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I. Basic Information

» Name: Armina Willsaam
» Alias:
» Age: 200
» Gender: Female

» Association: Gotei United, 4th Division

» Appearance Written: Armina is a tall and powerfully built woman, standing at six feet and 150lbs, showing off the benefits of a life spent fighting and training her body. She has long light blue coloured hair while her eyes are a darker hue. Armina generally wears whatever she wants when not on duty and doesn't care much about fashion, being more interested in what's practical. That being said, she'll flaunt her body off when she's after someone's attention.

» Appearance Image:

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Armina Willsaam 6-esdeath-1080x1920

I. Personality

» Personality: Armina is a savage at heart and loves nothing more than to fight or take part in other blood pumping activities. She loves the adrenaline rush of combat and is completely infatuated with harming others, regardless of who they are or their motives. Blunt and forward, she says what's on her mind and couldn't give any less of a damn about what others might think. Her way of speaking is mirrored in the way she handles a tough situation, which generally involves her going straight for the root and pulling it out, preferably with violence. A day without blood being shed is a wasted one in her opinion.

When she isn't on a battlefield somewhere or beating up someone who's pissed her off, Armina can normally be found drinking or chasing after other women. Loyalty doesn't mean jack shit to her though and she couldn't care less if her partners sleep with others as well, as long as they invite her along if there are no men involved. She naturally always wishes to be on top and any partners she encounters may find themselves in a wrestling match if they try to dominate her. That being said, if a partner does manage to handle her then they'll have earned her respect.

Training is also quite an important task for her and she can sometimes be found in the training grounds, swinging her hammer round like a complete and utter lunatic which isn't that far from the truth. To become stronger is a powerful motivator for her and she's always striving to climb the ranks.

» Likes: Fighting, Blood, Ice, Alcohol, Women, Training.

» Dislikes: Men, Peace, Hot Weather, Idiots Who Talk Too Much.

I. History

» History: Armina's early life was pretty much a long battle for survival. She grew up in Inuzuri and every day was a struggle, with the young girl having to steal, fight and lie just to make it to the end. There was no law and order there, with the only rule seeming to be that the strong lived and the weak would perish. The girl learned this lesson early, having been abandoned by the drizzling pieces of shit that’d created her. She'd been born from a night of passion rather than love and neither mother nor father cared a damn. So, she was left alone, in an environment where the odds of living for an adult, let alone a child, were incredibly low.

Yet, she thrived, using the heartlessness of her parents in order to bolster her own ruthless streak. Armina began to learn how to use her fists in order to get what she wanted and it was apparent that she had a gift for it. She was strong and even as a young girl, Armina could knock out someone twice her size with a few vicious punches. Along with that, she learned the art of grappling from others of age, which proved incredibly helpful given how often she got into fights. As she grew, she became highly skilled and could make the toughest opponents tap and beg for mercy, once she had a submission hold on them. Those around her noticed too and she was soon used by her elders as a source of revenue, thrown into a cage to fight anyone who wanted to have a go. She didn't bitch though and just enjoyed the challenge, defeating all challengers and leaving a pile of battered bodies in her wake. The issue was that she was hard to stop and it took three men to haul her off, once she'd beaten her foe. She was an animal once the scent of blood was in the air and her strength seemed to increase whenever it reached her.

Over time, the novelty wore off and Armina's lust for power and blood was simply too strong for her to remain as a mere cage fighter. The woman wanted more, so much more and soon enough, she turned on those who'd been giving her the scraps from their table. She would set upon them, taking a knife to their throats, laughing with reckless abandon as she shed their blood all over the ground. It was hard for her to recall how many she killed that day but by the time she was done, there was simply a load of lifeless corpses around her. It'd been such a thrilling experience and the looks of terror upon their faces would never leave her. A constant reminder of the joy that a massacre could bring. It was the first of many.

