fight, it will rapidly become apparent that this is simply not a viable long-term strategy. While they will naturally never become outright immune to spiritual threats, they are still forces to be feared by those who rely extensively on manipulation of energy.

○ Master: Masters of Spiritual Adaptation are those whose bodies have reached a degree of versatility that they adapt to spiritual threats almost immediately after first contact. It takes precious little contact for a human at this level of skill to adapt to their foe's energy, and this is the level of skill where one would likely be wiser to simply avoid utilizing spiritual energy at all in combat.

○ Grand Master: To those at this pinnacle of performance, the energy of foes is something that their body acclimates to simply by being in its presence. Even after only a single post, those at this level have bodies which reduce the efficiency of hostile spiritual energy by a significant amount, and after several posts, one will likely find that even their most powerful expenditures of energy are hugely lessened in their impact on a human with Grand Master Spiritual Adaptation. Such things as even Forbidden Kido have drastically lessened effect on those at this level, and one's only reliable hope of defeating them is through physical might.

Mediumship: Because of the relative recency of spiritual power being common in humans, many people find it far easier to express this power through a medium rather than directly controlling it. This skill represents the ability to channel one's energy through an external object, such as a weapon or a tool, and to empower said object in some way spiritually. This can be quite simple, such as simply making it stronger or tougher, or it can be complex, creating whole abilities from a simple object. Naturally, the scope of this skill is reliant on one's aptitude, and while higher levels may be able to shape the very environment around them, lower levels would be lucky to influence anything more impressive than a lead pipe.
○ Untrained: An untrained level of Mediumship means that a human is simply not capable of imbuing any outside objects with their power. While they can certainly still utilize items with their own natural ability, there is nothing special about whatever is in their hand.

○ Beginner: This is the beginnings of Mediumship, and at this level, the user can typically imbue nothing more than simple, relatively small objects. A rock to be thrown, for instance, or a baseball bat in one's hand. This is the simplest application of the skill, but still enough to significantly expand someone's arsenal of abilities.

○ Adept: From here, alterations to the objects under someone’s control begin to take form. While the items in their hands certainly have grown more powerful, it is more important to note that a human at this level can begin actively influencing the objects they use as a medium. A small length of pipe might grow into a large slab of metal, or a single rock thrown might turn into a boulder mid-flight.

○ Advanced: At this level of Mediumship, one can begin to drastically shift the nature of the things they hold in their hands, to far more precise levels. They may, for instance, turn a simple rock into a sharpened, hardened blade, and a weapon which was already made might well become a masterwork that could never hope to be matched by any but the most perfect supernatural counterparts. It is fairly easy to utilize this ability on multiple objects at this point, as well, and to transfer not only energy, but matter between them.

○ Elite: Humans at this level of skill in Mediumship will likely find that anything they choose to use as a weapon will work perfectly well. Even the most mundane items, such as a simple stick, can be drastically improved and manipulated into a proper weapon, and this weapon is likely on par with the specialized personal weapons of other races such as zanpakuto or spirit weapons. Additionally, one can expect that the environment is also able to be manipulated, and people at this level are likely able to exert control over things such as trees or buildings simply with a touch.

○ Master: Moving beyond the typical limitations one would find on this skill, those at Master level Mediumship are capable of effortlessly moving their energy into anything they touch, and can leave it there with such skill and precision that their simple movement through a battlefield is the creation of a potential arsenal of weapons. Their scope of influence is truly tremendous, able to manipulate huge quantities of objects with little effort, and to alter the things under their control is fairly trivial.

○ Grand Master: Those who have managed to reach this pinnacle of pinnacles are able to effortlessly expand their energy into anything that they touch, and likely into a great deal of things simply in the general vicinity. The ground underfoot, the air itself, all these things are fair game for someone at this magnitude of the skill. For these people, the world around them, and all things in it, are nothing more than natural vessels for their spiritual energy, to be molded and controlled as they see fit.


Because of the individualized nature of High-Spec Humans, there is no singular form of release found consistently between them. Should you wish to give a High-Spec Human a release, you are more than welcome to simply come up with one of your own. Be advised, of course, that this release should still be considered approvable and generally on par with other releases in order to maintain balance. It may resemble, in some capacity or another, the releases of any of the myriad other release of Platinum Hearts, or it may genuinely be one of your own design. So long as it is designed in a way that is both fair and reasonable, you have free rein to create whatever fits the character best.


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