She would travel across the districts, appearing here and there in their histories, leaving behind a bloody mass of corpses in her wake. There was no pattern behind her path, only the desire to cause as much chaos as possible. It was a wonderful time for her and all the while, her strength grew, not to mention her ability to take a punch or worse. She was like a walking tank, absorbing punishment and responding in kind, without seemingly a care in the world. Thriving on the pain, it would only cause her to deliver more in return. A circle of violence that seemed to have no end. She was stabbed, slashed, pierced, shot and had more broken bones then she could remember but still, the blue haired woman pressed on. Armina would just patch herself up and get going again, never remaining in one place for long. It brought her such unbridled joy and the life of a bloodthirsty animal was one that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Up until that point, it was only battle that was able to arouse her but as time passed, she started to desire something else too. Never had she felt any interest in the male form and she'd taken a rather violent approach to those who'd dared try to fool around with her. Yet, when it came to other women, she began to start taking more of an interest. There would become more of a method to her madness and noticeably, she'd take the most beautiful woman in the area away with her. What happened next was a mystery to those who knew of her but one thing was for certain, the captive would never be seen again. The savage was developing a more diverse palate.

However, she reached a stage where her fellow criminals and the people of Rukongai were just not enough of a challenge to please her anymore. No matter how many people she killed, the thrill was just not as strong as it had once been. She was reaching the peak of what she could do as just a normal resident and that frustrated her beyond belief. Her hunt for battle increased, as she tried to satiate her blood lust but it just didn't happen. She'd grown so physically strong and durable that her foes were unable to handle her assault for longer than a second or two. A punch or throw from her would put them out of their misery, much to her increasing annoyance.

It was only when her travels led her to the lower numbered districts that she came across a more formidable foe. A shinigami who wielded what appeared to be a spear made of flame. A potent weapon indeed and Armina struggled to do much against it, having to resort to wielding whatever came to hand in order to combat the powerful foe. She didn't give up though and while her weapon may have been nothing compared to her opponents, when it came to physical strength, the blue haired savage found that she wasn't lacking. In a moment of perfect concentration, Armina managed to disarm her foe, resulting in both the woman's and her own flying out of arm's reach. It became a contest of pure might then and for the first time in her life, Armina found herself an equal, which sent a rush through her body that she couldn't describe. They grappled for what seemed like forever, before Armina caught her opponent off guard with a most unexpected move. She wrapped her arms around the shoulders of the beautiful blonde shinigami and passionately kissed her. The kimono wearing woman seemed to freeze solid for a moment, not only by the action but from a power that seemed to radiate from Armina, before she snapped out of it and returned the gesture. What had begun as a fight to the death had ended up as something quite different.

When the two finally tore themselves apart from each other, the shinigami would make peace of a sort, telling each other tales of their respective pasts. Armina found the stories rather entertaining and to travel the world destroying hollows was a pastime that she could see herself doing. There was nothing left for her to accomplish by simply fighting other crooks and the shinigami was adamant that Armina had the necessary power to become a shinigami. She spoke about what she had felt from the blue haired woman during their embrace, a rush of reiatsu that had stolen the breath from her lungs. A clear sign of what Armina was capable of if she trained properly. The thought of having to attend an academy for six years made her feel rather irritated but if that was what must be done then so be it. A new path had opened up for her and she would take it. Her lust for power was never satiated.

So it was that she went to the shinigami academy and went through the mostly monotonous courses that they forced upon her. A lot of it was complete horse shit to her but there were areas where she felt as though she could thrive. She took to her new asauchi expertly, using her battle honed skills to great effect and was soon enough battering her fellow students into submission. The blade flowed so easily in her hand and it was rather easy for her to get the grasp of channelling her reiatsu into it. She enjoyed her lessons in the subject greatly and it was one of the only topics that she was actually willing to talk about with others. Her teacher in the field had a fondness for her, despite her awful attitude and they got along quite well in the end. He even offered her private lessons, in order for her to grow even further in the field.

Hakuda was rather enjoyable too and since she was already good with her fists, Armina did well in that area as well. Anything that could increase the force of her punches and grapples was of great interest to her and it felt like old times once she started sparring with her peers. Her style wasn't pretty or graceful but in terms of power, she had it in spades. More than once did she knock out her partners during her lessons and it became harder for her to even more them once they learned of her reputation. She could take a shot too and her well toned body seemed to serve her well when it came to taking reiatsu charged blows. As it turned out, she was quite the tank.

That was where her enjoyment ended though and when it came to kido, her enthusiasm seemed to die on the spot. She didn't care for the cowardly tactics that kido was associated with and found the lack of physical contact rather impersonal. Armina put the bare minimum of effort into her training and while she passed the course, she was bottom of the class. The fact that she didn't get on with her teacher didn't help either and more than once they got into an argument.

The last area, hoho, was simply something that she struggled to get to grips with. To move swiftly was simply not in her DNA and she tended to tire quite quickly when using it. Unlike kido though, she didn't have a particular problem with the subject, it just wasn't one that she was gifted with. Similar to kido, she passed the course but barely, deciding to focus instead on what she enjoyed most.

She did hate having to be in a class with so many young people though and Armina was incredibly short tempered during her time among them. Blunt and rude, she was the first to put down someone else for their mistakes and just as quick to question her teachers. Some respected her for her aggressiveness but it didn't win her many friends, not that she cared. All that was on her mind was getting out of the damned place and so she focused purely on that, training in her preferred arts whenever she could.

By the end of her academy days, she was more than confident in her close ranged abilities, having dedicated hours upon hours upon her zanjutsu and hakuda. Her body was even fitter than before and with her newly developed powers, every blow she delivered felt like being hit by a truck. Her confidence was through the roof too and she knew precisely which division she wanted to join. Armina wanted to be on the front line and where the action was. That was what led her to requesting to join the 4th.

Life got a lot better for her once she was actually in the division and Armina got the grips of how the fourth worked very quickly. She thrived in the combative nature of the group and was soon enough butting heads with the other members of the other division. The difference being that this time, she was actually surrounded by people who got her, so to speak. Many had a similar desire for blood and battle as she did, which made it incredibly easy for her to adapt to them. She sparred with the majority of them constantly and while calling them her friends may have been a stretch, Armina tolerated them better than most. Her missions were exciting and enjoyable, enough that they were able to sometimes satiate her desire for blood for sure periods. Sure, protecting people rather than killing them was rather alien to her and more than once was she close to killing someone she shouldn't but for the most part, she reigned it in.

Her skills continued to grow rather rapidly and the ease with which Armina fought with both hands and blade were rather striking. It didn't matter whether she was armed or not, as the result would be the same. Her opponent battered on the ground, begging for their life. Armina would travel across the divisions, devouring knowledge of the arts that she enjoyed, training with zanjutsu and hakuda masters alike. They may have hated her shitty attitude but none ever said a poor word about her desire. She trained constantly and where the blue haired woman once knocked out people with a punch, the fourth divion member could now punch through almost anything, without much of an issue. The woman's strength just kept growing, with her able to lift whatever she desired with barely a flex of her muscles, with a durability to match. Her speed may have been the drizzling shits but that didn't matter to her. The enemy could do whatever the hell they wanted and she would just chug forward, until she was in her preferred range.

Just as good with the blade, she would dedicate an equal amount of time to that, her katana skills razor sharp although her lack of tactics was sometimes laughed at. Those fools soon stopped though, after they'd had an exchange with her. They felt as though they were facing an ice titan, whose gaze could pierce through the hearts of any man. Every blow from her would feel like a ton of bricks and only the sternest of foes were able to go toe to toe. Her master in the art was impressed and was keen to impart on her his knowledge. He admired her drive and promised that soon enough, she would unlock the secrets of her weapon.

That confidence would eventually pay off and after putting what seemed to be an endless number of hours into her training, she would begin to feel something from her zanpakuto. The blade would become cold to the touch on occasion and there were moments in battle where she could have sworn that someone else was swinging her blade with her. It was an unusual feeling but one that only excited her. She knew that it must have been a sign that she was on the right track and so she continued to train, learn and take part in as many missions as possible. It was honestly a blast and Armina thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

It would be on one of those said missions where she would feel a deep voice resonating from her sword. Feminine but with a tone that seemed to drip with bloodlust and menace. Armina was in the middle of a fight with a large hollow at the time and her concentration was almost broken by voice. The hollow brought its clawed hand down to attack but as it did so, the field would disappear and the blue haired woman would find herself in a frigid wasteland, weapon still raised to counter the hollows attack. This was clearly not the soul society anymore and as Armina made her way through the blizzard like conditions, she would follow the voice that still was calling to her. It mocked her, taunted her, urged her to push onwards but it didn't reveal its name. Not yet.

It was impossible to tell just how long she spent fighting through that blizzard but after what seemed like an age, she'd bump against an enormous pair of double doors and with all her might, Armina would push, forcing them open. They'd creak and fight but eventually would allow her access and what the blue haired woman saw before her was enough to make even her eyebrows raise. A woman, clad in nordic gear, wielding a two handed hammer that could take anyone's head off. The female smelled of death and blood, a combination that was enough to arouse the tall shinigami. The woman, however, didn't utter a word and instead charged towards Armina, swinging down towards her.

What followed would be a fight that neither shinigami nor zanpakuto would forget and they both fought with such ferocity. There was no mercy shown nor quarter given and by the time it was all over, both were panting heavily but they had the same smile across their faces. Armina had never had a fight like that before and as she walked over to the woman, she would look up at the eight foot hunter and simply stare. A look of understanding passed between them and before her zanpakuto could utter anything, Armina would hungrily jump up and wrap her arms around her weapons shoulders, her lips crashing against that of the nordic titans. Now that the fight was was time for another form of conversation.

When they finally broke apart, her zanpakuto would utter what Armina had so desperately wanted to hear, her smile wide...

"Hyokage Ryoshi."

Thrown back into the real world, Armina's blade would now be in the form of her zankpakuto's spirits, much to the bemusement of the hollow. Her smile as wide as Hyokage Ryoshi's had been when they'd parted, Armina would destroy the creature with one powerful blow. A monstrous attack that took the creature's head off and caused the others in the area to baulk. Yet, there was no escape and leading her group into battle, the shinigami would hunt the hollow shit down, butchering them all. All the while, Armina would be laughing like a maniac, her shikai ready for blood.

She would speak to her zanpakuto numerous times over time, learning new abilities and deepening the bond between blade and mistress. Their encounters were always combat filled and they both absolutely adored them but each time they fought, Armina learned just a little more about her sword. It wasn't a swift process but such was her determination that it didn't matter. She wanted power and her beautiful sword had it.

Her shikai would soon become a trademark and her squadmates always knew that one it was out that blood was soon to follow. Armina would unleash chaos against her enemies and the results were always good. Alright, she didn't necessarily follow the rules and she still had issues when it came to the chain of command but no one could deny her success rate. As she increased in power and unlocked her freezing powers, her opponents would experience a whole new circle of hell, having to watch as her hammer came down on their frozen bodies, helpless to do a damn thing. God, it was fun and Armina loved it.

Drinking, fighting, making love to beautiful women. It was as though she'd never left Rukongai, only this time she was on the other side of the law. She'd form a small group of 4th division members who'd eventually join her on all of her missions, all female, of course and who shared her passion for violence. They would go wherever they were needed and slaughtered hollows by the hundred, not to mention any other enemy who dared to face them in battle. The band were surprisingly loyal to her and the blue haired woman found herself becoming quite fond of them, in her own way. As in she bashed the heads in of anyone who insulted them.

Armina still wanted more though and as she returned to her trainers in order to progress further, they actually laughed although it wasn't meant in a patronising way. The fact that she still wished to grow even further was inspiring and so they continued to push her, forcing her to perform feats of strength that were beyond many shinigami. They had her lifting massive pieces of the heaviest metals, weighing more than she cared to think about, tonnes. It felt as though she was trying to life an entire building over her head but regardless, she managed it without complaint, performing as many reps as they wanted her to. They pushed her to the brink, 1000s of push ups, press ups, sit ups, until she literally couldn't move anymore. She wanted power, so they forced it into her. If it wasn't pure strength exercises, then it would be continuous sparring against any and all comers, forcing her to hone her concentration for hours on end, mastering her zanjutsu and hakuda.

This would continue for years, all the while Armina would be still consistently going on missions and performing her duties as a shinigami. The results of her training would become apparent too as her missions became more and more dangerous but she never faltered and continued to progress. There was no enemy that she would not face and that fearlessness was what drew her little group around her. They wished for that same lack of fear and slowly but surely, they grew too.

All of Armina's work would pay off one day as she was training by herself in the training grounds. She would feel a deep chill down her spine and turning around, she would face her zanpakuto spirit, clad in a set of armour that the blue haired woman hadn't seen before. Hyokage Ryoshi was clad from head to toe, with only her eyes visible and what a gaze it was. She was giving Armina a death stare that was a trademark of the shinigami herself and taking her shikai in hand, the zanpakuto would charge towards Armina like a battering ram for one more round. There was not a word spoken during the entire fight and Hyokage Ryoshi's strength was a good 10 times the strength that it normally was. It was a desperate struggle between them and one that made their previous encounters seem like a playground squabble. Hyokage Ryoshi was giving it her all and in doing so, Armina was able to use her full strength in return. The result was monstrous and by the time they were done, the entire training ground was covered in ice and Hyokage Ryoshi was kneeling before Armina's feet, her armour broken. Yet, she didn't look unhappy and would instead nod and utter a phrase that the blue haired woman would never forget. Once it was said, Armina would lean down and kiss her zanpakuto, right then and there, deepening their bond even more.

In the years since then, Armina has worked tirelessly in learning the nuances of her bankai, as well continuing on her quest for more power. Always eyeing an opportunity, not to mention every woman with a large rack, the blood loving shinigami continues to lead her merry band of beauties, wherever and against whomever they are sent to destroy. Every day she becomes stronger and every day she continues to climb the ranks.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Immense Strength: Ever since she was a child, Armina has been training her body endlessly in order to become more powerful. Having learned boxing and wrestling, she's capable of delivering lethal punches with the slightest effort and being suplexed by her can cause the ground to shake. After becoming a shinigami, she's continued with her efforts, having multiple masters in the field constantly pushing her to the brink. At this stage, she's capable of lifting tonnes without any considerable effort.

Immense Durability: Along with her strength, Armina has also trained her body to be incredibly resistant to damage and during her time in Rukongai, she was wounded more times than she could count, however, she was able to survive and keep moving forward. She's more than willing to take a hit, knowing that she'll be able to deliver one back in return.

Martial Artist: Having been forced to fight in exchange for food as a child, Armina learned to both box and wrestle from a young age. She's kept up with her lessons over the years and can still deliver a powerful left hook, even without using her reiatsu.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Zanjutsu Expert: Armina took to her asauchi like a duck to water and has spent countless hours learning its nuances. A great deal of her time at the academy was spent working on her techniques and since graduating and becoming a shingami, she has dedicated a great deal of time in communicating with her sword, as well countless hours sparring and fighting in the field. Over time, she's managed to gain both shikai and bankai, having had numerous conversations and fights with her zanpakuto spirit, reaching an incredibly high level of understanding with her sword.

Hakuda Expert: Along with zanjutsu, Armina's main area of study has been in hakuda, where her already immense strength comes in handy. Spending a great deal of time training in this art as well, she has become formidable with the style, able to channel her reiatsu and increase the power of her strikes by a great amount. Her form of hakuda is all about strength rather than precision but it's proven to be effective.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Hyokage Ryoshi

» Zanpakutō Spirit:

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Armina Willsaam Alexandra-boshevska-skadinorsegoddesslowres

Hyokage Ryoshi or simply Hyokage as Armina calls her is just as relentless and violent as her mistress is. She's confident, proud and always eager to test Armina's mettle whenever she gets the chance. Armina knows that whenever she speaks to her zanpakuto that she's in for a tough time but after the fight is done? Well, things take on a slightly different dynamic, as the two usually end up rolling around in another manner. They generally get on incredibly well and Armina knows that her sword always has her back, regardless of the odds.

The two of them rarely clash over philosophy and that was why it was so easy for the duo to bond. Armina already had the right mindset to truly understand her sword from the start and all it took then was the time for the woman to master her. They both seek the same things, the blood of their enemies, the sweet taste of alcohol and the warm body of a beautiful woman. All this being said, the fights between them in order for Armina to gain Hyokages powers were monstrous in their savagery, with both fully earning the respect of the other. Now, they're the closest of pairs, soulmates and more until the end.

» Inner World: Armina's inner world takes on the form of a gigantic ice palace, with the hardiest of animals such as polar bears patrolling it. There's a constant blizzard surrounding the building and part of the challenge is for the shinigami to find her way through the storm, before finding the massive zanpakuto spirit at the peak of the castle.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Armina Willsaam Bleach-sword-katana-of-grimmjow-pantera

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Freeze, Hyokage Ryoshi

» Shikai Appearance: Armina's shikai takes on the form of a six foot long warhammer with a dark blue coloured shaft and a head that is covered in razor sharp ice shards. It is decorated with the nordic symbols of ice and death which cover both shaft and head.

» Shikai Abilities:

Freezing Blows: By channelling her reiatsu into her zanpakuto, Armina infuses the power of ice into each and every strike that she delivers with her zanpakuto. Should she strike an opponent then they will be affected with a 10% reduction to their speed, which stacks up to a total of 50% on the fifth successive hit. Should the target be struck a sixth time, they'll become frozen for a post, unable to move unless they have a level of strength that at least matches Armina's zanjutsu. The duration for this ability is 5 posts.

Ice Chains: By spinning her zanpakuto above her head, Armina can release five sets of freezing chains that will home in towards the nearest targets to her, up to a maximum range of 50 metres, travelling at 10 metres per second. Should they latch on to a target, then they will wrap around them for a post, hindering their movement. An opponent with a strength level similar to Armina's zanjutsu will be able to break free without any trouble.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: Wander The Frozen Wastelands, Hyokage Ryoshi

» Bankai Appearance: There's no difference between shikai and bankai when it comes to the weapon itself but Armina is covered in what looks to be an icy suit of armour, decorated with the same nordic symbols of ice and death that her weapon is. Her reiatsu also turns ice cold in the way it feels, enough to intimidate those who are unprepared for it.

» Bankai Abilities:

Armour Of The Ice Goddess: This is probably what would be classed as Armina's trademark ability and activates as soon as her bankai does, lasting for the duration. Her strength and durability are both increased by 200% and she becomes completely absorbed in the fight, making her almost impossible to reason or bargain with while she's in this state. The armour isn't invulnerable though and if it takes enough damage, it'll break, ending Armina's bankai then and there.

Enhanced Freezing Blows: An improved version of her shikai ability, Armina is able to keep the effect active for ten posts rather than five when she is in bankai. The slow per post increases to 20%, maxing out at 100% if the target is struck 5 times.

Enchanced Ice Chains: An improved version of her shikai ability, the range of her chains increases to 500 metres, travelling at 50 metres per second and she is capable of summoning ten sets rather than just five.

Freezing Ring: By slamming her zanpakuto into the ground, Armina can release a freezing circle of ice that travels outwards from her position. The range for this ability is 1000 metres and those who aren't able to move fast enough to escape it will be frozen for one post. This ability only affects those who are on the ground and those who are capable of flight can easily escape it. Opponents who have a strength level that matches Armina's zanjutsu can escape being frozen.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Beginner
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Adept

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner
» Kidō: Beginner
» Zanjutsu: Advanced
» Hakuda: Advanced


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By and large, this is a very good history that I enjoyed reading it a lot. I want to note, though, that Kanae only became Captain of the combat division very recently, within the past year or so. I'm not sure exactly how far back Armina joined Combat, but let me know and I can give you the rundown of who would have been in charge at the time.

Shikai: Freezing Blows
Freezing Blows is conceptually sound, but should include some buildup or other broader means of preventing the freezing effect, as being frozen for one post after a single hit is an extremely powerful technique. I would recommend adding a buildup to the effects of this so that it requires multiple impacts to reach this outcome, as well as scaling the strength of the opponent to go against Armina's zanjutsu rather than her strength. If you would like an idea of a similar concept’s execution, I would recommend looking at Arkin the Immortal here, particularly the bankai. Please don’t feel as though you are being directed to copy this or become more like it, of course.

Shikai: Ice Chains
How quickly do these chains move? I would also note that this should rescale against zanjutsu rather than Armina's strength.

Bankai: Enhanced Freezing Blows
As with the shikai version, this is an extremely powerful technique simply due to how much is accomplished with a single hit.

Bankai: Enhanced Ice Chains
See the note for the shikai version of this technique.

Bankai: Freezing Ring
This should scale against Armina’s zanjutsu rather than strength, but is otherwise fine.
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Tue Aug 29, 2023 7:09 am
I've made all the edits that were necessary for Armina's abilities and I must admit that I do like Arkin's method for applying the slow effect, so much so that I've incorparated it into freezing blows. It was pretty close to what I was aiming for, I just struggled to figure out how to apply such an effect myself.

I wasn't entirely sure about who was the captain of the squads at what time, post canon period, so I was a little hesitant about putting specific years in her history. Armina must have been in the Gotei for decades at the very least by now and who the captain of squad 4 was at the time is pretty important for her personally, as they're who would have drawn her to the squad in the first place. If you could give me the last few then that would definitely help.
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[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Armina Willsaam Empty Re: [Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Armina Willsaam

Tue Aug 29, 2023 7:42 pm
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